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REVIEWS OF Beauty Brands IN Indiana

Kathy Brown

Great deals

Joan Chandler

Meredith Livingston

So disappointed the Beauty Brands is closing/closed.

Odalis Estevez

BK Moyer

Destiny Mitchell

One of the worst experiences of my life!!!!! I'm very pickey about my hair. It's super long and curly. I wanted to keep the length but I wanted a full dye and highlights and lowlights. I just wanted about a inch taken from the length. I wanted platinum blonde and violet low and highlights. So where do we start. For 1 I was there all day almost after 6 hrs and I look in the mirror you couldn't even tell I got my hair done. I was so unhappy!! When I went to pay and it was $196.00 I just started to cry!! The manager asked what was wrong and I told her I wasn't happy. I showed her pictures of what I wanted and she admitted it looked nothing like it. She told me not to pay and wait till next time I came in. So I returened the next day, which mind you was my birthday and had to sit another 6 hours there for it to be even worse then the 1st time. From where the blonde was to chunky and she put the violet over that those highlights are now pink. Then whole back of my head is a pink because when she took the foils out because she said they had set already before the front was done, the violet bleed on the blonde and my whole hair is different colors. Then the manager said how do u feel? I tell her I'm not happy and she says if I want her to fix it again I have to pay for those services. So u mean to tell me because u guys messed it up again!!! I have to pay!! Then she tells me the colors I want don't go w my natural hair. My hair is brownish blonde. I said okay then why didn't u tell me that before I sat here for 12 hrs and you guys want me to pay almost $200 bucks for something I could have done w markers. She says well it's actually $260 because we under charged you. I was like even better this should like I got this hair done in Hollywood for that type of money. She then says she has to call the store manager. She comes back says well you don't have to pay but we aren't going to fix it since you can't decide what I want. I'm like I decide what I want!!! Seriously I showed pictures upon pictures and you mean to tell me that I don't know what I want!!! No you guys just don't know how to do hair. Now I have to go some where and see if they can fix all these different colors in my hair!!! :( I'll never go back there!!! EVERRRR!! I'm extremely upset with the way I have to walk around!!!!

Emily & Terry

Nice staff. Very helpful. I needed to find a foundation for my fair/white skin. I asked for help and was swept off my a good way. Her name is Nicole. She listed to me, what I wanted, and tried a some foundation on me. She even asked if I would like her to do my whole face so I could really see what the foundation looked like on my face. She even let me try putting it on myself, and encouraged it. I had a great experience. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because it is a smaller store so it has fewer makeup products to choose from.

Jenny Wysong

Poor customer service. Unwilling to give sale price on same product just a different size when they were out of the the liter size item. It was seven dollars. My total bill was over $100 dollars. guess what I did? I left it all there for them to sell to someone else. I should have paid attention to the other poor reviews .

Brooke Michaels

Evelyn Brock

Emmy Cha

Francesca Skaggs

The people here are very attentive and polite. The store has a good selection of hair and beauty products. It’s a lot neater and less crowded that other beauty supply stores I know of. The make up selection is pretty good too but there are some things you won’t be able to find as far as different makeup brands.

Jason Freeman

Joe provides the most professional salon experience.

Debbie Blackburn

Joe always knows what I want done. He is very personable.


Has always done great work on my fiancees hair.

Susan Arnold

Joe Schrettenbrunner is the greatest hair dresser I've ever had. He is very attentive and respectful to his clients.

