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REVIEWS OF KidSnips IN Illinois

Alla Yakovleva

Took my 1.5 yo to kidsnips! Natasha took care of my son's 1st haircut, which was a total success! Natasha was professional and fun at the same time! It was a good experience and the results were fantastic! I highly recommend Natasha!

Rahul Anand

Took my 7 year old. Service was hurried. The cut was pathetic.


This location is pretty nice! I always go to barrington but this time we tried this one. Always friendly and do a decent job

Christine P

We brought in our 15 month old grandson for a haircut. Despite everyone's best efforts, he cried through the whole experience. Everything was just too new for him. Maria , the hairdresser, was kind, patient and very skillful. We left the salon with a very nice haircut indeed!

Mia Baran

Maria did a good job with my girls' bangs!

Katrina Hart

Loved the experience we had because of the special needs by little has. Our stylist made sure that he felt comfortable with each step! Thank you!

Andy Hill

Great place to take your fussy child for a haircut. The staff is wonderful with them.

Faig Garayev

I always take my son to this place, smiley staff. Or barber Jessica, was very friendly, my son was happy to get his hair cut and small you

Bhagyashri Chavan

We went to kidsnip for my 15 month old son’s haircut. I want to trim zero cut and natasha does it absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this place

Laura Mohrlant

KidSnips is the perfect place to take kids to get their hair cut. The stylists all know how to work with kids and are incredibly understanding and patient. My daughter loves getting a lollipop and small prize when she's done. Just beware: there are also toys everywhere in the store for purchase.

Prantik Gachhayat

It was my baby's first haircut and he was very nervous. The lady did her best to keep my kid entertained. She was very patient to cut hair while my kid was crying and not supporting.

Kathleen Saul

Made my wiggly baby sit still! Miracle workers!

Kurt John

arina dennis

This was the first time we were cutting my daughter's hair and I was nervous. My daughter on the other hand not so much, she was looking forward to it. Maria greeted us, allowed to watch an ipad and started on her craft. I am one of those folks that have a special connection to hair and I was a little hesitant to ask if it was ok to keep her hair. When I finally did get the courage to ask, Maria was so understanding and so kind to allow me to keep my daughter's hair in baggie. Mind you it is not so easy to keep grabbing hair while the master is trying to work on his art. Overall, great experience and at the end we've received a certificate and my daughter was super excited to pick out some toys from their "treasure chest." Great experience.

Gregg Rokosz

Great staff better hair cuts..

Joseph Belian

Do a great job with very tough clients.

Jessica Berg

Great staff!

Emily Garza

Wonderful atmosphere and the staff was so nice.

Vera Panfil

Triana B, Mondragon

Great service!

Stephen Cagigal

My 4year old had no issues and didn't cry due to the exciting atmosphere. Our stylist was superb as well.

Marie Reis

Great haircut for my son!!! I always go there for him since his first haircut.

Amanda R. Berenguel Smolka

They rushed through the haircut for all 3 of my children. The employees try to be nice but I can tell they are stressed out. I will not be going back. The value for the price is not worth it to me because I place high value on customer service and quality of service.

Preethi Gavireddy

Very clean place.


Great place for kids hair cuts

Sadaf Sultana

My kid's first haircut, and they really did their best.

Angelina Britt

I love this place i took my daughter for her first hair cut and the stylist did a really great job on her hair even though she moved around a lot

Kristina Mihajlovic

This place is great! Lana is amazing! She did great job styling my son's hair! Highly recommended!

Ngosa Lumbwe Babaletskos

My kids always have a good experience there and we love my son's haircut.They stylists pay attention to details and actually listen to the parent's request.

William Lang

They always give my son a great hair cut...

Kimberly Aguilar

Azalli Gonzalez

Love my baby haircut, Charmie did a great job

jay ga

I would not even give my experience a single star.I went there for my baby's first haircut and the experience was horrible.I went here thinking the first haircut would be comfortable for my son as the professionals are trained to handle kids especially for whom this is a completely new experience.I had seen the reviews and felt comfortable going here.Jessica was our stylist and she made very little attempt to help calm my son and I felt rushed. He did cry a lot through the whole experience. To begin with the seat (car shaped) wasn't even cleaned.The seat had lots of hair left from the previous appt and when I pointed that to her she simply brushed a few with one hand and that's it.I absolutely disliked my experience here and felt so let down as his first cut was suppose to be special. The photograph that was taken for keepsakes was taken immediately post the haircut and while he was crying. I would think atleast she would let him calm. Really left this place frustrated and annoyed.I would never take my son here.

