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Bono Larbi

Nia Gilchrist

I will not be going back here! Did a walk in and was one of the first ones there at 10 am did not leave until 1pm. Shampooing was great and hair rolling but my blowout was terrible as well as the curling! I am not satisfied with my hair at all they are extremely over priced.

Bianca S

I stopped going because of the high prices. It seems the owner has delusions of grandeur because the location, the stylists, and the services are not worth the prices listed. $95 for rod sets. $18 for a trim. Not a cut, to trim your dead ends. Sometimes your hair is amazing, sometimes you're left wondering what happened to your head. And who ever manages the reviews argues with customers, which is just tacky. I don't know if I'll ever go back

Tiffiany Tabb

I had the best time!! The stylist Romania did such a good job. I wasn't taking care of my natural hair at all. She suggested so many different ways to style and get my hair healthy!! I loved the work she did and the stylist next to her can braid her butt off. Can't wait to come back in two weeks.

Cei Smallwood

Booked with Cesy a slik press and trim on my natural hair for the first time in 3 years post big chop. Walked out feeling brand new. 3 weeks later, I have atleast 1.5 inches of straight ends!!! My hair still smells burnt after repeatedly conditioning and shampooing!! Very frustrating.

April Young

Although my daughters' hair turned out beautiful I had an APPOINTMENT for 12:00, but the stylists did not begin working on their hair until 1:45. My oldest got a blow out and curl and my youngest got cornrows. We did not leave the salon until 4:30. This is HIGHLY unacceptable! Again the stylists did a great job, but I find it unacceptable to have a client (especially kids) in a salon for this length of time AND without an apology or explanation. They need to work on having more stylist available and not double book their stylist.

Nicole Shivers

Great Platinum Silk Press. I went first thing on a Saturday (with an appointment), seen immediately and was in/out in 1.5 hours (not bad at all for me)! Lasted two weeks.


I had a delightful experience. Everyone was professional, efficient and incredibly talented. I couldn’t recommend The Hair Company USA more highly.

Kayla Tucker


Jessica Williams

I found this salon on Instagram. All of the photos appeared great and definitely seemed like a great salon. I have never had a perm in my life and Denee did my hair. I got a silk press and hydration treatment. I normally do my own hair on the regular and thought it was a perfect time to treat myself. But I found out the hard way. My roots WEREN'T straight. It wasn't even 24 hours and I had to take the flat iron over my hair again. After I began to flat iron my hair again I got even more upset I WAISTED $100 on absolutely nothing! My hair is dry looks to be heat damaged and my roots are at least a half of an inch thick. When she was done doing my hair I had a grandma hair style as well.i was so irritated that I just wanted to pay and wrap my hair. Wrapping my hair didn't even help! But it did show me how much of a horrible job she did. I do not know about the other stylist. But just don't go to Denee!!!!! Save your hair! Wish I would've just done my hair myself. However, the shampoo girl was very nice and professional. I'm just glad I didn't let her trim my hair! Moral of the story stay far away from Denee's chair! Wish I could get all of my money back!!!!!!!

Tyairha T

LaTia Scott

Monica ALWAYS gets me together. Customer service is top notch


Had the best experience. They knew exactly what to do with my hair blended several colors for the perfect color. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. Highly Recommended The Hair Company USA........

Marc Pulliam

Tried this place out for a facial a few weeks ago. Had an awesome time, they were very professional and provided great customer service. I could definitely feel the difference in my skin once my facial was over. A must try, I’ll definitely be back!

Asia Jones

I always come out with my hair slayed!!! The hair company takes good care of hair

Charminique J

PrettiRed _Xo

Rude and Unprofessional!

Roniqua Jeffries

I have natural hair and I get it straightened and trimmed twice per year. I went in for a trim and I knew I had split ends bc my ends were no longer curling when I twist my hair. Danita did my hair. I should have known it was a problem when she said she couldn't figure out the way my hair was cut and some pieces are longer than the other. I asked did she want to cut layers bc I was ok with that. Apparently layers were not her strong suit bc I ended up with my hair being short in the front and longer in the back, like a mullet. She said she was just following the cut of my hair. At this point it didn't make sense to have a mullet so I asked her if we should just do a bob. REMINDER, I came in for a trim. I had no choice after her "trim" but to make this work. She cuts the bob and takes my robe off. As I'm looking in the mirror I notice one side is longer than the other. I ask her to go back in and even if out. She replied one side is longer than the other bc that's how my hair grew. But the whole purpose of cutting my hair was fixing that it grew uneven, right? She goes back in to make the bob even. My part is in the middle so it it's easy to compare both sides. This time I notice she cut the left bluntly and the right is cut in a diagonal. I told her it was still not symmetrical and to make both sides look the same. Danita then says she didn't want to cut any more. But I insisted bc it looked silly with one side cut blunt and one diagonal. After that I realized she was doing the best she could and was just trash at cutting hair. I decided to cut my losses. I had my hair braided the next day. This "bob" will never see the light of day.

