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REVIEWS OF Oasis Hair Salon IN Maryland

Ivy Hunt

Jean Davenport

Adi gave me a great cut with results that made my hair more wavy /curly than before. That was a pleasant surprise. She showed me how to best apply products to my hair, and because she took her time to stop at each step and show me what she was doing, I was able to remember what to do when I got home. I highly recommend Oasis Salon. I will be returning even though I live several hours away. It’s been worth my effort.

Caitlin DePorter

First time there today and I will not be going back. I told Adi over the phone when I made the appointment that I only wanted an inch at most cut off. Went in, again told her I wanted to keep it long. My hair was down to my chest and now my hair barely touches my shoulders. I went home and cried. I was very specific about how much I wanted off and it was completely disregarded. I would put my hair in a bun until it grows back out but it’s not even long enough for a bun. If you want to keep your hair long, do not go here. My hair looks terrible and I’m so upset. The curls were not helped at all by this cut I actually liked the curls more with the length I had.Do not recommend.

Sabrina V.

All I wanted was highlights and trim only to find out I can't get any of their services without paying $150 for them to teach me about curly hair for an hour at their first appointment. No thanks. They also are losing money they could be making by trying to rip people off.

CD Wilson

First things first... I will be going back. I went for my first curly cut at Oasis. Everyone was friendly, prompt, and attentive. Multiple times I was asked if I needed a refreshment, if I was ok, or just a reassuring smile. Donita took her time with me. Looked at my hair and got right to the point. This is what I needed to do, what I needed to stop doing, and how to do it. She looked at all my inspiration pictures and told me what would look best, what would look horrible, and what my hair could and couldn't do. I will be returning to Donita, forever... you are stuck with me ma'am. A beautiful silver haired lady (I forget her name, sorry) washed my hair, gave me a mirror and showed me how to wash and comb through my hair. This was my biggest problem. She was so gentle and thorough. And gave the best head massage. I was taught how to apply product, how much to use, and was even told I was wasting product. I was recommended new products to use, but felt no pressure to buy... even though I did... cuz my hair looked amazing. Donita also told me what products I had at home already would work so I didn't have to buy anything new. I ended up with the haircut/style I've wanted for a long time, but didn't think I could achieve. And walked out looking like the Queen I feel. Thank you ladies.

Tina Friedrich

I recently went to Oasis and had my hair cut by Karen. I have naturally curly hair that I've been straightening for years and was unable to wear it curly. She gave me the best cut I've had in years and my straightening iron is going in the trash!!!! Very nice, comfortable salon. Staff was friendly. Couldn't be happier. Great experience and will be returning. Very hard to find a salon that specializes in curly hair. Curly girls - you won't be disappointed!

Melyssa Estremera

Lauren Quinn

Worth the training session even at the high price. Turned my daughter's feelings about her curly hair around!

Linda Charles

Nice atmosphere, nice people and very knowledgeable especially with curly hair. I'm so glad I found my spot for getting my curly cuts!

Karen Shimp

Curly hair must!

Kevin Right

Kelly is awesome, was struggling finding a good hair cutter , was referred here by my friend and had great experience, will go back again!!!

Molly Lee

As always, I had a wonderful experience at Oasis with both cut and color!

Azura Ramsay

Judy Gaines

Terrell is an expert with curly hair. And he’s soooo nice!

Tammy Swann

I've been going to this salon for over 10 years. I've never been disappointed. Everyone is very well trained. They are experts at doing curly hair, but I've got stick straight fine hair and they do a fantastic job with it too. They stay up to date in all cutting edge hair and color techniques. You can get an appointment with anyone there and you will be happy. I've had my hair done by all of them at one point or another and like I said, I always walk out happy

Kenya G

I got my hair cut and partially highlighted by Kelly. She was amazing, skilled, and so down to earth. I had about 8 inches cut from my hair and I'm so happy it was with Kelly; cutting that much hair can be stressful! She made sure I wanted to cut my hair that short, which I thought was cool she made sure it wasn't an impulse decision and possibly something I would regret later. I went in to work and EVERYONE loved my hair. I didn't expect so many compliments. The compliments ranged from "I love the way it frames your face" to "that color looks so nice". Kelly really knew how to cut my hair so that it would fit me. I'm going to keep my hair short now and I truly believe a huge part of that decision is because of how well she cut my hair. Also, I had her pick out the highlights, I just gave her an idea and those came out great. I would highly recommend her to curly girlies! She's a great person and stylist.

