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363 S Linn St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

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Damn Juhl

Quick, friendly cut.

Ramiro Pena

Fair price good people

melvo414 .

Went there on a Saturday morning to get an haircut before a wedding I was attending that date and before I could step a complete foot in that the “Hair Art” the old Korean man threatens me and said and I quote, “We do not cut you people in here” I told what I need and explain I just want a haircut for an event I was going to later that day and he continued to almost shout at me saying, “No cut, no cut” “We not cut your people hair”, that’s when I figured it was more than just a simple haircut. So I left without a word because I definitely knew it was skin deep. If you don’t believe, just try and see if they will even attempt to cut you hair if your are a minority, and plus after I looked at reviews when I got home, found out that the lady cut hair terribly and cuts like she’s blindfolded. I guess I dodge a bullet in the end, but they’re still racist and discriminatory against anyone that’s black or brown skinned

Jeffrey Xu

Mario Medellin

Tony Wissink

Tyler Yuan

Anthony Koster

Quick,afordable ,local haircut. You may find this shop unique when compared to large chain stores.I find the art decore,house plants and classical music to be a refreshing difference compared to chain hair cut places.I can't vouch for femaile haircuts but for this guy it was quick afordable and just what I wanted.

Ruben Alvarado

Michael Kacer

Chenxin Han

Anurag Satija

Decent haircut, for a decent price.

shahidulahsan ahsan

Low cost

A. M.

Very bad, if i cut for my self would be much better

Abdullah .

I agree with Navid Jadid. you cannot see how long is your hear. and when she finished she told me look at the mirror. When I saw my hair was terrible and uneven. I was shocked. I told her that it shorter than the picture. She started arguing. I asked her later to take more from some places till we made even haircut. In that time she and I agreed that I will not go to her again because Im picky haha

Ryan Ladlie

I like coming to Hair Art for my haircuts because the atmosphere is really peaceful. I've been here a handful of times and it's been a positive experience every time. I only ever get a buzz cut so I cant vouch for the barber lady's skill with more complex haircuts, but for me it's a nice cheap haircut.

Ethan St. John

Can't beat a $10 hair cut! Plus ART!!

Jumber Merkviladze

Very friendly, Amazing local hair salon with the best relaxing atmosphere, 110% satisfied with every single haircut.

AlexHHK Hu

She doesn't know how to cut hair, disappointment!!

Hunter Gillaspie

I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, and it was one of the CHEAPTEST and BEST haircuts I've ever gotten. I will definitely be going back, and would recommend to a friend!

An Ka

She's been my barber for nearly 20 years. I feel like a matinee idol when I leave here. The ladies agree!


Came in and got my hair cut right away. Exactly what I wanted. Place is cozy as well and the dogs are cute. <3 will be back.

Ahmad Alkhazaleh

Nicholas Meyer

Haircut did not turn out remotely close to what I asked for


Probably the worst service ever...

Stacia Rain

I'm a lady with quite an undercut and I came in to have it buzzed. If you were judging based solely on appearances you might be put off by this little shop at first, the layout is a bit chaotic and unusual. Three guys were ahead of me and I waited about 30 minutes - the owner is the only stylist. Once I got in the chair she quickly went to work and didn't bother with small talk or anything (appreciated). I was a little nervous, as she doesn't have you face the mirror, but the end result was perfect - quick and super cheap. Highly recommended for men's haircuts and touchups. Not sure if I would come here for anything other than a minor trim on the rest of my longer hair.

Cuma Ozkan

My experience with this place was bad. The cheap price of haircut attracted me to go there but I went out of the place not even close to what I asked for her to do. She just cut my hair with her own will. If you care the style of your hair, dont go there. But if you just want to get plain haircut without much styling with a fair price, this might be a good place for you. I am giving one star because, I did not get the haircut that I asked for her.

Patrick Kellen

I think this place is great for men's haircuts, she does a great job and the haircut is inexpensive. Also, she doesn't try to make small talk with you like most stylists, which is a plus for me.

