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Hannah Stokley

It looks like a young child cut my hair. Choppy and uneven. When the instructor came to look at it I could tell by her face it was messed up. She said did she want it like this and the girl said yes she wanted two layers which I never asked for. All I asked for was a trim and her to frame my face. The instructor showed her how to make it less severe and she didn't even do what she was told she cut the wrong side and made it worse. She didn't even show me the back, and by the way didn't even touch the hair framing my face, which I was okay with at that point. Once I left and got a good look at it I realized how bad it actually was and called to complain. They said I could not have a refund and that I could come in to have another student try to fix it. They wouldn't even have an instructor fix it, and when the instructor signed off on my hair she didn't even look at it I could here her say to my student "did you do what I told you to to make it look less chopped?" Horrible experience, horrible way to run a business and treat your clients. I'll go to an actual salon from now on.

Dina Klimkina

Literally the worst haircut I have ever had. We talked explicitly about needs and goals and it appeared the student did the opposite. Don’t mess with this if you’re going for a cut.

Regan Nease

I went to PMTS to get a perm. My hair is VERY long so I obviously allotted quite a bit of time to have this done. I am very satisfied with the perm and would definitely recommend booking with Kristina Mackenzie Engle (Kenzie). I arrived at 9:30am and was placed with Juliet Alexander. I understand that these are students and patience is required. However, it took her 4 HOURS just to get the rods in my hair. Several people had to help her at different points. The entire time she complained about the process and at one point someone was helping her and she told them “I don’t think I’m doing a very good job.” NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE PERMANENTLY ALTERING THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR HAIR. By the time Kenzie came over I was on the verge of tears. I was terrified it was going to look bad. She immediately reassured me it would look amazing and offered to finish the process if I wanted her to. She is the only reason I had a positive experience. I highly recommend her.

Karen M.


Jennifer Larson

Kimberly D Lear

Let's begin with I have been going to Paul Mitchell school since they were on Woodland Ave. I honestly loved going to them. I have had some issues in the past and they have always charged me to fix them. I went ahead and paid them. This last time I went was a total mess. I go in for a root touch up and them to add a few extra dark brown strands to my blonde hair that had some dark to light brown high lights and low lights in already. They put me with two girls that I later find out they just put on the floor that week. They were told during the consult on what to do with their floor leader to foil my hair/roots in the order of - blonde, blonde, dark brown. Also keep in mind they were suppose to be only touching up my roots. I don't know how they got this all turned around. Not paying attention! (Keep in mind I have shoulder to shoulder blade length thin platinum blonde hair/high and low lights in my hair. Nothing dark about my hair.) Instead of them doing what I asked they foiled my entire head - black, black, blonde - foils all over my head. My hair was the darkest black I have EVER seen with these 1-inch wide platinum blonde strips down my head. They didn't even do it close to my roots either so I had these half inch out light roots along with some parts of my head not even done. When I told them I did not ask for this and wanted it fixed they told me they could put a few more foils in to fix it. The floor leader for them that day didn't even show any sort of compassion to what they did. She didn't even come by during the process to see what they were doing. When I go to the counter all they were worried about was me paying them and leaving. They used seven bowls of color and lightener on my hair. I don't have that much hair that would need seven bowls of hair color. One of the girls that did this to my hair left before I did. I did call them and went in to have this fixed. My hair was almost fried off from them trying to bleach the black out of my hair - with that process they ended up having to color my hair all over a dark brown and an inch or so of my hair trimmed off because it was so fried on the ends. Three visits later, $75.00 gone, around 16 hours of my life spent in that place to end up with dark brown all over, shorter hair - not what I wanted at all!!!! It is what I have to live with after what they did. They never even offered to give me my money back at all during this process but instead on my third and FINAL visit tried to charge me for a bowl they used on my hair that day to FIX THE MESS that two of their students and floor leader caused. WOW! People shouldn't have to pay to be your guinea pigs! I will NEVER step foot back in that place EVER again!

