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REVIEWS OF Too Groovy Salon IN Georgia

Tammy English

Always pleasant and done in a timely fashion

Sheril Bryan

I usually really like here. But I didn't like how my hair looked this time.

Loretta Pena

They did a really good job! I love it so much! They took their time to dye my hair multiple times and make sure every part was dyed. Price is reasonable and the service was great, they were all nice!

Jasmine Thedford

Great service! Great atmosphere and I can't wait to go back! It's gets 5 stars in my book!

Dwade Johnson

Do not go to this salon if you have long hair or want long hair --- I believe they purposefully damage the ends of your hair so the can charge you for a trim..My hair was in the center of my back back in May when I started going to the …

Sonia Sypher Tyler

I always love my experience at Too Groovy! As a natural, it is the ONLY place I will get my hair straightened. I'm looking forward to trying new services there.


Positive atmosphere, excellent hair care and great service!

Apryle Taylor

Great customer service! A little in the expensive side but well worth it. They will take good care of your natural hair!


Very organized and professional. Friendly atmosphere. I felt welcomed.

Tinizia Bentley

Went in expecting to pay $50-60 for a wash and blowout, left paying $95. Apparently the girl who washed my hair did a "rejuvenating treatment" that cost $25-$30. And I got a trim, which I do agree that I needed so I was okay with it them adding it on. But the fact that it wasn't cleared with me that the girl washing my hair was going to do so magnificent treatment really irked me. I also could not understand what she was saying and when I asked her to speak up she did not. It was so frustrating. My stylist, Sandy was also all over the place and Couldn't seem to focus on the customer she had in her chair. I would not recommend this place. They did not seem to have it together. And seemed to be way over booked.

Kima Thomas

First time visit..From the time he blew out my hair without care I knew I was in trouble. I asked for my hair straight but I had horrible ends. Stylist never mentioned that I needed a trim. I had to ask for one.There is no shine to my hair and I heard my hair sizzle a few times Indicating my hair was being fried! My hair looks dry and puffy.. I won’t suggest going to Andre..

Tia Allen

I absolutely love Too Groovy Salon. They believe in getting you in and getting you out. I'm usually out in about 2 hours. They specialize in natural hair and my stylist is Danny. He's absolutely amazing!

Rachel. O

Terrible experience. I went in wanting a simple blow out and trim and the stylist didn't seem to have any idea what she was doing. My hair came out uneven and dry (even though I requested a hydrating treatment)


Mila did the darn thing. Really had a great 1st experience. Professional environment and stylists. She's super at consulting w/ you about your haircare needs. Looking for a massage while in the shampoo bowl? Go see Mila! Js! Timeliness was on point too. Will I go back? Absolutely! #forgot2schedulemynextappt #whohasSundayhrs #TooGroovy!

Carolyn JORDAN

My experience was all I expected and more Ms Elisabeth was so informative giving me advice about my hair and my style was gorgeous got so many compliments will be back to see her too groovy has professional hair dressers that cares about your hair thank you so much Elizabeth see you soon

Akisha Paige-Bey

Great salon and excellent service

Sticky 3003

I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years! Danny Williams really is a Master Stylist and has helped my hair grow bra strap length! His assistant, Tatiana is awesome as well!!!

Shéreeta Bell

Very nice and pleasant staff. Sandy is the best.

Petal Pennycooke

Awesome experience, Andre did a fabulous job. Came into town the night before after a delayed flight caused me to miss my fav stylist in Kennesaw. Needed my hair done ASAP for meetings on Monday. Good old Google came through - an uber to the salon, and I was in and out in 90 minutes, needed a hydration treatment, and my tresses were laid right. Thanks a million Andre, you definitely will see me on another trip.

shelle johnson

Beware of Sandy at Too Groovy. She's the worst. She is not knowledgeable about natural hair, which makes me wonder why she is working at a Natural Salon. I took my daughter there for the first time. I told her we wanted a rod set. We was there for almost Three hours, after two hours I inquired about how long it will take, because she was doing other people hair and my child who was there before them was sitting under a dryer that had stopped for 30 minutes. I got attitude from Sandy saying her hair was not dry, but she can have her daughter check on the rods and take the rods out. I told her I want her hair done correctly. So she checked the rods and put her back under the dryer. Three hours later and wathwatc her do two other people hair. She finally get to my daughter hair.My daughter hair is to the middlof her back and she's 15yr old. When she came down stairs. Her hair looked so short like it was cut, and the hair style look like a old lady. It was horrible, I asked her what happened why did her hair look like this she said this is how a rod set looks. I told her no it doesn't, and show her picture of my hair when I get a rod set. My daughter hair longer than my hair. She started talking about different hair. I just walked away. Then when I went to check out the price I was told was different. I will never ever go to this salon again. The prices are too high and the parking is terrible.

Shavonia Morrow

My hair appointment was very good. The appointment was on time, products are great, and my hair is beautiful. I highly recommend it for natural hair because they truly specialize in natural hair.