DK Chandler

This is the only person I will let cut my hair. She does it in five minutes and it's exactly how I like it. I prefer to support local businesses instead of giant chains.

Joshua Christain

I went here trying to support local business, but honestly this was one of the worst haircuts I've ever gotten. I actually went to another salon to fix it because I doubted that they had the ability to do it. I gave instructions and then wasn't asked for more input. At no point during the haircut was I looking in the mirror, I was just watched my hair falling via my peripheral vision and wondering what they hell she was doing. In the end she just kind of stopped. I asked to keep my hair long on top with my bangs to about my ears, trimmed in the back and sides. It looked like my hair was roughly the same length everywhere (except for spots that looked missed). It was a total mess. I would say that there is a language barrier (there is) but honestly that is not the issue here. If you run a salon, don't cut someones hair like this and let them leave. Since it cost me the price of two haircuts, I don't think that the cheap price justifies any leniency in my review. Get you hair cut here at your own risk.

Sandeep Yadav

worst haircut and on top of that worst attitude.. i asked the lady for a crew cut and when she was done i pointed that my hair were uneven to which she said mokingly " You can go somewhere else next time, I have poor skills" . Sure ,I will. I can excuse poor skills for once, but certainly not bad attitude.

Karl M

Nick May

If you're a guy, and you want a basic haircut at an incredible price, check them out.

Hiba Bhatti


I love this place. Good haircut done with speed and little small talk (my favorite part)! The prices are great for men ~$10 plus tax, but I always pay $12 total with tip. Occasionally there is a wait, but there are plenty of magazines, wifi, books for kids and a large comfy couch. There may or may not be two small dogs (weiner dogs?) roaming around. They'll bark when you come in but settle down quickly. They only take cash/check so you need to be prepared.

Joshua Harris

Dominic Audia

J. J. Starr

No reservation needed. Quality for low cost. Spacious and very comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend them - I always go here to get my hair cut they are super!

Navid Jadid

NEVER EVER place to go. A disastrous place to risk your hair style. It is not even cheap. The hair cutter turns the chair 90 degrees against the way that you could look at your hair while she is cutting your hair. So you cannot see whats going on up there. I have shown the hair cutter a photo of a hair style that were so that she could cut my hair in that style. But the result was not even similar to that and I ended up with the decision to cut my hair more than what I wanted. Hair style is not a joke so that you risk it and give your hair to someone that is not willing to let you see your hair while cutting.

mario torres

Prakash Nadkarni

Excellent for men's and children's haircuts. Run by a warmly affectionate Korean couple - the wife does the haircuts, the husband cleans up.

Jose Navarrete

John Correia

I don't think you could or should be writting a review about this place untill you actually get a haircut here. First off I could tell she knew what she was doing and this in comparison to all the lower priced haircut places for men around here because all I told her was to shorten the sides and back and square it up. She didn't have to bother me with a note another noob "styleist" put in my file. The shop is cozy and friendly. The haircut was $7 less than the other places I used to go to and I don't have to go somewhere else to get it fixed or shave off missed bits later at home. It was quick and quality work. Don't listen to the haters who never even went here. My only issue is that the sign outside states haircuts are 9.95 when they are actually $10.something, still cheaper than the $17-21 haircuts at other places.

John Woodruff

Most places I’ve gotten my haircut cost upwards of $25. For $10, it’s fast as hell, no awkward haircut small talk, great scenery, and a cute ass dog that sometimes runs around. Destined to take over Great Clips and Sports Cuts.

Antonio Martinez

Not bad....if my hair was cut, as I wanted.

imzx x

I hated this place and I will never get a hair cut in this salon again. A Korean old lady gave me a unforgettable haircut which reminds me that a barber can be dangerously deceptive and can terribly interrupt my life. My bangs was sharply tilted, my arch was unnatural, which makes my hair looks like a medieval steel helmet, and my blocked nape is like the surface of the moon. When she finished cutting my hair, she turned me around to the opposite side of sunlight. Instead using the big mirror she used while cutting. She took out a small mirror to show me her work, but the mirror reflects too much sunlight and my eye can barely open. I trusted her when I was not able to see how terrible my hair was, and now, I regret that I believed every barber is professional. A friend who picked me up could not stop laughing at me when he got a glimpse at my new haircut. I changed my designation to my apartment to get a hat to cover up this haircut that makes me ashamed of. Cheap price and cheap service. If you ever wonder how terrible a haircut you could get and are glad to pay another barber to fix your haircut, I strongly recommend you to try this memorable place!

