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REVIEWS OF Urban Natural Hair-Silver Spring IN Maryland

iiam. noura

Ms. M.

Stephanie Lewis

I have been a loyal client of the Urban Natural Hair Salon brand since 2004. On May 4, 2019, I had the opportunity to work with Stylist Gerania J. This was my second experience with her and my hair looks phenomenal! I recently transitioned from locs to cutting my locs approximately a year ago. It has definitely been a new yet challenging journey. However, Gerania was patient, willing to work with my unique tresses and created her second amazing style! It has provided me with hope that my hair will grow healthy again. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, personable, professional and EXTREMELY creative! I look forward to working with her again at my next appointment.

Nik Key

Unique Smith

Linda Hall

I had spring twists in my hair which usually is not a problem but due to unscheduled travel, I had to leave them in for 1 month longer than I am supposed to. When they were taken out my roots were matted and tangled. I thought for sure I was going to have to cut my hair. I searched for a place that might be able to help, if at all possible and landed on Urban Natural Hair. They listed on their website that they do untangling so I took a chance and scheduled an appt. The best part of this review is my stylist Paris. She called me the night before and asked me about my hair and to send pics. I saw her the next day. Paris was AMAZING!! My hair was so knotted up but she took her time and worked through each tangle strand by strand! She didn’t rush and was very patient. She also gave me some todos to care for my hair in the future. You would think there would be a lot of pulling or tugging at my hair. There was NONE..... or at least I did not feel it. Even when she put the flat twists in. She did such a great job and I will be forever grateful to her for fixing the mess in my hair. Thank you Paris!!!

Imisset2 .

Nuredin Abishiro

Anthony Ceus

Alta J Cannaday

Lashawn Settles, professional, efficient and very courteous. She delivers!

Kim Bell

Mun Sumbeida

My wife has been going to Janelle for years and loves it. Excellent braids.

Kimberly Smith

Professional services

Tess Ankrah

This is a cozy little natural hair salon specializing in natural black hair. The salon smells amazing. The aroma of sweet Shea butter hits you as soon as you walk in the door. It will never smell like relaxer since it's a natural hair salon! The decor is wooden with purple accents. It's a quaint space that makes you feel comfortable and at home. It is located on Bonifant street - home of many local mom and pop joints. The stylists are very knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. They answer questions and help people transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair. They also assist in making the decision to "big chop". I first saw Lauren who cut all of my hair off in 2011, then had my locs started by Shameka in 2012, and then Dee who has been doing my hair for the past 6 years. Dee does such a great job and I constantly receive compliments. They use natural products like shea butter and black soap, but if you use any prescription products like medicated shampoo or oil, they can use that as well. I have an itchy scalp condition so I love the shampoo process. It is very soothing and it ends with an herbal rinse. The loc retwisting process includes a GENEROUS amount of your favorite Shea butter so be prepared for your hair to be shining and hella hydrated. The Shea butter is my favorite part! The people are cool too but it's really the Shea butter that brings me back, lol. Depending on your hair type and length, you can have it styled accordingly. I get my hair styled and then sit under the dryer. My hair is very thick and runs down my back so the drying process takes a long time - about 2hrs. Bring a book or your favorite electronic and a charger if you're like me. This salon is appointment only, so don't expect to be seen if you just roll up there wanting your hair done before your dinner party. You can make consult appointments online if you're not sure what you want to do with your hair. The stylists are helpful and typically run on schedule. They also have seminars or events occasionally where you can take a class or get your hair done photos taken. I give this place 5 stars because of the knowledgeable and friendly staff, the excellent service, and after 7 years my locs look amazing. Thanks ladies!

Ellen Berhane

I had my first in-person encounter with the business on this morning. In all fairness and in the spirit of transparency, let me say that I arrived at shop just prior to 11:30 for an 11 a.m. Sisterlocks retightening appointment with Honesty Shepherd. I actually arrived in that area/on Bonifant St. around 11:10 as indicated on my GPS and what I reported to Honesty once in traffic and knew that I'd be arriving later than my scheduled appointment time. However, not being familiar with the area, I was not prepared to have to drive around for 20 mins to find a parking space. Anyway, the appointment went pretty well and Honesty seemed quite personable....that is until it was time for me to pay. So as she was swiping and tapping on the tablet, I sought to confirm the price (or so I thought). When I said, "$150.00, right?" She (Honesty) replied, "Nooo" in a tone which indicated that she was surprised. So I asked her how much I owed she said "wait a minute...$200. mmm (as if still calculating and tapping on her tablet). At that point I informed her of the price on their website-$150 (up to 5.5 hours). Well needless to say, it only continued to spiral downwards. She questioned me as to where I'd seen that and then she asked halfway under her breath, "How could you even think...?" But when I asked that she repeat or at least complete her remark she sharply replied right now I'm just trying to finish this transaction. Can you pay me now?" Honesty Shepherd was indeed able to locate the pricing I had seen on the business's website. But never apologized for her brusk attitude. Not a very professional character trait. If she disagreed with what the owner, Dee, or whomever had posted on Urban Natural Hair Care's website...taking out her frustrations on a customer was definitely not the way to go. While I have no complaints with Honesty's hands-on work, her professional work ethic leaves a lot to be desired. From that

