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REVIEWS OF Dominican Hair Salon IN Maryland

Dellamar Moore

Lisa H

She did a great job!! But she burnt my scalp the entire time either with the blow dryer or the flat iron and she cannot STYLE. I had to go home and style my hair. The price was fine.

shakie00 .

If you want to go to a place where people talk about you this is the spot to be. Very unprofessional!!!

Tiara Jackson

Monica keep up the great work! Very pleased with my hair every time.

Olivia Richardson

I think I am going to become a regular here because of how happy I was with the service and my bouncy blowout the few times I have gone. The customer service here is excellent 5 Stars!

Tiera Hunter

Service here was horrible .. The stylist got into an argument about who was going to do my hair. I sat at the shampoo bowl for nearly 15 minutes with an able person able to do my hair just sit on her phone. Horrible I walked out

Chanel Rowell

So I have came here a few times and I think I'm done I received a blow out but it only lasted for 2weeks which is fine because of the work that I do but it turns out my hair is now damages, too much heat was applied to my hair to where now my curl pattern is not the same AND I been growing my hair natural for years and I thought I could trust the women in the salon. I received a trim that was not needed, looking back I think that was just to get MORE money! So.....thank you for your time but I won't be using this salon service anymore

Taschet West

They burned my hair out would not recommend.

Dominique Mckiver

I've been going here almost 8 years. I just love when she blows my hair out. They are very professional and quick.

Fabia S

Walked in to get a blow out asked how much, the lady made up some outrageous price of $75 (without a trim!) I was already there so I went along with it. But it didn't stop there. She asked me was my hair tangled like she wanted to charge me more, but it wasn't, I had combed through it. Next when it was time to shampoo, told me I needed to use their special shampoo because the ordinary one wouldn't get my hair clean. I was confused because I've never had this problem before. Told me it would cost $10 extra! Didn't stop there! Told me my hair was so thick, if I wanted my hair to lay flat I would have to get the special press out for another $10. They tried to charge me $95 to straighten my hair! (Shoulder length) without a trim!!! I walked out! Just plain tacky. Business must have been slow. I can see why!

Monica Clark

The Hair Company USA is Maryland's Premeire Hair Salon

Mr Unique

Sequoya Griffin

They are very proficient and get your hair done fast and just how you want it done! When I first moved here I couldn't find the right stylist until I came here this Summer. I was looking for someone to do my hair for my photoshoot and appearances for my book that I just released! I'm so happy that I didn't have to keep looking. All my needs are met here. And each time I come back my hair gets longer.

Myeshia Johnson

Styles is great and so are the prices.

Gabby McLean

I came in to get a haircut and I must say I wasn’t too impressed

Satine Spark

Good cuts, in and out quickly. We take our 4 boys twin girls there and they do a great job,

Bridget Jones

Jallaa'tumi Shabazz Sheriff

Precious Kisses

This place is the worst. I went for a blow out and left with severely heat damaged hair.

john lavi

I am one of satisfied customers They provide me best hair cut at affordable prices


I can't complain. Amazing service

Jada Walker

I loved my hair after i got it done!

Tayona Jones

Today was my first time. And I will not be a patient of this establishment THEY DONT TELL U PRICES THEN WHEN U CHECK OUT ITS OVER THE TOP EXPENSIVE plus I went in on Monday and by Tuesday by hair was back in a puff ball. When I texted the young lady who I thought was Monica (I think it was b/c she’s unprofessional) she it was b/c I got my hair wet which I didn’t and even if I did my hair would have been messed up all around not just certain areas. Nevertheless she asked when I could come in after several attempts to contact her, I spoke to her today and she said oh well you never reached out to me. But I had to find another salon to go to. I paid $128 here at this salon for a wash hydration tx, silk wrap there same thing and was $60 there and it lasted the whole entire week.

Michael Tavera

Mark James

LOVE The Hair company USA ! Been looking for a natural hair saloon for so long and Jamel is super helpful and experienced. When it comes to 4c black hair. And all of the products used smell amazing and leave my hair feeling great. I'm glad I came across this saloon on Instagram

triphene levy

Good braids they

Ray Jones

Nelson Jones

My girlfriend love this salon. Good service

Naomi Mom

This shop is amazing my hair is growing and growing also getting thicker BEST DOMINCAN SHOP IN CHARLOTTE NC been coming for 5 years

nuanceconcierge .

