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REVIEWS OF Ulta Beauty IN Maine

Alexandra Day

Beautiful store, quick customer service

Katelyn Hogan

angela warner

I love ultra beauty, it have all the stuff I use for myself, i have a account with them. Thank you, Angela warner.

Fatima Marcos Manzano

Sometimes there are employees attending to your every need . Other times were to be seen .

Carly Corcoran

Abby Degn

debi kirsch

Ulta is my favorite beauty supply store

sarah zuniga

Willie Tate

Lynzee Va8

Honestly this store has some of the best service and by far the most kick ass manager you can really tell she cares about her job and making sure all the customers are happy and well taken care of I believe her name was Kayla

Michael Dion

Maple Walker

They didn't have everything I wanted, but the employees I interacted were great.

Jackie Smith

Aubrey Trilljo

Naomi Barnum

Rosie Fuentes Gabriel

asma hallou

Tori is an amazing honest hard worker young woman . I would definitely comeback and be her client .

Carrie Copa

Bard Folk

Excellent selection and attentive staff that is not overbearing. I love this particular Ulta.

Susan Wood

Its a dreamland

Gustavo Alberto Goyzueta Miranda

you get what you need here reasonable prices

Melissa Beach

Friendly helpful service, lots of product selection

Jennifer Adams

Sergeant Fish

Love it

KayHeart M

Great place & the girls are so awesome

Jessika Fitzgerald

Very friendly and helpful staff.

C. Dashiell

sierra rockett

Liz R

Roseanne Sherman

Staff has always been rude, unhelpful, and overly suspicious. When making returns, even of completely unopened items because I had ended up getting it for less at Sephora, the clerks spend forever examining the package, looking me up and down, checking the receipt over and over for some way to turn me down. The last visit was the last straw as immediately after entering I was chased around the store by security for no reason. I never even picked up a product (was only there looking at the testers for a particular shade of purple eyeshadow) but the security guard kept putting himself right on me and kept trying to cut me off as I went down aisle. I’ve spent a lot of money at Ulta over the years but no more. At least Sephora employees try to be helpful instead of just profiling and chasing you. I guess my “mom purse” wasn’t expensive enough and they figured I was too poor to afford anything. When I reached out to corporate for an apology it was less than sincere and suggested I needed to get in touch at the store level. Wow. Great customer service.

Mary Shores

Christa Slover did an excellent job on cutting and coloring my hair! Very talented hairstylist!

Desiree Jensen

They're always helpful!! I love ulta!

Eir P

Kathy Ray

Great staff! Helpful, friendly, Michaela was super awesome about getting help using my coupons. Would definitely reccomend going there!

Kyle Kemenyes

Standard Ulta experience

Jess .

Debra Hyde

It was a great visit at the Augusta Ulta today. The Brow rep was so nice and very informative; I liked her alot. Front checkout staff very pleasant as well. I was asked if I needed assistance while shopping; I appreciate their attentiveness and product recommendations.

Donna Arnold

I spend ALOT of money on beauty products, and have been shopping at Ulta for many years. Started at the stores in Minneapolis. So excited when Fargo finally got one and the original manager Tanya was amazing! ! Since she left to run the store in her hometown in South Dakota this store has gone to he-- in a hurry! Store is dirty and cluttered, bathrooms are always filthy. Then there's the abundance of rude, disrespectful, and self absorbed employees throughout the store. Always more involved in deep conversations with coworkers about what they did out on the town last night rather than give any genuine customer service. I blame the manager for ALL of these issues. The employees and stores over all appearance reflect solely on them! I will shop at Ulta' s competitor from now on Sephora! Clean up your store Ulta Literally!!! Starting with the top and working your way down the ladder.

Terra Hussman

Justin King

LoveHandlesMcGee AmandaT

Store wasn’t horribly busy and still had zero assistance.

Tracy Barraza

Warning is so easy to overspend .You have great helpful staff .For those of you on a budget bring only cash cause it's easy to put it on a card .But I love this place .Very helpful when I was asking about eyebrows showed me a lot of different choices .Rock on .

Jessica Duffie

Love it!

Lisa Burch

Alyssa Hyson

The music is good amd staff is nice

Regina Harnar

Best Store in Llyod Center Mall

Evelyn Till

Ceair Rich

I love Ulta, except for some issues. 1. I do not like that it is difficult to find the price for many of their items. Most of the time their is no price and I have to wait forever to ask a worker how much it costs. 2. It often takes a while to get a coworker to help. They are always too busy. But the staff is very kind and helpful when you do finally get some assistance. 3. The prices of items have gone up. For example, the Urban Decay setting spray I always used to buy is now MORE expensive for LESS fluid ounces! Now I have to find a new brand of setting spray to buy. I refuse to pay that much (though whether this is the fault of Ulta, or Urban Decay itself, I do not know). 4. I wish their was a bit more selection. And I am sad I never see Jefree Star items anymore. It is easier for me to just buy my makeup online.

Valentina Osorio Cifuentes

so cute

Kathleen Sheridan

Okey to shop for basic cosmetics

Matthew Vinje

Jonetta Hoffman

Lots of beauty

Jessie Roundy

I’ve been working at the lloyd center location for a year and I know from personal experience how hard it can be sometimes when we are low staffed or have a lot of stuff “behind the scenes” going on and at the same time the store is filled with customers who all have questions.. it can get pretty stressful. There has to be at least one person at the front desk at all times and we always have at least 1 person on the floor typically it’s 2-3. Me and my team work as hard as we can to get to everyone and give the best possible customer service to everyone who walks in the store. And the customers who get excited about the products you find for them and really listen to you make it all worth it. We have recently gone under new management and I couldn’t be happier about all the positive changes the store has been making! So I’d say to anyone who has had bad experiences in the past should try coming in again, so you can get a real Ulta experience!

Barbara Harvie Wills

Vladimir S

Precision Turf

Thank you for the great haircut. Melissa did a fantastic job. I havnt met anyone that paid so close to detail doing my hair. I used to goto sports clips and been needing a consistent hair Stylest and will be a customer for a long time!! Thanks guys!

Feef Graham

I was struggling and looking for make up products and two make up artists past me and didn't offer any help.


Trashy and overpriced

Brittani Martin

ulta is life.

Simoan Hunter

Audrey Cooper

I love Ulta in general, but this one surpasses the others I've visited. The layout is open, inviting, attractive; with a good variety of brands in every kind of beauty item. The "drug store brands" section is spacious and easy to shop, and the higher end brands are displayed in their own mini shop, warmly lit and well stocked. Unfortunately most cosmetic brands are not as stringent with their ingredients as they should be and Ulta doesn't carry many of the cleaner, more natural/organic/free of chemicals brands but you'll find some! Clearance is all shelved together making that an easy find. Zoya holo for $4?! Umm, yes!

Lydia Witherell

Lovely staff, I can always find what I'm looking for.

Zalika Ockleberry

Standard mall store with standard mall bias. No one gets dressed nicely to go to the store especially if you're out of some makeup. I hate being followed around stores, so save yourself the stress and just do online pickup.

Dawn Rognerud

Debbie Pauli

They always have a good selection.

Jenna Johnson

Great place for Uber pickups, make sure you tip your driver.

Heidi Lamb Castle

Good customer service.

Krishna Kundu


Miss_vic xo

Gail Buck

It’s very convenient for me for in-store or online shopping - I generally spend $50 -$75 per visit. Each time there has been some kind of freebie or addition to each order- Either associated with purchased product or store offer. Not once has it been included with my order! Four orders ago after 3-4 email interactions, I received a virtual gift card. Since then, I’m not even getting a response from Guest Services. Whoever is packing my purchases is scoring freebies. While I don’t order my products based on the freebies, they are a nice to receive to try a product I might not know about or as customer appreciation. So while I appreciate the ease of product purchase, I don’t like the customer service.

