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REVIEWS OF Hair Cuttery IN Delaware

Esmeralda Aco

Ira Kuznick

Chuq Yang

marie pusa

I did not get the result i want !!

natalie baird

Doug Jenkins

April does an amazing cut and shampoo. Highly recommended!

Sean Mullen

Robert Bruner

Got the hair style desired at good price.

asmae abdi

dina bingaman

Staff is amazing. Friendly, inviting, full of ideas. Employees help each other. Higley recommend.

Diane Linares

Like this place and the staff, not expensive

Matt Hessey

This is the worst place to go I usually get it cut at the hair acadamy by students and they have never messed up my hair. She just chopped my hair off how she wanted and made it worse.

charles scott

The experience was good but my hair in the back looks like missalighned. I'm not happy.

Eldiablozatanas .

The worst service and dirty place

Marsha Kolmonen

Fantasic and very Friendly. April is excellent Kudos to you. Love the place.

Alex Andrews

Quick and good

Chrissy Cosmos

Tammy is an excellent hairdresser. I had long hair that I wanted cut short and styled. Tammy was very professional and gave an awesome haircut. I now have a new hairdresser! I will recommend Tammy to my friends. Reviewed by Christina after today's haircut.

Tommy Miller

Gigi 87

James E. Bowman

Walk in haircut, shampoo, and blow dry. Reasonable price and great service.

Derek Anderson

I had an appointment and walked right in, they were ready and Shannon did a great job.

ALP 2400

I called @ 4:00 they told me to get there a soon as possible and Got there in 5 minutes to get my hair dyed and said they could not because it had too be 2 hours before they closed(@ 6:00)! I will never use hair cuttery again!!!!!

Ruby Boettcher

It's honestly hit or miss at this place. I've been her multiple times since it's close to my house and had good and bad experiences with different stylists. Some of them do a great job while others are not so great and have poor english which makes it hard to communicate exactly what you want. I'll still give them 3 stars since I've had more positive than negative experiences, but it's nothing special.

Amy Loubier

My son is 13 and difficult to please when it comes to haircuts. The stylist did a fantastic job! We will be back!


Anti Pooh


I recommend Maria excellent service.

Anne San

Thanks Ms Dee! I love my hair color.. Sterling blue ombre

crisannmichehl .

Great place. Crista who cut my daughter's hair did an amazing job!! Will definitely be going back.

thalia flecha

This place is so unprofessional. I walked in and no one came up to the front to greet me and at least give me a wait time. And this lady literally kept staring at me like hellooooo. On top of that they really can't cut hair.

Camille Fiala

At this hair cuttery they listened to you The other hair cuttery I will not go back at all. This is the place I'll go for my hair. They listen & nicer.

Raghu Maruvada

Extremely Pathetic experience, I told the lady to do medium and was having a surgery on the head but she was using her own scissors for cutting the hair. They are not professional. I will never go there again.

anissa reed

Rene Laroze

Alpha Beta

This place is disgusting. They make you wait for 25-30 minutes to check in at the store and then take people who check in online within those 25-30 ahead of you. And, after that they do not even say "sorry"

Jennifer Walls

Always satisfied with each of the stylists. Price is always reasonable.

Donnella Rucker

Great sure to ask for Toni

Vicki Offenbacher

If I could give no stars that would be to much. I went to get my hair cut similar to Ellen DeGeneres, I even had a picture. Maybe she didn't know who Ellen was, but I got scalped. Never again. Lierally the back of my hair is gone less than 1/4", nothing like the picture. Got a refund. But they should pay me to grow it back for the next 2 years. Horrible, Horrible experence. Stay away.

Greg Finnigan

Nick Young

I recently moved to the area and needed to find a new place to get my hair cut long story short I will definitely be back!!! Valerie was so nice and did an amazing job!!!

Monica V

I waited for 20 mins after doing a check in and walked out. I got checked in nicely then she left to the back and never got acknowledged again. Someone arrived to start a shift i think and i thought maybe this is who will help me... nope . So i walked out.

James Faurote

Put off getting my haircut until the last minute and they were able to get me in! The girls there were great. Checked in online and waited no time. Would definitely recommend this place and with it being right by my work I will be going back there again.

Harold D

Nancy does good hair.

Courtney Finn

Some of the newer hair stylists here don't suit my style of cuts. I've constantly had problems with cutting my bangs with the newer stylists and end up cutting them myself at home. The staff is very nice and not a long wait for walk ina generally.

Amanda Lancaste

Extremely bad experience for my 10 year old daughter. We said cut just above shoulders and layers for a full bouncy cut. The lady cut her layers soooo short and gave her bangs past her ears. I just can't even right now I'm so angry and disappointed. If I could give 0 stars to post review, I would!

karthik swarna

Had a good haircut by Lana.

