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REVIEWS OF FlyGuys Haircuts IN Idaho

Nico Martinez

Anita was great she didn't bring up awkward small talk she pampered me and really took her time I walked out feeling like i went to a spa and i looked better too ha.

Renee Carden

Great place

Melissa Pitman

Gina Acosta

The hair cut my husband got was really nice. The hair stylist did an amazing job and exceeded our expectation for this place. Love Edith's work and definitely recommend her!

Caleb Matt

My haircut was great both times. I was completely ignored though and seemed to be a burden since I wanted the hot towel treatment- offer a discount without one to fix this. I actually saw the hairstylist roll her eyes at me when I went in the second time and explained what happened the last time. I've been in three times and all three times were exactly the same treatment with three different stylists. Sucks because they're great at cutting hair, but if I wanted to be treated like an inconvenience and give my money to someone for being rude- I'll just have my ex wife shave my head.

Phillip Moon

They have been great! I live the monthly program. Works well!

Ricardo Martinez

So usually its a good experience for our family. my son had his haircut this afternoon and I asked the lady for a specific cut for him and she gives him a comb over hmm I don't think I asked for that but whatever I guess there is not much u can do about it now. So after today not very happy I'm going to have to wait for that other girl to come back to work so she can cut his hair. Not to mention when we showed up they thought I was getting my haircut and when I pointed to my son they seemed irritated about it way to stay professional.

Kristopher Redman

Buddy Shaw

The only place I get my hair cut. The unlimited haircut membership is worth it.

Tonya Nicole

The ladies here are awesome! I was a walk-in for my 2 boys and they had us in and out in a timely manner. A lot of men coming in do you know they know their thing. I would recommend this place to any man asking where to get a good cut

Mikel Fisher

I tried giving this place a chance. I normally have always gone somewhere else and been happy with them. I went in during the middle of the day and was told that they had no time for me at all. Maybe I have just been spoiled with walk in appointments. I can't actually speak for the haircut experience itself but I will probably just stick with where i normally go

Paul Emfield

I have been going here almost every week for the last 8 months. Katria is the best! She remembers exactly what I want every time without having to ask. She even got me to try the nose wax and now I get it done monthly. It's definitely worth it!

Micah Nielsen

Lady was rude. Didn't listen to my instructions. I just wanted to to get away from her after she started cutting my hair. I turned down the hot towel and wash because I couldn't stand her. I will not return!

Shauna Schumann

Michael Macdonald

Best haircut I've had in years

Haileyanne Hunting

Tawnia was awesome and when my boyfriend lost his key fob she was calling everyone she could think of and was seconds away from even calling the police station to ask them when he found the key. So awesome service, amazing haircuts, and Tawnia was super nice to everyone. So amazing.

Team Skipper

Excellent stylist. Not another place to get a great cut. Customer service oriented. I'll be back

Karen Finley

Brendan LeVan

nathan anderson

Great staff!

Lizzy Souza

Edith is awesome! She did my boyfriends hair today and he really enjoyed the attention to detail and how professional she was! Thank you Edith! He will be back :)

Lance Ashby

Walked in fast service, great cut!

Austin Job

I normally don’t write reviews but I love the personal interest what I consider to be ‘my barber’ takes to ensure I get the best cut ever each time. He is as professional and friendly and detailed as it gets. He actually cares about his clients and does so in a way I haven’t seen before, not even in barbershops. C Lo of Idaho falls is my go-to guy and I have recommended Fly Guys many a time just because of him. He takes longer but it is SO worth every minute. The steam towel at the end it a great finishing touch. I am a member there and I enjoy it way too much because I get compliments all the time, and getting a haircut there is actually fun. Used to float around getting average haircuts wherever but now I won’t go anywhere else. Can’t say enough good he does the cherry-on-top best job and really takes pride in it.

Ryan Christensen

Good service. Warm tea tree towel. Hair wash.

Michael Fox

Tried to call to get an appointment. Was told I had to be a member. WTH? Was told I could come to the store and become a member and then see when the next appointment was available. No thanks.

Lilcodboy 2005

Thomas Valenzuela

Amazing experience. Great staff. Very worth my money. Would recommend to anyone.


Awesome hours and staff was super. Went on a Sunday and they were steady but I got in right away For 18. You get a great cut and VIP treatment with hot facial towel and all.

Ashley Grover

Super quick and accommodating!

Ryan Watson

I’ve been going to Fly Guys for a few months now and have loved it! Madison usually does my hair and does a fantastic job! Plus $24 a month! You can’t argue that! Great service for a great deal! I would definitely recommend going here!

garrett billman

I heard about FlyGuys from a friend, I didn't have an appointment and they got me in quickly. Service was amazing. Will definitely be going back and becoming a member. Well worth it. Thanks FlyGuys

Scott Macdonald

Oscar Velasquez

Everyone there is amazing! By far the best decision to get a membership at FlyGuys! I usually book with Tawnie becuase she does a fantastic job, but I know every stylist there is more than capable of doing a great cut, atmosphere is awesome and the overall friendliness of the staff has made every trip to FlyGuys a great one! Would definitely recommend giving this place a try! I live in Blackfoot and drive to IF just for their great service!

