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REVIEWS OF Ouidad Salon By Chadwick And Igor IN Florida

Allison Steigman

I was a long time customer of the NYC midtown Ouidad salon. I moved to South Florida 2 months ago and was happy to find this Ouidad salon in Ft. Lauderdale. I had a fabulous experience here, the staff was warm and welcoming, and Jessica (visiting stylist from NY) did an amazing job with my cut and styling. I will definitely be back!

Joana Luzcando

Today, I had a great experience at Ouidad Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My Stylist was Paola. She is amazing. She was attentive to my concerns about my hair and she took the time to explain the process. I am someone that has done many …

Natasha Van Dyne

First time client here and I cannot say enough great things about this place. From the front to the back everyone is so personable and friendly. Chadwick and his team listened my concerns, and what I wanted to achieve with my haircut. I have had curly cuts in the past (including deva cuts) and never leave happy. This is the first time I actually left the salon loving my hair cut and style. I definitely will be back. Thank you all so much!

Kelsey Greenwald

I’ve never had a Salon actually care for my curls the way everyone at Ouidad did. Dominick and Yvette were absolutely amazing and made me feel right at home from the start. It was relaxing and educational all at the same time and I loved …

Katherine Jacobs

I got a haircut on 02/21/19 & i absolutely love it. They not only cut & styled it, but went in detail on how to take care of my hair so it can be healthier & also look great. Really happy & will be going back.

Cat Perron

This is the BEST salon I have ever been in! I have been in some great salons with great stylists and services in my many, many, many years of having my hair cut and styled but this is, hands down, the best. I have fine, curly hair and …

Lala Artsy

This place is amazing! All of the staff members were very kind and accommodating. Dominick did my hair color and it came out very natural but beautiful. He helped me pick a color and made me feel very comfortable. Natalie did my deep …

Reenae Parrish

I went here for the first time on Tuesday. I have been looking for a salon for a long time. Kesha and Jonathan were amazing. Professional and clean. Love it.

Manal Ibrahim

Thank you so much Robert Thomas for an amazing flow-y bouncy cut the most amazing cut I’ve had in my life. ouidad is an amazing experience it’s a celebration of beauty and I would go nowhere else ever again. Your beauty is something That can only be trusted with very few individuals.

Britney Willams

Price was expensive and was a bit disappointed my hair was not as defined but the hair cut was nice. I felt comfortable and relaxed there as well.

Tiffany Colon

I have always loved this salon. Everyone is so empowering and you feel comfortable. Yvette was absolutely amazing. She really does read minds, as she will say jokingly. The products do not have a strong fragrance anymore which I really appreciate with my allergies. I have fine curly hair, Yvette framed my face nicely and gave lots of volume.

Elvira Zaga

It was a great oportunity to meet Jessica I love how my hair looks She gave me many trics for my curls I love my experience!!.

Dr. Judy A. Smith

Though one might not guess it, I ate hard-boiled eggs and split pea soup to make sure that I could return for a second cut and style with Chadwick. First: a perfect cut minimizes the user's flaws! Second: I received great advice on both visits re: hair care and styling, for example, applying products immediately after washing, before the hair has had a chance to dry at all. Yup. That works best! Third: Chadwick listened to, and agreed with, my goal to return to my natural, graying color. He even added that it's the popular hair treatment on the west coast now! Fourth: Everyone was very friendly, and how can you argue with a second glass of champagne? To feel respected, encouraged, and pampered is a very nice thing! Yes, I received many compliments on my hair after leaving the salon, but it's how I feel that's important. Thank you, Chadwick! (P.S. I also read and follow Chadwick's advice in my Ouidad e-mails, so there's a value-added perk, as well.)

Ashley Otero

If you want (need) a stylist that knows their way around curls, these are the stylists you want to visit! I feel so fortunate to have learned of this gem and wish I had known about them sooner! My curls look so well-defined and shiny, and of course they smell great! It's nice knowing you can trust a stylist knows what they're doing and that's how you'll feel once you start coming here! I've received several compliments on my hair, thanks to Eidi <3.

Ifawumi Egbetoyin Orisakemi Olomitutu

Wonderful! Had a color done by Carolyn, she absolutely heard what i wanted, we talked about how to pull it off, and she did an amazing job. I started greying in the from pretty young but the back of my hair is almost black. I have dyed it for years an auburn color. It grows fast so my roots show pretty quickly and i just don't have the time or inclination anymore to dye it every 3 weeks or so. Anyway, i want to transition to a natural color and she did so good!! So many compliments!!!! Thank you Carolyn!!