Michelle Lucille

Overall my experience at Hair Cuttery is generally very good. Today I don't know what was going on but the hair stylist I had seemed to be rushing because her friend/client was waiting for her to cut her hair. I told her my hair was Curly and I wanted it just above my shoulder length I wanted bangs. She cut my hair way above my shoulders and did it extremely short, usually when I get my haircut I have them do blow dry and when they style it it looks good but she was doing it and it made my hair extremely poofy and it did not look good at all. When I asked her if I could just get it wet and just put product in it because the way she was styling it didn't look good she seemed annoyed but eventually let me just rinse it in the sink. She tried to say it was a miscommunication but as a hair stylist I would think she would know not to blow dry curls the way she tried to. I am not upset with Hair Cuttery but I am extremely upset with this haircut. I did tip the stylist because I believe tipping shouldn't be an option but I do feel like my money was wasted on the haircut. Luckily my hair grows mildly fast because this cut is awful. :-(

Matthew Driscoll

Not the best cut

Div Sav

I was denied service coz tge stylist was waiting for her "friend" to her a haircut. Shame on Hair Cuttery. I have been going to this place for the past 5 years and get hair cut from the same lady(I dont want to name her here but I wish she and her manager read this post) with that said- you expect some respect n loyalty treatment. I had a terrible experience today. I called her for aptmnt at 3pm on a sunday afternoon and she said she was leaving and not taking any customers. But when i decided to walk into the store anyhow after 2 hrs, i saw her there and to my surprise and she denies to take me in, coz she says it is beyond her work hours and is waiting for her friend as a personal favor to give HER a haircut. Shame to Hair Cuttery not to train its staff.


Maria is amazing ! Sweet and good hair dresser.

Vee Campbell

Seems the Hair Cuttery's are the same everywhere. My blow dry and trim went from $28 to $50. Color me disenchanted.

James Freeman

Very bad experience: had to wait while staff was doing their own hair instead of helping customers. New staff member was very rough and clumsy with the trimmer. I have had facial hair for 20 years, and now I am clean shaven because of the hack job on a simple beard trim. I was a was a regular customer, and I will never return. Do not go there.

Rafael Rios

I felt confident with the projected experience on the phone... after getting my haircut and beard trimmed I can tell you that it wasn't as good... the place is too small for the amount of people and too noisy as well....

Soumbouth Seng

Jonathan Diehl

I dont get hair cuts....(bald)...but my son loves to get his hair cut here.

Mack Hyatt

Jacob Cave

They always do a cut up job!

Nadia Abbasi

Very very bad. Very rude staff. They destroy your eyebrows and then start fighting. Not recommended

Stephanie Jackson

I love this place!!

something or

Coming from a kid who likes to keep his hair long this is a good place if you want your hair to be short. I went in there to get my hair trimmed just out of my eyes because my hair was down to my nose and the person cutting my hair cut it half way up my forehead. This has happened twice when I only asked for a trim.

Sirius Black

Definitely a bad haircut. I think they asked some random stranger at publix to step in for a moment. You know you're in trouble when the stylist keeps changing guards on the razor and hardly uses the scissors. Oh well, it'll grow out.

dennis parkstone

Zale Cook

Mary Lee

I had specifically said I liked the current length (just below my shoulders) to just trim up the layers & bangs A LITTLE. I was butchered. Not only did she cut it barely below the ears & neckline, the right side is noticeably thinner, shorter than the left. Its been over a month & its still not growing enough to have someone try to fix it.

Darian Boggs

Good hair cuts. Nothing fancy.

Lauren Black

I've had a pleasant experience Everytime I've gone in there.

Dolores Ann

Nancy is great. She cuts my hair exactly how I ask her to, and I have always been happy with her work. She is confident when she cuts my hair, which makes me feel confident in her. I have had her cut my hair three times now, and will continue to go to Nancy. If you tell her want you want, she will do her best to accommodate you.

Becca Shields

Went in to donate my hair for the first time and Katrina was so helpful and calming during the process. She really helped ease my worries. I love my new hair cut and am so happy I chose to go with Katrina, highly recommend.

Mark McConnaha

These people are ALL amazing.

Joshua Anaya

It's ok the wait is long even when you book head of time

Susan Gott

Walked in and was told it would be about 25 minute wait. Waited 1hr 15 minutes. Walked out.

Jennifer Quinn

Horrible!!! Asked for 2 inch trim with long layers she cut 4 inches off the length and messed my layers up so bad that my hair looks like I grew out a mullet... never will I go back

Dawn Gooden

Garcia Fiona

Dora is Awesome :-)

taqueya spriggs

They do quality hair styles but they don't follow pictures of preferred hair style requests by customers. I've had 3 experiences at 3 different locations on separate occasions where I provided a picture of a particular hair I was requesting and the stylist did not style my hair specific to the picture. Thereafter, I immediately pointed out to the stylist after seeing my hair that the style was not tailored to fit the style I provided in the picture that I produced. I was than charged full price for a style that I did not ask for. Also, they need to hair separate prices for kids because I pay adult prices whenever I being my daughter in to get her hair washed and braided or my son for a hair cut.

Jessica Wells

Ask for Katrina, she's absolutely fantastic! She was super friendly and worked to make sure that I loved my cut. She also shared a bunch of awesome tips to help me deal with my frizzy curls. I'll definitely be back!

Melissa Elliott

All the stylists are nice and do exactly what you want done. Most are very experienced with coloring and highlights as well. I hope my color/ highlight today is as good as usual. I do have someone I have never had before. Fingers crossed

Linda Harrington


Everytime I have been here, I have waited for over an hour to get hair cut from the person I like. Appointments, calls, check-ins don’t work.