Terri Hollon

Today is my daughters high school graduation and we had an appointment set when we get there they cancelled our appointment bc all their students had to do a makeup class. So needless to say 3 hours beforebefore my daughter graduates we have nobody to do our hair and makeup. They claimed they called but we didn't miss a call from them and they left no voice mail. We both received text messages confirming out appts. They didn't care they had messed up a big part of her graduation. Very unprofessional. They even had students and instructors in the building sitting around walking around. We will never go back.


Paul Mitchell is a great, great place to get your hair dyed! I went and got mine dyed yellow with a Groupon, which made it even more affordable. The prices are low because it is a School, but the students are SO extremely capable and supervised! I did pay extra for extra color bowls since my hair is medium length and needed lightening since it is very dark, but overall the service cost $35 and took maybe 3-4 hours. I plan to come back!

Patricia Combs

Amenda Bruggensmith

Robin Fee

There are pros and cons so I'll start from the beginning. I don't know if the students are the ones who actually schedule appointments over the phone but the young lady I spoke to wasn't very "professional". When I asked about hours she mumbled her way through the times and services and just didn't seem very interested in helping me find a time that worked for me. (CON) After getting an appointment for 6p, I was taken back within a couple of minutes. No wait time at all. (Very big PRO in my opinion.) My stylist was Mary with consultation from Casey (Kasey? KC?). Both were VERY pleasant and kind. (PRO) My appointment was for a color correction from my own horrible coloring job and they were very good about explaining what I needed, why I needed it and how to achieve it. (PRO) The overall appointment took a little over 4 hours and while that may seem excessive, since I'd never had a professional color before, I didn't know whether to expect 1 hour or 10 so it was no issue for me. I have very long and thick hair and Mary was OUTSTANDING in both her performance and her attitude. She put foils in my hair for probably an hour and 45 minutes and then later blow dried it for at least an hour. I know her arms had to have been killing her but she continued to be pleasant and professional. I enjoyed the conversation with her and oddly enough, even enjoyed that she didn't feel the need to ramble on with small talk the entire time. (PRO) The atmosphere is nice, (PRO) although some of the other students/stylists were being a little rowdy and loud for a period of time. Maybe I'm just a old grouch but again, that doesn't seem very professional. (CON) Lastly, I was surprised that I couldn't add the tip for the stylist to my credit card. (CON) I got lucky and happened to have cash for a tip. I suppose there's a reason for this but it would make it much easier for the clients to add tips to credit/debit cards, in my opinion. My overall experience was pleasant and I LOVE the end result of the color. It was exactly what I wanted and exactly what Mary explained that it would be. I will say that while I am pleased with the overall experience I'm somewhat surprised by the lack of participation and input from instructors. The one present was very brief and not incredibly helpful. She advised Mary to consult with Casey (another student) on what needed done and while Casey obviously knew what I needed, I feel like, as the instructor, she should have been able to instruct Mary on what needed done.

Edye Dabney

I have been going there consistently for over a year. I love the service and I love the students. They work hard to get my requests right, and I appreciate that. I realize there are students, and I give them helpful input, as I know my hair better than they do. I have not had any problems with my services there and I really like the environment..

Tabitha Shepherd

I’m very happy with the highlights I got last Tuesday night. Christina Harvey did a very good job. We made small talk the whole time which was good because it took a while to get it done! (I have lots Of hair) But other than the time it took, everything looked beautiful! She will make some people happy, go see her and take the chance I did you will not be disappointed!!!

Jean Hodge

I. Love. This. Place! As the mother of two teens (girl and boy), it is a lifesaver. For special events, you can't beat their up-do's. Never have had a bad experience, whereas I have at other places costing 2 - 3x as much.

Kendy Wafford

I have been going to this school for hair cuts/highlights for over 4 years. A month ago, I had the worst experience I have ever had! The teacher allowed me to leave the facility with my hair YELLOW (we are talking canary yellow!) and one side noticeably shorter than the other side. The girl who cut my hair had performed the same cut on me 2 months prior and did a great job (inverted bob) so I felt comfortable going back to her for a trim. Terrible idea! Teachers were not paying attention to the students and how they were performing. I am blessed to have a great friend who fixed my hair and I colored it back to a beautiful dark brown where the biologe was suppose to be (the yellow ends!)... I attempted calling 3 times and was told a man would return my call (cannot remember his name) and he never did. I will NOT return for any services from this school. Nor will I recommend this school to anyone. Terrible experience!