CJ Johnson

I've been coming to Too Groovy off and on for over a decade generally experiencing mediocre service. I continued to patronize because of both the convenience and their specializing in natural hair care. Yesterday I had an appointment with a stylist at 11 am. I sat for 45 minutes, and no one made any attempts to update me. I had to approach the front desk to learn that the stylist had an emergency with her kid and wasn't even in the shop. One of the assistants came down and offered to get me started (she was very polite) and also gave me the option to get another stylist. Kayla (stylist) came over and offered to take care of me. Kayla was the epitome of kind and professional. I allowed her to service me, and I could not be happier! My hair has not looked this great since some of the old stylists left Too Groovy years ago. Kayla is young but is awesome. These 5 stars are for her! If any member of management reads this, please brush up on customer service with the front desk girls, and offer serious training to the dark skinned girl with the glasses (possibly shampoo girl) who works downstairs because her attitude is horrible. Every time I see her she is either moping or being rude.

Charlene Hildebrand

One of the top reasons woman loves a salon is because of the people that work here..This place has the sweetest and most incredible people you will ever meet..They provide hair treatment, wax and nail services..

Maria Criss

1st experience: Stylist was on time, fully invested in all things hair care from shampoo bowl to steamer to chair, and 100% professional. He explained the process of hair care while transitioning to natural and made me feel completely sure that I had made the decision to transition to natural. He was full of personality and made me feel like I was the only customer even though he had 3 clients. 2nd experience: Stylist was 30 minutes late, unprofessional as she texted while shampooing and styling my hair, and a bit rough with my hair care as my hair was combed from root to ends to detangle/ I was blown dry then asked to sit under the dryer from 30 minutes for further drying (which seemed a bit excessive on the heat). I did enjoy her personality when she did engage. I did love her massages to the scalp. I did ultimately like my finished look. I just wish my entire experience had been as smooth as the first time. All in all I love the atmosphere and compliment the staff on working as a team to maintain synergy. I will continue to support the business every time I'm in the city.

Not Created To Break

Great service from professional stylists

Destiney Meier

My visit was quick and I got my hair done exactly how I wanted it. Victoria was very nice, as well as all the other hair stylists.

Gaye Humphrey

Danny was great. I highly recommend him.

Lekisa Blackmon

Simply the best healthy hair salon!

Jade Marie

I had to wait almost 2 hours before anyone saw me. My hair was done by Toya. She charged me $180 for a dye, cut, &style. I feel like she ripped me off. She added services throughout the appt without even telling me the price. So when i got to the register it was $180. I did not like my hair at all! The cut& style were horrible! I ended up having to go to another salon and spend more money. This place scammed me out of almost $200! Never again!

ther1rida ther1rida

YAYA was very courteous and friendly! Amazing work and in a timely manner!

Sherika Culbreath

Had a great experience all around from arrival until I left the building. Waited less than 5min as I filled out paperwork since it was my first time. The shampoo was amazing and both Mila and the shampoo person was gentle yet firm with my …

Renita James

I found very disturbing what I saw at the hair salon when I heard the lady at front desk getting loud and using profanity with one of the employee to the point that the young lady broke down crying that was not professional at all

Hao Dang

We were told by the staffs that they specialize in both female and male hair cut. However, it's ridiculously expensive for male hair cut to be $40. My boyfriend's hair was just an inch longer than what he wanted it to be so he went there for a trim. After 2 hours, (no other customer was in the salon at that time), my boyfriend left the salon with cuts on the back of his neck. They used a razor and pressed it so hard that it cut the back of his neck. It was painful and also itchy since they didn't fully remove the tiny pieces of hair. In addition to the bad service, Too Groovy Salon staffs showed the extremely unprofessional manner toward my boyfriend. WITHOUT his permission, they spun him around and recorded some snapchat videos and laughed at it. We would have forgiven them everything I mentioned above if the hair cut was good enough to compensate for that kind of service. We were so disappointed by the fact that they gave a 25 years-old guy a 5-years-old-boy haircut. I believe that they don't have a good sense of hair style. We would never go back here for this price and this kind of service.

Inez Williams

Asa is the best. My daughter's hair is always perfect when he finishes. The salon staff is also very polite and curteous. I've never had to wait for an appointment, we always get in and out.

Kaycee Norman

Oh my gosh!! I'm in love with my hair again. Matthew was the best stylist that I have had in a long time. They were prompt very nice and professional. From the time I walked in until I walked out. Oh and let me not forget the young lady that shampooed my hair!! She was the TRUTH!! I went in nervous and frustrated and came out GORGEOUS!!

Kesa Cooke

Everyone is always very professional. My stylist is Sandy, and she truly cares for her clients hair. They use the best products and you will always leave with a head of healthy, well cared for hair!!

Candace Hooks

Aesha was excellent and took great care of my hair. The environment was relaxing and I definitely will be back. Thanks TooGroovy!

