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Britney Snyder

Today was my first time coming here & my hair stylist Keeley Kenyon was THE ABSOLUTE BEST . She fixed my highlights (which were a disaster due to a different salon I went to the previous day) and overall made my experience very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend! And whenever I need my hair done I’m coming to her!

Daila Gross

Awesome service, awesome hair

Lynne Waldie

I love Studio RK. All of the staff are very friendly. I have been going to Anna for at least five years but she's currently on Maternity leave so one of her colleagues did my hair yesterday and I was very impressed with her kindness and ability to make me as comfortable as possible and she did a great job with my hair.

Melissa K.

I've had nothing but positive experiences at Studio RK! Alyssa is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and honest about the best way to color and treat my hair. All of the team members make the salon a welcoming environment and I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Capt Cory McGuire

Studio RK is the best salon I’ve ever visited! I was able to get an appointment with Heather for a blowout before a work event and she did amazing! Always 5 star service!

Kim Obrien

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this salon is. Everyone is incredibly talented. Every time I go I see amazing transformations and great hair cuts and color! Incredibly professional and clearly the stylists are all at the top of their game. Coming from Chicago, I wasn't sure I would find a comparable salon to the one I went to there. So not the case, RK Salon is far superior. Best color I've ever had! Nailed it the first time.... they are super talented with cuts as well. All of the girls are extremely talented and the owner Renee..... wow! A superstar!! I've sent friends here and all are equally impressed! If you want the cut and color of a master stylist look no further!! They all stay on top of trend and are great advisors!

Kathy H

Paid to much for the haircut. For the price I expected better. One side was left longer than the other.

Diana Donnelly

TAYLOR is magic .. she makes drab into FANTAB!! My color is gorge, I drive two hours just so I can go to her!!

Taylor Eaton

I can not say how much I love this salon enough. Alyssa did wonders on my hair and I can not thank her enough! The only place I will ever go to, so worth the price

Mary Bautista

I have been a loyal guest to this salon for over two years and I couldn't be more delighted with the services I receive during every visit. From once in a lifetime experiences to monthly maintenance they are my go-to gals. Whether you walk in with a specific style or an open mind for change, the stylists of Studio RK par excellence in order to secure each of their guests absolute satisfaction. The only word that truly describes the staff of Studio RK is resplendent. I give the my highest rank of approval.

Mandah Lento

I love Mindy! The salon is bright and calming inside, everyone maintains a very professional vibe and atmosphere (there is usually a lot of behind the scenes drama in salons that you can see on the floor), and it seems like they really train their girls and keep them up to date with classes. I’ve gone to Mindy since she was a Level 1 stylist, and now she is a Level 4! She is patient, she asks detailed questions to make sure you get the look you want, she takes her time, and personally my favorite part is the head massage after rinsing it! She’s the best, even my boyfriend goes to her. Love Studi RK!

Maria Davis

Amanda Brown is so amazing! She does such an awesome job on my cut and color! The most amazing thing is the head massage she gives while shampooing and conditioning your hair. I get bad migraines and tension headaches but she always relieves them! I was referred to her after having the most traumatic hair cut & color experience. Amanda made me feel good about myself again! She is super sweet and easy to talk to. I love my hair appointment days! Amanda started me on keratin treatments for my frizzy hair. My hair has never been healthier! I wish she could do my hair everyday! Everyone there is nice! Amanda always goes above and beyond to make me feel good when I’m there! I love Amanda Brown and really appreciate all she has done for me and my hair!!!!

brittany draeger

This place is like no other salon I've ever been to! It's beautiful inside, even has a cute boutique when you walk in! You are treated like royalty. Love love! Will not go anywhere else! Ask for Mindy!

Kristin Bartlett

Rochelle is a hair wizard! It’s not the cheapest salon in the area but I would rather pay for quality than get something cheap and end up looking like a hot mess.

Jennie Carley

I have been having Heather Lampert style and color my hair for over 5 years and now that she has been at studio Rk she has become the best. This is a amazing place, relaxing, and comfortable place to relax and enjoy a great salon day. Please go visit and ask for Heather you will thank me later!!

