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Don't go to this place, especially never get your haircut by Shonel, he is the worst. This guy kept hitting my scalp with his clippers until he switched to scissors. I should sue him. I told him multiple times that I want a specific type of hair cut but he was kept on cutting in the wrong direction. Moreover, Shonel never used water when cutting by scissors and that I had to tell him specifically. I got the worst haircut of my life by him. He left my one side burn longer than other and I had on the back he even wanted left uneven hair. I am suing him for bleeding out my scalp (noticed when I came home). This is just ridiculous.

Chris Chubb

My favorite place to get my hair cut. I actually wait until I visit Atlanta to go here.

Joe Tompkins

Great cut, and quick, wonderful service, will definitely go back!

Sebastian S.


Matthew Nelson

Dennis Hernandez

lilinoe sega

Great hair cut

Robert Drews

My hairdresser is the bestest

David Joyner

Dan Stevenson

Stephanie Phelps

Barbara Albro

My elderly Mother was seated right away,the stylust was friendly,and she gave the cut which I asked for...all for a very reasonable price.

Kim Krause

Shahla Patcas

Shantelle Harris

Reid Mindemann

Zaheer Ahmad

Dharam Raj Kumar

Keith Kuniyasu

Their 20 minute wait was no more than just 3-4 minutes. The operator was pleasant and, thankfully, not too chatty.

Noah Daugherty

Staff is always friendly and competent. I've never had a wait time more than 15 minutes. Well run and well staffed location.

Leslie Salazar

Asked donna for a tapered back hairline and i guess she didnt know how to do it and just trimmed my hair a little and left a total mess i had to get my wofe to fix it.. not worth $20.

Roberta Perrone

I really love Rene as a stylist. She has a great personality, beautiful smile, and does great haircuts. She is knowledgeable about hair/hair products, and cutting hair no matter what your hair type.

Alan Glass

Great location. Rarely much of a wait, friendly staff.

Genette Waddell

Hema S

Good location, takes walk- ins, experienced stylists

Abhishek Pidaparthi

Robert Zebrowski

Great haircut and friendly stylists

Courtney Farge

Terrible service. The hairstylist was rude, cut my hair at least 2-3 inches shorter than I asked, and gave an insane amount of short choppy layers that I didn’t ask for. I have to wear my hair in a bun for the next few months until it grows out because it is too horrid to wear down. Do not go here.

Christy Rosser


William Petti

Phillip Stephens

dickie feldman Richard H Feldman

Outstanding always

Sai Surya Kiran Pentapati

Jason Choi

Andrés Saez

Barber was very rude and not skilled. You’re better off paying a little more to get a good haircut from a barber that won’t stab your scalp with a comb somewhere else. I did get a good haircut from a lady one time, so you might get lucky.

Juan Merelo

Great staff used to College rush, they can service any aga range. Very clean and speedy service.

Ray Whitley

Thomas Wyatt

Prompt, quick and friendly service. My hairdresser was experienced and got what I wanted from a few pictures. It went very smoothly.

Wes Steele

I get my haircut once a month here, always great results!

Alan Zhang

You can get a haircut for a regular price but don't expect anything stylish. And yes they charge for a shampoo

Rupak Vignesh Swaminathan


Gerald is great and friendly! Never disappointed when he cuts my hair. The other staff members are kind as well.

Eugenio Fernandez

Jordan Avery

Checked in online, was supposed to have a 0 minute wait time, ended up waiting over 30 minutes because the stylist couldn't clock in. Eventually I just gave up and went home. Didn't really seem like anybody there knew what they were doing, but they were all very nice.

Alexandra Browning

First time coming here! Minus the wait (I didn't know you could check in online in advance), I got my hair cut exactly as I asked and it cost me less than $20. This is the third place I've been to in Kapolei and so far the only one I will return to :)

Caleb .

Sprint Loaner

Donna is a huge asset to your company. From the minute i got there she was very pleasant and my haircut was great. She is AMAZING

Jae 2

Fast and Professional

Bill Pratt

Friendly staff, but the haircuts are pretty low quality. If you're a guy with pretty simple hair this place is fine. But otherwise I'd find somewhere more high quality.

