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We have the feddbacks of people who consumed the services of El Pueblo Dominican Hair Salon (Hairdressing) in Delaware area.

Right now this business has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 and the score was based on 160 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF El Pueblo Dominican Hair Salon IN Delaware

Little Lady

My hair never felt so good. Fast & friendly service.

Cortney Hernandez

My favorite hair salon ......going there today

Kinnies McKinney

amazing first time definitely coming back again

t thomas

In and out

Jacqueline Wiley

Awesome service!

Danelle Mahoney

Love the service. The ladies are quick and to the point.

Rhonda Dean

Awesome service and staff

Mabel Garcia

Khadja Walston

Kimberly Jones

Love them

Tamiya Mia

love this salon , they all can do hair really good but I prefer Wendy at all times she's the best stylist in my eyes

Kiing Bree

I got here at 1030, didn't get my hair washed until 1105. It is now 1215 and i'm still sitting in a chair with wet hair waiting to get my hair done because when i got called to the chair the lady claimed she didn't do short hair. El Pueblo Dominican Salon will NEVER get my services again & i will NEVER recommend them if you're in a rush to get anywhere. There is NO way i should be sitting here for 2 hours and my hair isn't even under the dryer

Tyra Person

The prices are good. I just wouldn't get my hair colored there. It came out nice ,but I asked for red and it came out light brown. I was really upset. She promised me a free dye next time I came in, but I did not trust it again. But I love the way they straighten my hair. It always last a long time.

Jami Peach

Been going here 4 about 3yrs now I feel so comfortable here its homey and the prices are awesome especially for the hairstyles they do so I would say very affordable very friendly the only place I will take my girls long as I'm living in delaware I've had bad experiences at any other hair salon I visited in delaware so in my opinion they are the best in delaware #nobodyelseplayinginourhairbutthem

Tyishah Mcneil

Fast service, for it to be a Dominican shop it's pricey. However, I love the service and stephanie is my favorite.

linda mettle

Latisha Spurlock

Love how my girls hair turn out plus great prices but customer service needs work

Iesha Balaam

They do a good job don't get me wrong but sometimes they don't go by who is next on the list. If other Spanish women come in they take them first. They will also talk about the texture of your hair.

Dee Cromwell

DO NOT GO HERE if your hair is natural. The salon I usually go to was closed and my sister and niece needed to have their hair done. They invited me as I just had a baby and needed some TLC. I have been natural for almost 20 years so when I went in I asked for a deep condition and a trim and I should have known then that something was wrong when the receptionist went on and on about prices and no relaxers being used in the salon. I watched the shampoo girl put the conditioner in my hair and it smelt and felt fine in my scalp but from there the visit was just frustrating. The conditioner kept running down my face and neck no towels were given until asked. Once done the girl pressing my hair burnt my scalp and tried to tell me I didn't need a trim when I know I did. She reluctantly trimmed it. Once I left the chair I had to go scrub this "conditioner" of my neck, ears, and face. I went outside and immediately the heat hit my hair and it wreaked of eggs. Every time I sweat rotten eggs. My sister, niece and I have washed our hair and the curl patterns have not returned but the smell has remained. I'm so upset that I feel tricked and cheated. I got what I paid for trying to treat myself and even after all that my straight hair didn't even last for more than a week.

jalana dorsey

Lve Wendy and Maria!

Shanell Martin

clifton armstead

Very good hair salon, I bring my daughter here all of the time..

Antoinette Martin

Very unprofessional!! Only the receptionist speaks English so I had to explain the hair color I wanted through her which they she still didn’t understand because she got my hair color completely wrong and it doesn’t even look dyed it’s the same color as before I went in! The shampoo girls were so unprofessional, washed my hair in freezing cold water and just let my hair drip all over me didn’t even attempt to dry it but she did keep jumping on her phone! Not to mention they were blasting their music incredibly loud! And last my hair, the curls and straiteness came out the very next! I’ve been to other salons and my hair has lasted a week if not more!! I do not recommend this place to anyone!!!!!!

