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REVIEWS OF TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy IN Georgia

Saja Welton

Horrible place! I showed a picture of a dusty rose gold color I wanted and they gave me this ugly burnt orange pink color it's literally so ugly I'm so disappointed the balayage isn't even blended or anything

Jamie Wilson

Amazing place to learn and to work! The curriculum is hands down the best course work for all future estheticians, barbers and cosmetologists. If you are dedicated and committed to being the best in this field, Toni & Guy is the place for you!

Dani B

If a student asks you to be a hair model, be aware, it is costly. (Aveda does not charge the hair model and the students have many more hours of learning, before they are on the floor.) I had to pay $120.00! If I would have known ahead of time, I would not have done it. I was told I would just have to pay for the product and would be "$25.00 and up". Not the students fault, but seems like a racket! The student pays the school and the model pays the school. Not right.

Dhvani Patel

Debrah Dowell

Courtney Valdez

Currently a student at the Academy and I am loving this experience. The teachers and staff go above and beyond for the students. The upper classmen are so helpful as well! I completely recommend for any services or if your looking for a school!

Hunter Randolph

I went to Toni & guy for a haircut. I knew I was going to a school Which means a student will be doing my hair. When I was getting my haircut the student is still learning so she had some questions. There were many teachers there but most of them neglected their students and chose to sit instead of help. I saw many students asking for help but there was only one teacher actually involved. The teachers leave their students in the dark which ultimately lead to a long haircut. My hair looks great and the woman that cut my hair was very sweet.

dana jorgensen


Morty Smith

This was the absolute worst hair cut my wife has ever received! Not only was the senior stylist terrible, her instructor was absolutely not concerned whatsoever about what was going on in the salon. Finally after an hour of sitting in this stylist chair, my wife was crying and ask to leave. She went to the car, and I was asked to pay for the haircut. (Which I did) because I'm not one to ever complain. We found another hairstylist who did the best she could do to fix her hair. It's taken about 2 months to finally get her hair actually looking good. I have told EVERYONE who is looking for a salon, not to walk in this place.

Jennifer Goodridge

I have gotten my hair cut and colored here many times over the past 3 or so years and have been very happy. There was 1 time I was not completely happy with the color and they offered to correct it free of charge. I definitely recommend if you are looking for quality work and willing to help students. Heads up: just make sure you go on your off day if you are strapped for time.


Isa did a great job at removing all my split ends which is definitely what I needed. She is also incredibly informative & gave me a lot of good advice involving all the hair products they used. I’m giving 3 stars because my hair got cut a little more than I wanted. Otherwise, a good job.

Clan Tynker

Cassidy A. did a great job on my color. Love my short haircut and she worked around the leftover color from a previous style like a pro.

Laura Williams

I love my haircut. I can be super picky with my hair but educator (Riley) stepped in and made sure we were on the right track.

Camille Velasquez

I absolutely love attending Toni and Guy the instructors are amazing definitely glad I chose T&G for cosmo

Julio Martinez

They butchered my head I wore a beanie for a month

Daniel Bailey

Kelly Kortright

S. Garcia

Teyana has colored my hair more than once and I have been very pleased with the results each time. The occasional discount on hair color that Toni & Guy gives is also a plus. I like the fun atmosphere:)

Nina Valdez Rodriquez

Attending this academy has truly impacted my life and my entire perspective of the beauty industry. There is so many things you can do here, whether it’s hair, makeup, skin, retail.... etc etc... you really grasp so much from the time you spend here. You meet so many amazing people & the educators are fabulous, each one has their own way of teaching you. They really care for their students & your education. Attending this academy has brought me so many opportunities & it could do the same for you

Suzanne Flores-Chavez

The students are amazing, they take there time and study. It shows when they get ready to cut your hair or etc...... Kandice you are the best for me, you did a great job cutting my hair.... Thank You :)

Madeline Monahan

Boo Lala

Great stylists, wonderful experience!

Emma Doyal

When I first walked in to the school, I was taken back by how beautiful the facility was. The students seemed really eager to learn and happy to be there. The instructors were always more than willing to help students with questions or concerns that they might have. Loved the atmosphere, and would totally go back!

James Heisler quinn

I got an amazing cut from Jaylinn! She was funny, and easy going. The instructor she was working with was also amazing. I will for sure be coming back! Thanks for the great atmosphere and wonderful staff!

