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REVIEWS OF Beauty Brands IN Kansas

Jonann Petty

Alex T

I got my hair done by Jay and he was an absolute doll. He was incredibly nice, and totally took the reigns on what should be done with my hair, he did an incredible job and totally changed my confidence. He will be the only one to cut my hair from now on! The rest of the staff is great as well.

Amber Reynolds

The best for eyebrow waxing, good and quick.

Miss Pink

I love beauty brands, my first hair stylist was Curtis, he did a great job with my hair, I did get lots of compliments on my highlights before. I will keep going back there and recommend my friends and family.

Zachary Fleming

for what you pay it isn't worth it. I got a fast cheap haircut that wasn't worth more than $5. If you dont really care its fine but I was really disappointed in the lack of quality

Loren Blecha

They know how to give haircuts and manicures. Cara and Amy are the best.

Paige Denson

Fausto Montero

Brenton Cotter

Cheyenne Clonch Mader

Dallas Anderson

Great manicure, I would recommend this place to anyone.

Elizabeth Brown

AnnMarie Primes

Great service and great conversation super clean super professional just amazing.. I went to sleep getting my pedicure and I loved it will be returning

Rene' Appell

Great team - greet you promptly, check for your needs, and give suggestions.

Dale Clark

My wife and daughter like this place

Rebecca Ruyle

Good job on cuts & coloring, all 3 times, with 3 different stylists

Joanie Marie

Zeal Zillner

I absolutely love the beauty brands on the Plaza... they offer so many products and services... lots of makeup you name it they got it... except Lancome products which happened to be my favorite... I got a haircut and color by senior stylist Danielle Bird... her demeanor was awesome and I was very pleased with the before and after pictures... I think I have finally found my hairstylist and for that I'm happier than a pig in s***



Great selection of men products

Chris Beeman

Alexa Molter

I called and made an appt last minute for a pedicure at 730pm. I was told it would be $46. The lady who did my pedicure was very nice but it is by far the worst pedicure I have ever had. I payed extra for the foot and leg massage and it was terrible and she only did it to one leg. The hot towels were barely warm which she apologized for and said they had turned off the warmer. So even though they are open until 9pm you won't be able to receive the full benefit of your $50 pedicure! She left my feet in the luke warm towels for about 10 minutes and she was off doing something else. By the time she got back my feet were freezing. She painted my toes awful. I had paint all over my toes and the paint was not even at the cuticle line. When I got my bill it said I was charged $48 not $46. The girl said oh well they quoted you wrong on the phone I hope that does not mess up your gift card. She did not offer and apology for Charging me more or offer to fix the error. At the check out desk I complained about being quoted the wrong price and she gave me a 20% off to fix the error which I appreciated. On the screen it said the new total was $40.48 She asked how much I wanted to tip and I said make it an even $50. She then gave me my receipt and said I had $9 left which I was confused because it should now be empty. I walked out and looked at my receipt and she only tipped her $2. So she did not listen at all and because of that the girl who did my pedicure got a bad tip. I go to rainbow nails and they charge $27 for and awesome pedicure with a great leg and foot massage, sugar scrub and don't leave nail polish all over my toes. I won't be coming back. Charging almost $50 for a pedicure I expect top notch service and an exceptional pedicure.

Brittany Wynn

Alicia is a god send, especially if you have thick hair. I wasn't able to grow my hair too long before her because it was hard to manage, and now it's so easy! She has a very unique technique, but it works.

Todd Glover

Shahid Hussain

Russell Johnson

Expensive but good stuff

Izzy Gabriella

Very snobby people, high priced for service received and they just don't care about the customer needs. Rude, rude manager. If you don't want to deal with long hair because it takes too long then say so and I will find someone else that will be happy to take my business. But to charge me $300 to do high lights and low lights and then tell me you will have to cut the time off and send me home with wet hair at 34 degrees temperature outside, that is not cool. My high lights and low lights are not even some chunky some not, I look horrible...but yet spent $300

patricia beagle

Samantha is great!!

Mari Marroquin

Lucas Tillman

Been getting my haircut there for a couple years now. Friendly people and great service.

Stephanie DeVeaux

Great, fast help. I was in and out. Not pressured, just presented with lots of options.

Deana Perkins

Travis Owen

Kolika Simmons

Ask for Jay, as he is a MIRACLE worker with coloring dark hair.

