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REVIEWS OF Chop Tops Hair Company IN Kansas

Shubham Devadkar

I have been to the both of their stores. It’s always a great experience. Try to book an appointment before as they are pretty much booked already.

Joel Jackson

For almost a year I've been coming to Chop Tops for a men's haircut. Every time I have used a different hairstylist. Each has their own style; in particular, the neckline will be either square, rounded or tapered. The most recent visit was a cut and color. To make good use of her time, the stylist gave haircuts to other clients. I don't know what kind of magic she used when taking the color out. Compared to the previous time I went blonde, the experience was virtually painless. In reality, there was a small burning/tingly sensation at the time the stylist said was the worst part. The entire operation was done in the basement of the building. We went upstairs to look at the color into the light and consult her colleagues. Upon first glance I was uncertain about the color, but then it grew on me (pun intended). I really enjoyed the visit and the experience. A few tips if you're going to get your hair colored. Wash your hair 1-2 days before. Dirty hair holds color better and the natural oils help protect your scalp from burning. If your appointment is scheduled during a time you would eat, pick up some food and bring it to Chop Tops. Better yet, have it delivered. Color removal is a lengthy process, so you'll also want to have something to do to occupy your time, whether it's reading a book or using your phone. 4 Stars, Would Recommend!

Jason Bell

Chop Tops is great. All staff are professional and friendly. Free beer while you wait. Every experience has been fantastic. I would highly recommend either location.

Dalton Eveland

Awesome experience! Very talented and thorough in their work! You are treated like a VIP

Seanisha Jackson

I went in there with my 1 year old son for his 1st hair cut . He started crying a lil not even his worse he was better than usual actually. The girl cutting his hair was awesome. Than manager came and asked for us to leave because he was 2 "loud " and told us 2 leave.. in the middle of the hair cut and there were no customers besides us. Eventually let her finish after arguing with me abt it. Then charged me $40 for a kids haircut! Ridiculous! Never goin back again! Worst customer service ever

Jordyn Killion

Chop Tops has been awesome at getting appointments scheduled quickly and getting me in and out of my appointment as quickly as possible, without rushing. Samantha was a great stylist who is very knowledgeable and gave me exactly what I asked for!

Bo Hopkins

Definitely give this place a shot! Friendly staff and fun atmosphere.

Mac Dumsky

Best place in Kansas City to go. Great for any haircut or grooming needs. Sam has been my stylist for a while and she is incredible!

Gwenyth Glenn

Unfortunately, I was not at all impressed with my haircut. It was uneven and choppy - and I ended up shaving my head completely the upcoming weekend as I found it the perfect time to do so. However, the environment was modern & cool - and I did get my eyebrows wonderfully waxed. I just feel as though I paid way too much for a bad haircut.


Great hip funky fun!

jonathon taylor

Great service, great cut, great atmosphere...... You just cant beat it. I came here for the first time in a panic. Needed my haircut in a hurry before leaving town. They got me in with a great stylist quick! This is my second trip there and everything was as consistent as my first visit. Brea is amazing!

Teresa Burgardt

Absolutely the best place I have been for a hair cut. Crystal is awesome!, was recommended by a friend to go see her and I now see why!, hands down, my new favorite place for my hair!!

Vincent Stubblefield

Super friendly staff... Cool atmosphere... My stylist Brea, was amazing... Best hair experience I have had... Not even close...

Robby Wuthrich

Fantastic service. Helped clean up a botched haircut in just a few minutes. Plus the bonus beer is great

Libby Gragg

Never in my life have I loved someone's work so much I let them touch my hair twice. I've seen Sam 3 times now for donating most of my hair, a trim, and now some color. Everytime she takes the time to make sure she knows what I want and need. She takes the time to make sure everything is perfect and I get compliments on my hair regularly. She's fun and easy to talk to while she's works, and the atmosphere of the whole place is very welcoming.

Trey Green

Sam cut my hair and she did a great job . I will drive from Wichita back to Kansas City just to get my hair cut

Trey Glapa

Goodbye Great Clips, hello Chop Tops! Ashley was fantastic! Got the exact haircut I wanted, which I could never get elsewhere. Ashley was meticulous, extremely friendly and genuinely cared about what she was doing. Love the atmosphere too. This is the place to go.