La-Coria Hucks

My daughter was over charged hair look like she did it herself $45 for curls that already dropped and it haven't even been a full hour smh

Tanya Marshall

Great service

Kylie Shepard

I have thick natural hair that goes almost to the middle of my back. The shampoo lady tried to get me to comb out my dry hair, it took forever to get her to understand you don’t detangle dry natural hair, she finally gave me the conditioner and water. I’m lying them to do my hair why am I combing And conditioning? It was just an annoying experience, and inconvenient. DO NOT GO IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR.

Audrey Gonzalez

Kind of a wait but once done. They do professional job. Their very talented

Asya Glover

Affordable! Great results! Don't go if you need to be in and out! Service takes a while!

Gladys Cirwithian


Usual salon wait, However my blow out was snatched honey. My New Salon

Lisa Byrd

I highly recommend going here...I have natural curly would never know that I did when I walk out ;)

Maggie G

The girl did a great job with my hair when she finally got to me. They are very unprofessional..make you wait because they are gossiping.

Johanna Alvarado

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy buenas

Stephanie B

They do a great job. When my usual hair salon is booked I go here. For $25 you can’t beat how good your hair straightened and it’s never stiff. Their probably is perm or some kind of chemical in the shampoo cause even my hair dresser asked if I got a perm when I came back to her and she was washing it and we smelled the perm smell. Idk. But I definitely would recommend it. Good bang for your buck. Thank you ladies

Quiara Crumpton

I will NEVER return here again! The first thing is I'm a natural haired girl my hair is very thick. The girl that washed my hair felt like only the right side of my hair needed to be touched. Then I get my hair straightened by a girl who's name I don't know and not one time did she get my roots! My hair looked poofy and dry! She "clipped my ends" but didn't do a good job at all. Then when it came time to pay they claimed that the card machine didn't work, I refused to use their ATM due to me not wanting to spend anything other then the $35 that was owed. They plugged the machine up and guess what? It worked!! I expressed that I didn't like my hair and they gave me attitude. They will never get another dime out of me! By far my worst experience EVER!!!!

Jaime Thomas

Been getting my hair done here for years.. reasonable prices and quick service

mary m.

Horrible experience.

Jasmin Howell

Stephanie Williams

I had the worst experience of my life. This was my first time at the salon. I went in for a relaxer. Simple enough right? HELL NO!!! The woman parted my hair in 4 sections and proceeded to put the relaxer in the back of my head. She took so long that by the time she got to the middle my head was on fire. So now I have an uneven relaxer. The front never got relaxed. The front for me is the most important not the back. The owner called and tried to rectify but at that point with two people already in my head and my back soak and wet I was done. Never again.

N Knoble

They do great hair and very friendly!

Ava Anderson

This is the first time that i have ever been displeased with my hair, My hair didn't come out as straight as before when i went there, I guess it all depends on who you have do your hair, The lady who washed my hair was very kind and did a excellent job, but the woman who straighted my hair... made me very disapointedm, I will be looking for a new place to go to :( I feel like i wasted my money

Katherine Carrillo

Lovee this all time favorite ..Never had a problem..i always come out looking bomb...

Jazzie Tribbett

So'nya Y. Jones

I have been going for several months at first I enjoyed my experience than the chatting and attitude began. Customer service needs improving, less talking more communication with their clients. They have a discount Monday -Wednesday $23.00. As for me my hair loved them

Jackie Rodriguez

Nice quiet and pleasant enjoy getting my hair done by the girls thank you so much.

Ashley Morris

Lu Bun

The sad thing is I'm a loyal customer. I've been going therr for little over two years.I've brought, and referred people to the shop. Let me start by letting you know that all the bad reviews are true they're very unprofessional to say the least. There are favorites and it shows in priority in being seen, and in the quality of the hair being done. If you have natural hair that isn't the same grade as the women there then BEWARE. The shampoo women makes it there personal goal to see how much hair they can pull from your scalp. I guess I had one of the bad ones the other review spoke of, but my hair was not the normal shiny bounce. I could have done a better job at home. It could have been the massive amounts of hair that were ripped could have played a role. I will never return. Unless you are mixed, or Hispanic. NATURAL KINKY HAIR BEWARE!

