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REVIEWS OF Fabrizio Salon & Urban Retreat Spa IN Delaware

Colleen McKinney

Rebecca Fasten

My daughter and I always get all our hair and waxing needs done at Fabrizios. Prom hair dos. Hair color and cuts, waxings, manicures. The staff is great. Theresa is amazing. Great Salon.

Rosemary Malone

Facial by Tina was fabulous. My skin looks and feels rejuvenated!

Ruth Klein Cook

I was in Wilmington for just 36 hours before flying back to Australia and I really needed this hair appointment (one that I had in Pittsburgh earlier in the week had been cancelled by the stylist last minute). I called for a same day appointment and was fit right in though the salon was quite busy. Kerry met me with a smile, we discussed my colour choices and decided on face framing highlights, a base colour touch up and just a trim with texturing to my thick, curly and coarse hair. I think all the assistants in the shop helped out through the process. I could not be happier.


Update Monday November 27. I have been accused now of walking out of the salon without paying anything for services as well as making up the conversation about the discount for nail services from the flash sale. Great services poor customer relations and billing. Clearly doesn't want my business. Fabrizio, Thank you for the response to my review. To clarify a couple of your points. To resolve a deficit vs. leaving your salon based on an agreed upon price are 2 different things. You went back a month later and decided I hadn't paid enough for services previous. That is not me leaving with a deficit owed for services and yes that does offend me to be suggested I would do such a thing. If anything I would think you would be thankful for me even agreeing to pay it anyway when we both know what most people would tell you what to do with a billing error on your part and asking someone to pay more a month later. As for the most recent overpay on my part. I do understand that you would not offer multiple discounts on a service... You are the first to suggest I should have been even offered the larger discount which again is different than from before. Even in the email to fix the most recent billing error that wasn't brought up. You do have a wonderful salon. The services are very good. But all you have done with your response is add to the billing confusion. And I would think any customer would become nervous in regard to what they were paying for when it can vary so greatly and you reserve the right to change your mind on a service so long after services rendered. Robyn

Vlad Damian

Extremely helpful and kind staff. Calling them for the first time and making an appointment was a breeze. My barber (Bartolo) listened and guided me through the process to make sure I got the haircut that I wanted.

Jacqulyn Murray

Megan is the best!

Nicole Steed

Nicole Marshall

Fabrizio knows how to cut hair! Truly wonderful! I have been going to him for years, many of which I lived 3+ hours away and would still make the trip. I tried multiple other places of course... the haircuts would all be the same and I would have to “fix it” on my own. When Fabrizio cuts my hair he cuts my hair and doesn’t follow a “formula”. My hair looks great freshly cut and for the following months. I can’t go anywhere else- it’s just not worth trying anymore.

Carmen Negron

Best Salon in tri state area.

The Gertie Birdie Chronicles

I had about $1000 worth of extensions put in my hair for my wedding. I didn't want the hair so long but the stylist insisted because I was getting an updo so I paid the extra money for the longer extensions. I told her to layer the extensions and she said she did. She knew fullness was important to me and the reason I got the extensions in the first place. My wedding was out of town. The hair was very heavy and all the same length so it was VERY difficult to style. The stylist doing my updo told me that the extensions were WAY too long and way to high on my head and without any layers it was very difficult for her to updo my hair the way I wanted. After my wedding I went back to the stylist at Fabrizio and told her that the hair is too long and its not cut the way I wanted. She charged me an additional $70 for another haircut!! I was all set to get extensions in my hair every 5 months or so with this stylist because my husband likes the long hair. ...I will continue with the extensions but will be using a different salon. So instead of apologizing for not finishing my hair the way she should have and made sure I was happy, she pulled my hair with a vengence while she blow dried it then she charged me an additional $70 ...(no tip of course)!! ...I hope it was worth the $600-$800 every 5 months she will be losing! ...what a bad business decision!

Stephanie McConnell

The first time in my life I've ever walked out of a Salon and LOVED my haircut! Brittany was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and confident that I would love what she'd do, I was super nervous because I have really long hair, I got 10-11 inches off and couldn't be happier with the new do! Thank you Brittany! I have finally found a stylist that can handle my hair! I won't be going anywhere else from now on!

