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REVIEWS OF Alexander Salon & Spa IN Massachusetts

Amanda Simile

Mary Martin

Alexander Salon always does my cut and highlights perfectly. Pricing is very reasonable and the atmosphere is relaxed and awesome

Martena Abda

It was my first time going to charbel for my haircut and color and he did a fantastic job and is very kind and friendly with everyone and made sure I am happy and satisfied. Definitely recommend him

Dominic Nicholas

Friendly and professional staff that do great haircuts 90% of the time. Prices are reasonable for a 'salon'. They could improve their customer data management and tracking though.

Vatsal Mehta

Amazing experience. A stylist by the name of Christopher really gave me a good cut. He calmly understood what I wanted and could exactly immitate it. He also answered a few of my questions regarding taking care of my hair really well. Would recommend 11/10

Cecile Braun-Jones

Regular turnover makes it hard to retain a stylist St but I never had an issue w anyone who cut my hair. Good with very long hair. Great for children too.

Mary-Kate Parkhurst

I never like to write bad reviews... but please beware of this place if you want anything besides just a trim. I have a long bob and wanted to get bangs reminiscent of Debbie Harry or Joan Jett, and I should have trusted my instincts when my hairdresser didn't even let me show him any pictures of what I wanted. I had to wait 45 minutes, and then there was confusion of who was actually cutting my hair, the man was rude and told me bangs would not look good on me if I also wanted to cut my hair. After ignoring the pictures I wanted to show him, he gives me bangs that are too thick and too blunt for my hair. I feel like there is a helmet of bangs on my forehead right now. I am a person who has been dying my hair various colors and getting crazy haircuts for YEARS, so I am not scissor shy. However, this was one of the few times in my life where I had a mini heart attack when a stylist started cutting my hair. I asked him to blend the corners into my already layered hair, and he completely ignored that. Also, he kept leaving the chair to talk to one of my friends, leaving me once with half cut hair to talk to her instead of focusing on me. I know it is not the end of the world, but haircuts have a direct influence on confidence for me and I am thoroughly disappointed with this experience. Maybe I should have done my research and realized this place was not the place to go for a drastic cut, but oh well.

Nina Faulk

Henry Stroup

I COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SALON MORE!!! I am not a big yelp reviewer, but I have been going here twice a month for a little over a year and I can say they have earned my business and my loyalty in every way. I made my first appointment with Jacque after reading all the great reviews on Yelp, and I was not disappointed. She gives a fantastic men's cut and is a true pleasure to speak with. Her mood and the mood in the whole salon is always upbeat and positive. After a few months, I talked my son who is on the autism spectrum into trying a new place for his haircuts. Change is not easy for him, but Jacque and Sam made him feel welcomed and now he won't go anywhere else. The way they cared for my son was (and continues to be) so wonderful I talked my wife into trying Alexander's and she is now a huge fan! The salon has many regulars, the prices are fair, the quality is excellent and the customer service is unmatched. While they stay very business I can honestly say I have never needed to make an appointment more than a few days out which is very reasonable. If doing outstanding work, and taking special care for a boy with autism is not enough to earn your business you might also be interested to know; many times I have come in for an A.M. appointment and been offered free coffee from DD. One time Sam even went around the Salon and took orders of his staff for coffee and even asked me if I wanted something at his expense. Finally, last weekend I went in without my son, which is rare, but Sam noticed and asked how he was doing and if everything was okay. If you are looking for a first class salon look no further!

Jankhana Gandhi

Jason Mitchell

Viktoria Ovoian

If I could give negative stars I would. I am a blonde and was going to my regular stylist to do highlights every few months and she always did a phenomenal job. However, the last time I went there it seemed like she had too many clients at one time and was not giving me the care and attention that blonde dye requires. Long story short while she was processing me I felt a burning on my scalp that I have never felt before. I told her about it and she said it was normal. The next day massive scabs formed over all my scalp. When I went back to the salon all they did is refund me the money. How about the fact that I am still dealing with the repercussions of her mistake? :(((

mandy lam

I loved my new haircut.. Thanks to my new hairdresser May

Eva Litvinenko

Sonya Shekhar

Darya Chernikova

Best hair salon in Brookline! Great energy in the whole place and talented team of stylists. They really put focus on not only delivering great services but also relationship building with the clientele, who always look forward to coming back. Shout out to the owner and the leader of such a successful business!