Monica Reid

Awesome job!! They restored my happy nappys.

Jennifer Fletcher


Kita Smith

It was alot going on, kinda confusing but the service was great.

p darko

Very professional, found my new hair salon.

Kristie Daniels

Love this place

Naketa Ward

Love this place..i never sit long,great service have you leaving looking and feeling great

tatialynn bryant

Worse hair salon ever! Never again

souley fadiga

Horrible my daughter hair has been breaking off ever since her visit here and I believe there was some sort of straightener used her curls are gone

Ebony Barnhart

L Fontaine

Bring Mrs. Johanna back. Bad service and long wait times. Two stars are because of the specials and blowout that can be good depending on the hairdresser.

Gail Braxton

I had a full head of thick but curly natural hair. I would visit El Pueblo maybe 3 times a year for a blow out and curl. I blow dried and flat ironed my own hair for years with no issues. My hair hits my bra strap in the back. The last time they did my hair I noticed a lot of hair breakage. After two weeks I washed as usual and my hair did not revert back to my natural curls and I noticed spots in the top of my head with 2 inches of length! I am pissed, but i keep saying it’s only hair and it will grow back. I believe the 2 inch spots are from the flat iron being to hot and burning the hair off. The fact that my hair still hasn’t reverted back after 2nd wash, I don’t know. Someone said that Dominican salons sometimes use perm in their conditioner on sisters of color that are natural to make it easier to comb. Please beware of this, I don’t want anyone to experience what I’m going through. I have chalked it up as a learning experience. I paid cash and have no proof that they serviced me, If i did I would definitely sue!

Nilda Acosta

This is an edited review as I once gave them 5 stars. The last three times that I've been there at 5pm (they close at 5:45pm) they turned me away and stated that they aren't taking anymore customers. This last time (11/30/18) I called teo days before and was told that they would see me when I got there at 5pm and was still turned away. I will take my service elsewhere and stop gicing references to this establishment. The last two times I was actually seen the "washer" didn't even touch the back of my head and washed it in cold water. Let the water drip all down my neck and back, my shirt was soaked. My hair also smelled of chemicals the last time I was there. The service is declining and there is no one there to hold anyone accountable. Management should be on site at all times.

Jazzie J

They left my hair so silky and healthy looking/feeling. Nice people and very great prices... Everyone is asking where I got my hair from Thanks I'll be back when in town!

Aketa Rembert

Service was absolutely HORRIBLE!! These women were lounging around & talking amongst themselves not even concerned that customers had came in. Actually I think it was when customers entered that they decided to take a lunch. I waited patiently nonetheless. I could go on & on but they get an A+ for hair & a below failing for service. Its unfortunate that they do a great job on your hair & the price is very fair, then you have this unacceptable service. Whoever owns this place really needs to take into consideration who hangs around the salon & who there employees are cause the whole experience was down right despicable. It didn't get better til I saw my hair & left.

Aiesha Roane

It was my first time here and it wasn't a great experience. I never right reviews, but I feel like it needs to be said. My hair didn't come out so bad, it's just that it was extremely hot in there. I have natural hair and I was sweating so bad that my roots kept puffing up. I don't believe they have any type of air circulating through there, not even a fan.

Amarachi Anuma

Katrina Brison

Ladies are nice and professional. Looking forward to the deep conditioning special this week. Just went from relaxed to natural hair. They are assisting with my healthy hair journey

Lisa CocoaButter

It's okay my hair did not hold style waste of money

GOAT Financial

Quick service and professional

Tori Creque

Beware if you have thick hair. They put a relaxer in my hair and I broke out in rashes on my forehead and throughout my hair from where they didn't rinse it out thoroughly. I'm natural.and I have had a perm before and I got the itchy burning feeling after I got my hair done. Shame on you people.