Misty Peer

Always have a great experience, Alicia is my stylist and she is just awesome. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but like most things, you get what you pay ;)

Duane Mitchell

Does great hair coloring and more

Nicole Beckman

I absolutely LOVE RK Salon! I have been getting my hair done with Brittany O'Connor for about 10 years now! The salon is gorgeous, fun, and modern! The staff is upbeat and knowledgeable! Brittany is a master at all things hair, especially color! Her knowledge, expertise, and sweet personality is the reason I am a life long client! Their products are the reason my hair is so healthy, even when I get a head full of bright blonde highlights. Kerastase Extentioniste shampoo and conditioner, along with the Kerastase fusio dose personalized conditioning treatments, have completely transformed my hair! I would recommend RK Studio to ANYONE!

Lindsay Gentsch

The level of quality and education of the hair stylist is absolutely stunning! I completely trust the hair stylist's here to do exactly what I want and like, but the price is what really forces me to question if I want my hair done here. I have tape-in extensions (about 13 individual ones) and just to get them moved up is $420, which is quite expensive especially for a 30 minute service. Paying about $500 every 2-3 months to get my hair done (not including getting it colored) just really doesn't seem worth it especially when they just take out the extensions, re-apply tape, and place them back in the same exact spot. I also think their phone line doesn't work, when I call it just beeps. Other than that, this salon is absolutely amazing.

Gabriella Zaccaria

Pretty salon! My hair came out perfect thanks to Taylor B. Love being blonde again!

Megan Colas

Mindy and the entire staff are so talented!! I just love getting my hair done at Studio RK because it always turns out great!!

gigglegal soccerchamp

Called ahead to make sure they could do my hair type because I’ve never had a white person do my hair and was lied to. The girl had no idea what to do with a black girls hair.

merissa cortez

My first time going here was a week ago and it was an amazing experience. It is a huge salon with 40 or more hair stylists all with amazing hair. I was able to call in the morning to get my hair done around noon. This place is upscale which I prefer. They have a bunch of salon products as soon as you walk in. I had Kaylen do my hair and she was great! I had brassy tones in my hair and we are working on getting it as ashy blonde as possible. I will be back and go to Kaylen again! Super recommend this place, you pay for what you get.

K Johnson

Wife loves getting done up here. I love how they make her feel!! ' high five '

Zara Thomas

I saw Rachelle last week & she was so amazing to work with! She was personable & knew what she was doing! She asked me if I liked to be in the salon often or not very often which I really appreciated it-it made me instantly trust her & the salon more (didn't seem money hungry) & really customized it to what would fit my life & schedule. From there she helped me pick a plan that worked well for me. The whole salon was great & when I came in the day before just to check out the salon & see about making an appointment, they offered me a free consultation with Rachelle right then. It was really nice of them to do & made me feel even more comfortable.


Finally, a hair salon you can feel confident the best experience and service in the SW Florida area.


I've been going to studio RK for years. I was extremely disappointed in the service I received today. First of all, I do not blame the receptionist, or any other workers in the store; the stylist is the one at fault. I had Heather for a haircut. To start, she was very unpersonable, snobby, and did not ask me what I wanted done, besides how much I wanted cut off. I told her 2-3 inches and she took off about 5 or 6. It doesn't end there. I had to ask her to see the back of my hair, and she haphazardly gave me a mirror (I could barely see the back of it). So I got home and was able to get a better look at it. She had left my hair crooked in the back and didn't even bother to blend it. It was a choppy mess. I called and asked if a different stylist could fix it. The receptionist was very kind and helpful in getting me in to fix it. Thank god for Brittany, I am extremely grateful that she was able to fix the back of my hair. What I am absolutely upset about is Heather stood in the hair dye station in the center of the room and stared at me and talked about me to her coworker. I do not appreciate being talked about and pointed at when she is the one who left my hair a choppy mess. I will not be coming back for that reason. These actions were extremely unprofessional, and not worth the 54 dollars and 20% tip spent. This salon used to be my go-to place, but now I will not return nor recommend this place to anyone else.