Cathy Long

Monkey Box

Nice people and good atmosphere

Dolly T

My hairstylist gave me a very nice haircut which I was satisfied with but my girlfriend who was with me, got her haircut at the same time. she was very disappointed. She had very long hair and wanted it long and layered and The Stylist that did her hair was different than mine of course, did not give her a good haircut. she was very displeased with it because it was too short.

Bartimus Maximus

Maybe I just happened to walk in on a bad Saturday but the lady that cut my hair plucked me like a chicken. Uneven sides, cut up my neck like I was strangled. And it took her about 3 mins to cut my hair. Went home and just buzzed my hair myself.

James Sullivan

Have been going there for years and only had maybe 2 experiences that I wasn't totally happy with. Tam and Grizelda are my favorites.

Benjamin Bartholf

Great reliable staff.

Dave Kinkade

Wishing I could rate this store higher but the reality is the waits can be looooong (even when using the appointment app). Stylists are good and quite nice. Not enough of them. Lobby area only has six chairs so there’s not much room for waiting customers so it can become frustrating - especially for an hour+ waits.

Bryanna Vacanti

Really positive experience here. I'd highly recommend requesting Dianna if you come! What's excellent? -They are open on Sundays (and every other day) -Shampooing is complimentary (included in the $18) -Dianna was methodical and did exactly what I asked for. She measured everything. Very skilled.

Chuck Saldana

Vineel Raja

Mikala Busch

Phil Briski

Great staff and service

Farhan Ali

So this place is in walking distance to where i live , that's why i go here to get my haircuts. But if you have a car or can go to other places, then don't think twice. The price is 19$ for a haircut only. They sometimes shampoo your hair , sometimes they don't. I guess it depends from hairdresser to hairdresser here. There is no uniformity. The place due to high flow of customers is kinda dirty and unorganized.

Jennifer Birkett

Craig Malone

Brady Goldsworthy

I've liked every haircut that I've gotten here.

Elianna Levos

They do a great job!!

elisabeth sweeting

The absolute worst haircut EVER! Griselda did a hatchet job on my hair. I even showed her a picture of the style I wanted. After a good cry, I went home and tried to fix it. I'll just have to wait for it to grow back.

Durrell Loretta

So unprofessional!!!! As i sit here waiting for my daughter one of the stylist is talking abput how the president has his entire hillbilly president in the white house and she repeats "hillbilly" several times! I tell her i take of offense to this because I am a hillbilly and her jaw drops! So juat to warn anyone who is of country nature DON'T come to thus place unless you want to be offended about your heritage!

Nancy Gordon

Belkis Lagos-Tobar

Wonderful recommend it to anyone

SL Troupe

Terrible experience. The person acted like she didn't want to be there, chewed and cracked her gum in my ear. Cut only ONE HALF of my head. Got pissed when I asked her to cut the rest. She definitely did not like cutting a white person's hair.

Brittany Jackson

Jean Reese

The girl seemed brand new and she didn’t know what she was doing.

Laura Thomas

It wasn't exactly what should have been done but at least it wasn't totally bad. She tried.

juanita garrison

Cassandra Harper

I always find a great stylist here

Sasha Ray

Gives good cuts, but only if you make an appointment. A walk-in is essentially sitting in a chair for hours on end and getting ignored by the staff deciding that cleaning the sinks are more important than the customers sitting right in front of them. It's RIDICULOUS.

Walter Milsom

Amanda McCarthy

Consistently amazing!

Wind Talker

Nice girl and good cut and look

Jonathan Donesky

Was told there was no wait over the phone, drove straight over, 45 min wait

Charity Hooper

kk Cruz

I love Maria she is the best!!!! excelente services I like my haircut

Kenny Patel

Don't go to the big Indian chick. Has no clue what's shes doing. Will have you in and out in 5 minutes. Waste of $25.

Katherine Mackie

I went there for a haircut and I was told it would be a 20 minute wait. I waited 45 minutes and there was no end it sight to how much longer I was going to have to wait. So I left. I waisted 45 minutes and I didn’t even get my hair cut.

Niket Gandhi

Dale Gaul

I'm very happy with hair cut I got here . In and out quick, very nice lady's. Know what they are doing and listen to what you want . I will definitely be coming back.

Adam Hardy

Very friendly service and the quality of the haircut was well worth the price; I'll definitely be returning

Mark Reverdito

Ron Greenberg

There is an amazing stylist named Kayla and lina

Nicole Giardelli

Erika Sparby

Katrina is the best. If you go, ask for her.

Kristina Georgieva

Angela Darnell

Ana S

Very friendly and professional staff. Lien is an amazing professional. This is one of the best places for cutting your hair and they have amazing products for sale

Larry Radbill

You get what you pay for.

Kelsi Mataya

Made an appointment, when I arrived I was told it would be a 10-15 minute was 40 minutes before I was seen for a trim that took 5 minutes

J Hawkes

Depends who you get but very happy with my daughters last hair cut

Lilly C


No nappy cuts


alicia arter

John Stubbs

Jodee Buckley

charlottes 'bp' ajuata

I have been there two times and it was great I love the place and will keep going there.

Jason Lorenzetti

Denise Spencer

Rhonda Weber

Very friendly staff. Can get an appointment when needed or walk in. They really listen to you about how you want your done.