Aya Suliman

Some of them are nice but when I called this one lady answered with the most disrespect and when I was I asking her questions she literally asked me what’s wrong with me

Dj Wright

Great Place and environment but u gotta get there early because they will get crowded but its definitely a good place and skilled professional team

Talitha Mines-Edwards

Visited this place a few weeks ago because my normal stylist was booked. NEVER AGAIN. If you have natural hair stay the hell away from here. They washed my hair and deep conditioned it. Nothing smelled strange and my scalp was fine. A week goes by I wash my hair and my hair smells BURNT and smells of a chemical!!! My natural curl pattern has changed completely!! Portions of my natural hair are now straight!!! If I could sue their ass I would. They used something in my hair that I did not approve of. Save yourself the heartache. Either the shampoo is mixed with relaxer or the conditioner is. Something is not right about this place. STAY AWAY NATURAL LADIES AND GENTS!!!! Save your money and find a REAL salon that will not trick you out of your money and mess your hair up at the same time!!!!

Stephanie Avery

Always happy with my hair when I leave. Sometimes there card machine is down & that's annoying but I love it here. Wish they had a location in Dover, DE

Nyra Tull

Just moved to the Delaware area, I've been looking for an solan to tame my hair. many suggested this salon, I was kinda skeptical because the reviews were BAD. IALSO ASKED ABOUT THE PERM IN THE SHAMPOO BECAUSE I AM NATURAL. THATS WAS A LIE THE OWNER SHOWED ME THE PRODUCTS THEY USE TO DETANGLE AND WASH HAIR WITH . Overall the salon is amazing I loved every hit of the service it was a wait to get the process going, but then again I did go on Christmas week so it was busy, 2 hrs tops. They lady's don't know a lot of English but they're a couple who speaks English I would recommend this shop. So far so good.

Shakkara Justice


Maria Villegas

(Translated by Google) The worst room !! Horrible. The smell of chemicals is unbearable. The attention is terrible. The door does not work. They do not accept cards and depending on how they see you they charge you. As soon as I entered, they saw me from top to bottom and nobody was able to help me open the door knowing that I was going with a car and my baby. The worst place I've ever been in my life, I'll never recommend it. Pathetic (Original) El peor salón!! Horrible. El olor a quimicos es insoportable. La atención es pésima. La puerta no sirve. No aceptan tarjetas y dependiendo de cómo te vean te cobran. Apenas entré me vieron de arriba a abajo y nadie fue capaz de ayudarme a abrir la puerta sabiendo que iba con un coche y mi bebé. El peor lugar que he ido en mi vida, jamás lo recomendaré. Patético

Kristen Coleman

I love this place!! Been going here for years!

Lana Jackson

Barbara Gary

I go here on the regular except in the summer. I try to do allot of hair care in the summer because they use a lot of heat and burn my scalp too. Overall for a straight blowout for natural hair.

Linda Johnson

My hair and my daughters hair was destroyed thank to these ppl putting a relaxer in their shampoos and conditioners.. and then she washed our hair with freezing cold ass water smh.. so now we go to Hermosa

Rosa Donato

I've Been there many many times. Anna is very pleasant and outstanding. She always styles my hair perfect and the way I want it.

Mykeia Willingham

Like family, been going to them since they came to DE

A Thomas

Terribleeeeee. I have shoulder length natural hair. I had a nice soft curl and now I have many strands that are totally straight and won’t curl again... totally Ruined my curl pattern. I have 3 patches on my head where the strands are like 2-3 inches long which is absurd as it’s so noticeable. They literally burnt my hair off. I know it’ll grow back but that’s crazy. I’ve washed my hair and literally clumps fell out and my hair is really thin in some areas. I never had this problem before so they really damage ur hair. Like how do u burn someone’s hair off ? It’s near my house but never again. I really feel like maybe I should cut all my hair off because it looks terrible wet now. I totally wouldn’t recommend if you care about your natural hair.

Angil Meade

I was very disappointed with my hair today. They asked me to pick out a color (same color they gave me before) and it was way way off. I didn't notice it until after styling. Even after this I paid and told them it was wrong and could they dye it the right color. They tried to justify the color being wrong, and refused to redo it unless I paid again ($75=$35 blowout/$40 wrong color).

