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REVIEWS OF Buzz Salon IN Iowa

Kathryn Wong

I have really thick, long, hard to manage hair and Katie gave me the most thoughtful hair cut i have ever received. That being said, it is more expensive than other salons, but in my opinion, well worth the money.

Kembrew McLeod

Sorayah is the mothereffin’ shiznit! 19 years and running.

Michael Mangel

I love the place!

Lesley Lane

Mariah was my girl and I swear I have found my hair stylist soul mate. She was referred to me by a friend with similar hair (curls!). When you are a curly girl you need a stylist cut from a different cloth who gets your hair. Mariah is that stylist. AND, I love that she is current and fresh with her suggestions. Everything she said was honest and my hair hasn't felt healthier since moving back to Iowa from NYC. So happy to have found her! We are on a "hair journey" together and I have complete faith in her and Buzz. Overall too my observation of the salon was positive. I love that everyone is very current and also very focussed on service, not pushy at all. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Zhiming Su

Sam Abba

George is the best darn barber around! Very good with facial hair as well regular styling. Buzz overall is a fabulous place to get your hair cut with lots of highly skilled, her working stylists and amazing hospitality.

Debi Bunger

I drive 75 miles one way to get my haircut here; I wear my hair very short and I still only need to go about once every 10-12 weeks because it grows out so nicely!


I will only go to the Buzz Salon. Jodi is an artist & explains everything. I can have the same great style every day doing it myself with tips from Jodi!!!

Ian Servin

Recently moved back to IC and needed a good cut/style for an upcoming event. Loved the new location and my stylist, Allie was fantastic. Unlike many higher end places that charge an arm and a leg and then rush through a men's cut, the experience at Buzz is relaxed and they take their time and do an excellent job. It's certainly more expensive than your typical barber or going to a chain, but the quality of the experience makes it worth it and the fact you can go in for a free touch up in between appointments reinforces the value. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular.

Cedric Severino

Tim is so great. Best hair cut I’ve gotten in years if not ever. Will be coming back.

Alex B.

Buzz is such a nice salon, and while it definitely doesn't give off a "kids place" vibe, we heard via word of mouth that it was actually a great place to have kids' haircuts done. This has turned out to be true! The staff is very welcoming of our toddler, and they have been very accommodating with scheduling at times when it would be less disruptive to have a little one there. We have been taking our toddler to George at Buzz for almost a year, and we have been so, so happy with the way he cuts our son's hair every single time. He is great with him, and he has adjusted the way he cuts his hair as he gets older and gets better at sitting still. In the beginning, he did a wonderful job even with a very squirmy one-year-old in the chair. We couldn't be happier!

Ani DeGroot

Really friendly staff. The building and salon itself are awesome. Hats off to the architects! Definitely makes for a cool experience.

Alex Hanna

Great salon! Tim is the man!

Kollan Kolthoff

Every time I come to Buzz, I feel like a first class client! George styles my hair and does a wonderful job. He gives me a fun, workable style every time and always makes me look great. I would recommend any male client go to him for sure! A happy client!

Jintao He

I love their exquisite decoration and products,and also service attitude is undeniable. However,they made mistakes with my appointments for successive twice.(First time is a male didn't add my appointment to their schedule;Second time is after I waiting for one hour,they told me the stylist had another appointment at my period.) 环境和氛围不错 服务态度也还好 但是连续两次弄错了我的预约(第一次是根本没有给我预约上;第二次是在我等待了一个小时后告知我理发师有别的预约)

U.S. Cellular Agent Business Support

Katie R.

Katie Knepper colored my hair and she did an amazing job! Going in, I had very little idea of what I wanted but I know I wanted a darker color. She took the time to listen to what I needed and what my style is to come up with a great and easy-to-maintain color. Katie is a true professional who clearly takes pride in her work and I couldn't appreciate it more.

Giant Pinhead

I love Buzz. Great customer service... they are friendly and accommodating when I have an emergency, or just need a favor, always with a smile. The stylists are top notch and the salon is committed to continuing their education. Visiting professionals is a really neat touch. Also, the value of a Buzz hair styling is great - a "cleanup" is free (!!!) and the staff always seem happy to help me look my best - let me add, that is a REAL TALL order - as a no-charge service. Remember to tip!