Pogi moore

I love them. Only thing why I gave them a 1 star is because its waaaay too expensive. Sorry guys.

Julie Anderson

Justin maddox

Rose Jones

Really nice staff!!! Everyone was super friendly!

Cheryl Whitfield

Great perfume selection

Hillary Thibodeau

Brow bar. Enough said.

Dana Faucher

Beautiful Store & Upscale Colognes!

Izzy Izzy

I love Christine she slays my eyebrows every time I see her !!

Filiz Mckenzie

I would even go e not even one (1) star. The hair salon stylists are terrible!! I wanted to have a nice curly hair and Hathaway the stylist did a terrible job! Paid $30’for something my 10 year old nice would do a better job. I was there previously and i got my roots done which ended up having blue strains of hair. I will stay away from this salon since this stylist dont know how to do hair!!!

Matthias Ristow

Misti Burnett

Expensive and dangerous for a makeup junkie!

Cecilia M Cretarolo

Rob Wenzloff

Stephanie Riedlinger

Mary Maher

Ashley Jacobson

The staff is friendly, and ask if you need help. The issue is if you say yes it's about a 50/50 shot if you'll get genuine help. Some people really do like to help. Others seem like they just want the day to be over which I understand. I've worked in the Mall of America and West Acres, and I never want to work retail in Fargo ever again. Although, I find it unprofessional to work in the beauty section and not apply the makeup on the customer yourself (as the employee) especially when assisting a customer who asks for a color match. I may have encountered someone who wasn't trained on how to apply makeup, but then in that instance they should have found someone with the proper know how rather than try to walk away and out of the conversation.

Brad Cahill

Super helpful clerks nice selection of merchandise! Its spendy but worth it!

Makayla Siefker

Morgan Thompson

Rebecca Davis

This is where I go to buy my makeup but anymore they have such problem with Seth and people being violent that it's dangerous to go there I was told by a sales clerk that one of the thieves and beat up the manager when she tried to stop them they don't care about their employees so why would they care about their customers

Stephanie Bryant

Renae Briles

rihanna dalbec

Love the store hate the spending.....

Sarah Keithley

I moved to maine a year ago and was recommended by a friend to go to ulta for my eyebrows. I am very particular about my eyebrows and I find it really hard to find someone who can shape them and keep a perfect thickness to them. Cali is the best I've gone to in a long time. She gets my eyebrows perfectly everytime. Plus she is hilarious to talk to. I am leaving maine and will miss her however everytime I come visit she will be doing my eyebrows.

Ashley K

Worst customer service ever! Tried to ask multiple employees for help but all of the employees were too busy talking to each other & not willing to help!

Brittany Dresser

I’ve always felt welcome at Ulta in Fargo and the team is knowledgeable and genuine. Just last week, I spoke to a gentleman who was able to find me a discontinued Urban Decay Naked powder foundation in my shade. He said “I knew this was saved for someone who needed it!” Thank you, Ulta team!

digital to table

Fantastic staff, always able to offer my wife some insight into whatever she is looking for

Terrance Smith

Ina Adolphsen

Rebecca Eisfeld

Keegan Poulin

Nice, big and welcoming store! Went in to check out some cologne and probably everyone there asked if i needed anything. Very satisfied!

Kim Stadsvold

Leah Coyle

Ramona Foster

Bought Christmas Gift Card for my granddaughter!

Karena Kuhnley

Justine Elice

Sometimes the store itself can be frustrating because items aren't well-stocked. BUT, I have received such awesome help from the Fargo employees on finding makeup that applies perfectly, achieves the look I'm going for, and lasts for a long time. In particular, Draya and Levi are miracle workers. Draya found me the perfect MAC foundation and Levi set me up with the best primer I've ever used. (He said it would change my life. He was right.

Sophia Sokolowski

Wonderful knowledgeable staff

Jason Davis

Diane D

Joann Jorgenson

Online ordering is better than in store for somethings..many of there products in ads are not in the store. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Payton Beasley

Mary Cude

Alyssia Holmes

Large selection of whatever you want

amy mefford


Kim is the woman to see! I am prone to breakouts, dry, sensitive, and oily skin, and she helped me find the makeup perfect for me and my skin tone, specifically with IT cosmetics. She made me feel so comfortable and not pressured to buy the really expensive items— she helped match to what I needed. Thank you Kim!!!

Diana Hall

Mariah spillers

Julie Conner

Super expensive and no staff really there to offer one on one assistance

Af A.

My favourite make up and cosmatics store especiallythe the stores in Oregon I found the best costomer service here in Oregon, I prefer it more than Sephora.

Alison Sonstelie

Megan Santer

Sirene Raven

Staff was rude. Won't spend my money there.

Summer Duncan

Love this place

Wilhelmina Proby

Vinyl Goddess

Mark was AMAZING!! I love my haircut and style. After moving cross country I had to replace my hairstylist and was a little intimidated. Mark was incredibly friendly and definitely listened to all of my hopes. This was my second haircut from him and I couldn't be more pleased! He explained all of the products well and was able to give me some great recommendations. I also learned some blow drying tricks and am definitely looking forward to my next appointment!!!

kionna kelly

Super helpful staff. Usually not too busy. The only thing that I have an issue with is how much the security guard and staff will follow you around the store like your a suspect, no matter how much you shop there and pay.

Julian Helt

Helpful staff but I felt like the security guard was following me around because I was in there right before they closed.

marystetler .

Matthew Eisner

Shazzbot McJones

I always have a great customer service experience here.

Patti Benson

My granddaughters love this place got somw great gifts on sale too

Michael Cortez


Great event experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Tarrin Baumgartner

Awesome customer service!

Kym Zamora

Michelle Gilmore

Ulta Lloyd center, I have been here twice in the last 4 months, worst customer sevice. There is no greeting, no eye contact. I walked through the store multiple times looking for what I needed and could not find it with no avail. Instead of a representative asking me what I was looking for, I got follwed by the crappy security guard. I finally said out loud , I will never stop here again. Employees heard but still no response!! I will not stop here again! Jantzen beach ulta will be my store, they are happy when I come in to shop!!

Colleen Garrett

Mark at the Salon did an amazing job cutting my hair! I love this store and knowing I can get my hair done, and done well, makes me so happy.

Libby W

There is always a friendly person ready to help when anyone has questions!

Cori Brandner

Calli Winslow

Have every makeup you can probably think of, some of it is kinda expensive tho

Tina Ducharme

Nice store, and girls were helpful. May have to check out other services.

Mrs. Orr

I bought a gift card for my boss and the clerk asked if I had a phone number for rewards. I told her I don't ever shop there I was just getting this for my boss. So she said, does she have a rewards card? I gave her the number and sure enough my boss has a rewards card. So she got bonus points for her gift. I thought that was very good customer service! Would definitely go back.

Tiana Wichman

I wasn't super impressed with the customer service. Most of the staff was standing around talking to each other and I tried getting 2 employees to help and they just kept talking to each other. I ended up having to have my husband help me color match my foundation.

Kyle Millspaugh

Sc Yang

Went and got a facial done today, I enjoyed it and she explained very well to me. My face is so smooth now, will definitely go back.

Peggy Zeimer

Fyre Goenner

Love the Ulta Hair salon...Nikki always makes me feel like a rockstar!

Ashley Schneider


Maddy 2245

Grace Huertas

Best place in Billings to get your make up. Highly recommend

Sarah Jones

The staff was very rude and wouldn't help. I was told she was busy when i had a question. Two other girls were just standing around talking and i couldn't get them to help either. The store wasn't even busy. I will take my business else were next time when my 15 yo needs expensive makeup.

Darby McDuff

Alexa Moor

My friend had to drag me in here. Was not in the mood to look at a store full of make up. Not my thing but it was kinda cool. Not your typical make up place. They even have lotions and blow dryers and hair dryers and dye. I was shocked to see that they carry The Body Shop stuff.

