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REVIEWS OF ECLEKTICA The Salon at Briarcliff Village IN Kansas

Isabelle Shaw

I was very pleased with my experience at Eclektica. When I first walked in, I was immediately greeted by their front desk receptionist who asked if she could get me anything to drink. Although it was my first time going there, I already felt like a regular with how many people smiled and acknowledged me. I was not a client, I was a guest! I only came in to get a wash and a blow dry. However, Jordan my stylist took extra time with me giving me hair repair tips and even offered me a hand massage during my deep conditioning treatment. I did not feel rushed or anxious about getting in and out. This is hard to find in most salons. I will definitely be back! It's quality service like this that creates regulars.

Abby S

This salon is absolutely AMAZING!!! All their stylists are very talented and have great technique.

Tyson Kreger

Fantastic people and service at Eclektica! Call and ask for Shannon and tell her Tyson sent you. Simply amazing atmosphere. Style, elegance and grace; you'll find large amounts of all three at Eclektica. I took my twin girls there and they gave me a haircut too. We are thrilled with the cuts and had a blast!

Miss Tindle

Small and home like. Nice people. Talented and skilled workers

Kaylie Andersen

Linda Tuttle

I love my stylist! Her name is Joy. She is always great hair styling and color, and fun to talk to.

Nikki Rodecap

Faith has cut and colored my hair several times, and she is a complete joy! Im awful at describing my vision, (I tend to gravitate towards outside of the box) but she is not only patient with me, and ensures she understands what I'm looking for, she also adds excellent advise for hair care and styling tips. She's so sweet, and I love hearing stories about her cute little mini me! I would recommend Faith and Salon Eclektica to anyone!

Jennifer Abernathy

Janell Francis

Elisa at the salon is super awesome! She does such a great job coloring my blonde hair and takes her time. At the salon it’s a treat to get a complementary hand massage and warm towel around my head!

Cami Ostertag

Love Eclektica! Been going there for about 5 years. Very nice environment, drinks offered, hand/arm massage, up to the minute hair products/colors/styles.....awesome ladies:)

Alane Roath

barbara skelton

Everybody here is Amazing they always know exactly what i want Sweet Staff Great Environment Highly Recommend

Cydney Williams

I first visited Eclektica about a month ago; Jenna cut my hair and I'm still so happy with it! I asked her what style she thought would look best on me and her answer showed a lot of thought and expertise. She made me feel very comfortable through the whole experience, and I felt especially pampered during the hair wash and hand massage. The price was also very reasonable. I will definitely be back!

Brooke Torres

I love Eclektica! I get my hair done By Elisa and she is awesome! She is so personable and fun. I never leave this salon dissatisfied.

Jennifer Kirk

I've had my hair cut and colored by Elisa, and she exceeds my expectations every time!! She's extremely personable and very easy to talk to. There have been many times where I don't know what I want, but Elisa provides excellent suggestions and makes me fall more in love with my hair. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Zachariah Stovall

love this place. went from brownish to to white. the stylist went above and beyond to make sure my hair had the least amount of damage possible. couldn't be happier and my hair couldn't be healthier! ask for joy. she's wonderful miracle worker.

Kelcie Stewart

Lindsay J. C. Lack

Love the ladies here. They take care of you, are kind helpful and pleasant from the front desk to the chair. So many talented stylists and a glass of wine to sip on if you arrive early and have to wait or during your color!

Ruby Noel

Just moved to KC in December. After having my hair butched previously by another salon, I chose Eclektica since we visit Briarcliff all the time! Their website and reviews didn't hurt, either ;) I got a women's cut & brow wax. My stylist, Jenna, was an absolute delight! She was very conversational, easy-going, and down to Earth. She did a fantastic job on my undercut, and I love the chevron pattern she shaved into it. My hair feels SO much better after the shampoo/blowdry/cut I received today. I also purchased a serum that Jenna recommended that I plan to use often. Ginger hair is a nightmare in this humidity! I highly recommend Jenna and the Eclektica salon! I can confidently say that I think I have found my go-to salon here in KC! :)

Josh Vickery

A Lev

Faith is AMAZING! I’m basically impossible to please, but my hair is literally perfect! Beautiful balayage melted blonde and excellent cut.

Rebecca Pope

Jenna cut my hair forever ago! And I'm still so in love with it! She does such a great job every time I go into see her I am always happy with what I get! She is even honest with what would look good on me and what won't. She is great at recommending the products I need to keep my hair happy and healthy. When she colors my hair she make sure to take great care of it leaving as little damage as possible for what I am wanting! I fully trust her opinion! If you have been looking for a new hairstylist I definitely recommend Jenna! And oh I love when she washes my hair, and gives me a hand massage! It's like a small spa treatment while I'm getting my hair done. Talk about pampering yourself!