A Darle

HORRIBLE PLACE. All the good reviews on here are from the students attending - SAVE YOUR HAIR AND DO NOT COME HERE!! DO NOT waste your money and time here. $75.00 for a BASE COLOR and 6 hours later, I was destroyed by my results. My natural brown beautiful undamaged hair (never dyed before) was this orange brassy color - and it had to be trimmed because of the damage they did to it. Please save your hair and DO NOT come here. I wanted to change my look before my birthday, just didn't think it would be a shity change. If I could give it NO stars, I would.

Kealey Bushaw

Karina Garcia

About a month ago I went to Toni and Guy to get highlights and a haircut. I literally spend 8 hours at this place! 8 hours!!! The student who attended me was very slow in her job and burned my hair! I also got a haircut and it looks like my toddler cut me hair. I wish I can post a picture of how damaged my hair looks and with a terrible haircut. I understand they are students and they are learning but never again! Never going to this place again.

Vanessa Palencia

Lawrence Stone

Kendall always gives me the best colors. She is great with bold, creative & edgy shades. Never afraid to try new things. Check her out!

C.S. Luster

If you accept appointments for Black hair then you should house products for Black hair. I didn't realize this was a bad decision until my hair was washed and ready to be styled. Not to mention 3.5 hours later...I am 50 but looked 70 because of the wrong products in my hair...dry & poofy. Shame on you!! Never again!!!

Kinsley Perkins

Tuition here is outrageous for what you get. The first two months of education are great, but there is really nothing after that. You are only paying for the name. Lack of communication between staff and students. Needs a lot of improvement.

Crystal West

From the moment you step inside this beautiful facility it is very clear the caliber of education a student will get during their time here. Hands on learning sets our academy apart and is just one of the many things that makes Toni & Guy an industry leader in education. It's wonderful to hear from salon owners the readiness of our graduates to be behind the chair.

Paula Dare

I went back to Brianne Husband because she did a fabulous job of coloring. I'm very tender headed and she's the very 1st person who didn't hurt me by combing out my extremely long hair!

the twilight zone

great place for cheap.

Fabian Jaramillo

Got a haircut from one of there “senior “ barber students and it came awful. The cut took a little over an hour and half and I had so much powder on the back of my neck and shirt, it looked like I got in a fight with a bag flour. I would definitely not recommend.

Denise Gallegos

Super excited to have the experience of having my hair colored!! Took over 5 hours to complete process to only have my hair come out orange after toner was applied I walked out with $80 less in my pocket and color that look as if it came out of a box. Very dissatisfied with instructors who don't seem to give enough attention to their students. Being a professional hairdresser/instructor should include more than walking with their heads cut off like a bunch of chickens drinking their Starbucks, pretending to care. Anyway I will not be returning nor will I recommend the services they lack to provide. Don't be impressed with the fancy decorated building.

Trish AragonMascarenas

It has been over a year since my child completed the Academy and has not received their certificate, a bill, invoice, anything...they are unresponsive to all attempts to contact them regarding this, and very rude. Their financial aid office and owner are quick to take your tuition, but do not care about you after you graduate. If you owe any "Fees" they fail to provide the student with invoices or bills, yet hold the certificate hostage. They are just after the tuition. Watch this Academy, they have complaints with DOE and BBB!!!

Noah Madden

This is a modern hair school, you can feel the energy and focus on education as you enter the facility. Great environment.

Raquel S

I want give 5 stars to Teyana for doing such a fantastic job on my daughter and for the tips in keeping her hair healthier. Last but not least 5 stars to Loren that took the time and patience to fix my CRAZY hair...Thank you so much. You BOTH Rock!!!

Dillan Hoyt

Nice service great employees overall good experience

Caroline Casey


Lindsey Cobb

Definitely recommend the Toni & Guy school experience! You have a stylist who is in training and a supervisor teacher there to ensure all goes right! I was very lucky in my most recent experience to have a stylist who went above and beyond! Bri did an amazing job making my hair look ahmazing!! The teacher was also very helpful and ensured that everything was great! Cannot recommend this enough to someone who has the time--great price and they take good care of your hair!

Erica Richards

Well done and quick!

Alison Buckland

Sarah does the most amazing braids and styles. Never disappointed.

Leslie Torres

I scheduled an appointment for four haircuts at 9 am on a Saturday. Once we showed up, we were told that they could only see one of us. The explication I received was that nine of their students didn’t show and they had no way of knowing until they opened. Their solution was to see one of us and have another show up at a later time. Needless to say, this was our first and last time here.

Sarah Wallace

Plan a little extra time when getting services done by students. Other than that you will receive salon quality services at a reasonable price.

