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REVIEWS OF New Trend Hair Salon IN Delaware

Daniel Smith

Girlfriend loves this place. The ladies are all nice, sometimes too nice for the introverted types but that's not a bad thing.

Lynn Commodari

Heather Yeager is the best! Her cuts and color never disappoint!

Amber B

Love Christina! She is the best!

Cheri Flores

Absolutely the best salon with the best staff, my stylist Sarah is AMAZING. If you're thinking about trying out this salon, don't think, just do it! You will NOT regret it! You can see their picture on Facebook and Instagram of their master pieces! The pictures speak for themselves!

Shawna Belinge

From the Front Desk to the shampoo girls to the stylist this salon gets a 5 star review!! the Atmosphere is always to pleasant, the decor is wonderful & always with the season, the hair instagram speaks for itself they have a talented group of young lady's working there and you won't leave disappointed they care about your hair & you leaving happy more than anything!! I highly suggest you check them out!

Kitty Langley

Be very careful getting a haircut from here, I showed photos of how I wanted my hair cut ( long version inverted bob clearly visible to how long I wanted it) The girl cut my hair in a very short version, which will take probably 2 years of growing to get to the length that I wanted in the pics!! I will never let them cut my hair again!!

Ashley Weber

Michael Casper

Awesome service and great styles!

Susan Hynson

Where should I begin with rating this salon? I own a wedding venue in Delaware. A past bride of mine works for New Trend Hair Salon. Her name is Angela Tuskweth-Mcdowell. When this bride couldn't get her way by refund for services rendered at the venue, she had her coworkers from this salon harrass me horribly on my business website, calling me horrible names, calling my cell phone from restricted numbers leaving me horrendous voicemails. They had their friendss and anyone they could, rate my business with 1 star. To make things worse, they were on such a witch hunt, they tried to destroy not only my upstanding reputation but my business' reputation. This grossly immature, unprofessional behavior of trying to tear down a wedding venue lasted for days. What is worse, if that's possible, the owner, GINGER was highly involved in the harassment on my website with name calling. I could easily give Ginger a taste of what she did to me, but honesty, my character wont allow me too. Warning to future clients...they are a catty group of women and extremely unprofessional. They are not allowed on my property ever again. Ginger, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this behavior at your business and as business owner, rise above this behavior as i did. Darlin, your doors will close in 6 months if this is how you react to people and clients. I also have staff, if I were upset with a service from you, it would be handled between me and you like ladies should behave. Btw, my rating is NO STAR!

Andrew Campbell

Ashley Burris

Best salon around prices are reasonable, work done is perfect!!

Kimberly McFadden

They are amazing! Got my hair done by them today!!

Briana Brand

Christine Bekowski


So I wondered apon this place just looking for a new salon. Since my one salon I went to for years never has the same people working there I decided time for a change. I tried one salon after leaving my previous one and it was a nightmare. My hair color was wrong it was just a hot mess and I'll stop there. I decided to call for a appointment here and they got me right in that day short of notice I was in shock. I walked in and I was scared the stylist would just walk away. But I was glad she didn't she spent the time on my hair even till the bitter end to closing. I was so thankful you have no idea.

Rebeca Balleto

PLEASE SEE BOTTOM FOR UPDATED REVIEW........................................................Where do I start from. I kindly asked for my hair not to be washed for a cut(no blow dry) and I received nothing but bad attitude after that. The reason for me not wanting it washed is cause i always get charged a different price for the same hair cut. I've gone several times to this salon and Camille has done an ok job. Well this time I really do believe that she should have went home hours prior! She had a major attitude! Tried my best to be nice but nothing changed. Showed her two pictures of the style I wanted and I ended up with a mushroom looking cut. Absolutely horrible! It's uneven big time! On one side I can put it behind my ear and on the the other it barely goes around/behind. It has no specific look. It's also shorter then I asked for! Mad is not even close to what I feel. My husband even told me that she did horrible and that it looks like an amateur cut it....he pointed out how uneven it is in many different areas. never going back! It felt like she was on a contest to cut my hair in the least time possible. Told me that when I got home and actually washed and curled it then I would be able to se how nice it looked. I'VE WASHED TWICE AND CURLED IT TO ONLY REALIZE HOW BAD IT LOOKS! Doesn't fall nicely or even in any direction. UPDATE- after my review, the owner of the salon was kind enough to help me. She did listen carefully to what I wanted and to my frustration. Very pleasant and professional woman. I really do feel that she turned a wrong into a right. If i can continue getting my haircut by her then I will return. Thnks SO ALTHOUGH I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE MY OPINION HAS CHANGED 100%..THE LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM SHOWN BY THE OWNER AND CAMILLE HAS BEEN VERY PLEASING. THEY ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE YOU AND ME SO I UNDERSTAND WHEN SOME ONE JUST HAS A BAD DAY...THEREFORE I WILL KEEP GOING TO THIS SALON. I LOVE WHEN I CAN JUST MOVE ON AND CONTINUE TO GET GOOD SERVICE. THIS IS A GOOD SALON AND I THANK THEM FOR THEIR EFFORTS....GOOD COMMUNICATION AND RESPECT IS SUPER IMPORTANT!

