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2389 Brandermill Blvd, Gambrills, MD 21054, United States Located in: Waugh Chapel Towne Centre

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Realitychk Willy

Sometimes busy, ask for Avalon. She is talented as well as friendly.

Maria Ostendorf

Marty Sippel

Love my stylist at this Bubbles! I wouldn't drive here from near Crownsville for just anyone.

Karen Higgins

Jeanne Castillo

I got a haircut here yesterday and my hairdresser (wish I got her name) did an amazing job and was so meticulous and patient with my extremely thick hair. I went from long hair to a pixie cut and couldn't be happier with the new look :)

gus karambelas

Alittle pricey. But what do I know

David Doraisingh

Go see Brooke!

Paul Nichols

Convenient location and easy to get an appointment. Lizzy does a great job on mens cuts. Better than similar places in same price range near by.

Judy Beck-McDonald

Love Micki

Ashley Tchokote

James Lundstrom

Tara is absolutely the BEST! I usually go to whoever is open! I was getting bored with regular look, she was very good at calm in my nerves bout color, I was there on may 8th 2017! She's my new stylist! Tara you are GREAT! Thank you for making a nervous nelly at ease! See ya in 8weeks

Sarah W

Meh. Go to Robert Andrews. Much better experience and results. I once had my haircut here by a guy Im pretty sure was on drugs. He started cutting before asking what I wanted done... then when my trim was not symmetrical he told me to deal with it and walked to the register awaiting payment and tip. I asked for a manager who was very nice and agreed my haircut was not symmetrical and arranged for it to be fixed. She also fired the guy so I went back thinking it fluke experience. Well the next time the girl was very nice but in giving me ombre hair had me at the salon for like 5 or 6 hours. And it wasn't blond on the bottom, it was orange all-over with patches of bright orange. $400 later after living with it for a week I dyed it medium brown at home myself. Looked alot better.

Rae Upchurch

Marie M

kasey smith

I had an awful experience here . I came in with healthy blonde hair, and I left with black/orange patchy hair none of my hair matched my hair was beyond damaged, I cannot believe how bad the hair stylist screwed up my hair. I’m extremely disappointed in the quality of service I received.

melissa horner

Tara was amazing! I highly recommend, she was patient and helped me decide on how short I should cut my hair. I will definitely be making another appointment.

Denise Fowlkes

LaNeisha was great.

Alexis Buchanan

lynette bettis

Got the greatest hair cut from Marlene

S Craig

First, for the second time they change my stylist to another person without calling me. If I wanted another stylist i believe i would have said anyone. Than I am told the problem is I made the appointment on line. No the problem is Bubbles failed to have the actually times the stylist is working. Very poor customer service. Needless to say I left since my 9am appointment is now for 1pm. Completely unacceptable. I want the stylist to correct the uneven cut. Yes one side is longer than the other, very noticeable. Not sure if at this point what I am to do. 2 times is a lot.

tara mcgarvey

I am sooo extremely disappointed in this salon. Online it says it costs $38. This is not the case. Apparently you pay for a more “experienced” person. The experienced person I had to pay for styled my hair in a 90’s style and it is so uneven. When I tried to explain this to her she told me I was wrong and didn’t do anything to fix it. I will absolutely not be going back.

Kendra Thurmond

Katie T

Kanesha at Bubbles is my go to girl for keeping my blonde hair so fresh and so healthy. She is very careful to maintain the integrity of your hair and is so damn honest... I love it. When I first came to her, my hair was over processed and in some bad shape and I loved that she was able to say "Girl we aren't doing blonde this month. Let's do some toner, a treatment, a trim and we will reevaluate next month" I will not trust anyone else with doing my hair

Wayne Calderwood

Always polite and timely!

Anne Keir

I told them what I wanted and all they did was trim it

Mustang Lover

If you have never been to Bubbles before, ask for Tara, she's the best, other employees come to her for advice and when they screw up someone's perm, coloring, etc., Tara is the person they call on to fix it!

Saadia’s beauty Channel

Miya and Christie

Anacamila Figueroa

Sylvia McDowell

I had my hair cut and highlighted today. Marlene did a wonderful job. It was my first time here and I most definitely come back!

Michele R

Checked in 10 min early then waited 45 minutes past my appointment time, and NO ONE even so much as spoke to me. I just walked out. I've been going here for 3 years but it only takes one bad experience to lose a loyal customer. Seems things have gone downhill at this location.

Pruvot Aude

She is Nice and so happy my hair

Martha Fritz

Brigitte St. John

Great very accommodating. Lovely staff

Barmak Kusha

Nickie Knows

would love to rate this business, but I called 3 times with no answer or message. I will be going elsewhere for styling needs I guess.

Charlene Montgomery

I love MiMi. She does an excellent job with my hair.

Sofia Garibay

Amber is the best!

Zahra P

Jimmy Son

I'm not really a fashion-conscious guy, but I wanted a bit of input, as I'm letting my hair grow out. I got an appointment with Elizabeth, and she gave me the guidance I was looking for. Very satisfied with my haircut, and the price!

