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Debbie Sargeant

I always felt a little sad for the women I saw who had thinning hair. And then it happened to me. I was afraid this was my lot in life and likely a wig was in my future. I had seen the commercials about Transitions but was very skeptical - it was probably going to be a costly dream that would go nowhere. I was desperate, though so I tried. My skepticism was wrong! After a round of laser treatments, Melissa put a camera to my scalp and I could see for myself that I have new growth! I added a round of PRP and my recent follow-up showed even more growth. And all of this was affordable. Another thing that really impressed me was never being "sold" more options than what I needed to get results. This wasn't a money inspired organization - more one where everyone I came in contact with were interested in helping each client. I highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing with thinning hair!

Angela Lerew

My results are more than I could have ever imagined, and I continue to see more growth!! I feel great and have more confidence!

Judy wells

Its so very easy to use their services. The staff is very pleasant and accommodating. The products to support the services are surprisingly well priced.

Laura Thomann

Five months ago, I was shopping for a wig because my hair was getting so thin. I decided to try calling Transitions. I have been on their lazer treatment program and have been using their hair products I am amazed at the improvement in my hair regrowth and the condition of my scalp. Before you buy that wig, I suggest you give Transitions a try.

Othoniel Santiago

Great, great, great! Great staff, great results, greater confidence. The laser and scalp treatments have yielded results much quicker than I had anticipated. I had been a bit skeptical about laser and hair restoration treatments in general - but it works and it's worth every penny!

Kc Loer

My only regret about choosing Transitions of Indiana for my hair restoration process is that I didn’t take the plunge sooner! I began noticing my hair loss approximately five years ago, in my early 20’s. It was during this time that I began my research on what options were available to me to turn back the clock and reclaim the hair that I once had in High School. I scheduled various consultations at numerous locations in the Indy Market, many of which made me feel uncomfortable. Just when I felt as though all hair-restoration locations were scams, I stumbled upon Transitions of Indiana. The rest is Hair-story. ☺ From the moment that I walked into their offices five years ago for my free hair restoration consultation, I immediately felt at home. I left their clinic that day feeling confident in their work and determined to follow through with the hair transplant option. Before I could make an appointment to follow through with the procedure, life happened and I wasn’t able to get the surgery. Fast-forward five years, I was going through a career change and entering into the beauty industry. Now was the time to make my dreams of having a full head of hair a reality. I visited Transitions again and the entire staff welcomed me back to their offices. They all remembered me from my visit years before. The atmosphere in their offices is the perfect amount of professional and relaxed. After consulting with one of their hair restoration professionals, it was eye-opening to see how much hair I had lost in the past five years. Upon revisiting my options, Transitions and I came to a mutual agreement that the hair transplant surgery was no longer the best option for me in order to achieve the end results that I had in mind. It is then that I decided to go through with the non-surgical procedure. The staff took measurements of my head and retrieved tiny samples of my hair, in order to achieve the most accurate color. I ordered my system on the spot and 3 months later I got the call that I had been waiting for for new hair was in and ready to be installed! I booked my appointment and never looked back. The day I had my system installed, was a day that I'll never forget and it's all thanks to the amazing staff at Transitions. The doctor that has been with me every step of the way was there to greet me and congratulate me. Next, I was taken into a private room where I met Debi, the Office Manager. She is probably one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She answered any final questions or concerns I had and informed me of how to properly take care of my new hair. Next, I was lead into another private room where Cambria, the hair stylist, performed the procedure. I was amazed at how spot-on the color was and how natural the hair looked!!! Cambria is absolutely amazing as well! She was eager to collaborate with me in order to achieve the style I have always wanted. I have had my new hair for 4 months now and I haven't been this confident in years! I have received numerous compliments on my new hair and the hairline looks beyond natural! The adhesive that Transitions uses is top of the line and keeps my system in place between monthly visits to Transitions. Once a month, I visit Cambria for touchups and for a haircut. We also catch up on what's been going on since my last visit. She is extremely personable and has such a sweet disposition. For those of you that are experiencing hair loss and are interested in reclaiming what is rightfully yours, I highly recommend Transitions of Indiana. Trust me, after your free consultation with their staff that will easily become your second family, you will feel confident in their ability change your life for the better. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


David Peck

I can not recommend this place and their service enough! Went in seeking some information and solutions to my increasing hair loss and met with Darren. He went over multiple services and potential solutions, and ultimately I decided to on the Sensigraft from Transitions. It is astonishing how seamless and real it is. I think the biggest testament is that not a single person has commented on it to me. Every coworker walks by and has no idea, it is as if it was there the whole time. Additionally, and I am not even sure how this is possible, but I can't feel it. No exaggeration, it in no way feels like I am wearing anything. That might actually be the most amazing thing about it. Whatever my best expectations were have been exceeded ten fold. If you are even remotely considering this, you owe it to yourself to at least go have a conversation with them. The staff is polite, friendly, and in no way pushy or high pressure.