Amir Bhuiyan

The service was very friendly. The artist took her time to listen to what I wanted and tried her best to give me the cut I desired. Unfortunately she could not replicate what I wanted even though I showed her multiple pictures. Probably just lack of adequate experience. But I did appreciate her nice demeanor and her effort.

Jack Tilton

Great service, awesome atmosphere. All the staff are very friendly and accommodating. Been going to Chop Tops for years now and can't imagine going anywhere else! Try them out if you haven't already. (P.S. they serve beer)

Trenton Wecker

Great cut and friendly service.

Alaina B

I’ve been going to this location for my haircuts since 2015, and I love it! I never request anyone in particular but they’re always awesome, and I do get a cut and color each time. I enjoy getting to have some wine during my haircut (it really amps up the relaxation of having your hair cut and washed). I plan to make my next appointment within a couple weeks, and I can’t wait!

Kyle Brooks

I almost don't want to rate Chop Tops highly because it might make it harder to schedule my haircut. I've been coming to Chop Tops for 6 years and have had 3 stylists in that time and all have been amazingly talented at what they do and fun to talk to. Chop Tops has great prices for a premium experience.

Jill Powers

You need to go check out Chop Tops in Westport! I got my haircut there today and couldn't be happier with the cut Samantha gave me. Samantha was friendly professional and great with scissors. There's tons of free off street parking and you can book your appointment online.


This place is LEGIT. Great stylists, cool vibe. Great service. Feels like the “cheers” of barber shops, everyone knows your name.

David Oakley

This is my new place. They’ve done a good job the last couple times I went. Decent prices. Good people working.

Matthew Frisk

I went to this place on two different occasions and had two different hair stylists. Both of them did a fantastic job. They hooked me up with a fresh cut, which I appreciate. Love the vibe of this place and make sure you tip good!!

Daniel Bachman

Professional hair care with good conversation and recommendations. Megan is excellent.

Kyle Bernstein

I recently moved from St. Louis and hadn’t gone to get my haircut yet, so I decided to give Chop Tops a try. I have been getting my haircut by the same family friend since middle school so it was a big deal to go somewhere different. I highly recommend Chop Tops for the cool atmosphere, great prices and free beer while you wait. Bailey did a great job and I’ll definitely be back!


Brea is awesome! Highly recommend!

Laura Remy

I’ve had a few good experiences here. I appreciate that they offer beer and wine to customers and their guests to make them feel comfortable. I also always appreciate their product recommendations, especially all things Kevin Murphy!

Emily S

I have driven past the salon in Brookside a thousand times but I missed this jewel every time! Definitely not sad or upset I tried a new stylist. I went to Hunter for a first time cut and it ended up EXACTLY how I wanted it!! She worked her magic & gave me a very precise cut and I’m super appreciative!! I’m always a bit hesitant to go to a new hair stylist but have no fear when you go to Chop Tops! Thank you so much Hunter!! I’ll definitely be back for my next haircut!!

Sonny Tallavajhala

Love getting my cut here, and they offer you a beer! Great place great vibe.

Timothy Wane

With hair cuts it’s all about referrals. But say you had no where to go and no one to refer, then give this pace a try. You won’t regret it!

Amy Herrington

Wow! From the great staff, to the atmosphere & art, and right down to the patrons, this is the best place to get your hair cut! I needed to get my really long hair cut off for the summer and Ashley gave me the best bob cut ever. It can be scary to find a new stylist AND completely change your look, but Ashley gave me everything I wanted. Thanks so much Chop Tops! I'll be seeing you again! :-)

Mark McFerren

I've been going here for about 6 months and I've always gotten a great cut no matter who which stylist I've had. Super friendly staff as well

Adriana Zaragoza

Went and loved my hair cut and service! And who can complain about a free beer to relax while getting a cut :)

Ven Smith

You can drink a free yard beer whilst having your locks shorn for more than a pretty penny, by a more than pretty staff. If I had better hair, I'd #attend more often.

Jennifer Kailus

Well for starters, free beer or wine with your evening haircut. And the haircut is excellent. I'm THAT customer with all the highly specific directions and descriptions for what I want. They listen closely and execute well, and are friendly and good humored about it.

