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REVIEWS OF Z Salon & Spa IN Kentucky

Lauran Embury

Great customer service and Jerry Heston was amazing, he cut my hair perfect and I couldn't be happier!

Helen Logan

An awesome place to spend Me time

Gaynell Harris

I'm not happy at all about my experience today 4/4/2017! I booked an appointment for a signature massage. I was told to arrive 30 minutes before my appointment time. I was greeted by a nice lady. So I get changed, and go up to the quiet room. So I'm sitting and waiting.. Mean while several other ladies was waiting and was promptly greeted foot wash then escorted back for their massage. So I'm waiting....waiting.....waiting... So I asked a young lady the time..... I go back to the quiet room and wait some more.....still no one came to greet me. Hummmm I said I'm gonna wait a few more minutes....... Still no one... I go back downstairs. Where a lady ask could she help me......I said yes, I told her that I had an apt...and that I had been waiting upstairs so she was like give her minute to get someone. By this time I was ready to leave. I feel that I was not treated equal like the other ladies. So I got dressed. Well... well....I get Ms. Harris she looking for you! Yeah only after I mentioned it!!!! I don't care if I'm different from any of the other ladies. But to treat someone completely different because of the color of my skin shame on you. I will never forget how I felt. Shame on you Z Salon And Spa!!

Pop Pop

Too expensive, get same cut for $12.00 color was ridiculous

Hans Groman

This is a great place to get a service done, the employees really know what they’re doing, really love what they do and love their guests. However, this is a terrible place to work, and the owners only care about how much money they bring in, and how much they can drain from their employees. Starting here is a nightmare and a struggle until you move up, which can take years. They expect you to 20 other time draining things on top of your job title to be able to move up...and that’s not even always guaranteed. You can work yourself to death and do every requirement they ask, then when it comes time for your evaluation, you don’t get a raise because one day you were $0.10 short on retail, and that process continues for however long. The salon doesn’t accept tips because they feel “the best tip you can give is to refer your friends and family to us” meaning more money for the salon, less for employees. The salon also doesn’t accept tips because, “we are team oriented and feel that your service has been priced based on what it is worth” which is garbage, because the price of your service has no bearing on what the employee makes, and they will blantantly tell their employees that they want the guest to spend their money on retail, instead of tipping...which is more money for the salon. Employees don’t even get commission, but a basic little bonus check every quarter, if they meet their monthly goals. One of the owners is also so full of herself and she is “so busy” that the only thing she has time to reply back with to anything is a “k”. She is always right, you’re wrong, and you’re just an employee that is easily replaceable. Yet they wonder why everyone who starts there eventually quits. Do yourself a favor, and if you’re planning to work at a salon or spa, look elsewhere. You’ll be happier, and your bank account will be too.


A 50 minute massage got to be an almost three hour experience with a steam room, sauna, robes, hot tea, and chaise lounge chairs. If you want to be's the place to go!!! And you aren't allowed to tip...but you would never know. Very client friendly!!

Karen Cheong

I had my color done by Brianne and my cut by Devon! They did a fabulous job for sure. It was a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Elmira Yevdokimov

Nice place to have a hair cut. Christopher knows what he is doing. Love my hair cut! Will be back.

Jacinta Velasquez

I had the most wonderful experience at Z salon and spa. This was my first visit there and everyone I encountered was kind and courteous. My masseuse was Julie and she was fabulous.

Shannon Presgrove

Outstanding experience! You feel like a princess from start to finish. Stephanie for facials. She's the best!

mistine hosey

Awesome service and very relaxing! Great birthday gift from my wonderful husband!

Ashley Patterson

"CanNot Honor Gift Certificate" and WILL NOT ISSUE A REFUND.... Cannot honor my gift card until at LEAST January?? Are you kidding me?? I have a rare medical condition that is debilitating, and my sweet husband purchased me a Zsalon gift card for a massage. My condition is degenerative, and there is no cure. My darling husband thought that a massage may help me live a fuller existence, but this company has told me now that they are NOT able to book my appointment for MONTHS from now. I cannot plan that far in advance even if I wanted to - I may not be able to walk by then! Waiting for a manager to call me back. Absurd.

Tom Toes

Great service and talented professionals.

Linda Schork

First time visit. I had a facial and it was a wonderful experience. Would recommend it to a friend.

Roshni Patrawala

I'm a regular customer for my haircuts and spa treatments. My stylist, Kelli is exceptional, the staff is very friendly, and professional. I'm not interested in going anywhere else.

Cortney Anderson

Will never go anywhere else again!! 4 years strong

Michele Redmon

Clarissa always is respectful of my timing. Yesterday I was in a big hurry and she was able to deliver a great cut as usual.

