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Where is Floyd's 99 Barbershop (Crofton)?

REVIEWS OF Floyd's 99 Barbershop (Crofton) IN Maryland

Ronojoy Sen

Matt Davis

Jessica Meyer

William Bracone

Overpriced with a staff that could use some training in customer relations

John Hanou

The music was so loud I couldn't hear and neither could the receptionist. I asked for the music to be turned down and they did. However, I had to repeat my phone number to the receptionist twice. The stylist could not hear me either. She cut my hair in 5 minutes. Wam, bam thank you mam. Never going back. It was expensive, too!

Dorian Delph

First time going here and Justice made my beard look the best it ever has, and Maria worked her magic on my hair. I came out of there looking the best I have in months. Highly recommended!

Jay Harris

I normally cut my own hair (bald, shave beard), but I'll go back to Floyd's 99 Barbershop when I need another cut.

Brooke C

Paul Nichols

Loud music and hair dressers with tats and weird hair- kinda cool. Hair dressers that aren't good at cutting hair and charge close to $40- not that cool.

dominic Angela

I took a risk being a black man hoping that the establishment had experience cutting my texture of hair. The music was loud and I had to repeat my name twice and my telephone number twice. The wait was short. I was seen by Laura who was nice and told me that she would give all of the new client benefits. The benefits that the receptionist failed to mention when I asked for a service menu. The service from Laura was outstanding and she is a great asset to the company that’s why she got a 30% tip. She would be the reason I came back but the initial reception would be the reason I would not. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For Laura

Wilma Kosakowski

Alan Arrowsmith

I've been getting my hair cut at the Crofton location since they opened. All of the stylists are consistent in quality. Like most salons, they will ask you about product, but they aren't pushy about it. Most weekends you can walk in with a 10 min or less wait.

Juan Carlos Balcazar

Great service and pleasant experience as new customer.

steve morgan

Great experience . Walked in Sunday morning was in a chair right away. I believe the stylist name was mel . I gave her very little direction as to what I wanted since I have been just buzz cutting my own hair for a while and she did a phenomenal job. Clean,Great service and great environment .

Jim Vuk

Jessica is good but that's about the only thing appealing about this joint. Lots of people talking and not a lot of fast pace work happening. It's almost like they are doing the best they can to service the least amount of people during their shift.

Alphie the wolf

Got my haired dyed some there the lady that did it was good don't let bad reviews tell you other wise also she was nice and did great for me being a kid, and i LOVED my hair i might get my hair dyed again here!

Random Thoughts of Kory

Not a "barbershop" at all. This is a salon. I was reluctant to do anything once I came in and saw nothing but women, bright lights and a hair coloring station...but I have them a chance. I needed a simple beard trim and shave. The hair stylist struggled to trim my inch long beard to half an inch length and then had me change seats to wait for three one woman that knew how to use a straight razor to come and trim the lines and shave my upper cheek. After waiting, the manager said she was really sorry but they didn't have anyone available that could finish my trim because they were so busy (at 6pm on a Wednesday) and only she knew how to use the razor. I told her that the place is obviously not a barbershop and she then argued that her and one other woman were barber trained but the others were hairstylists. What a joke!

Lauren S.

Every time I go in I am super pleased with the service. These hairstylists aren't hired to be bad at their job. I was paired with Benjamin the other day, and I just suggested that I wanted a long bob with or without feathering, whatever he thought would look better with my thick hair type. He washed, cut and styled my hair perfectly. Letting him make his own professional judgment and having it come out so great makes me totally satisfied! I don't like pretending to be a hair expert, so I was really impressed when Benjamin was also able to suggest a different hair product than I mentioned I was using. I switched products (skinny serum for anti-frizz to a dry shampoo instead) and it really helped my hair quality.

Nicole Newell

Good aesthetic and music with good barbers and stylists most of the time, I usually get great cuts, with a short hair style.

Beni Ago

Adam Millar

Feels like a mix between a punk rock concert and a classic car garage. Wonderful place, they treat you like a dream and take good care of you. I get my hair and beard done her. So glad I made the choice to see a real barber. If you want/need beard work done, call ahead and make sure the barber is available.

Sharon W

B Bjsneidn

Zachary Browning

Went there to get my hair cut. I have long hair and I'm very picky but Kraig took the extra time to work with me to get exactly what I wanted and did an excellent job. The staff was great and personable too! Giving opinions and ideas on what to do and help my vision come to light. Highly recommend floyds and specifically kraig.

Chase Gordon

John Bradley

john pineda

alejandra chacon

I had seen this shop before but didn’t really care much about it, probably because I was quite okay with my former barber shop. When I checked them out, I realised I should have been a customer for a much longer time. Their barbers are way better and prices are way cheaper.