Jessica Tindall

Best Salon in Kansas City! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!!! Truly gifted ARTIST! I feel like a million $ everytime I leave! Friendly and professional atmosphere, always welcoming! I am so thankful that I have Eclektica!!! They are NOTHING LESS than AMAZING!

John Iverson

My girls refuse to go anywhere else, and I can drink wine while I wait

Jordan Schumacher

I love this salon! Elisa Lanter has done my hair multiple times. My hair looks so healthy and fabulous every time! She is so artistic and really puts her heart into her work. 5 stars!!

Angela Wright

I love this salon. Always welcoming, professional & relaxing! A very talented group of stylists.

Matthew May

Ok, I've never written a bad review in my life, so keep this in mind as you read through my experience with this salon because I feel the people that have never been here deserve a warning. The first time I went in for a haircut, as soon as I walk in there is a girl crying because she hated her hair so much that the owner was trying to fix it. I realized soon after that the girl that originally cut her hair was about to cut mine. (This is the part I should ran and never looked back) well, I stayed, met my stylist who was also in tears because she messed up a woman's hair, understandable, yet still unprofessional. I got my hair cut and it was decent, nothing special, and then I realized I was being charged $30 more than what I was originally quoted. Alright, they're pricey, fine, I'll let this one slide. SECOND experience, I send a friend in because he wants his hair dyed gray (he's naturally dark brown) so he meets with a stylist named Jodi for a consultation and she reassures him that there's no problem, gray will be simple and the next time he comes in they can make it white. She seems professional, acts like she knows what she's doing so I was like cool, maybe it was just a bad day when I visited. Well, then my super excited friend went to have his hair dyed and as soon as the process is over it's orange. Dark orange. She says to him, "Wow! That looks great! It's so gray." And we're over here like is she colorblind? So he says, politely, "you know, this isn't exactly what I expected or wanted, is there anyway you could fix it?" Well, she's offended, but agrees to set him up a second appointment to fix the $230 color service he payed for, which I still can't believe he payed but whatever... anyway, a week goes by of him having orange hair and he goes back in to have his hair fixed. She says to him, "I don't have everything I need to fix this, but we're going to try anyway." She ran out of olaplex apparently. So she bleaches it again, still trying to get it gray, and what happens? It's yellow now. "IT LOOKS GREAT! OMG!" (Yeah, no, doesn't.) So after she's finished "fixing it" she says "ok, that'll be $140." I'm sorry, WHAT? You mess up his hair and then charge him for another full service?? SERIOUSLY? She didn't even fix it. He told her he thought it looked yellow and her response to him was that he can come in to have it toned again for $40. We finally got his hair fixed at a different salon for a fourth of the price and they were astonished by the experience we had at Eclektica. These people don't know what they're doing. They overcharge because they're in a nicer neighborhood, have poorly trained stylists, and are very unprofessional. I would never in a million years recommend you or anyone going to this salon if you want to come out with your hair looking even halfway decent. Very sad I ever stepped foot in this place. I blame myself, though. The woman crying because she hated her hair so much should've been enough for me to leave and never come back the first time. You live and you learn, and what I learned here is that Eklektika, or however the heck you spell that nonsense, is THE WORST salon I've ever been to in my life, and that is not an exaggeration.

Leigh Rumsey

I went there a week ago and was overcharged for a color and cut. I don't mind paying for quality work, but this was done so poorly that nobody could tell it had been colored. The stylist new I didn't like the work done, charged me an outrageous price and even made a comment of, "it can't be perfect." I completed a customer review and haven't even received an apology. I will not recommend this salon to anyone.

Michelle Cram

Joy does fantastic color!!

Jenna Ables

Love this salon and the people are awesome. I would recommend any of the platform one stylist. They all have gone through so much training and know what they are doing

Callaway Holt

Jorge Diaz

Friendliest stylist in North Land, clean, attentive, perfect.