Clarissa Gouge

I only gave them a two instead of a one because my last experience there wasn’t too bad I guess. Even though I had to wait in the lobby for well over 30 mins before they even took me back and I had to have 3 different girls work on my hair; the front desk wasn't really all that inviting then either. This time the attitude from the lady at the front desk about setting up my appointment was so off setting that right after I scheduled it I immediately called another hair salon I found the other day while eating out. I was put off when I called but the lady at the other salon actually listened to what I wanted and didn’t assume what I was trying to say. It’s hard to explain what you want over the phone sometimes when you don’t know all the terminology of hair and I told her I was wanting a ‘new do'- so I’m not going to be familiar with it. I told the lady at Toni and Guy "well, based off the picture I have I’m not sure what it would be called but I usually get hightlights (again I want a change) but I don't think that is what you would call the style in this picture." -she continued to say that’s what it’s called (the picture she cannot see). She wasn’t listening to the customer and obviously wrote down I wanted highlights so if I were to even go to my appointment which I will not be (sorry not calling to cancel either) then the hairdresser assigned to me would be expecting to do highlights and have that in the forefront of her mind. I wasn’t going to argue with her so I went ahead and scheduled the appointment as a backup. She couldn’t understand how to spell my name either and was honestly being short with me for I don’t know why. I’m not even getting my foot in the door yet and I’m already disappointed. She also told me I HAVE TO WAIT until after lunch since my appointment will take so long. I am not paying you to rearrange MY day off, sorry. I called the other salon she was super friendly & I’m in a good mood again, she listened to the fact we will have some talking to do tomorrow to figure out what I WANT, and I’ll be in by 9 am! It’s worth the price to get what you want and my chances of me walking out of there with what I’m looking for I feel so much more confident about. Sorry ladies nothing against you, you're working hard to graduate but if you don’t get told accurately what I want before the appointment is even made it’s just flat out bad business. I won’t be coming back

Sonia Saeidi

Lindsay Davis

Katelyn L gave me a great haircut last week. She has a natural way with hair and I was impressed enough to leave a review. See you next time.

Christin Williams

I went in with super dry and damaged hair from a nightmare experince at another salon Brianne saved my hair! She spent two hours cutting, styling and repairing my hair. She took her time making sure I had a cut I was happy with. She is a miracle worker and I couldn't be more in love with my hair! Will be going back to see her SOON

Shayna Clark

As a student who is almost finished with the program, I know the ups and downs of the school and I have to say it's so worth it to come here whether you would like to learn or get your hair done! The instructors are very experienced and willing to help with tips and guidance throughout the program, truly preparing you for a successful future. Plus the atmosphere is bright and energetic, everyone is super welcoming and kind.


Kelly Hopkins

Fantastic experience and a reasonable price! The students and teachers work hard to get your hair looking like it should! Gabby did a wonderful job on my very stubborn hair. I will be returning and would heartily recommend them to anyone who asks!

alyssa aguilar

The students are so professional and the prices are amazing. The staff is amazing and the environment is so welcoming! If you are looking to get your hair done I would recommend 10/10

Barbara Sneddon

This was my first time here. I was looking for a place to get my hair cut. I have always been a big supporter of beauty academy's. I was impressed by how clean friendly and professional every thing was Van shampooed and cut my hair today. I had been growing my hair out for several years. It actually had not been this long since I was in high school. That's a great number of years ago.Van listened to what I wanted and I was not disappointed. Great job!!! She will be there till June 2020. If you are looking for someone to cut your hair Check her out. You will love the way your hair looks when you are done.

Amy Arnett

I LOVE my hair color. My hair looks really great! I went on Saturday and had a 12:30 appointment. Jykarta was my stylist and she was fabulous. Very much a perfectionist and very sweet. The only reason that I am not giving 5 stars is because it took so long. I was there for 5 hours, and I only got full highlights with a toner. I knew that it would take awhile since I have long thick hair, but 5 hours for what was done seemed really long. I will go back, but I just need to plan on a free afternoon so that I am not in a time crunch to get somewhere by 6:30.

jessie howe

I was blown away with the service I received today. I will defiantly be returning in the future.

Melissa Straub

This was my first time here and I will definitely be returning! Steven cut my hair into a long bob and he did a fantastic job! The stylists take a bit longer because they are still learning, which I am fine with! Just make sure to block out a little extra time for your appointment than you usually would. And you truly can’t beat the price, $15!!

Kourtney Patcher

Jennie Lavorgna

If having your hands in hair starting day one is how you want to start your career... this is the Academy for you. Focusing on cut and color... you will learn way more than a basic cosmetology education. We also do tons of events in the community.... like Santa Fe fashion week, Bridal expo, and haircuts for the homeless. In all the programs cosmetology, barbering and aesthetics we try to give a full well rounded experience. We have tons of demos from the community, and even bring in advance education to demonstrate the newest and latest trends.

