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1 Maryland Ave #3, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dafenny's Dominican Style Hair Salon IN Maryland

Allison Monyei

As a completely natural girl, I was hesitant about getting a Dominican blowout. But Dafenny and her staff took great care of me. My hair looks and feels amazing for half of the price of my usual salon. Dafenny has made a believer out of me!!!

Toni Charles

Maribel LaFontaine

Dafenny is amazing at hair coloring and touch ups. It is about the 4th time I use her. Not all hair stylists are great at this. She nails the color and gets every gray hair. Her other hair stylist also did a great hair blowing job. Love her mom, who was warm and making sure I was receiving good service. I also did not have to wait very long for the next step after the timer ran out. I'll be back for sure!

marinely ulerio

Amazing!!!! Love my heir thank you Dafenny Great job see yo soon.

Jj Jasmine

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE IF YOU CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND HAIR RESULTS WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE They make up prices as you go so do not be surprised to be charged a different price than what they told you. I had a worst experience ever. I told DAFENNY the hair style i wanted instead of her saying she will try and make it look similar she started undermining my hair " Your hair is so short and it has breakage it looks BAD it will not look like that" something you really do not want to hear from your hairstylist (plus i had just got a relaxer) . When DAFENNY finished doing my hair i looked at the mirror i looked worse than i had come in. I told her i am not leaving till she fix my hair to look decent then she started to argue that she will call the police on me if i don't leave. I took the comb and tried to fix my hair ,but still it looked terrible. Good thing her other associates came out to HELP me fix my hair because at this point DAFENNY was on the phone with the police. DAFENNY WAS SO RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL. I decided to pay the full price despite all the bad service that was given. DAFENNY still had the audacity to YELL at me DO NOT COME BACK HERE AGAIN. I spent $75 , got bad service, lost 4 hours of my time, got yelled at ,disrespected and the police were called. I WILL NOT WISH THIS TO MY WORST ENEMY.

Bianca Benitez

I’m new to the area and decided to give Dafenny’s a try. I was greeted the moment I came up the stairs. The salon was very clean and the hair stylists were in cheery moods which I really liked. I was seen right away, and I’m extremely happy with my results. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but Dafenny changed my life! I was frustrated with my hair and ready to shave it off, but she was able to save it and make it beautiful again. She knows what she’s doing! I’ll definitely be back.

Bernice Espinal

I just recently moved into the area, about 2 months ago. I just got a place, a job, and just trying to get the feel of settling in to the new place. My birthday was coming up and I needed a place to get my hair done by a Dominican, since I know how they work especially how curly my hair is (which its not easy lol). I came in super early, first one there. Spoke with the ladies that where opening & getting ready to do my hair. Got my hair washed, deep conditioned, rollos & blow dry. As I was going through this process Dafenny came in personally to take care of me. Which may I say I LOVED because usually it's who ever is in at work takes care of the walk-ins. I feel in love with my hair which I will be uploading as my default picture on YELP. Being a new mom and forgetting how it feels after so many years of NOT getting my hair done, feels really nice to take care of myself for once in a blue moon. I can say that this will be my go to place from now on as long as i live around this area. Thank you so much I appreciate the hard work !

Lorna McAllister

The customer service is off the charts! Dafenny and her team do not disappoint. With deep conditioning and consistent hair trim, my natural hair remains healthy, glows, grows, and last for weeks (if I stay away from rain and humidity). I can truly relax and allow them to take control.

Marshall Allen


Great stylist. Hair looked fabulous.


TERRIBLE. I’ve been going there to get by hair done for awhile now. My hair is thick and strong. THEY PUT RELAXER IN MY HAIR. WITHOUT CONSENT. Luckily I’m going to a new place that’s more honest.

Ada Droe

I decided try a different Dominican hair salon. BIG MISTAKE! I simply needed a trim so I went to have my hair blown out and straightened. After the service, it was extremely straight. I was content for the moment....until I washed my natural 4C coils were non existent. I washed and conditioned 2 more times. There were still hanging strands. I did an overnight protein treatmeant with Maccadamia Natural oil deep repair masque..still nothing. Running my fingers threw my hair & combing is now leaving an abnormal amount of shedding in my hands. I come to the realization that my hair is SEVERLY HEAT DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR. I call the owner to explain the situation. She agrees to give me a refund, then calls me back 10 minutes later and says she spoke with the other owner and they do not give any refunds. WOW! I simply said “you damaged my hair, and now your refusing to give me my money back..ok goodbye”. The result of my hair is devastating! Also, you notice how they DO NOT respond to ANY negative reviews? You only see owner responses to “positive” reviews. That in itself should tell you what kind of establishment they are operating.

