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REVIEWS OF Biro Dominican Salon IN Maryland

Dorita Sewell

I got a great cut and style from a combination of Biro's evident policy of commitment to doing the job well, willingness to listen, willingness to spend time helping people find pictures that show what they want, true kindness, and Miky's patience and serious skills. For actually less than half of what my local salons charge, I got one of the best cuts and styles of my life. They let me use my own hair goop, and they did exactly what I wanted but also gave me good advice that made the cut better. My hair is very curly and frizzy but I don't do chemicals, straightening, or blow-drying since it's bad for hair, so I was a pain in the neck and a challenge! And Biro was beyond wonderful. I won't have to set my hair or even wait or it to dry--I'm wash and wear. Biro is beyond wonderful!

Kasia Gibson

Initially, I was terrified to have my hair straightened because of the risk of heat damage. My stylist, however, took very good care of my natural hair. It was the first time in seven years that my hair had been that straight, and I wasn't disappointed! My hair reverted back to its 4C coils with no problems at all.

Brittany Epps

I love Biro! I'm from NJ and have been to manyy Dominican salons, so I was really nervous about having to find a new one when I moved to the DMV. Biro is hands down the BEST Dominican salon I have ever been to! The owner, Rosa, goes out of her way to make each customer is comfortable and their needs are being met. They also offer nice touches, such as tea, coffee and snacks. The stylists are great - and they don't burn my head with the blow dryer so that's always a plus :) My hair has gotten so healthy. Also, the prices are on par for a salon with their offerings. I am very happy I found Biro. Thank you Rosa & team! ❤

Danielle Thomas

the experience was great. i usually dont go to salons, since i can upkeep my own. but i decided to give this place a try for my bday. i walked in at 5:15pm, and walked out at 7:20pm on a Thursday. that alone was a miracle, since i can easily spend the minimum of 4 hrs. in any salon. but i was also impressed at how efficient the ladies worked and the quality of the job. i did go with the thought of volume, and came out with basic curls. overall my head was blessed and laid! will definitely try Biro's again, but the amount of heat used wasn't a

twin cherry

Dominicans are known to straighten African American hair in a stellar fashion! That was not the case with this place. I had to get my roots straightened 3 separate times (2 visits) to obtain thesame result that could be obtained from one sitting! The parts were extremely huge with very minimal passes; took about 10-15mins. During my last visit a few stylists didn't want to do my hair, then the stylist threw out numbers on what to charge for straightening ethnic hair that has been chemically treated. Overall, an uncomfortable experience just to get my hair straightened although some of the employees were generally nice. I'll look for Asian (Japanese or Korean) hair salons in the area as they do the BEST straigtening for ALL hair types.

Sarah O'Connor

Nene Ndong

A Edwards

Gugu Nxele

I like them ! They good... When my hairstyle didn't come out the way I expected they offered a redo free of charge and they were friendly about it !

Angela Williams

Up charges are plentiful but they do any excellent job! Try the specials during the week. Excellent staff, friendly service and skilled stylists. Thank you Biro.

LadyBrwEyes4 .

I'm always please with service at this salon . Each stylist has their own way if doing my hair but at the end I am HAPPY...

Denise Kelly

Aixa Alvarez

Ash B

They do a really good job with walk-ins and getting you out within a reasonable time.

Keeon Haynes

Ashley Barber

Ashley Gooden

Love this place! They take good care of my natural hair and give recommendations, the detangling process is always rough but, it what your doing at home to help the process work there

Rumbidzayi Chiposi

I am never going back to this place again! I am transitioning to natural hair and the treatment that they recommended tangled my hair. it took an hour for it to be detangled and by the end of it, the hair that was in clumps was broken! The person who untangled my hair did the best she could but there was no apology from anyone but her. I got a perm rod set and even that was not done correctly. No setting mousse/lotion was used even though I asked for it. I can tell that my curls will only last 2-3 days.. All in all, I was there for 5 hours!! Needless to say, I am never going back here. They don't seem to know how to care for natural black hair (especially if it's in transition)!! I am very disappointed about the money I spent there (they didn't charge me for the treatment so that's something.. I guess).

BK Bailey

Cindy O’Quinn

Have been going there for years and the ladies are so warm and welcoming. I look foward to hair days.

Loriann Banks

Yolande S

Great news: the hair stylists know what they are doing. You will leave with a professional finish. Bad news: I have short NATURAL hair, 4 c type, no relaxer, no texturizer, just natural. I walked in the salon this afternoon 8/27/19 and asked the price for a wash-blow dry- flat iron, I looked at the prices first at the counter, there is a section for natural hair= $45 for wash-blow dry-flat iron on short natural hair and women haircut is $25. Listen now: I asked the stylist, a thin, light skin and long blond hair (is it Mikky, something like) the price+ she said $55 as a regular services and %35 for a haircut!! All these hair stylists played the game to ignore the price category for NATURAL HAIR!!!! Rosie was not working today and they just give you FANCY prices. This is MY PROBLEM with this salon: when Rosie is not there, these hair stylists are the most dishonest people I have seen. I hope that the owner will read my review, have a general meeting with ALL the hairstylist and enforce the prices THEY LISTED THEMSELVES FOR NATURAL HAIR. These hairstylists just pretend to ignore that there is a special price for natural hair, so why do they want to charge a higher price as regular service??? Just dishonest! IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR, BE AWARE AND LOOK AT THE SECTION ON THE PRICE LIST BEFORE SITTING ON ANY STYLIST' S CHAIR, INQUIRE THE PRICE FIRST, I REPEAT FIRST BEFORE ANY SERVICE IS DONE, OTHERWISE, YOU WILL BE PAYING MUCH MORE THAT WHERE IS WRITTEN. Rosie is honest but the rest of them are 2 stars of 10 about prices for natural hair. I AM WARNING YOU. I really hope that the owner will address this issue.

