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REVIEWS OF Kiwi Blue Salon IN Idaho

Liron Kesem

Great service and fair price. Got the haircut that I wanted, and was warned that I can't get the blonde highlights that I wanted because my color was too dark to the light blonde that I wanted. Eventhough I really love the final result It's looks amazing. Danette was my stylists.

Nancy Rathje

Love Tisha!

Jocelyn Lane

I went in hoping to change from blonde to get some red into my hair. My hairdresser was thirty minutes late to my appointment and I got stuck there when I had somewhere very important to be and I told her that. She charged me $90 plus for my first visit. I had to then go back in for her to finish what she didn't a couple days later. She then made me 45 minutes late to work. I was also charged another $90 for that service. I found it outrageous that I had to pay that much for a terrible job that wasn't even red, it was purple. I'm very displeased with the way my appointment went and I won't be back.

Jordan K

Christina Provenzano

Love this salon! Colette is an amazing hairdresser! She really takes the time to listen for exactly what hairstyle/color you want and exceeds your expectations! She also is fun to talk to. I LOVE my hair!!

Clayton Arnold

Katie Swenson

Lynn did an amazing job cutting 10 inches of my hair for donation. She listened to what I wanted, made suggestions, and ultimately gave me a great haircut! She was easy to talk too and kind on top of being a great stylist. You know you got a good hair cut after you wash it and style it yourself at home and still love it!

Danette Wingett

Love all the girls at Kiwi Blue! And the salon is so beautiful!

Dallas Lewallen

Kiwi Blue is amazing! I went in today as my first time ever stepping into this salon. I was scared to try out a new salon and a new stylist. I must say I left super pleased with my haircut. Dannette was wonderful, I told her exactly what I wanted and she did just that. The salon is lucky to have her, I was super impressed with her work. Thank you! And ladies it's affordable! $40 for a hair cut that you will love!

Misti Cassels

Great place. I felt comfortable and left with a wonderful cut and balayage.

Casey Geordan

Kiwi Blue is so lucky to have Danette. She is amazing to work with. I would travel to Idaho from Alaska just to have her do my hair.

Christina Harrast

I decided to go to Kiwi Blue yesterday on a whim, but I couldn't have made a better last minute choice. Miranda took the time to consult with me about what would really look best. She colored my roots to perfectly blend in with my length as well as giving me beautiful framing highlights. She went above and beyond to advise me on hair care regiments and what to do in the future in order to take care of my hair. I would highly recommend anyone to this salon and especially to Miranda!

Kaitlin Spokas

I decided to go to Kiwi Blue based on the positive reviews I’d found online. I randomly picked Tisha and I couldn’t have been more lucky! She is FANTASTIC. She did a beautiful balayage on my hair and went far out of her way to ensure I had a positive experience. I look forward to future appointments at Kiwi Blue!

Vanessa Westergard

Alexandria Harrison

I just got my Balayage done by Colette, and I have never been more happy with my hair. I love it!!! I have dark brown hair and she was able to give me a wonderful look without any of those brassy orange tones! I really can't say enough good things about this place. Colette also gave me a complimentary hand and arm massage- she didn't just make me look fantastic, she made the experience wonderful! And even gave me some great advice on how to style and maintain my own hair between appointments. I will never go elsewhere.

Laura L

I followed Elizabeth to Kiwi Blue Salon because she is the best stylist I ever had. I’ve been going to her regularly for over a year, and am always extremely happy when she’s done and while I am there. I started with brown hair but she blonde me out at my request and I love it! It looks so natural and pretty. Elizabeth has a lot of experience with blonding, including knowing what it’s like, since she gets her own hair blonded.. Most stylists make me feel very anxious and uncomfortable, but Elizabeth makes me feel like I’m with a friend when she does my hair. She has a terrific personality. The results are stunning! I like the Kiw Blue Salon, it’s nice. It’s clean and modern and not cramped. I feel i can wear anything I like there. It’s not pretentious. It’s big enough that I couldn’t hear others’ conversations. There is free ample parking right outside the door. I love that it’s on Parkcenter - no downtown traffic mess! It’s near the pond toward Beacon. The chair was comfortable on my bad back, the shampoo chair was great. The place was full but not crowded. They sell Daviness products, which I love. Elizabeth is terrific and I highly recommend her. .