Venkata Ramana Makkapati

I would suggest you guys to google how busy the place is gonna be to avoid waiting in line. I had a very pleasant experience. They did exactly what I had asked for.

X Kane

Sam Dennard

I got my haircut here a couple days ago, they did a good job. Granted I am a guy and I get a really simple haircut, but I'm guessing if you don't want something complicated this is a good place to go.

Ankit Arora

Shout out to Michelle and Shantelle. They gave great haircuts to my 6 year old and 3 year old respectively. My kids were made totally comfortable.

Aaron Gomez

Great staff. Horrible haircut. Terrible line up. Went to an elder lady and she couldn't keep a straight line. She also didn't get the concept of a balding fade. She used the balder but was unsuccessful twice. The younger more passionate workers left. Would not recommend this establishment.

Janine Bryant

Just all around nice place and Tiffany is tops in my view


Feels like the stylists are all always in a rush. They do not put in the extra effort to make it perfect.

Connie [Constance] Bowers [Blom]

Angelique is the best. Awesome job on the hair cut, and the wash & dry for mom. And you did a awesome job on my haircut and style.

Vinant Joshi

Great place for quick and simple haircuts

Christopher Bailey

Awesome service.

jonathan kekino

They have professional service but haircuts aren't the best

Marcus Fisher

Been getting my haircut here for four years while a student at GaTech and the people are always so nice and do an excellent job on my hair. I highly advice checking in online on their app so when you get there you don't have to wait since can be busy here.

Tim Crawford

Eddie Rodriguez

Manikanta Reddy D

Thomas Kurfess

Stefan K

If you're a guy that just needs a simple haircut, this Great Clips is a simple, easy place to get that done. Staff is very friendly, and I love the remote checkin via the app

Scott Ehardt

Every few years I think to myself, “The Tech Square location is closer to me than the Ponce one, I’ll give it another try.” Bad idea every time. A few years ago I had a stylist named “Quality”. After the haircut, she punched all the holes out of a new loyalty card to give me a free haircut, then said “Now all you have to do is tip me.” Left me feeling slimy. Most recently my stylist cut my bangs over an inch higher than anyone ever has before, and gave me a strange squared-off look without asking or any warning. By the time you realize something like that is happening, it’s too late.

Shady Boukhary

DanlynnJo Vierra

Very fast. Not perfect but great for people who don't want to spend 1 hour in a chair for a simple cut. Loved it will go again.

Audrey Pieta

Kim Smith

Went in for a shampoo and blow-out (I have long thick hair). In spite of the fact that there was only one other customer, I was refused service, as there were only 2 people working. (Hmmmm, they need 2 people to work on the ONE other customer?!?!?!).


Kyle Gassel

Staff was friendly and quick, unfortunately they can't cut hair. I specifically said 2 inches left on the top, not 2 inches off, and when I measured it was less than 1 inch all across the top. My stylist also couldn't get the hair around the ears right, I just couldn't describe to her how I wanted it to not look quite so silly. I was offered a complimentary haircut next time, but that doesn't do me any good when I wouldn't get another cut like this if you paid me to.

Pamela Cortani

Great service and haircut everytime!

Paralegalpod Pod

Took my granddaughter for a haircut for school. It was my first time at Great Clips and was unfamiliar with the online check in process. I had called and was told no wait come on down. I quickly learned that was not the case and was put on a list. What I expected to be up to an hour wait took 2 1/2 hours. I had to wait after the first hour and I promised my grandaughter her first haircut. The major flaw on the system is that people who check in online stay on list for whole day apparently. If they call the name and they are not present, instead of removing like you are suppose to do, they just skip it and continue over and over as more people come in who check in and push you back on list. Its just ridiculous. They stylist was ok. I know it was hectic and they were about to close, as stated, we were there at 2:30 and didnt get called back til 5 pm. I am not totally happy with the results of the style as it was rushed. Thankfully as it was for a child, and I am able to work with it and make it look cute. I cannot recommend this place. I think maybe with better system in place for customers and staff they will be able to provide quality service.

Hazel Kay Pascua

Waited for 2 hours and my name was #5 on the list yet the lady called the customer with a daughter who are #10 on the lists. Never again go here no matter if they cut hairs for $18.