Mahmudul hasan

Nice service

Beat by Chris

This place is frustrating. Came in for a keratin treatment and stood for almost 10 min waiting on the stylist to come check on my hair; gave me the price and started screaming to alady in the back and all I could hear was ‘nada’. The stylist walked out of me without any word. Left alone, I had no other option that leaving. Will not return here. Ready to pay 250$ for the treatment elsewhere.

Eboni Thomas

Services was great Beatrice remove my rollers and Ruth washed and set my hair. I will be returning they we're quick and I was out the door within 2 1/2 hours

diane chestnut

Nevaeh Pasco

Will never return. They were not upfront about the cost and did things I didn't ask for in order to charge me more money and it took 4 hours

Amor Johnson

Moufoutaou LAWANI

Libra Riley

I have been a client for years ... Daffeny has always provided excellent service and has kept my hair in beautiful condition. I regularly receive compliments and have referred many people.

Dominique Gilmore

I love this salon... My hair was amazing after I left.

Malvin Liberato

Seejay McCollum

Dafenny is the Bomb.Com! She did an amazing job. Anytime I'm in Maryland I know where to go.

Nazaarah Bell

Great service

D Gibbs

Regularly go here they are awesome!! Great customer service and they do an amazing job

Lexus Alexander

I have been here plenty of times before and I don’t know why I keep giving them a shot but everytime the shampoo lady always walks back in fourth while rolling you hair. Here I am on a Sunday sitting here it’s like 15 folks and only one lady styling. This is such a disappointment because it’s closer then other Dominica salons but their customer service is horrible I will not be returning.

Bath PlaylisT

I got my hair washed blow dryed cut it was so nice it was like my head was in heaven thanks Dominican hair salon

Luis Guzman

Morgan Terry

The lady who did my hair kept referring me as the skinny one in spanish which I didn't really take offense to cause they could have referred to me as something worse.The staff was friendly at first but don't really talk to you. I started to notice that other people were going to get their hair straightened before me and I'd been under the drier for 2 hours which annoyed me and I guess you could see it on my face so the lady went to get me and send me to get my hair straightened and told her coworker I was annoying her in Spanish. My hair looks nice but the staff is really nothing special they're not inviting or warm or anything. I also think they overcharged me but whatever. Don't come here unless you have a lot of time on your hands lol

Adda Diagne

Love it! Took my daughter in for a wash and straight and the owner is just so nice! My kid absolutely loves the results. It’s pretty warm and welcoming with a very friendly staff. Very kid friendly

Cortez Campbell

The Staff is always friendly and inviting. I always love the hair cuts I get, and the service is just as good. Great job by the owner and management for putting in place such a great team.

Carla Santos

Love it! You want your hair to be healthy and look the best? Come here! Dominican hands on your hair, the best decision you can make! ;)

Blonley Michel

Colin Chiedu Odogwu

Sunnydohjingle 1223

Daphnie is a very manipulative business woman..her prices are not consistent..she charges you based on her price tag on the wall

Dymond Elliott

Lady who was doing my hair forgot I was under the dryer and I had to tell her after twenty minutes of being done that the dryer turned off. Then they charged me 20 dollars more than the price they listed. Also I asked for them to curl my hair and it didn't even stay. Just ok service.

Emily Ortiz

Aaron ?

Tamara Johnson

The owner is great only one to do my hair for yearz

Mindful Effort

Amazing stylist!! Consistent results

Barrington Jordan

Marsha Allen

josselyn burgos

Joselin Guzmán Andújar

Kelly Green

Dafenny's did a great job with coloring my hair!

Michelle Brown

Not a long wait, they do a good job with your hair, and their prices are reasonable, but they don't speak a lot of English and they are not very warm or friendly.