Robert Ford

I can.not say, they never responded to my e mail hmm ?

Kimberly Shaw

Emily Russell

Jennifer Baczewski

Petros Dandolos

Reyna Denigan

Love this salon! I see Sabrina for my tape in hair extensions, and she does an amazing job! Every one is very friendly and helpful there. I highly reccomend this salon for anyone who wants their hair to look great!

Vincent Jones

Samantha Everingham

My first experience was perfect and I know where I will be going for my hair appointments from now on. I had Matt, he was great!! Very knowledgeable with my concerns and a down to earth guy. I also had Amanda who was just as amazing! She was super sweet and took her time to make sure my hair looked fantastic! I also got lost on my way and the receptionist kept me on the phone until I reached the door! They are amazing people! Highly recommended!!

john caruso

amanda baffone

Great salon!! I always want crazy color in my hair and they have yet to disappoint me!

NoNo Lofty

Amazing Iuv bougie ! I will keep posting because they offer a wide variety of services. I must say Victoria is delightful. And the beautiful girl who gave me the best hair washing/dye rinsing was spectacular as well!

Hitesha Patel

Good pedicure experience

Derek Moody

If I could give this place more stars I would. My daughter wanted to get her hair colored and straightened for her first day at school soon. I arrived and was greeted by two receptionist at the front. Very clean and professional facility. Cody was indeed a pleasure through the whole experience. Very informative and gave his attention to us the entire time. I was able to be with my daughter during her hair appointment. I will say it is well worth the money to do business here. I will come back for sure and recommend it to my wife next time

Fritz Lowrey

Bartolo is the best barber/stylist I've ever had

Ryan Eanes

Great first-time experience! Nice environment, friendly staff, easy to get in and out--and in a great neighborhood too!


definitely worth the money!

Conee Nelson

Facial with Tina this morning.. I feel and look amazing. She always does a wonderful job and is very professional. Looking forward to my next one.

Andre Paim

My wife went there to color her hair, but the girl working on her did a terrible job, making her almost blond. Later on they offered to correct her hair, but just one week later. Because of this she had to spend her birthday with a hair she hated. And the correction was just dying the hair again, with a color similar to the original. Conclusion, she lost U$200, spend her birthday in a terrible mood, and all to have her hair almost as it was. We are never going back there.

shahrzad grami

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, but unfortunately, lacking skills to create large barrel curls that lasted more than half an hour - after that, my hair looked frizzy. I was disappointed and wished I'd done my hair myself for a special event with lots of photos.

Arlene Hazeltine

I've been a customer for about 5 years now but I have to change. They don't keep any up to date color choices. They have great stylists and if you want natural color it's great but if you want funky this is not your place.

Samantha Grimme

Really disappointed with my trial wedding hair run. Paid $85 for my hair to look like A Rat's Nest by the time I left. This was her second attempt at fixing my hair because I didn't like the first attempt. Very unimpressed and will not be returning.

Valencia Gonzalez

Sabrina Did my hair wonderfully. But it was uneven

Kristen Palma

Brittany is fantastic. I have been seeing her for over 5 years now and have never had any issues. She helps me tweak my highlights so that I am comfortable with them and she knows exactly how to cut and dry my very thick curly hair. The staff at Fabrizo's is top notch. Rita at the front desk is always accodating and they are always friendly and kind when you need to reschedule or change something up. I walked in one day when I lived in Trolley-- now living in Bear, I still make the drive up to them. There is a reason I don't go anywhere else! I highly recommend them.

Lisa Black

Scott MacIntyre

Bartollo does a fantastic job for me and my wife. We both are now getting the best haircuts we've had!

Kara Wagner

Roxy Caroll

Lawrencia Annor-Sakyi

They always do an excellent job! Its such a treat!

Tracy Bird

Kimberly Shaw, PMP

Andrew Joos

The best.

Shelly Silva

Brittany is the best! I also am planning on getting my wedding hair done here in their bridal spa space

Rosalind Williams

Springhouse Anne Joyce

The best for color!!!

Samara Hamilton

Great atmosphere and sweet friendly people.