Roby Walis

This location overcharged me. I wear my hair short and natural.... I went in to get get a shampoo, blowout and hair cut, and they charged me $95 dollars! Ridiculous! I’ve been to many salons in Atlanta and never have I paid that much for a wash and go! It would've been different if I got a style or a twist set, or something.... but all the girl did was put foam on my hair after she cut it! There was no style! I went to their Buckhead location last year, and I paid $65 for the same service including a style enchantment service (where they coiled my hair after cutting it) and got more and paid less. And, another thing was after they were finished doing my hair the Front Desk or Stylist didn't know what to charge me, so the stylist started guessing prices, and charged me too much! She charged me $50 to put foam in my hair!! SMH! The salon is pretty inside and the location is convenient; however, I'm not going to pay $95 for a wash and go! Sorry, but I didn't get or experience $95 worth of service!

Aliyah Lee

Today was my first time coming to this salon and my overall experience was great! I came in as a walk-in. All of the staff were extremely nice. I was offered coffee, water, or tea while I waited. I had a short ten minute wait before having my hair shampooed. The young lady who shampooed was very nice and asked questions about my hair before starting. Also, the stylist Zay who did my hair asked questions and gave me knowledge on my some natural hair techniques to try. The vibe of the salon was very nice and the music was great. Prices were great too. Definitely book with a stylist here! Zay definitely has a new client!

thankful516 .

Excellent hair care & nurturing! They do an excellent job with the shampoo , conditioning , steaming and overall hair care. The styling is wonderful as well. be care and do not allow them to cut your hair. The technicians are not really trained to do precision cuts and will butcher you. I have had 2 bad experiences with hair cuts and will only allow them to shampoo and style my hair.

Anoni Mus

I like the atmosphere. It is pricey, but I feel like I get "salon" quality treatment, and my hair is healthy when I leave. The garage parking is a plus!

Aaliyah Barton

I've been going here for 6 years now. My hair is healthy and I always get compliments.

Kristal C. Ingram

I started going to this salon in November and I am very pleased with my results. I normally go to Mila and she's cool, however I went to Shareka W. yesterday and ole girl had me out in 90 mins. That made me SO happy cause I am always so pressed for time - give it a try!

Che Hinton

I have been going here for 8 yrs. my stylist is Asa. He always get my natural hair in order.

Shay West

Audrey did my daughter's hair and it came out beautiful. My daughter's hair was extremely dry and in need of a trim. Audrey took her time to make sure she educated me and my daughter in how better to take care of her hair. My daughter's hair is not heat trained (only 2 times in 15 yrs), and hey hair is still holding up and looks and feel so healthy. I will definitely be taking her back!!

Alexis Felder

Too Groovy is the go-to spot in Atlanta for women with natural hair who want to healthily straighten their hair and have their curls bounce back at the next wash. The owner Robin is fantastic and each and every person there has been trained and they all produce flawless hair. I have had my hair done by several different people there, and each time I have loved my hair and it has been super consistent results.

dana vernot

They have beautiful facilities but my first impression could've been way better. The free consultation is pointless. Its info they can tell you over the phone so dont waste your time. Everyone is pretty friendly for the most part . Ecspecially people at the desk. I love that they have hair plans . but first impression is everything.

Joy Williams

I see Mila every few months to trim my puffs. She steams it, does a press out and it's always comes out smooth and soft. I go from African Queen to white girl hair in 2 hours. Two kinds of winning ;)

Jacque Johnson

Great staff and atmosphere

Valerie Dunham

I will NEVER! return to Too Groovy EVER again. My appt was at 4pm, I was running behind because of traffic. When I arrived I still had to wait until about 4:45pm to be shampooed. I booked the $45 special so I received hydration, which seemed extremely long (to waste time maybe). After the hydration rinse, I had to wait AGAIN until the stylist finished twisting a clients' dreds, which again, was a long wait. The stylist began to blow dry my hair with a hair is natural and very thick and a comb is not the tool that should be used. After being in the salon for so long, naturally, I was through! The blowout was lackluster, at best! I was not going to stay any longer and wait for the stylist to press and style my hair. I left the salon with my hair in a poofy untamed blowout. By the time I checked out, it was nearly 8PM!! Nevertheless, I tipped the stylist accordingly. One star, only because that's the minimum.

Bernice Bronson

Great atmosphere and stylist and reasonable cost. Love Tatyana!

Rachel Bowick

Mila was fantastic and brought my hair back to life. I will be back for sure.

Imani Allen-Pierce

I was able to schedule a last minute appointment thanks to the receptionist being so kind and assistive. Once I got there, my appointment was with Andre. I informed him of what I would like ( a trim and no heat damage if my hair needs to be blown out for the trim because i am all natural) and he accommodated. He called it a texture blow out and it was like yes! perfect! The wash and H20 treatment was amazing, my trim came out beautifully and he blew my hair out on the lowest setting so my roots weren't affected. He informed me of what my hair needs and how to prevent breakage on natural hair. He gave me the works! I really really really enjoyed my experience here. The ambiance is lovely and I will be back to see Andre again! I love how my hair came out. My trim looks so beautiful and healthy This was my first salon visit since my big chop in 2 1/2 years.