Baikun Liu

Kelly Nelson

I always have a great experience and get a great cut with George Eaganhouse. Buzz is about quality and has a great vibe.

Terry vaske

Miriam Bulcher

I had an appointment with Erin today and she outdid herself. I have very particular hair and have had horrible experiences in the past with stylists. Welp, I just found my new favourite stylist at Buzz salon! Erin took her time to explain everything to me as she was cutting and ensuring that I understood what was happening. Can't wait to go back! :)

Dave R

Susan Vos

I love, love, love this salon!!! They focus on making your hair naturally beautiful—enhancing and bringing out your best.

Ninja Hawk


Sorayah is amazing! What a jewel I have found. She’s so caring and responsive to my hair needs, which is quite the task. The vibe and the view is also very inviting. I look forward to my next visit!

Aislinn Conrad

I am a new Buzz customer and loved my experience from start to finish. Great customer service, location, kimonos and standing haircut by Katie K.

joel calfee

BEAUTIFUL SALON!!! Great experience and I can assure you that the team is very well educated.


Love my haircut! Tiffany was my stylist and she made my hair look great!

Roxanne Bohlke

I always feel pampered at Buzz!

Michael Glass

Best fades in Iowa City. See George.

Gurjap Singh

Harsha Vadlamani

Little bit expensive but Its totally worth it. I made like 8 visits until now. Every hair stylist have their own signature haircut here. As long as I'm in the area, I'm not going anywhere else :)

Marcia Campos

I’ve been going to this salon for 2 years and they have never disappointed me. Nice environment, very skilled hairstylists and friendly staff. I have Tiffany Bennett and Erin Ross and love both. I think the price is fair for the quality service they provide. Would definitely recommend it!

Mary McGough

I made an appointment in the salon to see a woman that was going to cut my hair in the morning but I had to come back later during the day. When I returned to the salon, the person at the desk said the stylist would be with me shortly. I sat upstairs on the bench and waited for about 40 min. It turned out that the woman wasn't even coming in that day. So then I got a guy that was going to do my hair and he was very friendly. He apologized for the long wait and said that "it was on us." So I was like, awesome! I get a really nice haircut for free! I wanted to get a shorter haircut that touched my collarbones and I wanted it to be easy to still pull back without any pieces in my face. He told me he could do that no problem. But then he started explaining to me that when you wear a haircut, "you are wearing somebody's work." That made me a little uncomfortable because he was starting to make this haircut about him and not me. He gave me my short haircut but then added in crap-tons of layers and I looked like I was back in high school with my scene-style hair. He spent a lot of time styling and applying product to my hair. Although it looked nice, I do not have the time to style my hair for the day for that long--even though he was moving fast. This is the big reason I am giving this place a 2-star: When the guy said "it's on us" to me, I assumed that meant I was free to go, so I left. I get a call about 5 minutes later from the front desk telling me that I didn't pay. I explained to her what I was told by the guy. She went to ask him about it and THEN, he claimed he did NOT recall ever uttering that phrase to me!! I KNOW that he definitely said "It's on us" but whatever. They obviously weren't going to believe me. So I ended up paying $82 dollars for this stupid haircut I didn't even like, by a guy that doesn't know what it means to say "It's on us" and that I am still trying to grow out. So, unless you have something specific in mind, do not come here! They will just use you as a sculpting piece. And your haircut better be a really fancy one that looks unlike anyone else's. Because it is NOT worth $82!!! Never going back there again.

Margaret Fortunato

Claudia Corwin

Heather Korte

I’ve been meaning to leave this review for awhile. I’ve been going to Allie Meyer for about 6 months and she has changed my hair life and I mean that. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 12 and I’ve never had better hair than I do now. I always thought since my hair was fine I had to go crazy with the color to compensate for what it was lacking. Not true. Allie has shown me how to actually do my hair and it’s effortless and I don’t have to make as many trips to get it colored now. She’s amazing and my day to day is made all the better by her.

Jason Zhang

Best in Iowa City. It is a bit more expensive compared to other barber shops and salons, but the extra price is worth. You will not leave unsatisfied. I drive 2 hours to get a cut and will do it everytime!