Geoffrey Hutson

I really like coming here to get my haircut. Everyone is very professional and does a great job. I always get compliments on my haircut, so I thank my hairstylist, Melissa And to the owner Ginger and everyone else, my most heartfelt thanks for being here.

Betty Pastrana

I had went in to get my hair dyed , blue black ! I have black hair , I came out looking the same wow ! terrible , I should of have gotten a discount even the hairstylist realized that I came out looking the same ! I basically paid for nothing!

Nara Padilla

Gretchen Hansen

Beverly Whitton

Michelle Anderson

Connie Abbott

Beautiful people doing beautiful work. Only complaint is its expensive.

Theresa Brams

I get my hair done here all the time Bev is a great hairdresser

Jr Grey

Great place to get you hair cut right.. walkins welcome..

Susan C

I've been going to New Trends Hair Salon for a few years. The salon is clean and inviting. The staff is welcoming and friendly. My stylist is fantastic but I won't reveal her name because she books up fast and I don't want to miss out on getting my hair done. The location is easy to find.

Elaine Benson


Ned Neubauer

Virginia Mailman

Lisa , my stylus is one of the few people I've ever had who listens to my concerns and tries to make my hair look the way I want. By this I mean she does not start blindly chopping, But actually listens.

Colleen Baber

Dinah is great, whoop whoop

Amber Salyers

I can't say enough about how awesome Sarah is at New Trend. It always feels like I am getting my hair done by a good friend I've known for years. She does an excellent job with my hair and I am never afraid to leave it up to what she thinks my hair needs as she is so knowledgeable.

Michael Hilyard

I've been coming here for several years and have been happy with the results. It's great because they do a good job, wash your hair, use scissors and skills rather than just sorta hacking at your hair like most barber shops I've been to. The real key here is the combination of the quality haircut at a good price, it's $21 for what I get.

Angela Schulze

Great service, friendly staff, and good prices!!

Courtney Grey

Told her I didn't want it too short, ended up with an UNEVEN hair cut above my shoulders. I also have a round face, so I don't know what kind of stylist thinks short hair and a round face looks good? Usually I don't worry too much about bad haircuts but this one is too short to even hide in a ponytail or bun for three+ months. Would not recommend

Sabrina L

Jess is hands down amazing! She has such a bubbly personality and gives you exactly want you want. I would 100% recommend her. I tell all my friends and coworkers to go see Jess. She never disappoints!

Micah Fegley

I happened upon this salon after my place started charging insane prices for a men's cut. The price is great, which is important, but the people are also a huge reason we like going. The women at the front desk are always super nice, love to talk to my kids and treat us really well. The owner is nice and she seems very proud of her staff (which she should be, they're great!). Now the while family goes here because it's a great atmosphere.