Aru Tarr

My go to place for haircuts and color. Truly a treat every time I go. Always great service.

dessie spears

Katie v is the best!

Jeannette Schweitzer

Pricey, but wow...what an experience! Worth every penny!

Kris Lutgring

I recently had a "custom" massage. While it wasn't a bad a massage I wouldn't go back to due the price and what seemed like a lack of experience . My particular therapist seemed nervous and unsure of what I was requesting. All I wanted was a full body massage focusing on my upper back with medium pressure. What I got was a very light touch mediocre massage. Like I said it was by no means a bad massage just not worth all the pomp and circumstance that went into it for $70.

Barbara Hartman

My daughter took me here for my birthday and it was fantastic! Lots of attention to detail and staff was very welcoming and helpful.

Kim Westermann

DO NOT PURCHASE GIFT CARDS!!! you can never redeem them. It took 8 months to get an appointment for a massage, when I finally had it the actual massage was only about 30 minutes! They are too busy trying to sell you all the oils and lotions! What a waste of time and money! Doesn't even begin to compare to Calobrace!! And now I got another one this Christmas! I thought I might try to use it for a manicure and was just now told they don't have any technicians and don't provide that service! What kind of salon doesn't have manicures! This place used to be nice, but now it is terrible. I guess I'll just eat the $75 GC, that my parents really couldn't afford to purchase!

Bella Ramos

Z Salon and Spa is definitely a place where the quality of work each person does is superb! Yes, every person is busy but always willing and ready to help their fellow workers. It’s the best workplace one can be bc truly it’s a strong team. There is no gossiping which is hard to believe bc it’s such a big organization and there really isn’t any of that bc that’s something leadership will not tolerate. Everyone always seems happy. Obviously, life happens to all of us and rough times are inevitable but bringing your game face on without letting others feel you’re having a bad day is what’s great. That’s why the customer service is great with internal and external customers. I think anyone who starts at Z may find it overwhelming bc there are a lot to learn and keeping up with time to meet your tasks. But once you pass that and get it, it’s a breeze plus you learn a lot. Until one gets to that point, yes, it is hard and surely one can end up focusing on all the negativity and quit. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for anyone who started but the tough ones survived and have been there for years. They have an employee who’s been there for 30 years! So why is it such a great organization? That’s bc the leadership of this organization is great! Each owner/leader has a great quality that makes Z Salon and Spa what it is today. Yes, they may have different policies compared to other organizations but it’s a business and that’s why they are on top! If the employees were not treated right, I don’t think any of them will be there. I admire the owners a great deal bc they are definitely in tuned with each and every employee. You won’t find a place where you can directly talk to the top boss and help you figure things out when you’re having a problem. They will find a way to help you. They have compassion and really care for their employees unless one has a bad attitude which they will not tolerate. Those are the ones that can exit their way out. Imagine, running a place with 90+ employees with success? They are doing something right. It takes someone great to run a big organization like Z Salon and Spa, being able to manage a place with a positive atmosphere, being there for each employee, being a wife and a mother and I’m sure there are more tasks. Bottom line, it’s the best workplace to be. When one has a great and hardworking boss, it makes the employee want to do well and give their best! Hats off to a great leadership!!

Brady Webb

Highly recommend. Always a great and relaxing experience


They are very organized and run on time. Many extra touches to make you feel pampered. Ive been going there for two years.

Beth Robinson-Kinney

I had been a customer for years, the stylists are wonderful, and I have always been happy with my haircut. However, the scheduling has been terrible. In the past year or so there have been four or five occasions when my time was switched around without consulting me first, and one occasion, my stylist was switched without consulting me. I started to feel as if I was being gaslighted because no one had any record of why the changes were happening. At minimum, I get the feeling that clients are extremely interchangeable to this business. It has finally become so stressful and irritating, that I am not going to go there anymore. I really loved my stylist, but the scheduling problems aren't worth the trouble.

Amanda wisiorek

I have been going to this salon for 5 years. After the very first time i went, I knew I’d never want to go to another salon. Extremely affordable for an upscale salon. Everyone is extremely friendly and truly cares about your experience. The manager, Mark, even knows me by name. I highly recommend seeing Sydney for your hair color and a great conversation!

Kathy Reinke

We have been coming to Z Salon & Spa for massages for 14 years...completely love it.

Billi Jo Hutches

Jordan was amazing! The whole staff was professional and friendly! Thank you

Matthew Lockridge

They try to do an EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Carmen Inca

Friendly staff horrible service... the chic that cut my hair really screwed it up.