Doug Bohanan

Laura does a great job!

Arun kishore

Jack Spiral

Had great service the first time then became worse the second and last time I went. Had a poor service. Very impatient worker, gave me a bad haircut. It was a fast cut, but was did too poorly for an expensive price. Hair was not lined up well. If they took their time on alignment everything will be well. Be sure to tell them to line it up good or you waste your money.

horseroc95 .

When you go to cosmetology school and get your license, you have to learn how to cut, style, braid, twist, everything hair and even some mani/pedi stuff. I went here and they straight-up told me they wouldn't do a French I went back to my room and looked up how to do it on Youtube in 15 minutes. Cost me a whole lot less. I thought they handled it incredibly rudely. Do not recommend.

Matthew Barrett

Reyetta Ofilas

Online appointments

kirby doodle

You never know what hair cut you're gonna get. But hey, I love unknown.

Filipe VF

Very bad haircut.

Burak Bağdatlı

Almost every time I get a haircut here, I have to go home and fix some of the hairs they didn't cut and are way too long compared to the hairs around them.

Sim Harbert

Raghul Manosh

Letitia Schuman

Wait time is reasonable. Good with wavy hair.

Jeff Correa

Jeriel Ng

Marcus Taylor

Friendly service

Ramit Kumar

Ikaika Aurio

Screw Google

Worst ever. (And by the way, I have never before given any of the many hair places I have been to a bad review). My experience here was horrible, then they wanted an expensive price for the "service" they performed.

Nate S

Nice place and got a great haircut quickly and affordable. These gals work hard and do a great job. Tip well, they deserve it!!

Saadat Syed

I've been here a couple of times. They do simpler cuts exceedingly well, but aren't as great with more complex hair styles (at least for men). Would definitely recommend for your average haircut!

Brent Jones

Arrived several minutes before closing but door was already locked. I actually had checked-in online and arrived before 9P per the checkin app but the girl working was rude and wouldn't even acknowledge my arrival or that my name was being displayed on the monitor. Fine, I get that they were about to close In a couple minutes but if there is a last appointment time, don't display on the App 0 min wait and allow checkin.

Jason Kang


In the past I had some good experiences, but recently I juss got a haircut from there and the lady was impatient and she also messed up my hair really bad. I don't know if I will go if the lady is in for service.

Benjamin C

Great Clips is cheap and you cheap haircut. No surprises, you get what you pay for kind of place. Sometimes by chance you can get a great haircut, but it's as probable as getting a terrible one

Paul Fai

Easy check-in online. Only waited about 10 mins once I got there. Great haircut and service from Toni. Highly recommended, def will be back.

Varad Chemburkar

Archana Tikayat Ray

Julie Riviello

Amazing customer service!!! On 1/26/19!!! Every single employee treated us so kindly and very friendly!! You have a fantastic staff!!

Linda Hunter

Quick friendly service . Great job on my dad's hair

Hugh Wu

The babrber could've been a bit more careful, was a few times where he scraped the side of my head. At the end I asked several times if it would look better if I cut the sides a bit more but he kept saying he could use a header guard (not quite sure if that was the word) on the whole head to match my sides. The end result wasn't really something that I thought looked good and the experience wasn't very great either.

Bridge G.

Barbara Ford

Took my son for a cut. He gave the lady explicit instructions on how he wanted it. It was cut way too short and uneven everywhere. Never again!!

Ashley Nii

Darlene Squier

Love my hair cut every time i go . Thanks.

KarlG G

Thomas DuBreuil

Always a pleasant experience. Employees are kind and efficient. I like that their system stores your hair cut preferences so no matter who is on duty you get the same hair cut each time. The Great Clips app is great. I love being able to get "in line" without actually being there.


Almost 2 hour wait, hat the onl I need check in should be first come first serve, if they would stop complaining about there coworkers that don't show up they could speed up service 50%.


Joy Paet

Brian Beck

Always check in online with the app 15 minutes before you show up! You'll walk right past the fools that didn't and skip the wait. It's like Sky Priority boarding for your haircut!

Salilo Vasquez

Wait time at the most was 10min, but if checked in online "no wait". Knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly stylists. We're definitely return customer's.