wy g

Stephanie Arthur

Linsay Korkos

LONG POST BUT IT'S IMPORTANT PEOPLE READ IT: DO NOT GO HERE FOR A CUT!!! I wish I could give this a rating of 0 stars, because after the MULTIPLE bad experiences I have had there, that's all this place deserves. Let me start off by saying that my mom and I have been going to Beauty Brands for a little over 5 years. When we first started going there, the stylists there were all very friendly, personable, and very good. The management seemed good too. I had a stylist named Kristina that I absolutely loved. I wouldn't even need to tell her how to do my hair when I would go, she just knew what to do. Eventually, Kristina found another job, so I stopped going there as much. She eventually came back to Beauty Brands this year, but within a couple of months, her and a few of the other stylists quit because one of them had opened her own shop and they told us the management was extremely bad now. At this point, we stopped going to Beauty Brands to get our hair done. Fast forward now to April of this year. I had to have a last minute makeup application done for a formal, and Beauty Brands was the only place with available times. I'm in the middle of an appointment and the manager comes up to the stylist and starts reprimanding her for a scheduling conflict and for having a client wait 30 minutes past her appointment time. She started arguing with my mom when my mom asked her if she could wait until AFTER our appointment was done before she started treating her employee that way for something that wasn't her fault. The manager was extremely rude and disrespectful the entire time. Now for the worst part. I went in today for a color only because they were, once again, the only place with an opening (makes you wonder why they always have openings). My appointment was at 3, so I get there and tell the girl I want a color. She convinces me to go ahead and get a hair cut because she said coloring can be very drying. I reluctantly agreed. After she washes the color out, she says she wants to redo it because it didn't lighten it as much as we both wanted. I was like sure okay why not. Then she says she wants to start my cut before she redoes the highlights. She cuts my hair in like 5 minutes, but I didn't say anything because I knew she wasn't done with the cut yet. Then she dries my hair and starts putting the second round of highlights in. My mom starts looking at my hair and makes a comment about how the back looks choppy. The girl said she noticed it and that she was going to go back over everything after she was done with the color. She starts cutting my hair again, only touching the back the entire time. My mom comes back and tells her that she is making it look even worse and that she needs to stop. I hadn't even seen my hair yet until then. I finally get to look and I can't even tell you how bad it was. It was choppy, full of uneven layers and lengths, gaps, and it looked like the girl had no idea what she was doing. She made excuses the entire time saying she hadn't gone over a certain area yet. My mom was so furious that she told the girl to stop touching my hair and that she wants someone who knows what they are doing to do it. Then the manager (the same one from the first incident) comes over and starts arguing with my mom telling her she needs to calm down. She even argues with me when I asked her why she allowed her employee to continue cutting my hair when she admitted she was watching her do it. A completely different stylist had to come and try and fix my hair up as much as she could. By the time everything was done, my appointment lasted 5 and a half hours. Best believe I didn't pay the $150 it was going to be. I got the color I wanted, but now the back of my hair is messed up and I lost about 4 inches of length that I never wanted to lose in the first place. DO NOT go here for any kind of service.

Catie Pepper

Great selection, friendly staff & reasonable prices!

abby kilbride

My hair was supposed to be purple but it was more of an auburn and my ends were my natural hair colors. I went in to go get it fixed and they said it'd be 32.00$ for them to fix THEIR mistake so I called for a refund of my 195$ because after washing my hair once a week with cold water my hair faded from its PERMANENT purple hair color and is basically back to its natural hair color. If I could give 0 stars I would! Over priced for the horrible service!

Alex Patrevito

Have been going here for over a year for salon services. My stylist (Joe) is wonderful and always does an excellent job. Nice to have a regular stylist. Staff are always friendly and there is always a good selection of quality hair care products. The cost forna hair cut is a little more, but it's worth it because it's cut the way I want and well every time. Will continue to go here for hair service.

David V

My wife was a long time client although is no longer for a few different reasons. First, they have a problem holding onto good nail technicians. Each time she would find one that she liked they would be gone the next time she went back. Its been my experience anytime there is a constent turnover of employees it indicates there are problems. Secondly, her last technician was supposed to be a "senior" level technician although she did some thing that no one had ever done at that establishment or other places (When she travels for business she oftens treats herself to a pedicure or a massage) which was make my wife's toes bleed. Keep in mind she has this done regularly. Third, this same technician spilled the majority of a bottle of nail polish (that my wife had previously bought there) over her purse. It took 20-30 minutes and acetone based nail polish remover to get the majority off her purse. The technician made no offer to replace the bottle she had spilled nor was it mentioned during payment. After hearing of this experience from my wife, I said at the least they should replace her polish. She went back in immediately and explained the situation to the manager. Who said she couldn't replace it. To me this is very bad business and customer service. Because they lost a dedictated client over basically the cost of a bottle of nail polish. That was the straw that broke the camels back for my wife, as a result they have one less client.

Meranda Schroeder

Jennifer Lalond

Good stylists and friendly staff!

