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REVIEWS OF Ulta Beauty IN Kentucky

Amy Partin


Bought a gold and charcoal cream cleanser. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Laura Jae

Kelsey Wallace

Chris Swain

Kayla Matthews

teresa freykkoiij

Kayla Gilmore

Sam Fair

Overall, it was just like any other Ulta. However, the displays were all messy and a lot of them weren't stocked (several of us had to ask for product). The employees were really nice and informative, but some were extremely inattentive and talking rather than cleaning up the obvious mess. -1 star for the displays

Joyce Roberts

Maria Arianna

April Moore

rob davis

Florence location has terrible management and they are not very friendly to new customers needs. This location needs a make over would never return cost my wife $150 dollars to do her hair and 5 hours later totally opposite of what we ask for and we where treaded poorly after we tried to get it fixed. We where given the run around tons of excuses. Just because you make a lot of money doing hair doesn't make you the best at what you do. Please be care before you let anyone do you hair that makes these claims because like the old saying goes it it sounds to God to be true beware we learn the hard way.

Joni Walling

They are always so nice and everything is easy to find. Great store. Always clean. Nice customer service.

Kris Barton

Excellent customer service. Alexis is very knowable about products and gives great advice! I highly recommend this store for your beauty needs.

Megan Cummins

Amy Downton

A lot of items but the staff look like clowns.

Brittany Sams

Kevin Tobergte

My first time in there after a friend recommended Meghan. She was amazing and I love my new cut. Everyone was so friendly. I will definitely go back!

Suzanne Gannon

Vernetta Kiser

A variety of cosmetic brands in one location

Dan Ries

Shelby W

Marissa Kenkel

Always very disorganized and dirty

Julie Lubbers

Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Service has always been great. Highly recommended.

Morgan Murray

Large selection of product, but very rude and unhelpful staff. Asked a young worker a question about a skincare product and I was greeted by a snotty response and a dirty look. Like sorry I bothered you when it's your PAID JOB to help customers.....

Kelcie Simpson

everytime i come in people are rude and unwilling to help. typically the younger girls. i avoid coming to this location unless its my only option but i always leave unhappy. the girl next to me was being so rude to this lady trying to return. before acting like you're better than everyone blend your eyeshadow sweetheart ☺️

Regina Bowman

Ronda Dittelberger

Michelle Becker

Karrie Tobler

I am addicted to shopping here.

Jennifer W

Lori Wagner

Michelle Mckeever

Jennifer Raleigh

I went in and had my hair cut and a balayage done by carlee. She did an amazing job!!! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The salon was very clean. I would recommend if you want your hair done properly and be respected to definitely go here. THANK YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!!!!!

Jenna Howard

Pros: The staff is very helpful and polite. I was looking for salon grade shampoo and a girl in the salon, I can’t remember her name, was very helpful in finding a good shampoo for getting chlorine out of my hair. She offered to help me find anything else in the store I needed help with. Later in my visit I went to get a Naked pallet for my daughters birthday and the employee with pink hair seemed very knowledgeable in helping me find what my daughter wanted me to get. Cons: The store seemed a little chaotic. I guess I went in on the day of their delivery and boxes were all over the place several hours after they opened for the day. I don’t know what the dress code for the store, but on several occasions that I’ve come to this location I have noticed a couple employees wearing skirts or dresses that were not of professional length and weren’t very flattering. Honestly I think if she had bent over I would’ve gotten a show! On another visit to the Newport Ulta I was rung out by Cheyenne, I think was her name, and she was extremely rude and loudly sighed when I declined signing up for the store credit card. Final call: I have had pleasant and not so pleasant experiences at this store. I will be coming back. Over the last few months I’ve noticed more positive attitudes from employees but I wish the cashiers would smile and seem like they enjoy their job!! If it wasn’t for the salon girls always being so helpful, I’m not sure my experiences would be the best.