Regina Baker

I went to great clips for years in TN before coming to the island..I went to have my hair cut at this location (in Kapolei) about a month ago and I had an absolutely horrible experience. The elderly lady that cut my hair would not listen to me, she acted like I was bothering her. I did ask someone else to check it before I left and the other employee was very nice and evened it out a little. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. I thought about trying one more time and just make sure that the same lady didn’t cut my hair. I have always loved the service that I have been given at Great Clips. I just have to work up the nerve.


Friendly, Fast and Professional Style Clipping. I recommend the download of their app "Great Clips" for an easy pre-check in service.

PinkX Unicorn808

Harvey Chung

Saminda Wijeratne

You can get a decent hair cut from here. But I always feel $15 is too much for a haircut. They used to have these deals like 9.99 per hair cut with the gift card or $12 if paid cash. I've being having hair cuts from here for 3 years now and I think each time it was a new person because they keep rotating or bringing in new stylists. At one time the stylist was such a nooby I had a very bad hair cut. Took me a few weeks to grow over it.

Mustafa Kurbonov

Very poor, staff are not well-educated

Ryan Noland

Bryan Vitug

Easton Pal

Anvesh Phpdev


I always get my haircut here and have always been pleased. I checkin online and it’s always pretty seamless

Terry Ivey


Ravi Tripathi

Mamo Mokiao

They are fast with service if you do online check in..They are great with haircuts..

Glenn Yri

Great Clips was my go to place when I lived in the area. Ashley usually cut my hair and trimmed my beard. Others did it occasionally and they did well too. My favorite part about Great Clips is that you can check in online and avoid waiting in line. Also, foodland is right there so you can grab a drink if you do have to wait.

Andrew Schuster

Short wait most of the time and very polite staff

Billi Demir

Carmen is the absolute best!! My hair is perfect every time!!!

Marius Oei

Didn't get a good haircut. It seemed like being quick was most important to the barber, he hurt my head with the clipper and the dryer...

Aqeel Anwar

De Jay

If you don't do online check in with their app, dont go- the wait is too long. I resent having to install thier app on my phone, which really is just a personal data collection program diguised as a customer service app. Ever wonder why you get spam, sometimes even to your phone number? Your privacy is the price you pay for free apps.


Choose your sylist wisely and you won't have an issue here.

Mark David

Oh we are upset with what the hair stylist did to our son. We want a skin fad with a scissor trim on top. I've attached photos as evidence. Complaints She didn't even do a fade or taper. She basically did levels with no blending So much hair was taken off the top and done so unevenly. My son left looking like my younger son cut his hair. Our first cut for our son was great months ago but today was egregiously unacceptable. DO NOT GET YOUR HAIR CUT HERE AND ESPECIALLY NOT BY THIS PERSON. YELP REVIEW

Magnus Freyer

A cheaper place with lower quality cuts. There is however a guy there that does a decent job

Lee Cox

Walked in the door and was told to sit down by the lady in the front while she finished cleaning the product shelves. After she finished she took me back and began cutting my hair, she didn't ask many questions about how I wanted it, just started tearing into it. Maybe she was having a bad day because I couldn't even joke around with her and she seemed like she was in a hurry to be finished with me. She used the clippers very roughly and hit me with the hairdryer a couple times then handed me a mirror so I could check out the back, I told her it was fine then I was on my way. Sharon was the name on my receipt.

Anthony Cambra

Vrinda Naik


Alexander Nguyen

Roy Lezada

Michael Clancy

Love that you can check in online. Never had a bad cut here. Parking looks deceiving. Usually crowded but somehow spots open quickly around Great Clips.

Ashwin Subramanian

Friendly staff, but the haircuts could be better.

Amber Short

Pretty good cuts, my girls love their hair!

Bruce Parsons

When you get your hair cut fast and in a hurry, this is the place to go

Siarhei Hladyshau

Shaun Nakasone

Damian Little

Do check in online and it is great.. fast service and friendly staff

Gavin Loo

Timothy Simmons

Great place to get a cut in Atlanta

Mario Escalera

Honestly, if I could do 3.5, I would, but I hate giving 3 stars if the service was friendly. Overall, the visit I had was okay. The haircut was below my standard, with mid fade lines still noticable. For a rinse off and shampoo after was an additional 7 dollars on top of a 20 dollar subpar haircut. I typically go to haircut places that offer free rinse w/ shampoo/conditioner. However, the employees were very nice and although there are better places around the area to get a haircut, the haircut here is passable but in my opinion, a bit pricer for less.