Melissa Crowe

Went for an SCHEDULED appointment, sat there for an hour (I was early) when appt time came I found out that the girl I was scheduled with just graduated... Was told I could sit and wait and see if someone doesn't show up with someone else no time amount was mentioned. I sat for a few mins I was upset bc I sat here and no one had said anything for an hour! Now they are telling me I can sit here and hope I get in nope not today so I go to desk and say I'm just gonna go. I leave and call to talk to manager (it's very unprofessional) all I wanted was a "I am so sorry that is something we will try to do better on " .. I got a "our Clerk told you it would only be 5 mins and you left" um no ma'am she did not NO time was given had she said 5-10 mins I would have stayed but she did not. Then the manager states, "What is it you want me to do, what do you want? " I could not even do it anymore they are unprofessional.A true manager would have started the beginning of the conversation with, "I am very sorry I understand your frustration "and went from there. She basically insinuated that I lied about the time thing as well I wish I would have gotten the ladies names next me so she could ask them. They even made comments on how they wouldn't just sit there either.

Stephen A. Epstein

This is an incredible school! The teachers are great, the campus is nice, and they are super professional. Highly recommended.

Sabrina Braden

My daughter went for a prom hairstyle. She has really long straight hair and wanted an all over spiral curl. The stylist took her time and created a gorgeous hairstyle. People were stopping just to admire her hair in the school. It looked amazing! And this was done by a level 1 student. We will definitely go back :)

Julie JJ

Pathetic.After putting 8 bowls of hair bleach on my daughters blonde hair,and after 4 or 5 hrs,the student said we would have to come back in 3 to 4 weeks to get the color done that we wanted.Her hair was so white,it was terrible.I took her to a place next day,and it was completed just like we wanted.This is after it cost 114 at PM School.We will never step foot in that place again.And I will spread the word.

Cassie King

Love being a Paul Mitchell future professional

Ashley Martin

Never again. I COMPLETELY understand they are student and still learning, the problem I experienced was teacher to student ratio. I was told if a student didn't know what to do or needed help that the teacher would then step in and assist so that tpur hair cut won't be butchered. Not the case. The student who cut my hair (which was a phase two student) I come to find out from her that I was her first client in over a month bc she was behind on class work, she needed a lot of help understandably, and every time she looked for a teacher (which was often) the instructor was no where to be found. And once found, the instructor helped minimally leaving the student still confused and the teacher would run off again. I had hair down to my butt, I asked for it to be cut two inches below the collar bone and to be longer in the back with some brown highlights added in. After being in the chair from noon to almost 5pm I walked out with brassy almost BLOND highlights, and my hair in front was above my collar bone and completely uneven and the back was heinously shorter than the front! I expressed my concerns the entire time but still had to shell out $78 for this catastrophe. Now I have to pay a professional almost $100 to fix it. And before I left paul mitchel all I got was excuses from the teacher as to why my hair came out the way it did. There's no excuse for an instructor to not listen to a clients requests then to make excuses. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra money to see a professional, with Paul mitchels prices it would almost be the same anyways. Good luck!

leilani b

The girl who chopped my daughters hair was nice. My daughter is 11 and a lot of times doesn't speak up. So I was asked how much was to be TRIMMED and then was told to go sit down in the waiting area while she was being shampooed. Never was called back to approve what was being taken off. She came back 20 min later saying .you daughter was finished, with oh um chopped up hair. I pointed out how uneven it was and she took her back to correct it with instructor there and took More off which was not part of it. All we asked for was .5 inches to get the dead ends off but ended uk with almost 2" off. 1 let parents monitor what's going on and 2 DON'T TAKE MORE OFF THAN WHAT'S ASKED!!!! Yes I'm aware they are students and students need to LISTEN to what is wanted and don't do want you want when you have a child in front of you. . Now I have to deal with a pissed off kid because you wanted to do what you wanted and didn't call the parent back when you were done washing their hair!

