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REVIEWS OF 40 Volume Salon & Spa IN Georgia

Stevi Ellis

Lash extensions with Alexandria was the best beauty decision I ever made! She is so sweet, tentative, thorough, and not to mention my lashes look bomb! These are not your thick, chunky, fake, discount cluster lashes. Alexandria’s extensions are delicate, volumous and fluffy- and my natural lashes are still healthy! The perfect way to wake up and go and still look fab!

Dianna Woodall

Great place and great staff. It will be my new one and only place to get my hair colored.

Kyle Kirsch

Awesome Customer service, I went in having no idea what hairstyle I want. And they nailed it. Would definitely recommend it if you're in the area.

Amy Gutting

What a great spot for hair! I have curly hair and Krystle is my go to girl! Plus they do wedding packages for makeup and hair, and have a nail salon! Everyone seems to love their stylists!

Angela Willis

Tyler is my go-to stylist. He is truly an artist. No matter what edgy style I present Tyler with, he always finds a way to make it work with my hair. He has the sculpting skills to execute the look I'm going for, tailoring the cut to my features, hair texture, and growth patterns. He isn't afraid to tell you when something won't work with your hair, and always has a suggestion for how to alter the design to create a similar style that WILL flatter you. If you are looking for a stylist capable of cutting your hair into an edgy or unique style, Tyler is your guy!

Sarah Batt

Great service, very accommodating rescheduling my appointment. I really appreciate the reminders they send to make that easier when something pops up

Michelle Brigdon

Krystal is absolutely amazing! She has a client for life! You won't be disappointed.

Jason Rankine

Meg Haughney

Chelsea is amazing. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my creative colors :-)

Sarah Brauneis

Had an all morning bridal hair and makeup appointment. The salon handled the lot of us professionally, efficiently, and made all of us look great for the day! Hair and makeup held for the entire day and night.

Trey Thomas

My daughter decided to try cutting her own hair and it did not turn out well. The stylist here did an amazing job of fixing her hair and were very patient with her. It's not easy working with children and they could not have done a better job.

Madison Stewart

Truly amazing!! I went to 40 Volume Salon after another salon in Savannah gave me a terrible hair cut. The receptionist was super helpful in getting me an appointment and Chelsea did an amazing job at fixing my hair cut! Will go back here every time!

Gavie Salem

Excellent service, clean & cute salon, LOVE my haircut! I had a fabulous, very personalized service with Sarah for reviving my curly hair, and she brought life back to my tired curls! She asked questions and helped me identify parts of my hair care routine that I could change up to give my curls more hydration and bounce; so helpful. I would highly recommend this salon, and I even purchased some of the products that she used on me because they were just so nice. Overall was beyond pleased with every aspect of this salon!

rafaela medina

By far the most enjoyable and relaxing experience I've ever had with any salon. My stylist/colorist Pepper was very accommodating and knowledgeable about the services I requested to be done. She does exceptional work and it's very efficient and tidy, as well as being personable and warm. I have a rather difficult texture to work with and it requires time and patience to lighten several levels, she definitely has exceeded my expectations and delivered remarkable results in my first visit to this salon. Very pleased with the services I've received, and I would highly recommend this salon and stylist!

Lindsay Waters

I’ve been coming here since I moved to Savannah and it is the best salon hands down. Lindsey & Tannah are the stylists who I always see and they are awesome!

Daniela Luisi Burns

Very good as it has been since I have started going to them. Courteous and professional. My wonderful stylist Krystle was not available, she is really great if you have curly hair, so I have met Brandy. Great young lady, she really did an awesome job! Congrats to both of you and the salon in general.

Lyn Watts

I was in yesterday and was not happy with my cut but what can you do about hair that isn't there any longer. Color is ok....not great...ok.... I get up this morning and I see my hair is horribly gapped and way too short in places. Even worse than I thought yesterday. Quite possibly one of my three top worst haircuts in 45 years. Thank God I look ok but will burning up hot with my fedora which I'll be sporting for the next month in this Georgia heat. What makes me mad is that I had pictures of what I like as well as what I absolutely did NOT want. I did tell my stylist to feel free to be creative to an extent and that I didn't expect it to look exactly like the pic. think that given pics of what I HATED....she would steer away from that. But nope, the cut is far more towards what I told her I DID NOT want. She kept referring back to the pic of what I did like so how did I get here? $141 was quoted for next visit. Never.