Grace Edwards

Absolutely the best hair service I've had. Everyone is so kind, the service is inclusive, and very personable. 100/100 for me.

Carmel Ferrer

From the moment I first walked in the door, I felt welcome, encouraged, and -- most important -- heard. The salon is dedicated to helping you care for your curls, with curl-friendly cuts, products, and tutorials. Leyla is a fabulous stylist -- Deva-certified, knowledgeable. And patient (I ask a lot of questions)! I also love how community-minded the salon is, with regular events that offer insights into other cultures and support social justice initiatives. If you're looking for a salon that respects you, your curls, and the human community, you can't do better than Oasis.

Liz Stewart

Wow! Kelly is an amazing curly haircut artist. I have NEVER had a haircut that I liked, EVER. She listened to my requests, was kind, attentive, and gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. Super amazing.

Andrea Bonawitz

I am a fellow hairstylist who has come to oasis to take curly hair training alongside their staff. It’s a very kind group, with a strong, generous owner (also a stylist). I love the culture that they are cultivating here— “uniting cultures curl by curl”... or something like that :) It’s the truth. Curls exist everywhere, every culture, every skin type. This team is ready to meet the needs of that curly client and is trained to serve a range of different types of curls and guests.

Christina Whitehouse-Suggs

I took my 11 year old daughter in for her first curly cut/tutorial with Celeste and it couldn't have been better. The salon is warm and inviting (with her name on a welcome board as we walked in!) and everyone made us feel like long-time clients. Celeste listened to what my daughter wanted and explained everything she was doing (how to shampoo and condition properly, how to "squish" gel into the curls, etc.). My daughter looked like a different girl when we left - gorgeous curls, head held high, and told me, "Mom, that is the BEST salon ever. I need to tell my friends at school about it because they have curly hair too!" Huge thumbs-up from both mom & daughter...we'll definitely be back!

Mindy Ault

I love this salon. The services are not cheap, but the stylists are well trained and professional, and they invest in continuous ongoing education, so what you're paying for is a great deal of up-to-date training and practice from professionals who take their work seriously. The stylists take the time to listen to what you want, they ask you the right questions to figure out what will work best for you, and then they make sure you know exactly what they're doing so you can replicate it on your own. And beyond all that, there's just a really great vibe in there--the staff seems to really like and respect one another and their clients, and it's a warm, friendly, unpretentious environment where everyone is made to feel welcome and beautiful.

Luby Ismail

Outstanding service tailored to your hair. Oasis changed my life by learning how to care for curls. People always say I LOVE your curls!

K Barnes

This was the BEST salon experience I have ever had. The ambience of the salon was lovely...almost spa like. You can tell.the stylist are skilled professionals who love their craft. Donita (@curlsbydonita) was literally God sent. I have been looking for a curly specialist for years. She took the time to explain a wealth of curly/kinky hair information. She is very personable. She answered any question I had. My hair loved the products that were used. I stay all the way in Upper Marlboro. I will definitely return (appt is already set). I will recommend anyone to her who needs a curly/kinky specialist. Plus she had one of my favorite Bible verses posted at her station, Joshua 29:11. My future hair care experience at Oasis can only continue to get better.

Sharon Demidio

Excellent customer service and the stylists truly understand curly hair! By far the most positive curly hair salon experience I have ever had. I found my new salon! Make sure you give yourself enough time for an appointment, they take a while because they show you how to style curly hair and your hair has to dry to do it.

Lauren Rodriguez

I had my first appointment just a few months ago and was so pleased. This was my first curly girl hair cut, and for the first time in my life, I left the salon excited about my curly hair. I looked like a movie star. The best part is that they walked me through the process so I can recreate the look at home. I get so many compliments on my curly hair now, and it looks healthy. It's definitely worth the extra money to go to a salon that understands curly hair and how to treat it. Also, they were so friendly and kind, the salon was clean, and the atmosphere was nice. I've already booked my next appointment.

Iris Aharonovich

No place like Oasis. Professional, kind, listening to your thoughts and put in their wise suggestions, and at the end you look wonderful and feel amazing with your new look. Highly recommend . From Wafa'a to her team to the place itself. You'll immediately fall in love!