Anna Brielle

I had an appointment at 1. I arrived a couple minutes late due to traffic. I understand i should have been on time but I can't control traffic. They had my phone number on file. Without calling and notifying me , I arrive to find out someone else got my time. Like I said I understand not being on time but not notifying me is unprofessional and inexcusable. Petty , pathetic and ridiculous.

Jaime Lynn

Take your money elsewhere! I bought a Groupon voucher for $20 for full highlights for my daughter. I had them first cut her hair to shoulder length. It isn't thick, so you would think the deal for full highlights would be good. It took over 4 hours for them to finish. We were so exhausted by the end that we just told them not to dry or style it. They ended up charging me for 4 extra bowls of product, so I paid $62 total including the $20 voucher. That would have been okay if her hair had turned out great, but we were upset to find that once it dried, the color was almost exactly what she had before. It wasn't blonde at all. I have done her highlights at home before and had much better results. I called to see if they would fix it and they said since it is a school, they have to charged me $8 for each additional bowl. No thanks. I will just do them at home. I already feel like I was ripped off. Smart style did highlights and a cut for the same price and it didnt take near as long and turned out great. I came here thinking I was going to save money. Instead I wasted an entire evening and $62 plus a $6 tip. I know these girls are students and still learning, so I was patient, but they shouldn't charge salon prices and they should stand by their work.

Rebecca Praira

Absolutely sad that they deny someone a hair cut just because she has her child with her. Who BTW was in her carrier and is an absolute angel and will sit there with no problem for the 30mins!

Kayleigh Graves

Everyone was extremely friendly and they knew what they were doing. If a person was not sure about something they immediately got help from an instructor. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants go get their hair done.

Sarah Crock

I will never return here. The inefficiency and snail pace of my appointment was outrageous, even for a school. Everyone was friendly and nice. The facility was clean. I paid only $12 for a haircut (no wash). However, the negative far outweighed the positives. This was the most inefficient haircut of my entire life, and I have been to my fair share of hair salons. I understand that it is a school. I even had to sign a paper at the beginning that basically said I wouldn't be upset about anything that happened as a result of the learning process. This haircut (without a wash) took two hours. Yes. TWO HOURS. Even the process of talking about what I wanted took at least ten minutes, when all I wanted was three inches off and a trim for my bangs. I was repeatedly told by the student doing my hair that he did the best he could and he did it the fastest he could. If that's the case, he will never succeed in a professional salon. It took him over an hour to blow dry and straighten my hair, which was only slightly damp (in certain places!) to begin with. It has never in my life taken me that long, nor has it taken that long at a salon. After that, it took another hour to cut and trim the rest of my hair. I realize the student doing my hair was a perfectionist. It was extremely obvious, because he straightened about twenty strands of hair at a time--two or three times over. I appreciate the effort, but I hope he realizes that in the real world, most salons schedule appointments like mine in thirty or forty minute increments. I have never been so frustrated. There was no effort at all made to even ask me if I had a time commitment post-appointment. The price was great, but I will never sacrifice two hours of my afternoon again for a standard haircut when it could be done excellently in a quarter of the time.

Shannon Tuemler

Kristi McClurg

Megan did a great job. My hair looks great and I booked another appointment for October. Great job and great price!

Marguerite Rasums

I had an appointment today, 1p.m. I figured maybe 2 hours to Frost my hair. It took 4 and half hours and she forgot part of the color so my hair is just like it was. Now I was told I could come back and and they would fix it. I paid $48.00 and when I come back I would only have to pay for the color! I'm sorry, I got my hair washed and wasted my day and it cost me money. My hair looked bad so I said I would go home and flat iron it and she said oh that's good! ALL I CAN SAY IS STAY AWAY!