Julie Stonerock

I called two days in advance to schedule an appointment for this Thursday. When I arrived, ten minutes early, a lady came over to the counter and said that I did not have an appointment. Assuming that I had perhaps scheduled the appointment at a different Hair Cuttery I called the number that I had scheduled with the days previous. The phone reached the Hair Cuttery that I was in. People make mistakes, I was okay with the fact that my appointment had been misplaced. The lady continued to say that she would be with me in a minute. I was willing to wait. My original appointment was scheduled for 6 pm, but I was not actually seen until 6:45! I only started to get irritated after the second customer to arrive AFTER me was seen before me. Finally after waiting an hour, for a 30 minute appointment, I started the rest of my horrible experience. I requested to not have my hair washed because I had washed it prior to coming in. The lady then continued to tell me that it would make it easier on her to brush if she washed it. After that she asked me to stand while she cut my hair THE WHOLE TIME, mind you, after my full day of work. Lastly, I was almost sick to my stomach from the cigarette smell coming off of the lady doing my hair. Perhaps worst of all, there was no apology for the time it took to be seen. I was hoping for a nice trim, not too expensive, nothing extravagant, but ended up spending $18 plus tip on a less than mediocre experience. In short- spend a few more dollars, and enjoy your experience somewhere else.

Traca Crowley

Tammy Harned

Love Amanda....she is an awesome hair artist/ stylist.

Alice Holland

(Translated by Google) Love Tam ... (Original) Love Tam...

Anthony Falcone

Lonnie summerton

Maansi Pant

Crystal Haynes

All the Hair stylist were all very friendly and welcomed me with a smile. I was very satisfied with my results of hair care and the styling of my hair with Meghan, she is a very friendly and knowledgeable stylist. I would come back, and would recommend my friends and family to schedule a hair appointment.

Hye Jin Hwang

Mia is so kind and very professional. I am so satisfied with her hair cut skills. Thanks Mia!

Kait Robinson

tammy smith

Professioal stylists. Family friendly. Reasonable prices.

Debi Callahan

I wish I remembered the girl who did my hair I've gotten a lot of compliments about it

kim chapen

Nate Pokress

Sometimes really great low price haircut, other times a disappointing low price haircut.


Always a reliable Salon to go for a hair cut!

Bill Brantley

Never had a bad experience. Ask for Arthur; he's great!

Sivasagar Kalagara

Okay place

Soham Joshi

Nice service but little expensive.

Stacey Canova

Friendly staff and it's easy to use their smile guarantee.

Eleisha De Jesus

Les recomiendo a María, cada vez que voy la amo más por que es muy profesional en su trabajo y sabe todo sobre mi pelo, llevo 4 años con ella y no la cambio por ninguna

Sarah Forbes

She did a great job on my son's hair. His first hair cut too!

Pamela Thompson

I went in for a specific beautician but was told she would be late. Waited 40 minutes and finally had another beautician do my hair and she did a great job. Second time there and never been disappointed.

Deborah Brooks

Friendly and competent staff

ZorP DaBoss

Everyone here is very professional and do amazing work! Their specialty is color, high lites, etc.

U Knowbetta

Excellent customer service!!! My hair turned out pretty decent especially for the low more than what you expected!

Randy Gordon

Michelle Marsandi

Constance Reese

Thomas Head

Alli Cat

Kristin did an amazing job with my hair today. I love it!

ma dan

Great haircut every time. Sometimes a wait but worth it.


Debbie Puterio

All the girls are great they do a great job I can never fix my hair the way they do.

Alicia Ott

I came in for a routine shampoo, cut and blowdry. Everything went fine (even though the srylist slightly manhandled my head). When I got up to the register to pay my bill was $36 instead of the $26 I expected it to be. When I questioned the stylist, she said it was an $10 extra fee because my hair is long. This is on top of the $8 they charge you simply to blowdry your hair. No where was this possible extra fee posted. I was not informed that I would be charged more, simply because my hair is long. I basically paid $18 for the stylist to move her arm a little more than normal while blow drying my hair. That is absolutely ridiculous and I will not be returning.

John O

I am now embarrassed to go outside the house because of the butcher job that I got at this Hair Cuttery. My family is laughing at me. And the sad thing is that this can’t be fixed. I just to wait it out until my hair grows back in. Never coming here again!!

Jessenia Cruz

I havr never let anyone do my hair after a bad experience I had at another salon 7 years ago. But Maria was so nice and welcoming and knew about my kind of hair. I felt my hair was in good hands. She's done my hair three times already and bought their good quality products. I won't go to anyone or anywhere else.

Deanna Burns

Clean and friendly place

Maqsood Ahmad

Very very bad experience 1st time and will not go again very very bad service. And also advice do not go hair cuttery point for hair cutting.

Scott Barnes

Easy to get to, have had the same beautician for long time. The whole staff is great.

Sandra LaBlanche'

My usual haunt, good prices

veronica jleon

WORST costumer service!!!! And they have no idea what they're doing!! WASTE of money!

Paula Schuler

Wendy Harris

Joe Fax

Great cuts

Doug Macclure

Nicholas Roquet

Ask for Bethany. Simple as that.

Ivan Gombau

Svetlana is very nice!