Chelsea Pitsenbarger

Pros: They were nice, cute salon, and if your stylist can’t be with you they will try and find someone else to take care of you. Cons: Ended up doing a full foil on my hair to “lighten” my roots that did not look any different from before going into salon. The color I wanted could not be gotten. I had ended up sitting in a chair for 4 hours for just a foil of roots and then to tell me they couldn’t do it. They said that they wanted to get the best for me and that they would have me come back so they could practice over the weekend on hair splotches to get what I wanted. I ended up leaving the salon with nothing that I wanted and it has been about 2 weeks and I have not heard back from them. Along with having to pay a full price for hair that wasn’t even close to what I wanted/ didn’t look any different than when I went in. It was a real disappointment.

Nicole Schwalge

This salon is awesome!!!! I've had my hair ombré before but nowhere near as good as when Tristan did it!!! She is amazing! She also gives awesome hair cuts! This place is the best I've gone to in savannah!!!

Heather Ulery

My first stylist was wonderful! she was very caring and made sure that i wasn't thirsty or uncomfortable, and I LOVED what she did to my hair. It was just like I wanted. Then the coloring guy came in, and he was extremely rude. He didn't even greet me, and when I told him what color and placement I wanted, he disagreed and decided to do something else. I was clearly reluctant and upset, because he tried to assure me it would look great just by seeing my expression. He left me at the sink uncomfortably for 10 minutes while he fixed his own hair at his station, was very rough while washing and combing my hair, and the color was not at all like what I asked for! Would not recommend coming here for colors, but hair cuts are great

Aquiles Barraza

To start, i am thinking the reviews here and the ones that people posted on other networks are not so real. I was looking for a very nice salon to have my hair and make up done. Since I am not from USA I was hesitating about where to go. It was my wedding (also one of the most important days for a woman). Even though I’m easy person, I wanted everything to be perfect. So I choose this salon because of the good reviews posted on facebook (my mistake) and internet. I made the appointment and they replied soon. The response was more like “this is the time and these people will take care of you”. But I trusted anyway and few days later I was there. Beginning with the poor attention in the reception and the “warm” welcome, I had to wait (I got in time) because the hair stylist wasn’t there. When he got after 15 min, he smelled like cigarrete (No big deal, but not nice) and was eating in the reception before doing my hair. He did not wash his hands when he started doing my hair. It was not perfect but I was happy with the hair. I do not want to sound complicated and picky but I know here in USA people is very demanding because they pay good money to receive the best and there are many options and competition. The people give you very good service in general. It was my wedding day!! Come on, who does not want to look perfect? While I was waiting for the make-up “artist” I sow the hair and the make-up lady discussing in front of me, signaling and rolling their eyes to each other. I was like, ok I hope these people know what they are doing. May be I was invisible. They don’t have a place to do make up (they do it right by the bathroom), no professional chair or anything like a boudoir with bright lights. They only had glimmer of the salon. They are supposed to do everything and I specifically asked her to trim my air brows. She did not do it. I asked for simple, natural look but little bit of color. She definitely did what she wanted making my skin to look like a cake glace, missing spots like around my eyes and near to the hair line. She put some dark color eye shadow and I did not like. I told her I did not like it because that was not me, was too dark and did not make my eyes to stand out. I got up and went where they do haircuts and staff, to see myself in a mirror (she did not have one) also to see my face where there was more light. The one guy Taylor came to help her and he couldn’t even see well because it was dark in there. The girl got visible upset and stood by me and told me “we are not in the same page”. I never told her anything bad, I was never rude or even said anything. I felt so bad I couldn’t go to another salon, it was late and my wedding was in less than 2 hours. She should have said, ok let’s try something different and perhaps you will like it more. NO! she was still in silent, looking at me. I internally calmed myself down and tried go on even though I was not happy with her job. I know she was angry but had to finish the work anyway. It was frustrating for me not being able to demand to tried another color or way to do the make up because it was not the day to be difficult. It was my husband day too and he got to the salon he looked so happy and I did not want to ruin this day for these bad choice I made. A professional hair or make-up artist suggests you, enhances your natural beauty, has personality and patient to deal with people. This is going to be my only bad, terrible experience of my special day. I felt like we were told: this is what you got, is not our problem if you don’t like it. We paid