Megan Bottoms

I am so happy with my experience at Transitions! The staff are so great and make me feel so comfortable. Hair loss is not an easy thing to handle and the staff really make you feel like you're not alone! I absolutely love the products and services they offer. I swear by the vitamins and follicle stimulator. I even get my hair cut there, they really are a full service operation! I've had great results the last three years and I will keep going back to maintain my progress! So glad I decided to make the call and have the courage to walk in their office!

Patti Hafenbridle

My results we faster & better than I could have imagined. After 20 years of thinning hair & falling self esteem I decided to schedule an appointment. The combination of products, laser & prp started working and continues to work. I can now go out in the wind & not worry about a bald spot getting uncovered. My beautician was also amazed. Highly recommend. People there are awesome too!

Sherron Taylor

I and extremely satisfied with the result of my laser therapy and how quickly I saw results. The staff was very friendly and provided excellent service. I would absolutely refer others to them because they truly grow hair.

Tyler Giver

Got a scalp micropigmentaion procedure done through this company. I spent over $5,000.00 It turned out terrible. The dots didn't look like hair follicles. Some where blue and bunched together. The hairline and side profiles looked very unrealistic. Still having it lasered off. 6 tattoo laser removals up to date. No refunds or anything given. Please do your research and go else where.

Mary Schmid

My mother had very thin hair and because of that I have always feared I would be faced with the same thinning hair as I matured. As I noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner I decided to check out Transitions of Indy. I am so glad I did! In just 6 months of scalp and laser treatments my hair is thicker, fuller, and I am even growing new hair. My hair stylist even noticed the new growth! The hair specialist and staff truly care about you and your hair loss journey. I highly recommend Transitions of Indy!

Ralph Heim

I started losing my hair in my late 20's and for years I hated looking in the mirror at myself. I seen all of the hair restoration commercials but was always afraid that it would not look natural and I wouldn't be able to afford it. After my divorce in 2012 I decided I was going to do something for myself and stepped out of my comfort zone and contacted Transitions and scheduled my free consultation. It has been three years since I made the best decision of my life and I feel more confident about myself and my appearance than I have since I was a teenager. If I could give anyone experiencing hair loss advise I would say don't wait years like I did to do something about it schedule your appointment now with Transitions and let them show you what they have to offer and you will be very happy that you did.

Jan Nasser

I was very skeptical at first if these laser treatments would really work, but I was at a point to where I was desperate to do something about it, because my hair was just getting thinner by the day. After about two to three months, I definitely noticed my hair starting to have more volume and the thin spots were starting to fill in. I wasn't having to spend as much time anymore covering up thin spots on my head when I styled my hair. The staff there is very friendly and helpful too. First thing I walk in, they know my name, they offer me coffee, and I'm in and out of there in less then 40 minutes.

Shear Pointe Hair Restoration Center

Want a fresh start in life? We received a call from someone who did. He was relocating from Indianapolis to Detroit and wanted his fresh start with more hair. Rather than wait until after the move, we directed him to Transitions of Indiana. He chose non-surgical hair restoration and they did an amazing job! Jillian’s cutting, and styling was a work of art and Loren’s follow up and attention to detail made his transition to Detroit a confident one. If you want a fresh start with more hair Transitions of Indianapolis is the place to go.

Nikki Reed

My hair sort of fell apart after 10+ years of doing fun colors, blow drying, straightening, etc. After a year of trying to make my hair grow I decided I wasn't the best person to fix it. Transitions helped get my scalp healthy again through laser and PRP treatments- it started growing again and now my stylist at the salon will make comments like "WE JUST CUT YOUR HAIR- How is it this long again??". They really can help- go talk to them!

Tricia VanDusen

I had such a wonderful experience. When I came in for my initial consultation, everything was explained to me in detail. This made it very easy for me to make my decision to continue. Every person I encountered throughout my time there was incredibly kind and helpful. As with anything worth doing, it takes time and you have to be patient. I have gained so much confidence in my appearance. I would highly recommend Transitions.

Diana Robertson

After noticing thinning hair on my scalp, I went to another hair place and left with a hard sell to buy their products and a year long hair salon package and told to use Minoxidil--all for a hefty price tag. No thank you! I like my hairdresser and a big fat NO to greasy chemicals on my scalp (Eww). Then I saw an ad on TV and went to Transitions for a free consultation. I met with the nicest guy (Will) who was also a Transitions success story. He showed me before and after photos of women who resembled me with similar thinning hair who did the laser treatments. He said I wouldn't have to use Minoxidil. So I decided to give it a try. I use their Mediceuticals hair products, hair vitamins with DHT blockers, and did 6 months of laser treatments. My hairdresser has been mentioning new growth she is seeing. Melissa just did my 6 month scope and showed me all the new hair growth sprouting up. The after photos show a big difference of new growth and less visible thinning. I'm so glad I did this. I purchased a HairMax home device from Transitions to maintain my new hair growth and will continue using their hair products and vitamins. If you want results, go see Will or Melissa. Don't wait until your hair follicles die completely. There is data on laser hair therapy and it's been proven that it works.