Natasha Redcliff

Being natural for over eight years I must say going to The Hair Company USA for the first time was superior!!! I felt like the consultation was very honest and sincere and that the stylist cared more about the healthiness of my hair than she did the money. Now that’s hard to find these days. Natural hair takes proper time and sometimes that means a lot longer; It takes execution which means, examining the scalps condition and hair follicles; and as well as the proper products for your hair texture. Understanding that Hair textures, lengths, and styles may vary in price and time spent but I must say “my time was well spent” and The Hair Company exceeded my expectations. No one can put a price on great customer service and professionalism. A Priceless Salon

Ricneishs Ruth

Rouba Rabadi

Hi, I wish to share my views about this Hair Company USA. Once I missed my appointment, but still they gave me another flexible appointment to have a haircut. Works as per the appointment, they didn’t waste my time by making me to wait.

Mr Unique



Thanks for the heat damage, because that’s all y’all did to my hair...

Krystal Elmore

Had a beautiful experience. Followed them on Instagram for a while and decided it was finally time to try them out. I made an appointment with Cecy and she was wonderful. Showed her the color I wanted and she did her magic. Super friendly and I will definitely go back to her. The ladies at the front desk were super friendly as well. Highly recommended ❤️

Aliyah young

I found Hair Company USA on instagram and was amazed with their work. However, looks can be very deceiving as my stylist (Monica) did a horrible job with my hair. I wish they would tell people that their salon is a Dominican salon rather promoting a healthy hair salon on their Instagram WHICH THEY ARE NOT. I came in for a relaxer but Monica had insisted on doing a blowout on my hair instead. I didn’t want a blowout because I personally believe blowouts are damaging to your hair but whatever because she’s the stylist and by the looks of their page she knows what she is talking about. WRONG my hair was fried, my hair getting out the chair smelled burnt and it was super flat. My hair was severely damaged from heat and I had to cut my hair all over again. AVOID going to this salon.

Lisa Carlsson

They have just done an awesome job. Very much skilled in making curly natural hair nice and straight. They just did it for me also and did it very fast. The hair coloring service very affordable than other salon. Had a nice experience & good environment in the salon. Highly recommended

Crystal B

Royal Lilly

They was great I will be going back for a second time my platinum silk press was awesome and she didn't trim that much off my ends

Myeshia Johnson

RudeGurl Dc


This is a very outstanding place to get your hair done, for ladies and men as well. There wasn't a dull moment while waiting for someone. The conversations with the ladies were educational, informative, outside the box and most importantly respectful.

Kelly Bundy

Always a great experience

denika brown

Monica is a amazing stylist. I have been going to the Hair Company USA for over 10years. Prices are very reasonable if you have ruff hair like mines. Never a long wait time and the staff is always friendly and can answer all my questions concerning my hair texture. Thank you Monica for making me feel beautiful every time I leave the shop.

Leaunshae Carr

This was my first and last time. Firstly, If I knew It was a Dominican salon before i made the appointment I wouldn’t have went. Either way, I wish I would have just paid the $25 cancellation fee. I just got It done yesterday and I’m going to wash It out today because I’m so nervous that it won’t go back to its natural state. If I would have read the reviews first, I would not have went. It’s overpriced for what reason I’m not sure. $75 for a silk press. $10 extra for deep condition. They try to press this hydration treatment that I refuse to pay $25 extra for. The water was PIPING hot while they washed it. When I told her It was to hot, get response was, so you like cold water?! Nooo I like room temperature or warm. Then the heat from the dryer was to hot on my scalp. I’m literally gonna cry if It doesn’t go back to my natural curl pattern because I’ve worked so hard on my hair. Okay, so of course my hair did not return to its natural state.. what a shocker smh. I’ve done a treatment, gotten braids and just took them out. Did another treatment and here I am still with straight hair. Notice I said hair, and not just the ends. Majority of my hair is straight. Most likely I’ll have to get a bob cut or cut most of It off. Will never recommend this to anyone but will be sure to always let people know how bad they are for naturals.

Lina Franco

My first initial appointment was with Monica. She knew exactly what to do with my hair blended several colors for the perfect color. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. Recommended to all, please visit once there and take their services.