I was referred to this salon from a friend because I expressed to her that I felt as though I have been paying a lot of money for my hair and the color fades out very quickly. I needed a change. I searched this salon online and the reviews were pretty good. I contacted the salon and the first woman I spoke to over the phone was very very nice to me and suggested setting up a consult. I told her my previous experiences and she told me I should definitely come to them. At that point I felt more comfortable about going there. However, when I arrived at my appointment ON time, I ended up waiting 35 mins. to be seen. I went to the front desk after waiting for 25 mins. and the woman with the dark red hair was very unpleasant with me when I asked her how much longer does she think that I would probably have to wait for. Her response was, "Well, she is still with her client. When she is done she'll be right with you. She's running behind and we are really busy." I said, "That's okay I understand." She rolled her eyes and said. "umHum" In my mind I was thinking, did I say something that may have offended this girl? was it the way I asked?" So I waited another 10 mins. and finally the stylist sat me down in her chair. We discussed colors for about 20 mins. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't go as blonde as I wanted but I was willing to compromise. So the stylist gave me a color splotch book to go through the colors to choose from and right before she did she said to me, "Well, I don't have much more time, I am running behind and I have 2 other clients that I need to do color for." I was just like you guys have no time for me. Late seating me and then rushing me out of the chair 20mins later. I am a new customer. I waited longer than actually being seen. I was so disappointed in this place. The customer service was not what I thought. I wont be going back. Although, I am happy for those customers that got a chance to get the customer service they were looking for from this salon. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those lucky customers. I guess it wasn't meant to be=(.

Loretta Fuentes

Did a wonderful job on my hair.

Todd Biehle

Friendly staff, reasonable prices and easy access from Kirkwood Hwy.

Justin G.

Shaunda Harrison

Christine Kohler

Love Gabby. She does amazing work. Very friendly.

angbealonis1 .

Not very professional to not see the customer side, but that’s okay. You can check for Thursday between 1-2. Either way you will deny it but I know the truth.

Sai Charan

This was my first visit,my stylist was melisa ,I love the service and haircut...!!!

Ashley Roberts

Sara Allen

MELISSA @ NEW TREND HAIR SALON spent hours and hooked me up with this gorgeous look after I destroyed my hair with ION Dye. I called new trend hoping they had a spot open and they told me to come in immediately! They were very sweet, very nice, calmed me down when I started to cry as I got there. Melissa also gave me an amazing cut and style. Thanks Melissa and team for saving me!

Katharine Bowers

Ginger and her staff are awesome!! I 110% recommend New Trend to anyone looking for a professional, super talented, and customer service oriented salon. They participate in a good amount of charity events as well which in my eyes makes them even more amazing!!!

Robin Dillon

Megan is the best!

Mariana Blakely

Sandy Sherwood

Excellent salon, I absolutely love Leah and what she's done for my hair. The salon is always busy and everyone looks great when we leave. I'll never go anywhere else again, I'm just sorry it took me so long to find New Trend

Da Hoss

This Kathy is one of the worst. First, I can't see all that well without my glasses, so it wasn't until I got home that I noticed how badly my haircut was. It was uneven. The hair was above the ears on one side and well over the ears on the other side. She didn't even clean up the back of my neck. I had to get out a razor and do it myself.

Kathleen Shaw

Ginger Pasquale

Recently treated myself to a spiral, I was pretty nervous because it has been over 20 years since I've done this. I requested Danielle because after stalking the website and because Ginger was booked, I found she was diva girl certified and seemed to have alot of experience in her field. I love that Ginger has all of her employees on her website with a little bit of thier experience. It made the whole process easier and more personal, and when it comes to my hair it's pretty personal. I was extremely satisfied with my end results and New Trends has gained a new long term client. I boast and suggest the service to my friends and family. Prices are reasonable. not the cheapest but remember sometimes you get what you pay for.

Robert Fleck

Have been going here for a couple years now. They always seem to surpass my expectations.

Anthony Hargrove

Lori Doto

Lil Wayne Foreman

Cheyenne Abbott

My sister and a lot of my friends have gotten their hair done here, and on Tuesday 4/10 I came here to get my hair dyed all purple! I've wanted all over color for ever and I finally have a job that allows me to do that! Ashley was my stylist, she did an absolutely amazing job on my hair! The price was pretty reasonable as well for the amount of time and work she put into making me look amazing!!!!! I will recommend this salon to anyone who asks where I got my hair done!

Ashley Julian

I have been coming to new trend for years and have never been disappointed. I love everyone there and all the staff is so sweet and welcoming. Even when I come in as a walk in they accommodate me the best they can. I usually see Bev or Kristin because I trust them with my life but I saw Gabby today and she was great too! I also had Star do my shampooing and she gave me the most relaxing wash and head massage ever ! Highly recommended !

Janet Marie Grosso

Ashley is an assets very friendly n knows what she is doing.

Pris Pris

Love this salon Megan is the best she does my hair n lashes!!