Stephanie Crawford

I have been a Chop Tops customer for over a decade since the original location in Merriam. Everything is great here. The owners, Jim and Cindy, are fantastic and treat you like an old friend. Stylists are all wonderful. Support your local businesses starting here for your hair. Guys and gals welcome! You get a beer or glass of wine while they work their magic. Love you all!

William Bettes

I love the atmosphere of this place - all the stylists are great even if I'm partial to Sam - who has given me two (so far) of the best haircuts I've ever had!

Kristi Chapman

After years of dedicated patronage, I moved two hours outside of KC. My stylist also cut her hours and after trying a few of the other stylists in the salon that could not get my color right, I asked my stylist to share my color formula (that we came up with together) with my Niece (herself a new young stylist that would be doing my hair). It took forever (and many follow up calls from me) to even get the answer: No. Then, when I posted an honest review of my experience with that stylist, still praising her skills, I was banned from all the stylists at the salon. Ah well, the shop is mostly geared towards men.

Troy Kyser

Chop Tops is the best place for a haircut in Kansas City! I started going here about 7 months ago and have never had a bad experience. The staff is super friendly and chatty. I've had multiple people cut my hair and it's perfect every time! They offer you a drink before you go down and you get a hot towel/neck shave every time to make the experience even better!

Michael Melching

My son and I decided we wanted to see what Chop Top was like. I own men's salon about 30 miles away and its always nice to get a different experience once in awhile. I was extremely impressed how this place was run and how clean it was. My stylist Paloma was awesome. I was really impressed with the detail on the hair cut. Sadie did a nice job on my sons hair cut as well. I will be back for sure. It was kind of nice to get away and relax. This place is a GEM in Kansas City

Luke Wenger

After graduating college and no longer having to go to haircut chains (you know what I'm talking about), I wanted to actually start investing in my style. Chop Tops is a game changer. My girlfriend wants to bake my stylist, Taryn, brownies because my hair is always excellent. I have never had to deal with the post-haircut remorse phase or that awkward period of time while I wait for my hair to grow back before it starts looking kind of good again. My hair looks great from the day after my cut until my next haircut 6-8 weeks later. Highly recommend.

John W

Always have had a great experience coming here for my haircuts. They will listen to your needs and then try to customize them further and and convey your image you want. Would always recommend this place for haircuts

Toria Grimm

Pro: customer service was great! Con: I got a bad haircut and it wasn’t corrected. I went in for a basic haircut. I had layers, so I just wanted to even everything out. The stylist understood, and things seemed fine. After all the blow drying, I thought it looked uneven. I mentioned this, but the stylist said it was just how the ends were curling out (she gave me a 1960s looking flip out on the end... why? Still no idea). I went home, washed my hair, and it was definitely uneven. It was longer on one side compared to the other. There was a section of hair that was much shorter than the rest as well. I call back to the salon and the receptionist was very apologetic. She got me in for another appointment that day and offered me a full refund for the cut. When I went back in, a new stylist “fixed” my hair. She did help even out the gap section, but my hair is still longer on one side. Long story short - I really appreciated the customer service I received, but I can’t trust them to cut my hair again.

H Fox

Great hair cut and convenient locations. Overall good experience.

Gabe Coyle

A solid haircut and friendly staff at a great price!

Daniel Johnson

Good vibe, great stylists! Brea is AWESOME!

Abhiik Bottorff

Good people and good prices. It's a fun shop with a rockabilly vibe.

Mike Mansfield

Get place for a hairstyle and beard trim

DJ Bryant

Got my hair cut and colored today by Katie. She did a wonderful job and I am extremely happy with the results. Definitely recommend Chop Tops to anyone.

Kevin Jones

Samer D

I really don't understand why folks are raving about this place. I find it a little bit pretentious and over the top. I mean, who would want to order a wine/beer while you wait for a haircut? Also, the ambiance was a little too much with all the stickers on pretty much everything..walls, mirrors, clippers, etc. Haircut was mediocre, the lady chopped off part of the hair on the back my head. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this place. Maybe for the grungy west port folks with cool tattoos, but not for me.

Brian C

Great cut. Tough to get an appointment sometimes, but that reflects how popular this place has gotten. Fairly priced.

Josey Miller

Everyone in Chop Tops is awesome! Atmosphere is so much fun. Crystal is amazing and so creative. You won't be disappointed because the whole experience is catered to enjoying your service!