Bee Tee

Mon and her husband are good people but she has botched my haircut for the last time. I'm a guy and normally go to a real barber to get my simple haircut. I couldn't get it scheduled before I need to leave town for an event I needed to look sharp for so I opted to just get a cut at Hair Art. Now I regret it completely. You are never turned toward a mirror while she cuts (RED FLAG #1). It doesn't matter what you tell her you want, you get the only cut she gives. She asks "how short on the side?" I say "0" which means to the skin, which someone should tell her because I easily have a "2" left. I asked for a face at the crown of my head and have a shaved lined ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD. Also, if you have a beard be prepared to fix that on your own because she will leave uneven sideburns every time. Avoid this spot. Don't be like me. Schedule your haircuts ahead of time with a real barber/salon.

Ryan Downing

Super cheap, but for a reason

Travis R

Good cut for low price. Winning

Raghu Bhardwaj

Liked it, convenient place for a no fuss High and tight military buzz cut

Madan Ghatge

Sean Curtin

RandomInternet User

CHEAP. super comfy. the owner does the cuts and does not bother you with small talk. Support this local business. Not the superclips out there.

Katherine Hicks

I walked into Hair Art, looking to have my eyebrows waxed, and the first thing I noticed was that the place reeked of cats. I don't know if there were any, or if the place was just dirty, but a place of business should not have that smell. I was led to sit in an uncomfortable chair, and the woman in charge brought out waxing equipment that was obviously dirty, at the best dusty. A man and a woman, both in visibly(and smelling) dirty clothes stood over me, speaking in some foreign language taking turns removing hair. The overall job was patchy and shapeless, but I wanted to leave before they could do anything worse. Not worth the cheap price whatsoever. A dirty store with bad service

Abylay Zhexembay

alex neswold

The best

Bhupesh Shetty


Joseph Klingelhutz

The place is very nice and the haircuts are very cheap. The barber is quiet but knows what she is doing. I see people saying she turns you 90 degrees so you do not face the mirror. I think they do this since there is not a ton of space behind the barber chair. Just ask if you could face the mirror and if they say no, just go somewhere else... Took only 10 minutes for a decent haircut!

sarah kanouse

This place is amazing for kids' haircuts. After a couple of years of chopping at my daughter's hair as she squirmed and ran away, I started coming here. For $11 it can't be beat, and the special chair and lollypop gets the child to actually sit still! I wouldn't come here for adults (you get what you pay for, right?) but for a simple kids' cut it is totally fine.

Yang P

I have my hair cutted twice in this salon and they actually went very well. I dont think they are not as good as the haircut I got from other much more expensive salon. But there're two tips I wanna point out: First, I dont know if she's good at designing hairstyle, so I always showed her the photo of the hairstyle I want. Second, since the shampoo cost $5 so I never had my hair washed in the salon, everytime immediately after the haircut I found myself look stupid, but after a shower with conditionor everything turned very nice. So never jump to conclusion before you washed your hair.

Monica Reardon

These folks are great with my three boys! We don't go anywhere else!

antonio lopez

Ben Trachsel

Fast, friendly, flexible service, reasonably priced haircuts.

Daniel Gu

I like Hair Art. I have been going there for 6 years. Great service and great price!

Tushar Pukale

Conrad Heilig

My favorite haircut place I've ever been to. $10 for a perfect men's haircut plus tips, quiet pleasant music, nice couches, seems to be owned by an older asian couple. The man mills about while the woman does the haircuts. She's friendly but doesn't talk much, but the best part is she is very fast at 10 minutes a haircut, and I've never had to wait more than 15 minutes to get mine.

John Hartnett

Daniel Born

Professor Professorson

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