Leita Rides Horse

McKenzie Wight

Traci Enright

Patty Peterson

To expensive

aS.axcory lopez

Great store!

eric stauffer

Lily Jawad

I love the store itself but the staff definitely follows you around if you aren't looking great that day.

Jasmine Austin

Marla Allphin

Heather Norrish

Heather Nelson

Cheyenne Risdon

Went with my friend to get her hair dyed for the very first time, she wanted an ombre. The first time she got it done you couldn't even tell she had done anything to it and she paid $169 for it. When she went back to get it fixed the lady completely screwed up her hair. It looks horrible. It is way too light, probably because she left the dye in it for way to long because she was pre occupied with giving other people haircuts. I will never go back there again!

Jeremy Nelson

adriana oliveros

Love doing my eyebrows and hair at Ulta.

winter cherry

Mike Smith

Madysen Pfeifer

Bianca V

Emily Benoit

Samantha Hitson

My daughter took me was pretty awesome I never been in one and they have everything for women's Beauty

Katie Callan

Ana Calcaterra

Abby Humphrey

Love it.

Taunia Canchola

Lester LaCombe

tracy marcouillier

Mercedes Montalvo


Olivia Bailey

friendly staff, when I signed up for their members rewards they gave me my birthday gift a few days before my birthday.

Thenext Best

I wish the selection of make up was bigger but I understand a lot of people steal things from Ulta though. Very nice hair dressers and staff. Helpful.

Rhoda Daigle

Dee Dee

Great selection of beauty products Although, could come down on their prices

Theo K

Staff are so helpful. I needed a specific product, she helped me search for the right color match and taught me how to apply it.

Cat D.

Sharon Edwards

Maggie Standifer

Love the variety in makeup and personal care items here! And they have a member rewards system!

Kelsey A

Ulta is always a good experience! I've had people help me when I asked immediately. Staff is always super friendly!

Ringo Faux

Great customer service, Brenna was so helpful with product knowledge.

Zoey Kambour

Very helpful staff and I always love the selection. They seem a bit understaffed at the registers, but that's not necessarily their fault.

Kimberly Lining

I went in for a haircut and wash , a lady was talking to me about the service I wanted, the the "stylist" walked over (if that's what you wanna call him) and was SO RUDE AND CADDY. And acted like I was inconveniencing him . I then told the young woman , I do hair also and would like an elite stylist, he chimed in "I am and elite Stylist" NEWS FLASH ! If you were sooooo elite , then why are you acting so rude? Why haven't you toned that "blonde" mess on your head and further more your body odor is absolutely gross. Ulta if that's the kind of " Elite Stylist" you welcome in your Salon and company and you back that type of behavior, shame on you. I will not ever revisit an Ulta salon. I don't know alot of people in this area and was really hoping to network with more stylists since I'm still pretty new to the Portland "Cosmetology scene" Definitely will not ever reach out to Ulta , also if you'll treat me this way , then you're definitely treating others this way . Speaks volumes about your company.

Johanna Mead

Inventory for the lower-end brands always in short supply and erratically organized, but that's the price of popularity.

Krit Unhawat

Sharon Rezac

The staff is so friendly! They went out of their way to make sure I found what I was looking for without being pushy

Tina Aliff

They lure you in with coupon's you can't even use! T

Barb Lancaster

Very knowledgeable and helpful employees with out being pushy. It was a weekday so it was not very busy. Enjoyable experience.

Jessica Thurlow

The girls here are always very helpful, very polite and they're patient. I never feel like I'm being rushed out the door nor do I feel harassed when I shop, pestered every few minutes. I can browse and they're more than happy to answer any questions I might have.

Patty Maner

Wonderful service

Toridwaters Jean

Always helpful ☆ please carry more certified organic options, cruelty free, allergy friendly

disney princess

Owen Romo

Clean and has a very friendly staff! Thanks for all your help Natalie!

zane billy

Kayla Hoge

Great service, the staff are always friendly and helpful. Wide range of prices from basic to higher end cosmetics and accessories.

Kevin N Christy Martinez

Good selection...need more staff for questions

Danell Troxel

Love it but wish they carried more of my perfume

tiffani belisle

Get your brows done by Callie!

Amber Doughty

Joshua Thompson

Missing a few choices that most locations carry however the saff is beyond friendly, especially for it being the weekend before Christmas! You guys are troopers for the service and smiles provided during our visit!

Brycee Lyons

Heather ZN

Love it is so close

Shivon Van Allen

Gretchen Fitzsimmons

My favorite store

Veronica Perez

Don't know here

Ranae L'Italien

Kyley Weaver

Associates are always available to help.

Staciey Oliveira

Donna Karkos

mainely me

My girl loves this place for her beauty supplies.

Angela Waner

Aku Alu


I went this afternoon to pick upa new foundation from Clinique and received a free gift plus cashier gave me xtra gifts to go with m purchase cand after I got home I realized the tone wasn't right ..was too yellow orangish so I went back to exchange it had a color test done on my skin first...then upon doing the exchange at the register the cashier gave another few free clinique items so I really was impressed with all the xtra clinique. products I received with my purchase ..thank you ULTA Beauty ❤

Sandra Hernandez

Loved it here!!! shopping for makeup !!! beautiful store

Shelby Jondahl

Corbin Briske

Courtney Holub

Naz Abdullah

Sura Salem

I had Scheduled a facial appointment twice and they’ll cancel the appointment without letting me know very disappointed

Shelly Schlagel

Store is way too cramped to comfortably shop and not feel like you're always in someone's way. Not a fan of its layout at all.

Nicole Nowacki

Only place to get amazing make-up at amazing prices!!!!


5 starts for the hair stylist we see! Great job at cuts, color, waxing, brow tint, you name stylist very kind too! 1 star for the rest of the place though. Why? To be honest every time i have gone in the store many of the employees have what would you call it? A chip on their shoulder? Or just a "i am better than you" personality. I have noticed they treat me more rude when I go in the store without my hair and make-up all done nice. BUT when I do, they act nicer! So what's up with that? I know my friends have noticed it too when they have gone in, so I am not alone.

Lillie Mclaughlin

Caitie Januscheitis

The staff is friendly and helpful, but i was in there for only 10-15 min and i had at least 6 girls walk up to me to see if i needed help. It was too much. I always expect at least one, but i declines further help and went on my way. I felt bombarded by employees. I’ll just shop online to get my points and shop in Sephora where they understand boundaries.

Sarah Lepoff

Tammy Nord

davis davis davis

Good prices, great sales

Nimo Elmi

Rowan G

Great hair dye selection/variety!

Melanie Salas

Not good service! No one came up to me to ask if i needed help , staff pass right by me and asked the other customers but not me first time going to this location! Not going there again! I always shop at ulta , and this was my closest one but id rather go somewhere else! Then the cashier was rude when i asked for a product she was the same person who saw me inside the store and didnt bother to ask if i needed help! Was it because i wasnt dressed nicely!? Please!

Sharon Gary-Smith

An impressive selection of beauty selections including latest makeup trends, good lipstick, foundation and color selections. Knowledgeable perky sales people willing to help you learn everything there is to know about makeup, and more.

Jessica jaxon

High priced sallys is better

Luis Gomez

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Jennifer Campbell

Jonny Jimenez

Andrea Cuenca

Poor customer service skills

Kevin Kerby

I take my lady to Ulta for all her beauty needs !! But don't forget fellas they have all the rite cologne's you name it they got it. Although most items are pretty pricey they last awhile and it's Class AAA products. On top of that the employees are all very friendly and helpful. Go spend some money with your hubby /wife/ BF /GF/ etc etc... You get the picture lol

Mikayla Upcott

Rude, pushy salespeople. Takes forever to check out because they ask 126362 questions before they'll give you your total. Once I declined to give my rewards number because I was in a hurry, so the cashier promptly turned around and asked the woman behind me for HER rewards number and gave HER the points. The only reason I ever go into this store is because they are the only store that carries the hair products I need.