Satya Sree Vedula

I got my face waxed and the lady ended up peeling my skin off the face. She was terrible at waxing. I suggest they improve their services somehow

Justin Miller

Almut Branner

It took 2 and a half hours for a simple task. she was very aggressive when she was brushing my hair. She also claimed I never told her to dye my hair and made 1 and a half mistakes. She was also rude. I hope I never have to be in her presence again. But it looked good in the end. She still made us pay for her mistakes that we didn’t ask for. At the end when she was obviously done she just kept brushing my hair even when I was standing and walking towards the door.

keith collins

Lien is awesome. Great haircut and she is highly demanded. Reservations recommended for Lien. Get the look of a high dollar hoity toity salon for half the price.

L Bgobin

Diego Cancel

Aury is great and knows what she is doing

Vikas V Baliga

Christopher Maynard

Google User

I went to this Hair Cuttery on March 11 to get a root touch-up and a trim. I went in with very natural looking blonde hair and very healthy looking hair. When the stylist was done, my hair was white! I cried in the chair and by the end of the session (around 3 hours later), I had four stylists working on me trying to fix the horrendous color on my head. They got it to be more of a strawberry blonde by the time they were done, which was better than white, but definitely still not what I wanted. It looks very cheap and unnatural now and fried because of all the color correction they attempted on it all at once. They gave me about $100 worth of free shampoos, conditioners, and sprays, trying to make up for ruining my hair. They didn't make me pay that day and gave me 3 free chemistry treatments to help my poor damaged hair get to a more healthy looking condition. Well, I went in for my second chemistry treatment this morning at 9, waited for twenty minutes while I watched the manager tidy up the store, then go to start someone else's hair which I knew would be at least another 20 minutes. I could tell she had forgotten that she was doing my hair, even though I remember watching her write my name in her planner for this morning after my last chemistry treatment. I even came home to check the business card with the date and time on it, and it was definitely supposed to be this morning at 9. I ended up leaving without having the treatment done today, because I didn't have time to wait any longer. I will never go back. I am going to grow this terrible orange color out of my hair and go back to my natural color, which will be a long, long process. Looking forward to having pretty hair again a few years down the road when my damaged hair is back to normal again. :( I'm not one to write poor reviews, in fact this is the first negative review I've ever posted, but I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Maria Matos

Kayla L

Absolutely amazing. April is fantastic, I will definitely be back. Went in for a "fun" color, she took great care of my fried hair. I left with gorgeous hair and the perfect pop of color I wanted.

Eric Woolner

Marcus Washington

Ieat Bootygood

Never give money to a company who discriminates. We are all HUMAN at the end of the day. they are PLENY of good hair salons that a reputable and that don't discriminate against their employees and customers.

Adrian Clarkson

Affordable prices and easy to get into. Ask for Sue. She's very kind and wonderful at what she does.

Mike M

Fast service with lots of hairdressers on for quick service!

Nancy Wenzel

Dora is an awesome colorist, stylist and hair cutter. I will miss her greatly. I look forward to trying out some of the other girls at this Hair Cuttery. If you're looking for a colorist, there's Grizelda (not sure of spelling on that). I think anyone can have a bad day anywhere you go, so give this Hair Cuttery a try, or another try.

Paul Miller

Oh look, I just told my story about this place on the Supercuts site.... last three times I went here I was barely noticed, sat forever then just left. The last time I waited 20 min, while one girl ran around with no client. She went over to another girl and said her client was late. Ok, that's when you take someone else back that is sitting there waiting, no... she let me sit there while she could have cut my hair in the time I waited. Then her client came in and she took them right back.. Shame too, I really liked the gal with that Southern accent in there, and I'm a really good tipper. Someone else has my business and my tips now.

Hospitality Connoisseur

EXCELLENT SERVICE FROM HEATHER!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! She is the reason I will be back to this salon and I will tell everyone about her so she gets repeat business. I was very skeptical on going to this hair salon due to it looking like your average cookie cutter salon. I have been to all kinds of salons from upscale to your regular chain salon. I have left those places with very poor service and always a bad haircut. I have very fine and thinning hair and as a woman it is hard to find someone who can help with my type of hair and who understands what they are working with. Then I met Heather. She was very friendly and inviting and within the few minutes of talking to her I knew she could help me. She is very knowledgeable on hair types and what cuts would work best for my hair. She also wants to give you exactly what you want so that you are happy with your hair when you leave. She cares about making the customer satisfied and building that trust with her. I am forever thankful that I met her. My hair looks amazing and I have gotten tons of compliments over the last few weeks. I have told my friends about her and I will be bringing my daughter here to get her hair done as well. She rocks! Thank you Heather for being amazing at what you do! Hair Cuttery is lucky to have such an awesome stylist like you!

ponnu bhav

Horrible Hair cutting.In my life time this is my first experience.i had my hair cutting done from many salon but from here it was very worst experience for me.Even though they didn't ask me which hair cut you want . she done her own way.Hated .i will not go once more.

Gayle Mcmanus

I really liked the way Toni did my hair

Ameya Amritwar

Not a great place for a haircut..

Mandy singh

people please dont go there to get harassed, employees are very disrespectful, they dont attend with professional way, 3 Females were free but no one attended for many minutes waiting , when i asked why no one attending they started arguing , one female asked to remove my appointment from computer. it was lifetime mistake i stepped into haircuttery . There are many hair saloon around this area. dont go there by mistake also.

Joseph Fanning

Good prices and done well.