Evelyn Lopez

It makes me sad to write this but I would hate to see some one have my experience. I had gone to a salon with my hair real long and they ruinded my hair, then I went somewhere else and I felt they did not fix it the way like they could have fixed it if they had real experience with curly hair. Then I said let me go to "experts" which I looked online for Ouidad. Well I asked for the second owner I felt I would pay that amount for a Really good Cut. It was awful I said can you please fix my cut and told her what i was looking for, and told her i also do my hair straight so if she could blow it out. Her demeanor was not pleasant at all I would not care had she done a great job. Then i told the front desk almost in tears inside i was really unhappy with my cut, they told me to talk with Chad. Chad on the other hand was very sweet kind and tried to fix it and said I will take care the next couple of cuts on me... Well I went home and cried a bit more but thought okay at least he will try to fix it the next couple of visits. So I go in one time and it was cut and styled it looked good when I walked out. I did my hair curly for about a month, I went to a place where they gave me a Brazilian blowout. They told me my hair was very uneven, and square shape i did nothing about it. A couple weeks later I blowed it out mysel, I seen it again how uneven and boxy it was so I emaild Chad to ask if he can please fix it. He said I want to help YOU Send me pics. That was the last time I herd from him, I sent the picks and nothing never herd back from him at all. I guess It makes me sad because I went to what i thought was the best and thought they would not make me feel that it was all about the money but rather to please... I really thought he was going to care more about pleasing a clinent so you can spread the word. The Moral of this story is the two top owners dont know to much about straight hair and blending it in plus texturizing it. You can not see a lot of inperfections when its curly unless its a good curly cut and straight is another story. A curly cut should be able to to look just as good straight. Im from Boston and have been to some of the top salons and even when they had not done the best job they always made it clear to come back at no cost till it was perfect. ~ Evelyn Lopez

Lauren Erstein

I recently had my first appointment with Chadwick, and it was absolutely life changing! He was able to see my frustrations with my current cut and showed me how he was going to fix it before he did. He took the time to show me every step of the styling process so I could duplicate the look at home (which I since have) and really took his time to make me feel comfortable with understanding the nuances of my hair. Everyone at the salon was so welcoming and friendly, and I got the best shampoo I have ever received! I drove an hour for the appointment, and it was well worth it to be able to go from hating my curls and pulling them back in a bun every day to absolutely falling in love with them all over again. Huge thanks to Chadwick and the whole team for such an amazing experience!

Roxanne Miceli

I had the most amazing experience at the Ouidad Salon by Chadwick & Igor. Eidi cut and styled my hair and Shay did a deep conditioning. My hair is amazing now. It is so light and bouncy and I don’t think my curls have ever looked better. I definitely have the confidence to wear my hair down all the time. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Their products are great too. Lightweight and very effective!

Alexandra Petrosino

Fantastic! My curls are back and I'm looking forward to my next visit .

Maysoon Salah

They saved my curls... California transplant.. So happy I found them in Florida. Worth the 2 hour round trip I made to get a haircut and amazing products! Thank you

Jessie Ervolino

I have never been so impressed by a salon. From the start, they give you a choice of beverage, and I enjoyed my mimosa as I filled in some paperwork. Shai washed my hair and not only gave a great wash but also a very welcome mini massage of …

Silvana Basilio

Hello Ouidad salon!

Richard T

Ouidad by Chadwick and Igor is the go to place if you have curly curls, like my wife. She tried many salons before finding Chadwick and Igor and she was never able to get a good haircut. Once she found Chadwick and Igor ahe was hooked. They give great service with a stellar result. The salon is modern, clean and never has the wretched chemical stink of other salons. Love this place. Love the staff. LOVE THE CURL!!

Nicci S

Very nice salon ambiance. Shay was very professional, kind and informative about caring for kinky curly hair! Yvette had a great personality and was a great teacher on how to style the curls. She really took the extra time to style my daughters hair! Highly recommend!

Hello Gal

This was my first time coming to this salon and my experience from beginning to end was amazing. The whole staff is super nice and knowledgeable. I came here with my hair looking like a mess (bad hair cut, dry and bad hair color) and the experts completely changed the way it looked. Now it looks healthy, has a nice color and well cut. Everyone loves my hair!! I feel so happy with my hair!! You guys are the best!!!!

Josue Dezign

The Ultimate CURLY Hair Salon In South Florida. Not only do they wash, color and cut your hair, but they serve you wine, coffee and snacks. Chadwick is so gentle with your hair and Igor gets the color to perfection. Don't underestimate …

Pam Reynolds

I am a newbie to the Ouidad curl experience and what amazing results achieved for my hair type. Upon entering I was greeted with a warm, sincere welcome and introduced to MY stylist Eidi. After my cut, my curls are defined, soft and moisturized! The aesthetics of the salon are relaxing, chic and modern. A wonderful setting to spend time to enjoy your "curl achieving moment"! Yes, I booked for a return visit...can't wait to try the other services. Thanks for a positive experience.