Ronny Reeves

Stephen Lehnardt

Great service by C Lo. Real top notch stylist. Second time coming and both times I left 100% happy with how I was treated. Will be recommending FlyGuys to my friends.

Scott Doman

Great service and help!

Thomas Murdock

H Ramirez

Nice place, they were busy but pleasent. It's the place to go if you are looking for a very tight haircut

Baxter Evergreen

Wife and I randomly decided, the other day, that our 1 year old son was going to get his first haircut. So we came to Flyguys and he was able to be seen right away. Now, I knew my son would cry. He ended up panicking pretty bad and the guy (sorry I forgot his name) was quick and got it done before my son was able to give himself a brain aneurysm. For the circumstances, the cut looks amazing and I'm now realizing my little dude is growing up way too fast and I'm gonna go cry in the corner. We are now considering the monthly subscription for him and myself! Thanks again!

Jeremy Glass

I have been going to this place since they opened. I love it. I get my hair cut once a week and Tawnie does an awesome job every time! The hot towel and wash so relaxing for getting rid of just a bit of stress! I highly recommend trying it out.

Jason Bassett

Friendly helpful and nice. They also did a great job on my hair

tuff squirt mancias

David Barnes

Michael Klingler

So. I thought about posting a review on this place a couple months. But I had the worst haircut experience of my life a couple months ago here. The concept of paying a monthly subscription and getting your hair touched up as many times as you want in that month is really cool. So I figured I would give it a shot. I walk in and most of the girls there have hair so short they have stars scetched on the side of their head. And that's honestly good for them. But I prefer my hair longer because I have a double calic and it just doesn't look good. The more I get into the situation the more uncomfortable I feel. The lady that cut my hair had no idea what layers were. All in all it was the worst hair cutting experience of my life. I'm sure a lot of people have had positive here. Just not me. Until I find somewhere better great clips will have my business. EDIT: There was one positive thing about my experience. When I came in the following day they did refund my money.

Jason McGiffin

Great place to get a haircut. The pricing is in line with all of the other places, but if you are a member, you can make an appointment which speeds things up considerably. They seem to go through the staff quite often, or they have such a big staff that I don't see the same people in there very often. Still, I recommend it.

Ezeakiel Dreger

Angel Alquicira

I love fly guys the staff is super friendly and have great products, I always get my hair cut by tawnie and she in my opinion does an amazing job every time!!

Dylan Noer

This place lives up to the hype. So glad they came to IF. I signed up for the membership and it is going to save me a ton of cash every month. I shave the sides and back of my head. Takes other places 5 to 15 minutes to do but charge me full price. Very happy with the service.

Craig Petersen

Madison gave a great haircut . I would go there again .

Ricky Huse

They did a great job! Fit me in without an appointment If I lived in the area I'd be a regular.

Glenn Wienstroer

I really love the concept of this business and the fact that it is a local business makes it all the more worth while to support. my stylist ( Katria ) is great. she is always friendly and likes to conversate while she is taking great care of you. the hot towel on your face while they shampoo your hair is really great and relaxing too. thanks flyguys.

Kendrick Marsden

I came in and was very upset that I needed a membership to make an appointment. Cera was very patient with me and my foul mouth. Not only did she get me signed up for a membership with unlimited haircuts but she also gave me the greatest haircut! I deserved to have her botch the whole cut but she was very sweet and professional.

Brandon Longoria

Didn't like how u have to have an appointment even when u have a member ship

Zak Hansen

I just went there earlier today and I said a little off the top, cuz I wanna grow my hair out a little, and the lady who did my hair cut half of it off. And I have a combover type haircut and on one side you fade the side of the hair into the top and she completely messed that up. But when I go to tawanie my hair gets done right. So try to go in when tawanie is there

Joshua Ceci

Great haircut, good conversation, smiles all around, & a great price. I will definitely be going back.

Kenneth M. Geraci

brayden dotson

Good haircut the for the price.

Adam Morris

Top notch, clean store, very friendly staff. We receive quality cuts and we don't have to sit in the chair for an hour! Will return again and again.

David Othus

James McGrane

Amazing haircut and beard trim. Edith did a great job. Will be back for sure

Jim Black

Jonathan Nelson

Best haircut I've gotten in a long time

chris spohr

Very nice ladies here. Always talk with me through and explain how to style my hair if I'm trying something new

Ezer AceMun

dislike how they recieve their clients or customers I arrived their first, they didn't call me up till 1 and half they took care of others while I arrived first so what I did I walk out on them

Francisca Lopez

Mario Estrada

It was a great haircut experience! Will definitely return!

Fsec 208

Katria does awesome always super friendly and great to talk to. She does fantastic with every cut that I’ve gone to her. Recommend her 10/10!! Overall the atmosphere is awesome!