Kate Stanifer

I had an appointment today for a facial with Kelly. I had gotten my eyebrows waxed on Monday with her and scheduled the appointment then I asked for anytime during the week, but Kelly works only Monday and Friday. I explained that I had to come in between meetings at work so I would need to fit within that time frame and we agreed on a time that worked best for her. On Thursday Diana, the spa manager, called me and asked if I wanted to move the appointment to Thursday since Kelly had picked up shifts on Thursday night. I was not available to change the appointment and confirmed my original appointment and time. Today, I got to the appointment 5 minutes early and checked in with Diana, and she said she would let Kelly know. I waited for 15 min (so 10 after my scheduled time) and asked Diane how much longer the wait would be since I was in a time crunch. Turns out, Kelly wasn't even there. So I told Diane that it wasn't okay that I had been waiting and Diane started talking about how Kelly was in a car accident right after a different worker said that she had just gotten a hold of Kelly and she thought she was not working today. I found the entire experience to be incredible unprofessional. There is no reason that my appointment came as a surprise. Kelly made the appointment earlier this week and Diane confirmed it just the day before. I suggested they offer some kind of service recovery to make up for the time I wasted but Diane, despite being the manager, said she couldn't do that. Ultimately the Clinique sales representative gave me some sample products. If I could give less than one star I would. This situation has been my worst interaction with any service company.

sharon claybern

Erin was such a God send. She noticed me struggling and came to my rescue. Thank Erin you truly know what customer service us all about. Helping your customer with a genuine attitude. Thank you. She us why the 5 stars happened.

Catherine Ampfer

Great selection and service. I am always met with a friendly "welcome to Ulta" and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Jacque Marie

The rudest customer service EVER! I had grabbed some perfume and put it in the bag while I planned on getting the rest of the makeup I needed. I sat the bag down to try on foundation and the thing started beeping. I went and told them what happened and they took it from me and said they would take it up front. Well, I got to the front and they had put it back and warned the staff that I was trying to steal. As much money as I spend in this store im done. I'd rather go to Sephora regardless of the cost and get treated with respect. This is the second time here of me being belittled. This isn't my first bad encounter at this location here in Newport Ky. I'm done they dont deserve 1 star honestly!

Melissa Hall

Convenient in/ out, good customer service

Natalie Morena

Employees are a joy. Sometimes out of stock of important things. But usually good display and clean.

Rhonda Simms

Love Ulta for beauty supplies

Alison Brown

Lindsey Reckers

Taylor S. is an amazing hair stylist. What I really like is her consistency - I have had so many hit & misses with other hair dressers and I am really thankful to have found her. She is nice, always happy and very personable. She gets my hair right every time! I HIGHLY recommend her.

Audrey Simmons

Ashley Bailey

I had a very inpersonable experience with this Ulta because of their customer service. I had previously never had a bad experience with this company but as I was checking out the representative Lydia immediately yelled out what is your phone number for your ulta rewards? In front of a few customers. Then proceeded to check me out, did not ask me about my experience and did not apologize for not having the gift associated with my purchase. This experience has made me question if I will use this store or other competitors going forward.

The Beats Are Ill

Danielle Wade

LOVE this Ulta compared to any other locations I’ve been to. Every employee has gone over and beyond to not only help me, but make me feel like I am family. Taylor S. in the salon is THE BEST!!! I’ve never had, nor heard of, any bad experiences. All services are done to customers satisfaction, and product return policy is very reasonable. Highly recommend Ulta Newport!!

Ginger Roether

Kat Fisher

Kristen Whalen Realtor

Leah Click

Allison Hasenstab

I love coming here for make up and accessories. I mainly come here to get my hair cut and colored. Elly is just the best.

Chris Schadler

Love shopping here with my SO, she loves the place and their sales.