Haotian Wang

Horrible place and horrible barber, I would never go back again. I got a hair cut from a black woman there (first seat down the aisle, on the right side), whom I showed a picture of hair style that I wanted to get. But in the end, she only shaved my hair with a clipper to extremely short length, which I didn't want. During the whole process, she wouldn't let me see the mirror and didn't communicate with me at all. The hair cutting process lasted no more than 10 minutes and she thought she had done her job properly. I was so pissed when I saw my head in the mirror that I almost tried to punch that lady in her face. Point is, if you want to get hair cut from professional barbers, avoid this place, and especially this black lady, she is absolutely awful.

Sarah Overton

Nancy Smolka

Slow & expensive for the quality of cut!

Indranil Mitra

Pathetic Service.

Fatmata Sesay

Did an awesome job on my hair

James Blake


Alex Huning

Balachandar Thangavel

They are good ...friendly...shaved my son's head ease and neat

shelly abhau

Love the highlights they did. Perfect color!

Kimberly Mellor

Brian O'Connell

小丹 A. A.

little United Nations. and great haircuts. loved!

Asjad Azeez

why so many question for a hair cut ?

devah mateen

Holly Thomas

I've been going to April regularly. She does a great job with my hair whether I need a cut or color and she's always super gentle so the whole experience is relaxing. The staff is very friendly and the environment is laid back, I highly recommend!

Jason Curley

S Negron

Short wait, good stylists.

Mamie Godboldt

Ray Bernoff

I went to this Hair Cuttery for a couple of years before I started cutting my own hair. They give decent to good haircuts, but don't count on them to remember you or remember what you got last time.

Gina miranda

Pradeep Veerabhadraiah

Alexandra Miniati

I would not go there for a facial wax, their service is not good at all..

Gang Luo

Yesterday I had the worst (also quickest) hair cut ever in my life. The barber (Sale associate 96954 Pamela as shown on receipt) did the cut within a few minutes. Hair pulling by her trimmer, no disinfectant solution in her comb jar (while all the other barbers had), 5-second blowing hair bits with dryer left a lot on my neck. The sale included shampoo, but I decided to take a show at home. Did not want to be tortured anymore.


Melissa Banks

Great prices, the ladies that work here are always super friendly.

Red Lange

Consistent service. Everyone is always nice!

Tammy Downs

Takes time but slow

Ray Blecher

Gandhi Kumar

Elliot Elkin

Kayla Valdellon

My dad and aunts used to go here when they were younger, and I went here when I was younger. We had a specific stylist cut out hair and she was amazing, but after she retired, I went once, and I didn't like it. The people there are somewhat friendly, but they just didn't seem to cut my hair well. This was a while ago, so I hope they got better stylists.

Joseph Burton

Just don't like the place

Tami Williams

Worst place ever! I will NEVER return to this school girl environment of a buiness.. I left without having my hair done because I was SO embarrassed at the eye rolling and inappropriate laughing due to side personal jokes at the customers expense. Just embarrassed! I felt horrible and in the way of them leaving and not being bothered. The receptionist is the WORST! Never verbally addresses anyone, you get the "what do you want" stare. And, I was laughed at for some reason, only they know (personal jokes within the staff) A older Caucasian woman entered as they were being childish, and they laughed at loud as she approached the desk; what a mess! Please if you expect professional, mature nice people to wait on you and be professional- DO NOT go to this location..

Fakhrullah Khan

i wont go there again

Eileen Whittaker

Gail Beane

Love Nancy

vithin varma

Service was poor .Horrible experience it was !

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

I have long blonde hair, and I am super particular of how I my hair gets cut. Once, I let a family friend cut my hair amd she cut it so wrong, I ended up crying and didnt get my hair cut for about 2 years after that. This place had a quick wait time, and the lady who did my hair did it exactly how I said I wanted it. I was super happy with my hair cut. Granted, I heard somewhere there is no previous experience needed to work here, which is odd, but I kmow that when I got my hair cut I was very happy with the outcome.

Angela Hocker

Jennifer London

Tiffany is awesome

Maggie Diaz

my first experience was when I went to get a trim and the lady cute so much off. she burned me five time blow drying my hair and made me look like the Jetsons wife! then apparently the prices had changed (which was false) and I was charged more and was forced to pay. the second time it was terrible service. I have long orange and black hair where the front of my head is orange and back black. I asked for a simple cut and the spanish woman said she could do it and after she finished I was so horrified. the incompetent woman had cut so much of my hair off and it looked nothing like how I had explained it to her. then she told me that the haircut I had wanted wasn't possible because of the way my hair was dyed and it was to hard!!!! why in the world would you cut my hair then????!!!!!! if you couldn't do it you shouldn't have even touched my hair!! but instead cut it the way you wanted to!!? then she began insulting me saying how it was my hairs fault she couldnt cut it and that I had a terrible dye job. how is it my hairs fault???!!! I refused to pay and walked out. never going there again.

Glenna Neitz

They are very goof

John Emberger

Jackie Bruske

Always looking for a place that knows how to do a little boys mowhawk. This is one of the few. :-)

Alexander huey

EDIT: Came back again and the kid absolutely ruined my beard. Said "they didnt teach us how to do this in school the owner just put it on the menu and never asked us if we knew how to do it" literally looked ridiculous. 5 stars down to 3. ORIGINAL: I cannot reccomend Timmy highly enough. The man took like 45 minutes making sure my hair was absolutely 100 percent perfect. Just the nicest guy and probably the best haircut I've had in years and years. Ill be back again.