Cheyne Koltes

Lyn!!! It is all about Lyn! She is absolutely incredible! I seriously tell every guy I know that if you want the best haircut/experience of your life go to Lyn...I have lived all over the US and have never found someone like Lyn...Guys go to Lyn, period! It’ll change your life...I am not exaggerating.

Beth Swedberg

Jade Carden

Absolutely amazing experience. Addason did a color service on my hair and it turned out beautiful, I was very comfortable the whole service, the salon has great energy flow, roomy, not tiny and claustrophobic like some. Definitely "a get what you pay for" positive experience, if you can get it cheaper up to you but dont get cranky if you have to pay double trying to fix your not so cost effective mistake.

Janet Snedeger

Good environment and friendly staff.

Jennifer Steffen

Paloma is wonderful.

Gene Mayhew

The salon itself is really nice if that’s what you are looking for. Can’t speak for the stylists. I went to see one stylist for the second time. First time I was waiting for over half an hour with an appointment. I didn’t complain though I was 30 plus weeks pregnant and with my husband. Second time I was running not more than 10 minutes behind, because of newborn twins at home and traffic, and she called me asking where I was. I was in the parking lot about to walk in. She said it was fine this time but not next time. She was fake nice my entire haircut. She didn’t even style it. She had no one after me and it was still within the hour. I was completely in need of pampering myself from having new babies and I didn’t get it. I was completely covered in hair because the cape was turned backwards, to keep herself from getting hair on her instead of me. I styled my own hair at home, to end up cutting the obvious strays that were hanging down that were missed. With 2 newborns I didn’t have time to go back to have her fix it. I ended up having to shower and change my clothes from all the hair on me. Not at all worth the $40 I paid. She is more concerned about making money and being fake and keeping up her own appearance than she is about people and doing hair.

Krystal Yates

This salon is great. I live all the way in caldwell so have tried to save time and money at more convenient salons but i always regret doing so and end up having to fix result when the treatment wasn't even so much cheaper. At kiwi blue you will get a true artist, up to date with the latest trends and at competative prices. Will not waste time or money going elsewhere anymore. Kiwi Blue is the spot. Relaxing atmosphere and very sweet and professional to me while i sat feeling hellish in my smock, with post pregnancy hairloss. Haha. Very fond of this spot.

Sasha Thompson

I've gone back and forth about posting my experience but feel like I should for the sake of someone looking for a stylist. I looked for a stylist for months that I believed could give me what I was looking for. After debating several stylists, I decided to go with Addason, who has amazing work posted on her Instagram. Seriously I was so impressed and loved what she could do! I went in excited for a change, and wanted a Balayage to brighten my dull brown hair. Gave her a reference picture and she was confident she could give me what I wanted. She was very nice the whole service. When I left and got home, I realized my hair was not toned correctly and had very yellow tones in some places, and others were almost white. My "blended balyage" also looked like I had about 6 months grow out. I contacted her to ask if I could come back in to fix it. 3 days later I got a response saying I would have to pay for it to be fixed and booked me a slot, I told her I would try purple shampoo to see if it would help before paying for another service. Well that didn't fix the problem in the slightest so i said i would keep the appointment, but she had since filled it and wouldn't get me in until the next week!...and i was in a wedding that Saturday! So i frantically contacted Danette, who was extremely helpful and immediately responsive and very kind, hoping that she could help me! I then got a message from Addason saying she could fix it for me at no charge the day she was booked up. She also did go above and beyond saying she would put in some more highlights to brighten it up more which was very kind. I went in to get it fixed and during my service was told that my hair won't lift properly because i have brown dye on my hair......I had virgin hair without any color on it, absolutely no color, no highlights, nothing. So I felt very frustrated that she and another stylist tried to put the blame of my hair looking bad on ME! When it was all said and done, I look like I bleached my whole head, another stylist looked at me and literally said to me "dang girl you are going BLONDE" (which was not my goal....BALAYAGE), where the bleach meets my roots it is a harsh line and still pretty yellow. It does look better than my first service and I'm grateful she tried to fix it, and I'm so grateful I didnt have to pay for it a second time, because i am still unhappy with how it looks. It most definitely does not look anything how a balayage should or any of the services she has posted, and what should be a low maintenance blended root line is a harsh abrupt line, where I will now need to go to another stylist to help me smooth it out. So that is my experience. She does have great work, I unfortunately did not get that, and I'm bummed I had to pay so much for something that did not turn out as I had hoped.