Robert Moore

The people that work there are nice and understand what you are looking for

Annie Frevert

Christian Olsen

Honestly the worst haircut I've ever gotten. I think a fade is pretty well known at this point, but man did this guy mess it up. The whole time he just tried to get me to buy their $70 shampoo line. I have to walk around looking like an idiot for a couple weeks now. I don't recommend this place at all. Go somewhere else.

Anna Pace

Bring my kids here Ashley does an excellent job with my 2 year old boy!

Danielle Rodriguez

customer service has gone way down. not sure what happened. there are a million places to get a good haircut around here. the customers experience is what brings people back. dont be rude..

Adil Choudhry


Dyana Quinzi

Pricey but well worth it.

Rosemary Asquino

Mike Djangali

I've been here 4 or 5 times. The first 2 hair cuts were great. The last 2 or 3 were progressively worse. The last was terrible. I figured it was just because I chose barbers at random. I went back one more time but the only available barber was the same girl who did a terrible job last time. Haven't been back since.


Bear Run

I always get a great haircut when I come here. The stylists here are very friendly and make sure you get what you want.

Andrew Kidwell

Melanie Higgins

James Khoui

Excellent service! Raquel gave me one of the best haircuts I've every had. Great stylist and extremely friendly. Will be back for sure!

Bryan Davis

Aly Rose

Not just for men! I got my first pixie cut here. I was really nervous about getting so much hair chopped off at once, but Joe was fantastic! I've gottten cuts and color here before my pixie as well, and they've always been very professional. Even if I don't have an appointment, they're usually still pretty quick.

Sour Hand

Benjamin is great. Professional, friendly, and does awesome work. The rest of the business you can have. Aside from this one barber, service both here and Annapolis has always been snobby and unprofessionally casual. Aim for Benny or go to Sports Clips. Cheaper there anyway.

Matthew Malone

Rodger Rundenza

Stopped in to get a haircut not knowing what to expect got a great haircut Great Fellowship. I'll be back

Ariana Nazario

Scissor happy stylists...Took my soon for a haircut and was not happy with the results. Despite showing pictures of the haircut I wanted, explaining previous bad experiences and showing pictures of what I did NOT want and after being assured that my son's hair will not be "jacked up" (their words not mine); they still cut his hair too short. My son's hair was at least 5 inches long. I explained that I wanted it long on top. The pics of the haircut I wanted clearly shows long hair on top (3 to 4 inches). All they needed to do was trim a little on the sides. At some point I told the stylist: "That's enough, we don't want it short on top". She replied: "I know, just making sure it's even". But she kept on cutting. I don't understand why stylists take it upon themselves to decide what style other people's children should have. How hard is to leave the hair LONG if the mom is asking you to and showing you pictures of what she wants? Now my son's hair is at some spots as short as 1.5 inches on top and less than 1 inch on the sides. The stylist was nice and the haircut was nicer than others he's been butchered at in the past, people say is nice/cute etc. However it is NOT what I asked for. I thought that after a 10 min conversation of the haircut I wanted and showing several pictures they would do exactly what I asked for, but no. Now it will take 3-4 months for my son's hair to grow to the look I asked for. If stylists only listened! If you cut too much hair you can't put it back. Why not ask the mom: is this ok, before chopping off 4 inches of hair at once? I'm still upset and it's been a few days. School pictures are tomorrow. Now this haircut is memorialized in history and it doesn't even reflect my son's personality. He's had long hair since he was a baby. It should not be up to a stylist to decide what look a boy should have. That's what mom's are for!

James Stech

Josh Miller

Been a fan of Floyds since i first tried it in San Diego and was happy there was one sort of close by, in fact i first enjoyed it so much i come here from DC. However the last 3 times I got my haircut at this location it was sub par at best. They don't listen to what you want and/or just try to get you in and out so they can get back on their phone. They even messed up a simple buzz cut on my son, missing parts of his head, and not going over it enough so he has random long hairs on his head. Time to find a new place.

Richard Johnson

Kai Saunders

Always I am a walk in and I have never seen the same Male stylist twice. Every time I am in and out in under 30 minutes. Always look great even when I'm not sure what I want - and I never get it done the same twice. I rated it a 4 star ONLY because - I have also never paid the same rate twice .... not sure how/why that happens

C-stal Lanchard

I just got my haircut by Devona and she was AMAZING! I think she just gave me the best haircut of my life! She was super sweet and fun too.

Charles Englehart

Clean shop, great haircuts.

RickDove128 .

Great place to receive an affordable haircut.