Amanda H

Mindy usually does my hair and I love her but I wasn't able to get an appointment with her for a few weeks. Kaylyn had an opening so I tried her out. I am soo happy with the way she did my hair. Both of these hair stylists are amazing, they listen to exactly what you want and really do an amazing job. Happy with my experience and finding 2 amazing girls!

Lisa Berra Hall

They overcharge and are working on multiple peoples hair at once and I went in today to get my haircut with my 11 week old who I can’t get to take a bottle and they refused to see me bc that is their policy. The baby was asleep in his stroller so he wouldn’t have caused any issue. I had a babysitter for my 2 year old but I couldn’t leave the newborn bc of the bottle issue. So disappointed and disheartened that they would do that to a young mom. Salons are suppose to be uplifting. I left feeling discouraged and wanted to cry. Super disappointed and would not recommend. This is the first nice thing I was going to do for myself since giving birth and they refused to take care of me. It’s all about money at this salon and they are skimping on the personal care and attention to their clients.

Josias Gomez

Great service! Took my wife to get her hair done for our anniversary. She loved it, great gift from me to her. Amazing experience from the start, the front desk girl Ashley was extremely courteous and assured me and my wife were in for a delightful experience. Thank you Ashley and Studio RK Salon for a great start to our anniversary.

ximena rio

Ohh my gosh I was there for about 6 hours w/ Amelia I was absolutely amazed by the results I went from completely black hair to a beautiful balayage and she was able to leave my hair looking healthy. She ensured to make me feel special stayed with me until almost 11 pm, her two associates worked very hard and always made sure was wasn't needing anything and all my requests were pleased, I loved loved loved the atmosphere they have a no children policy which I personally loved every salon I've been to there's always a kid crying and it kind of just ruins the vibe I'm trying to get when I'm getting pampered ( don't get me wrong I love kids I just like some me time) also the price might be a little bit high for some but literally you get what you pay for this a very high class salon, they treat you like a princess, every single girls that walks by you has a contagious smile, Amelia was very understating with everything I wanted the fact that she did not care how long she was staying until I was pleased meant the world to me and her associates were very patient with me, I kept moving and they had to keep coming back to fix me over and over again with a smile no attitude, I adore this place going back again! Definitely recommend it!!!

Susanna Johnson

Expensive but worth it! Best place I've been for short precision cuts, and I recommend Anna and Brittany.

Cheri Fine

Love the set-up love the attitude of the girls that work there very up lifting i will be going back thank you for the great Experience will be going back... Thank you Katie

Susan Sweeney

This is a high end upscale salon. The hairdressers are highly trained as they intern for at least a year.

T Sassy

The BEST in town!

Dayanara Montero

Two years ago I moved to Fort Myers, and because I was new to the area I was searching for a high in Hair Salon . Studio RK was highly recommended by doctors and neighbors... I went several times and I was never able to do my hair with the hairstylist I requested, therefore I stopped going...Nevertheless, I have to say the service was excellent but the hairstylist didn't have that much of experience.. Several months passed and I decided to give it another shot. I called to make a appointment at the beginning of November and requested Brooke, they said "Brooke" didn't have no appointments available until Dec 6th, so I decided to make an appointment for such date but I was not happy because it was after Thanksgiving . Minutes later I received a phone call from the receptionist saying "that someone has cancelled" and if can go next Monday at 10:30 am.... I was trilled!!! and of course I agreed.. Next Monday I arrived at my appointment at 10:30 am sharp!!!On time!!! When I arrived the secretary was pleasant and friendly, she greeted me and made me feel welcome, until her face changed while she was browsing in the computer, she said " oh no!! your appointment was at 10:15 not at 10:30, let me see if Brooke is available." She went towards the back and came back a few minutes later and said. " Oh I am very sorry but Brooke cannot see you because you were late, but we can make another appointment with someone else before Thanksgiving." I was in chock!!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!! and of course I said " No thank you" and I left !!!! I have been to the best hair salons in NY, Miami and LA and I have never experienced something like this!!! I never saw Brookes face, she never came to talk to me. No professionalism what so ever!!!! the worst costumer service!!! That "Brooke" doesn't have no manners!!!I am never going back there again.... And for the best part I would never recommend this Place!!!