Eric Bernal


nakia lopez

Came here a few years ago for a facial and lash extensions. My friend who was getting married later that year used the salon for our hair and make up, I was a little hesitant because I didn't think anyone there would be able to do my hair, my only hiccup that day was that I had to reassure the woman doing my hair that my extensions were made of human hair and could be washed blow dried curled etc but other than that I had no issues with any of the services I had done there and I am planning to make another appointment

Wayne Dalton

Sherri Rapposelli

They did a great job on my daughter's hair for prom. Thanks!

Jade Carcamo

Terrible customer service. Went here for a eyelash extensions (expensive compared to other places) and they all fell off by day three when they are supposed to last weeks. They also charged me for a volume set but clearly gave me a classic set so don’t get ripped off. Went back for them to fix them but they also charged me to fix their poor work. They did not acknowledge the fact that I had paid for something I didn’t get and on top I received low quality work. The only reason why I’m giving one stars is because the person who fixed my lashes (which was a different person from the one who originially did them) avocated for me because she definitely knew I got a terrible job and was overcharged but the management look passed that and still went ahead and charge me more.

Hellene Kley

Lets just say I wont go back! Its ashame when you pay so much and have to go home and wash your hair and style it. I need to get it re-cut~

Michelle Malatesta

Leah is awesome with color. Nice clean friendly fast Service

Jacquan M

Sure the staff is friendly enough, but 500.00 for color that washed out in a week, a cut that wasnt even close to what I wanted. Called to complain. Wouldn't do anything about color because it was 8 days later but told me to buy more products from them and their directions made my hair turn blue. Please New Trend, do not bother to reply.

Kim Pensel

Rita Mae is the best! Great at color and men's and women's cuts.

Kathryn Whitesel

Erin Powers

Love this place! I always go to Kate. Never disappointed! What a business!

JoAnn G

Love this salon. Sarah is the best. I never leave unhappy. Everyone is great.

Teresa Laing

Laura Rickert

Ruth Denison

Tamara Cutler

The service here was FANTASTIC! As someone who has never had a good experience at a salon, I'm always wary when it's time for a haircut, and after my latest disaster at Ulta I was uncertain about even getting my hair done again. I'm so glad I went into New Trend. Oh my goodness. The staff was so nice and the place just had a great feel to it. My stylist Leah listened to my issues and my concerns and completely delivered. She made me feel completely at ease from the moment I sat down in her chair. She told me exactly what she was doing and what products she was using and why. My color turned out fantastic, and the cut is just perfect. I will never go to another salon again!!

Marina Pini

I have been going to this salon for many years. Best salon, and stylists are so creative! Heather does my lashes and Omg, love them. They look awesome and I get so many compliments. I go back every 2 weeks, but half the time don't need the fill. I guess that's a good problem to have!! Thanks New Trend and Heather!!!!

Tami Vickers

Maria did a wonderful job on my hair great experience from the time I walked in to the time I left everyone very friendly and helpful to each other I will be a repeat customer for sure

Daniela Rosas

Brittini Mantegna

Been using this salon for three years now and I could not imagine going anywhere else. Love the staff

Heather Reaume

Person who cut my hair was a sweetheart, person who shampooed my hair was awesome. The actual cut and lowlight /highlight I really hated it

Erin Coulter

Leelo Lopez

I went because someone I know had a great experience, so I decided to give it a try. It's never a good sign when the hair dresser attending you says, "I cut hair really fast". It's not a thing a hair dresser should be proud of unless they're working at Supercuts because what it really means is "I lack attention to detail". In her defense, she offered to fix it until I was happy, but in her initial haste to trim my hair she chopped off too much to salvage the style I wanted and so I just cut my loses (haha). I asked for a slight shag ala Mica Arganaraz and ended up with a 2004 Ashlee Simpson emo shag. Fortunately for New Trend, I've still had waaay worse hair cuts. The salon does do good work on other people, and they seemed genuinely concerned about my experience so they deserve extra stars for that alone. They run a good business and if you like a classic look, I highly recommend going. Also, they seem to do fantastic color, so go there for color. However, if you're seeking something a little more modern.... then perhaps it would be best to make the trek out to Philly. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I will ever return. If I do, I definitely won't be seeing the same person again. In the grand scheme of things, a crappy haircut is a great first world problem to have.