Victoria Barnes

Service was great - Liz always know how to get my hair looking healthy & beautiful!

Sharlene Peters

I Love the way my hair came out. This was my first time getting my hair done and I will definitely return. There is no wait, you are seen by appointment.

Samatra Murphy

Too Groovy is the best natural hair salon I've ever experienced... Danny is your go to guy... that's if you can get an appointment with him... I've NEVER been disappointed with him doing my hair... NEVER... I moved back to Florida and haven't been able to find ANYONE that can do natural hair... No one has a CLUE about the benefits of hydrating the hair... I can't wait to get back to Georgia to Too Groovy... I really, really miss getting my hair done there! Right now I take care of my own hair... it's a lot of work though... Thank you Danny... hope to see you soon and hope you are still there! Sam

Kami Ennis

Love love love this place. I have been going there for more than 10 years. The stylist are always professional. Your hair is always looking healthy once you leave. Yes it's expensive, but it's a great investment.

Rey Ramon

So I tried to set an appointment for 6pm was told I need my cc to hold the appointment. While trying to explain my cc was in my car with my husband the receptionist must have thought I didn't have one because she hung up... after I got off work and got to my husband i called back and got no answer left a message no one answered finally Elise @ too groovy texturesalon made my appointment EVEN THOUGH IT'S FARTHER AWAY WOULD RECOMMEND A VISIT THERE!!! Was treated with respect from hello .... get it too TOGETHER too groovy. ...

Jenifer Jackson

Sandy is the best! Great customer satisfaction!!

Rachelle Jean

Literally the worst experience I had a salon ever. I went in for a hydration treatment and a trim, I didn’t want my hair pressed out due to the fact that I’m not trying to put too much heat on me hair and the stylist was mad for that. Then I asked her how much for 2 braids she said an extra $35, so I decline the offer. After my trim, she told me to go pay. Mind you my hair was STILL SOAKING WET, she didn’t try my hair or nothing. Then have the nerve to tell me to pay $68 when I was quoted at $40.

Miss Gertie

I visited Too Groovy to find an oasis in a world of relaxers, weaves, and hot presses -- a modern Afrocentric salon that would help me care for and celebrate my Type 4 hair. Instead, I found a business that prides itself on "taming" natural hair, not helping it to bloom and grow.

Swifty McVay

I spent over 8 hours here for a rod set. MILA is who I made the appt with she then basically turned me away while doing another clients hair and I felt she didn’t want to do it because of how thick my hair is in its natural state but it’s not even as bad as it looks. None the less she refused me and made me wait hours only for me to see her doing her own hair directly after. I was thrown on to Amanda’s schedule so she had to work me in I sat in the salon over 8 hours took my entire day away and I paid 100+ dollars not including the tip. They didn’t even comp the hydration treatment they did nothing at all to make up for it. I may come here in the future for emergency but I won’t recommend anyone because the cost is already high but the treatment and lack of customer satisfaction sucks.

Lucretia McKenzie

I love Too Groovy! Mia is my current stylist. I was a regular at Too Groovy back in the day when they were the only natural hair salon in Atlanta. Then, I left for years trying cheaper salons and wearing weaves. After learning the hard way, I realized Too Groovy took care of my hair the best. So I came back to the Too Groovy Hair program. I like Mia because she is always professional and she takes good care of my hair.

Tope Eletu

I enjoyed my experience here! The stylist were knowledgeable, hard working, and friendly. The vibe was so dynamic! I felt really taken care of and my hair looked great when I left! The stylist provide you with tips after your visit to keep your hair healthy and in style.

Rhonda Campbell

I would have given 5 Stars, however when I am paying close to $100.00 for a basic service, I don't care to wait. It use to be your appointment slot was your slot. If you run late, you would be canceled. Timely service appears to be a thing of the past at 2 Groovy.

Kayla Warren

I had very high hopes to try Too Groovy salon. I have been natural for a while but have never really worn my natural hair. My appointment was at 12:00 PM with Mandy for flat twist. The receptionist was lovely, very friendly. Since it was my first time she gave me a form to fill out that asked me about my natural such as some of my problem, goals etc. The bottom included a section for the stylist such as my hair type, porosity levels etc. I waited about 10 minutes and was washed by I believe JD. He was great, I really enjoyed the wash. In between Mandy came over to introduce herself. I also noticed she had someone else in her chair, which initially was not a big deal. JD gave been a DC steam treatment and detangled and twisted be up while I waited for Mandy( the current time was about 1-1:30). This is where my issues started to begin. I did not get into Mandy chair until about 2:45/3:00 P.M ( do not get me wrong I am very patient, but at this point, I had been at the salon roughly for 3 hours, for what I anticipated would be a quick natural style). Once I got into her chair, Mandy was nowhere near apologetic for having me wait. I explained to her this was my first time natutal. From there I had to continue to ask her questions about the twist, such as how to care for them, matience etc ( this may not be a problem for others, but other salons are always helpful in maitance and tip espeically me being a 1st timer.) In addition none of the paper work was filled out, she did not mention anything about my hair or my goals. She had her headphone in the entire time,which for many may not be a problem but I like a little more interaction, at least discussing my hair. This twist ended up being okay.. not cute enough for me to wear out but they get the job done until I am ready to take them out. I personally am looking for a natural hair stylist who I feel care for my hair and is willing to help me reach my goals. Unfortatly this is not the impression I PERSONALLY recieved from Mandy. I may try another stylist in the salon however, I am not sure.. My natural journey for a caring stylist still continues.