Jeff Yunker

Nice, but expensive.

Ana Greer

Professional stylists, they do a very nice job with the hair.

Denise Lockheed

To Tina was awesome.

Barbara Schroader

Stephanie, at Z salon is really good at cutting hair the way you want it, and she has a really friendly personality. I recommend her for sure !

Ashley H

Wayyyy too expensive for the service you receive. If I'm paying $130-140 for a color service, then no, I do not want to fold my own foils, and I shouldn't have to blow dry and style my own hair afterwards. Are you kidding? I went to another Aveda salon and paid the same amount, was not asked to fold any foils (meaning I could relax during the service I am paying for) and they styled my hair for me afterwards. At Z it's like you're expected to do half of the work even though you're the customer!

Denis Beiter

Great experience - color Sydnie, cut- che

Stacie Chambers

Brandon is Fabulous!

Deborah Kaufman

Always amazing cut and color. From the moment you enter the salon, you are well taken care of by the staff. Never wait long for an appointment as they run efficiently - wish they would share their expertise with some doctors' offices. Love the business model with stylist specializing in color or cut, as you would imagine they would be better at one or the other. Also love that Z is no-tip salon as that is one less thing to worry about. Used to take my son to cheaper places for his cuts and finally realized that he also needs to have a good cut in a great place. The salon recently was remodeled and is a nice clean design. Aveda scents waft through the air. Just a great place.

Lavanya Wijeratne Peter

Love this place. Calm and relaxing! Paula is the best aesthetician ever!

Kimberly Corbett

No tipping allowed here. Hand massage, makeup touch up, shampoo, cut aand style for $25, great staff. Only downside is they try to up sell you with products at end of your appointment.

Joni Votaw

I have called repeatedly trying to get in for a massage and now they are telling me there are not any openings until Feb 2017, its July 2016 people...horrible customer experience. Belief me if I didn't have a gift card I would never come back. The excuse has been for months that they have a girl on maternity leave and someone quit. WELL HIRE SOMEONE!!! its been 4 months since I first attempted to get an appointment and they placed me on their waiting list and NOTHING in 4 months. Give me a break. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer experience.

Theresa Butler

Always a wonderful experience. I always feel and look fabulous after I leave.

Craig Reed

Takes Very Good Care of My Loving Wife. Everytime!!/

Lina Gao

Great service! Jerry is awesome!

Jason Mudd

Chakra massage was fantastic. Such a good experience!

Pat Thurman

Oh my, Zane was great! Definitely going back

Susi Smith

Had my eyebrows done. Rachel S. was fantastic! Kudos.

amanda gelthaus

I have been coming to this salon for about 4 years. I have always had great service, and now all of the sudden my hair cuts are twice what they have been. Needless to say I have moved salons.

Gabrielle Gammons

Very nice spacious and relaxing place to get a massage. Looking forward to next time.

Donna Sue B. Kokinda

I have had very good experiences with Z and its staff.

Michelle L

This salon cut my hair while it was dry! Having curly, bouncing hair which looks different daily, this style of cutting does NOT work for me. My hair was SO uneven that after complaining I was given free visits to attempt to fix the style. I went from long hair to short hair as a result of this! One on my children who also had their hair cut by different stylists ended up with crooked bangs as well! Following visits were no improvement and by the time I found someone I did like, her price went up. Overall I was extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with this salon.

ShineOn Yogi

After moving to Bardstown Road I tried out this Z's location. This location was my favorite as it had a more fun atmosphere without losing the relaxing vibe. My stylist was super enthusiastic and worked with me to get the perfect hair cut length for my face shape. I can be very picky. She was patient and super knowledgeable. My cut turned out perfect and it was not nearly as expensive as it could have been for the service.

David peale

I recommend this place to all my clients and their reputation speaks for itself!

Amanda Fiedler

My main complaint about this salon is that after getting my hair colored for $165 I was directed to the self styling station to dry and style my hair. I edited my review after being contacted by the salon. They asked a lot of questions about my experiences and apologized that in my multiple visits no one had mentioned that I can add a having my hair styled for about $35. Hopefully they will start to offer this when people book their appointments, but if they don't make sure to ask.

Aubrey Hillis

A little pricey. But worth it, it's hard to find a salon that can get your hair right the first time and that actually cares about the customer. Z Salon was friendly, the employees were very professional, and they saw to it costumers were taken care of



Renee Johnson

Shaun always does a fantastic job cutting my hair. The staff is friendly and courteous.

cindy oriol

My girl that cuts my hair is Clarissa. She makes me feel so welcomed and at ease. She is so gentle with me, when I have a seizure, she knows that all she has to do is hug me and tell me that everything is going to be alright. She is a beautiful, caring woman and I really appreciate her. She understands me and really listens.