Dawn Ellerman

Everyone was very friendly and explained how every thing works. I really enjoyed going to my appointments. I am so glad I made the call. I hated my hair it was thin and hard to work with. I called it trying to hide the holes. What a difference, my hair is a lot thicker and easier to work with and hair is still growing. I would like to do some more laser treatments to make my hair thicker. Very pleased customer.

Molly Linker

When I found Transitions I was amazed at all the options they have available. The staff is friendly and very educational. I currently have laser and scalp treatments. My results have been nothing less than above satisfaction! My hair looks wonderful, it is much thicker and continues to show new growth. The products they offer are very effective in helping promote scalp hygiene during and in between treatments. Transitions has changed my life.


This is a great experience. Within only 5 months I started to see lots of hair growth. It was way beyond my expectations. I should have done it years ago and skipped all the frustration!

Treva Epperly

Since getting laser & scalp treatments at Transitions, my thin spots have started filling back in. The results...I don't have to spend time trying to cover up the thin spots anymore! Welcome back hair!! Thanks Transitions!! :)

Kaesey Malone

Transitions did nothing for me except cost me money (over $3000). I have thinning around my crown, and they suggested the laser hair treatments (40ish of them). After those treatments were done, I was told that they recommended additional laser sessions, so I did around 20 more. Out of the 60ish treatments I did, I only missed 5. I never saw ANY regrowth, in fact, it got worse. I didn't finish my additional treatments, as it doesn't seem it would have made a difference anyway. I have thyroid issues, which causes my hair to fall out. However, I was told by Transitions that my hair loss was genetic (not sure how they know that). I was never told that the treatments wouldn't work if I had underlying medical issues, although that sure seems to be the case.

Melissa Green

My hair has never looked better! I no longer lose hair and my hair is much thicker and healthier, thanks to laser hair therapy. Great technology with guaranteed results!

Trena Patrick

A woman's greatest accessory is her hair! She can have the nicest outfits, the best looking pair of shoes, the most expensive handbag, jewelry and of course the best application of makeup but... if she does not have her hair, she still will not have the confidence she needs. Transitions can give her back her hair while giving her a more youthful look. I know... I am a client and looking in the mirror each day I thank Transitions for giving me my life back!!

Angie R

Transitions of Indiana isn't too good to be true. They have the technology and product to help regrow your hair - it's amazing. You owe it to yourself to go in for a free consultation and see what they can do for you. The staff is professional and caring and you will see results. Make the time commitment - it's worth it.

Louise Ray

There's a solution here for you. I recommend you visit today to find your answers and a plan that works for you, too!

Anne Bradley

The staff at Transitions of Indiana are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I've been getting hair laser treatments for 9 months, and my hair is fuller and healthier than it's been in years! I've not only gained hair, but my confidence, as well! Thank you Transitions of Indiana!

gaddam shirisha

They should have told me that they are applying for a credit card and it will be hard inquiry. I was still thinking about it.

Melody Kaster

This place is Simply Amazing. They have given me my confidence back. They have an Amazing Staff. I would recommend them 100%. Special shout out to Heidi D., Lindsey, and Jackie. You girls are Awesome!!

Katie Jo Robinson

Highly effective laser treatments and friendly staff!

Anne Thom

The staff here are great! They help you find a solution that works best for you. I should have done this years ago. So happy with my results! My hair looks like it did when I was 20!

Monica Koors

I had given up on my thinning hair and resorted to wearing a hat (beret) all day long every day. One day a coworker spoke with me and recommended Transitions. I was a candidate for laser and scalp treatments. I couldn't be more pleased. I have new hair growth and thicker healthier hair. The good news is that I have retired my beret and feel so much happier and confident. No showing bald spots in the back of my scalp. If you are self conscious about your hair, give Transitions a call. They individualize your plan to fit you and the staff is knowledgable and compassionate. I go there for all of my hair care needs, and I'm so glad I do!!


Transitions is top-of-the-line. The staff is lovely--very friendly and professional--and the treatments are highly effective. I'm in my mid-twenties and started to notice some hair loss at my hairline and generally across the top of my head. Within a few months of laser treatment, my hair looks and feels both thick and full again. If you're unhappy with the state of your hair, I guarantee Transitions can change that for you.

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