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REVIEWS OF Mena's Hair Design IN Illinois

Desiree Wittgenfeld

I will never have respect for this place. I took my daughter there to get her hair done and they gave me a comb to comb out her hair before they did it... I told them not to cut her hair and they did anyways, I asked them to flat iron her hair and they did the front but just blow dried the back.... I will not return I did even want to give them 1 star

Ka'ryn S

Kemo gets my hair really straight. Go Tuesday /Thursdays and receive a ten dollar discount. 95% of their clientele has naturally long hair that should tell you something about their skills.


Mz. lei Fourfabgirlz

carmen Lewis

Fallon Gordon

Daniel is great, always available when I walk in and provides an awesome consistent Service. Ask for Daniel!

Abena Story

Lynn Logan

Mena and George miss you guys I've been in Ga 7yrs now and I can't tell you how many times I wanted to fly back once a month just to get my hair done!!!!! No one does hair like MENA and no one washes your hair like GEORGE you guys are the best in the WORLD!!!! Hope to see you in Jan. When I'm there for a visit.

Nikia Wade

Karen Sims

I'm updating my review to add that I went to an Egyptian hair salon in Merrillville and the service was spectacular unlike Menas RUDE treatment. The owner at the Egyptian salon was very kind and knowledgeable about different hair types. He asked if it was my 1st time at their shop, he gave a consult and also made some recommendations on caring for my hair so I can achieve what I'm trying to do with my hair. I recommend Egyptian salon in Merrillville over Menas ANYDAY! I WILL DEFINITELY BE GIVING MY BUSINESS TO A SALON THAT CARES FOR THEIR CLIENTS SATISFACTION & NOT JUST TRYING TO MAKE A QUICK DOLLAR. My review was based on the reluctance I felt I received when I stated I didn't want my entire head permed. After I stated that I was asked several times am I sure, I said yes I'm sure and again I felt reluctance because another individual asked why dont I want a perm and I said I'm natural. Then the man stated then do a virgin perm, so I agreed because as stated in PREVIOUS review I wanted my hair done so I accepted & Agreed to the relaxer. I made a note in my review that I did agree to the relaxer; however, I found it to be strange & useless to recommend a keratin treatment after I expressed I didn't want a perm. I guess maybe my expectations were set to high, I expected to have someone at the shop give me several options other than a relaxer. So my issue is not the result of my hair but the lack of options presented when I stated several times I really didnt want a perm but convinced it was recommended after the fact that I should have went with a keratin treatment. When I did my research on your shop it stated you specialize in natural African American hair, but when I entered your shop no one offered any other options to me on meeting my needs of staying natural until after I was permed, blow dryers & styled. So that is my confusion, as a new person visiting why is it I was not given other options other than the 1 question that was posed by members of Menas Hair design?

Laura Hickenbottom

KJ Readus

Excellent staff, products, and prices

Jessica Wright

Michelle Rivera

At first it was all good I explained and even showed a picture of what I wanted, I made it clear that i didn't what a strong color something more natural, and i also made it clear i didn't want it to look like a whole lot changed. Once everything was done I had no words for what I looked was nothing like the picture and there was alot of a color that did not look natural. And more hair was dyed than it should've been.

Yalonda Buckley

Tina Ousley

I have not had my hair done in a shop for over 2.5 years and I chose to come back to Mena's. I am thrilled about the 24 hr access. So came at 630am and I got Ramario who I have nick named RA! His service was superb. Most of all, he is very kind, respectable and courteous! I recommend his services to all!

Monica Martino

Huge place. Unique clever and useful 24 hr availability open. Variety of specialty stylists, colorists, all types of hair. Has a pool table and recliners area for relaxation time! Great place. Very good prices. Free parking in lot well lit inside, very nice staff.

Scherry Lynn

Tamika Wells

Shay Lewis

amanda lee

Lashaundria Altman

I went to Mena’s Hair Design Thursday night after work. I was very pleased with my hair. Thanks Romario you are the best!

Daniel Asgedom

Sharee Greenwood

Angela Blackwell

Renee Bryant

Mena is awesome

Tzeira Amariel

latasha harris

They are 24 hours

erica ollie

Fast service. Everyone was nice and the guy who did my hair was on point ask for Tony.

Evelyn G

MENA does my hair, and I’m happy EVERY time I go, the shop is very clean and always professional, from the products to the individual care, I LOVE THEM!!! Got my hair growing long and flowing down my back #AllSmiles #SeeYouAllAgainSoon #HappyHolidays ☺️

Hugs Inc. HealthCareer Training Center

Fast service hair was done nicely

shavawn crawford


Cynthia Woods

I absolutely love getting my hair done here. Hats off to Mike for making my hair beautiful.