Loved the way she did my childs hair .I think her name is shanilxya

Ash Coates

I have been coming here for almost a year now. I found the salon on IG. My first initial appointment was with Monica, she did my big chop which I LOVED

Mindy Black

I drove damn near 2 hours for the parking and location to be dreadful but the real kicker was when I called and asked how long silk presses last she said 2 weeks and also had the nerve to say “well ours do” (monica) which I found laughable considering my daughters hair didn’t even last 24 hours! Waste of $150.. To top it off they have the nerve to say if you don’t say anything that day there is no refund nor will they even listen to your complaint. Her hair was greasy and I thought for sure that’s how it should be until someone told me silk presses should be weightless and flowing. Instagram fooled the hell out of me and I will NEVER go to them again! Don’t waste your money there are only 2 stylist who can actually do hair and unfortunately my daughter dealt with one who couldn't and she didn’t smile once at me or my child nor did she speak english like that (which isn’t a problem but you’re running a business, so speaking to customers shouldnt be an issue).. just overall weird and unprofessional!

Kimberly Rush

Tried this salon for the first and last time today. While they are friendly and nice. The service I received today was awful. Was charged over $200 dollars for a service I hated. I guess because my natural hair is not long, they didn't have options for me. Color treatment was great but for what I was charged, I could have bought a steamer and 2 pairs of flat irons and did better myself. The owner wasn't even concerned that I wasn't pleased. If u want a great flat iron or flat ironed curls this is your place....anything outside of that you can forget it. IG website very misleading. Never again.


I’ve been following on Instagram for months and decided to try the hair company because my own wasnt available. I booked with Shae for finger waves, a quick 30 min style .. never met her, still don’t know what she even looks like.. I’m not even sure if she was there. Someone washed and deep conditioned my hair. That felt great. As i said i BOOKED with shae. I sat with wet hair for at least 30 minutes. Then Monica decided to start on me. From that point i knew she didn’t know what she was doing. I left totally disappointed. I do a better job myself at home. I could have saved my $65 and two hours that i spent there. I ended up having to do my own hair the same day anyway. Never again. It wasn’t worth the money at all.

Meagan RiddikulusMN

I heard about salon from a friend who recently got her hair done there too. I was very impressed with what they can with my mop on my head.My stylist was very patient, kind, and fun to talk to! I was in awe with the end result! Highly recommend this salon!

Crystal Miller

Jamel is an excellent stylist! She always does my hair exactly like I like it, I am very picky but she never gets upset when I ask questions along the way to ensure she is doing it right! Thank you Jamel

James Edwards

Wonderful customer service and wonderful work.. have a satisfied customer right here..

Adam Barnes

Always a great experience whenever I stop by The Hair Company USA. Monica and her friendly staff are true professionals and provide each guest with the same attention to detail every time. Their new service, facials, are a hit, and I will be back for one every month.

Nicole Broome

I’m like a few others when they talk about the lack of professionalism, prices and appointments. I had an 8 AM appointment for myself and child. By 11:20am my daughter had still not been seen by the only stylist they have that does braids. I wasn’t told till I complained that my child’s stylist had over booked herself with extensions braids. Being patient because I still had to get my hair done I waited. My child is six years old has been up since seven for 8 o’clock appointment. By 1130 I finally said give me a refund and left. It does not pay to make an appointment here as they never take you for your appointments as they take folks as they come in. I told Monica how unprofessional and ignorant this and was by the owner “I understand.” No solution what so ever was offered and was told to wait a few more minutes while the stylist did a fade. That was the final straw for me. Will never return and sang sure don’t recommend

Jordan P.

Very unprofessional salon. I made an appointment for a ponytail which is not listed anywhere on their website, so I called to make the appointment over the phone. At no point did anyone tell me the price of the service until after it was done. I was charged $75 for a "stylist" to gel my hair back and attach a drawstring ponytail. This was the worst, tackiest looking ponytail I have ever seen honestly. I did not even have my hair washed at the time of service because my hair was already clean.The receptionist said this was an "updo" which is $75 on the site. I asked to see the website and told her that ponytails are not listed anywhere. I was a first time customer and they did not give me the first time customer discount. Furthermore, I saw the receptionist type in the amount as I was checking out, which to me displays that they just made up an amount for the service. If I was in fact scheduled for a ponytail, there would have already been a price associated with the service I was scheduled for in their system. I won't be going back, and if anyone asks me in particular about this salon I will be giving a piss poor review for not only the poor quality of work but the misleading business and terrible customer service I received. Bad business. Go elsewhere.