Kristan Thompson

Bustling, professional salon on the edge of Ardsley Park area. Beautifully decorated, unique two story building, equipped with modern equipment for hair, nails, more...My teen daughter and I have both seen a variety of their stylists, and have never been disappointed. Fairly easy to get a quick appointment in few days time. Really nice staff, beverages/snacks offered. Stylist/Owner is friendly and things always seem to run smoothly, with very little wait. I've been a Client since approx. 2010 (when I can afford it). Prices are typical for high end salon in Savannah, but not unreasonable.

Tracy Finnie

Not very friendly felt very uncomfortable but it's very clean and the setup is really nice

Michelle Murillo

Look I guess I should have learned my lesson after the first two terrible haircuts. I honestly thought that if I went back, SURELY there would be a girl that did my hair well. Because third time's the charm, right? Wrong. I don't know if it's some kind of joke between all the hairdressers? Do they listen to what I'm describing and then do...NOT that? Now I have very thick hair, and everyone who works here seems to take it as a personal challenge to fix that. Once, a hairdresser here gave me an undercut, when I had not asked for it. In fact I was only vaguely aware that she planned on actually shaving the bottom half of my hair clean off. She had suggested it as a solution, but I didn't realize until the clippers touched my scalp that she was going to do it. Again, I did not ask for it. The last time I went in, a few weeks ago, I wanted a simple trim. one inch taken off, pretty simple. It was all going fine, my hair was cut and she had just finished styling it. When for some reason, she takes out some thinning shears or whatever, and before I know it, CLUMPS OF MY HAIR are falling into my lap. I was speechless, and she CLEARLY knew she had completely messed up, because SHE ONLY DID IT TO ONE SIDE OF MY HEAD. that's right. I left there with one side of my hair one length, and the other side of my hair had two lengths, TWO VERY DIFFERENT LENGTHS. So now I have one entire layer of hair that is about three inches shorter than the rest of my head. Moral of the story? If you like having your hair look nice and even and professionally cut in the style that you asked for? don't go here. Stay far, far away.

Autumn Rose

I highly recommend this salon, everyone there was so nice and all of the work I had done was the cheapest but the best quality I have had since I have been in Georgia. I truly love this place and will keep going.

Emily Murphy

Awesome service!

Roxs Leon

I went in to get my 1st Deva Cut with Krystle and... I LOVE the result!!! Krystle is fabulous and very knowledgeable about curly hair, she went above and beyond with my first DevaCut, explained to me step by step what she was doing to …

Carlita Arn

Always friendly service and I love being able to schedule online!

Doreen Godbee

Every time I go, I come away with a great experience! Jess is a great hairstylist and very knowledgeable.

Denise Dunham-Williams

The atmosphere was wonderful and the nail tech was awesome

A Nojang

Lacy Mom

Tania and Samantha did fantastic jobs on our haircuts. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Will go back.

Erin Christopher

Great 1st Experience at 40 Volume... Lindsay did a beautiful job on my color. I will definitely be back.


I have had eyelash extensions with Alexandria twice now and it has been one of my better decisions beauty wise that I have made while living in Savannah! She is very detailed, very proficient in the skill and very personable. The best part of it all though is my natural lashes still remain very healthy, which has not been the case with some of my previous experiences with lash extensions. I appreciate Alexandria's talent and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to try out lash extensions!