Tracy Jones

My daughter just graduated from this Academy! She was trained to a higher standard than we even expected. I highly recommend this Academy!

Judith McMahon

Had an appointment and waited 40 minutes past the appointed time then left.

Selena L

Go here regularly to get salon services done from highlights to haircuts for a very reasonable price! Always get great service! Love the beautiful atmosphere and friendliness of the staff/students. Two important tips: 1. Ask for a salon ready student! 2. No kids. They are not a kid friendly environment!

Katie Akins

Kasi Garcia

The Albuquerque campus is beautiful!!! The education students receive is top notch and is one of a kind in town. All the students and staff are professional, well dressed and friendly. Come check us out!!!

Jay Hansen

I have been researching this company for a business partner of mine who is having issues with his daughter attending this school. I have no interests, good or bad in this company and I call it like I see it. This is a business and that means profits are what matters. It's the classic bait and switch. They offer you one thing then deliver another. Testimonials are from students when positive and others when negative, as far as I can tell. Their Better Business Bureau rating is an "F". This tells me much as my own business has an "A" rating and I am acutely aware of the hard work and dedication required for top BBB ratings. As far as the quality of training goes, I couldn't tell you. It's not my field of expertise but I can say the treatment of the student I know personally is atrocious. I would not go anywhere near this place unless it was to support a known participant in the school. Remember, these schools are independantly owned and operated and I only know of the Albuquerque campus. It would appear to me one would be better served elsewhere for any service offered by this place.

Ashley Archuleta

should have listened to the reviews. Want to cry and need to fix my hair asap.

Sis Jones

I love how Shekinah worked my curls. She gave me a perfect amount of curl & my hair is still healthy.

Autumnd Days

As a student who recently withdrew, i can say they have amazing skills, curriculum and tools however they're just not quite there yet with the environment for a learner like myself to flourish. As a freshman we weren't fully challenged or directed by the instructor. It's very self motivated and self learned. You're biggest instructor is an I-pad and your upper class men. You have to constantly remind the instructors if u need makeup work, a signature or any instruction and rarely do u get the attention you need unless you're on the floor. This is not saying all the toni and guy staff are this way, they do have some amazing people in office and some instructors truly care. However, based on my personal observation, they all don't carry the same vision or intentions for their students. 1-17-19 Update: they kept my student loan and financial aid, I'm still getting notices from Granite State ( GSM&R) that I'm reading repayment on my student loan that I never recieved for my personal expenses and Tammy doesn't return calls. I'm getting no where with them. Very crooked, money hungry and vindictive.

Adrian Moreno

I love coming to Toni and Guy, and getting my hair done. The students and staff are really friendly. Definitely, a great place for discounted student services.

Franki Hart

Today I had a facial at Toni and Guy with Breann Spargo. I have had many facials in my time, but this one is top notch! Very professional and so knowledgeable....she nearly put me in a deep sleep! I did not want it to end! I would highly recommend to everyone to get a facial with Breann. You will thank me after I'm sure. 5 star service for sure. Thank you Breann! I will be coming back!!!!

Angel gel6438

Had a Fabulous experience here and the staff is amazing!!! They listened to my needs and wants gave me the perfect color and cut! Thank you so much Bethina Shirley and Thad Cummings!!!

Jano .

Every time we have gone there it has been fantastik!

Leah Juarez

I wish I could be giving you a star rating based on actual services given. I have tried calling your Albuquerque, New Mexico - location 4 TIMES during regular buisness hours, on different days! (2201 Uptown Loop Rd NE Ste F, Albuquerque, NM 87110) to try and make an appointment. I even tried calling outside of the front door to see what would happen and sure enough, the young women at the reception in the front did not pick up the phone. I could clearly see her through the glass, yet she left it to go to voicemail. I left a voicemail and I am still waiting for a phone call to be returned. This is terrible customer service!

Katelyn Robinson

R Allbritton


Devin Haughton

Taylor did an amazing job on my hair. She handled my blonde, calic-ridden hair like a pro. Will be back next month.