Jenny Gorostieta

I called to schedule an appointment asking if they had any openings that same day and the lady who answered said they actually do have an opening but I'd have to get there pretty fast. Which was fine because I let her know I live about 10 minutes away. Her name was Faith I believe, and I let her know exactly what I wanted over the phone I even let her know I had long and thick hair. I had previously gone to another salon months prior so I already had an ombré/highlight. I was wanting to go a slightly more lighter shade and to remove the brassyness, more balayage than the ombré I already had and I was also wanting a cut. She let me know her prices over the phone which I was fine with. As soon as she seats me she says "I'm going to rush through this so I'll have enough time to cut your." Mind you that I arrived around 2:30 and she said they closed at 5. She finished applying the "lightener," as she called it, around 4-:20ish, brings out the heater thing that spins around but forgets to turn it on so I'm sitting there for about 10 minutes until I let the other hairdresser know she forgot to turn it on. About 10-15 minutes pass by and she takes me to the sink to wash out the lightener. Applies the "glaze" (toner) leaves it on for what feels like 5 minutes. By the time she finishes rinsing everything out it's close to 5. Back to the chair to get my "blowout" which I thought was supposed to give you volume of some sort but she literally rushed through to blow dry my hair. I asked to go lighter and I ended up going more brassy and losing the lighter shades I already had in my hair.

Brooke Neer

Joy did a wonderful job with my cut and color! ✨


My story begins with me trying to bleach my own hair and making a mess of it. The color was brassy and orange. I followed the directions perfectly on the box but to my surprise it didn't lift my color enough. Needless to say, I was so scared and frantic, desperately wanting to get it fixed as soon as possible. I had been referred by a friend to go to this salon. First of all, I can't say enough about how wonderful my experience was. They got me in within three hours. I spoke with Kerri, who is a color specialist, and she worked me into her schedule. She was so patient and kind, listening intently to me. After she went through all my options for my hair, she worked her magic. I am so thrilled with the results. The color is perfect!! We also discussed how to maintain it. I felt such a relief! Everyone at this salon acted professional and friendly. I highly recommend this place. Thank you for rescuing me!!! Amy

Michael Hudak

Top notch, professional, very clean and detail orientated. The do an incredible job!

Great Plains BU

Elisa always does a great job. Friendly and attentive. Everyone in the salon says hello as you enter. Love it!

Kelsie Radford

Angie Womack

This was my first visit to the salon. I was looking for a new place to have my hair done. I was 10 minutes early for my 2 o'clock appointment. I filled out my paperwork and sat down to wait. 40 minutes later someone comes and tells me they had a mix up so someone else would be cutting my hair. Which would have been fine if I didn't spend my whole appointment watching everyone else in the salon getting the haircuts and blowouts they requested, having their stylists talk to them and make them feel welcome, and had them leaving with hair that looked great. I was left feeling like an inconvenience throughout my entire experience, regardless of the fact that no part of this mix up was my fault, and walked out of the salon with a flat head of hair and my stylists asking me if she was "headed in the right direction" as she's taking my cape off and walking to the desk. Although the front desk lady at the end of my experience was at least friendly, I'm not sure this will be my new salon.....

Haley Haar

Virginia Long

My go-to place for years & owner's done my hair for more than 20 years. It's small, intimate, friendly & full of talented stylists. Seems comfortable for men, also.

Sagar Khushalani

Belinda Gallagher

Great service and friendly staff.

Haley Shafe'

Lance Jones

My 7 year old daughter had a wonderful hair cut here. Will definitely be back. Friendly and talented stylists.

Elijah Neer

Joy is awesome.

Kally Brennan

Every 5 weeks I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed by Elisa. She does a wonderful job at matching the color to my hair and they are shaped flawlessly. I would recommend Eclektica, especially Elisa, to anyone looking for professional salon treatment!

Zachary Block

I go here to get my hair cut by Elisa and it's always a top notch experience! She is extremely professional, kind, and knowledgeable. My hair always looks exceptional and I am always treated with respect by Elisa and all salon employees.

stefanie kauer

Great atmosphere! Great employees! I got my haircut by Faith and could not be happier.

Mary Kay OConnor

Royal Scanlon

I have been going to Eclektica since they opened their doors some 14 years ago now. It's a great salon, with a great atmosphere and great customer care and service. Carolina, the owner has been my hair stylist since before she opened Eclektica. Besides being a wonderful hair stylist, she is a genuinely caring and compassionate human being. I like her work and the atmosphere at Eclektica so much that I drive all the way from Mid-town KCMO (the Plaza area) just to have my hair shampooed, cut and styled there. I recommend Eclektica highly. I sincerely couldn't be happier. Kudos to Caro and her staff.

Shannon Marie Barr

Sari Maple

Abby was amazing!

Patrick Wiley

Brian Marrs

Rochelle Brown

Great atmospher

Maria Ginger-Wiley

Dave Griffin

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