Lucy Mollan

Taylor is amazing. She is professional, prompt, creative, caring and fun. Time spent at Studio RK is always a pleasant experience.

Cassandra Beluch

Emily was incredibly sweet and did a fantastic job with my hair. I look forward to returning to her chair!

Katrina Ramsey

Stylist Rachelle did a fantastic job with my haircut! Come to the full service salon to get pampered.

Carolyn Linehan

Love this salon!! I highly recommend Hailey Martin, especially if you've never been to Studio RK or have never colored your hair. I had never colored my hair and I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but she really took the time to listen to my ideas and give me the perfect result! Will be visiting her again this week, can't wait!!

Jennifer Med

I was a bit nervous going somewhere new for my eyebrows but heard great things about this salon. When I got there, I was greeted immediately by Ashley. She was so nice and friendly and made me feel at ease when I expressed my concerns. The atmosphere was great and my eyebrows came out amazing. I will definitely be back.

Gail Marra

Always great. Katherine is the best. Very kind

Morgan Hendrix

Always an excellent experience at Studio RK. Consistently fabulous service and attention to detail. Will definitely continue going here!


Bethany was fabulous, I found my new home salon. I haven't had a haircut this good in a long time. They treat you like a celebrity from start to finish.

Rusti Clinger

Amazing service salon. I've been going yo renee for years. All of the stylists are top notch and very professional. Love going

Lauren Millsaps

When I first moved to the area, I was terrified to have to find a new salon to give me perfect blonde highlights. In the span of two weeks, four separate woman at work recommended me to Amelia at Studio RK. She is the gold standard for blondes, as well as for balayage in the area. Amelia never disappoints and my hair has never been healthier. The salon itself is incredibly professional and you always feel pampered with wine or a cappuccino. The front desk girls are great to work with and scheduling is easy! I couldn't recommend this salon more.

LaDonna Hannula

Miranda is awesome and Riley, her assistant, gives a wonderful shampoo massage. Salon is quiet and everyone is very accommodating.

Gabrielle Minor

Bethany is absolutely amazing! I recently got my hair cut to about shoulder length. I haven't felt really great about my hair for about 2 months, until Bethany! She listened to exactly what I wanted and made sure my hair looked absolutely perfect. I was there for about 3 hours only because she wanted my hair to be amazing! She waited patiently for the color to set in correctly and was outstanding the entire time. She is very personable and I would recommend her to anyone!! Great experience

Kristine Walker

The staff is nice and has a great environment. Another salon had severely messed up my hair and I needed it fixed before my husband came back from military duty. They were able to get me in as a walk-in and I had Hayley as a stylist who made me feel so comfortable after being traumatized from previous salon. My hair looks amazing now and she didn't damage it trying to fix it!

Brittany White

Brittany is absolutely AMAZING! By far, the best stylist I have ever had! She picks the perfect shades and I leave loving my hair more and more every time!

Cierra Joahnson

As you can see from their photos they only know how to do one type of hair texture.

Britton Howell

Very nice environment and everyone there is super nice! Hailey M did my hair and I am absolutely in love with it! She did a great job. I would definitely recommend going to visit her here!

Diane Inglis

I had a hydrofacial with Laura it was amazing, she did a fantastic job. I get my hair done by Lindsay, she is the best there is!!! I had no idea that you could also get facials at the salon, this should be widely marketed because I would go anywhere to have my hair done by Lindsay, but now that I know I can get an amazing facial right there in the same salon by a professional, Laura, this makes it so much more convenient too!!! Thank you Laura and Lindsay, you guys are second to none!

Christopher Ferrie

Recently had my haircut by Cathryn Royse. She did a wonderful job with what I was looking for! Definitely will be coming back

Mary Ellen Pfeifer

I highly recommend Studio RK. I've been a happy client since 2001, and have watched this salon evolve over the past 17 years into one of the finest customer service oriented establishments you will find. They have continued to grow and in doing so their customer service has grown with them. Studio RK is one of Southwest Florida's Top Salons for a reason. Hope you enjoy your next visit!