Ruxpins Revenge

Used to love this place. It's gone way down hill. Botched my haircut. Left side was WAY longer than the right. If I wanted a crappy rushed cut I would've gone to Sport Clips across the street.

Philip Palumbo

Gio Como

Fancy rock and roll themed barbershop. Friendly barbers, sometimes a bit too friendly and overbearing. Haircuts are okay. Overpriced.

Brandy Hamilton

The Thomas

Brook H. Does an awesome job week after week. Awesome stylist, defiantly consistant. Highly recommended if you're looking for personal service, a great attitude and a job done right every time.

Daniel Wright

Great music, fun environment. Never had a bad cut. Very friendly staff. Products are a bit pricey.


This place is how men's hair should be done

Tom Durante

THE best place to get your haircut in DC

Dave Gedutis

Cool place and great music. They do a good job with haircuts, but are a bit over priced for a simple military style haircut. Additionally, the barbers are more concerned with chatting with each other and gossiping about co-workers than getting to the customers. Go, but try to get a barber/stylist near the back of the store.

Jason Humm

Lee Wilkes

Floyd’s 99 located in Crofton Maryland is now my go to barber. Devona took good care of me and made sure my hair was what I wanted. I used to go to the other “so called” clips people wether they were great or sporty nothing compares to Floyd’s.

dave m

Stephane Brule

Luciane Reyes

Kevin Traub

Great cut! Much better than I expected. Reasonably priced too,


Jenna is awesome! Husband has finally found a hairdresser who knows what he wants. Thank you.

Charles French Jr

Kimberly Murphy

Joslin is the best!!!!


Kurt Rauschenberg

Went to this location for hair cuts for the past five years. Never had an issue til about six months ago. So disorganized and the employees are not friendly. Had an appointment for today and sat there for twenty min. Asked if the barber would be ready soon and apparently the girl at the front desk never even told her I was there for my appointment. Won’t be back. Update: Since this posting, the GM called me and discussed in-depth the situation that occurred. I was very grateful the the GM's call and will change the overall rating.

Robert Parkinson

Nick Perehinec

Martin Otto

Friendly staff

Kristopher Shenton

Always get a good haircut, only downside is their turnover is so high you have trouble staying with the same person..

Tim Watts

All of the reviews from men on Yelp give this place a 1 star, all of the women give it 5 stars. If you are a man and want a good haircut do not go to this BARBER SHOP, apparently they only give good haircuts to women. I've gone 3 times and I've never been happy with what I received. Again, might be good for women, but men's hairstyles are not their thing apparently. They don't know how to fade. Just look at this pic.

Rin Wolfe

Anthony Regotti

R Cobbs

kati M

Went in for the first time yesterday. I had horrible red-orange-yellow hair and I needed it redyed ASAP! I set up for an appointment with Brittany, and let me tell you, she is AWESOME!!!! She totally fixed my hair and it looks GORGEOUS!!!!!! I'll be going to her from now on, and recommending all of my friends to go to her. 2/24 Update: I have been going to Brittani for almost a year now. I have loved what she's done with my hair every single time. I now have a short crop with black hair and silver highlights thanks to her. Brittani is truly an artist, and I will be going to her as long as she's in the business. She's the best of the best.

Tanner Widick

Brandon Király

3 bad haircuts in a row from 3 different people. All the good hairstylists left this location. Go to Annapolis or Fleet St instead.

Timothy Allmon

patrick newman

Osten Sawyer

Marcel Virachittevin

Jennifer Wilbur

NEVER go there to have long hair cut. $30 to dry trim hair because it's below shoulder length. A five minute cut is $30. Not even a spray bottle to wet the hair. Go spend $ getting a good haircut from a real salon.


Britney J is the BEST. She takes here time and is a perfectionist, so she won't let you walk away with a bad hair cut. She cares a lot about her job. I've been going to her for about 4 years and started bringing my daughter to her as well. The atmosphere of Floyd's in general is very loud music with a busy interior. If you don't mind that funky style, it's all good. It's NOT a super trendy place that you should shy away from. They welcome all clients.

Michael Pontillo

Nice shop.

Dale M.

Great staff & service, especially at the prices they charge. Go-to hair cut location, you can get the full service - cut, shampoo, quick back & neck massage, and still eave a decent tip for less than what most salons charge for just the cut.

Robert Hoffmann

Great barbers and usually low wait times

Bhalinder Singh

Keith Schenk

Wait Maybe a few minutes but they are good and if you want a piticuler 1 you can call and request that 1 barber

j scriber

Great atmosphere and lots of indoor space. One of the best barbershops around

Sue Kidd

It took a few attempts, but I've found my stylist here and have plans to make this my go to place.