Paige E



Quality care and service also provides great products would recommend there services very pleased with results.

nisha points

Sabrina James

They do okay hair. They tell you one price then when they are done the price change. I wouldn't recommend no one to go there to get anything done.

Anna Gia

Don't go to this salon. I went there expecting a good job on my relaxed hair but the service was horrible and the price was very high.

Ms Dee

I liked the finish product but I notice a lot of the tools used were not clean and she didn't sanitize anything and she had more than 1 client she was doing . Her customer service could have been better as well I understand your at a 99 but Mercedes did not use clean tools the brush was filled with hair and gunk , the comb she used on a client she tried to use on me without sanitation and she didn't use gloves .

Migdalia Serrano


Donald Bryant

Tha do a great job with your hair

Mariela Marinez

Nice and quick. My hair always comes out looking great. I've been a client for over 2yrs. Highly recommend it.

Audrea Deberry

She’s a very honest hair stylist. You know, most hair stylist won’t say much and will just let you pay them a ton of money and then your hair isn’t doing right in a few weeks or months. In this salon, she tells you what will help your hair and not what will just make you feel good for the moment. The stylist and her mother are very kind and warm hearted. I feel so welcome and comfortable there. I’ve never had a stylist like her. I’d recommend her to anyone!

Ingozi Ugwuzo

Amazing service Amazing Prices I loved everything AMAZING


First blow out...burnt my hair. Never will go back there again

Model Director

Briana Jackson

Ok, I been going here a while , And My hair Cost 50 But recently I went & my stylist wasnt there, so the owner was the one who did my hair....The Owner is a scammer!!! All she wants is your money , & doesnt care about the customer...Me and a friend went in to get our hair done and we jus got a blowout w/NO deep conditioner NOthing jus a blow out w/ pin curls! (which I normally get & cost $50) But since my stylist wasnt there the owner took advantage of my friend and told her our hair cost $65 EACH!! Stay away from this salon ...& THEY DIRTY....THEY DONT CLEAN THEIR BRUSHES or anything!!

Dashawn Brown

Miya Minter

Been going here for 3 months. My hair is growing very healthy and they cause no heat damage! I love the friendly staff they do my hair just the way I like and are nice enough to work with my time frames. These ladies know exactly what they are doing and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Sheila Phifer

She brought hair back life

Kaleemah Rich

The service at this salon is incredible! You can tell the difference when people actually love what they’re doing verses just operating a business. Their organic oils have helped with my dry scalp and my natural 3C hair is flourishing! I’ve been coming here for 2 years now. They take their time detangling my kinky hair, and I never feel rushed. I am a forever customer and supporter of this business! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else !! This is the place you need to be , especially you natural girls! Thank me later.

Breana East

I would give me no stars if I had the choice too. Whatever you do do not go here!!!! I had a few issues with this place. #1 was when I first walked in she told me they do not do rollers on natural hair, I knew I should have walked out then. #2 They are overpriced. #3 my hair looked like I could have done my own blow out. #4 They do not take debit cards. #5 She waited until I was done getting my hair straightened to tell me my hair was dry, if that was the case why wouldn't you offer me a hot oil treatment. NEVER AGAIN, THE WORST DOMINICIAN HAIR SALON I'VE EVER BEEN TOO!!!!!

Georgina Ndubueze

Samone Wallace

One lady rushed on my hair the second time if I ever go back it will be with the First Lady she charged me 75 dollars for a blowout that didn’t last for 24 hours

Sam Edward

I usually don't write review but this saloon really deserve my recommendation.their have friendly staff and expert hair specilaist who give good hair cut to me

Sarah Brown

Was completely satisfied.

sholunda hall

I went to The Hair Company USA Dominican Salon for the first time today and walked away extremely satisfied!! I went natural in February 2010 with a big chop (yep, cut it all off) and decided to forego any hair straightening all together. Well, decided to get it "blown straight" Dominican style to get a grasp on the length/growth and happily walked out of the salon today with nicely straightened (MINUS chemicals) hair. Monica did a "fantabulous" job!!!! Received hydration/deep conditioning and will MOST DEFINITELY return. Sho

Jazzi Jai

My daughter has been seeing Mercedes for a year now. Her hair was very damaged, broken, and dry. Mercedes now has my daughter's hair and scalp Strong and Healthy. She gave my daughter confidence that I had never saw before. I couldn't thank them enough!

diosa crossbourne

Donald Tyler

Elitta Nyenka

It's okay.