Jessica Trebino


Cars B

Lindsay is awesome. Always takes her time and does a great job. Styles my hair at the end

Nikki Wiseman

Absolutely love love this place! I've been going since last December once every 6 to 8 weeks. Love Rochelle she's definitely the bomb! I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Chloe .

Amazing!!!! Amelia and her assistant Emily and Rachel who also assist were beyond professional, very kind, and enjoyable. I will forever be a client of Amelia's I've never see my hair look and feel incredible!!!! Studio RK is the place to go and walk out more beautiful

Alexandra Healy

Hailey M is great with keratin treatments, color and cuts. She really listens to you and get your hair to where you want it to be while giving you great advice. When I first came to her it was a mess after two year of horrible hairdressing experiences. I showed her a picture and she did a fabulous job matching it. It was exactly what I wanted. I am so happy to have finally found a great hairdresser in the area that I am confidence about after a solid two year of hair disasters!

Sara Upton

Amelia did my hair and make up for my wedding and did AMAZING! She was so easy to work with and made me look so beautiful for my wedding day! Highly Recommend!

John Verhoff

The entrie experience is 1st class! You get the same great experience every time, greeted by friendly staff, offered a drink, hair is washed and shampooed before & after cut! My stylist Racheal is simply the best in the business!

Amanda Gendron-Roese

Love Brittany G! She is always amazing to work with! Today I had an updo with Lindsey and she was amazing!! Thanks Ladies!! You're the best!!

Nicole Campagnola

Pricey but I love my stylist, Miranda. She is such a sweetheart and always delivers amazing results. Salon is clean and staff is always friendly and attentive.

Lauren Lukasik

Alyssa Edwards is the absolute best! Always have a fun time with her and everyone at the salon is wonderful! My hair was a curly mop before coming here and now it is a lightened, smooth mane of perfection. I will never go anywhere else! :)

Hanna Sutton

If you are looking for a bridal hairstylist, Lindsay is the best of the best. She took our suggestions and used her vast experience and talent to mold our vision into the perfect wedding-day hair. She also has a very calming personality. We experienced an emergency the night before the wedding and got very little sleep. She was attentive, sweet, and really felt like a friend. Studio RK Salon had an overall great environment. Upon entering, we were offered coffee, wine, beer, water, etc. The facilities were clean. And the final product was worth every penny of the price. Thank you Studio RK, Lindsay, and her events hair team...we are so grateful for you!

Jennifer Irizarry

This is the GO-TO place! I live in Tampa but every time I come to Cape Coral to visit my sister I make sure to visit Studio RK. Ever since the renovations this location looks absolutely gorgeous. I would really recommend this salon to anyone in the area and even if you are in from out of town, please check them out. Prestige salon with excellent stylists working for them, you will always leave beyond satisfied. If I could give this salon a higher rating than 5 stars I would!

Jose Gomez

I have been going to studio RK for awhile now and I will never leave. These girls know men's haircuts and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. Great stylists and great salon. Ashley was very helpful with making the experience great. Highly recommend this salon to anyone!

Cindi Wicks

Always enjoy my hair day appointments at Studio RK! They have an incredible team of stylists and won't be going anywhere else!

Anita Rivera

Great experience with Anna. Thank you girl.

Bethany Martinez-Button

I’ve been a client of Studio RK for over a year, and intally was completely thrilled with the quality and the service. However my last few experiences have been disappointing. The past few visits, Miranda has had other clients booked on top of my appointment. Which, I understand that things are busy, but I ended up feeling like she was rushing to finish my appointment and by doing so, kissing services that I had initially asked for. The quality of the work also seemed to decline, my hair cut more choppy and color not quite as even. But I am picky with who takes care of my hair and overall trust Miranda with it, so I continued to be a client. Today, however, she and Studio RK have lost my business. I had an upcoming appointment that I needed to reschedule, Miranda was not accommodating with providing a new appointment, instead she asked me to call in on the day I wanted to get my hair done and she would see if she could fit me in. As I work full time, I need this to be scheduled in advance. This also makes no sense because Miranda’s schedule is booked, and as I have seen first hand the quality of care I receive when my appointment is double booked, I pay too much money to receive less than excellent service. I am extremely disappointed in how I was treated and how Miranda handled the situation. I will never again recommend her or this hair salon to any of my friends or co-workers.