Awais Zain

Fantastic service and results

Jen Davis

Autumn has been my color specialist for years and not only is she amazingly good at her job but she's as sweet as pie!

Erica Rizzotto

Love this place! It's the "talent" location where they are"perfecting their skills"! Taylor is great!

Rhonda Barnett

This is always a good experience. Meet Mark and Brandon at the door, then another great cut by Brandon. Thanks!

Carol Gott


Nancy Rocke

The absolute best spa that I have ever been to! From the moment I walk through the door, until I have to leave. I didn't think it could ever be better, but they have finished remodeling, and it's even sweeter! Perfection!

Julie Peteet

Be aware - be very aware of what you getting involved in. Get your appointment in writing - their incompetence and lack of business acumen are downright astounding. This business is so poorly run it could be a case study in business schools to teach all the mistakes of running a business. Over the years I have received gifts cards for packages ast Z Salon. Unlike spas and salons all over the globe, you are requested to give them a number and they will call you back. There is no scheduling over the phone. Then, it takes months to schedule an appointment. Here is my latest - and of course last - encounter with this facade of a business. I called in February and was only able to schedule an appointment at the earliest for mid-November. In late October, they called and asked to re-schedule. I politely declined given the amount of time it took to book the appointment. I was then asked to provide a credit card number to pay for services I was adding to a gift card and to CONFIRM my appointment. So I arrive for my appointment and it has disappeared from their computerized schedule. So, an appointment scheduled ten months earlier and confirmed three weeks ago is no where to be found. No attempt was made to accommodate this lapse in service. The staff who handled the situation was polite and tried her best to find the appointment. The fault is not hers but is structural; it operates at the level of personnel and their utter incompetence as well as indifference to customers. The managerial staff might benefit from higher education in the field of business. In the meantime, consumers: beware! An appointment at Z Salon does not mean you really have an appointment. It is a bit of a surprise that they are still in business. Luckily, Louisville now has other spas and salons to provide these services.

Becky Rhodes

Great salon. Many great services.


Very friendly staff, relaxing services, fair pricing, decent sill set. Enjoy a nice arm massage and scalp massage at the shampoo bowl!

Sean Abel

Che did.exactley what I had asked for...He keep some length and layered my hair since it's very fine and seems flat. But be did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his exceptional services offered by this establishment. Fantastic customer service. They were very focused on working with my schedule to get me in for a visit. I.purchased some great products they actually used on me while being pampered!.

Brandy Fouch

Best place in Louisville for a fabulous haircut and massage. Always a wonderful experience - the "extras" they do make it very special.

Ivana Dickey

Do not trust Z Salon if you are a bride! I had such a horrendous experience getting my hair and makeup done. Stylist, Kelly, did not brush my hair before beginning and immediately began curling, teasing, and hair spraying my hair until it quickly turned into a matted rats nest on the back of my head. When attempting to put my veil in my hair was so matted it could not even be inserted. She attempted to fix it, calling for another stylist's help when I became visibly distressed. At the end, she simply placed four bobby pins in my hair and asked me if I wanted her to make it more secure. At this point I was so upset, and she clearly was not interested in taking my hair out and re-doing it. It was approaching 1:00 and an associate walked over earlier informing her she had someone coming for a bang trim at 1:00- this was clearly more important than my bridal trial. It fell out immediately upon going home, so I have no way of knowing how my hair would look or hold for my wedding. My makeup was done so strangely, I did not even look like myself by the end of it. I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong other than the stylist does not know how to choose a color palette for my hair or skin tone. They offered a re-trial with one of their top stylists with 20+ years of experience, but I could not trust the same thing that happened to me on this trial-gone-bad would not happen to one of my bridesmaids. WOULD NOT recommend any bride trust Z Salon with the most important day of their lives!!!

David Wentworth

I didnt get anything done there but my wife had her hair cut there first time I've been in there very impressive place

Michelle McClanahan

Love this place! Shawn and Ashley are the best! Never had better service anywhere.

David Peale

You have to try the relaxing foot creme!!!

Tea for Tea

My only grip with this place is it's DIRTY!!!! OMFG!!!! The carpeting upstairs in the quiet room shocked me. I'll try the one on Bardstown rd next time and hope it isn't so grim. I'm at the spa I don't want to see gross stuff all over the carpet. Also... I'd have to say the staff are a little um... Idk how to put it other than none relaxing. I didn't have the race issues. I wonder if that's bc I'm a blogger and had my camera (although I did not film bc I wanted to enjoy it I did film a review of the place once I got home) I might go there again some day soon. And see if it's any different. Maybe I came on a day when cleaning still needed to happen? Lol idk... but seeing stuff like that doesn't make you confident that the spa it's self is clean.