Megan Ward

Cody Marley

They gave me the wrong haircut ended up having a frohawk and I'm going to have to get my haircut by somebody else later to fix this. So no I don't recommend them at all.

nathan helm

Travis and Lisa workman

It is a clean professional place for a haircut. Love the warm towels

Aimee Roberts

My husband and son went here and it was a less than pleasant experience and we will not be returning. The lady that cut my husbands hair didn't even pay attention to what she was doing half the time and didn't even listen to what he told her he wanted. I ended up having to fix the top because she didn't even touch half his hair (she shaved his head with one hand while using the other to keep checking the computer at the front). The lady that cut my sons hair told me at one point "If he doesn't stop moving, I won't be able to cut his hair." I for a fact that they get younger kids in there, so if she didn't want to cut a young child's hair, she should have let someone else do it. She didn't even listen to what I wanted and cut off way more than I asked her to, and he actually sat still majority of the time, so it was not his fault. I am upset at how my son and husband were treated, and my husband said he felt like the lady that cut his hair cared more about the guy that was waiting next in line because he must have been a regular. If you had done a decent job, we would have easily come back again, but looks like we will be finding somewhere else.

Chad Stoddard

Love the membership option and haven't had a bad fade yet

Axxion1981 .

Got there at at 4pm and they close at 7pm. She said she can't get us in today.. LAZY!!!

Cindy Munoz

My brother is a member and really likes this place. I made an appointment for my husband and my son, and both of them really liked their hair cuts!

Rodrigo Rojo

Love the service

JoDean Cook

Fly Guys is the best!! My son loves the warm towel at the end and they do a great job on his hair. I love that they have a membership so my son can get his hair cut as many times as needed for one great price :) We have had a fre different people cut his hair and they have all done a wonderful job!! Always fast, friendly and easy to get into.

Melissa Middleton

Super haircut, very good prices and the membership is huge value! Came here today for the first time and was more than impressed with the skills and professionalism of the staff.

Dillon David

Great staff, nice vibes, Madison does a amazing fade!

Idaho Boy20

Mark Richardson

Great haircut compared to many of the other options in town.

Maximino B.

Best place ever! Everyone is pretty good but Tawnie is the best one there so make sure to ask for her and definitely sign up for the membership!

Darin Carlson

Staff is so nice here. Great haircut, comfortable chairs, and they don't waste your time waiting. They know what they're doing.

Brian Tapia

Kim Alexander

This salon is incompetent!! I’m soo angered by the running of this salon.... I would like the owner to contact me immediately.

Chris Searle

So I became a member and pay the monthly fee so I can schedule my appointments. I had an appoint with Gabi I showed up I was greeted with not a hello but do you have and appointment. I said yes. I ready turns her back and walks off so I follow. I sit down and she says what do you want today? I tell her how I would like my hair cut and my beard trim and my nose waxed. I was told I don’t do the wax and beard trims but we can reschedule you. For in a hour I say ok and walk up to reschedule. We get up there and she says we can get you back in in 4 hours. So I ask when I make an appointment how do I know what stylist do what. You can’t its just hit or miss and if they want to do it that day. The whole time I was there I was made to feel like I was a burden and that she could careless if she took care of me. So at this point I just walked out. I understand that not every stylist does everything but common courtesy and customer service are a must!!!

Franklin Castro

Katria is awesome

Tanner Holyoak

Awesome service! Quick and always do great job. Become member, you won’t regret making appointments on your phone, and unlimited trims whenever you need.

Bravyn Stutzman

Great people fun place. Edith never disappoints, she's the best.

Apollo Barkow

Friendly professional staff, and very affordable. I am extremely happy with my haircut

James Facer

The hair stylist I had was very courteous and made casual conversation with me while he cut my hair. I felt comfortable and confident in the quality of my hair cut.

Tania Meraz

Just an FYI although they close at 7pm they dont take clients after 6 45, it was 6 40.. so sad. Their sign should say they close at 6 45. Deceiving.


It was an ok cut and the lady cutting my hair was a smoker and I was stuck with a headache afterwards this place is a sports clips knockoff but their cuts aren't worth $20 if you want a haircut just go to sports clips

Scabbers Adonys

Great service and a better experience that SportsClips. Sign up for their membership which is just slightly over the cost of one haircut per month and you can make reservations. Highly recommended!

Josh Miller

Absolutely awesome place to get a hair cut! My personal favorite is Madison! She does great cut and is always fun to talk too. I like to get a skin fade and keep it long on top and she does an amazing job every time!

Bralee Rhodes

me and my boyfriend went in to get a 0-1 fade, there was a straight line to where my boyfriends “fade” was supposed to be, and she was probably to high (she bragged about how she smoked pot, and proceeded to tell him never to smoke and drive from experience.) to notice that one side of his hair was much longer then the other. i had to fix his fade and his cut when we got home. she also decided to tell my boyfriend that i sounded crazy because of how i wanted his hair to be cut. she was very unpleasant towards me. she gave me dirty looks and looked at me as if i didn’t know what i was doing. i’ve worked at a salon for 3 years now and didn’t have time to do his hair today so we decided to just try a new salon out. do not recommend going for a “specific” hair cut. or for a men’s cut at all. will never return to this salon. ever.

Alix Fox

This place is absolutely amazing! They didnt try over selling me products, they were friendly, and they accepted me when I walked in immediately. This place is truly different when it comes to being affordable, reliable, and responsible.

Jesse Gallegos


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