Leslie Williams

My first time experience was simply amazing!

Eboni Martin

1# First time customer with an appointment for 10:00 a.m 2# didn’t meet stylist until 11:20 a.m 3# stylist wasn’t able to really connect with me due too over bookings 4# walked out with unfinished hair that I have to style when it dries and she was ok with it. And leaving time was 3:15 p.m and yea by the way she kept reminding me she hasn’t eating anything all day!!

Dynecia Clark

Service was great! And they do natural hair!

Faye Nesbitt

Good service and on time.

Kyndra Torres

Loved ever part of it and my stylist kept me informed on how to keep my hair healthy and longer. Shereka Wilson is definitely my go to stylist.


I enjoyed the hydration treatment, having my hair pressed, and the tea. I did not enjoy waiting 20-40 minute intervals totaling 3-4 hours to get my hair shampooed, conditioned, treated, and pressed. My stylist was kind but clearly overwhelmed with back to back clients. Additionally the prices online do not match the billed price $30 for a trim that is listed at $20? $65 for press on short hair that is listed at $55? I am disappointed. I used to go to Too Groovy consistently years ago only stopping due to out of state move. I am disappointed to share that I will not return. ever.

Nydia Manns

Best Natural Hair Salon in town!! Elizabeth, Sandy, and Matthew are the best stylist!

Shel Taylor

Great hair care in a great atmosphere. Maurehna takes good care of the health of my hair, not just so it looks pretty. I highly recommend Too Groovy.

Tamika Owens


Pinky Pretti

I love this salon!!! I go to Danny and he's phenomenal!!!!! I've been going here for 2 1/2 years... Wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Sheva Sheva

I took my daughter here to have her hair treated. Zay was her stylist. She was a good conversationalist with my 8 year old. My baby had no complaints so if she's happy, I'm overjoyed!

Rhonda Rawls

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Too Groovy! Tasha was my stylist. She was so thorough throughout the entire process. This was my first time getting my hair pressed in 2 years and I was extremely pleased. I have a new favorite salon and will be going back. Too Groovy came highly recommended to me and I would absolutely recommend them to others.

Dutchess Drake

I've said it once and I will say it a million times. Too Groovy is the best and most professional Black hair care salon ever. I've taken my daughter's here time and time again and never left unsatisfied. Recently I went myself and Ja'nee ( sorry if I spelled it wrong) took care of my hair. She was very professional and knowledgeable about my texture of hair. In addition to being very professional she educated me on my hair. I left feeling like a new woman with soft manageable natural hair. Thank you Too Groovy please keep it up..

Virginia Archer

I've been coming here for years. I leave with my hair looking silky shiny and feeling great.

Lisa Anthony

Never a long wait like other salons! Tasteful music. Nice atmosphere.


I've been coming to Too Groovy for a few years now and each time I have a great experience. What I love most is that all of the stylists are very knowledgeable and I can go to anyone and get a great service. I always recommend my natural sisters to this salon.

Elizabeth Mekbib

They accommodated me instantly even though I didn't have an appointment. This place never disappoints

Brooke Turpeau

I have recieved consistantly great service each time I go. The stylist are friendly and knowledgable.

Chidimma E.

Dear Too Groovy, just an FYI, wigs are considered a healthy option for black hair. "Specializing in healthy hair" should include this and I'm very disappointed that you have not evolved to include this service. Furthermore, your own stylists told me that some of your employees make wigs but over the phone, I'm told this is not true. Please, have a meeting, get your story together, and don't block business for your hardworking and dedicated employees. ✌

linda burse

I liked the experience I had there. The stylist I was assigned to was very friendly and listened to what I wanted done with my hair. Within five minutes of the consultation I was at the sink getting my hair washed. During this time she was courteous and took the time to answer whatever questions I had to ask. I told her I basically wanted a silk press done ( my first one in over a year) and she suggested that I get the hydration treatment. Considering I was a new client I wasn't charged for it and my hair benefited from it. The services they offer can be expensive, but it's worth it for the results. The stylist I had her name is Courtney and I highly recommend her for she's nice, professional, knows her stuff and does her best to have you out in a timely manner. I was a walk in at 1pm and was out by 2:20 pm. That's the first time I was out in under 2 hours.