Stacy Bonner

Great service

Andrea Wiley

I had the most wonderful hair experience in a very very long time. On Friday, May 4, 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting owner Dee, and experienced first hand service/treatment. She provided me with a shampoo out of this world, talk about invigorating, it brought my scalp to life and the conditioning was equally as good with a quality conditioner and to top it off, a hot towel. It set the tone for my hair styling which she helped me pick a style that complimented my face and at the end of my service she gave me a regime on how to care for my hair (type), a "written receipe" until my next appointment. I look forward to returning in two weeks . She gave me the one on one undivided attention I was so deserving. The facility was clean, soft music and very accommodating . Thank you Dee for my first experience , First impressions are lasting.

Hugo medina

Tesfalidet Ruth

Erica McLeod

I have been to the Silver Spring location twice and always meet with Lashawn Black. Her patience, quality of service, knowledge, excellent customer service and the environment and atmosphere is what keeps me coming back. I always enjoy my time there and would highly recommend this location and Lashawn Black to anyone.


Very clean they do hair very good and have great taste in music

Darryl Johnson

First time there got a job working on one of the hair technicians car not my hair done

Fatoumata kaba

Had an appointment and the stylist Alicia cancel saying I was late and she saw me looking for a parking spot, I wasn't aware that parking was difficult at that area. I was there on time just couldn't find a place to park. She was sitting down doing nothing and still didn't want to take me in for just a 15 mn consultation and on top of that she was rude. Thanks God the salon next to them took me as a walking

Sarah Bella

Lina George Mwabuka

Akoth Obiero

Very organized, friendly and respectful place...I was very impressed by the outcome.

Dynasty Norris

This was my first time going to a natural hair salon. The lady that did my hair was very nice and and really made me feel like she cared about my hair. She knew what she was talking about and made me feel very comfortable. I got a consultation, wash, condition, trim and style and at the end of my appointment she charged me $150 for something I could have done at home myself. I knew going in that it was going to be more expensive but that is just ridiculous. And when I took my style down my hair was 3 different lenghts, short on top and long in the back. I literally looks like she closed her eyes and cut my hair. I have been natural for almost a year and a half and right now because how uneven it is I feel like i just want to chop it all off.

Michelle Samedy

Dominique is the best

Maya Parkins

It really should receive NO stars. I’m not sure about the owner, but whatever you do, don’t see Bayyinah W. I told her I wanted my small two-strand twist and that I wanted it to look full. Then she convinced me to get medium. I went along with the plan, but my hair looks anything but full. It looks stringy, and I have very thick hair so it’s not due to the thickness of my hair. I honestly could’ve done a better job myself. Also, I have very sensitive skin and brought her products to use; however, she snuck in and used her own products. I didn’t realize this until after I left and smelled the scent of her products and realized that my face was turning red due to an allergic reaction. Have these people ever heard of lawsuits? I mean, I made it very clear 101 times that I had severe allergies and could not use certain products even ones labeled as organic as some of the organic products contain fragrances and other ingredients to which I’m allergic. I think the stylist was just too stupid to understand that when someone says they have allergies, she should actually believe them and use the products they provide, etc. I’ll never go back there. Not worth the $90. One more thing: they told me it would cost $85, but they charged me $90. Sure - it’s just a five dollar difference, but it is A DIFFERENCE. This salon should be blacklisted.

Roberta Womack

bahia akerele

Cain Hernandez

Jeri Green

Comfortable, peaceful environment. Monica has magical fingers!

john Hannah

Lindsey Parker

Honesty Shepard unilaterally instituted a mandatory deposit in order to make an appointment, despite this policy being written nowhere on their website or posted anywhere in the shop. After paying the deposit and confirming my appointment days before, Honesty emailed me day-of saying she had a “scheduling conflict” and moved my appointment down two hours without even checking to see if the time would work, which it didn’t. Now she is insisting on keeping my deposit because she “didn’t cancel.” Very unprofessional, and wholly unreasonable. I hope keeping that $50 justifies losing a customer.


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