Jonelle Lee

Miranda is so rad

Carly Noyes

Colette did an amazing job on my hair. I have always had long hair, but was ready to cut 8 inches off to change it up. The cut was perfect, it looks great and my hair looks and feels so healthy!

Mike Kesem

Great service

Maria Meza

Miranda is the best person/stylist/etc, everrrr. Love love love

Nicki Myers

Phenomenal experience here. Kala spent 6+ hours on a color correction and fixed an cut from a previous salon. I have a lot of very fine light blonde hair which shows every mishap. Kala was able to create something beautiful from the ashes of something awful. I am blown away. The salon itself is warm and inviting and all other staff I encountered were friendly and helpful. I am already excited to return.

Deena Emry

Colette is AMAZING! She is so friendly and helpful when it comes to making decisions about my hair. I would recommend her to everyone.

Andy Wingett

Verry classy place.

Kyle Srack

I highly suggest Lyn, She does an awesome job and is super friendly. She also adds in a head massage that is amazing!

Ashtin Calhoun

Clean, gorgeous salon, talented stylists.

Jaclyn Jones

Megan Hochstein

First time I went, I loved it. I got my first pixie cut and everyone was very supportive and Colette did an amazing job. However, I went in a second time to try and new slightly shorter style. I had a picture of what I was trying to achieve. Colette even came in early to fit me in, and was wonderful. However, it was the worst haircut I’ve ever had. Significantly shorter than the picture (looked as though she buzzcut my hair). I understand a little variation but this was a totally different style. She was even using a buzzer on it. After the cut, I was in shock, I paid and left hoping it would grow on me and it was only the lighting that had it looking so bad. I was very displeased and I don’t even want to be seen in public with it. I’ve never cried over hair before today. When I talked to her about it, she refused to say it was different despite very obvious discrepancies. Having paid a lot of money for this cut, I would have hoped to have a little more care put into the cut and some skill. I do not recommend this place, great clips could do it better at a better price. Overall, my biggest issue that she refused to acknowledge any fault on her part. Mistakes happen, I do get that. But refusing any responsibility for the attrocious hair cut lost all my respect for them. Do not go here.

Marc Girard

They cut was great. The cutter, great and way to cute.

anna murray

Lynn gave me a great cut. I have been looking for a new hair stylist since I moved to Boise from Meridian and Lynn is my new hair stylist. Thank you Lynn for cutting my hair the way I asked and listening to me.

Aaron Burch

Terable attitude and had the worst time dealing with the the stylist. Would not recommend going. The experience from the stylists was atroshish and her attitude was rude and unwelcoming. I would never schedule an appointment with this salon.

Mike Williams

Danette is awesome! Takes the time to listen and is meticulous. This is the first online review I have done.

Katherine Wright

I've been going to see Colette at Kiwi Blue for almost two years now and couldn't be happier! I've never been good at explaining (or sometimes even knowing!) what I want in a hairstyle, and she is fantastic at listening to my descriptions, making suggestions, and then giving me the haircut I wanted. Plus, she gives AMAZING scalp massages during the wash!

Tami Miller

I have been looking for a new stylist who can work miracles with my unruly, coarse, aging and progressively darker hair to transform into sleek , buttery blond bombshell tresses. I've tried so many of the top rated salons and stylists in town and even other cities I travel to frequently but somehow I end up with either dry, brittle bleached hair or orange/ yellow tones and calico spots. I asked for a recommendation on Facebook and someone referred me to Collette at Kiwi Blue. I went in with the aforementioned brassy, copper and brittle hair and came out with beautiful blonde color and shiny hair. I have since referred 3 friends who had experienced same issue with other stylists and they are huge fans also. I love the location, ambiance, smiles and free glad of wine I always get at KiwiBlue!

Candice Stuhrenberg

Rod McAlpin


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