Rebecca Prisoc

shandavegh .

Fabulous. The first time in my life I've ever gotten consistently skillful cuts from folks who know what they are doing with curly hair. It always looks great and wears well.

Sarah Strelzik

I've had my hair highlighted by so many different people over the past 5 years, and I can confidentially say that Celeste is the BEST. I stumbled across Oasis after researching hair salons that specialize in curly hair, and decided to try it out. Even after I moved to Arlington, I still metro back out to Rockville just to get my hair done! Everyone on staff is really friendly, and the salon itself is very clean and decorated nicely. Celeste hand paints the highlights on my curls, and always knows exactly how long to leave me under the dryer. I've had some hairdressers leave me under for too long, which makes the highlights too blonde. I'd recommend Celeste to anyone who is looking to get expertly painted highlights on their curly hair.

Lauren Krohn

I have been entrusting my curls to Oasis for many years. Wafaya and her stylists are amazing. They do an amazing job with my curls and my color. They were there for me when I transitioned to gray hair and have done an awesome job keeping my purple highlights fresh. I always get compliments on my awesome color.

Rachel Rubenstein

September Young

Curly hair Artistry salon. Superb

Solomon Murrell

Came to this place to get a haircut but was turned down since they couldn't get me in because they were booked or busy. The place looked empty at that time... I've never been to any hair salon that'll turn a customer down... Not even as a walk-in. Instead I went to the next hair salon in that same shopping area and was happily accepted.

Kelly Kells

I base my review off of service. I booked an appointment with the stylist Kelly in January for the morning of February. After great anticipation and waiting The Saturday of my appointment finally arrives. My appointment is at 9:45 am so to prepare my thick curly hair (wash/ comb/ condition and dry) I get up at 6:30am to allow diffusing and air drying time. All is done and I'm ready to go to my appointment. At 9:02am I get a call from the salon saying that Kelly is not going to be in today!!! I am pissed! How do you cancel an appointment not only the day of but minutes before? I'm even more upset that the salon has the nerve to say clients must cancel 24hrs in advance or will be charged! This is ridiculous. And then the receptionist (who was nice I will not take that away from her) went on to say that if I wanted to be rebooked with Kelly It may be very far out as if I didn't already have to wait far out for this first appointment. I have never been here and was excited for my first appointment. I am so upset. This is ridiculous. Wasted my Saturday morning in which I could have slept in to nurse this cold.

Thelma Louise

I really loved how my hair turned out the very first time I visited this location. The young lady was African American with red hair and a phenomenal attitude with nothing short of professionalism when conversing with me. Gosh, I wish I remembered her name. Anyways, due to a scheduling conflict, once again the receptionist gives me someone who is more than likely “the help” when it comes to washing hair and drying it. She seems like a great person but I’m not paying money for a friendship. I’m paying money and tipping for a desired style that will hold. I’m African American with low porous, fine strands with medium to low density hair. Anyways, this will be my last time that I’ll spend my money at this location if “Rakia” (I’m unsure as to how her name is spelled but she looks foreign, older and is very pretty) messes up my curls again !!! Further, I want to give 5 stars because the people are quaint and the environment is nontoxic; however, my money and tips are adding up to subpar service with this lady. Not to mention, she isn’t even certified according to the deva curl website. Her name isn’t even mentioned under any of the titles deva curl gives stylist that work in deva curl inspired salons (I’m praying the site needs updating). Folks, check it out-If you’re new to the area, or you’re in need of a wash and go, please try this location but do not allow the front desk to book you with “Rakia”. I don’t think she truly understands how to properly do hair or even know the ins and outs of mastering a wash and go on someone’s hair texture. Be aware of what products to use for your hair also. On my last visit, “Rakia” put a product in my hair “mop top” and it left my curls flaky and stiff. I simply hated it but this location does not give money back if their subpar staff does a terrible service. Please make sure you get someone that wants your curls to look defined and has a passion for providing excellent results. “Rakia” didn’t take her time at all when defining my curls. I’m very displeased with this location for having someone so novice on their staff to do hair that cost customers over 60$ ! I’m crossing my fingers for an excellent turn out on Tuesday when I sit down with this woman. I’m off my rant box now

Jai Tabi

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