Ivon Orozco

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención

Louis Clausi

We were upstairs for a political event. What a fantastic space really beautiful people. It was delightful to be there didn't get a haircut, But it's very welcoming and definitely beautiful environment

Camala Brooke

My daughter got the diva transformation from Sarah, she loves it and her curls look amazing!

Monica Lopez

This place is BOMB. I moved here from nyc and was really missing the lady that did my lashes for years. They do great work, are super well priced, and the lashes last super well.

Renee Wood

Tee Molina

Katie Ives

Alexandria is the best! She is so knowledgeable on lash extensions, care and maintenance. I get compliments daily on my lashes. As a working mom, sometimes I don’t have time to do a full face of makeup daily and the lash extensions make it so I can just roll out of bed and get out the door.

Gabriela Perez

If you have curly hair, this salon has several devacurl certified hair stylists! They can help you take your curly hair to the best it's ever been. They condition it, cut and style it and then show you how to style it for every day life! Sarah is amazing and really nice and knowledgeable

Heidi Chauhan

Great place!

Molly Houston

Great service, reasonable prices for a nice haircut. Love online booking option.

Becca Gastin

The 40 Volume team is AMAZING! Not only are they great at what they do, but they support the Savannah community in so many ways!

Jennifer Burchill

Shannon Devine

I just got my hair cut and styled at this hairdresser's yesterday and I'm really pleased with the results and price! For only $40 my stylist Tannah gave me a bob and curtain bangs, exactly how I wanted it. I've paid much more to other salons for less impressive results. I'm definitely coming back!

Debbie Whiteway

Jess spent time explaining what she recommended for my short haircut. She gave me a beautiful haircut and was very professional and friendly. I will certainly be returning. The salon is bright and cheerful and all the staff were very pleasant. It was an all around positive experience.

Pamella Abraham

Good job Lindsay on my up do!

Savanna Volzgen

This salon is great!! I have been going for the last 2 years and have been going to Courtney. All the girls in there have done a great job just from seeing the end results of their clients! I highly recommend this salon and definitely Courtney!


DISHONEST SERVICE 1. What they told me over the phone about services and prices was completely different than what happened in person. Be sure to get what they tell you in writing via email. 2. I was told an updo was $55-65 and usually took an hour. I was also told I could have my hair washed and dried if I wanted. When I arrived, the hairdresser said she did not have time to wash my hair, dry it, and do an updo because it takes an additional hour to wash and dry my hair. In reality, it would take a maximum of 30 minutes. 3. The beautician said she could not do my hair if I wanted it washed. I was at her mercy since I had to be ready at a certain time for a wedding and am visiting from out of town. When she did my updo, she pinned the back up in several sections. She did absolutely nothing to the front and top until I mentioned it. Then, she used a pick to lift it. It took her 35 minutes to do the updo. It was THE WORST hair experience I have ever had in over 40 years. I am certain my 15 year old would have done a better job. 4. When I went to the counter to pay, they charged me $75.00!!!!!! I tried to calmly dispute the charge but they would not budge and I did not have the time or energy to stand my ground as I needed to focus on the wedding of my best friend’s daughter. The ONLY positive thing that happened at this place was getting a free glass of cheap wine. I would HIGHLY recommend using another salon!

Lady Lovely

This review is based on my experience with Alexis, the nail artist who has done my nails FLAWLESSLY twice now (and I know she will do a great job again today!). I have been to many a nail "chop shop" in Savannah always leaving less than satisfied. But so long as Alexis is here, and I am able, she is my permanent choice for a nail artist! She is warm, friendly, down to earth and just all around professional. She takes the time to listen to your needs and wants and also shows a creative enthusiasm, which I adore. She takes her time, which I also appreciate. And she always checks on me to make sure she's not hurting me in any way, or if I'm thirsty or need coffe, tea or soda. You'd be doing yourself a great favor by paying her a visit!

Victoria Connell

Krystal is the best, I don’t trust anyone else with my hair after going to her for a few years!

Little Dino

Great service! Tyler knew right away how to fix my hair and I love it!