Mona W.

Over priced. She charged me $50 to wash my hair and blow it out...mind you I barely have any hair so it's not like a lot of work was done. She did not use rollers in my hair she pretty such gave me a "deep condition" if u consider sitting under the dryer for 3 minutes a deep condition, washed and blew out my hair. In the end it did not come out the way I wanted it to. I would not recommend her services for the price and little work done. The only reason I went is because I was told over the phone it would be $35

Bulma c

Omg these reviews!!!! I'm grateful I've read these 1st after 4yrs of complaints you would think an establishment would take criticism into consideration & get it together!!! Omg!!!!

Demetrius Zoema

Very professional and the on site barber is a wizard with the clippers. I would highly recommend this establishment.

Harlem Noble

Franjerra Smith

tyler spencer

CASH ONLY. No Foursquare, no debit , no credit. Sent me to Check Cashing place same parking lot. Otherwise I would have given a 5 star review. She was Excellent with my hair, knowledgeable, personable. I am tender-headed and have fibromyalgia and she understood pain/stress factor. She got ALL the edges without burn or steam. Environment generic but clean. I would definitely recommend for children as well as adults. Two shampoo chairs, 2 stylist chairs. Two waiting chairs. Beautiful work, slightly pricier than others but I'm satisfied.

Charese Williams

I absolutely love this salon. The staff is very nice and friendly and they accept walk-ins as late as 6:00pm on Friday which is nearly impossible to find in a salon. The proprieter, Monica, is a great educator in hair care and she makes sure that you are well taken care of. :-)

Beverly Anderson

Robbie Akhere

Best place in Charlotte to get hair done. Staff is generous and well trained.

La Shonda Prather

Kris Jones

Mirania is the best in the Charlotte been doing my hair for over 10 years Never any breakage my hair is natural and healthy I absolutely love her and her mother they are truly amazing

Sven Gevers

My time at this hair salon was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed it so much and my hair was superbly done. The stylist were also really kind and friendly. Will come again next time for sure.

Patricia Johnson

I had a very good experience here love my hair


do yall have a website for you salon.??????

Nadia Alpirez

Overall amazing!! I had crazy multi-colored and damaged hair. These ladies really know what they're doing!! My hair looks and feels wonderful (and is now only two colors)!! You ladies will definitely be seeing me again very soon!! : )

Debbie B

I loved how they took time into making sure I was satisfied with my hair..Fantastic service! Ease up on heat please.

921francescab .

I have come here on and off for about 9 years this mother daughter duo truly know what they are doing. They care about the health of your hair and give you tips to keep your hair healthy. Yes the blow dryer burns a little but that is what you sign up for. My hair always comes out shiny straight and smooth and lasts for about 3 weeks with proper upkeep.

Tiosha Flowers

I love going here I've been going to the Hair Company USA for 2 years now my hair has grown so much I'm even a blonde and still have healthy hair because of Monica I love it

Rachel Bonaparte

This was my first time going. Estrella (I probably butchered the spelling) did my hair and it was great! She did an amazing wash and seemed knowledgable about hair. I had a chance to speak with Monica at the end who answered nearly all my questions concerning hair care, especially since I work out. I have always been weary about going to the domincans consistently because of the "too much heat" accusations; however, after asking her nearly 100 different questions concerning it, she was able to provide solid answers and examples/scenarios...which was nice because I would've understood if she became defensive by them. Nonetheless, descent place; feels like a ma and pa shop haha and from what I saw, they are continuously cleaning in there. I would definitely go back :) 4 stars because when I walked in for the first time, there was no one upfront and I wasn't sure if I was suppose to walk to the back or what. Rather the stylist that was doing someones hair just looked at me until I asked what to do hahaha. It's all good!

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