R. Elise

I went in February to get a keratin straightening treatment. it took an hour and a half longer than it should have but I understood because it is a school and it was the budding stylists first time. It cost me $35 and I tipped on the $150 original price. It wasn't a salon job but it was acceptable especially at the discounted price. l went last Tuesday to get the same treatment and was told to get the KERATIN Express because it was the same thing only a little bit cheaper. I paid $75 and tipped 25% on the salon price of $130. I called the very next day to tell the stylist that my hair was frizzy and wavy all around the crown. She told me your hair is probably resistant to that treatment " now we know". KNOW WE KNOW??? Unacceptable response because she got tipped the salon got reimbursed for their chemicals and then some and I got a lesson??? I called the director, Allison. I left her two messages a day for 3 days straight. She never returned my calls. I called again on the fourth day and spoke to a woman named Tina who made an appointment for me to come in so she could "look at it" When I arrived she literally had no idea who I was and it took at least 10 minutes for her to figure out why I was even there. She put me with another student who was PROFESSIONAL to perform the same treatment over again. Unless I wanted to pay the difference to get the original keratin straightening treatment. She told me that she wouldn't recommend me getting the keratin Express anymore but said that she would have the stylist do it again. THEN WHY PREFORM IT AGAIN. Right there she should have offered me a refund. Three and a half hours for the redo and my hair looks worse than when I walked in the first time I had the keratin Express treatment. This school boasts about it's program that educates young people to be stylists licensd in Rhode island to work and operate businesses. Perhaps the State should look into their practices and add "ethics" to the curriculum.

Casey Ross

Absolutly loved the service!! Was scared to go from long to short hair especially because its very curly. I've had bad experiences when getting my hair cut in the past. Meg was still a student but her instructor did an awesome job instructing her. Very happy with how my hair came out. Made me very happy. Will be back in the future for sure!!!

Sonya Smith

Bridgette Tregaskis

Noel Poisel

I had previously gotten my hair colored wrong and butchered at a different salon. Went to Tony and guy to get it fixed and use the same example photo for them as I had for the previous salon. The senior girl that cut my hair was super friendly and was able to get my hair to look exactly like the picture! I will definitely go back... and it's so much cheaper too!

Jorge Perez

Gabrielle Albo

naghmeh zamani

The worst hair salon. They are student they don't have any experience and their instructors are not professional at all. my hair got damaged and has no texture now.

Lyric Parks

Read the good reviews and noticed that they all were from students-- That being said heres my review-- I overall was disappointed-- although I was there for 5 hours the first time and 4.5 hours the second time I was told my hair wasn't strong enough to lift to the color I originally asked for (even though I wasn't told this previously) I found out this wasn't true but still the instructor didn't allow the amazing student who did my 'correction' to correct the portions I didn't like. She only allowed her to do the outside that was untouched. The outside halo region was the exact color I wanted it to be. After spending almost 10 hours total I wish that ALL of my hair was actually the color I wanted it to be not just the front and back. I also found out the first girl who messed up wasn't even " Salon ready" and that the level I paid for. One of the rude instructors also told me the type of services I was looking for ( a head full of highlights aka bleach and toner in my hair) could only be done by a professional...hummmm so why label them as salon ready? Any way Im Im thankful for the correction done semi and Jennie for listening and beign respectful just wish she would have given the ok to correct everything like I was previously told.

Jessica Maness

Ei Management

The future of hairstyling is here at Toni&Guy hairdressing Academy. Ei Model Agency depends on Toni&Guy hairdressing Academy for all of our hair and makeup needs for photo shoots. Walk in normal and leave looking like a super model.

Gabby Nunez

Love Toni and Guy! I recently went in and got my hair colored and cut from Katelyn L. It was perfectly blended and the perfect color and I love the length! I always love how my hair feels after an appointment. I also really enjoy the facials and feel glowing afterward!

TheVerucAssault .

Baylee did a die hard color correction for me after I lifted the color from my hair at home from dark brown. I was trying to get back to my natural ash blond but couldn't get the warmth out of my hair. She worked in a balayage while color correcting. AWESOME. She worked really hard and the director interacted with us both to make sure what she was doing would be the correct path and to make sure what I wanted was something they could do. It turned out amazing. Ask to see her before and after pictures.

Veronica Berrios

I was looking for some natural highglights. Chloe listened to my concerns and gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Lilly Isles

I am so in love with my baliage from Katelyn Lyon! You Rock!


i don't know what it is but this place has always given better quality hair cuts and styling than any other place. always give a good tip to the stylist who works on my hair because they do such an amazing job and more than deserve it

Melanated Akebulanqueen

I set an appointment at this school because I wanted to have a professional experience. The lady who did my hair was a senior hairstylist, and her teacher didn't leave her on her own to do my hair. Her teacher was well informed, and kept checking in to make sure she was doing things correctly. I came there for a root touch up, and ended up needed a lighter retouch & hair tone. My ends were light blonde, so I was going for a light blonde on my root. My hair needed toning at the end, the toner toned my hair light silver grey, I said to the stylist, omg, my hair is light grey, was the toner supposed to do that?! I was in a rush to get the kids, then pick my husband up for his scheduled appointment. When I got to my daughter's school she said whoa mommy, U're hair is grey. The adminstrators at the front desk said, yes I love the grey hair. Not what I wanted to hear.