Nicole Rene Schwalge

I just got highlights and a cut and I am obsessed. The cut was perfect and I never like my hair cuts and the highlights are exactly what I wanted!! Thank you!!!!!!

Leah Carter

Great experience! Tyler cut and colored my hair, I was in the chair for almost 3 hours. He was very meticulous especially when cutting my hair. Best cut and color I have ever had! Definitely will be going back!

Liz Garrick

I highly recommend this salon (specifically Tyler) for any bridal hair and make up requests. I got married on NYE last year and he did such a great job! The salon itself wasn't open but he made special accommodations for him and his team to meet us earlier in the day to do our hair and make up. I was so thrilled with everything and would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Cris Gobi

Absolutely loved it, my stylist was Katie and she is so nice and chill to talk to, she also has mad skills, the girl knows what she is doing.

Anna Lingle

Xavier Jordan

Alexis is the worst nail tech ever. Jet pictures look nothing like her work. It looks like a 5 year old tried to a full set. Over priced, then when I tried to ask to change my nails so they could look better she got an attitude! I did not pay for my services since they were not willing to offer at least a partial refund! DON'T GO TO ALEXIS!

Chelsea Phillips

All the staff is incredible, but Michelle Rouzer, Courtney McBride, and Tyler are particularly AMAZING!!! I go here for everything and send all my friends & clients - nothing but kudos from everyone I have sent!!! It's so great to have people so passionate about what they do & do it so well!!!

Brittany Roscoe

I can’t say enough good things about 40 volume. I would recommend Jessica she does an amazing job on my hair and if you ever have to reschedule the ladies don’t give you a hard time at all. Great atmosphere and they were really amazing when i brought my kiddos in.

Rebecca Bennett

Best stylists in all of Savannah!

mb zipsir

AWFUL way to do business....Bait and Switch...they took advantage of a college student and charged (ripped off) $180 for a haircut and a few brushed foils...never communicated the price and when confronted with this, blamed the kid...they said they did not want to take back money from the stylist but they are OK with taking it from a kid?!?!?....awful way to do business and that is coming from a previous salon manager....she left in tears and they took all of her hard earned $....they did not want to make it right in any way....shameful....absolutely shameful...

Lisl G M

Love it

Ashley Anderson

Very nice salon. Always busy and stylists are experienced and take their work seriously. Never have left with a bad cut or color job and always feel more beautiful when I walk out their door. They listen to your thoughts and what you want and don’t go off the grid unless you ask them too. They have late day appointments too - which is nice with work. Not cheap but not overkill either compared to others in area. Took me 7 years to find my forever hair home.

Isabella Webster

I have almost always gone to 40 Volume, and everytime my hair looks AMAZING! I have long, curly hair so it can be diffifult sometimes to maintain. But for very cheap, the most stylish hairdresser ever, Tyler, made my hair look completely revitalized. So happy and totally 100% reccomend. (Thanks, Tyler!)

Janet B

I am extremely impressed by the care and concern of the owners of this salon regarding the quality of service and satisfaction of the customer.

Wanda Plummer

I love my haircut! Samantha did an amazing job and was actually listening to what I was wanting. Her recommendations were brilliant. She took her time looking over my hair and what she wanted to do. I've booked again. I NEVER do that because I typically leave not satisfied with my haircut at other places. I think I finally found a home for my haircare needs. Super clean, stylish, and friendly group of people. I recommend checking them out if you are needing a new place for your hair. I can't wait to play with my hair! Thank you, Samantha.

Lauren Warricks

I used this salon while my family and I were living in Savannah for several months. Everyone is very friendly and the shop is nice and clean. Katie is the stylist I seen and she always did a great job with my color and cuts. SN the parking isn’t great.

Liz Pestana

Tyler was excellent, he is a true artist, very sweet and it is incredible how detailed he was with my haircut, he definitely became my styliste. 100 % recommended!!!

breh lucario

This is a wonderful establishment! I went in to get my first Deva cut with Krystle. My hair was very long, frizzy and lifeless to begin with. She gave me a shoulder length cut with some layers and my hair has so much volume and curl now (without all of the frizz)! She explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it. Very knowledgeable staff! I will definitely be going back.