Alex B

I've gone to barbers all over the country when I travel and I've been to a bunch in the Boston area. I have to say I've never had a better cut than the one I've consistently received at Alexander Salon. This review is far overdue as as I've been a client for a couple years now. Sam is what I would actually describe as an artist, along with the other barbers & hairdressers. Everyone I've sent there has been impressed. All the staff are friendly and professional and the place is clean and well kept. I'd highly advise anyone to check this place out, just be sure to make an appointment as they're sometimes booked out for a couple days to a week in advance.

Anya Gilad

I had my first haircut with Amy. She was super nice and got me. Scheduling appointments was easy. I only did an haircut and it was 40$.they have discount for first timers :) I hope next time I'll be more adventurous with the haircut. Definetly coming back!

Tianqing Kong

Meg Kennedy

Carolina Lizano

Staff at Alexander Salon are very friendly and professional. I get my haircut with Sam and he does a flawless job EVERY SINGLE TIME. He always give me great tips on how to take care of my hair and I love going to him. Highly recommended!!

Anne Gridneva

Awesomely diverse and flexible place where they do a great job with colors, cuts, and even elaborate updos.

mohib hassan

Horrible haircut. Would advise men to not go there! I live in brookline and thought that hey it looks decent and its close by. Would rather go down to a traditional barber down the street for the same price!! Terrible hackjob! Wouldnt pay $5 for this horrendous haircut. Stylist has no regard for my opinions and instead do what they please. And no threading! :O?!? Save yourself some time and money and never visit this place

Natalia Pchelnikova

Matt Thomas

Mary Menzemer

Emma Sutter

Got my hair colored here, only to have it come out a very brassy blonde which I hated. While they were happy to have me come in for a correction, it really damaged my hair after the first color. Nice people, but still not totally happy with the results after what I paid (a lot).

Alexi Melki

Alexander (sam) has cut my hair all my life and I cannot remember a time when I wasn't happy after getting a haircut from him. When sam opened Alexander Salon in brookline, he selectively chose amazing stylists that made his place unique. The staff is kind and easy to talk to, everything is clean and comfortable, and the haircuts are amazing. I've never felt worried about my haircut because it seemed like everybody knew exactly what they were doing at all times. Very well organized, highly recommend a visit.


Kimberly McCrea

When I am in Brookline visiting from Detroit, I schedule a cut and a color, if needed, with Jessica. She is amazing......the best haircut I have had! I love the color, top!

Avinita Shetty

I got a short Bob done last time by Chris. got layers done this time around and loved it.

Alberto Domínguez Domingo

Duygucan Sahin

Friendly staff, great service and prices!

Maryam Ishaq


Abdullah AL-ghamdi

I just had one of the best haircuts that i have ever had. Ask for Sam or Waleed

שרה חדד

Sarah Warren

Nathan Lourie

Owen Quilty

I love this place I gave it 5 stars

Amanda Benduzek

Celora does a wonderful job especially with color/highlights!! This salon is great!

Meghna S

Danielle Dole

I have been going to this salon for a while now, and I absolutely love it. Its a great combination of upscale, urban-chic and friendly, neighborhood-feel salon. They carry great products and the staff is very talented. I personally get my hair done by Jacque- both cut and color- and she is fantastic. She listens to what I want, always talks me through her plan, and literally every time I leave there I am psyched about my hair. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone- guy or girl- go check it out!

Myriam Bednarek

Jenya Prosmitsky

One of the best salons in Brookline/Boston.

Veronica Munoz

Elena Agori

It's a friendly and a really professional staff. Sam is a great master who cares and listens to his clients.

Stefano Sharma

Sayde Camacho

Nintenbros Gaming

Can confirm, employees knew my hair follicles like the trunk of their 1996 Toyota Corollas.

Rebecca Shpektor

The staff is very friendly and the staff know what they are doing. The salon is very clean and it's a very comfortable atmosphere. I go to see Sam who always does an amazing job with my hair and he knows what would look good on me. Come to this salon for great service and prices!! The haircuts and color turn out great!

Rosalind Frizzell

Amy highlighted and cut my hair. She's an excellent colorist and stylist

Renee L

Lulani P

individual Individual

friendly stylist, but i did not like the haircut at all

Amir Fereidouni

Great place and very talented crew. Sam is awesome

Roman Glushchuk

TheRenee Awesomeness

My hair was fine when I left.