Arica Benson

I have had my hair done several times , with both natural and weave... for the most part they have done a good job and are always nice... however there are 2 stylists who are not as good as the others... overall good experience!

Margaret Opher

Love this place.

sirivandana valluri

They don't take appointments but does a very good job for affordable price.

Jennifer Ward

I been going here for years! Can't wait for the first time I bring my daughter!

Charisma Redding

Shamika G

I've been going here off and on for years. There customer service is very poor, at times their unorganized and i dont go to new stylist. I have 3 stylist i let do my hair. Until you find the right person to do your hair, you never now what your getting...

Dizzy Guide

LaShika Harris

Service is fast and affordable. My hair feels great.

Stephanie Jervey

My daughter gets her hair done their...

Raè Hernandez

This has to be the worst experience I have ever had at a hairdressers! I am writing this review as a warning to other people not to allow the “AUNTIE” older lady, with the TIGHT FACE, ATTITUDE and NEVER speaks. DO NOT let this woman wash your natural hair!!! This woman will use a wide tooth comb and RAKE YOUR HAIR COMPLETELY OUT, to the point of major shedding. They are not professional, do not use capes, and your clothing will get WET or CHEMICALLY DAMAGED. The hair towels look like they wash CARS and dust tables with those MF’s. After I tried to explain, nobody would except responsibility for this horrible shampoo assistant’s action. The woman is LAZY AF. She does not take the time to comb through tangled hair. AGAIN, she will comb your WET HAIR from the ROOTS DOWN (instead of bottom to top). You hair will be Broken off and DAMAGED!!!! When I explained the issue to the other stylist, they said "I wasnt no BEYONCE” and talked about in SPANISH. So bad that I had to leave out before it got UGLY!! They even tried to test me with a few words, I faked like I didn’t know Spanish. I wanted them to keep talking Sh—t about me so I could BLAST them on the review. Unprofessional and TACKY. ALL OF THEM. and it wasn't from Braids!! My hair is completely RUINED!!!

Kay C.


Janet Evangelista

Good friendly

Woo Wop

Toni Cunningham

Little pricey and look great waits, but it the best Dominican hair salon in the area that I have found...

Neeka Bundy

Tami Williams

The best and quick service

Armani Beck-McField

Cheap, close-knit vibes (between regular customers and employees), great job on my hair. I'm black-identified (mixed with a few things, though) with natural hair. My afro is medium-large, kinky with some loose curls, and VERY thick. They handled my hair just fine. And were very nice! Loved my blowout! Be sure to keep your hair moisturized though because I've read (more than I've experienced) that blowouts can really dry and damage your hair. Price=AMAZING

Mo Lo

All I requested was a wash and a blowout. Because my hair is thick and natural, the shampoo lady just took it upon herself by attempting to apply a relaxer. I stopped her just in the nick-of-time before she tried to apply the relaxer. The communcation barrier is a big deal. But the hair dressers lack of effort to understand what I wanted was the main source of a bad experience. Long story short, after the visit, my hair is thinner. It only reverts back to curly/kinky when it's wet (when I'm washing it). And when it's dry, it has a straighter appearance. I am not happy with the result of my hair after getting service from El Pueblo Dominican Hair Salon. They must had put something in it without my consent. This was my first and last time at the salon. A lot of people ask me for recommendation for salons and I'm always quick to NOT recommended this hair salon.

Takeyia Hinton

Im never waiting long and i always get the same thing ... wash and blowdry w/ a style. I Only go to the same people in the 1st and 2nd chair. ive never had a issue with rudeness or attitude.

Christine Lewis

I have very thick, natural hair. I’ve been going here for at least 5 years to get a blowout. They always ask if I want a deep condition, which is an additional cost, to which I usually reply yes. On this particular visit I was on a budget and declined the deep conditioning treatment. The lady who shampoos pretended to use conditioner and proceeded to comb through my hair. I got my hair blown out, straightened, paid, and left. Once home, I realized the horrible bald patches in my head. She didn’t use any conditioner at all and instead ripped out my hair. The woman who straightened my hair had to have seen the damage but said nothing except you owe me thirty dollars. My head and scalp hurt for days. I went back the next day to speak with the manager but the associates claimed she was not there and pretended not to speak English. I was extremely upset that I had been scalped so I just decided to leave before an incident occurred.