Kristie Boucher

chi is great kim

Carly Knowles

Have nothing wrong with Ulta stores but unless you have a full face of make up and look cute you don’t greeted here from the workers.

Valdene Neary

Surrien Grey

Helpful staff and a good collection of products

Fardusa Council


Long line to checkout

Crystal Poor Thunder

Jeremiah Lindgren

Paulette Roy

Gretchen Tinjum

Darrold Mushatt

Samantha T-A

Friendly staff, great deals!

sparrow Bar

Unbelievably rude, uneducated people working there. Cashier virtually threw my bag at me when I wouldn't give them my phone number or email address. Was given the wrong information because they didn't want to look it up. Didn't know what they had in the store, was rude talking to each other rather than taking care of customers. Stepford Wives on Crack.

Trevor Nelson

According to my girlfriend, this place is what heaven is going to look like

C. McDonald

They have everything you need for all your beauty needs. The staff is knowledgeable is friendly. I highly recommend their salon services! Jesse did an amazing job on my hair and I'm going back to him again.

Nick Vanvliet

kay kahla

Mary Williams

Jennifer Ready

GG Bella

Ligaya Winker

Kim Elam

Mano Wared

This review is for the $45 facial that I got today. Ulta beauty is usually good with facials but the facial that I got today was not good at all. It was supposed to be full extraction but instead, it was just using dermalogica products and literally just a small extraction on my nose that did not even get everything out. The person that did the facial used their hands for the extraction and said they're not allowed to use the extraction tool. I've never heard of that before and also, when they say extraction, there should be full face extraction. I'm very disappointed and that $45 was wasted.

Celena Tyler

Ana Rosa Lopez-Garcia

Great customer service & so helpful

Des B

Can honestly say a visit here was my worst shopping experience ever, cashier wanted all information off me, all she was missing was a photograph, truly awful experience

Tina Anthony

Love this store has everything

dyanna marie

Great place, lots of products to choose from and the staff are usually always friendly. I would love to get my eyebrows done there sometime. One thing I dislike which isn't a big deal is every time I go into Ulta, I usually spend a large amount of money because it's an hour drive from my house, and some girls will give me free samples, some don't give me them at all. When I spend that much money I guess I just naturally expect free samples like on the site.

Rene Graham

Great deals for the holidays

Phillip Bourke

Had just what I needed.

Cassandra Leigh

Christen Brown

Ariana Krecklau

Corey and Kim Scott

Alyssa Welch

Julie Tittle

Kayla was amazing!!! Everytime i come to this location..everyone is amazing!!!

Lexi Lyon

Charli is absolutely amazing!

Dan Espinoza

francis ross

Pat Violette

Shaina Ashlan

Cassidy Allen

I LOVE splurging on makeup but I rarely do it. I geared myself up for what I wanted to be a lovely day shopping for makeup. I had done some research but wanted to ask a few questions about some higher end products that I hadn't tried yet. I went into this store with a HUGE smile on my face and was only greeted by a surly security guard. No big deal, I thought, and headed in. There were at least 5 women behind the check out counter even though there was no one waiting to pay. None of them acknowledged me. I walked through the cheaper eyeliners and makeups just to see if there were any super deals but there was literally NO STOCK AT ALL. Everything was just empty! All the samples looked like children had been playing in them for months. A TOTAL MESS!! I was a little disappointed but figured there was no way they let their higher end makeup get like that. I walked over to the Anastasia Beverly Hills display and surprise, surprise! A TOTAL MESS! Only half stocked. Same with Urban Decay and Smashbox. Just a mess everywhere and almost no stock. I looked around for someone to help me. There was an employee staring in a mirror doing her own makeup. I stood there for a moment but she didn't even look up. I walked around some more and tried to ask another employee a question. She saw me and literally turned the other way. I looked over at the makeup counter and saw an employee providing a color match on a woman with a dark complexion. The employee had completely mismatched this poor woman and was arguing with her that if she "just blended" it would "work". Only took 5 minutes to burst my excited makeup bubble. Then I turned around and realized... The security guard was closely following my every move. There was a gaggle of screaming teenagers running around but he was worried about me stealing their NONEXISTENT high end stock. Maybe if they had a knowledgeable professional employee actually answering my questions then they wouldn't have to have security follow me around and I would have actually bought something. I just walked out of this disaster of a store empty handed and pretty pissed off. What's worse is that I told a friend how excited I was to go and the next week she came over with an ulta gift card for me because she didn't hear my horror story. UGH!!!! I'm tempted to complain to corporate so that I don't have to shop here!!

jyssica boudreault

Standard Ulta.. lots and variety and selection.. some stuff is over priced, but you can also find something that’s a bit cheaper and serves the same purpose. Staff is usually very eager to help. Sometimes this store is SO busy though and it can be impossible to get help without waiting 10-15 mins.. I’m not sure if they should staff better or if this just happens in spurts. Also, it’s so tough to get into their brow bar. You definitely can’t do so on a walk in basis, and they are booking out appointments for about 2-3 weeks ahead, it’s always like this. So if you need a brow wax, I suggest making that appointment well before your wax is needed. The girls at the brow bar do a really good job though!

Ricky Van

Korina Lee Sunshine

Extremely rude pushy security left without buying because of it

Katonia Williams

Good makeup and smell goods

Cynthia Hayes

Lois Ö

Nice to see MAC in this store, the makeup artists were rude tho, very impatient ,I ended up buying some other products

Charlene Brisbin

brooklyn k

Really helpful services! Live all the products. Really pricey tho...

Mister Hjorth

Mike Schulte

Jason Collins

Made my daughter a happy shopper

Sam Dilley

I seriously love this Ulta so much! The employee who helped me out was so helpful and friendly! She helped me find the moisturizer I wanted and then offered me a couple free samples that go with them. The store itself is organized and well stocked. The employees go above and beyond to help out the customers with any questions, and they are seriously so knowledgeable about the products. Ulta also offers tons of good deals, like $10 off the new Tarte pallette, and they often have free gifts with purchase. You get much more for your money than at Sephora.

Whitney the one & only

I purposefully held off coming into this place, however, I finally relented & went inside. What a shiny, happy, glittery wonderland this place is. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful things grabbing my attention. Having all matter of cosmetics under one roof is amazing, eliminating having to go to department stores for certain brands. I love the ability to sample products & the sheer size (no pun intended-haha) of the place, all makes for a grown-up woman like myself feel like a little girl in a toy store again.

Michael Allen

Super clean. Nice variety

Sue Searcy


Jen Woodward

Super clean and well organized. Staff seems to be extra helpful with great customer service.

Savannah Patterson

God selection, not the tidiest location I have seen, but it could have just been really busy

Ashton Alexa

Olivia Black

I was accused of stealing and instead of asking to search me they followed me out to my car and wrote down my license plate number

yeetermosquiter 2

Unreal amount of products to try! Lots of samples and brands. It would be overwhelming if you didn't have such knowledgeable clerks ready to help at a moment's notice! Great shopping experience..

Cody Mason

IDK I don't buy stuff here

Yvonne Makeeff

Taylor Meineke

I love Ulta Beauty, however the ladies that worked here are very rude. They don’t bother to ask if you need any help, and they are always talking to each other. Very disappointed in their employee choices at this establishment

Tyla Hart

Jason Robertson

Wife and daughters favorite store

Jerry Mumm

RJ f

I had my eyebrows waxed and shaped. Perfect. I'm very pleased.

Tana Koch

I love this place!

Malice Netherland

Di Nagy

Alyssa Mann

Everyone is so nice and helpful! Mikayla helped match me for foundation and helped me with brow products. Best customer service I've received while makeup shopping in town.

Dena Nyreen

I always love coming here the service is always exceptional

Jennifer Gri

Found what I wanted

Kyle Wendt

I'm a guy but even as a guy, this place amazes me!