Alison Lucas

Absolutely horrendous! Marilyn was asked to touch up my friends roots and color correct her yellowish blonde hair. She came out of this experience with blue, purple, silver, gray, white, and yellow streaks throughout. Marilyn could not explain what had happened, so she told me that the purple/blue/gray colors would wash out within a couple shampoos. It was so bad, she even asked if I would get in trouble at school for the bright colors. Not to mention, she completely missed the underside of my hair. Completely unprofessional, and I cannot believe that they let my friend walk out of the salon looking like this! She could have done it better herself! Very angry that $100+ were wasted on this tragic dyejob.

kb worden

Shannon ingeniously does exactly what I try to convey to her. I love the cut I got today. Karen

Kim Charles

Katy Cook

Mae B

Very first time at the Bubbles salon. My stylist was great. She took her time to speak with me and understand exactly what I wanted done to my hair. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out

Breydamar Horton

Tatjana Dimitrovska

Flor Umanzor

Ashlee is the best

Charlene Chen

Amber M has been my hairstylist for 8+ years, she is amazing!!! She is great on color and styles. Super personable. Amazing hair stylist!

Zahrah P

I'd give it 0 stars if i could. You would like this place if you have thin flat hair. Any volume in your hair and they'll kill it. Absolutely have no idea what theyre doing (coming from an actual hair dresser that studied hair)they keep whispering to each other how this work what to use and what not to use = unorganized, only doing it to get it over with, 100% Not passionate about their jobs. It's been monthsss since I've been there AND STILL my hair is trying to recover. Will never go there again. Fried my thick healthy curly hair into a pubic hair frizzy bush. Thanks...

Jessica Diehl

Megan Murphy Dempsey is the girl to see at Bubbles.

Danielle MacCrory

Anne Johnson

Lindsay is the best.

Anne Gibbons

Very disappointed and I'm embarrassed for recommending this Salon to my sister. She was here to visit and decided to get her hair done so I recommended this place. When she got there she was very specific on what she wanted but this gay guy told her "he doesn't know what color to use" (she has light brown hair) and that he doesn't know how to do her hairstyle (layered) so he went ahead and trimmed her hair. Worst part is he informed my sister that basically he doesn't know what he's doing after trimming her hair. Not only did she not get the hair color she wanted and layered haircut, she was only treated very poorly. This guy was seriously in a rush. I went to target for 10 mins when I got back she was done and very unhappy. When I asked him what happened he did not answer me and walked away. Rude AF. I hope that you read this review and that you find another job because clearly this isn't the lane for YOU!

christian howell

Marlene was so friendly! We had a great conversation the entire time she was styling and I'm usually not much of a talker while I get a haircut. She was focused and receptive, artful and humorous as well as upholding the professionalism of her craft so deftly. I have gotten at least 2 compliments a day on my haircut since Thursday. Damn Thanx -Chris

Gerald Lewis

I went with the simple order of "cut 3 inches off" and the stylist showed me how much of my hair would be left. I was ok with it, it landed an inch or two below my bra. My hair was straightened, so it was about 2 or 3 inches above my belly button, and yet, somehow, with my hair still straight, it is about 2 inches below my collarbones. I could have gotten a more accurate cut if I covered my eyes like the Birdbox and used a rusty butcher knife! Spend your $35 for a dry cut NO WASHING NO BLOW DRY on something of value. Not only this but my appointment was scheduled to be at 6:15, we get there at ^:07 approximately and I don't even get into a cutting chair until 6:28. After I gave a simple request, she didn't ask about the cut for me at all and didn't even cut my hair on a middle parting! The next time I go here it will be against my will and against my wallet's will.

Andrew Dobbin

HIGHLY UPSET!!!! I had an appointment set for a certain time and was running late, I was traveling all the way from Greenbelt and stuck in traffic, called ahead to make them aware I was going to be late and they said that was fine. When I arrive the tell me that I can't be seen because the lady had another appointment. Next time tell someone when the call to tel you they will be late. Especially when I live so far! NEVER again will I come back to such a disorganized establishment

Monica Allen

Marilyn is the best. She is great with color and cut.

Zeenath Aziz

I am so impressed by erica the manager. I asked her for her advice and I ended up getting a great experience with Mickey. She was awesome and is a great colorist. I want platinum blonde and she did a wonderful job, Well spoken friendly kind Great attitude...I liked her alot... So ask for her if you want good results on your hair color. Thank you guys

Lexi Ann

I saw Marilyn over a month ago. I got my hair bleached and toned pink. After a wash it turned gold and peach in random spots, I also noticed patches of my natural hair color peaking through. It would go from gold to brown to peach. She was nice and considerate of what I wanted but after washing my hair once and seeing what was left I would not go back. I recently had died light pink over my hair myself for 5 dollars and it was a better job overal than what she did.

Marissa Krmpotich

Troy is the best!

Suzie Gerakines

A walkin, I was happy to be made time for on a busy day. Friendly service.

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