Hannah Ajibola

deborah colin

Price changes every time you go there

Lisa Stewart

I have natral hair. Been looking for someone to take care of my hair for a very long time .I when to Biro salon in Rockville for a wash and set with color,the stylist ask questions about how i take care of my hair, i told her i wear lots of weaves she suggest that i get a protient treatment before I get color because my hair is weak .she also recommend that I give the weaves a break for a little wild. Everyone in the salon are very friendly. It's a little pricey but I think I will continue to go for protient treatment and hopefully my hair will get better so I can stop wearing weaves as much.

Denadra Adeniran

Very friendly not over booked and i loved my hair definetly going back

Monique Dorsey

Michelle Bizamon

Finally I found a hair salon that really knows how to treat curly hair, I love this place the stuff is incredible.


Mikhaila E

This place is amazing! I've had previous hair stylists make my hair look beautiful and really straight, but upon washing my hair I came to the realization that they heat damaged my hair. Then comes the big chop and I start over again. This is one of the few places I can go time and time again and without fail, always be satisfied with the results the whole way through. Kudos to Biro!

Christina Lombre

Been here 3 times and it’s the best salon I’ve been to, I love coming in on a slow day throughout the week. Definitely recommend.

Roline Milfort

Friendly and professional staff. Good service.

Kristina Lovelace

Heyni did a fantastic job. The roller set and trim left my hair looking healthy and super soft. Will definitely return!

Michelle Brown

Very friendly. Efficient and fast. Hair styles were great.

Gabriela Settles

Friendly people, great service, and they do an awesome job. If receiving multiple treatments, I recommend confirming the pricing with them before you start as there are some discounts for combos, and some other things you may think apply to the combo that may not (e.g. I assumed the keratin / color combo applied to any type of color, but it did not apply to the highlights I got, so it ended up costing more than I thought it would). They will work with you though. The owner/manager Rosa is great, and I totally recommend the services of Griselda!

Fern Duncan

I am giving this business five stars because when I go there, I am never disappointed. Such good work! I also remember taking my two granddaughters (ages 9 and 10) to get their hair done and both girls have very long hair (down to their butt) and Ada had the one that is a bit "tender headed" and cried a lot but she handled it professionally and we all left very pleased and so was their mom when they went home. Great salon and very good work!

Elleni Abebe

Amazing every time! Every person is so good at what they do here! I feel like I'm back in NYC! Quality hair service.

Chenika Johnson


Griselda is the hair God. She treats me like queen

a solomon

I was actually really looking forward to coming here based on some of the reviews. The staff are super nice, but the owner is so rude and conceited. They are very wishy about pricing, pretty much it's what she feel like it is, so make sure you know before you get started. Anyway, the service is great, but my blowout didn't even last a week. Found a better place in silver spring, Danny's Hair Studio and only paid $35 for a wash/set/flat iron. Needless to say, I will not be coming back.

Teliesha Moore

Friendly, does an excellent job wirh my and my daughter's hair.

Janelle Fundersburg

Adriana Niepa

First time here and it was a GREAT experience! My daughter and I came in on a Sunday. We were warmly treated by the owner and the staff. We were offered tea and cookies while we waited to be seen (we did not have appointments). Services and treatments were explained to us and we were ushered to the shampoo bowl in a reasonable amount of time. The shampoo was a thorough and a good stimulating massage. My deep condition, trim and style were AMAZING! I was long overdue for a trim and my hair was in bad condition. I AM quite pleased with my results. My daughter is not done yet, but I am sure I will be satisfied with her results as well. The whole vibe of the.salo. is upbeat and cheery... One girl literally told me she "loves" working here! WOW! We will certainly be back!

Sandra A.

Consistently good.

Ashley Johnson

LaTia J

I love how they treat when you come into the salon .... I'm going back soon and they don't charge a lot for relaxer I love my hair

Kehinde Ogunbayo

Great service

Monique Small

I have been going here for over a year and the owner, stylists and shampoo assistances are so accommodating and welcoming. I enjoy each visit and I am always confident in my "do" when I leave, thanks to Ada. Muchas gracias

Jan Jackson

Karen Wynn

Jo Collins

Biro is excellent in providing excellent and honest customer service. You will enjoy the warmth and peaceful personalities of the owner and all the professional staff. My hair is healthy and onlookers always give me compliments. You will love it here, come see for yourselves; then, you will keep coming back ... regularly. Jo

Jay Perrine

Went there a few months ago. Loved it. Was greeted warmly had great service and I looked damn good

Perez Family Adventures

This is the best dominican hair salon place I experience in the DMV area. I travel from Alexandria to get my hair done here. I have naturally dry, thick and course hair. They alway have my hair soft and flowing when I leave :)

Vee Avila

Been at this location for several years and I wouldn't change it for the world. That moment u walk in to the moment u leave the journey is worth the ride from Gaithersburg to Rockville. They treat me like family! Thank u Biro!

Thelma Louise

They've not disappointed me yet!

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