Raleih Bennett

I have been going to Paul Mitchell since 2010. Never have I had an issue until this year. I went in to get my hair colored like I normally do and wanted to change the tone of blonde I have in my hair. The student consulted the teacher like they always do and have to in order to begin on hair. Long story short they bleached my whole head, toned it three times, I was there for five hours had chemical burns and scabs on my scalp and left the salon with 5 different colors in my hair. I was upset, the teacher came over and knew I was upset they still charged me $100+ my hair had orange, brown, green, blonde, and gray tones throughout. How I stayed so calm idk maybe I didn't want to freak the student out. The teacher wanted to schedule a color correction for a week later.... to be nice I scheduled it but never showed. I ended up going to a friends hair dresser at clipso for color correction that took 4 hours to get the mistakes out of my hair and to not make my head look like a halo of orange on my hair. She was pissed for me. Now I will never go back to Paul Mitchell, the teachers do not care anymore about the well being of the customers or the students. Not once during the process did a teacher walk by to help the student unless she walked away on the hunt for a teacher because she did not know how to correct the issues. Also charging a customer to leave your salon to look like a freak of nature is just wrong. I would suggest if you are coloring your hair stay away from Paul Mitchell and go to a professional. If you need a mediocre hair cut go for it. Good luck.

Deloris Delorian

The students put forth good effort in giving you the services you want for your hair. There is always a teacher near by to consult with and lead a helping hand. I have gone there for years and plan to keep going back.

Gail Johnson

Got a shampoo, cut and style. They did a great job! Thanks!

courteney whittamore


Corinne Gressang

It sometimes takes a long time for the service to be completed. However, the quality is really good. For students, they do a good job if you have 2 and a half hours to spend on a haircut. I wish they were quicker. My time is also valuable. Make sure to request a phase two student! They are more experienced... The facility is nice and clean.

Kayla Dobbs

I wouldn't even give one star some of the leaders was very unprofessional I showed a picture of exactly how ibwantes my hair kept expressing how i wanted it and how much blonde to leave so 5 hours after setting and getting foiled which would have never took that long because I have short hair and her letting someone else once it's time to rinse out my whole head is purple no blonde is left except some polka dot roots of blonde oh and I have green now in my hair. So wft er the girl saying this is not what you wanted and is one of the worst jobs I've seen done I still have to pay for it and they won't fix it bc they are closing so what was suppose to have been blonde with brown highlights and some peekaboo purple I have a full head of different shades of purple and some green.. I will never go back or recommend..

Tierra Johnson

Had a fantastic cut! Place was very busy but everyone was working- Brittany did my cut and I could not have asked for a better hair cut and I don't trust a lot of people to take my hair as short as she did! LOVED IT!

Jennifer Richie

I've been frequenting PMTS for over a year now, & have even had my daughters' hair cut here. Each visit, I have been so impressed with the students' knowledge, & cheerful attitudes. Recently, I got partial highlights that are truly the exact color I've been wanting for years! My hair is super thick & relatively long, so Lydia Kirkland & Olivia Towle worked together & made me feel like a princess! I highly recommend these ladies, & have been very happy with every student thus far.

April Merkel

LaMonte' B

alice McReynolds

Mary Ann Beck

They did a fantastic job! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

jenny Mitchell

I think it is a shame that my good friend was denied getting service today because she had her baby(who is very well behave for one hour in church each week) in a car seat with her and didn't bring someone to watch her child, she watches her child perfectly fine without needed someone else! Sad that she was upset today! not very good costumer service for whatever reason you give for denying her service today!