MH Mizzell

Salon staff is very professional, friendly and accommodating. My hair cut has been the best hair cut that i’ve ever had. Chad understands curly hair like no other stylist. When i saw my cut before it was dried i knew that Chad is a genius! I am so pleased that I would happily recommend Ouidad to friends and family, but Chad had a fan for life! Thank you for your professionalism and excellent cut and customer service! I would highly recommend Ouidad and Chad to all cry girls! They truly understand curly girls! Thank you!!!!!

Michelle Mazor

I was referred to Chadwick by a friend with curly hair. She promised that once I saw Chadwick, my life would change and wow was she right! Meeting Chadwick and learning about my hair which I hated for many years was enlightening. I learned what curly hair was and how it needed to be treated. Chadwick was patient and thorough while explaining the entire process. Chadwick listened to my needs and my lifestyle before deciding together what would be an appropriate cut for a busy mom to be able to upkeep. I have never felt so confident as I did leaving the salon. I urge anyone with curt hair to visit Chadwick, it will change your life. I know it did mine!!

Brittany Story

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! My hair looks amazing! Never seen my curls pop like this. EVER. Yvette is a great curl expert with a keen eye to which products work best on your personal hair texture and which cut works best on your face shape. She also gave great pointers on how to maintain my hair, as I live too far from the salon to come as regularly as desired. Additionally, Ramona is great at guest relations. She made sure my experience was excellent from start to finish. Ramona made sure my friends were equally taken care of while they waited for me. Even one of the owners chatted with me for a bit, which was completely unexpected but very refreshing. It's one of those things that separates the good from the great. I really appreciate all the staff at Ouidad Salon by Chadwick and Igor. I'll definitely be back!

Belinda Soto

Upscale Salon with excellent customer service. This is a curl specialty salon and they even try to educate you on managing your hair better.

Jacob Elliott

A high-end salon with fabulous staff who pampers you with relaxing scalp and hand massages

Angela Neave

Chadwick does an amazing job with my hair! I used to dread going to the salon, but now I am excited knowing each time my hair looks amazing when I leave and I can recreate the look at home. If you have curly hair, Ouidad by Chadwick and Igor should be your go-to salon!


If you don t speak english you are not welcome . Educators indivual, they must interaction before to start a certification and they must have only 1 critery.

Randee Herner

This was my first time visiting this Ouidad salon. I had an appointment with Eidi for a consultation. From the minute I walked in the door I was so impressed. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I was offered coffee, cappuccino, tea, mimosa, water the choice of beverages was amazing. Eidi was a delight. She was very patient in asking questions about my hair, styling habits, and problem areas. She listened carefully and then I asked her opinion. She said I would benefit from a deep treatment to hydrate my curls. I was ready to do it and hoped they could fit me in and they sure did right then and there. They introduced me to Shay and he was amazingly sweet. Shay washed my hair and not only gave a great wash but also a very welcome mini massage of my scalp, temples and neck. This is the first salon with a sink that didn’t hurt the back of my neck. Then I sat in his chair for the deep treatment which was fantastic. No cut no style yet just the deep treatment and the compliments I received that night from friends was priceless. I made an appointment with Eidi for a cut and style and can’t wait to see the end result!!!!

Vanessa Pernal

This was my first time going to an Ouidad Salon. I love my curls, but lately, I have been frustrate with their lack of life and volume. Eidi brought my curls back to life and in doing so, brought back my confidence.

Shanyce Thomas

If I could give this salon more than 5 stars, I would. From the moment I walked in until the moment I walked out, I felt like a queen. Upon arriving, I was given a robe and offered coffee, tea, wine, champagne, water, or pretty much anything my little heart desired. I was then sat in a waiting area. A few minutes later I met with Keesha, who would be my stylist, so that she could get an idea of what I was looking for. I was then sat in a chair to be washed and conditioned. Shay then performed a treatment on my hair to help define and moisturize my hair. He say me under a steam dryer that was AMAZING !! The owner Chadwick and their manager Josiliyah consistently checked up on me and made sure I had anything I needed. After my treatment, I went back to Keesha, who cut and styled my hair. I have been to many different salons, trying to perfect my curly hair, and I will never go anywhere else again. This is THE place for curly hair.

richard tommer

Ouidad by Chadwick and Igor is the go to place if you have curly curls, like my wife. She tried many salons before finding Chadwick and Igor and she was never able to get a good haircut. Once she found Chadwick and Igor ahe was hooked. They give great service with a stellar result. The salon is modern, clean and never has the wretched chemical stink of other salons. Love this place. Love the staff. LOVE THE CURL!!

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