Ashley Wojcik

Doug Smiley

Luan Voehringer

Sad they are gone out of business now

Ashlyn Yocom

Erroll Trouillier

Beauty Brands has many types of beauty products. I found that some items were very expensive. However, I am a man how don't usually buy these things.

Brooks Barrick


dave ott

Stephan Milewski

Customer service was second to none. We we're glad to find a place that did not have rude or arrogant employees.

Chelsea Barrett

Missy Ritchie

Made my visit during the hair spray sale and got some good deals. The staff were helpful when I asked them for some direction.

Erin Shireman

Bill Brown

Beauty Brands has nearly everything I need and more. They carry professional products and accessories. They also have a very nice full service Salon. I can't comment on the services since I haven't received any here yet.

M Clark

Cant really take the staff in this store. And not very helpful .

Bethany Hale

Meghan is amazing and made me feel confident in her ability from the beginning. She listened to me and told me the possible outcomes of my request (I was going from bleached blonde to dark brown) and assured me that she was going to do everything in her ability to make me happy. She's also hilarious. It was a great, relaxing and successful appointment.

Jennifer Dueweke

Not that different from the reopening. Good beauty products. Haven't tried their services since the reopening. B

Mehret Kibrom

Chris-Hannah Lingle

Very friendly staff and great products. Ive gotten my nails done here and my hair cut. I've loved it after every time!

Brittany Jones

Sherry Hampton

Jackie McDaniel

S Zucco

Linda Maxey

Lots of nice things to buy .

Kassidy Jensen

Brandon Volz

Very satisfied!!

falon hurt

The representatives take their time helping you.

Alice Smith-Goeke

Meghan is great!

Joanie Engel

Love their litre sale.

Constance McMahon

Joe Schrettenbrunner is the absolute best. A master at cuts and color. We always have fun.

Alma Piedad Alarcon

Expensive and low quality

Jennifer Anderson

Bob Stout

Amber A

Always helpful staff. Just wish sometimes they knew better of products I asked for which I found they had myself

Kristina Halling

Chelle Hensley

Rachael Smith

Always deal with the same lady & she's wonderful!

Ria Swaynie

Audra Stevens

Great products and sales, sometimes the selection can be slim

Jason Eldridge

Highly recommend Joe S. for haircuts. The best stylist i've ever used.

geri brown

I used to love BB, I came in today and it was a totally different atmosphere. I’m going to be getting in contact with upper management. I asked one of the lady’s at the front counter for help and she said and I quote “you can find it yourself” I thought that was very odd.... then I went to leave and the product was clearly marked off and I asked about the discount and A DIFFERENT lady said “it seems to be that way, huh” When I asked about a simple discount. Unreal, I will never come back again.

Willow Smith

Person who checked us out made us feel like she was mad at us. Whenever something wrong happened she would sigh loudly and she said "I'm gonna go and have to get her again" after sighing for about the 3rd time.

Jake Ball

Dianna Reid

I'm glad they're back open...good pricing and friendly sales staff.

Kristie McCoy

Good sales, nice staff

Jill Plichta

I have been getting my hair done at Beauty Brands for several years. Joe Schrettenbrunner is the best stylist! He does a great job getting to know his clients and their preferences. He has great ideas for change when desired. I have a hard time making decisions about what cut or color would look best on me and appreciate his expertise. He always makes sure you are happy with your cut or color or he will work on it until you are. Always enjoy the experience!

Cheryl Croghan

Love shopping here. Recommend Kim for pedicures and massages

Thomas Ringenberg

I'm not one to make negative comments on reviews, but I do not want this happening to more parents in Avon. My daughter was to get her hair cut and colored. The fee quoted was $100 with a non-master stylist. When we checked out we were presented a bill for $150. We were told our daughter "said it was ok" because she needed more color. Our daughter is 13. Is it because they are so bad at estimating costs to color hair, or greed and taking advantage of a 13 year old. A call to the manager got nothing. Not even an apology. I Will Let Everyone I Can Tell Know The Lack of Honesty and Integrity At This Business

amy stovall

Kelly Miciek

Out of my product for months!! I keep asking uuug!!

Michelle Mcclimon

John Harvey

Wife shops there

Alyssa Clark

Lisa Hornbeck

Friendly staff, not pushy.

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