Astrid Wenke-Sebastian

Waste of my time (90minutes) with NO RESULT (no Highlights). I used their online booking system and specifically requested a cap highlight explaining that I have short, colored hair (3MV) and wanted to have a lift of at least 4 levels. They confirmed. I am a hairdresser BTW; I do have arthritis and can't work in my job anymore. I used a Groupon and at that great price I thought I'd give back and give a cosmetology student a chance to practice. I arrived, signed in - and then sat on an uncomfy S-shaped couch for 15 minutes before anyone actually talked to me. The music was blaring and it was freezing - not great for the hair getting highlights. The student was very nice. She assessed my hair and - informed me, that this school does not teach cap highlights! I specifically wanted a cap highlight and no one told me that before I came in. At that point I should have walked out. As the girl was so sweet, I agreed to foiling. She called the instructor over. He suggested strand tests with both their lighteners and 20% volume developer, which is more gentle on the hair. After 30 minutes without heat (they are not allowed to use it to speed up processing), the color had not lifted at all. So now another 30 minutes with 30% vol. Again: Nothing. The instructor advised me to come back in 4 weeks and get my hair color stripped and then lowlights put in. Do you go to the hairdresser and then want to wait 4 weeks? NO! I did not want to embarrass the student, so I walked up to front desk and scheduled that new appointment. Then I went home and did a strand test with another brand name lightener and 30% vol. developer for the same 30 minutes without heat. Result: 4 levels of lift! Imagine that. I am never ever going back there and I cannot recommend it. I am glad that some people have good experiences - I did not. If you are in Nicholasville, try an old fashioned but trustworthy school, Barrett's. Below photo of my test foil (not toned or else)

Darlene Brancaccio

Have been going there for ove a year and will continue to go. I have short gray hair with problem areas....double crown, cow licks, waves......I have yet to get a bad cut by anyone in Phase 1 or Phase 2. Everyone friendly; clean facility.

Lori Eckdahl

Mom of 2

Will charge you more without permission. Worse experience ever. First they told me to leave the area were my daughter was getting her hair cut even though other people had friends hanging out with them. Big no no for me. Don’t ask parents to no be apart of a kids haircut or color decisions. Then went to check out and was told the bill was $61...... but was told the starting rate was $35. So then I understood why they make parents leave so they can rip you off and charge you for extra stuff they you didn’t agree to. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME HERE! It took over 3 hours also. But they maybe because most of the students ran up and down the parking lot while the teachers hung out talking in the corner. (I got to witness all this since I was kicked to the waiting area for 3 hours) They only positive thing was the student was really nice to my daughter and did a good job. But I didn’t save any money by going here since they charge you a lot extra that you don’t know about until checkout.

Shannon Murphy

Do not reccomend at all. They had to do my hair twice in one visit because they messed up, and didn't get it right the second time either. Had to drive 3.5 hours home the next day to get it redone by someone else and it cost me a lot of money because of what the people at Paul Mitchell did to it. They bleached my hair out completely and made it look unnatural and ruined.

maria arzola

My mom and sister went to get their hair done and both stylists did absolutely TERRIBLE job. When they complained to the “manager” about my mom’s hair, she told her that the stylist had done the style of the picture showed to her. My sister’s hair is chopped, uneven length. I tried to call to complain about their experience before closing time which is 10, and no one answered. Absolutely the worst place ever.

Sonja Birdsong

I would give them zero stars. I have been three times. Twice for a color and once for a haircut. It took two hours for a haircut and the stylist had to get the teacher to do almost all of the haircut because she was too inexperienced. My first haircolor was so brassy that she had to take me back twice and still didn't get it out. The color ended up being not what I wanted and I left with haircolor left all around the back and sides of my hair. My last haircolor today was the worst. Three people couldn't figure out that I wanted my gray hair covered and a blonder tone to the rest. Three hours later I have black roots, my gray isn't covered and I have two different blonde colors. I wouldn't trust them to do my dog's hair. Consider yourself warned! I gave them three chances.



Kimberly Coakley

I love it there, me and my daughter are always treated kind and they are great at what they do. Absolutely Awesome!!!!

Jamie Singleton

The stylist I had was pretty rude and did a really bad job. I know it's a school and they're learning but common decency and professional standards should be forefront everytime they are on the floor. Thank goodness for the instructor who fixed what she could.

Savannah Nolley

I was a little nervous about going because I have pretty damaged hair to start out and I was wanting more highlights. I actually had a great experience and couldn’t be happier with the results. Everyone was super friendly and listened to exactly what I wanted. The girls that fixed my hair was named Aliyah and Hope and they did an excellent job. I got better service here than with someone I had went to that had 10 years experience. I definently recommend this to anyone that wants quality highlights but doesn’t want to spend a crazy amount for them. Make sure to ask for Aliyah because she was great!