Marcella Martinez

Just started school this month and have been loving every minute of it!! Constantly leaning! My first week I already did a hair cut and high lights!

Kaitlynn Rose Sanchez

it's wack lmao

Anna Aguimatang

Terrible to their students and really disorganized. May look good on your resume, but honestly isn't worth it.

Laura Baker

If you are looking for an amazing blowout/styleout then look no further. Cheryl is the bomb!

Karla Garcia

Danny Gray

Ariel M is awesome with her clippers. From what I here, maybe it runs in the family.

Rhonda Wilkinson

Dora Hernandez

The students here really want to do a good job. The staff are good about keeping you aware of the upkeep, but also fresh ideas when you want something new.

Kara Renee

I’ve been attending Toni&Guy for the last year in the cosmetology program. i’ve had an amazing experience at the academy. i’ve not only made life long friends but built relationships with my instructors as well. They’ve taught me something new everyday and really supported and encouraged me in my journey. I would recommend Toni&Guy to anyone looking to establish a career in cosmetology, barbering, or estiology. they offer a great educational experience

Mr TyAli

Shout out to Toni And Guy. Shout out to Tai hooking those haircuts up. And doing a amazing job while doing it. #PrayHustleShine

Ana Gonzales

Gerri Ballard

My daughter has come so far under the instruction of toni & guy academy. And a little trivia: who knew toni & guy are tigi? Makes sense but i had no idea. I LOVE bedhead products!


I am currently going to school here for the Cosmetology program. If you're looking for a good school to get in for cosmo, barbering an esthiology than come here! The whole school treats you as if you're apart of a family and soon you become apart of the family. I love all of the events that we do, it puts us out in the field to get our career started. You start cutting immediately and you still learn and do book work as well. The education here is wonderful and you have so much help from all of the instructors. There are different things to do about tuition and they definitely do help you in any possible way that they can.

B eezy

Lucky Girl

esperanza Rodriguez

I am currently a starting Freshman at Toni & Guy and I am loving it. On my first day i was cutting hair and on my second I was doing my first highlights. I am in love with this program!

Vicky Cutshall

So much education and inspiration going on in here. It makes me feel young again. You just don’t want to leave. Great Job!

Devonna Sanchez

Esperanza Rodriguez is the absolute best!!!!! She takes such good care of me and my hair needs! I hardly trust anyone with my hair, and this girl has my 100% trust! She is amazing every time I go to her!!!!

Lia Tablada

Amita Gordon

Amazing place to get your hair cut. Friendly and attentive staff! Loved my experience here. I've been multiple times and don't plan on changing!

Kristina G.

I got my hair and make up done by Nicolett for my wedding and it was MORE THAN WHAT I EXPECTED! She did a great job! By far, the best "Hair salon experience" ive went thru ever!

Artur Reresby

Tiana has a fun outgoing personality & she makes me feel comfortable.

Janette McClelland

Bethany Stephens

Just got my hair colored by Cassidy A who did an amazing job, even blow dried my very curly hair with amazing results. Reverse ombre from my natural red hair to red, then purple, then black. So happy with the results!! Thank you!

Amanda Porter

Colby worked magic on my hair today. I came in with a major challenge, she did a color correction and got my hair better than before I even started.

Tamika O'Neal

Vanessa Rachel Rodrigues

Candice Beauchamp

Had amazing student she rocked my highlights and cut Taylor was awesome talking to her she madr me feel amazing went on sat left there feeling like million bucks !! Best of luck Taylor your going to be amazing hair stylist !!!

Heather Snow

Albert Erminelli

Maureen Place

Daughter just went there today to get a trim and to get roots lightened. Her hair cut is ok. But the colors are unreal. At 24 years old her hair is grey, violet, yellow, and white patchwork. The worst dye job I’ve ever seen. Never going to trust their students or instructors again!!! 7 hours and $102 for them trying to fix all their mistakes. We will never stray from Meg at JCPenny who did a fabulous job with color and cut for $75. And it looked like a professional job. This school looked like it was the blind leading the blind type job!!! We will NEVER recommend helping out a student again!