Rita Gutierrez Loeding

Great prices , large selection, salon on site. Friendly service

Patrick Swindall

Great place for a great haircut. Curtis has been my hair stylist for over a year. Highly recommended!!

Makelle Berry

Very sweet people there. I had never been to a beauty brands in this particular location before but it was every bit as what I expected. Helpful staff and good service.

Tahir Hasnain

A surprisingly spacious shop with a great selection.

Nancy Blackman

Can always find a hairdresser that can meet your expectations in both price and talent. Well designed layout; complimentary soda, tea, water, good energy, very clean. Always a coupon to use to get a better price...from 10 to 30% off. Wonderful supply of all haircare needs and makeup with specialists to help you. I've been going there for 20 years.

Angela Didde

Great selection and customer service

Bryan Dunklau

Alexandrea Simpson

Valerie consistently does a fantastic job! I highly recommend her.

Erica Bell

Employees were helpful, checkout was quick.

Becky Montemore

Meri Janssen-Bond

I called specifically looking for a deva curl cut. They said they could do that cut. I got there the first time and they didn't have me scheduled for the cut. I had specifically asked for the cut over and over again. They scheduled me for another appointment and comped me for the cut. When I got there for my haircut, everything g seemed to be going ok. Then things didn't seem right. I asked the woman if she trained in NY for the deva curl cut and she told me she hadn't trained for the cut. I was getting a basic point cut for my curly hair. I was a little annoyed, but she was into my hair cut and I couldn't do anything g but trust she new what she was doing. She didn't. She butchered my hair. I had really long hair. I don't mind that it is shorter, but it is butchered. She thinned it so much, my thick hair looks very thin. I would cry, but this is the second tme this salon told me they could do what they cannot do. I'm going to have to wear my hair on a pony tail until it grows out. Luckily it grows fast, but I have never been so close to suing a company before now. I will never go back. I would also never buy anything from this place. You can get the same products on Amazon for less than half their price.

Sergio De Jesus De Jesus

(Translated by Google) You find what you are looking for. (Original) Encuentras lo que buscas.

Jake Edson

Tracy Murphy

msluvnu .

I work there.

nancy rose

Julie cut my hair and styled it . I absolutely love it in the door the work that she did she's very knowledgeable and I had the most absolute great experience.

Stephanie Kay

Great place, good people!

Jamie Vanhouten

Yasamin Mashayekhi

I went there to get a trim. They did an okay job but double charged me because I have very long and coarse hair. I have no problem with that, but they should have told me from the beginning, so I know if I can afford it or not. So I think they are a little over-priced. I did not exactly get the hairstyle that I wanted, but still I think it was okay. Very conveniently located on the Plaza. Friendly staff.

Jared Miller


I came here a couple of days ago to get a simple hair cut, a trim. Considering I’m a guy and my hair is short to begin with I thought this would be an easy place to stop in. My stylist was decent and nice, however it seemed she had some trouble in the back with fading. Later that night, it was pointed out to me that a large portion of my hair in the back of my head was completely shaved off. It was very noticeable and looked awful. I’m not one to normally complain but come on, for a 27$ haircut with a fairly large tip, I could have probably cut my own hair better. I called the next day and came in to have it fixed and one of their master stylist attempted to fix it. They insisted they “didn’t know what she did” and apologized for the huge bald spot on the back of my head. My hair now in the back is basically all incredibly short so you can see my scalp. The bald spot is still there, less visible but sill there. After all of that, all they gave me was a refund. I appreciate them trying to help me fix it, but I will not return to beauty brands to have my hair cut. Ever.

Caterina Maria

ryan thomas

I have been going here since they opened and always use Ashley. Everyone is great and very professional.

Ali Mahdi

Forrest Asmoth

Amy Sword

Frank Hall

Alana Manson

I don’t typically write bad reviews but this place is terrible. I went to get a blowout and style and ended up having to go home, wash my hair, and style it myself. I have pictures that speak for themselves but I left that salon with frizzy ends, half wavy half not wavy hair that definitely didn’t look like a “professional” had done it. I styled my hair 100 times better than they did. Complete waste of time and money. I wouldn’t recommend anyone come here!!!

Darla Melton

Tina Rockey

My first appointment with Melanie. She was amazing. She took such time and attention with my hair and it turned out looking absolutely fantastic. Thanks Mel!