Ashley Richardson

I normally don't write reviews, but this salon is probably the worst salon I've ever been to in my life.. Customer service is horrible from the time you enter to the time you leave. I gave it a chance because my sister went there before and said everyone was nice and Ana did her hair great. I have no idea anyone's name that touched my hair, that's how much they speak to you. I had hope that it would get better after walking in and not getting greeted at all and the horrible shampoo and condition job she did. I was still willing to see what my sister said was so amazing! Maybe the stylist are the gems! NO! Maybe I caught them on a bad day or with the wrong employees, but they clearly don't know a thing about customer service or how to do African American hair without raking and burning your scalp.I won't ever be going back.

Kaya Nagai

Victoria Castro

Never had a problem with this salon until I came to the Delaware location. I usually go to the one in Philly but since I moved to DE I decided to try this one. This was about my third time coming here and the service is always TRASH!! I’ve been waiting for a hour with no problem, the receptionist let me know that I had four people in front of me and I said ok. But then they let two extra people go before me and still didn’t even wash my hair. But I guess they didn’t know I was a regular so I will be contacting the owner. 3 girls doing hair and one hair washer and the receptionist just chilling not even controlling the order, I won’t ever come back.

Lauren Hudson


Katherine Rowley

Great job!!

patreasure smalls

Cathy PerezGonzalez

The best

Tracy Gray

They are okay.

Deborah Hollins

They fry hair and it's not personal....more than one person did my hair and I dont like that. I understand they're trying to get people in and out the salon but.....I would like to get to know my stylist alittle ...I like to inform them whats going on and what I am looking for (weather I'm seeking length or thickness) with my hair. It seem like they didnt get in and you get out...but terrible quality....will not be returning

Shameeka Williams

I member going here long time ago they can slay some hair n roots i will be going back but on a Tuesday special day kind workers n I always tip hair dressers when I love they work

Tikneia Major

This salon ruined my hair texture. I went in August for a shampoo and curl. My hair looked great and lasted forever. I had an afro so I was surprised. My hair will now no longer revert to it's previous state. It is breaking of at the roots. It looks as of my hair was permed. I am now forced to cut all nny hair off and start over. If you have natural hair DO NOT GO HERE.

Loveable Bee

A little on the pricey side, But they have a nice interior and offer more services than a few other blowout salons.


Great service.

CakeLife LLC

Kimberly Kelly

Great service. Price is by what there doing not how thick your hair is. Ladies are really nice

Shelia Gaines

I feel like the shop did a good job on my daughter hair and this was her first time coming

Camille The Blogger

They get you in and out........great wash, sissy style.....bouncy hair

Alina Campbell

States they open at 9a it is 915a and still no sign of opening! Very unprofessional

Brianna McCants

Good at doing the hair customer service could be way better. Being rude to customers is never good for business but the overall service is amazing!

woods1108 .

Thanks for the great first experience. My daughter loves her hair.

Josefina Deleon

I recommend for you to go do your hair in this place is very excellent

Penelope Wilson

Wait was 1hour I arrived at 11:40 because I went on a Sunday Memorial Day weekend but overal, I requested was a press and curl which wasn't a bad price & it took like 20 minutes to do. Pros- quick easy press & curl I liked the finished look Cons- Wait was long (maybe another day in the week you should be fine)

Bri Gibson

I’ve been going here for over a year and usually after 2-3 weeks I would wash my hair and it would go back to its kinky curly state. But I went 2 weeks ago and I just washed my hair today and it wasn’t as curly as it should be then I started smelling a relaxer so I asked a couple people to smell my hair and see if it smells like it to them and they said yeah. Minds you I haven’t had a relaxer in my hair for over 3 years . So needless to say but they are mixing relaxer to either the shampoo or conditioner that they use. Last time I’ll ever go back. And it’s a shame cuz I love having my hair straight.

Marnasia Chapman

marielis nazario

I love it ellas son super buenisimas

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