Chris Wright

Wonderful relaxing massages, haircuts, styling and spa services.

Sarah Van Winkle

Kind and talented professionals. Loved the experience and my haircut. Kirsten was super at achieving what I was after! Highly recommend her!!

Sharon Johnson

Always a pleasant experience - regardless of which location you choose. Customer satisfaction is top priority for this salon and they always strive to go above and beyond. I have frequented both locations - the training facility and the main salon - both are outstanding in terms of talent, professionalism, and knowledgeable staff.

Jennifer B.

Favorite salon in Louisville.

Shelly Cusick

It was my birthday & Z spa was just what I needed to relax. No parties & no fuss, just all about me. It was wonderful! Check it out ladies! And gentlemen, It's the best gift of all for your special lady!

Lyndsay McDougall

Absolutely cannot wait for my next appointment! Booking was super easy and I was able to get in quick. I had a haircut and massage. Everyone was so friendly. My haircut is perfect and feels amazing. The spa experience blew my mind. They had everything you could ask for and could even shower then fix your hair after. I loved how they had lockers as well. Prices are completely reasonable for all they do for you. I already booked my next massage!

Ryan Bryant-Hayes

Loved the entire experience. Will definitely be going back.

Ginger Coleman

The Zspa is literally amazing with scheduling any and all appointments. Everyone complaining on here must be the type of person that throws a temper tantrum anytime everything in life does not go their exact way. I have made several day of appointments here with no issues. 10/10 recommend, all of these negative comments regarding scheduling are not the salons fault because you are not on it with following up or are not 100% committed to scheduling an appointment.

Tracy Allen

Met my new stylist today, his name is Jerry. What a pleasure to work with. Understanding my curly hair and has the experience to know what works for me. Well done Z-Salon. Jerry is 5 stars!

Tiffany Keith

Love my massages at Salon Z!

Kyle Becht

Love going here. The staff are very professional and helpful. After going here once I will not go anywhere else. A ton of options for services for both male and female.

KLee Stein

I always look forward to my visits with Jacqueline. She provides me with a great cut every time and gives me tips on styling and new products. I keep coming back because of Jacqueline; we always have a great time catching up with each other and that adds a lift to my week.

Tyler Wilson

I've always had a great experience at this location. Leah does an awesome job and I highly recommend checking this out. Cut, wash, shampoo, and neck message starting at $25! Can't beat that!

Nina Duncan

I absolutely love this place!! Paula Rose and Stephanie are the best. If you need rest and relaxation this is the place to go to.

Chanda Glover

I wasn't ready for his great an experience this would be. Great place.

Julie Napper

I see Stephani monthly for eyebrow waxing and she is the best! I have been seeing her for almost 8 years now and I love how we are able to catch up with each other at each visit. She always makes my eyebrows look great!

Judi Christopher

Very professional and well trained. No tipping, which is nice.

Susan Ballard

Great cuts and styling

John Z Zeydel

Love the service there, top notch!

Renee Gehring

Love the attention given to all clients regardless of the services being provided.

Megan Pollitt

Excellent services, as usual!

Becky Beanblossom

Tina does a great job everytime.

Danielle Hill

Excellent service. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for my daughter and I. We will definitely be back!!

Michelle Moran

Unsatisfied with hair color because she told me she couldn't put highlights in my brunette hair. Very satisfied with cut and style though.

Amanda Hood

Always a great experience, friendly, great haircuts, very affordable!

Kathryn Love

I am not revealing my secret weapon. Best haircuts I have ever had


Ashley and Topher, my colorist and stylist are just so great and professional, always ensuring I leave happy with my hair results. They are very punctual and also considerate of my time as to what my requests and needs are every time I see them, taking the time to hear my opinions and desires for the results I expect. Their expert experience and skills show. I have long, unruly, wavy hair that goes all the way down to my waistline, and they go to great lengths (pun intended) in transforming my hair into something so inspiring. I get compliments from everyone, and I can’t say enough about this powerful pair!

Tua Gravatte

Aveda products and super nice employees.