Juliana Krauss Grey

Great staff! Good price and great service!

Annastelle Cohen

Olivia Vasquez

Exceptional client service. They always do an excellent job on my hair, I would highly recommend them!!

Leanne Hawley

tara carbo

I had the pleasure of getting my hair cut by Fabrizio himself. All I can say is wow. The boutique is, by far, the best salon I have ever been to. You walk in and immediately you feel like family. I recommend this place to everyone.

MollyDiBi .

The best salon in town. Can't imagine having my hair or nails done anywhere else. And I've been coming here for more than 15 years.

Molly DeZura

Fabrizio provides excellent customer service. Carmen is the BEST!

Sweta Survi

Ask for Victoria. She is just amazing and understands what haircut/style/color would suit your face and need. She listens to you thoroughly, never in hurry and suggests the perfect hair products for you(if you ask for it). Would totally recommend it to anyone.

Maddi Valinski

I’ve been going to see Matt for haircuts for a couple years now, and he always does a great job. One of my favorite things about Matt (besides how great my hair looks when I leave!) is that I don’t feel forced into chatty gossip. We talk sometimes and it is all perfectly pleasant, but there isn’t a constant need to fill the silence, which is really a nice change of pace. I’d highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a hairdresser!

Marie Schwartz

Linda is the best. She always takes the time to discuss your preferences and makes suggestions based on your personal hair type. I've had long hair for 35 years and wanted a change and was going to go extremely short. Linda made a great suggestion to go just above shoulder length instead of a drastic change due to the fact that I had never had very short hair. She suggested we do it in steps that way if I decided to wear it long again it would be easier to grow out. I liked it a lot and the style looked good on me, but I still needed something different. Went back and Linda and after a lengthy discussion and reviewing several pictures of possible styles, Linda gave me exactly what I wanted. I never thought I would like my hair so short but I love it. Linda is amazing. She takes great pride in her work and always ensures she is making her clients happy. The time she takes to talk with you prior to cutting your hair is greatly appreciated. She is a true artist and genuinely cares about her clients and the results.

Shaquese Brodie

It's been well over two years since I've been in a salon. I decided to learn how to take care of my hair and revive it from the abuse of previous stylists that rushed/ hopped head-to-head because they overbooked. After having natural hair for a while, I decided to get it permanently straightened for the ease of management. I did some deep searching and stumbled upon this salon and spa. It seemed VERY boujie, but I love boujie places. I scheduled a constellation with Carmen and an appointment for the following week. She talked through everything with me and gave me my options - no pressure at all, which was great. Honestly, she did my hair GOOD. Though it is permanently straightened, it does not feel stiff and dead. The thermal method is SO MUCH better than the general relaxer and I am so glad I decided to come here. I'll definitely be back in 9 months to get my hair done again, once the roots have grown out a bit. Before then, I might even make an appointment to get my nails done.

Michael Galbraith

Jennifer Cofield

Sabrina is the BEST colorist I've had in a long time.

71nikkig .

I looked up online "best" hair salon for my specific hair concerns & this salon came up. Receptionist was wonderful However, Carmen had quite an attitude & insults my skin on way to the chair for what was supposed to be for my hair. She spray paints my hair & says there you go! I was there for specific hair concerns & NONE were met. I don't even find time to spend money on myself since I work round the clock in healthcare. Really surprised this is how I get treated walking into what was highly recommended. Thanks for the insults Carmen, thanks for interfering & messing up my 2nd appt. claiming you lost number & I took time off work to get to. Seriously make a 3rd? Where do they find these ignorant hairstylist? I paid toward having a service done that never was done.

Beth McHugh

WOW! I am stylin if I do say so myself. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.......Brittney in particular. My color is beautiful and the cut is exactly what I was looking for. If I could take a selfie I'd share but it has to wait until someone can do it for me! But you shouldn't wait, make an appointment so you're gorgeous for the holidays.

Sanjana Ash

I always had wonderful experience with Fabrizio. Hair cut with Cody , Derma planning with Vickie were awesome. Receptionists in this place are super cool and does an amazing job right from scheduling an appointment to billing. Great place !!!

Richard Sun

Friendly service.