April Carlton

Stopped carying my body wash..

Delinda Henderson

Always happy shopping at Ulta for all my makeup and skincare products. Local store is well stocked, organized, and clean. I am greeted in a friendly manner and someone else will ask me if I need help. The girls seem helpful to me. Plus they always follow up when I check out to see if I found what I came in to purchase. I end up talking to at least 3 different girls when I go there. I think they do a good job with customer service. Never had a problem. Easily my favorite store in Billings!


Linda Fritz

Laura Aaron

Veronica Christensen

Sarah Bradley

Marty Balcos

Christie Edwards

Friendly staff here ! Helpful but not pushy . All of the products you would expect at an ulta .

Larrissa Abell

Dana Miller

Worst service imaginable, both the cashier and the manager on duty were absolutely horrible. I love Ulta online... but don’t think I’ll be going through Ulta at all anymore. Ashlee and Britney were the two I dealt with today, avoid them and this store at any cost.

Brandi Contreras

Very clean and easy to browse

roxy Joe

Its terrible to be over looked but tou see others being asked if they NEED help but my hair is dark and all the ones being helped were white. The whole 45 minz i was in the store and when i told the girl cashier she completely acted as if i never oped my mouth but when i asked her where the manager was,she replied at break n the person behind had dark n blond highlights was complaining bout the same thing n i dnt even know the stranger but its Sad how people still practice racism. I should have filmed them. I had to do one star to voice my in put n yea im Native American frm Mississippi

Steven Perkins

I had to pick up eye lash use for niece's. It was formal time at school. I bought the glue and left.

Mario Andujo


They are ALWAYS, so helpful! ♡

Stephanie Nilsen

Always my go to!

Carey Janet

Stephanie at the Gretna NE store is amazing i showed her a picture of how I wanted my hair to be cut and she did exactly what it looked like... And I went drastic on her.. Thank you so much Stephanie I hope you get to see this post

Karmen Mitchell

Love this place... Always have what I need!

Foster McLaughlin

Came here more so for my fiancee. However they do have a small men's section with shaving products and electric groomers. I was quite impressed with the overall cleanliness and selection of womens products. Having been to sephora's and other women's beauty stores it had many products. I am sure it will be go to destination when we are in the area.

Oma Bloom

Leanne Zink

Randee Battee-Todd

I will never come back to this Ulta or recommend it to anyone! I was racially profiled and followed around with my boyfriend THE SECOND I WALKED INTO THE STORE! I was so uncomfortable and couldn't even focus on what I came to purchase because "security" was circling around us. Just rude and had given no reason to be followed

Nancy Ash


Erika Chilton

Merval Porter

I love that I can run in get what I need and run out without being bombarded with requests for help. The Clinique Men's line is great for my sensitive skin.

Jeanna Shugrue

Had a great experience with Levi who was able in helping with everything I needed. She above and beyond.

Ginger Poland

Girls bestfriend!!

Ann McCarty

Always a great experience

The Lord is Good All The Time

Walked around the store for at least 30 minutes and not one employee welcomed me or asked if I needed any help. I just relocated from NC and this store did not leave me with a good impression of this location. The cashier, Halie who checked me out was nice. She’s the only reason why I am giving this store one star.

Donna Black

Good for items that are harder to find, but have much of the same stuff as the drug store. Friendly, smells good. Staff are fun.

Ashley McCollor

Sherry Larsen

Really like this place but a lot to get through

Megan Widmer

Love shopping here for makeup


brere hen

Out of all the Ulta’s I have been to this one is by far the best!!! Stephaine does my hair and has been for over a year she is absolutely amazing I love her!!! The on floor staff is amazing and knows what they are doing!! The Clinique lady that is there she is amazing also and knows about skin care!!

Grace Meissner

Emma Dudley

Ayanna Moon

Maddison Rau deutsch

Amanda B

As I would have thought I was a valued customer with an large list of items to purchase I was unable to use their restroom as it is for salon guests only. My hundreds of dollars spend here, including the salon in just the last month alone- I should not have felt like a second class citizen for merely asking to use the restroom.

Susan Rainville

Great variety of perfumes hair and body items. Plus more. Very expensive.

Tukie Boa

Jean Brawn

Jessica Pearson

Love this place!!!! The security can be a bit much sometimes... making you feel as if you've Already Stolen Something the way they follow you around! Lol! Other than that the place is awesome! Staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable... usually not too pushy about getting it Just because You ASKED A QUESTION ABOUT IT. Just wish they carried MAC.

Cynn Badd

I freaking love this store. We have Sephora down here in Auburn but not an Ulta. I like how there are high end AND drugstore cosmetics IN THE SAME STORE. In Sephora, I can drop 150 easy but in Ulta I can be like, ain't nobody got money for that, and call it good with some NYX products. It's freakin genius. (this was obv my first time here) What else can I say? Uumm...The staff was chill, the prices were expected and the products were easy to find.

Terry Fleming

Ulta has a great selection to choose from. I have shooed there for years. Carried my favorite makeup since started using Laura Heller products. Now they have discontinued the brand,.very upset about this. Still a good place to shop.

Sam O

Love the store and the staff is great but I wouldn't recommend getting your brows done here. The girl completely waxed the outter parts of my brows off twice. I haven't gotten my brows done in 7 months as I'm still trying to regrow them. Needless to say I looked ridiculous after I got them done there. It was my fault for giving them another chance to do them right.

Miles Cannon

Leslie JoAnn

This is so sad. Out of all the curl products they have at this Ulta, they have none of the best curl products like Texture ID. Your basic Walmart brands, like Shea Moisture and Carols Daughter, and Diva curl which is nothing but hype. You are better off going to Sally Beauty Supply for your curls. Typical North Dakota Bullcrap.

Faris Khan

Octavia Holly

ryan ellis

Sophie Rootham

Stephanie Marques

Love Ulta. Hair, makeup, nail, body products and services the list goes on. Their benefit brow salon is amazing Cali and Amanda are wonderful and can transform your brows. I've been going to them for years.

Vanessa Bishop

The staff at this store are AWFUL. Super uptight, not helpful and rude. Avoid this place and get your beauty products somewhere else.

Parodies by aallii ssoonn

I get all my makeup there and it is a good price and good quality.

Fae Collas


Kate Atchison

Bryony Booker

Debra Evans

Christina Smith

Gotta love Ulta!!! Fun, great stuff!! Nice staff...

Savanna Richard

The make up I bought was a really good product. I had to find someone to help me with what I needed. They were very helpful and nice.

Jessica Cassidy

The store is well stocked, but the staff is less than helpful and not very knowledgeable. Its worth going to Sephora if you're purchasing new products you haven't tried or needing guidance/advice. I couldn't get anyone to assist me during one visit and I was so frustrated I eventually walked out, leaving my bag of items at the counter and took my money to Sephora. If you're like me and regularly spend $100-$500 per trip, don't give this particular store your business, go to another Ulta or Sephora and spend your money with a staff who will provide excellent and knowledgeable service.

Erin Ballou

Tanaya Halvorson

PinkNBlack WaffleShack

Apparently this Ulta store has different customer service and return policies than their other stores. Ever person in this store has either been indifferent or outright snotty to me. Multiple visits. I'm a very chill customer and rarely receive bad service anywhere. I had a totally unused, untested Urban Decay palette along with a receipt, Lloyd Center refused to accept a return and give me store credit because it was past 60 days. I have a good friend who works at Hayden Island who told me they should have returned it, and the following week I was able to make my return at the one by Washington Square with no problem and a smile, even!! Very nice service at that location. I guess when I'm at Lloyd Center I will just go to Sephora instead.

Richard H. Carson, Ph.D

Caveat: I only go here with my wife. Really! But the place is clean and the staff are helpful. But what do I know?