Michael Narvaez

On Sunday June 30th at approximately 10:30am, my wife went in and had her colored, shampooed, cut, blowdry and styled. During this process, she placed her prescription eyeglasses and her keys on the stylist's work station. After the color application, as my wife was moving to the shampoo area, she looked back at the stylist's work station and noticed her eyeglasses were still there, but her keys were gone! There were only 2 stylists working that day. They searched around to no avail. They claimed to have called customers that were at the stylist's work station at that time and claimed the customers didn't have the keys. My wife and I called the state police to report it. The officer spoke to us on the phone and stated he could not come out to file a report of a theft unless someone directly witnessed taking the keys. He stated we needed to report the situation to Management and have Management call every customer that was in the salon during the time my wife was there. No Manager was working that Sunday. On Monday July 1st, my wife and I returned to the salon and one of the two employees from Sunday was there and recognized us. A woman at the front counter was listening to our conversation, as the employee was updating us that the keys were not found and two customers that staff called stated they did not have or seen the keys. Only when I asked for the Manager did the woman at the counter state while eye rolling, "Yeah. I am here. I was already told about it." When I informed the Manager of the police officer's recommendation to call customers to see if any had the keys, the Manager curtly said to me with eyes rolling and slight head bobbing, "So let me get this straight. You want me to call all of the customers that were in here during the time your wife was in here yesterday from around 10am to noon?" She checked their computer and again with eyes rolling, curtly said, "There were 13 customers in here during that time and you want me to call all of them to see if they have your keys?" Only when I reminded her that it was the State Police Officer's recommendation did she very reluctantly agreed to comply. Her employee offered to give customers' contact information to me and my wife for us to call them! The Manager snapped at the employee and stated, "We are not doing that unless we receive a summons!" I informed them that it would violate their customers' privacy to give us their contact information and again informed the Manager of the state police officer's recommendation. The Manager searched around a lille, looking for the keys and turned up nothing. After providing my contact information, she said my wife and I could leave and said that they would call me if anyone of the customers has the keys or if they are found. I received a voicemail message from the Manager later that day telling me that none of the customers reported having the keys, seeing the keys, or knowing anything about them. To date, my wife and I have gone back to the salon to check to no avail. The key chain containingmany keys including house and car keys just disappeared in their salon! On top of all this, my wife paid total of 85 dollars and had hair dye stains on her forehead! You decide if this is a place you want to get service from after reading this. My wife stated she will never go to this salon again.

Jose Ramirez

Love the service.

Anne Martin

I would recommend getting your hair done here! The stylist are very nice, and they do a great job!

Lily Hegel

Showed the lady I wanted an inch cut off and to just make it even. Nothing difficult at all and she managed to chop off about 3 inches and make the front a completely different (much shorter) length so I basically have bangs. Ruined my hair. She then proceeded to ask if she had my permission to go SHORTER because she realized she messed up. Would not go here ever again. Spend the money elsewhere for a better cut and service.

Paje ever

Loletta is an outstanding barber and stylist. I have thin straight hair and she knows how to make it work and me look smashing good!

Mr. Cool

Customer service is very poor and rude staff.

narendra babu

Had a ugly hair cut. Had a terrible experience. Do not suggest even if it's a free hair cut.

suehyen 11

(Translated by Google) My daughter said that she was very satisfied. (Original) 우리딸이 아주 대만족이라고 하네요~~mia분에게 했어요

Russell Monds


Made an appointment online a week or 2 ago online walked in, wasnt greeted pretty sure it was because of the color of my skin since white people walked and they were greeted. A lady asked could she help me, I told her I had an appointment. I was told the lady that I booked with wasnt suppose to be in yet but I had a 10am appointment and it was 950am

Hollie Mason

Lorraine is the best she makes the place happen.

Angel Ortiz

Alice Scott

Salon was clean. Reasonable prices. Hairdressor was great. Definetly would return

Alaina M

I come every once in a while and I feel warmth and welcomed by everyone except my own stylist Alexis the only reason I continue to go to her is because she gets my hair to the T, but I promise next time I feel like I’m a task to my stylist i will never come back and tell the people I have referred to not come !!! Terrible customer service and NO people skills what so ever!!!

David Kane

No problems nor complaints during my last visit.

Jasmine Lamar

Your employee made me BREAK DOWN and CRY. I have a WEDDING to attend tomorrow(8/18/18). Ive been working EVERYDAY since July 30th with little time to prepare. I CALLED your store THIS MORNING and asked about coming in this evening for a color service. I was advised that as long as I got there prior to 7pm, there would be someone there to provide color service for me! They even advised I check in via mobile app to ensure I was in the queue, which I did! I arrived around 6:30-6:45pm and was THEN told that the kind of color service I wanted could not be done this evening EVEN THOUGH I ARRIVED BEFORE THE CUT OFF TIME TO DO COLOR SERVICE! I was a little bummed because apparently the style I wanted (per a picture I showed) was an ombré style and didn’t count as a basic full color (whatever that means). I was okay with that and wanted to proceed with the color service I COULD get. At this point, I have a VERY important event to attend tomorrow and just wanted my hair colored regardless if it were ombré or full color! I was told another stylist would be doing my hair and was told to wait for her to finish with her current client. I sat and sat for about 20 mins when the stylist supposedly doing my hair comes over to look at the picture of how I wanted my hair and proceeds to tell me “I’m already doing a color service and I can’t do 2 color services at one time!” And brushed me off on the NEXT stylist. The next stylist took me to the salon chair for a consultation and we agreed to move forward with a LIFT AND TONE to save time by not doing permanent color. She turned around to confirm the price for my services with a colleague who DISCURAGED her from assisting me stating it would take too long. Regardless of the stylists willingness to do my hair, the colleague (African American woman with fushia mowhawk) denied my service! I then got frustrated and broke down crying feeling they were creating excuses and did not want to do my hair nor help me! I obviously wasn’t valued and I left, hair untouched :(

