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REVIEWS OF Supercuts (South Carrollton) IN Louisiana

Christina Lewis-Keith

Rohit Malhotra

tyler lamaide

Kathryn Ledlow

Peggy Bostick

Patti is great.

Joseph Moore

Great service good people

Dave Reed

10 years a customer

Zoe Hess

Layla was soooooo nice and just as good as the other reviews here said! The staff there got me in and out even tho I came less than 1 hr before closing, very accommodating to my schedule!

Dom Clark

Layla is amazing. Best haircut I've had in years.

Bruce Fussell

Art Yan

Jannette Sturm-Mexic

RUN AWAY FAST - wish zero stars was an option! Went to get one inch trimmed off a short stylish long-on-top cut, but left with an EXTREMELY short horrible haircut thanks to Kang cutting off four inches of hair! It will take at least 6 months for my hair to grow back to the length requested, and I am stuck with a tightly cropped mess in the meantime. Probably fine for kids and guys with short hair, but not for anyone trying to be stylish. RUN AWAY FAST.

David Mi

Patricia Frosch

Friendly staff listens to your needs.

Michael Cloke

I use the same stylist every time, so I'm satisfied with the service.

Herb Adkins

Lan was quick and efficient. Very nice cut and friendly.

William Wadsworth

Sharon Knowles

Great staff

Chad Joseph Wilkins

mario diaz

Zylkia Lozano

Took my son for a haircut. Huge mistake... She didn't know what styles I was talking about so I asked for a fade. I should have walked out and taken him elsewhere.

Joye Bryan

Samuel Rottman

They’re okay. Family barber on Oak is better.

matt messerly

Guy cut my head with his clippers, then made a joke about my mole not being there anymore. Started bleeding pretty good. Maybe a discounted service or something to make up for it? Nope. Do not go here for a haircut.

Isabel Yaport

I try come here last year and then today to see if the still don’t color and it’s the same , no wax and more . Why are you open for ? Lol isn’t a salon or no cause I was mind blown .

Jeff Ankenbrandt

Sensei Barré

All I wanted was a line up/shape up and taper. I had to ask for it to be fixed twice and it still was uneven. The older Asian Woman was as nice as can be but her barber skills are not up to par.

GreatMagnetRecording Concerns

Its a wonderland of hirsute delights. Fantastic hot towels to the neck, like a moist miracle. Would increase to five stars if they started serving cocktails.

Avik Bhattacharya

Its cheap and good!! excellent

Michele Briggs

Supercuts is not for everyone. I wont be back. I was not happy and did not feel comfortable. She did half of my hair never finished and did not line like I requested. Nope not a good experience.

Jeremy Baier

Would recommend checking yourself in online to avoid wait.

Ganell Dorsey

Richard Parisi

Dennis Patrick

Rodger Loughrey

Asked to have my hair short on the sides, and shorter on the top but not so short that I cant part it. She shaved one side almost to the middle of the top of my head, and the other side half way up. Now, not only can I not part it, the only option I have for styling it m as kes it look like a comb over. Now the only option I have, is to get a crew cut.

Chat Myers

Michael Kopacz

Lan is the manager and best communicator on this team ! ! !

Neil Annis

Typical Supercuts, staff is unfriendly, extremely rushed haircut, but hey, it's a Supercuts....

Kathie Grinstead

Randy Armstrong

Derek Davis

This Supercuts is the only one I come to. Leah does a great job, and I’m always happy with my hair.

Sagar Sunil Kole

Devin Black

Always a good haircut. A little wait sometimes but worth it.

Robert Stanley

Lisa Z

Quick friendly service.

Mark Richard

Navchetan Kaur

mirrorskill .

Layla is great at what she do.

Rod Bush

Don't let the older lady cut your hair. Shakey and stabbed me twice.

Bridget Cefalu

Patti is wonderful! Takes her time and makes suggestions that are practical and manageable for my needs. Many thanks ever so!

Goldie Sasser

I knew I should have walked out when I asked if so-and-so was there and the lady behind the counter rolled her eyes... I was taken to a chair and spritzed with some strange concoction that smelled good but was quite greasy. She looked once at the picture I brought of my regular style and proceeded to completely ignore it; I asked if it could be shorter where I needed it to be, so she clipped another chunk and began to remove the drape as though we were all done. No offer of a mirror to see the back, or inquiry if it was how I wanted it, and though my hair was dry and styled when I sat down, she informed me it would be another $15 to blow-dry it... So I paid, tipped in cash, and went home to fix my hair where I discovered WHY she didn't want to dry/style it... She'd managed to remove what style I had and left me looking like a mushroom! Thanks, Shantay! You are proving the theory that ANYTHING can be learned, except passion for one's craft.

stephenbradleyvideo .

Justin Bishop

Gihan Bandara

Farooq Anwar

She turned a deaf ear to what I was asking for regarding my haircut. When I asked her to get hair on neck, she said "this is as down as I go. You will have to go to a barbar for more". What are they charging customers for if someone has to go to a barbar after it. I thought it was supposed to be a hair salon which offers everything.

Sebastian Labaca

Maia Edwards

I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are about, but I've been here 3 times and each time my experience has been wonderful. I got a $15 haircut here that was identical to a $60 dollar one at "Cuttin Loose." When I came back for highlights, Casi was as excited as I was (maybe even more).