Absolutely never again. I Called in advance to request a new perminant color. I Asked specifically if they had an individual on staff that would be able to do my hair with the request i was making since the originally sylist that did my color no longer worked there. I was assured that they could do my hair. So day of the appointment. They washed my hair, something they werent supposed to do

Javonne Lingo

I was seen as a walk-in. The receptionist with the faux lox’s wasn’t the best but the young lady who washed my hair did a great job and the stylist Mika did a great job on my hair...She takes her time with each client and engages the client in conversation. She had a wonderful spirit about herself. I will definitely return.

Divad Miles

Absolutely amazing service. Restored my hair with a hydration treatment and Kayla is a wonderful stylist/shampooer. She takes her time to make sure your hair is clarified and conditioned well. See Danny or Mandy for styling and trims.

Melodi Emanuel

Be aware you will spend a lot of time and money in this salon!!!! I patron there for the first and last time today! When I initially called to make my appointment the receptionist stated a flexi rod style started at $65 and somehow after spending 5 hours in the salon (appt was at 9am left at 2pm) the stylist stated my flexi rod style would be $100. I was shocked to say the least at the price. The stylist stated her flexi rod style started at $85 not $65. This is a terrible business practice if the receptionist is going to make a recommendation then she should know and quote the correct starting prices of each stylist. In addition I was charged extra for blowing dry which the stylist decided to use to make it easier on her. I did not request blowing drying if I would have known that was an additional charge of course I would have objected. I personally do not think this place is worth the hours and dollars spent. If you are visiting for the first time just make sure you fully understand the prices prior to any work done so you aren’t shocked at the end.

Rhonda Anderson

I thought the stylist who did my hair knew how to style my hair as requested. I wanted fingerwaves. My hair is curly at the roots so my style lasted less than 12 hours. I was hoping it would have lasted a week. She only used mousse to set the style. One side of my head is not waved. It's scrunched. She knew this when she was styling it. Usually a stylist will advise me the result that I want to achieve is going to be a challenge, but she said nothing. I am so disappointed with the service that I received. I requested a refund. I was told that I couldn't get it but a re-style was offered. I decided that I do not want that and will not be returning ever again as a customer.

Sharmel James

I have not recieved this many compliments in years. Amanda is the wiz. I now have hair that is soft manageable shiny healthy and hydrated. Im hooked.

Stephanie Mosley

Wonderful natural hair salon. As a assistant here, I can say this is the first salon I've been to that knows and loves your natural hair. Very professional and my hair has grown even more because of the knowledge that is tought here!! Go to Groovvvvvy❤️

Joy Beaux

I used to absolutely love this salon. They would give me a thorough consultation for my hair health and give suggestions. But, the last time I went for a coloring the colorist was rude and couldn’t really answer my questions. So, when he told me the price of the coloring I was taken aback because he couldn’t even tell me about the health of my hair and how bleaching it would affect it. Not so great customer service from him. Receptionists were great though!


Too Groovy Midtown has excellent customer service, I have been going there for two months and ever since the first time I went the customer service has not changed. I absolutely love my hairstylist Elizabeth she has the most Pleasant and inviting Spirit, I always look forward to my appointment with her because she really explain the whole process of the products and treatment for my hair. Please keep up the good work.

Kim Lee Hughes

They are the black girl hair care magicians. I am so happy to be back in Atlanta where my natural hair is a blessing that is treated with loving kindness.

Oneita Bagby

Sandy Is AMAZING! The hydration therapy worked wonders on my hair! I haven't taken my flat twists out yet, but I'm glad to see my natural, healthy hair, looking and feeling this good! I didn't give 5 stars due to parking, the bathroom, and ceiling leak/repairs needed.

Mahogany Hanks

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Too Groovy Midtown. They were able to book me an appointment on the same day on a Sunday morning. The salon being open 7 days a week is a significant plus! My services were from a newer stylist and I was very pleased. My hair was moisturized, silky and smooth. Thank you Too Groovy Midtown, I look forward to visiting you all again!

Amber Barlow

Mila was my stylist and she was great! The receptionist was friendly and attentive to customers coming in. I got a silk press on my natural hair for the first time in almost a year and it was very silky and lasted quite a while! I will definitely be revisiting Mila soon!

Andrena Daniely

Love Too Groovy and Texture Too Groovy! Professional people especially Elyse (manager @ Texture). Shannon and Angela @ Texture are excellent in styling natural hairdo. Zeno @ Too Groovy is the best for color and cuts. Asa and Veshonda are also very good stylist and very professional. You cannot go wrong with anyone of the stylist mentioned above!! I've been with both salons about three years.

Percy Hampton

Toia is the best barber in the City!

S Smith

Love this place. It's a little pricey (all services are pretty much a la carte), but very much worth it. I always leave with a fabulous hairdo. Though not all stylists are equally capable, Aeisha is great! Thanks for helping me transition my hair back to its natural state.