Mark Diehl

My favorite place to get a haircut in Crofton

Jennifer Greenslit

Solid place for a men’s haircut, but the prices seem crazy high.

Addison Zarnow

Absolutely awesome, I was nervous about going to a "Chain" barber shop, but Melissa/Mellerz S. was able to create exactly what I wanted for my hair. Hands down the best hair cutting experience I have had. Oh, and free shampoo and massage your first time in, not too shabby.

Ameya Amritwar

A bit pricey, specially when all you need is a shape up, but staff is super good at their work. One star less only due to price difference as compared to other options in locality.

Billy T

Came in to get a beard trim and a hair cut. Received a very thorough shave, beard trim, and hair cut. Prices are good for elaborate hair cuts and straight-razor shave. If you ever want to have one done for the first time, consider Floyd's. They will take care of you. Music was played at an appropriate volume.

Marcin Pohl

Ramon Rosado

Always do a good job on a high fade, however they are more expensive than most. I never wait here which makes it worthwhile.

Aj Snyder

Terry Williams

Breanne Keister

It is a good place to get your hair cut there

Kurt Hufker

Nice location and barbers, but haircuts are a bit expensive at $24 for men without shampoo or anything

Sujely Smyrock

We had a hair emergency and Joey P. saved the day.

Mike Zimmerman

Russell Berkheimer

My 2 year old son & I both go here for haircuts. Devona is so patient with him, and we both leave looking fresh.

Nick DeFalco

This place is amazing, my fiancée and I can both come and expect the best. Great barbers and great color sections too; all educated on hair too.

Will Stein

I keep giving this place another shot and I keep walking away disappointed.

James jett

Great ..

James Craig

Great service

Josh King

They always give me a great haircut

George Martsoukos

Jason Haughey


George Heffner

Good haircuts. Music intrusive.

Chase Matthews

Good barbers, spotlight lighting is absolutely atrocious though. Get rid of the spotlights; makes haircuts look horrible due to unnatural lighting. Was a perfectly good haircut as soon as soon as I got out of the spotlights.

Funnel Cakes


Rita Thompson-Joyner

Russell Himmelberger

Trendy, but hit-n-miss sometimes with the haircutters

Sam Hultzman

joshua whitaker

Amazing cut! You will not be disappointed!

Shayne Brescia

Experienced barbers and fast service! Highly recommended.

George Corns

You can get your hair cut here, and they do a good job!

Oliver Gray

Huge step up from Hair Cuttery or other budget barbershops. It's more expensive, obviously, but you truly feel pampered and the quality of the hair cuts are top notch. Easy access and lots of parking at this location. I typically just walk in, but they do take reservations. Kortney is my regular; great attention to detail and very enthusiastic about her job.

Andreina Nico

Bad customer services. My dad was very dissatisfied with his hair cut; his stylist didn’t care what he wants. He asked for a very short haircut and the stylist didn’t pay attention and also cut his hair without having the possibility to be cut in front of a mirror. Very expensive place no recommended it.

Mac Coles

Matt S

Great haircuts!

Hamza Mahmood

Rachel Starks

Rocío Llera

Today I went there to get my hair blow dry. The stylists that did my hair was Jessica. My hair is waivy and semi-oily in the roots. Jessica was very nice but she's lacking of customer service and professional skills. She asked what I wanted for my hair and I indicated blow dry & straight. Jessica began to blow dry my hair with a small brush which was delaying the process, then she asked a coworker for a bigger & round brush. She stated she was struggling with my hair. The end result- my hair wasn't dried properly. She added mousse to my hair after washing, without even asking me if I wanted that. My blow dried hair had like curls at the tip/ends of my hair, which I didn't asked for, plus I couldn't even put my fingers through my hair because it was sticky and humid that my fingers got stuck. Then she charged me $50.00. Incredibly unhappy and will not return again. I was going to post pictures but can't find a way to do so. Wanted to show how I fixed my hair when I got home as evidence. If you don't have natural straight hair, don't waste your time going there or at least with Jessica.

Matt McGrail

Always in a chair within a few minutes of walking in. Staff is very friendly and always provide fresh cuts.

JT Schiavone

Richard Diaz

Ryan Lawrence

Great shop! Melissa is the best! Once she cut my hair I didn't want anyone else. Big fan of Floyd's and the overall vibe. This shop has plenty of parking and is fairly easy to get to.

Andrew Carlson

Andrew Pagán

Decent haircuts, all depends on who you get. On the pricey side though, especially compared to a regular barbershop.

Jaye Yoder

This is the barbershop you’ve been looking for!

fishhead202 f

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