Meegan Donnelly Carstens

I moved to Iowa City three months ago from outside of Chicago. I had heard Buzz was downtown and might be a place to start for a decent haircut. I'm sure that the stylist knows what she is doing, however, I never really had the chance to find out. I am a single mom who works hard for special treats for herself. On my second visit to Buzz, the University of Iowa's lead football coach's daughter (follow that?) came in for a "touch up". Well, there went my appointment. My stylist spent all this time prancing around this 20 something year old and left me sitting in my chair for about 25 minutes. She actually had a new stylist shadowing her for the day and was going to put him in charge of finishing the blow dry and style. No way. I wasn't going to have it. She rushed through the appointment, was VERY concerned about her new protege speaking with other stylists and was yelling out across the salon to him, was incredibly snotty to me (she cut me off more than once and told me to "hurry up" because she was busy??) and $100 later (this did include tip but OMG!), my treat to myself was over. I've subsequently tried to schedule myself to go back for a bang trim (that is complimentary. . I think), but always cancel. I can't bring myself to do it. Seriously, people. Football may be big in Iowa but a time of peace for this single mom who shelled out hard earned money was ruined. Buzz, you're fired.

haroon ahmad

Great cuts by great people.

Madison Meier

While I cannot complain about the haircut I recieved, the customer service is a different story. The woman who cut my hair constantly stopped providing my services to talk with another client who was early for her appointment. She quickly rushed through my haircut and then asked if she could pass me off to someone else as ‘a client I see often is here and I want to get started with her early.’ The stylist then mentioned she would show me a product I was interested in, but had abandoned me when I was finished with my haircut. Overall I recieved an overpriced haircut and crummy cutsomer service!

A Callendine

I think this place expensive for a hair cut. I do know they have different levels of stylists, some who are flown out to NYC or LA to learn the newest trends, but I just don't feel like I got the best haircut for what I paid for.

Madallena Sampaio

Shaylee Frost

Prices aren't posted anywhere in store, I paid 101 dollars for TRIM!!!! This place is outrageously expensive, do not waste your money here. It's not worth your money for a haircut that could simply be done by any mediocre hair stylist. On the website they hide the prices in the bios (who reads stylist bios first of all?). This place is overpriced for the service received. If you want your hair done go anywhere else but here and you will get better service for you money. I will be telling all of my friends to never go here and to tell their friends the same. This place is a scam.

Evert Yang

Cole Accola

Amanda O

There is no doubt Buzz is one of the more expensive salons in Iowa City, but you will absolutely get your money's worth. I went to Buzz wanting to get my hair darkened with some bayalage highlights. My stylist, Mariah, was so honest about what she thought that would look like, and made some suggestions that would be more practical for everyday maintenance for my hair. She walked me through all of the steps when she was styling my hair, so I would be able to do it myself at home. Buzz has been one of the best salon experiences I have ever had, and by far the best color I have ever gotten. Definitely worth the investment!!!

Cory Hirsch

Great environment offering a great experience! Mayson did an exceptional job giving me a haircut and sculpt massage. Everyone in the place seemed very professional but more importantly very welcoming. If you’re looking to add vibrancy to your style and looks, I highly recommend Buzz Salon!

Kristen M

Ross Bittner

Garik Himebaugh

Best haircut I’ve had in Iowa City, or anywhere for that matter.

Riley McLeod

I've gone to other salons before, but always come back to Buzz. They know what they're doing and they do it well.

Ben Hoffman

I was looking for a place close to campus to get a haircut and realized I walked past Buzz every day on my way to class! George was amazing and nailed the look I was going for. I look forward to going back again!

Lee Blake

Abby R

Very neat modern salon located on downtown Iowa City's Ped Mall plus great hair stylists. They do both women's and men's haircuts. They also do kid's haircuts, my three year old loves Buzz Salon. They are also usually able to get us in on short notice. They also offer a nice selection of hair products and make-up too.

Gage Wente

Some competitor must be trying to bad mouth Buzz because I've had great experiences with several of the staff members. The staff is, in my experience, exceptionally skillful and passionate about their craft. I'm a twenty year-old male and have received stylings from several of the employees since my first visit. I went on a recommendation and was not let down - from getting my moptop trimmed to a Mad Men-styled cut to getting growing-out stylings, all of the employees, especially Dylan, have given me excellent service to the point where I now just tell them vague plans for what I want to be doing with my hair and leave the rest in their hands. If you want a guaranteed satisfying haircut, go to Buzz!