meagan james

Lavada David

Please do not get your hair styled by Menas egyptian hair salon especially the one in Lansing Illinois. I took my daughter there for an wash and blow dry, and after waiting 40 minutes for her to get serviced the manager asked me if I can pay now after only washing her hair. I said no I will pay you once her hair is styled. The guy said ok but it will be 50.00, I said why would it be 50.00 it should only be 30.00 because it's 10.00 off regular price which is 40 00 Tuesday thru Thursday. The man proceeded to say my daughter has virgin hair and I said no she doesn't her hair is relaxed. So after arguing with him about that for 10 minutes, the stylist who was going to do her hair says, I don't honor the 30.00 special and it will be 40.00. I stated well you have to find me someone else to do her hair, because your flyer clearly says 10.00 off. The manager then says they don't have anybody else and I have to pay the 40.00. I then stated I will take my business somewhere else and walked out. The stylist took a picture of my license plate and called the police on me stating I didn't pay for the services. I asked the police what services, they didn't do anything. Police officer stated that I had to pay them 15.00 for washing her hair. And of course they wouldn't provide me the owners phone number. They will never get my business again PLEASE SHARE

drea hunn

I usually have a good experience at menas but tonight was the worst. First off i paid 80 to get my natural hair done extra because i have "virgin hair" which is fine. But everything was bad from the wash to the style. The shampoo guy ripped through my hair so bad i took the comb and combed my hair myself. The deep condition was ok. The blow dryer was so high i kept jerking my head away from the heat! I told the stylist i wanted LOOSE waves i specifically said I DID NOT WANT CURLY HAIR and when he finished i had tight shirley temple curls!! After stating my disappointment he did offer to redo my hair but i had so much heat and manipulation done to it i did not want to go through that again and damage my hair. I asked for a trim and my hair was CUT. my hair was 2 inches below my bra strap and now i can barely grab the back of my hair. Im so upset with this experience. If i do go back ill stick to who and what i kno and only let eva touch my hair for now on. 80 bucks for a sore scalp a scissor happy trim and the worst 3 hours of my life...thanks alot

Staci Mayfield

Great service, great atmosphere. Menas is the best stylist in Illinois!!! You will love your hair.

Felicia Renee

Hassan Mohamed

They professional

Patricia Clark

It was ok

Lola Jefferson

Akaoma Odeluga

Migdalia Talavera

Not what it use to be

GACHA Cookies

Shonda Bea

I like it, Eve though they are very pricey

Tiffany Moore

I was in and out. Love that. And Sasa did an AMAZING job on my natural hair!!

Airica Hill

Desiree Joyner

Great place. Very friendly,respectful, and they get you in and out.While also making sure you walk out looking gorgeous.!!!! When you go ask for Romario that my favorite.!

Mena's Hair Design

stacy doyle

Dos is an amazing stylist he gets me rite every time.

janice kelly

Great hair dressers especially Daniel. Very nice products used on hair. They actually listen to what you want done to your hair.

April Haygood

Winter Fox

It was great but as soon i as o got home probably because that day was windy but there were amazing and im a kid with natural it was not painful and almost everyone has done my hair every time i go and there amazing always get fantastic results

Paris Wimberly

Romario is an excellent stylist. He does a beautiful job of styling my hair. Consider bring in his chair if you haven't had the pleasure of getting your done by him!

Shaun Johnson

Felicia Perry

Emad relaxed nd washed my hair nd he is very good with what he do nd so is Daniel I will be going back Thank you guys

karisma Rose

Hair styling is great more talking next time doe?

Nekita Brown

It's a good place to go when know appointment needed, but I'll say they should go down on there prices a little bit. But great service!!!!!

Mz Pyt Lashawn

Lois Bobo-Thomas

This is the Perfect Hair Salon for me open 24/7. My favorite Stylist is Mike.


They do a good job but the older lady isn’t fast as the men.

Nichelle Walker

I went to Mena’s today and Daniel did my hair, was fast and curtesy.. I live coning here

Matasha Olarge

Maria Brannon Jimerson

Great Service

Tashameek Morgan

T en

if no appointment dont come before 8 you with wait until extra s staff show up

Brenda Macon

I got my hair dyed, fried, and laid to the side earlier today. This was my first time at Mena's. I was not really thrilled with the color, but I guess I should have asked to see color samples first. The blowout and styling by John, was fine. My biggest complaint was all of the dye still on my face. It looks like black soot all around my ears and jawline. I am not pleased.

Brittany Weddington

RAMEZ did a wonderful job at 1 in the morning.

stephanie covington

The best hair salon in town thanks kimo

Beverly Tasin

Daniel did my hair, the shampoo was great and so was the styling. I’ll definitely be back❤️

Sarah Joy

Love this Hair Salon! My stylist Mena is so awesome he will style your hair so beautifully! He recommended I get the Keratin Treatment to make my hair more manageable. And it worked! I can work out and don’t have to be scared of humidity anymore

Ahleseah Smith

Daniel and Mena are the best. They take excellent care of my hair.