Janakiraman Karunakaran

We took our 13 months baby for his first ever hair cut here, received warm welcome greetings from service manager for check in. We chose one of the available cars with infant belt to click few selfies before our appointment began. Our baby hair stylist was very friendly and patient with my kid and with us. She showed some of the measurement sizes and how it looks after hair cut. We choose the size 1 for our kid, he was well behaved and hair crop was done in less than 10 mins, however little cranky at the finishing stage. They gave us the souvenirs of little chunks of my kids hair, first photo click after hair cut and certificate. Over all experience was good, charges for hair cut is moderate for kids.

Rebecca O'Donnell

Took my 2 year old son to get a haircut and the stylist was friendly but was rough with the clipper and left a pretty deep mark, now he will be afraid of getting his haircut the next time because of this. :(

Mell A.I.

When I took my toddler there I thought they’d make him feel good, not scared. He had a big wound on his neck, the haircut was awful and all because my “child was moving all the time”- they said. The lady was in a hurry to get her next customer and didn’t even try to make the environment friendly so that my kid wouldn’t be so scared. I thought they were professionals but on the contrary! And also all the toys are for buying.

Claire Mata

my 5 yr old and 1 yr old was treated by far the best by ms stacy!!! well come back!

Anna Laeder

Natasha did a wonderful job styling my niece's hair. She was going to the concert and she needed to have a nice hair to perform. She has very heavy and long hair and it took long time to style it but at the end it was gorgeous. Natasha braided is so perfect and it stays for the whole day. Thank you so much!


Took our 23 month old, after previous experiences at regular salons we were not wanting to go through another haircut. Took me in for an appointment same day and Natasha did a wonderful job. I still don't know how they do it but they kept a 23 month old hyper toddler in place. Wow! Just amazing. Great place, toys all around, they even let you pick a kids movie for them to watch while getting a haircut. Thank you! Edit: now going back with my 2nd toddler. He hates regular salons and I’m sure he’ll be amazed here.

Mohammad Ali

My wife and I love this place. My 1 yr old, however, does not. :)

Preeti Hiren Patel

My son got his first haircut. He cried for most of his haircut but the employee was really calm and did a great haircut for my son.

Karthik Pandiyan

Will Rockwell

Ok haircuts, but a little expensive

m m

I did not write this review after just one/first visit experience, because very often those can be just one-time "accidental" haircuts. Only after we repeatedly had 5+ star experience with hairstylist Natasha, I decided to write this review and highly recommend this hairstylist to all parents who care about finding a person who would be a true professional who loves kids and makes "picture perfect" kids hair cuts. Before Natasha at Arlington Heights we had experience with a different hair stylist at a different kids salon in NW suburbs where my kid started screaming after the stylist would start using trimmer right away- she was most likely having a hard day, tired, was short on her schedule and did not care at all about my kid's haircut. My kid was in panic, the hair cut was awful and I believed that it would be a long time before he would not be afraid of hair cuts. Then we met Natasha at Arlington Heights Kid Snips... She is 100% professional working with kids. She just starts talking to a kid like he is a grown up: engaging him into a conversation like there are only two of them in a room, gaining his attention from the very first minute. My son LOVED her right away. She is so natural with kids! She just knows their psychology: instead of just starting to use the trimmer she engages the kid into the process, showing it to him, explaining what it is (without any of those artificial "sweetie" words, but involving him into the process asking him to press the button, etc. It only takes seconds of her time. The result? Well, we have been repeatedly getting Picture Perfect kids hair cuts with Natasha, like the ones from the kids models in catalogs, every single hair trimmed (and my kid sitting Completely quiet!!!!). My kid is so in love with Natasha, he is all over her, behaving like an big boy, has been asking me to go her only, getting ready for her, telling her stories, etc.!!! I do have 10+ years of kids hair cuts experience. My older kid has seen a lot of hair stylists but never the one as Perfect as Natasha! And I have been seeing so many of them, believe me. I would highly recommend getting Natasha as your kid's hair stylist if you are looking for somebody who is truly professional and have natural approach to kids! She is Awesome! I wish we have met her years before.