Wayne Rams

I am going to give a one star for my experience. Services are overpriced. You pay a lot of money for a hairstyle that only lasts for two days. You also get offered services that you really do not need especially if you have natural hair. For them it's considered hair maintenance. Having an appointment doesn't mean that they will take you right away. Different people do your hair. Thanks to one girl Nikki I think that's her name for answering some of my questions and one lady who had braces who was cheerful and smiling. I think there are not really professional there. Do not be fooled by the Instagram pictures you see that's all I can say.

Tanya Hales

Took my daughter her for a blow out and trim. They did great work and the staff are friendly but they are pricey. It cost me $140. I wish i could afford to make them my regular spot.

Crystalyn Flores Najera

I walked in without an appointment and was immediately seated to be washed, after explaining what service I’d like (silk press and trim). The hair wash was thorough and relaxing. Throughout the washing process, I was checked on to make sure everything was fine. My silk press went well and she didn’t trim too much. I am very satisfied with how quickly I was serviced and a job well done. I haven’t had my natural hair done in over 2 years and it looks beautiful. Thank you! I will be back!

rose st paul

Took my 10 year old daughter on September 10, 2018, to get her hair straightened for the first time and it has been one of my biggest regrets! I knew something was wrong when I washed her hair to get it back to its natural state, the smell that came from her scalp smelled like chemicals!!! I washed it about 4 times, deep conditioned it and her hair was still straight!!! Fast forward 3 months later, her hair looks like hair that’s in transition, majority of her strands are still straight. If I weren’t diligently taking care of her hair (i.e. deep conditioning every week, braiding), she would have lost much more hair than she already has. This has truly been a devastating experience. UPDATE: I've decided to add pictures since a rep from the company says they don't have any record of me taking my daughter to their salon. I've attached the bank draft (not including tips), my daughters hair prior to going to your salon (full, long and thick), her hair after getting pressed from your salon, and the irreversible damages thereafter.

Rhianna M.

The best!! I had an amazing experience getting my hair cut. Then I brought my mom who is very shy. They were so patient with her and listen to all her instructions about what she wanted. They were so welcoming and the final piece was amazing. My mom really felt so alive. Thank you, guys. Parthania36

Kee Vee

I will never go back to this place again. I received a Platinum Silk Press about 2 or 3 weeks ago. While the lady was washing my hair, I noticed a tub she grabbed from under the cabinet, I asked her if that was a perm chemical and she said no. I said I DO NOT want any chemicals in my hair!( mind you I am natural and haven’t had a perm since I was 12!!!!, I am now 23). She said “ no chemical, it’s conditioner “. After she put it in my hair, she put me under the dryer for my supposed “ hydration treatment” . My scalp was burning/itching while I was sitting there. I regretted ever coming to this place at that moment. Then while I’m getting my hair flat ironed I noticed I am not getting the “ smaller sections” this platinum silk press promises you. The stylist tells me I need a trim, I say okay trusting her knowledge on hair. When I got home and looked at my hair (because the stylist never turned me to the mirror or gave me one) I noticed it was WAY MORE than a trim. Fast forward to now, I go to wash my hair back to its natural state and all I smell is CHEMICAL. I washed my hair 4 times and deep conditioned and the smell is still there. My hair was super thick, curly (besides the top from stretching due to protective ponytails) and now my whole head is thin and straight. I am BEYOND ANGRY because I’ve been completely natural for about 2 years now trying to get my hair back to health and THIS SALON has ruined all of my work. I don’t know what to do with my hair now. I am mad, and disappointed. I cried just looking at my hair. I want ALL of my money back. Tip included which was $40 btw. I will never return.



ebony thomas

My daughter and I have come here 2 times. The first time was great. Great service great results. Second time was ok. Ok results service was not great but wasn't the worst. Now we are back for a third time and so far it's been a terrible experience. We scheduled for 12:30 and it's a hour later and we are still sitting here. Hair not washed and the receptionist/beautician is telling us "well people have long hair and that's just how it is". She didn't offer a free conditioning, a drink of water, not even time when we MIGHT be at least washed. This place is definitely hit or miss. The price point, the customer service, the lack staff is very disappointing. Miss this salon if you plan to do anything else with your day appointment or not.

Lani Starr

Monica has cut my hair several times now and every time, I walk away feeling like a rock star. I'm super picky about who does my hair (I did research for 2 weeks before picking a place to go to when I moved here) and I also always, always bring photos of what I want and what I don't want. Monica is awesome about working with me and my hair to give me exactly what I want. Once I left after she finished cutting my hair and I realized that I wanted the back a little shorter - walked back in 15 minutes later and she was super cool about cutting it to what was more comfortable. For me, the price tag is worth it because I get what I want and every time I've gone in, the cuts have gotten more and more specific (currently rocking a modified Lani).