Chelsea Edwards

Got my lashes tinted in preparation for ferrying lash extensions. The process itself isn't very fun, but I saw Sara the esthetician, and she was the best. She had a nice private room, comforting personality, and was super knowledgeable. Beauty brands itself was ok. Parking was challenging, atmosphere felt overly corporate with all the sales in your face, but I loved the online booking- but if that's where Sara is, that's where I'll go! Love the results and prices.

Anna Windham

Lori made my day! Thank you Tracy for your hospitality and being part of my day! It was a great day.

Whitney Jones

They always have a great selection of perfume!


David McKune

Big shout out to Bev - she is the BEST. She makes a pedicure an hour+ experience of friendship and relaxed luxury!

Bridget Rutledge

April Fonseca

Love coming down here and all the staff are always so helpful. I highly recommend Shannon for Brows and facials. She's great! She also gives me a lot of makeup tips.

D Red

Janet Potter

Amy DeLeal

Just went in to get ONE nail fixed and was told to wait until Monday. WHAT?! No. I was told they were guaranteed til they needed filled. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Lydia R. S.

Got a great blowout here.

Brian Parker


Tyler Parsons

Always a good cut with quick friendly service.

Jesse Ray Metcalf

Lisa Austin

Kimberly Andersen

Jay is the best!

Tamara Fletcher

DeWayne Hughes

Minister Gregg Wilson

kentucky mcdaniel

Lite, bright and employees are at your beck and call. Great products

Jessica James

James Wilcutt

Rachel Perisho

Be prepared for inconsistencies overall, it seems, which can be scary depending on what you're getting done. Previous impressions of this location have been generally positive, but today's experience changed that and made me wary of future encounters. I booked a 3:45 pm appointment, arrived a little early and they said the person I'd booked with would be with me shortly. I waited until 4 and was almost ready to let them know I was just going to leave when I was called for my services. Trying to reassure the stylist in what I assumed must be a hectic day, I asked if it had been a busy day. "No, not really" was the reply. Oh. Well, never mind. No acknowledgement of the wait. The rest of the service was tolerable. Eyebrow waxes are tricky things because everyone has different interpretations about what clean up and "natural" looks like. Mine turned out a bit more austere than I like, but they're generally symmetrical with no stray hairs, so ok. Major concern was the horror of the double dipping. Thankfully, it was at the brow bar just inside the front window (yes, be on full view of all pedestrians), so I'm hoping the wax hadn't seen any less benign places other than faces but still. Not good. At checkout, I was handed a ticket that showed a price $5 higher than the online price I was quoted when I booked the appointment as a two service deal. The cashier told me that all waxing services are a la carte and sometimes the online price is wrong, but she could give me 20% off, which I accepted. I'd rather not play wild card with pricing for services, and the placating 20% off seems like a sad tactic that is lazy if you're just using it in place of improving your systems.

Matt Davis

My son just came home from this shop with the worst haircut of his life. Beyond upset. The stylist did offer to try and fix it later - "...because I have another customer right now..." - but unless she can magically regrow hair there's not much she could do besides giving him a crewcut. If you value your appearance, choose another salon.

Katrina Stoddard

They have a very small section of products for black/natural hair. Very disappointing! Staff not always friendly.

Lovely Poison

Jon Johnson

Raquel Diaz

As soon as I walked in they didn’t say hi or say do you need help with anything. They said to every one who walked in but me. Just because I was a different race didn’t mean you can’t say hi or say anything. That made me really made just because I was a different race.

Sean Johnson

Gene Compton

Great service and selection.

Heather Raleigh

I recently went to get a highlight and haircut. Scheduled my appointment with Angela. Amazing!!!! I have received so many compliments on my hair and am absolutely loving it!!! I am definitely scheduling a follow up! Thank you Angela!!!!!


Love the people down at the location on the Plaza. Tasha is my stylist and she is badass. Fun people to be around and a good selection of products

Michael Schultz

I get my hair cut by Curtis every 2 weeks. He does a great job and has a fun personality. Most of his client have been going to him for years. The rest of the staff are incredible as well. They are positive and happy. You can tell that they enjoy what they do. They also have a great and extensive product selection and the staff is knowledgeable about what they offer. Highly recommended!!

Casey Consuegra

I have had Tiffany do my hair for over a year. I have had my hair done and cut from a few different stylists here and they did good but ever since Tiffany has started cutting it I will not go anywhere else. She is an absolute perfectionist and will keep me there until every single strand of hair meets her standards. If you want to walk out of the salon with a million dollar cut, ask for Tiffany and you won't be disappointed.

Niasia T

Little product choice

Meredith Suhr

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