Eriii 1998

Nikki Chapman

This place is a joke. Drove an hour just to be told that I had to cancel and go back home just because I had my daughter. Shes small and was going to sit in my lap the entire time, while I got just a TRIM. literally takes 5 minutes. YET, they had 2 other mothers in there with their kids sitting in their laps. As soon as I walked in, the old snooty receptionists treated me like a joke. Wont ever be back!

Josh Shields

I was reading through the reviews and instantly became frustrated. To the customers ITS A SCHOOL do not expect the best hair cut/ color in the entire world the students are still learning..hence the name Paul Mitchell The SCHOOL. As far as the bad reviews from students, personally I dont understand. "Cleaning toilets" I never had to do that and never knew anyone who had to do that. I loved all the learning leaders there with the exception of one, because she always seemed very off putting and kinda of rude, but I'm thinking she may have just been overwhelmed with the job. One negative thing I will say is the teacher to student ratio is not the best. But overall I think its a great school, I had checked out close to every cosmetology school in the area before making my decision, and Paul Mitchell impressed me the most. The staff was very helpful, especially when i was working on the floor. As far as them helping you find a job...they never said they would, but they do inform students who are close to graduating of salon openings. So in that bad review where that was mentioned was irrelevant, it even says on the official paul mitchell the school website that they do not help with job placement, but they really dont need to with all the quest artists and salon owners that come in there..its called networking people. You cant expect to go to school and them do everything for you. Also, they do not hold any student loan money from you. Just like with regular college they will give you your remaining amount once they have received their payment. So once youve completed so many hours (like every 400 hours ..dont quote me on that) then you get a check for whatever is left after they are paid. I can literally debunk all of the bad reviews. This is a great school and i had an amazing experience. But, customers be prepared. Ask the student your working with to show you pictures of what they can do and if you want something they are unsure of ask for another student, your not going to break their heart.

katelen west

asked for Carmel blond and got red auburn hair not happy!!

Darlene Shepard

Very friendly and did a great job


Let me leave there looking a mess! Went in with bleached blonde almost white hair, all I needed was a root touch up. My roots ended up BRASS GOLD color. "Teacher" was no help whatsoever. Sent me home with purifying shampoo like the brass would just disappear. I usually go to paul mitchell in Fort Myers, Florida and they would have NEVER let me leave looking like the Lexington Ky location did. They honestly have NO clue what they are doing and zero standards when it comes to customer service. I was in there for almost 4 hours to be completely dissatisfied.

ashley miller

If I could rate - I would! I was just denied service because I have my baby in a car seat with me they told me that they could not help me even though it's pouring down rain and I drove for 30 minutes to get here unless there was someone to watch the child !are you kidding me it's 2017 I guess I'm not a typical mom cuz my baby goes with me everywhere and it's never been a problem before until I go here! Disgusted and my heart hurts people don't care about people anymore and it sickens me

Ashlee Harris

Donna Parker

Horrible. My looks and feels awful. Not the students fault. The instructors should have paid closer attention especially when I kept asking about the lightner being left on so long...FOUR HOURS!!! Plus it was very expensive and my roommate couldn't even tell I had my hair done! So now my hair is VERY DAMAGED and looks about the same. And I can't do anything else to my hair because of the damage. I just wanted some highlights! They refused to give me a refund suggesting instead that I come back in. Really?!?! Like I'm really going to let them touch my hair again? I know it's a school, I used to teach hair myself, that's why I went, to support the students. But if the staff isn't going to monitor them any better or even agree to a" plan"...that was the other issue...these poor students are being set up for failure. I ALWAYS gave a refund if someone was unhappy and another agreement couldn't b met. Although that RARELY happened to me. So now I have fried hair, that looks the same. Thank God for WEN! I thunk it's the only thing that'll save my hair now. YAY WEN!!! I'm going to contact my attorney. This is ridiculous. I've never heard of any hair business, school or Salon, refusing to give a refund!