Anthony Still

I can't go to another shop to get a hair cut again. I found my go to spot! The location is clean, the people are friendly, and there's always coffee and tea waiting for you. Not only do they do haircuts though they also do all natural styles. Ever since I first went I told my wife. She in turn told her sister, her friends, and her mom about it. Everyone she told came back and said they thoroughly enjoyed it and will be returning. Great staff, great location, great service!

Khadijah Davis

This salon has horrible customer service. They give decent quality work, but if they make a mistake, there is NO sense of responsibility on their part. Got my hair dyed and they dyed it the wrong color... twice! AND had me pay for it each time. I sent them pictures of what I wanted and made 3 different trips. They don't answer their phones either. This is not the first time an employee has mistreated me without anything happening. They are also consistently late.

Natasha Jones

Standard of excellence is hog for all stylist working there... beautiful establishment... inviting guest services.....astounding knowledge of the maintenance and care of natural hair

Monique Smith

Always very professional, and Danny is the best I've been his client for years high recommend him.

Lynne Harrison

I'm sad to see so many reviews. I used to go to Robin when I was a teen when she had a shop in Savannah. I loved her then, and was thinking about going back since I am now natural. I think I will pass, but I wonder what happened.

Elect Lady

Always a pleasant experience. Victoria is always awesome, kind, and courteous! She is very attentive to my hair care needs.

Martha Woods

For a while it was good but is very difficult to find a good stylist.

Tolulope Adewole

Tatyana was great! She was a bit late but super nice and apologetic. The lady that washed my hair did an amazing job as well. The entire staff was actually very pleasant. I’ll definitely be going back.

Mz Brown

Always a great experience! Danny keeps my hair healthy and beautiful.

Renee Holmes

Horrible service. I left without getting my hair done after being verbally attacked by Sessley. Shame!

Alesia Batiste

I've been going to this salon for about 6 months now and I've been pleased everytime. My stylist, Matthew, is awesome! I have natural hair and he takes good care of it and makes sure I'm educated about my hair! No complaints on my end!

ellen m johnson

I took my daughter for the first time to this salon. My daughter is 11 yrs old and a little shy around strangers. I was speaking with the young lady while she washed my daughters hair. The stylist asked if I could wait downstairs, and I asked her if I was disturbing anyone. I wasn't loud or anything. I was having a very nice conversation with this young lady. I didn't know that it was a problem to watch someone getting their hair washed. I wanted my daughter to be as comfortable as possible. I really didn't like her attitude. I was also checking this place out to see if I wanted to be a regular. I will never visited this salon again. Customer service is everything ! Everything that glitters is not gold. After my daughter's wash, we left. I will not have anyone putting their hands in my child's hair with a bad spirit. She didn't even apologize as we were leaving. I think her name is Mila or Milo. Never again. You get one chance to get my hard earned money.

Tahliah Fearce

Had a great experience and loved the end result. I was gifted to get my hair done for my 20th Anniversary and hadn’t had my hair done professionally in years. Danny was my stylist, loved his energy and he really made my hair feel and look healthy.

Kelli Murrell

The staff complained the whole time about how thick and long my hair was. I wouldn’t recommend leaving your children unattended as the staff cursed loudly. Although knowledgeable, the stylist complained the entire time about the thickness of my hair. Perhaps natural styling is too much for them.

Donita McCants

My experience was fine. I went to NeNe, she knew natural hair very well, after I washed my hair I didn't have any heat damage. She gave me a cut and she took her time and did a great job. I was very impressed with her. She was very gentle with my hair and she didn't pull. I would recommend NeNe to anyone because she was awesome! :)

Courtney Shelton

Love this salon! Go see Maurehna she is absolutely the best!!

Lawana Pete

I love this place. Danny(midtown location) is my stylist and never disappoints! However, all stylist are superb. It hard to find salons with little wait time and that will get you out within 2.5 hours regardless of service, but here that …

Journey Bourney

Disrespectful, not following orders, and insulting hair. Didn't have the hair dye that was wanted and made excuses and pissed my good friend off. "Your hair isn't ready there is breakage and your hair is too weak". It's a nice place but they stalked and didn't just tell my friend straiggt up that they didn't have the color highlights she wanted.

Paula Johnson

My stylist Angela Ba is the bomb diggity! Too Groovy is one of the most positive salon experiences I have EVER had after living in the "A" for over 20 years!! Keep up the good work.

Rosemari Burton

Too Groovy had great location, atmosphere, staff, and service. I had a thermal treatment, trim, and natural curl enhancement. Sister had the same except she had her hair flat ironed. We both loved the results and will continue coming back.

Sabrina Scott

Stylist was kind, courteous, and attentive. She and I consulted the week before my appointment and confirmed style and and technique to style. Once appointment came, we still agreed on same style. I should have known an issue when the platted twists were not tight. My hair end the end looked nothing like style. My past experiences have been if a stylists did not agree a style would work, they would address. This was not done. My hair looked like I washed it myself and and did not attempt to style. Now, I will say, the cut was manageable. I have tried to repair. The objective was to have a new style for the first time with natural hair. Well, now, I'm back to paying someone else to fix this or cut it back off and start all over again.