I just want to say a big thank you to Racheal im pretty sure thats how you spell it didnt get a good look, today was only my second time going to Toni and guy, my first experience wasn’t the best but today was wayy better i went in with my appointment the girl at the front desk greeted me with a nice welcome and a smile on her face, Racheal took me in washed my hair and took her time with it i have a lot of hair and long hair so im glad she did take her time, while she was cutting my hair she suggested nice hair treatments i could do to keep my hair healthy. Also asking her instructor if she missed a spot it definitely asured me that my trim was going to look great! I can tell she is very serious about what she does and i hope she has many years to come I was going to cut to donate but i decided to hold back until i was ready as she said, she told me about her daughters experience and how the process works, when im ready to donate im definitely going to Racheal hopefully i go when shes there. Thank you Toni and Guy for the amazing welcome and well done trim!

Brielle Griego

Love it!!!

Allyson Kinsay

I’ve been trying to get enrolled at Toni& Guy for August classes for over two months and it’s been the biggest pain of my life! The class I’m supposed to be in starts in less than a week and no matter how many times i call, text or email i cannot get anyone to call me back with some type of answer. It’s very obvious that they do not know what they are talking about and are not organized at all, which from what i hear is very consistent with other students experiences.

Valerie Williams

Hazel gave me an ombre color service today. I absolutely love it. I was a little nervous to try something new, but am so happy I did.

MC Groves

My Fiance was attending as a student to be an esthetician. She almost graduated, but unfortunately due to her mishaps, she passed away. Thanks for being such a great instructor Ann Marie and a special thanks to her fellow classmates that knew Brittany well. RIP Brittany Lauren Madrid.

Stephanie Davis

So happy we came by for a tour. I live 30 minutes away but will be attending here next month. This is by far the best school around. Trust me!

Aruna Hollingshead

I found Toni&Guy on the internet and made an appointment before we went to Couer D'Alene on vacation. As I entered, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Hollywood style Salon. It is Colossal/spacious and has an aesthetically pleasing interior of high standards. I have not seen one like this in my travels to 63 countries and 400 cities . Every student and member of the staff were professionally dressed and behaved with great dignity. This is supposed to be a teaching school. It surely is a great teaching school from what I heard from the students. I am unable to post the photos due to a glitch in my phone which will not transfer to the computer. I had a perm for $30 and a hair cut for $10. The price list is at the front desk in plain view. Mikael, a relatively new female student said I was her first client for a perm. She did a wonderful job. The supervisors were monitoring the process from time to time. Senior students helped Mikael. Mikael herself was a very pleasant and able student. If I can hold long enough to return to Couer D'Alene, this is where I will get my hair and all other cosmetic needs done. I wish everyone the very best. [ I travelled from Calgary-Canada.}

Maria Perez

Esperanza Rodriguez is the best! I have curly hair and no one has ever cut my hair as good as she did. She knew exactly what to do and showed me what products are good for my hair and how to style it.

Lisa Jackson

I appreciate the efforts of the receptionist to squeeze me in. My cut/stylist did a fabulous job in transforming my neglected hair. I will return.

Francisco Sisneros

My name is Inez. I had my appointment with Alyssa N. I was treated kindly and courteously. Alyssa was very professional throughout my entire experience. She did not hesitate to seek advice as needed from her instructor who was also very …

Grace Rosemary

I do NOT recommend!!! I am NOT student - and most reviews (good ones) are from students- here’s my experience: spent 5 hours for a BASE color- I had blonde hair, went for a brown ash color- ended up up with brown roots, black and red tips and damaged hair. If you want to be someone’s Guinea Pig, spend WAY too much time (and MONEY) for a simple procedure, you could probably do better yourself or buy in a box at Walmart or Walgreens, don’t come here. I saw this poor woman (who had been there 4 hours before) still being worked on AFTER I was done and she was only there for highlights, someone else ended up having to help the student finish. Just an overall bad experience.

Becky Sheffield

Robert Hunter

Not a customer, just the one paying... Never again. Good service matters when choosing a service but you don't care for mine.

Robyn Bracamonte

Des did a wonderful job cutting my curls. She took the time to make sure they fell evenly and wouldn’t be too short when it was dry.

Gabriella Sanchez

Evelyn Foster

I can't believe all the negative Nellies! These people are LEARNING! Leticia works so hard to make sure happy with the end result. Love this place, love the people.

Savannah Roybal

Jolene Harrington

Great atmosphere! Loved my experience.