Key Queen

the best salon


Charlise Jefreys

I would never ever go to this place again it been 6 months and still got a ball spot on side of my hair from when I got my blowout...They used to much heat when they are blow drying,and they lie to me say it would be 75 dollars but they charge me 175...They also is very unprofessional and they talk about you to they co worker. DON’T GO HERE SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Justin Daniel Sampsel

I took my 12 year daughter. She was very much confused in fixing her hairstyle. They gave many suggestions which was very convincing for her and she was comfortable too. She made her hairstyle done. The very next day all her friends wish to have their hairstyle to be done at here.

Gail Hamil

I've been to The Hair Company twice. The first time it was a great experience when Romania did my hair. I have natural hair and she did a good job giving me info about how to care for it and the price was reasonable. The second time I went I was expecting to see Romania again but unfortunately she wasn't there, so Monica did my hair. I overheard that she is the owner and usually up charges for no reason. During my second visit I had the hydration treatment, got my ends trim and blow dry. She said it's a $25 charge for each of those even though I've been there before and paid less than 50 for both the blow dry and trim. Monica is money hungry and very unprofessional when speaking to the clients. I saw previous reviews on here before that warns future client about her and for some reason those reviews are no longer here. Hopefully a few of you will get to read this before you go. Overall I would say the salon is okay, just let one of the other professionals do your hair.

lakisha vaughan

Every one did an excellent job. Hair was nappy as ever.

Cierra Leigh

I wish that i could give this place no stars. First and foremost i only visited this place twice. The front desk person is the most unprofessional person. Monica, why is it that you are always eating something. When someone walks in you smacking shouldn't be the first thing we see. Now this appointment BS, why make an appointment and send text and emails for confirmation if you won't be seated at time. I had been struggling to find a salon however i thought i found this place with you. But nope, after the shaky first time i said I'll give it another try. Made an appointment 4 days in advance and confirmed it via email and text more than once. I get there and THE STYLIST DOESN'T WORK ON THAT DAY. How does this happen and Smacking Monica did absolutely nothing to fix the fact that i had an appointment and no one to do my daughters hair. You literally walked around trying to convince a stylist to help me when the mistake wasn't hers to fix. I sat there trying to find another place to fit me in and you said okay good you found someone. No apology NOTHING. This may mean nothing to you but I work in customer service and this place has none. I loved the style my daughter got there but I'll never return. Enjoy your grapes Monica.

D Vaughn

DONT GO IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR — RELAXER CHEMICALS IN THE SHAMPOO!!. If I could give zero stars, I would. Very pricey for a simple wash, blow dry, trim, flat iron. My hair has been natural for 10+ years. I occasionally straighten so I can get a good trim. I used to go to a Dominican place in NJ that was great. So I tried Hair Company since I’m new to the area. They apparently added a chemical straightener without my knowledge or permission during my shampoo. Gave me a great trim and flat iron. No heat damage because my hair can take heat. But it has been shedding— falling out from the roots continuously for three weeks now. When I just washed it, my curl pattern is much looser and the shedding from the back of my head it really bad. That’s where the curl pattern is the tightest. I know my hair. It is long and VERY healthy because I care for it myself with only natural products. I feel betrayed and I regret EVER going to Hair Company USA. They couldn’t do my hair again for FREE.

India Hall

THEY MAKE UP PRICES! I went for the first time last Sunday. I got a wash and blow dry - roller bush curls. The price was $75 (it's $55 down the street but, ok, no problem). I tipped the stylist $10. She did a pretty decent job on my hair. I went back again Thursday of the same week to get my hair straightened. As a result of me getting my hair straightened, I asked the stylist (same young lady from Sunday) to clip the ends so that it was even. At checkout, they charged me $83 and I DID NOT GET MY HAIR WASHED. How in the world does a flat iron and a trim WITHOUT A WASH cost more than a wash and blow dry style? When I questioned the receptionist, who I believe is the owner, she wrote it down for me to try and explain it. Why her math didn't even add up and her justification was bogus! Listen, I don't have a problem paying for my hair. I get $500+ weaves...OFTEN. This is not about money. This is about unfair, unethical and non-common sense business practices...all evident at this business. Oh, and yes, they do put chemicals in your hair to make it straight. I can smell the chemicals when I sweat after working out. That's not the point in my review but it definitely adds to the unfair/unethical business practices...putting chemicals in your hair without your permission is not right. Needless to say, I paid the $83. I did not tip this time. I won't go back. LADIES, YOU HAVE OPTIONS. THIS PLACE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. THEY NEED TO GET THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES TOGETHER FIRST.