Ashley Burroughs

Excellent service. Great staff & I love my results! I am not natural but my hair responded well to the Hydrating Treatment. Rosalyn was wonderful as my stylist!

Crystal G

I got my hair done at Too Groovy a few days ago and dissapointed would be a gross understatement. I scheduled my appointment online and followed up with a phone call to confirm that the style I had booked was the correct one. I asked the lady I spoke with if I could text her a picture of the style. She agreed, so I sent her a picture of my hair and the look I was going for. She confirmed it was, and said that the stylist I was booked with was one of their best. My appointment was scheduled for 8am. I took a half day off of work to give myself ample time. The stylist was 30 minutes late due to traffic so the manager agreed to give me 25% off of my service. I have naturally curly hair and wanted to achieve a more elongated large curl for a special event that I was hosting the following day. My hair was washed and put into flexi rods. I sat under a dryer for an hour and a half and when the rods were removed I had little tiny curls stuck to my scalp that resembled starter locs. Several people commented on how cute the coils were but all I kept thinking was - this looks nothing like what I asked for! I told the stylist how I felt and she said she could try to elongate them. She brushed through my hair with her fingers until my hair became an afro. Then she tried curling the back with a curling iron. I could tell she really wanted to fix it but at this point I had spent 4 hours in the salon and had to go back to work. She then told me that the look I wanted all along could be achieved with the right product. Really? I got another shampoo and she put a gelee product from design essentials in my hair. She said it would dry into an elongated curl (It didn’t) When I checked out (while holding back tears) the lady at the front desk looked up at me, stared for about 10 seconds and said- “you tell me”. She took the stylist to the side for a brief moment and came back with the price of $30 dollars for the shampoo. In hindsight I should have refused to pay anything at all. I spent 4 hours at a salon to get my hair washed and my curls “enhanced” only to spend 60 dollars the very next day to get my hair styled somewhere else. Too groovy has a a gorgeous shop and people you can tell are trying to get the customer service thing right, but if you know that you can’t do a hair style or a certain technique is not your thing- you really do owe it to your customers and stylists to get that part right because people don’t have the time and certainly not the money to waste.

Roxana Moss

They do nice hair.

Andrea Godwin

I love my hair stylist. She does a great job. My only issue would be that I think a trim is to expensive $20. I under if I get a full cut. After I pay $65 for a wash and style and another $20 for a little trim is to expensive which cuts into the hairstylist tip. I think $ 10 is a good price for a trim.

Chris Gatlin

I went to this location and asked for Tehira Fitzpatrick - one of the best stylists there. Unfortunately, I was told she left but I wasn’t given any information about her new whereabouts. The staff has been very rude by ignoring Tehira’s former clients who simply want to know what salon she transitioned to. Thankfully, I did some research and found she now works at Salon Lofts Edgewood-Reynoldstown. Tehira is one of the best colorists/stylists I know. My whole family has been going to her for years and will continue to do so. Her prices are fair and her skills are unmatched- unlike some of the stylists at Too Groovy. I highly recommend visiting Tehira at Salon Lofts- you won’t be disappointed!

Richelle Bess

Worst customer.service that I have ever experienced . I walked out in tears!

Ms Taylor

I had s great experience at Too Groovy the staff was professional and the environment was clean, wam and friendly. The Salon is very inviting . I Highly recommend the Too Groovy hair Saon.

Shamica West

If you are not knowledgeable about the pricing structure, it is very easy for the price to add up. I ask lots of questions in general so, I was fully aware of the cost. Staff and service were good.

Jervay L.

Every stylists can do an excellent Blow Out. They are punctual, professional and down to earth.

Tomilola Adeyanju

Just save yourself any trouble and go to Asa everytime, he’s amazing.

sunny sand

If you have kinky curly hair and want to go back and forth between natural and straight don't go here they burn your hair out my daughter 's is now permanently bone straight on the ends and falls out in the sink as if she had a perm and she …

Lakehsya Morrison

Mila gave me the shampoo for the Gods... everything was great and my hair came out fabulous as I expected!!!

Kimberly Turner

The girl who washed my hair did an amazing job! The only bad thing is that they had me waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time before I was seen. But great work!

Jefferal Davis

My scalp was burned while being blow dryed by Victoria, who also combs from the root down. Im use to my hair being combed from the ends up. This process she used made my scalp sore. Kayla who is so sweet but not trained well enough to be on the floor did my little sister hair. She blow dryed one side of my sister hair really good. I believe she was lazy on the other side. I am very dissatisfied with the service we received. The receptionist took off $15 for the blow dry but that is not enough for me to return. The customer service and the quantity of skilled stylist has decreased drastically. Just go somewhere else.

LaToyoa Taylor

Excellent service, extremely professional staff & my daughter's & my hair looks and feels fantastic! Danny & Andre were absolutely amazing. My daughter & I will definitely be back.

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