Jessica Manco

Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Emily gave me a great haircut plus helpful styling tips- I

Kent Gard

Good cut, great atmosphere. Going again.

Kristine Reid

Friendly professional staff. Talented stylists that take their time to make sure you're happy!

Alexander Cong

Amazing cuts here! Super friendly people all around. Ask for Kat!!

william picker

I have been looking for a Barber Shop for the past two years. Use to get my haircut just anywhere but after today I have found my spot. Paloma is super awesome. She was more then focused on getting my hair perfect and took her time. She is also super awesome to talk to. I normally don’t do reviews but Chop Tops and Paloma deserve a 5 star from me!

Mike Brummett

You come here for 3 reasons: 1. You like free beer or drinks. 2. You put a value on experiences. 3. You like consistently phenomenal haircuts. I heard the rumors & hype about Chop Tops, figuring it was worth at least one visit. There's plenty of parking & a haircut in full is about 45 min. You get a short chat to figure out what you want done, get it cut, evaluate, finalize. Then, when it's good & styled, you get your hair washed, conditioned, dried & then styled again! It's memorable & lives up to the hype.

Michael Mansfield

This was my first visit .have not heard of the place Walked in the door to an incredible atmosphere. very friendly service. Was told to go up stairs. ( yes they have a two floors ) Went up stairs meet Missy she asked how I wanted my hair and beard cut I replied just shorting it up. She went to work on it and let me say never had a person cut my hair that had so much emphasis on the style she was going for. (usual it in and out at other places). Not her then after that cut wash and style. I have never been so happy with the hair and beard trim that Missy rocked out for me. I will definitely be back to see her and the rest of the amazing crew. CHOP TOPS IS THE PLACE TO GO.

Jillian Ryan

I love long hair and have always had it until I decided to get a really short cut. My hair stylist was Sharon and she did an amazing job! She listened to everything I wanted in a short cut and somehow cut it to when it’s growing out it’s still framing my face beautifully. Thank you Sharon! I will be back.

Reagan Coates

Never left unsatisfied.

Josh Pratt

Jenny is my hair doer. She always gives me exactly the cut I want and is the best. Chop Tops is an awesome spot to relax and get your hair did.

Jared Mazurek

Excellent service. Excellent haircut. Clean facilities. Chill vibe. 10/10 would recommend.

Joe Tinker

Always love coming here! Quick service, friendly employees, and great environment.

Kennedy Humphrey

My first time at chop tops I was greeted with friendly staff and a can of hamms! Can’t recommend this place enough. Oh and the hair cut was great as well!

Katelyn Brown

Such an awesome atmosphere at Chop Tops!! Ashley Roberts has been my hairstylist for years. From blonde, to brunette, to red / long hair, short hair, to pixie cuts; she always makes me look amazing!!!

Savannah Ramirez

Love my hair so much. Crystal did it so well!! She's great!

Maggie Pool

I moved to KC for college and had never had my haircut by anyone else except to the girl I'd been going to for years. Chop Tops is an amazing comfortable environment and they'll give you the right cool cut you need. I loved my experience there and will continue to go back.

Zach Jackson

Love it, great people, great haircuts, you can't beat it

Amy Coffman

Kat is the absolute best! I love her so much and she always does a fantastic job styling my hair and maintaining my undercut. I always look forward to seeing Kat. She’s the type of stylist that truly cares about client satisfaction and I appreciate all her hard work. <3

Scoutk Bartholomew

I normally don't go to salons but this place is designed for the everyday guy. Great service and great stylists. Once you go, you will never go back to great clips again. Sorry great clips!


From the easy online scheduling, to the cool decor and cleanliness, to the professional staff, this place was the best experience. Kate made me feel very comfortable and gave me a rockstar cut and style. The eyebrow wax was the first one that didn’t hurt at all. Kate’s got mad skills.


Samantha was excellent. I was only a spectator, but I greatly appreciated the lack of awkward small talk, and how quickly she got us in and out. She had a great unique style of the way she cut hair, and I would definitely get my hair cut from here too. The atmosphere is very eclectic and super cool. A must see place!

Mattea Clear

Every single one of the stylists here is incredibly nice and skilled! Made last minute appointments a couple times and gotten whoever was free that day without being disappointed! My guy friends who come here are happy with their results too (I am a female with long hair).

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