Sheila Trover

Elena is amazing! She really put the time and care into balayaging my hair to perfection! I wanted a caramel, ashy brown tone and she got it on the dot...maybe even better than I imagined it to look. She also provided such amazing customer experience and made sure to keep checking in while the dye was settling. Her passion 100% shows through her work.

Ray Jones

lachia Logan

The owner Monica is very unprofessional! The staff only speak English when it’s convenient for them, other than that they’ll ignore you. Poor time management when it comes to appointments.

Jah's Empress

Romania that washes hair is truly an Angel and great asset to the company. Patient enough for any adult or child hair. No matter how severe the density of the hair or type.

Britt An

Got charged 200$ for a horrible cut and dye job had to pay a different stylist the next day to dye my hair !

Paz Lovejoy

Overall, my hair looks fine. My hair is easily managed though. Everyone was nice, but when I went to pay the woman told me my bill was $152. That’s before I added a tip. 1 woman washed my hair & sat me under the hair steamer. Once it stopped steaming, she sectioned my hair into 4s and sat me under the dryer. After a while a stylist came & got me, blew my hair out, trimmed it, then flat ironed it. Overall my hair was average, but I won’t be returning. I have never spent that much on my blow out before today, but I certainly won’t do it again.

shaka fore

Excellent service

veronica white

I saw them on Instagram and I was really excited because the work looked beautiful. I loved the cut and color of my hair. GeeGee and Romana did a good job. Cat was very friendly and smiley and that’s always good for business. The problem was that I felt like I got something I didn’t pay for, I wanted a silk press and I just got a blow out+ flat iron. Mind you, it’s something that I had to redo as soon as I got home bc it was frizzy. The prices on the site were reasonable IF you compared it with the work that’s shown on instagram. The service I got definitely wasn’t worth over $200 and I felt like I was overcharged! Especially, when I didn’t get the services I asked for as far as styling is concerned. I always start a place out with five stars, but throughout my appointment it definely went down. It was my first time going, but it’ll be my last. Overall, if you go in based on the prices they give on their site, I should’ve paid over $160 for my hair and I ended up paying $230. It was really disappointing, I expected better. The services I wanted were: 1. Free consultation 2. Silk press 3. Cellophane color rinse natural 4. Signature cut I didn’t want these that I was charged for anyway: 1.Permanent Color (Full Head) —> which I didn’t want and was $20 extra! 2.staff shampoo only—> something which according to the website should’ve been included in the silk press. 3.Deep Conditioners—>something also advertised on the site that should’ve been included in the silk press.

Tierra Nelson

Shakera Sparrow

Elina Martyn

My hair was done exactly the way I wanted it the first time. I have totally found my new regular salon.

Terrolyn LaFrance



First time appointment which was a walk-in I was charged $75 for flat ironing and a bob cut (hair was already washed, deep conditioned and blown out when I came in). Called today, and was told that to flat iron hair WITHOUT WASH OR CUT (unlike the last time), it would be $85. If hair is being washed, it would cost $120+. Website: Silk Press = $75+ (including wash) My First Appointment = $75 (Cut+ Silk Press and NO wash) Today = $85 (Silk Press with NO wash) or $120+ (Silk Press WITH wash) Can someone confirm the real price for a wash and press? I'm confused as to why I was given a price that is more money than what I was charged for my first appointment or what's listed on the website. My BIGGEST fear in this case is getting my hair done, having a nice lovely day and at the end being hit with a bill with an unexpected price. That can really ruin a mood.

Marie Simon

Nylah L

I spent $261.92 for a platinum silk press, I had deep conditioner treatment and steam treatment. THIS WAS MY FIRST BLOW, and I am natural. It last for over month which is a good thing. But, when it was wash time for my hair, I notice heat damage from my 1st time! I am disappointed. All I can say is protective styles and deep conditioner will be my best for the rest of the year.

keisha pilgrim

Pamela Sanders

After appointments with Elena and Monica, I always feel like a new person! Since moving out of the Chicago area, I appreciate them even more as they now have to fix someone else's attempts to maintain my color and give me an up-to-date cut. Elena is an extremely talented colorist and she knows just how to give me a natural look with a bit of a boost. She listens to my concerns and then tells me what she'd like to do to make sure we're on the same page, but truthfully, she's so good there's no need to ever change what she recommends. Monica is a mind reader - I just vaguely tell her what I want to change about my hair and she gives me a new style that works for my face and my hair - then she gives me lessons on how to create the look myself. The staff is great and they all work together to accommodate my limited availability. I've been to salons from Beverly Hills to New York - Elena and Monica are my favorites! They're not inexpensive (but probably competitive for the DMV) but ABSOLUTELY worth every penny! Love it!!