Eala Daughtry

Kathy McCoy

Jackie Carter Is the absolute BEST STYLIST there. I came to the salon and was looking for a particular style. Ms Jackie Carter exceeded my expectation because of her expertise ( With SO MANY Years in the industry. ) She gladly accepted me as a walk-in customer, listened to me and the type of style I was requesting, and happily styled my hair. I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED even before she had finished because of her BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT! If you’re looking for someone who KNOWS hair care and can DO ANY STYLE you have in mind, visit Ms. Jackie Carter. She SUPERCEEDED expectations because that’s what she did for me!

Jevita Hamilton

Joyce Lago

I was with Mena in the beginning. When he worked for his uncle. I moved to Vegas in 07. I had to come to Chicago a few months ago and he did my hair. I'd forgotten what a "perfect" cut was and how my hair always felt like feathers. And my hair always lasts longer. I was able to put a scarf on and it lasted almost 3 weeks! I joined the far club and plan on coming from Vegas once a month to get my hair done. NOBODY DOES HAIR LIKE MENA!!!

Kevin Ross

Kimberlee Jewell

Romario is theeeeeeeeeeeee bomb!!! Excellent customer service..: been coming to Menas a long time!! So glad you're 24 hours.. been as late as midnight and as early as 3am.... same quality

Patricia Welch

Romano is the stuff!!#

Yana Poo

Mena is the best

Ann Brown

Love this place. Great hair shop for all textures of natural hair. These guys are Egyptian, so they have a lot of experience with different hair types. They mostly shampoo and blow dry. But if you feeling like you want a little more, they flat iron, color, deep treat, trim, cut, and perm.

Dwight Daniel

Bria Mcmillian

Great place to go fast and great customer service Mena is amazing

Traynaia Jonese

Everyone is so nice & Daniel does such an amazing job on my hair everytime definitely recommend!

Melissa Robinson-Ward

The salon is FILTHY! As I was having my hair serviced in November (11 degrees). I am ready to leave only to find out someone purposely stole my coat and Mena nor the staff did anything to replace or refund me for a North Face jacket. I was forced to wear a smock home. They watched the person on camera and told me all they could do was call her number. I will never return

Denise Robinson

Agents are very professional. The shop is nice, everything is clean, organized and modern. Excellent service.

Margret Lievers

When ever I go I love for George to wash and condition my hair he give the best massage and Tamir is my favorite stylist.

Carmela Bellamy

ayman saber

One of the best hair design in Chicago

LaTerra Markham

Dorian Shelton

So last minute I needed my hair done. I honestly hate going to get my hair done at the shop because it takes forever. I found a wonderful stylist for my natural hair. Ask for Ms. Jackie and she will hook you up. I absolutely love her and look forward to having her do my hair in the future.

Victoria A

It was terrible. They gave me hair breakage. If you have curly or coily hair, don't go here. They rip them out and it is not a good experience. Please go to a better salon. Also, there aren't many curly hair stylists in there. If I could rate 0 stars, I would.

Tiffany Grace

Ooen 24 hours, quick in and out, quality.

Kennika O'Neal-Butler

The men were too rough with blow drying my little girls hair. They won't go back

Tracey Williams

Twan Brown-Mitchell

I love when Mike does my hair!

Catherine Woods

Menas do great work depending on who you have style your hair. However, because they're customers are a different race they do not know the right products use on black women hair. All of their shampoos have sulfate in it when sulfate is not good for our hair. Then they charge extra for the right shampoo on our hair

Jennifer Dennie

Bianca H.

I've been coming here for a few years now. I had the pleasure of meeting Ro Mario and he did a fantastic job on my hair! This is the go to place, and ask for Ro!

Debora Daniel

Love this place in and out within one hour.

nina clay

Different but everybody lays some hair. Rather expensive but I guess if you got it

Antoinette Calloway

It was my first time visiting and I'll be back!

Elisia Humes

Dolly's Corner

Love the service! I was taken care of as soon as I walked in and my hair turned out great! I was impressed with those gentlemen!

Mz Raq

Super nice & quick

Reececup 19??

Ms. Jackie was great but the rest of my experience was not good, ive been here twice 1st time i got a cut and colored loved it lot of compliments about the cut and the tge 2nd vist was not good, the lady who did my relaxer did not speak English good she just put the relaxer in and was ready to wash right away I tried to tell her to smooth it out first but she didn't and as a result my hair wasn't as straight Jackie did her thing with the styling so I didn't complain about it, after a week i really noticed how my hair was not straight mainly in the middle to the back but also my hair has started to shed really bad and the top of my hair has gotten thin needless to say I'm upset so I call and nobody can speak English good enough to concerned with my problem Jackie wasn't there today nor was the manager they were VERY VERY RUDE told me he not her niether is Jackie call back Tomorrow very smart attitudes they fact that I paid $105 to get my hair Done and now it's falling out and top of that very RUDE service over the phone and could care less that I'm upset to the fact my hair has fallen out more it's already cut short NOW it's thinner and looks shorter, I've always had healthy hair when care for correctly, Thanks Ms Jackie I loved my style and color you are awesome nothing against you at all..... but I REFUSE TO RETURN TO BAD SERVICE!!!!!

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