Sajai Cherkaoui

Ana did my hair yesterday and it looked great...yesterday. I have the type of hair that can hold a roller set for 2 weeks. I asked for curly hair, and she blew out the roller curls to put them back in with a flat iron. It looked nice for a day. Needless to say, I was a little blown that I had to get my flat iron out this morning to put the curls back in. Curls that would have been there until I washed it if she hadn't blown them out. Could have had a weekly customer, but I'll be taking myself back to Silver Spring the next time.

Evelyn Marte

Hana Mekonnen

Warren champ

Compared to other stylist in the area, Dione was the most affordable, knowledgeable, and great technique. It was my first time getting a professional to do two strand twist. Prior to this, looking for someone with experience in men's hair was a challenge. Dione didn't disappoint. I'm happy with the result and expect the style to last.

Everardo Carmona

Caramel Bear

This place is horrible! They use shampoo that will make it easier for them to comb through your hair but it ultimately will damage your natural curls. I asked them to use the shampoo that I brought in for my daughter and she didn't listen. She used what she wanted and ended up damaging my childs natural curls. I also noticed that when washing each others hair they will not use the shampoo and conditioner they use on clients. This is a concern being that establishments usually use products they would on their own hair because it is a great product. One of the stylist even used her own shampoo and conditioner. They are rude and often talk about their clients because they don't think that you understand what they are saying.

Tamara Jacobs

It was first time getting a dominican blow out... I came in and got a affordable price based on my length and got a chair within 5 minutes! Daphne (I didnt know she was the owner at the time) came over while my hair was being washed and asked me about how I was doin she was soooo nice... Once it was time for the blow out Daphne volunteered did my hair herself! She was was polite and so professional when while she blew out and stlyed my hair... It was then she told me she was the owner!!! I was floored and soo honoured that she volunteered to do my hair personally despite other stylist in the salon.. My hair came out absolutely beautiful!! I got countless comments... I will always come here for my blow out... Thanks Ladies!!!

Adrianna Mora

Service & atmosphere is definitely welcoming, her team left me very satisfied I love the way they did my hair !

Elizabeth Sanchez


Thing Two

Hard working ladies

Kermerish Mason

First time visiting a Dominican hair salon. My hair is natural and Their skill of using a hand held blow dryer to straighten your hair is awesome. I loved the results but the blow dryer is extremely hot and it will burn your scalp. Unfortunately I will not be returning to this salon for several reasons. The first reason is l felt so uncomfortable because they've speaking their language among the other staff. I feel that's very disrespectful towards your client's especially the clients who do not understand what is being said. As far as I'm concerned they could have been saying something about myself or another client. The second reason is they do not clean or changed combs after each client. Secondly, After sitting under the dryer there was no form of communication to let you know how long it would take before you will get seated in the stylist chair. I was just sitting there waiting and waiting. Thirdly, I didn't get the hair cut I ask for. I showed a picture of what hairstyle I wanted basically it was a short layered bob hair cut with a fringe. What I had gotten was a hairstyle for an elderly person. It isn't in layers, it's a horrible cut. Yes Im up in age but I don't want a hairstyle for an elderly person to add to it. So now I'm back in the same boat I was in before I came to that hair salon but with less hair. I will only give this salon 1 star for the blow dry method they use to straighten the hair and the cleanliness of the salon. Everything else

Yira Sanchez

Ben Davis

Great barber shop as well, Miguel does an EXCELLENT job. I recommend to anyone in the area who needs a nice shape up, trim, or is looking to try a new style. -Vacano

Jose Alberto Sanchez

(Translated by Google) chevere

Alexius George

The owner did my hair she took her time and did a great job very pleased will be going back.

Yinka Alo

Cheryse Sankar

Dafenny did an amazing job on my hair! I'm African-American with thick curly hair and she made it straight, shiny and beautiful! They have amazing specials on Mondays and Tuesdays! Definitely check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Janne Lawrence

Nayelis Liberato Caraballo

jenny duran

Lol how they work, I recommend

kimberly buckhanon

Azizah Thompson

Stylists were late opening the salon early in the morning. They tell you /advertise one price and minutes before you leave the salon at checkout they'll give you another price. They are rude and speak in Spanish thinking you won't understand what they're saying about you. If you have thick hair, DO NOT COME HERE they don't know how to work with it.

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