2jw .

**Very unprofessional.** Made a braid appointment for 9 am a week before the date, then received a cancellation at 8:30 am. I was already on my way!! I called to confirm and the receptionist barely gave me an apology. Purchased hair and everything. My friend said she saw the stylist who was supposed to do my hair, in the salon the same day as my appt around 1pm. Looks like she just didn't want to come in early. Youve been warned.

Janes Dough

I have been to this place three times and I agree with many of the one star folks. The owner Monica is nice and professional, however she’s too young to properly run the business. She thinks it’s all about being cute and sweet which is a plus. HOWEVER, the services are too overpriced. Times are rough and tough like leather. Your shop location doesn’t warrant the prices you’re charging. And yes, you keep trying to push services people don’t need. It’s like you didn’t consult anyone before you thought about your prices. Appointments are NEVER on time. Pay attention to the details! People don’t want to be in your shop all day long. And if you get people in and out you can make more money. Once I was there and I sat waiting to be styled for 45 minutes bc the owner was having a conversation. Your shop has potential but you need to heed the advice in these reviews.

Dominique Love

This place over price you psid over $200.00 for heat damaged hair..never again

Tania Knight

Though my hair came out beautiful, I have terrible heat damage. To begin with, $65 seemed a little too pricey for me as I normally pay $30 for a wash and curl, but my friend highly recommended this place. The style lasted for all of 4 days. When I finally washed my hair, my curls would not come back.. they were stretched out no matter how many times I washed it. Now I’ve heard rumors before that Dominican Salons put perm in their shampoo, so I was torn between thinking it was that or the heat from the blowout was just too intensive. While washing my face earlier today, I noticed a big scab near my baby hair and sideburn area and looked like a perm scab as it began to bleed a little. I’ve never seen anything like that until after this hair appointment. Also, just during general conversation with my stylist *I won’t mention her name because she was sweet* she mentioned to me that their overpriced Platinum Silk Press ($95+) was just a regular blowout.. which let me know at that moment they were money hungry. Lastly, the woman who shampooed my hair literally followed me and sat around me until I paid for my service and waited for a tip. If you’re interested in severe heat damage, this is the place to go.

LaurieAnne Mejia

Patience Thornton

Me and my sister got our hair washed , trim and silk press and it was amazing the wash lady was very gentle and nice and my hair stylist jamel was very nice and sweet. Me and and my sister LOVE our hair . This was out first visit and im very satisfied.

a j

I should have read the reviews before “stepping foot” into this establishment. It is unfortunate that you have to do that, however if I had, I would have saved myself a headache. If you seek a Dominican Salon, with decent service and a fair price, don’t go here. The cost of service provided is unreasonable. After many visits to Dominican salons, I’ve come to expect a standard. This place does not meet the standard and they charge as if there were elite stylist in a high rent district. The Hair Company (ownership/management) may need to visit a few salons as well. I won’t go into detail about all that this salon lacks. Just know that it is subpar. However, I will highlight that I paid about double of what you’d expect. A reality check, a review of the market & your competitors is badly needed, The Hair Compnay. Customers keep driving to Central Avenue. There is a better salon & no price gauging there. You’ll get what you expect for a fair price at the other Dominican Salon.

Julien Joseph

parismoné _

This was a bad experience for my first time . I scheduled an appointment for a certain person they gave me somebody else instead first off . The lady was rushing because my appointment is at 5:30 and it ended around 7:45 and the store closes @7:30 and I said I wanted a trim about 1 inch off ,instead of a trim the next day I found out she cut 3 to 4 inches off my hair . The reason I found out the next day was because when she show me the hairstyle she didn’t show me the back she turned me around for about five seconds then turn back around then I needed to pin that my hair for a party the next day I when I took it out This lady cut off 3 to 4 inches off my hair that I paid $120 for . A plastic silk press which I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes because they were in a rush and paid eight dollars for the trim $12 for the cap and $118 for the plastic silk press which was quite pricey .

vishal rawat

I had a great experience with them, their prices are reasonable and the staff is very professional and caring. I loved the way they work.

Jared DeWese

Friendliest and most talented stylists in the business. I get my hair cut by the most amazing barber, Pedro, but I also go because of the atmosphere.

Stacie Gatling

They did an excellent job on my daughter's hair. We both got our hair done in Dec and it lasted all through Jan! Btw, we are natural and my daughter's hair texture has not changed. Her hair was still straight when we went back yesterday. However, when the water hit her hair, went right back to the kinky curls! Giving her hair a break from braids. They gave her a hydration treatment and silk press and girlfriend hair is flowing! The pricing is a bit expensive but the style last a long time.