Kunal Grover

Good place especially if you have a 2 yr old

Vishna Patel

I just called them to make an appointment and the lady who picked had a hard time understanding English then hung up on me! Thank God I didn't book my child's first haircut at this place!

Abhishek Bhaskar

This is the most fun place I have ever seen for hair cut. My kid just got his first hair cut. The place is full of kids stuffs and they are pro in handling kids. Natasha is amazing. Highly recommend for kids under 3 years.. mine just turn 2.. loved it.

Sonia Amparan

I have twin boys decided to get their first cut.Customer service was horrible. I told the lady who cut their hair what style I wanted for them. Its like she grabbed her scissors and just starting cutting chunks of hair off..She was rushing the whole time like she didn't even want us there. Haircuts were horrible hair is all uneven.Now I have to wait for their hair to grow back out so it could be even. No one there was friendly to us. I will never go back there again!

Sasha U

Place is hit or miss. Depends on who you get. Felt like she was rushing and did a very bad job on the haircut.

Theresa Rodriguez

Everyone is super nice and great hair cut. Nice place to get toys and they even wrap.


First Haircut for Anay and great customer service. Friendly place to take kids for haircut.

Valeria Costin

Have been here a few times now but won't be going there anymore. We went there when our son turned one and for 3 years that's the only placed we used. Now last time we were here the hairdresser cut my son's hair awfully. The problem is that she cut it so short in a spot that it looked like he was bald. I understand that sometimes things happen but maybe if she would have just apologized, but she started basically saying that my son actually doesn't grow any hair there, which made no sense since he went with a full head of hair. Her so, so apology didn't show any sign of remorse. Made us look stupid when she was repeating that there was no way she could have done that. Now we went to a different place about a month after this after his hair grew a little bit to fix it and for some reason my son now grows hair in that spot

edyta giszko

My son always enjoys coming back and getting a hair cut was never an issue , rather a positive quality time everytime we stepped in. He is 4.5 now so barely fits in the car , but the haircut itself was always right what i was describing or better. Never too short or ackward looking. Recommended

Vijay Vasudevan

It was a very good place. We were able to walk in for our toddler's haircut. They had a tablet to help distract him along with all the toys. At the end he was able to get a lollipop and a toy from the treasure box. Definitely a place to take young kids for their haircut.

Crystal Estrada

Fabby De La Rosa

Maria was soooo sweet with my son ♡ As soon as we came in to the salon he was scared and crying, when it was his turn, Maria hugged him and calm him down. She taught him not to be scare of the clippers. Love the haircut!!! Thank you Maria, you are an angel!!


Took my 13 years old daughter to this place, as Natasha was recommended by my friend. Natasha was very accurate, everything was cleane, and took appropriate time.She did a little trim and braided her long hair beautifully. We recieved so many compliments and my daughter now only wants to go there. Thank you Natasha!

Monica Sweeney

Natasha was very nice and great with my son. $20 for a first haircut, but you get a certificate, a lock of hair and a picture.

Evan Santos

Better then lady jane's


This location is very tiny! Lots of toys crowding the entire store. It’s hard to get through the place. Very annoying! There was a lady named Natasha who did not listen very well to my instructions on my one sons haircut. The other lady …

Daniel Contreras

Jennifer has been cut my son's hair since the beginning and she absolutely wonderful. I would recommend kid snips and Jennifer to anyone.

Ardan Starmoon

Adults can get there haircut there as well.

Supriya Gupta

They are great with young kids too.

Jenna M

This place is a great place to take your toddler for their first haircut. Everything about the customer experience was created with them in mind. Even though it was a busy weekend, they were still able to fit me in. They had us pick out a DVD & gave my 2 year old some toys to play with while they cut her hair. She got to sit in this adorable yellow taxi cab that I could strap her into. At first, she was a little scared because she didn't understand what was happening, but Lana, our stylist very gently got her to calm down so she could cut her hair. Most importantly, she didn't hold it against me or make me feel judged for having tried (& failed) to cut my daughter's hair before bringing her to Kid Snips to fix it. When she was all done, she got to pick a toy out of the toy chest. Needless to say, Kid Snips is going to be where we get all of our kids' hair cuts to come!