Sonia Ivette Jimenez

Tyrie Williams

Drew Ruggiano

Jessica is the best

Jennifer Telle

Amazing people. Love this place

Linda Holley

Adrian Garcia

Gail Redden

I had my hair done,today by Shanna she took the time to listen and did a excellent job, I will go there again!!

Melissa Hoffman

Daniel Hernandez

Josie P

Never had a problem getting an appointment here. Check in is fast and simple, all ladies do an outstanding job.

Dashawn Wilson

Van Moore

efficiently run shop. diverse. Lolita does an excellent job. of all my experience with salons over the years literally when Lolita relaxed and flat-ironed my hair, it was the first time i actually liked how my hair turned out.

D Bryce P

Very dirty.

Diego Hernandez

Star Was Dreaming

Camille The Blogger

Julianna Kristien

Some girl cut an extra five inches than I wanted and her layers are chunky and uneven.

Ravi Narayan

Arrogant people

Amanda McKenney

I tried out this location because I love the Harvard Square location and it's so busy there, but it was a big mistake. I only waited 5 minutes and the wash and cut cost $17. Those are the only two pluses. The cut, wash, and very partial blow dry to get the wetness out took a mere 10 minutes. The stylist was in a rush and could have cared less about me or my hair. She PROMISED she would take no more than 1/2 inch of my hair and she literally took off 2 inches. My angles in the front are also very uneven. Left the place on a 32 degree day with sopping wet hair. Worst hair experience I've ever had and I'm not picky at all!

Rose Lin

Vishakha Chankeshwara

Alexiz Beltran

I have been to hair cutterys before but not like this one. Her name was adrianna and she did an amazing job on my hair! Usually I feel like people rush when doing my hair just to get the job done but no she took her time and made sure she did everything perfect. She had a great personality she was totally focused on her work. I hate when they stop to talk to their coworkers or other customers but no her focus was on me! Adrianna is going to be my go to person!

Rishwanth Senthilkumar

Becky W

Heather BT

josue leon

horrible haircut , I will never go back

next motor

Rude staff. We used to go there a lot. But not anymore. The manager melany is very arrogant. And says this is the rule that is the rule. Makes soo many things up.

Marianne TooBlessed2BStressed

Was here a couple of years ago for a cut and color was satisfied with the outcome the ladies didn't stop working until I was satisfied with my hair. I went back yesterday to get a cut for the first time in two years my hair was very long and I am very particular with how and who cuts my hair but I walked in and I told sandra exactly what I wanted and she did just that! I love coming here just walk in and walk out and the price is never and issue! Thanks ladies!

Valerie M

Julie Hink

Thank you Jessica and Kristy for taking an upsetting situation with another location yesterday and turning it into a great experience today! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff - your hair is definitely in good hands!

Danny Byron Navarrete

Patricia Branch

This hair cutter is better than the others in the area.

Garth Renn

The stylists know their stuff!

Sairamakrishna Reddy Edara

Ray Mele

Tiffany Gibson

Marc Williamson

Everyone that I have got a haircut from there is incredibly nice and very good at what they do. Prices were good also.

Kristen C.

I go here regularly because it’s close to campus and the prices are decent. I also got a full cut, bleach, and color job (and had a discount from a promotion) last year and the results were really good! The staff is friendly and there is a good mix of college students and local folks.

Dennis Hart

Took my daughter in there and Valerie did an amazing job. She took the time to make sure everything was the way she wanted it. We'll be back for sure.

Kathy Denn

The assistant manager Jennifer was not nice at all !! Walked around like everyone was beneath her, horrible to her employees and not welcoming at all to the guest. All she did was walk back and forth, maybe took care of one person. I was there for 4 hours getting a color and cut

PassionAndMercy Murphy

Great shampoo! But she didn't follow instructions


Jessica does a fantastic job! Friendly place.

Jessica Ferguson

This was literally the worst hair hack job I have ever received. The hair on the right side of my face is two inches shorter then the hair on the left and it is ridiculously uneven throughout the rest as well.

Lori Keenan

Great people, great service

Elizabeth Rowe

I arrived an hour and 15 minutes before closing and they wouldn’t take me for a simple kids wash and cut. They said they were busy but they had only about two people in the waiting room, and I don’t even think they were getting cut they were waiting for others. Drove to their Elkton location for my simple cut, wouldn’t recommend the Bear location.

Bee Brown

Ty is so awesome!!!!! She has the color and cutting skills, Beautiful job, this place is clean, best ever.

Sally Buta

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