Celeste Smith

sagg nine

Amazing Amazing Amazing! I am from LA and stay here for work - this is the most modern, hip looking place I have seen in a while - and I have seen a few around the world. Staff is professional, up to date on cuts and styles and not expensive. If you wanna feel like you are in NYC for an hour - that's the place to go to.

Alex Friedrich

Tim C consistently gives great cuts. Besides the cut, the experience is wonderful. No complaints.

Marco Cuellar

I have been going to Buzz for a few years now and have never been disappointed. Honestly, best men’s hair stylists in town. See George!

google user

I scheduled an appointment with Buzz salon for an overall color lift and dye. I came in for my appointment and started consulting with my stylist about what I wanted done. Considering my hair is very dark and I needed to be lifted to a near white-blonde, my stylist decided to have a strand test done. For the duration of the processing time for my strand test I chatted with my stylist about my hopes for the service. I thought everything was going well and the atmosphere was nice. My strand test was done and my color hadn't lifted enough. My stylist went to go consult the owner of Buzz and when she came back she told me the owner said they wouldn't be able to do the service unless I was willing to lose 5-6 inches of my hair! I began weighing the pros and cons then my stylist told me that they couldn't do the service at all anymore because they couldn't "accept liability". I was peeved, but I said thank you and collected my things. On my way out I wanted to check out the smashbox cosmetics. As I was trying an eyeliner, a women ( I assume is the owner, Jody), uprubtly came up to me and said "you need to come with me, Get your things" I was confused and I followed her as she said "We're going outside". "Why are we out here?" I asked once we where standing in the freezing cold outside the buzz salon doors. She looked at me as said "We're just to busy to have people hanging out in our store". I was shocked. I had just spent the last half hour trying to pay the salon upwards of $200 for this service, was denied, and now I was getting kicked out while I was shopping for make up? "I was just checking out the make-up, I wasn't "hanging out", I said. The owner pushed me by the shoulders and sternly said "Have a nice day". I will never go to this salon again after being treated like a criminal. I have told all my friends about this experience, and the staff at both Sally's Beauty Supply and G-spot, (they were all appalled and said they'd no longer recommend Buzz) Thankfully, the staff at G-spot gave me my full service wonderfully and I didn't have to lose any hair. I got just what I wanted. Turns out Buzz just didn't know what they we're doing.

peter mickelson

Brooke Patterson-Browning

Mitchell Tamashunas

Christian Theodore

Used to get my hair cut here exclusively when I lived in Iowa City. All their stylists are very talented and it seems like they take every opportunity to participate in more training and teaching seminars. I mostly went to Mariah, who is an absolute pro; she takes her time and focuses on really granular detail when cutting/styling and I have yet to find somebody in my new city who is even close to as good as her.

Maggie Mueller

I paid $117 to get my hair TRIMMED. That is all


Everyone was wonderful, friendly, helpful & Kind! TIM is THE BEST hairdresser ... I sent a photo of myself to my daughter and Grandchildren... My Geanddaughter texted me..." Nana, you look 10 yrs younger, it's the Best Hair you have ever had." She is 12 and my daughter is a great hairdresser also.... She said, it was my best hair ever. I Will be back to see Tim next year when we return from Maryland.. Tim Was also a Beautiful Person! (Another perk.)

Nathan Luna

Tom Carsner

Great cut. Great employees.

Eric Hebel

I have really enjoyed going to this salon. It has such a fun vibe and great music is always playing (which is always a plus)! I have gone twice now and each time has been an enjoyable experience. Sean has been my stylist each time. His experience shows. I have yet to leave the salon and not love my haircut. Sean is not only a great stylist with super helpful knowledge, but he is talkative and makes the whole experience a lot of fun. He seems to really care about his clients.

Mary Kate Rosenfelder

Today was my second time going to Buzz Salon for a haircut. I have VERY thick hair and have never had anyone who could figure out how to give me layers without making it look choppy. Mariah was INCREDIBLE. I would suggest her every single time. It can be pricey, but it is 100% worth the money. She dedicates so much time to make sure it looks great. I will continue to go to her as long as I am in Iowa City. Very thankful for you Mariah!!