Jennifer Constantino

Carolyn Dilks

New trend has incredible customer service last year for my high school graduation I had an appointment scheduled at another salon to get my hair done The other salon messed up and made the appointment for the day after and gave me a card that said it was the day of my graduation. I was telling Megan all this while she was doing my makeup and she was able to get Shawna to do my mom's and my hair at last second notice. Also I can say I loved my hair and makeup and look forward to coming back. This also was my first time visiting new trend.

Bailey Sciota

I was in Newtrend on Thursday, June 21st for a full foil before my vacation! This was my first time I’ve ever gotten my hair highlighted at this salon since my styliest was completely booked. Jess was my hair stylist and she is so sweet and knew exactly what I wanted it’s a blonde thing she just got me. She made great conversation and we clicked. After all the foils were in she had placed me under a dryer to bring the color up faster, I believe? I’ve been placed under dryers in the past at my other salon. Well I was not expecting my scalp to be burned it came out of no where and all of a sudden my scalp felt as if it was on fire!! She immediately rinsed my hair with cool water and kept apologizing. Yes this hurt really bad my left eye wouldn’t stop watering. She blow dried my hair I paid and went on my way. I looked in the mirror in my car and it was bleeding very little I didn’t want to go back in and cause any problems because I know these things happen. Well a little while later my scalp had a boil/blister on it and was oozing liquid so I called the Salon right away and they had he come in and did a treatment and was very apologetic for what had happen. As I was leaving Natalie the receptionist, was so sweet and told me my next service will be completely on them. That actually meant a lot to me to see how worried and understanding they were towards me! I did have a great experience other than getting burned!! Thanks Newtrend Hair Salon!!

Luciano Rizek

Tabitha Dunham

I just love the atmosphere and amazing staff at New Trend. Everyone is always so friendly and happy and they are so great with remembering us. The stylists (Angie) are so great and helpful when we cant decide what we wanna do. Best in town for sure.

Christina Kenyon

SALON OWNER DOES NOT STAND BEHIND HER GUARANTEE!!!!! HAD MY HAIR DONE ON FRIDAY WENT BACK IN SATURDAY MORNING TO FIX IT AND WAS CHARGED EXTRA!!!! Had the worst experience ever!!! Poor customer service and they don't honor their guarantee!!! Asked for an ombré color and had to go back the next day to have it fixed. Hair did not have the ombré effect. Only looked like a single color... Paid $140 for ombré and had to pay an extra $72 to have it fixed. The owner and stylist are claiming that I got what I asked for. I clearly did not. I filled paperwork out today for a claim in small claims court because they guarantee their work on the website, but are now claiming that they don't give refunds. Showed pictures to the court clerk. In all reality, I should have never been charged when I went back in to have it fixed. And since they didn't like my comments on Facebook, they blocked me from responding to their comments!!! Guess they don't want to have other people know the truth!!! DONT GO TO THIS SALON!!!!

Paul Johnson

Laura Roca

I decided a year ago to go from dark brunette to blonde. Anyone who has done this knows it's a long, gradual process besides the damage it can cause. I happened to be on Facebook and I saw a before and after picture of a color correction that Katrina had done. It was incredible so I had a consult with her and she was wonderful. I knew instantly that this was going to be a positive experience from Katrina's knowledge, advice and understanding of what I wanted to achieve. Besides catering to her clients she is a very sweet and genuine person and I look forward to many more positive experiences.

Nick Donatelli

Usually always great service

Ginger Casper

The finest group of women who help one another and always have each other's backs!

Ankita Pandey

This was my first visit and I was satisfied with the service and the haircut.

Misty Howard

The ladies should be more aware of how they speak about one another in front of the client. They all seem like they hate one another. It made my exspieriece horrible.

Tracie Principe

Thanks once again for a wonderful experience! Amazing prom up-do today!

Leah Belk

It’s always a good experience when I go. The staff is so friendly!