Ryan McKenzie

Apparently, half an inch is the same thing as one inch, and blending is a foreign concept. But then again, it is Great Clips. You get what you pay for.

Samantha Reeves

Got my hair cut from Kayla absolutely loved her she did an amazing job!!! She cut my sons hair too awesome job ... (I think the other girls name was Samantha) didn’t listen to what my husband wanted for my youngest son ! Went back in like didn’t leave the parking lot , to have it corrected and she gave a million excuses as to why it wasn’t correct and didn’t want to fix it!!! So unhappy!!!

Anthony Salazar

Lol this place is so bad. Passed 3 times now I've gone in there and youd swear these people dont know what their doing.... I've come out with uneven sideburns, my sides arent cut evenly.... this most recent time (5-24-19) she didnt even cut all the way down so I was left with like a 60/40 split mutton chop.... pork chops as they were called when I got home. Good try though XD

Nick Gribble

Solid cut

Roberto Dolores Jr

Jeffrey Farr

My haircut reminded me of Opie on Andy of Mayberry. At most a five minute haircut.

megha casula

John Simon

Eric S

I would avoid getting a haircut here. They seemed really rushed with my haircut literally took >10mins. the person grinded the razor through my hair on the first cut taking out a huge chunk of my hair, so u can tell wasnt delicate or precise on their cuts. everyone know its easy to make it shorter if u think its too long, but u cant do the opposite. They said my history with them was a certain cut but after they were done I looked and no way I would ever cut my hair this short (was literally a military hair cut) Extremely upset and disappointed in my haircut really considered a refund (ruined my hair before interviews), this would only be useful if you needed a military hair cut.

David Cuadrado

Great, friendly stylist.

Steve Austin

Great service

Kirstin Verkist

They were friendly and did a really good job.

David Helmer

Louis Ensea


bonnie wood

Stylist listened to me as to how I wanted my hair cut. Wonderful service. Fast and good!

John Koolhoven

Cameron Blume

I've been here twice, and received two good haircuts from two different employees.

Shivam Patel

Brad Baker

Worst haircut experience I've had at great clips. All the staff seemed stressed and rushed, and not happy to be there. Probably stressful / bad management at this location. It felt rushed, even frantic. They had a 15 mins per customer goal, and my hairdresser was clearly rushing to get me in and out. Left me with a bad haircut and a bad experience. I tipped because I felt bad for her. Clearly a management issue at this location, and probably understaffed as well.

Kelly Simmons

MJ is the absolute greatest! No one else touches my hair and I get oodles of compliments.

Ritesh Giri

Great. The lady was great and in matter of minutes my hair looked great

Eric Jackson

In and out, quickly. Always fast.

sudhanshu raj singh

Very nice place for a haircut. People there are very professional and very nice. I love this place!



caroline jones

Didn't give me the hair cut I wanted at all. Was super shorter than I wanted, the ends were super jagged and messy.

LakesideUso .

Amber Raye

I showed the lady what I wanted done to my hair after she was finished cutting my hair I showed her it was all messed up and she legit stood there and argued with me telling me that She cut it exactly how I said! I get my hair cut the same way I know what it’s supposed to look like. Another lady had to fix it, as the First Lady was still trying to argue with me about how MY hair was supposed to be cut! The lady who fixed it was great but I WILL NOT be going back! Very disappointed!

Leonardo Bernal

One of the more affordable places in the area. Quick service but could be a little better in quality.

Henry Kamaile

Good friendly hair stylist


yi sun

Just bad haircut.

Alex Davis

Great experience. Parking not so great

Dipesh Patel


Decent hair cut

girish mururu

Alexandra Sheats

Gerald was very friendly, gave me a great haircut! Place was clean, I didn’t have any wait time, and was greeted with a friendly welcome. I would definitely return!

lanson Ribordy

israel olorundare

Omar Alrawi

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