Lauren Trenkamp

One of the worst and most expensive haircuts and styling I've ever received. The overly pushy sales environment made me feel very uncomfortable, I asked for about an inch off and she cut off three, my hair felt horrible dry and brittle and would fall to pieces in my hands after I left there (and my hair is very healthy normally), and finally the cut and layering itself was an absolute hack job. I could do better myself with a pair of safety scissors. It's had been months and my hair is only just now getting back to normal after 3 olaplex treatments. I will never come back

Kim Rash

Second time I've been in and the color and cut this time were perfect. Both of my stylists listened to me and were professional and thorough. It is loud in the spa and difficult to hear conversations (or you hear so many others conversations) when it is busy. I feel a little like cattle being herded from one place to the next, but the service is excellent.

Karen Miller

Staff was very friendly, my color was great, BUT my reverse diagonal cut was crooked in the back and also the length in the front! For over $200! for a cut and color you'd think they could check your hair for precision. Won't be going back!

Barbara Ihl

Z Salon is one of my favorite places ! It always feels like going on a mini vacation. I am so happy with my hair style ....wish I could go more often.

Tiffany Layman

The last time I was at Z Spa was in early August. I have been going to Paisley for quite some time, and in August, I received a hair cut that I am STILL in love with. My next appointment was scheduled for October, but the day of the appointment, Paisley was out sick, which -no big deal, I was totally okay with rescheduling, until I found out that appointments were booked up until after Christmas. I was told that I would be put on the "wait list" and to be considered top priority because it was not my fault that the appointment was cancelled. That was all fine. Unfortunately, I have still not received a call. I feel like trying to be fit into the schedule has always been frustrating. My haircut that I love so much is grown out, and in desperate need of a shape up. I have always loved Z, and referred people there any chance I got, but I think I have met my limit on the scheduling conflicts. I just called a different, also well regarded salon to schedule an appointment, and they were able to fit me in as early as tomorrow.

K. Pickens

I've gone to Z Salon for haircuts for several years and have always been happy with their service. Yesterday, I accidentally went to the wrong location and was already running late due to traffic and pouring rain. I was so sad since I live about an hour and a half away and hadn't had a hair cut in longer than I care to admit due to having a baby and life being crazy. Upon hearing about how far away I live, the receptionist went out of her way to get me a slot at the other location. Shout out to my stylist Stephanie who adjusted her schedule to make it all work and for being so kind about it. The whole staff was super accommodating and never made me feel bad even though it was my fault. And their services and products are amazing too and my haircut is super cute! Thank you everyone for being making your place a great salon!

Shawn M

Great place for guys to get their haircut too! I switched from those quick cut places about a year ago. I love the pampering I get and The stylist have great knowledge to help me figure out what cut works best for me. Well worth the little bit extra it costs.

Caitlin Yost

My hair stylist did an amazing job and was extremely happy leaving. I was also very impressed with the mangers gift I received after a minor hiccup a few days prior.

Leah Spears

Extremely frustrating experience. My husband and I booked a couple’s massage back in February. July 6 was the earliest appointment they had. After waiting months for our massage, they call us a week from July 6 to let us know our appointment has been cancelled due to their employees quitting. Their only offer to resolve this issue was a weekday massage which was not possible because we work. Absolutely ridiculous after all this time that we lose our appointment. We will be looking for another spa that can honor the appointments they make.

Pinky Jackson Organizing Consultants

Such great service, pleasant, professional staff, and AVEDA!

Kayla Christine

Love this spa! I’ve been here twice this month for the Maternity massage and it was amazing! Such friendly and professional staff. Great amenities. Delicious hot tea! I’m new to the area and so glad I found this place to help me relax and unwind before the baby comes. I can’t wait for my next massage !! If you want to be pampered like a queen this is the spa to go to!

Donna Payne

Love my colorist Katie.

John Zeydel

Love the service and everyone here... Awesome experience

Christine Ferguson

Topher has been my stylist for several years now and I greatly look forward to seeing him each time I go to Z's. He "gets" me and does a great job establishing what I want before the service, and then providing a great cut and style! The salon provides a relaxing and very welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is kind and helpful. The products and services are top notch. I always feel like I'm receiving a very personalized experience -- not like I'm just another nameless face.

Shannon Leen

The Best

Andrea Bergstrom

I've been going to see Rose for facials for many years and shes great!

Debra Doukas

I just have to say that this experience was above excellent. I called very last minute to get my 78 year old mother in for a color and cut and they weren't sure if they could do either but as it turned out they were able to at least fit her in for the color. I was thrilled and they called me later that day to say they could do the cut too! On a Saturday no less! My mother has a few health issues and we travel with her breathing treatments. The salon was nothing but accommodating and they treated her so well. She looks 10 years younger now! I can't express how appreciative I am to all the staff for making my mother have this day. It was a wonderful experience for us both.