Aggie Zilliox

Kenny Kuhner

Wifey likey

Scottie Holt


Kimberly Condit

I recently had my hair cut, styled and colored by Kimber. This was the first time with this stylist. She was very friendly, patient, and absolutely did an excellent job on my hair. I absolutely loved the work she did on my hair. I still get lots of compliments on my hair. I will recommend Kimber to all my friends and family. Thanks Kimber. You did

Rhonda Bosley

Jenny Muller

Michael Boyd

Exactly what is expected when I visited

Hailey Jones

Chelsea Haas

Taylor S. did an absolutely phenomenal job cutting my hair. My hair is long, thick and wavy and I have had nightmare experiences getting it cut in the past so I'm always really weary of seeing a new hairstylist. But I'm so glad I went to see Taylor because she really gave me the best haircut I've ever had in my life! When I came in, my hair was very visibly dead at the ends, but I wanted to keep it as long as possible and wanted the ends to blend together so it didn't look like a blunt chop. She was able to preserve the length but cut out all the dead ends so my hair looks and feels healthier than ever. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Rebecca Guy

Had everything you could possibly want, had a nice atmosphere, I got the best hair ties I've ever had here.


erica matzko

This store is trouble for wallets if you're a bath product junkie like me. The staff is helpful and polite

Trisha Whisnant

Nice service


Michael Tucker

I love this store.

Janette Parsons

Just got my hair cut by Haley last week. She was extremely friendly and helpful! She made me feel very relaxed, and was very careful about making sure she was cutting my hair how I wanted it. Will definitely go back in future.

Megan Allen

cassandra stines

I love the selection of products they have in makeup and skincare

Julie Farmer

Skyler Martin

Very clean store, staff was very friendly

Kayla Fornash

Cynthia and Alexis were so helpful in finding a foundation and talking to me about what products to use and not use to help with oily skin. I love the Newport Ulta!

Angela Streets

Meg Glancy

Lissie Leigh

Got my hair styled by Diane. She always does a great job.

Amanda Jackson

Daena Sprafka

Mary Contrary

Frank C


This place is MAKE-UP HEAVEN +plus nice staff!!


Ulta is always great! The staff is friendly too

Rachel Cuneo

Love love this place great

Beverly Crawford

I want to start off and say I like my hair. But I don’t love it. I usually go some place else but this was the only place available that for my schedule. I asked for something totally different then what I received. The lady was absolutely amazing and did her best but I didn’t get what I paid for.

Jamie Hollis-Reaver

karla espinosa hudson

Perfect place for a makeup lovers!

Richard Wharton

Patricia Darlene

I was very impressed by the cut ,color and style that I got from Tracy. She was very friendly, patient, and did an excellent job on my hair. I sent my husband there and he also liked his haircut. We will be using her from now on.

Cathy Halloran

Angela Carl

Love, Love this place !!! Has everything you need to make you feel and look beautiful!!!

Conni Tupes

Great place, friendly, keep your eyes open for great deals!

Kilza Aviles

Marilyn Stull

Kaitlyn Eberhart

Very helpful staff.

susan brown

Beverly Mcintosh

I was waiting in line to buy some products and some woman came in and was standing behind me and the cashier deliberately told that girl she could help her, when I told the cashier I was next she said in a rude tone "I am sorry and then they looked at each other and laughed" I said that's all good and sat down what I was going to buy . I was going to buy the James charles palette and a few other items but I will not be treated like that if I could have given it no stars I would have. How rude!!!

Robin S

The women working were incredibly helpful. They were able to match me with the right product.

Amy Burke

I always find what I'm looking for.

Laura Upchurch

Rude customer service and was also hung up on when attempting to make an appointment.

rita kirschner

Great place for you to get products. They don't hassle you about returning items either.

Jennifer M

I enjoy going to this store very much. I always consider it me time. They always greet you when you come into the store and the first thing they ask is if they can help you with any thing. I like to be left alone when I’m shopping there and apply my own make up and have fun. They will ask me if I need any help through out my visit and if I do have any questions or need any help they are right there to help. Shelves are always stocked and store very clean and every one from the person greeting you to the cashier are very friendly and always smiling. Excellent service

Hanna Sherman

literally the RUDEST staff I have encountered in an ulta. I always go to ulta because they have people who can help me match foundation shades, etc, and can provide recommendations (not the best with makeup so it's nice to have help). Not only did they tell me not to buy any of their hair dye bc it would kill my hair (greats sales technique...), the staff member rolled her eyes at me when I asked for help. never going back to this location. poor service for overpriced beauty products.