Tony Moorhouse

Brie Arias

Adrian Ray

Unprofessional store manager

Alison Wilson

Would have given it 1 star if it wasn’t for the kaitlyn doing my eyebrows flawlessly. The bathrooms were atrocious! The waste bin was over flowing with pads and tampons at 10:30 in the morning. When I told someone about it her response was that the cleaning person doesn’t come on weekends? So... they didn’t come Thursday either? And no one here is capable of changing the garbage? Absolutely disgusting.

Jane Ohnstad

My bare minerals store

Matthew Nguyen

Jezzer Jorgenson

David Schuster

Rose Michel

Julie Domac

Omg I wish I had a million bucks to go crazy in there with. My favorite older aging creams are there. It really makes z difference using my favorite Perricone

Hell Catt

Seems like only 1/4 of this place was actually makeup. The rest was hair or skin products.

Cynthia Parise

Helpful staff, large Inventory.

Lisa Cook

Yolanda Nolan

Tennille Nelson Resler

Djb 88

Mark is master hairstylist in this store, he is very professional, i visited Portland and i had a chance to have my hair highlighted by him, it was beyond my expectation, i'm very pleased with the color, Excellent, Excellent job Dear Mark :)

Brittney Brown

Megan Niederle

I was greeted and helped right when I walked in. They helped me find exactly what I needed and offered great recommendations. It may be a bit out of my way but I'm willing to make the trip because of the service. Really appreciate the 10 day sample of foundation and will be back for a full size!

Mariya Brown

I recently went to ulta beauty (10/02) and i was racially profiled by the security gaurd, as a black girl in America im very,very used to it but yesterday was dispicible and unbearable.The security gaurd followed me and my other African American friend around the store the whole 15 minutes that we were in there,We couldnt get anything we wanted at all, i couldn't stand through it the beepers had went off in the back of the store and he had ran down to check where me and my friend were (he knee exactly where we were). The man wasn't even doing his job the whole time we were in there,He refused to tell me his name i sat there for 2 minutes until he told me (Eli) im just letting you all know that store is extremely racist,prejudice And profile' s i shop at the ulta all the time im a happy paying costumer but im never going in there again. -mariya

Hope Sieber

Deborah Beaudette

Farralee Ouellette

Nice store. First time I was ever in one. Big selection of beauty products.

Jerry Standifer

Typical Ulta. Hard to find what you need and never seems to be anyone around to ask that is not helping someone else.

Humaira Rahman

Bobby D

Beatrice Anderson

Stephanie Mondragon

Not a lot of employees to help on the floor.

Anna Williams

Jules Weinstein

You should expect makeup

ZeroStuff NotEnough

Teresa Schmidt

Joseph King

Kat L.

Vera Hernandez

Kathryn Cram

Super friendly and helpful.

Claresa Craig

Eisotopish .

One of my wife's favorite places

Tina Ducharme

moni pink

Ellie Tyler

Nazli Aras

Great place to shop for make up . Great staff , very helpful. I love the Brow Bar . Very good job !

Denise Troxell

Awful! Shop online instead. Impossible to find anything, and when asked store associates answer in monosyllables-- forget any kind of service.

Mariah Bragdon

Booked my hair appointment online, it was super easy! First time getting my hair done at Ulta, Amberrose was the stylist she was very nice and i am super happy with the cut! Will be coming back again! Thanks!

Lori L

Halie Weaving

Favorite beauty store

Drew Daniel B

Birdie Vuksich

Great service

Deneen Fleming

How can you go wrong with an immaculate store n awesome beauty products.

Molly McNab

Ruben V illanueva

I take my wife to shop there because she loves make up and her platinum points. We dish out the cash and she gets no sales help and no friendly greetings!

Allison Fuerst

Kelly McIntyre

Shuyi Yuan

Bright and neat place. Cheerful vibes as store is newly opened and people eager to shop. One star off as cashier staff did not prompt us to use the outlet discount of 20% off. Perhaps due to their lack of experience. All other outlet stores have consistently prompt shoppers on additional discounts.

Brianna Normand

Ulta has been my favorite place to shop for makeup since 2011! Gabriel (I think that's his name) is always so friendly and helpful when looking at luxuary makeup! Suzie is amazing at the facials! It's a great team.

Amber Luisa Quinata

A great selection of beauty products. I agree with some reviews of lack of where the workers are in the store. One had no knowledge & didn’t seem to care to find the answer or solution. Another worker great at helping me seek out if brands were cruelty free to purchase. I would go to this Ulta if no help is needed or if this the closest ulta to me.

Rosalia Rodriguez

I had an amazing makeup application and hairstyle for my birthday. I got my eye brows done at benefits brow bar loved it. I will definitely be coming back

Heather Barnes

Inesa Gassaway

Julie Pickle

I had the same issue yesterday. I walked around for a good 20 minutes. The store employees were just talking to each other. Only one employee was assisting one girl. the rest were standing around talking and laughing. I couldn’t find the mascara I wanted and I went to the front desk and she had to call one of them over to show me where it was.... they pointed to the aisle walked away and went back talking. needless to say I just left. horrible store suggest finding one a little further away for better customer service. If I could give no stars, I would.

kmerkel Good

The store was georgeous and the employees were so nice! I was surprised at the sales and clearance area when I went in. They were not advertised but some things were 90% off! I will definately drop in weekly to check those out!

Jade Nettum

T Patterson

As a gay male who does drag I frequent beauty stores. This one is hit or miss. I find that most of the staff is friendly and nice some quite judgey. I get the weird looks which is very uncomfortable. The reason this is a 3 star is because the line take for ever! How can you have 20 people in line which only one girl on the register!!!! Then that one girl has to ask everyone who doesn't have a membership if they want one which takes like 5 more minutes!!!!

Dawn Jones

Professional eye brow shapers. I was always disappointed with the way my brows would turn out when I went to a beauty salon. At Ulta, she looks at the shape of your natural brow, then balances and proportions it using a pencil. She is very confident in what she does. It costs more to have it done at Ulta but well worth the cost. You won't be disappointed.

Amanda Grace

Jacqualine Patterson

So perfect

Steffania Fernandez

I rarely like coming to this location since it almost never has what I’m looking for. Apart from that... early this year an employee asked if I wanted to put my purse at the register while I shopped, followed me and kept asking if I needed help. I’ve worked retail before,honey. You’re not slick. I stopped going after that a couple weeks ago I had an emergency and this being the closest location, decided to stop by. I kept getting stared at by the old security guard and when I stared back at him he quickly acted like he wasn’t and wouldn’t keep his eyes off me. Talk about making your customers uncomfortable! Based off friends and other reviews, it seems like if you’re black or Hispanic you should just invest your time at another ulta location instead!

Alyssa Corson

William Blake

Amanda Carerros

Nani Heard

Lots of quality variety

Catherine Josuha

As always a wonderful experience. Excellent. They are master in stylist. I am extremely satisfied.

Sabeeha Syed

Paula Turner

Abiola Adebayo

I used to love coming here. Now some of the ladies are just nasty rude. It’s really terrible but then there’s some that are really nice and patient, that actually enjoy their jobs. Then again, it's ulta lol. you get paid in points to turn to money for shopping. So why not.

Boqor Mohamed

Very nice atmosphere

Kaidyn Mathis

Emily Grove

Great selection, nice store. Their sales, however, are confusing. I've been shopping at Ulta for about 5 years. I leave each time frustrated as most of my purchases end up not up not qualifying for the sale at the register. Will no longer be shopping at Ulta. Just not worth the hastle.

Shannon Miller

Sarah Lester

Had my hair cut and styled by Jeremy in the salon. Great cut, and he was fun to talk with! Will definitely be back :)

Terry L-H

Lex & Mark helped me find the Perfect gifts for my daughter. I was clueless about what she wanted. They went above and beyond exceeding my expectations. They even were willing to talk to her on my speaker cell phone about what she wanted to help me out with her personal style. Thank you Ultra for hiring caring and helpful employees.

Jessica Hafey

Makeup and hair store.