Jen Shearer

It has been difficult to find a stylist who can handle my very long, very thick, and very curly hair but my experience here has been the best I've ever had! I left so happy and got exactly what I was looking for. Mili did a wonderful job and made my hair look beautiful! It was also a quarter of what I would normally have to pay! I'll definitely be back!!

chasing butterflies

If I could give no stars I would. I have been going to this salon for nearly two years and I had recommended them to a lot of people. I was always satisfied when I left and never had a problem until this year. The last 4 or 5 times I went were awful! Twice the color was left on my hair too long and instead of chestnut brown I ended up nearly black hair. I am very fair skinned and it looked terrible. People at work said "oh, you darkened your hair" Well, it wasn't by choice. I had hope washing it would lighten it up a little but it didn't. When my gray started coming back I went back to get it colored again mainly because it was too dark and I really hoped we could lighten it up. We picked out a nice color that she said would brighten and lighten it a few shades. Well, it got left on too long again. I was watching girls who came in after me get color and then shampooed and I was still sitting there. One of the shampoo girls finally came up to me and asked how long I had been there. I told her long enough for my hair to get hard and crusty. She went to my regular stylist and I overheard her say "Oh God, it's been on too long" The shampoo girl immediately rinsed and washed it 4 times, then she said she was putting 'toner' on it. I have no idea what toner is but guess what, it was nearly black again and I paid $184 total, not counting tip. I asked whys so high and was told because of the toner. I decided I wasn't going to get it colored there anymore, I would just get haircuts. Several weeks later I went in and just asked for about 2" off the bottom and my bangs trimmed. It was more like 4" and she layered it which I didn't ask for. Walked out unhappy but was able to work with it. I let at least 3 months go by before I gave it another shot. Told her I wanted it cut so it LAID on my SHOULDERS and I walked out of there with my hair cut up to my ears and the back of my neck was completely exposed! How is THAT shoulder length?? When she started drying it I even said "wow, that's short! I look like a cartoon character" She asked if i wanted her to blow it dry under and I said yes. My hair is now so short the sides are nearly even with my jawline and the back is GONE! It's cut all the way up to the hairline! I cried all the way home, cried when I got home and was depressed all day. My husband and daughter kept reassuring me it looked good but whenever I saw myself in the mirror I cringed. I tried working with it in the morning, blowing it dry with a straight brush and that made it stick out and a bunch of different directions so I switch to a big round brush and it still has little ends that stuck out everywhere. So not only to I now have to dry it curled under (which makes it look shorter) I have to hot iron it to get rid of the stray pieces that stick out. When I came downstairs I burst into tears. I look absolutely ridiculous! I am not a small girl and with this cut I look like I have a giant head and a tiny hat. I don't even want to leave the house! I done. I'm not going back. I pray my hair grows back quickly but I won't step foot in there again or give them another dollar of my money. They obviously are at the point where they are TOO busy and the stylists pay no attention to what they are doing because there have booked too many people. I used to love this place, now I'll never go back. I say, if you value the way your hair looks and you don't want to walk out looking like Moe Howard from the Three Stooges, stay away.

Dianne Albert

Kristen is the best ❤️

Lisa Rastelli

I normally don't write reviews but felt that it was necessary for this salon. I found them based upon reading Best of Delaware and thought I would give them a try. I made an appointment with Melissa for a cut and highlights. Before we started Melissa took the time to ask what I wanted and listened to all of my concerns. (this was my first experiment with highlights) She took the time to consider my lifestyle and employment to determine what was the best type for me. She also made suggestions based upon pictures I had provided. In the end I got a superb haircut and wonderful highlights. She accomplished what I wanted and the highlights were so nicely blended that they looked natural.

Rose Brinegar Brinegar


Michele Jalbert

Erika Gerace

Fran Miller

I have been coming to New Trend for several years and have enjoyed their fantastic services! I see Ann Marie for nails, Christina for hair, and Rebecca for pedicures. All are friendly and professional, as well as highly-skilled. From the front desk staff to the shampoo girls, they all make each experience relaxing and enjoyable. I always leave feeling pampered and appreciated.


I was really nervous to come here as last time i went to a place i had never been my hair was butchered. But i came in for a haircut and was taken care of by chrissy. I showed her what i wanted and thst i was nervous m she was super friendly and cut my hair EXACTLY HOW I LIKE IT! IT LOOKS FABULOUS!! i even had someone stop me at the gas station and ask my who cut my hair becsuse they were standing behind me (i have a semi stacked bob)and said they're a haurstylist and that who ever cut my hair did a great job and that it looks so perfect! That made my day!!! So thank you Chrissy! I will certainly be back with chrissy next hair cut.!

Ana Marie Lozano - Eichfeld

Very accomodating staff. They their job well

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