Kristy Kristy Ahearn

The Newport store is better stocked and much more helpful than the Florence location.

Mykie Curtis

Always my go to place for almost all my beauty needs.

Sandy D

They have so many products though certain types of hair products (hair make-up, some temporary hair color & other) are not available. Prices vary though some "drugstore brands" seem to cost more here. Most employees are very friendly and do their best to be helpful. Exchange policy is great. If you buy / try a product & decide it's not right, return and/or exchange not a problem -- my experience.

Robin Hoskins

My stylist works here. I've been going to Ulta since she started. You can now use points you earn from purchases towards Salon services. Today I saved $30 on my salon appointment from accumulated points.

Elizabeth Findley

Workers here are never helpful or kind. They stand around and talk to each other. I go for my BareEssentials foundation about once every 2 months. They have sale signs that are up, but items are not really on sale when it's time to pay. The signs are old or misleading, always a different excuse.


Rory Poulson

These women here are so helpful!

Madalyn Laber

Taylor S does an amazing job on my hair! I’m so particular and she always makes sure to take her time to get it exactly how I want!! Pick Taylor for your first visit!

Deborah Glassford

We love going here. Fun looking. Staff will help you by making you up to show you. It is one our fav places.

Susan Brown

Jason Walker

Extremely rude staff who rolled their eyes at me when i asked them questions. Been buying makeup for my girlfriend from ulta for some time, would never go back to this location.

Jonnie Lou Hays

Great selection of beauty products, and very helpful staff.

Nicole Sand

Claire Lopatka

Friendly service

Cori Briggs

Cheyenne Barrett

This is the best location that Ulta has ever had! The girls that work here are so friendly and nice! Will definitely keep coming back!

Libby Morton

Rude employees. Never plan on going to this location again.

Betty Boodry

monica morales

Jaclyn Spangler

Always have Chelsea as my brow technician at the beauty bar and she kills it EVERY TIME. 10/10 recommend

Elijah Meyer

Amber Hemmerle

Chelsea at the brow bar is fabulous. So nice and helpful. It was my first time ever getting my eyebrows waxed and she did a great job!

Angela Smith

Really rude staff. Literally rolled eyes at me because i asked for the price of an item. And they were completly out of stock of almost every Nyx item. They werent even on sale. When i got home with my purchase of maybelline concealer, i saw it had already been open. Also, clean a little. Makeup all over the shelves

Lucy Villafane

Love the store, friendly staff & makeup selection!!

Terry Davidson

Nancy Wood

Wonderful haircut so happy

mary williams

Sydney B

Rhonda Bock

These girls are truly down to earth and helpful.

Chelsea Doney

Melissa Hollingsworth

Great sales and coupons.

Nancy Barnes

Pam Caddell

This place always has 10 desist off that I would love wish my wallet was as big as everything I want LOL

Gwendolyn-Marie Thomas

Barbara Haney

Always a great experience. Taylor is the best stylist I've ever had.


Robinson Antoinette

Carol Thompson

will lindsey

They have pretty much whatever you need at pretty reasonable prices

Sherre Sidwell

Rebekah Brantley

I wish I could give them zero stars....I used to be an employee of Ulta Beauty and I cannot believe how awful this store was towards customers. When I go to pay their front service girl would not talk to me after I tried to say hello and be polite. Then I mention that there is a free gift along with the purchase (it tells them that on the screen) she doesnt believe me and asked I'm assuming the manager who was wearing a white tshirt which is also odd because I thought all employees wore black (like when I used to work there). The lady in white then proceeds to look through the gift and has an attitude about it making me super uncomfortable checking out. I literally ran out of that store. I always buy my makeup at Ulta but after this experience I may change my mind. I have never felt uncomfortable when making a purchase before.

J Hopkins

Always a great selection!

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