James Caxton

Michelle Moyano

Gisela Sandbeck

Patricia Thompson

Ulta always have my Deva Curl hair products and favorite purfumes. I just love shopping here.♥️♥️♥️

Keeley F

On the way to a Husker game and forgot mascara. Stopped at Ulta and was able to be in an out in less than 5 min. Great selection, easy access with close parking. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

YC Lee

Amanda Eberle

Kitten Chompers

What's more to say. It's my playground

shannon dean

Most of the employees are rude and not very helpful, but still love this place.

Stacy Salinas


Sean Nichols

Ali Iverson

Eva Marie

Always have what I need.

Jordan Smith

i love ulta! now that they carry my favorite brand (colourpop) i can go in & test shades before i buy!

Christy Nielsen

Clearance rack was amazing! Very nice associates

Cynthia Velasquez

Great selection. 75% expensive though. Lil update everyone!! If u don't like cheap cheap cheap cosmetics and prefer high brands...i guess i can understand that " to each their own i guess" OR maybe sensitive skin ETC. NOW..... If ur on a extreme budget u guys need to check out shopmissa. 95% of their stuff is 1 buck.

Samantha Laubach

Does anyone smile here, ever? Been here several times Sometimes a gal at the checkout will look you in the eye and smile more times than not I haven't had a positive experience

Larissa Mraz

Normally I'm not one to give a bad review but I feel needed to this time. I've been an Ulta customer for about 4 years and normally I've never had a reason to complain. But this time I felt like the cashier who helped could have been friendlier. She came across having attitude the moment I stepped up to her register. Now dont get me wrong, I've worked retail and I understand we all have those days where maybe the day isnt going right, or some customer before had been a real a-hole so now its bugging you. But just try to at least be kind to those customers who aren't being jerks, that's all. That's why I am doing 3 stars, because as a former employee of the retail industry I get it.

Ämåñđą Măřįə

Mike Sara

Angela Milford

Grace Kluding

del laroche

Isabella Hobart

Shane Patrick

Mens bathroom had a woman coming out of it.

Tori Uhrich

Kimberly Brien

Love the store and workers

Jacki Sherman

Joan Arimado

Marissa Bojorquez

Kanyon Moon

Colleen Rodriguez

Jess C

No one acknowledges your existence there. It's a joke for customer service. They don't say hi, ignore you when you ask for help, goof off with co workers instead of work, etc. Switched all my business to sephora where they actually help people or even say hello. If I need any products from there I'd rather order them online and wait then ever go into that rude store.

Amy Mason

Christopher Spears

Patricia Doane

Lindsey Lampe

Large selection of beauty products in a wide price range. Friendly, helpful staff onsite as well.

Adrienne Burns

Great variety of products. Some of the staff could be more knowledgeable/helpful. Good rewards program.

MiKayla Clonts

Always great service and the ladies working there are great! I encountered an interaction between a disgruntled customer and the staff today and the Ulta staff handled the situation very professionally and stood their ground even while 2 separate people were talking down to them like they were trash. Very impressed with the staff. Great job girls.

Elizabeth Johnson


Tough to get someone to help you...

Akvilina Rieger

danielle klinkhamer

I always receive good service here. They have the selection expected of a national chain. I don't live locally, but have visited the store several times while working in the area so may have a unique perspective. The team there is VERY helpful with makeup recommendations, beauty services and in general. It's a better experience then visiting one of their stores in a busier city.

Jeanne Wagner

Raquel Stiller

Plenty of beauty choices

Kami Kazi

Garrett Wahlquist

Kerry Jo Montoya

I got my hair cut and highlighted by Ashley. Fantastic!

Pony Girl

Huge selection of make-up for every skintone. Seriously overpriced.

Patricia Shelton

I forgot to bring my mailed coupons and it would have been nice if they would have honored them and given me the discount. Just sayin'.

Narmada Mannem

Josie Guerrero

I love makeup. The service has improved since a few months ago... hopefully in not speaking too soon.

Rachelle Schmidt

name unknown

The lady who helped me was fantastic!

Lynne King

Great store, knowledgeable sales staff.

Calli Wegner

Melissa T

Great store

Kerrigan Zerkle

The entire staff was amazing; each one helpful and knowledgeable! The store itself was clean and well stocked. Truly a great shopping experience!

maddy g

Didn't know they had a salon, professional makeup artists and spa treatments here to!

Stephanie Rollins

I appreciate how helpful the staff is and didnt make it seem like i was a bother i apprieate the staff here

Esraa M. S. Kadhem

You can find everything related to face care. I love it!

Tanner McCune


Vanessa Swanson

Best Store in the area for all of your beauty needs =)

Daniel Woolfolk

The lady always finds what she needs

Lea Simer

I was surprised at how terrible the service was at this location. I was walking around for a while clearly looking for a product that I was not finding. I walked past the same employees several times and nobody asked if I needed help, yet they were able to continue their personal conversations. When I finally got someone to help me, this individual walked away while I was mid sentence asking for her opinion on concealer. I was totally confused. I even asked if they were understaffed this day to see if that could explain the lack attention and customer service. the answer however, was no they were not understaffed. At check out, the cashier was also very stuck up. She gave me a long speech about signing up for their rewards program which I declined in order to avoid giving out my phone number. She continued to push for my sign up and even insisted on giving me a brochure about the program. No means no! I also asked if I could use a coupon with my purchase to which she replied in a very stuck up tone “no.” I left the brochure with her at the counter. I will be avoiding this Ulta from now on. I spend way too much money on high end cosmetics to be treated the way I was here today.

Mary Baker

Amy Parrish

Love Ulta

Elia Rendon

Colby Gammon

Harleen Hufflepuff

Poughkeepsie Siobhan

Literally never in stock of anything I'm looking for

Alise Jackson

As a platinum member (soon to be diamond) I always experience excellent service. Staff are always willing to reccomend the perfect product for your needs. Not pushing you to purchase the newest product on the shelf. In my recent visit, Ashton the lead cashier went over the top to find the specific palette I was looking for. They didnt have it, so she helped me order it online. She was extremely friendly and professional! Love our Ulta!!!

april miller

Odd hours for the salon

Sage F

Large variety of products with very knowledgable and helpful staff.

jamie golden

Visited Ulta Salon in Lloyd Center for a foil and cut. TORI was amazing! She spent hours crafting the best color I've ever had. It's absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend. It was an overall great experience. Prices were very reasonable as well.

Kaity TREE

Great choices.

willemoo Frey

crystall schmidt

One of the customer service representatives approached me telling me i had to purchase a pallette that they allegedly saw me open and swatch. I swatched an open pallette, did not remove a sleeve or box from this pallette, and even if i had (which i most definitely did not open a new pallette) i would not have to purchase this pallette. I felt soo disrespected, and harassed, that they admittedly followed me around the store. I assume they get a lot of theft, but i spend a lot of money there, and intended on spending money today. Instead i left feeling confused, embarressed and harassed. I will NOT be returning to this location.

Nyree Campbell-Bailey

Ridiculously high for eyebrow arching

Elise Spitzer

chris hicks

As a man idk what I'm doing there and I just want to get stuff for someone else but it shouldnt matter I want to be waited on like all the other customers

Diana Jaspers

The best choices for product, some things are higher priced

Amy Crisman

Awesome PLACE

Lesa Monster

Marilyn Hessling

donna jeannotte

No one helped me at all you need more workers to help ppl. !! I was kinda disappointed

Carrie Arntson

Nikki Hunt

Jennifer Hofherr

Helpful staff. Clean and well stocked store.