Raja-Elie Abdulnour

Extremely friendly staff, great men's hair cuts. Sam and Jaqui are amazing

Olivia Richards

Crystal Chiang

Very average haircut - horrible layering technique that left my hair choppy and uneven. She just twisted locks of hair and cut halfway through the lock about .5” above the end to create “layers.” When I questioned this, she said it was fine and that’s how it is done. (I always get layers and this is never how it has been done). See photos. I didn’t have high expectations but this was hard to just accept. I ended up trimming it myself afterwards. Disclaimer: the hairstylist who did this said she was leaving in July and perhaps didn’t care about the standard of her haircuts.

Riccardo Panella

Nice staff, nice location, very fair price, definitely recommend!!

Louis Mathieu

David Tran


I have been going to Alexander Salon for now 6 years! Sam does an amazing job cutting my hair regardless of the length I want to keep it at. He also does an amazing job adjusting the color with time. His staff is extremely friendly. Jackie, Jessica or sometimes Charbel will do the color for me if Sam is busy or away and Maryam does an excellent job with waxing! Last but not least Sam also cuts my husband and my 2 teenager boys hair!!!

mengdong he

Friendly staff and great hair cut with Walid and Sam.

louise wennerstrom

I’m pretty picky when it comes to who I let cut my hair, but when I saw the reviews, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this place. But I was wrong. They were able to get me a same day appointment, which I was very happy with, but when I got there I waited for a while before there was some slight confusion to who was suppose to cut my hair. The stylist I ended up getting was suppose to cut another woman’s hair, but she made it very clear that she did not want her, and had requested someone else. This should have been my first clue to leave. The stylist I got, barely spoke any English, and when she washes my hair, she repeatedly “slapped” my face with her wet fingers, and she NEVER even attempted to put a towel around my head to help dry the hair afterwards, which resulted in cold water running down my neck and onto the apron. I showed her multiple pictures of “long bobs” which is what I already had, just that it had grown a little too long for my taste. She started out with “brushing” my hair with a brush that had long blond hairs in it and then split my hair into 7 different sections. She on multiple occasions literally pushed my head around to different positions she needed it to be in, without saying a word expect “sit still!” I was truly hoping this lady in the end would turn out to be this master cutter who just had some weird ways to her, but I ended up with my hair at least 0.5 inches shorter than what I wanted, and no layers whatsoever. I am now walking around with what looks like a hair helmet from a Lord Fuaquat costume that I could literally have done myself by putting my hair in a low ponytail and then just cut above the hair tie... Not Recommended!

Ellen Stein

The owner of the salon is the best!

Daniel Lin

Victoria ᄊ

I've been coming to this salon for years. The stuff is extremely nice and friendly and the services are outstanding anywhere from haircut, color, blow out or waxing. Definitely would recommend this salon to others.

Sarah Gosson

Love this place, they always do a good job and are super friendly!

eleni anastasiadou

Awesome place! Habi did a very nice color and haircut. Although layers is not her specialty she really worked very well, and she is extremely polite. Habi and the owner Sam understood excactly what I was asking to do with my hair. There is also a 20% off for the first visit. Finally, I found my hairdresser here in Boston. I highly recommend this place!

Nikhil Singh

Worst service ever, I called in to book an appointment and was put on hold for 10 mins and then the call was never picked up again. Not sure whats wrong with them

Gareth Cove

As a urban professional dude who looks terrible with a bit from the barber, these guys make it easy for me to get my cut. I've been a customer of theirs off and on for the past five years and I can safely tell you if you want a good haircut they're fantastic.

Kelly Farrell

I've gotten 3 haircuts here so far! Love everything so far. Only complaint is that it's a bit pricey, but still very much reasonable compared to other salons I checked out.

Sheriff Abuzahra

Ask for Sam, he is the owner. I drive 20 min. just to see him

aniket rastogi

Edward Kuperman

Dan Han

Amy Blaisdell

I'm not picky about many things in life but haircuts are one of the exceptions. I have been driving 1.5 hours to the same place in NH for 5 years and figured it was finally time to cut the cord and find somewhere local. I have very thin, fine, blonde hair so it is very obvious to me (and to my friends apparently...) when I have a good or bad haircut. Jacque at Alexander was great! She was super friendly and I could tell immediately that she got me and understood what I wanted to be done with my hair. She even did this cool thing where she cut split ends off of all parts of my hair, not just the ends. I'll be back! P.s. make sure you bring some cash for a tip since you can't put that on a card.

Isaac Kohane

Visited three times. Once with my kids twice for me. Well done. Neat and careful

martha beras

Anne Lorigan

Talia Schechter

Love this place! I have been going there for many years and always feel that I am taken good care of! Even after moving away from Brookline and having three children, o make the trip from Needham to see Sam and Jacque!

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