Linda Schreck

LOVE LOVE LOVE my color from Olivia!! She always knows what I need and her work is the best! I have recommended her to friends and they all love her work too! Go to Z-Salon and Olivia -- You will love your results!


When I lived in KY this was the salon I went to for haircuts. Besides all the wonderful things you get from an Aveda salon, my favorite thing was that gratuity wasn't required, in fact, you weren't allowed to tip. You were able to bypass that awkward conversation at checkout and then never left wondering if you tipped enough (knowing full well it does matter how much you tip even if they say it doesn't). Being able to bypass that made the whole experience more relaxing. I went to an Aveda salon in MN and I had to tip. I sincerely missed Z Salon in that moment.

Audrey Clark

Amazing stylist Leah!

Andrew M

Avoid like the plague! I made the mistake of buying my wife a gift card - she thought a couples massage would be nice. And I asked the people how much mani and pedi were to add that to the gift card as well. Turns out, the next weekend appointment for a couples massage is 1 full year (I kid you not!) from when I bought the card (non-refundable). That would have been good information to share with me before taking my money. I called recently to book a mani/pedi for my wife to try to use the card anyway - and they stated that Shelbyville location does not offer nail services? WTH?

Beth Bizianes

Every person there has always been super sweet and very professional. No complaints

Julie Craft

Jenn and Sean are both amazing!

Aleks Foster

When it comes to haircuts, historically I've been a cheapskate. I tend to think that $15 is overpriced. Yet, I spend $35 here, and it's TOTALLY WORTH IT! I get an AMAZING haircut every time (seriously), PLUS, a scalp massage and a hand and arm massage. The hairstylists are all very knowledgeable, so if you're looking for something new, they can help you out! Seriously...go and treat yourself!

j budd

The pre appointment phase is high tech and efficient. Appointment itself was timely, calming and, expertly done.

Amy Nolette

Always a great experience... Long time client.

Mulatomuch Bryant

Beautiful atmosphere, relaxing environment! Professional hair cuts, hair color and Hair products! They also have natural makeup and relaxation products! Stop by!

Daniel Morris

Jerry did an amazing job on my daughter's hair!!!

Mavis Waverly

I have been taking my daughters here for years and watched the quality of the customer service go steadily downhill. The check in people are very snotty (especially on the phone). They have made several scheduling mistakes and each time have blamed it on me. I admit I make mistakes, that's why I keep my calendar to minimize it. But this is ridiculous. Most recently, I had to reschedule an appointment and the lady on the phone made an appointment for me, giving me the day, date, time, and stylist. My husband took my daughter to her appointment and was told she was not scheduled to be there and that the appointment had been tentative and I was supposed to call them back if I'd wanted them to book it. WHAT?! That was an out-and-out lie to cover themselves. I spoke to the scheduling lady myself and she NEVER said it was tentative or dependent on anything. I've had enough and will not return to this location. Save yourself the frustration and pay a little extra to go to the Shelbyville Z Salon and Spa. They are much more professional.

Wendy Jo Gentry

I have been a customer for over 20 years!!!!!! Always great friendly smiles and customer service. Tina has been cutting my hair for a long time and she and staff are like my family. Kudos to everyone for there awesome service. Will never go anywhere else!

Rohit Wason

Best massage I've ever had. This is where I'm going for my next one!

Keisha Stone

Loved Rose

Sarah Davis

Best place ever! I feel so pampered and relaxed the entire time I'm there! I highly recommend getting a facial there!

Taylor Clements

I always have a fantastic experience when I come in for highlights or a massage. I love that the staff goes the extra mile to make you feel relaxed. Highly recommend Sydnie for color - she's the best colorist I've ever had and I get compliments on my hair all the time. Great people, great place.

Brian Perkins

My wife thoroughly enjoys her time here at the spa. They offered top notch services with reasonable prices. It is a great place to go, to get away and relax. I highly recommend them for quality service.

Hannah Fletcher

This has been one of my favorite finds since moving to Louisville because of the quality and cost. Each hair cut comes with a hand and scalp massage, and a lip color touch up. Because this is the training school, it's helpful to go in knowing exactly what you want. Nevertheless I have never had a bad experience and I've been going for just over 2 years. Prices for a haircut and style range from $25 to $40. However you can reach out to me and I can get you a referral card that will take $20 off your first haircut.