Jbear Butters

Way over priced for a haircut.

Madison Stevens

Great place! Fun staff who really know what they're doing and can give you just what you're looking for.

Sabrina Anderson

I went there today to get my haircut and it was a awesome experience. Everyone was so sweet and nice. It’s a very good atmosphere. Will definitely be going back.

Eva Odrezin

The hair technician was great and did a marvelous job in try -out for my family wedding in December. The make-up technician also did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend 40 Volume.

Carol Chambers

Decided to try this neighborhood salon..wish I never color is awful, hair is fried,cut is choppie, no style, expensive with unexpected charges... stylist was nice but didn't get my expectations...

Ruth Wickline

Friendly and awesome! Every so nice, terrific hair cut!!!!

Kelly Winshurst

I see Kristen and she always does an amazing job. I have a ton of thick hair and I know it’s no easy task but she always handles it. Kristen uses new products and tells me about them but never pressures me in to buying -just educating- which I appreciate. That being said I have found some great products that I treat myself to when they fit in the budget. In addition to Kristen doing an amazing job every single time, I adore all of the lovely and friendly people who work beside her. If you are worried about finding a new stylist or maybe you want change, don’t be, just go to 40 Volume!

Chelsee Ehrhardt

My visit to 40 Volume starts with a friendly greeting and I’m always offered a beverage. I almost never even sit down before Alexandria takes me to her lash suite. In a quiet, relaxing setting she painlessly applies the most flawless lashes. The salon offeres a generous referral program that is easy to take advantage of because lash extensions are clutch. I never leave this salon disappointed!!

Peyton Miller

I always enjoyed walking in 40 Volume. I highly reccomend Tannah Greenwood, she is such a wonderful stylist and overall a great person. Her and I had attended school together and her skills have grown so much, so proud of her and her work! I hate ever letting anyone else touch my hair since I had moved.

Kaylan Burdekin

Lindsey got me in last minute when I came in with a horrible uneven cut after a stylist at a different salon burned my hair with a hairdryer! Obviously my hair had to be shorter than I wanted and I was nervous but she gave me a gorgeous cut, I’ve never had this many compliments on my hair she did an amazing job reviving the mess I brought in and giving me a whole new look that I love I will definitely be going back

Heather Flood

Stylists who specialize and listen to clients. Sarah was knowledgeable about curly hair because of specialization and certification. She was intentional, communicated why and what she was doing. I really like their website and being able to schedule online. A high end salon worth the price. I found my new stylist and will be back. -Frugal but willing to pay for quality service.

muna toys Muna

Jessica is amazing. Amazing hair, wine and great company. Love this place

Lena Banks

I cannot rate this salon highly enough. From the moment I walked through the door, the reception staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. All of the stylists on the 1st floor had full chairs but they were all friendly too. Then I received a Deva Curl haircut from Sarah Juarez and let me just say, she is all around amazing. The hair cut itself was perfect. But Sarah was also very informative, nice, professional, and fun. I will not be using another salon or stylist as long as I live in Savannah. And anyone with curly hair needs, go see Sarah! My hair has never looked or felt better.

Fernanda Spiegel

Tamara Cantera

Amazing work and fantastic employees. Alexandria has been doing my lashes for quite some time and her work has no equal. She is not only a perfectionist, she is also funny and friendly. The entire staff is warm, courteous, and flexible. I always feel welcome and they have never pushed product. Best salon in Savannah!

Jo Tech

I was a weekly client for about a month or so. I can say truly that the salon was horrible after spending some time there. I had two girls do my blowout and my dog can do a better job. The money it cost for a blowout and these two ladies did an ok to poor job. I decided to try out other salons and found Salon Della Vita truly the best. They charged less and have great, awesome, great girls who truly know how to operate a flat iron and know the know how on products and at a reasonable price. 40 Volume salon is so expensive to deliver so-so work.

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