Catherina Vasquez

I had a bad experience with a lady working there.. Very rude and with bad attitude..

Karthik D

Great staff and good location to have haircuts for the kids. Got appointment immediately and the staff listened to give our son an awesome haircut. The toy selection may put a hole in your wallet. And like others said the toy racks crowd the place making it difficult to get around and very minimal seating to wait. Would appreciate few more chairs and a coat rack.

Susmita Palagummi

We went to this place for our baby's first haircut. Natasha was simply amazing...We wanted a zero trim and she was nice enough to redo a few spots on request. She is very professional and highly recommended

Melissa Ragano

I loved it!!!!

Karla Johnson

Megan Sylvester

Always do a great job.

robert mangione

Always a pleasure, quick and easy with an appointment.

Sivaraj Balasubramanian

teddy ivanova

Great experience. It was my daughter's first haircut and she loved it. She wants to go every week now:))) Special thanks to Lana!

teresa Nogiec

I really liked the service and Charmie was so nice, calm, funny and sweet

islandlady Small

Great place for children.

Melissa Semerau

Stacey is fantastic! She does a great job, is patient, and always gets my 2 year old son to sit still. I would highly recommend.

Mark Tomsovic

Jennifer was friendly and did great with our 2 year old's first haircut. They have a lot of fun seats and distractions for the little ones to get the haircut done quickly.

Jodi Steiner

Depends on the beautician.

Joel Gratcyk

My sons love it here. The toy shop is great. The staff is wonderful with kids. And parking is easy.

Tatjana Ceevjakova

Very nice place!

Tk Gb

Maria is super. After we found this branch from google, first time we met with Maria. That day was our daughter’s first hair cut day. Her skill is so great. She knows what she needs to do. Last time my daughter needed hair cut for her back to school. We try to take an appointment for her. But in my free time she didn’t have time. Finally 1 month later we can reached to her :) it was our third visit with Maria. My family and especially my daughter really love her. We really happy to found her.

Brian Schoen

Great with the kids!

Dave F.

Great, friendly staff - always patient.

Jamie Anfeldt

Natasha is the BEST! She listens to what I want for my boys and delivers 100%. The boys are so good for her! We will always make sure we see Natasha when we go! I love the treasure chest, too! My son gets 1 lollipop and 1 treasure from the chest. My son definitely 'earns' those items for being such a good boy!

Javier Almaraz

Great haircuts, slightly overpriced.

Teresa Nogiec

I really liked and Charmie was really nice and sweet

Deepti Pradhan

This was my son’s first haircut and we were very specific about not cutting his hair too short. The stylist went ahead and cut his hair very short anyways. We told her to not cut more than an inch and it was definitely cut way shorter than that.

Janet Brishke

We brought our little guy (he's 2, for reference) here for a vacation haircut (this was our first stop after getting the rental car!), and they were awesome. He liked getting to watch a show, the cool chairs, and picking a prize from the treasure chest at the end. A great place for haircuts!

Steven Son

Great place for kids haircuts, they were very nice and professional and would definitely come back here again for my kids.

W. Travis Engel

Excellent staff and stylist. Very good with my son and gave him exactly the cut he wanted!

Jon Skulemowski

Par for the course. It seems there is always a kid screaming in there. Not kidsnips' fault, but it does make for an unpleasant experience.

Lisa Emmons

Great haircuts and atmosphere. Haircuts are fast and well done. They have iPads for kids to watch, cool cars for kids to sit in and tons of toys available to buy. I had an appointment for which they were right on time.

Vladimir Chernik

Really friendly place, your kid will be in good hands

Michelle Adams

We’ve been here a few times now and have been pleased every time. We will continue to visit and glad we found em! Great service and pricing.

Meeta Saha

Maria was great with my son ! He was not the most cooperative, and was scared but she managed to give him a great cut! Appreciate the patience with a scared toddler

Kelly Loobey

Fun, fast & painless

Valerie Anderson

My daughter always gets a great haircut and loved the pixie dust and flower in her hair. Sure you pay a little more but sometimes a happy haircut experience is worth the price.

Tatyana Cervjakova

Like Jessica! She is amazing with our cranky 2 year old :)

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