Angelina Williams

I went over a year ago for prom , was the absolutely worst service ever. While trying to curl my hair all the lady kept saying how how horrible and unhealthy my hair was AFTER it was just cut. I use no products & the women who cut my hair at another salon said it was beautifully healthy. After she completely butchered my hair, I went to make up. The make me thus girl did looked like a geisha. It was the ABSOLUTE worst. Seriously I had to go redo everything bc they ruined my hair and face. Also they email me nonstop. I’d give this place 0 stars if I could.

Jenna Hendry

Great experience here! So glad I gave it a try. Definitely gonna be coming back regularly. Ask for Amanda B! She did such a great job on my head full of hair. Have had some horrible experiences in the past at other places, so to find someone that I trust with my hair is a big deal. Very impressed! Thanks Amanda :)

linda thiho

Amazing salon, outstanding staffs and stylist. My go to place from now on. Taylor B did amazing and wonderful job!!!!

Amy Mahler

Hailey was the best! My hair hasn’t looked this great in years. She fixed some funky highlights and turned me into the perfect shade of blonde!

Samantha Simmons

I have been going to Heather Lampert at Studio RK for a few years now, she is amazing. When I first went to her I wanted to change up my style to be more professional for the office environment. I literally have never gotten so many compliments on my hair. The day before my last appointment a co-worker asked me if I had just gotten my hair done (I hadn't gotten it done for 9 weeks!) that shows just how great Heather is to me. She has taught me how to take the best care of my hair and she has been happy to play around with the scheduling to allow me to see how long I can "stretch" it before I have to come in again. Heather knows what I like and what I do not like, she knows NOT to use the round brush on my hair, as I do not like the puffy "Mom do". Highly Highly recommend Heather and the team!

Kathy switzer

I can't say enough good things about Studio RK and their highly professional staff. I moved from Cape Coral to Ft. Myers 5 years ago and could not find anyone I trusted to touch my hair. Through a lucky string of events, I found out my previous stylist in Cape Coral was now working at Studio RK in Ft Myers and it was only minutes from my home. I had not had my hair cut, colored or styled in over a year. I quickly made an appointment and I have been a very happy gal ever since! Nicole, you are the BEST and I am so thankful I found you again!! And thank you Studio RK for recognizing talent and encouraging professionalism. Your staff is an excellent representation of your business.

Sam Ellis

Mindy did an amazing job on my hair. I don’t know how, but She knew exactly what I wanted. Finally found my hairdresser. Thank you Mindy & RK studios team! Very happy customer

Melinda Gibson

Heather at Studio RK is as professional, courteous and TALENTED as they come. I always leave there happy and in love with my hair! Sarbear2

Cortney is awesome!! Love the way she colors my hair and keeps it healthy and trimmed. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Cortney is very personable and friendly. Nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Erin McDaniel

Riley is amazing!!! This was my first visit to RK. I asked for a full highlight with platinum blonde and she nailed it! I'm very happy with the color and the style. :)

Ambika Devacaanthan

I was looking at getting my hair colored here during my visit to Fort Myers, but then I consulted with my sister and she mentioned that just over the last two weeks, she went to get her roots touched up and had a poor experience. She mentioned to the stylist that she had resistant grays, and noticed that the grays around the face did not get coverage. The salon offered to redo my sister’s color, however who has the time to come back for a re do when there is unknown talent for color on the floor.

Kaley Michels

I love this salon! I’ve shopped around at a few different places since I’ve moved to the area about a year ago and this has been the best experience I’ve had yet. Olivia was my stylist and she was fantastic and had such a sweet, upbeat personality. I showed her some photos of what I wanted my hair to look like and she was spot on with my low lights, highlights and cut. I’m already on the books for round two and looking forward to it! Thank you Olivia!