Erin Rock

It seems a lot of these reviews complain about 3-4 hour sessions. Well yesterday I was there for just under TEN hours! Completely unacceptable. Let me preface this by saying the students were fine- sweet, hard-working and obviously there to learn. I've been there before but well it does take a little extra time, it's always been a decent experience. Yesterday this was not the case. I called early to book a 12pm appointment. The cashier said "Oh you don't need one honey, just walk right in." So I came early, and ended up waiting thirty minutes while all the appointment clients walked right past me. Not a big deal. I finally was taken back and asked what I wanted (touch up my highlights like always and a trim.) Two more admins asked me the same question and asked me to define partial vs full highlights. I told them I wasn't sure, just wanted roots touched up regardless of terminology. At 2pm the girl finally put in my first foil. At 4:30 she was about halfway through and it was time for the end of her shift. I was informed there would be a takeover and someone else would finish. Fine. I was the only client still there while they switched from day students to night students. During the foils, a teacher had corrected her several times. Knowing how long the product had set, I was a bit concerned. The new girl finished my foils and took me to rinse at about 5pm. As soon as we started drying, the neon orange tiger stripes reared their ugly head. Long story short, she knew it would have to be redone and this scenario repeated itself another 3-4 times. By 7pm (seven hours in) I'm shaking with hunger, my head is pounding and I've cancelled all my evening clients (I had planned to return to work at 6pm) so I'm out a hundred bucks there. Every time I see the neon clown orange in my hair I start tearing up because I'm exhausted and so upset, struggling to maintain patience. Anyway, at 9:30 pm (almost TEN hours in) I can't take it anymore so I tell them I have to go. I get up with a sopping wet head and head to the register where I'm certain I'll be comp'd. Guess what? NO DISCOUNT! I was charged regular price. I told them I'd been there for ten hours and she just shrugged her shoulders. Finally an admin offered an extra conditioning with my next appointment. What??!! I realize this is a school but ten hours is completely unacceptable! As a footnote, I also had the hairdresser on my right fluff the hair off a man's cape. She apologized profusely but i was left covered in itchy little man hairs. The hairdresser on my other side dropped a blow dryer on my foot. They were accidents but yes they did add to my misery. Needless to say, I will not be returning. Keep in mind I'm low-maintenance and have never left a bad review for anything (I didn't even know where to do this.) And I feel bad for the girls- they are learning and doing their best (not their fault.) But those in charge could use a lesson in professionalism. Apologizing and comping the session would've gone a long way. Instead, I'm left with a very bitter taste in my mouth and will be telling everyone how I was treated. Don't walk- RUN!

Ariel Middleton


I have been going here a couple years for trims and have slowly gotten more and more annoyed with this business. Yes you can get a fairly cheap haircut here, but it is NOT $12. Last time my stylist took me up to the counter and then stood by me while I was checking out, it was awkward and I couldn't figure out why he was still standing there until I realized he was eyeing my cash. I gave him what was on me and suddenly he trotted off without a 'thank you.' I was always told you are not expected to tip as they are students but if you discreetly hand one cash they will not decline it. There have been multiple times I have went and could tell my stylist WAS expecting a tip, regardless of the quality of their service. There are also several complaints on here about the time, and I will say on average a trim for someone with long, straight hair, with no frills or anything, will take anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours. I would be fine with this if the cut was actually only $12, and if the service was good. I usually feel like I'm inconveniencing these students by asking them to do their jobs.

Pamela Masby

Kristen Walton

Theresa Gilbert

Not kid friendly

Joy Briones

Scheduling an appointment wasn’t that easy. I atleast called 10 times to get someone to talk to, otherwise they will answer the phone and put you on hold for 10mins and forget about you. When I told the reception that I had to call repeatedly she wasn’t sorry about it. When I arrived for my appointment, I waited a good 30mins before meeting the student who’s going to do my hair. I sat on the chair for another 30mins before she got started with my hair. Lisa who did my hair did a great job, however.

Claire Cronan

the left side of my hair is messed up. it’s like 1/2 an inch longer. i don’t know what to do send help :(

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