Renee Gabaldon

My experience at Toni&Guy has been so amazing! The instructors are phenomenal and they are so supportive. If you are considering a career path in cosmetology, barbering, or esthiology..... call and set up an appointment with T&G and take a tour.... it will be the best decision of you life!

Hannah Marie Nash

The positivity and the vibe is amazing, being able to come to this academy is worth wild. The experience and the knowledge you learn here is gonna take you far. The staff and instructors are professional and know what there doing there very supportive and help make this academy fun. I give this academy 5 stars can’t wait to continue my education

Hasnain Chaudary

Mary-Beth is the best, She did a great job with scissors, which not a lot of people can. Will definitely visit again!!

Reube Rose

Katelyn is awesome! I will be back!

'Bishal Raj Khanal

I got a shave, a student there made 5 patches 3 cuts in my face and then said it was done.

Donna Rogers

They have excellent people, but they are terrible about canceling appointments. Updated: Their customer service has improved.

Megan Armstrong

They can cut curls! I’ve been here multiple times and prefer going here than the professional salons. This is the only place that has not messed up my hair. They’re fantastic at coloring hair as well. No picking swatches out of a book either. They know what they’re doing. Teachers watch them closely, so don’t worry about leaving with your hair all messed up. My only advice is to allow some extra time for an appointment, because they are students.

Tim Hammond

Been going there for a year and they do a great job at a great price.

Lara Snook

An all around superb job considering the consequences (I was a volunteer for a student to showcase her skills). She did phenomenally and though I only had 0 expectations of what was to come, I ended up keeping the very same style!

Jyothis Ullas

I went there for Pedicure and it was horrible.

Meagan Chambers

I had an amazing pedicure today by Madison!

Felicia Matta

Came to the school for my cosmetology license. I was apart of the spotlight team and design team. I choose to go to Toni and Guy because of all the events they do and how they give back to community. One of the event I’ve enjoyed the most is the soirée, a hair fashion show that is very theterical. All proceeds go to a charity they pick every year, which is amazing that this school is so involved in their community.

Jessica Shular

Absolutely horrible experience. Was told on the phone my cut and color would be $30, was at no point told this was a quote. 3 hours I sat at the school getting my hair cut and colored. I go to pay and it’s $60, twice the price. I’ve never experienced anything like this at any beauty school. I’ve been using services at beauty schools for years. I asked to speak to someone and her instructor told me that it was due to her being a senior student and that the price was also just a quote. Also she had my hair cut the perfect length before coloring it. But then said she was just touching it up some afterwards. Well due to cutting it while still wet, it came out way shorter than I wanted. Very disappointed!

Katie Olive

My sister graduated from here and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my hair. Not just because she's family but I saw the education she received here. Top Notch!

Jennifer Cortez

Devon Thompson

I would just like to remind those who are upset enough with the outcome of their service to write an unnecessarily poor review, that TONI&GUY Academy in ABQ is an educational facility. Therefore, supervised students are the ones performing all of the services. You are aware of this when you intentionally schedule your appt. Please be kind and understanding that your stylist is still a student and is still in the learning stages of this profession. While the students appreciate the opportunity to practice and perform treatments on the public, it it unfair to shame them when the result doesn't come out perfect.

Madison Varsalona

I went to the school for a color correction and natural highlights. The student that did my service was very sweet and eager to learn. Took their time with me, helped me decide what I actually wanted my hair to be. The teacher Brittany was not only rude to the student when they asked questions, she was also very rude to me. She did not listen to the student. When I addressed about how she was parting my hair to be colored she completely ignored my wishes. When she was "helping" she combed out my hair and ripped a good chunk of it out. It hurt, I said that it did and she did not care. She did not come to mentor the student at all. They went to other teachers and students for assistance with the service. Overall I am pleased with the students service and my new color. I was not impressed with the way Ms. Miller treated her clients and her students. I have been a client of Toni and Guy at other locations for years and this is not the experience I expected to receive when I came in today.

No one really matters

Rather pay a few more dollars and go to the salon at the mall. I'm all for saving money, but sometimes it's just not worth it. I have long hair, and coloring takes forever, and the school closes so early, that I always end up leaving and having to come back the next day to finish my hair. At the salon they're faster

Maria SR

Don't go here unless you know the person who is going to work with you. They do what they want to you and not what you ask for. Wrong color, wrong haircut, bad experience.

Jon Lindley

Men's haircuts last month was for $5 now they jumped it to $15. We Should not be paying $15 at a school for the haircut

Janet Peguero

Worse experience ever the director looks down on you and they judge! I would not recommend this school to any Minority, if I could give them a negative 10 I would.

Moni B


Good school !

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