Erin Smith

I had color done at the salon. The colorists Nikki was great, no complaints with the final result. The dissatisfaction comes from the general appointment concept. When you are paying quite a bit for a service I would not expect to have my colorists booked on 2 appointments at the same time. I was completed first then I sat at the same booth and watched her complete another girls color. Again she was great and kept us both entertained, however I feel that I am paying for this time.... After my hair was washed I was directed to the styling room to dry and style my own hair. Again when I am paying for a service I expect that this would at least include a blow dry at the minimum. I wont return to this salon due to the practices of less than great customer service by the business of the salon. There are several other great Aveda salons in Louisville, and I would recommend using them for future hair needs, where they are a full-service salon.


So relaxing and Shelby did a wonderful job on my hair. Prices are very reasonable also

Alyssa Erb

I went to the Z salon after i had gone to fantastic Sam's, (i know) and the lady at fantastic Sam's messed up my hair so much. It was choppy, uneven, i asked for a v shape she gave me a u. I was crying over an hour because my beautiful hair was gone. I went to z salon and met Paisley, who was a COMPLETE miracle worker. I loved this place so much and i will always go back and never anywhere else.

Jael Harrington

I love the hand massage but everyone I send there gets basicly the same hair style. I think they have a formulated technique perhaps? It's great for consistency or replicating something out of a magazine which is perfect for most people. It's not ideal if you need something unique or edgy though. They also have a no tipping policy if you prefer it.

Meredith Williams McKiernan

Fabulous stylists and wonderful experience

Camesha Slack

I have NEVER gone on social media to give a poor review, but I feel like I have to say something this time. My sweet husband purchased a gift card for me last Christmas so that I could get a massage. According to the pamphlet they give with the cards, appointments may not be available for 6-8 weeks for a weekday and up to 12 weeks for a weekend. Okay, I thought that was a little extreme until I tried to get an appointment. When I called last year, I was told there wasn't a single appointment available until late August. Seriously?? So I asked to be put on the wait list. I am available any weekday after 5, any Friday or Saturday. I didn't hear anything for two months. I called to make sure I hadn't been overlooked and was told I was still on the list. I waited a few more weeks and called again. Same answer. This went on for a whole year. In all of 2016, no one canceled any appointments??? Hard to believe. So I still have a gift card. And my husband got another one for me this Christmas. I called again this week to try to schedule a massage and am told that I can't get in until August 2017. I explained that I have a gift card from last year and waited on the list with no call back, and now I'm going to be stuck with another card. I tried to schedule an appointment for ANYTHING and they are beyond ridiculously booked. I asked for a refund and was rudely told no, that I could always come in to the salon and purchase products if I wasn't happy with what they had to offer. Are you kidding me??? This is not the customer service that a salon that commands these kinds of prices should offer. DO NOT waste your money here!!!!!!!

Nika M

I was looking for a new hair stylist and found my new "home". Loved the location, environment and service. Angela was excellent.

Mary Kevin Hamilton

Che' always does a great job!

Bill Henderson

For what you get with a haircut it’s well worth it. And there’s no tipping allowed. Great value. Ask for a $25 cut though. Some are premium people and they are $40. I’d recommend the $25 ones.

Kathleen Huck

Val has been my colorist for several years. Spending time with her is always a positive experience both professionally and personally. She is serious about the services she provides and always does a great job. Thanks, Val!

Kim Laun

One of the best places in town for a pregnancy massage. It may take some time to get an appointment because they are the best. I recommend ladies call while in their first trimester to schedule them for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. They really treat you like a princess. We tend to get gift certificates around Christmas because they'll sometimes offer deals if you buy so many at a time.


Excellent as always! Valerie does a terrific job on coloring!

Alice Tucker

My gift card expires in May. I have tried multiple times to get a massage. Never able to schedule. Left my name and number multiple times for any cancellation. Nothing. Tried again today and they are booked until April. Tried to get a manicure or pedicure. They don't currently have someone that can do this. They haven't for quite awhile. I have only been able to get in for a massage once in the 3 years I have had the gift card. Unless you are buying for someone that gets their hair done there, don't buy a gift card. My only option is to go buy products or they can put it on a credit account that doesn't expire. Great idea my husband had, but complete waste of money and hassle to deal with.

Linda Roe

Wonderful salon! This was my second visit. I followed Jerry Heston to this salon and have totally enjoyed my trips there. It is a very well run shop and they certainly make you feel taken care of while you are there. They carry Aveda products and I am totally sold on using them and have used them for years.

Rebecca Ewing

Leah was awesome. I hate getting my hair cut, but she did a great job and was so nice. She really paid attention to what o wanted and made sure i was happy with the cut. I'll definitely be back!

Becky Ritz

Best spa experience! They sure know how to relax you.

Billie R. Weaver

The details of my July 3 experience can be summed in one word--EXQUISITE. I recommend Z Salon to everyone!

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