Caitrin Rames

I will never return, or refer another person. While I've gotten some amazing cuts from some of the stylists, I won't patronize a business where customer loyalty isn't returned in any way. The entire appearance of offering superb service, happily and genuinely, rapidly becomes an obvious facade if you ever overhear the staff gossiping with each other. I can equally amazing quality services from other salons, and where I feel like my business is just as appreciated as someone who thinks nothing of dropping $100 or more on products and services whenever they feel like it. It says a lot that it was my favorite splurge to be schedule with them, I think it says more that I'll never do it again. What a shame.

Chase Schweitzer

Allie was dope.

Jamie Abernathy

Latisha K

Frank Ruiz

Upscale salon with upscale prices. I only bought some of their items so I'm not sure how good they are at cutting hair. The location is nice and the building looks very unique.

Nick Hilgendorf

Highly recommend Tiffany!

amy froelich

Thank you, Tim and the management at Buzz!!! I had a disappointing first experience with a stylist who didn't listen to any of my wishes and gave me a totally off-base haircut *but* they did the right thing and set it all straight. Tim took me under his wing, totally understood my vision, instantly knew how to fix it, and I feel like a million bucks now :) A haircut at Buzz is very expensive but working with a stylist like Tim makes it worth every penny and the management genuinely cares about their clients' experiences. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rachael V


My bangs were completely butchered. Even after the owner tried to fix them, they still look like I let a young child hack at them with safety scissors. They're far too short to do anything more with so I have the privilege of being embarrassed to go in public for the next month or two. I've been a customer for five years but next time I need a cut or color I'll try out Zen Salon and Spa.

Deborah Mulford

Justin Newnum

George always does a great job on my hair. They also always seem to be on schedule.


Loved my first experience here! It's pretty tough to find a good stylist that works with curly hair (surprisingly in today's day and age.) I was always hesitant about getting a cut with my hair but behold buzz salon full of wonderful people. I had my very first appointment with them today and it was spectacular! Sorayah was my stylist and she was ready for me before my actual appointment time. All my curly gals that need a change with their hair, a cut, etc. request SORAYAH HAMILTON to be your stylist she's obsessed with curly hair. She listened to what I needed/wanted and executed it very well and actually did as I requested. She's such a fun person and a sweetheart as well and gives you good pointers/tips about your hair. Sorayah cuts your curls dry (like it should be done) which is a big thing to me because my past experience with a cut at a different salon they cut my hair while wet (yikes.) Thank you so much Sorayah and Buzz salon for this experience I wish I'd known about you sooner. Ps. I didn't see an option to tip whilst checking out if there was an option that I didn't see I'm super sorry would love to tip next time <3

Storm Malicious

Old listings don't show names because it was not a feature in old versions of reviews. Threatening and belittling people for expressing their opinion in a public forum makes me believe you would be a business that I wouldn't support. Best of luck with attracting the crowd you desire with attitudes that I would not allow my two year old to display in public. --EDIT-- The reason I referred to this business as a 2 year old throwing a tantrum was due to an experience I was made aware and how they treated my sister. If I heard a business owner speak to someone in that manner, especially to a young lady who has minimal experience dealing with confrontational owners, she would have already had an earful. In grand fashion, Jodi once again has shown her true intentions of ripping off young folks. Save your money and go somewhere that will appreciate your business.

Chris Nauss

Tiffany Hannah

The stylist at BUZZ are some of the best in the industry!

Wei Guo

Good service nice haircut

Stella Lindaman

I’ve been to Buzz twice now. My first experience was wonderful and my hair looked great! I got balayage color treat this first time and asked for vanilla blonde. This treatment took around 3 hours and I was blown away by the service and result. This last time I went to buzz I also had a balayage session booked with a different stylist. Unfortunately I did not receive the same quality of hair care as my last visit. This session lasted only around 1 1/2 hours and was rushed, although the customer service remained wonderful. I didn’t see a difference in my hair, my blowout was sub par, and there was no styling afterwards. I’ve recently noticed that my blonde balayaged strands have been breaking towards the root and I have changed nothing in my hair care routine. Also, now that my roots have grown a little I also notice that the color is not blended with the root at all and looks like foils. This is disappointing considering I booked a balayage and specfied an easily grown out color that blended with my natural roots. I’m very disappointed because I was expecting to receive that remarkable service from last time I visted Buzz. The discrepancies I’ve experienced at Buzz make the extremely expensive price tag hard to justify. My best advice personally would be to choose the stylist you work with wisely!

Linda Materna

Soraya is an artist. She infuses her work, which itself is inspired, with passion, vision and joy.

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