Karl Holzenthal

HER NAME IS MARY! When I sat down to get my haircut I asked her her name, trying to break the ice, her reply was she didn't have one! Rude and unprofessional, go ask for Patti very nice girl and is not ashamed of her name. Pitiful.

Shona Boyd

Brenda Melady

Love this place. Always get great haircuts. Very nice staff.

ian Wadley

J Simoneaux

Carol Hutchison

Understaffed! Only 2 people working on a Friday Before Mother's Day. The waiting Room was full.

Emily Raulston

My hairdresser didn't say a word to me.

Bobby Ramirez

David Franklin

Good people

Paul Cooper

Robert Rettman

You get what you pay for it and you don't pay much for a haircut at Supercuts so they do a semi adequate job of cutting hair nothing special.

Ethel Simpson

I got an excellent haircut

Alistair Adkinson

Michael Shames

Alex Hillis

Good experience here. I just needed a quick haircut, nothing fancy, and I really don't like spending crazy money on a haircut. Donna (I think) helped me out and was super friendly. Easy and stress free. Will be back.

T Parchem

Well lemme start by's Supercuts so don't expect a hipster to offer you beer or a whiskey. That said, the stylist who cut my hair "Layla' was very personable and attentive to detail. She's very professional and does an excellent job. Price wise after the tip, it's still $100 cheaper than Stardust!

Demetera Johns

Guy Sockrider

Michelle Mahaffey

I love this place. Fast, friendly, and always happy with my service.

Rick Worthington

The hair stylist Tatem is the best. Always a great hair cut and affordable.

Meghan Danner

Leigha(sp?) was super friendly, knew exactly how to trim my style up. She even knew the size clippers the guy who walked in after me needed when he couldn't remember. In and out there in 15 min.

David Ledesma

Redo City

Fast service

Casey Miller

Dustin Langley

Deb Finnerty

Kimberly Ballard

Great day at Supercuts! Thanks.

Thomas Fristoe

Quick, easy, and affordable

Mitch Mennelle

Great staff!

Katie Helpman

Eww. Hairdresser could not cut a basic hairstyle. Waste of money.

Ryan Diaz

I wanted to grow my hair out, and the guy who cut my hair here either didn't listen or didn't care and just cut it short

Thomas Krajewski

Skip this place. Showed up today seeking simple Male haircut- takes 5 to 7 minutes and I usually tip 30-40% since it tends to be low cost. Walked in- 2 stylists neither greeted or acknowledged me and I was one of 2 people waiting. Another stylist walked in again made no acknowledgment. After waiting somewhere around 20 minutes with no word of what a wait might be or an acknowledgement that I was there. Horrible customer service and the 2 people in the chairs looked like there hair was getting butchered. Won't be back.

Clint Fontenot

Anon Anon

Great haircut

Jon Zotz

alfred bostick

Easy in and out usually. And, hey, it's a hair cut.

robert bell

Good experience i get senior discount so13.95. You usually get a different haicutter each time so 4 stars staff is transient somewhat. no shaves here but so far good haircuts much better value than having your haircut in quarter!!

Joy Sonnier


Linda Mason

Felix Cortez

I've gone here twice and shortly after both times I started to see a strange rash on my scalp. They're ether not cleaning their clippers or the blades are too dull, possibly both.

Bj Rust

Great haircuts

Samantha Hoyt

Been here several times. I'm a pretty easy client, but maybe that's why my hair always seems to come out noticably lopsided. I'm usually able to more or less fix it on my own, but I'll probably go to a different location next time

Brett Rettman

Ask for Layla I was amazed at how well she cut my hair

Glen Loftin

Polite, Friendly, Professional, Clean, and a Excellent job.

Mackenzie Becker

I went in to get a haircut because I have a formal event tomorrow night. All I asked for was an inch and a half off the bottom and for her to reframe my face. She proceeded to part it down the middle (I part it on the left) and chopped a huge chunk off the left side of my hair. She proceeded to insult how I styled my hair for the rest of the haircut and did not even brush or repart it for me before I left. I was practically in tears when I left and now I may have to cut my whole head of hair to bob length in order to fix it. Don't ever go here.

Google Member

All I wanted was a simple haircut...after driving around, finding every place closed or refusing business (because of not allowing walk ins!), I finally stumbled upon this place by accident and I'm glad I did. Not knowing the area, they got me in quick even though they were fairly busy and did a nice job. I plan on returning in the future.

Senisa Girton

The worse place ever i got a hair Cut yesterday and i kept showing him the picture of what i wanted he acted confused and when i got a looked at my hair when he was done i saw it was not what i asked him he ended up doing what he wanted...the guy uses an old elf s hair do and is very old looking do not let him do your hair

Ray Proctor

Nikia Russell

Always cordial and give me what I want. ..Thanks Gloria

John Dietrich

Good haircut at a very resonable price.

Axl Rock

The guy who cut my hair was quite rude and didn’t have the least bit of compassion. Treated my head like a mannequin going at it with the trimmer with full force bashing it against my neck and head, I am surprised I didn’t get bruises or cuts from it. And I get that he may know how to handle scissors since he does it for a living, but atleast try not to scare off customers by using them furiously near their eyes. Oh, and there’s no “Hot Towel Refresher” that they claim on their website so don’t get your hopes up. No cleanup after the haircut, didn't even bother to comb it. Funny, that I can’t give less than one star, but fair enough as I’d use it just because you get what you pay for – a cheap haircut.

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