Rachel Berta

The best people and services around! Ive been going to Katie for years and have never been disappointed!!!

Abby R

If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would! First off, I called on a Monday and they were able to get me in with a higher-level stylist (Rachelle) the very next day, which is an unbelievable turnaround time - the staff here works so hard. Also, Rachelle is an absolute artist and a total sweetheart - so easy to talk to and incredibly talented. I brought in photos from Pinterest of the type of balayage I wanted and she did EXACTLY what I asked for. I've been getting my hair highlighted/balayaged for 15 years at various spots in the midwest as well as swanky salons in Paris, but I've never quite gotten the level of brightness or the natural root I've wanted (or if I did, it ended up completely damaged). I have never been so pleased with my hair before - Rachelle was able to achieve the brightness I wanted while maintaining the integrity of my hair and giving me a more natural root, which I didn't even know was possible! Could not recommend this salon more highly - they are great at what they do and the whole experience was wonderful from start to finish. I will say that it's pricey, but I feel the price was actually fair for the result I got.

Dee Dee Klingensmith

I absolutely love this place. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everyone one is super friendly and actually listen to what you have to say and make sure that before you leave you are satisfied with the end result. Can't wait to go back next time :)

Pam Corlieto

My stylist Nicole Bolebroch is awesome! Will never go to anyone else . I always get compliments and she's been doing my hair for at least 10 years. Everyone there is very nice and professional.

Patrick Ball

This place is amazing

Shawni Goldtrap

Great hair, wonderful service

alex clark

I have gone to this salon about 3 Times now to get a full foil for my blonde hair. I love the girls and the atmosphere there. Katie is my go-to stylist and she is AWESOME!!! I seriously do not trust anyone else with my hair other than Katie. If you’re looking for going blonde or getting highlights, I 10/10 recommend her! Great person and great work! If I didnt move out of state, I’d be here more often.

Aisling O'Leary

Balayage by Hailey M. -- great color, great cut, great styling, and great conversation! Hailey was amazing in every way possible.

Marie Molczyk

Heather is amazing! I absolutely love my cut and style!

Amy Peters

R.K Studio is the best! Hands down Heather is my girl she's amazing! I've used several levels and girls there, they're all great! But Heather is my favorite

bkiankhooy .

Thank you Heather and team!!! I recently moved to Fort Myers from Orlando and was having trouble getting established with a stylist after the move. I have been getting balayage for three years and had a very bad experience with another stylist in Ft Myers. Heather SAVED me!!!! She took me in the same day (I was so lucky) and made me look amazing!!! She listened to what I wanted and explained the whole process of color correcting to me. The price was given BEFORE rather than after to make sure you are on the same page. I can’t wait to go back! Great staff and service! Thank you! Dana V

Inez Tyus

I was sick and tired of my straight long so I made an appointment with Keely Kenyon to cut my hair. I love it and I absolutely love Keely.

Lily Arguez

This is my first review ever, I read them, not write them but the incident I had at this salon over a month ago is still making me upset every time I think of it. I visited Studio RK for the first time about a month and a half ago, after spending 4 hrs, and $300, I was suggested a Redken cleansing conditioner that I ended up purchasing. I have fine hair, the bottle literally reads "for coarse hair" but I went with the experts advice and decided to give it a try. I gave this product 2-3 tries before being convinced that it left my hair greasy and disgusting... The very opposite of what it's intended. I then returned to Studio RK 2 weeks after my purchase in order to exchange the product. The first excuse I got from a manager was that it was past the return period, I asked how so, and then she proceeded to take forever conversing with the owner of the salon on the matter. She later returned and basically called me a liar by saying that something was added to the formula in the bottle, after I stated that it was just as I had purchased it. This led me to think they must push to sell their merchandise and would make up ANY excuse in order not to have it exchanged/returned. After spending the largest amount of money on my hair that I've ever spent, being insulted, and refusing to accept their $30, defected product, I deeply regret going there in the first place and made sure to cancel my following appointment. I would never recommend this salon to anyone and will not return.

M Dias

Rachelle is terrific and very professional!

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