Denise Collins

Marguerite Reed

This was my first time for I am quite timid about getting my hair done. I had lost a lot of hair due to medication so I am very fearful of all the brushing. I know what my comb looks like at home. I also like to trim my hair after a drink or nice uneven ends there. I was given Matt as my stylist and he rose to the challenge. I knew it was going to take some time to shape and trim to get a good hair style going. He and I talked, he looked through my hair and we are going to do a session about every two months, I promised not to cut my hair and we both laughed. Staff was bright and friendly for an early Saturday...made me smile. Glad I found them.

Rebecca Brown

Had a perm and haircut today with Theresa. As usual, it was a wonderful experience.

Charlie Jennifer

Hair stylists are fabulous! The front desk staff are not. Front desk staff is both slow & impolite. Lovely building.

Kate Devery

Just had a massage done by AMIE. She is absolutely amazing! Magic hands! Cant wait for my next appointment!

Kathy Clark

I have been going to Fabrizio's for 10 years. Linda is my stylist and she does wonderful work. I really wouldn't want to trust my haircuts to anyone but her.

Barbara Hagan

Lillia Kitrakaya Sanura

Edit: Though they politely offered a free service with anyone I choose under my review here, don't be fooled. The owner was really rude and attacked me personally for my negative review through private message. I'm afraid I would never step foot in this salon again even if you paid me to, for any service, haircut or not. I really had super high hopes for this salon, more than any other I've tried in recent years, partly because of the high prices for cuts, but also because their page said they are always training and learning, even from the master stylist/owner of the salon. I have a very difficult time finding someone to cut my hair right since it's thick and curly, and so many people over some years now have a tendency to cut it shorter on one side than the other... Extremely hard to find someone who can give me a simple, straight up blunt cut, all the same length, even on both sides. Symmetry is important to me. I went in today and was impressed by the look and ambiance of the place, and the super friendly front desk staff, both in person and over the phone. The stylist herself seemed pretty nice the first time, and seemed very interested in what I wanted and asked questions to make sure she understood what I wanted. She took her time, sectioned the hair more than I've seen other places do, so I thought maybe she's the one. Couldn't tell until I got home and really felt my hair and compared sides to find out something was off. I called immediately and told the front desk staff there was some unevenness, and they invited me to come right back for a fix. So I drive back to the salon again, and wait a little. The stylist I had earlier calls me back, checks the front where I point out there's some hair longer on the one side, and measures and snips that, but then didn't bother to recheck the hair to make sure that was all there was, then pulled the cape off, said 'there you go', and walked off before I even started to rise from my chair. I was a bit stunned by that, as I felt it was kind of abrupt and brusque, but I just gathered myself and walked to the front to leave. So my nervous, shy, super polite little self actually apologizes to her for the extra trouble (instead of the other way around, after I drove there twice?), she quickly replied it's no trouble and have a good rest of your day. So I go back home, check again, and sure enough, there's more that's longer on the one side that she might've caught if she had looked and rechecked during the fix. I called the front desk again and told them it was still uneven, and when they offered for me to come back again, I politely declined and simply asked for a refund instead. I'm afraid to go back to the same stylist now. I was assured the salon manager would get back to me in the morning, so I'm hoping for an amicable solution by way of refund. I think $56 is too much for an uneven cut... even Supercuts $17 is too much for an uneven cut, to be honest. I have an appointment set with another salon for next week, and am desperately praying and hoping for better results I'm happy with. It is getting scarily short for my comfort and taste. I am just beside myself right now, and emotionally upset with how my hair turned out, especially after such high expectations for such a high end salon.


Susan Morris

Fabrizio never disappoints! I love that he takes my ideas (and photos of ideas) and elevates them to compliment my fave and hair texture.

Sara Carter

We've been going back ever since and couldn't be happier with her their work!!

Candice Soule

I went there for a chemical straighten. I was quoted $200 before even making the appointment. I told them I wanted to be sure I would be able to afford the process and didn’t have a lot of money. When I went back for my appointment and everything was done they told me it would be $700. Luckily I had the money but it was supposed to be for school. I never would of made the appointment if they had been upfront on the price! It was not at all worth it! Go to Michael Christopher’s instead!

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