Emily Christoffers

Rachel was completely amazing! A while back I had problems with my card and she helped me for over an hour! So appreciative of all they did! The best Ulta I have been at, awesome customer service, amazing products. My favorite place for makeup and hair products!

troy meyer

Cheryl Spicer

Karin Cox

I have been a faithful platinum member at ulta for the past year and a half NEVER have a received such horrible customer service, I am a white small girl and I go to beauty school hence I was buying a 200$ blowdryer, one of the service representatives came up and snatched it from my hands and I was going to buy it!!! So I went to the front counter bought it and I WILL NEVER go back to this store again. I pay my ticket every time and do not deserve this abrupt rude behavior, I request for actual conversation before taking something from someone! Teach your employees manners!

nelmie72 .

It's an Ulta so they do have all the goodies. It's well stocked and organized, but the samples and clearance items are often a mess, and some of the staff are a bit snobby.

Melissa Barez

Not only I was completely ignored, every make-up tester was caked, dried out and gross .

Ellen Greenrock

Not a great hair cut

Marwa Ali Nassrat

Worst customer service. Just because my sister in law and I have the same name. The MANAGER accused us of having duplicate accounts and started treating so rudely. I had to show our IDs to prove we're two different people. Update...called customer service, they said someone will give me a call in 24-48hr. It's been a week and no one even cared about calling me back....this is the worst example of customer service.

Jacqueline Verlinich

Julie Turner

Julia Mason

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Julie Mackie

The sales ladies are very friendly, eager and helpful with what you are looking for..

Jenn Barker

Always have my shampoo on hand

Sadie Walters

My favorite place to go!!!

Elba Vazquez

Kevin Harvey

Staff was very helpful, I even got a free gift

Pinkee Luv

Jason Semmes

Huge selection and good prices

Amanda Dean

Friendly helpful staff!

Mary Johnson


Ashley Maye

O Hill

April Hjeldness

I just got my eyebrows done by Christine at the Benefit Brow Bar and I am loving the way they turned out. When I had any questions, she was able to answer them all and guided me to which products were best for me to use. I will definitely be going back in the future.

Lindsey Maddock

Karen Starin

My husband, unfortunately, was with me and complained as he is want to do, but I scored Juice Beauty Stem Cellular which is the best, for half off, plus something for my daughter's birthday for $10 off. Ulta rules.

N. Yasmin Bromir

Lois Byrd

Ryan Soto

Kyle was so nice and helpful. He was the only employee that offered to help and was smiling! Keep up the good work!

Ashlie K. Grundy

Michelle Taylor

Heather Santanen

Amy Arnold

Went in to check out some make up...and the staff was great!! Super helpful especially Justine, she took her time to help me out and explore my options. I will definitely be back!!

Sarah Phares

mzbecky10100 .

Courtney Carey

Calculus Tv

Nice place

Jeri McNally

The 2 Beans Schnauzer Siblings

Its strange people want jobs yet know one wants to work. I go into ulta and only the security guard ask me if i needed help because you cant find a darn person working the floor. He calls someone on the radio asking fir someone to please help me. I ask 2 simple questions. I show the sales person who is clearly a man, but has more makeup on then any human being should ever have on if this showing him the sample if there was additional stock of it...he replies with did you not see any....really? If i saw it behind the other shelfed items i wont be asking you....he rolls his eyes at me...i ask if they carry specific skin toner he replies if we do it would be there someplace and waves his fingers at me. Okay your 20 something and im 50...In my book you walk you self over to where ever and see if you carry this brand in stead of trying on yet another lipstick....this is why i rarely go to these stores and will stick with Nordstrom's.....they know what customer service is and how to treat customers....

Brock Haugen


I love Ulta. They always have what I'm looking for.

Jodie Anderson

Kim at the It cosmetics counter was awesome! Very knowledgeable and so helpful.

S Grim

Friendly and quick service. Great variety in selection. Very clean store and good energy. Karli is a wonderful hairstylist there, btw!


Sheri Cook

Always super helpful staff

Alice Bates

They ate always helpful

Katie McDowell

B Swids

Zach DeWald

hailey byerly

prerna Bhatnagar

Eddie Güereña

Too small for the girlfriend. California has spoiled her. I didn't mind. Went straight to Longhorns bar and grill.

Reina Claudio

(Translated by Google) I love (Original) me encanta

Brenda Phelps

Miranda McDoanld

I have next to no makeup knowledge and they helped me so much it was great :)

Dasha Snow

Mandii Sturlaugson

Great brow bar and makeup supplies

Loyce Robinson

I was a little disappointed that the Lloyd Center location doesn't sell MAC products.

Denise Fortier

Best store ever!!


Well stocked. People helpful. Moderate price.

Tangela Thomas loves JESUS CHRIST

I am a loyal shopper at Utla stores. I love makeup so much that I'm always there. The only problem I have had at ulta is how so many products that I may have wanted, were not in stock.

Jill Fisher

Buy my makeup there only greal selections

kelsey black

Maria Gonzalez


T Hollis

Very good selection

Michelle Beyer

I cannot say enough about Levi's knowledge and customer service skills. I have never been disappointed in anything he has suggested. He has a way of brightening your day while he helps you!

mehrdad shadmehr

Amity Watts

I love Ulta!

Amanda Shumaker

Jordan Castillo

Erin Ripley

Hernán Banda

Karen .

Great place to get makeup! The staff will help you choose the best colors for you and can sample almost everything to see how it looks on you!

Monica Hyde

The employees are super nice and helpful whenever I go in, which is more often than I would like to admit. If I have questions about a product, there is always someone there to answer them. The store is always neat and clean which is appreciated!

Patricia Lawson

Lady that did my eyebrows needs to not be so afraid and finish what she started. Also the wax was barely warm, but the best service, need to educate staff better

Alene Durfey

Amber Sharp

Luz Monterde

Lucinda Cain

I love make up and I know its expensive but the 3 items I got coasted around $75

USA_ HighLife

McKe Frankie

Erika Duke

Nice cosmetic store. Plenty of different items.

Melissa Tannehill

Rob Edwards

Becca Rittberger

These girls need to get over themselves and learn some customer service. And this Ulta isn't very well stocked.

michele rodriguez

It has everything I need with hygiene it's a fabulous store

Jenny Jacobsen

Claudia Varnum

I loved Jessica who did my eyebrows and helped me find great foundation. :)

Cynthia Colbert

A candy store for me! Lots and lots of cosmetics.

Scott Smith

Alvin Mong

It seemed like a nice place.

Brooklyn Gonzalez

darlene markegard

turntech Calibrator

The ladies here are gorgeous, friendly, helpful, and willing to go on scavenger hunts for the perfume the someone sprayed before you got there that smells amazing.

Alyssa Damson

Gee Haugen

Made my girls prom night beautiful


Katie Waldron

Richard Huston

Linda Loyning

Amazing!! Its sooooooooooo different from the last time I was there!! Everyone was sooooooooooo helpful!!

Trisha Shandy

Sunflower Ladybug

Lindsey H

Wish I could give zero stars! Staff doesn't know what they are doing. Didn't have most of what I was looking for. Staff was extremely rude! Acting like it was an inconvenience to wait on me. Not impressed with the billings store.

Josh Cutshaw

Twice a employee walked away from my wife as she was asking questions.

Juli Crew

Staff was helpful and full of smiles!

James Loyning

Rude employees that were not interested in helping the customers

Rochelle Nofzinger

laura ickes

I was in the Billings Montana store yesterday, & all of the ladies working there were so amazing! I have a couple of problem areas, due to being sick awhile back & all 3 ladies who helped me, took time to show me how to correct them, without making me feel any shame or embarrassment. That, is a beautiful memory, I will carry with me always! A huge thank you to you ladies & I look forward in seeing you all again!

Taryn _thegingernextdoor

Kayla Hageman

Amy Hendrickson

The staff was rude. I saw a staff member walking around store, I asked if she worked there ...her response "Yes, but I'm on break". Then I found another staff member that wasn't helpful in finding the item I was looking for. Disappointing to say the least.

DJ Timmy

Aurest La Fountain

Celes Castro

Katie Moore

Vicky Shaw

Becca C

Great store..

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