Nakia Ford

Ask for Monica!!!

Tina Downing

I had a great experience here! After following them on Instagram for 2 years, I was finally ready to set an appointment. They straightened my curly hair to PERFECTION and I left feeling gorgeous for my college graduation. Great customer service, great quality of work, and good prices. I will definitely be back. Shae was my stylist.

Linda Savoy

They always do my daughter hair beautiful awesome company.

William Saito

Elena is amazing. She's pleasant, remembers your hair styling every time and is very experienced and talented. She's always available when I need her during the weekday and her prices are definitely good value for the expensive area. She also washes your hair before and after which is great! I'm always happy with my haircut after I go to her.

Talmisha Austin

Was not willing or didn't not want to assist me with what I wanted...however I was referred to someone that could

Breanna Marshall

Very Overpriced and anything you do and say you will be charged for . Along with the Guaranteed Heat Damage , you'll waste nearly $120-$200 for the 8 hours you spent there . The coloring service is there advertising pitch but theres never any reveal of how lifeless your hair is afterwards .

Sash Bilewu

Unprofessional, overpriced Dominican blowout (that's basically what they do) Dirty towels, dirty combs, nasty and rude receptionist who doesn't even send you to the stylist you ask for, rather than that just smirk and just wrong! I know the usual atmosphere in these type of salons, don't get me wrong, but for the price and location...Boy y'all are doing too much. Went there on Friday, never again! I'm out of money I could've taken to a much better salon. Pissed!

Miranda Mitchell

I’ve been watching them on IG for months and finally decided to come in. I read all the reviews and was a little nervous based on the poor ones, but i really have no major complaints. My appointment was at 10:15..I was in the shampoo bowl by 10:15. My appointment was with Cesy..when she finished her first client I just wrapped up with my deep conditioning and was in the chair. I got a silk wrap and a trim. It’s a lot of heat BUT my edges are laid like I have a chemical relaxer and it is lasting in this humidity! The only cons are when I wanted to modify my appointment I accidentally booked another appointment and I tried to explain that but I was still charged the cancellation fee—which I get policy wise but but customer service wise And when I tried to leave there was no at the front desk so I asked if I would just be charged to the card on my appointment I was told yes but when I was pulling out someone waved me down and said I needed to pay...LOL was not tryna rob y’all iswear. The prices are kind of high but i don’t think that warrants a bad review of services rendered


Great blow outs, treatments and silk press. Fast service. Helped my hair grow and stay healthy. Kept my *natural* hair super straight, trimmed and maintained. With little products. Offered hair care tips and products to use at home.Loved the quick Sunday appts. Clean. Professional atmosphere. Was my first time going there and stayed until I started doing protective styles again. Will return.

Mami of 4!!

I came here with my daughter to have her get a blow out. When we first got here I told the girl all I want is the blowout nothing else. Ok so we sat down then a lady come over and said she was going to wash her hair i said ok. They washed her hair then put her under the dryer then rinsed her hair out. They sat her back down then they blew dry her hair , trimmed and flat ironed it. When the lady asked me if I wanted it trimmed I asked her is it included. She said yes. But the problem I had was when I had to pay. First of all I was expecting on paying a high 65$ but to my surprise I was told to pay 120$!!!!!!! I asked why and Monica was like because you got a hydra treatment. I said no I got a plain wash she said the lady asked me.. I said the lady asked me if I wanted it washed. Kept going back and forth. I was so mad I just went ahead and paid but I WILL NEVER COME BACK and I will make sure people I know don't go there as well. Total rip off. Could of went somewhere else for cheaper and did same job.

Tayler Scott

I was charged 138 for a platinum silk press which is supposed to be down in smaller sections so it last longer . I watched her in the mirror as she parted my hair in two sections for each section then flat ironed it straight then went back over it again with a different flat ironed & curled it all together the curling process took 20 mins , I would think it would take longer since it was “ being flat ironed in smaller sections “ it’s been 2 days & the back of my hair already frizz as hell . I had to reflat iron the back & re do my bangs because they didn’t last either . I called today & she told me I can come back & they will re flat iron the back for me but I already stay 38 mins away from this salon & it’s snowing . It was an okay experience but the money I spent was definitely not worth it ! At all !

Tanisha Scott

High priced

Hychia Troutt

I requested a roller set/blow out, Monica said she didn’t recommend it for natural hair so I requested a regular blow out no flat iron. They said they’ll flat iron my hair no charge, but still charged me. My hair looks so flat, I’m so disappointed.

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