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REVIEWS OF Snip-its Haircuts for Kids IN Connecticut

Megan Hammond-Basu

Dennis Gibson

We loved it. My son is 2 1/2 and this was his first professional cut...Marcy was our stylist, and she was amazing. The first thing she did was kneel down to my sons level and talk to him. She spent the time to make him comfortable with her, instead of just popping him in a chair. He was tough, but she did a great job. The hair cut was perfect. All around excellent experience. Jack will be back every 4 or 5 weeks!!!

Jillian Bamford

My son is awful getting his haircut, but they did amazing with ryder and he didn't cry at all! 45 min drive for us and will continue to make it.

Shellie CawfeeMama

Our 3 year old son had his first haircut here yesterday he has sensory issues and the stylist who cut his hair was so wonderful to him, very patient, made him feel very comfortable. Only slightly negative thing I'd say was when we arrived we didn't get a card or interactive song and the tablets were off so he couldn't play any games to occupy him while she cut his hair but all in all it was a wonderful experience and we'll be back for sure.

Amanda Infante

friendly staff, needs an update.

Nickolas Holiday

Expensive for kids cuts. But the staff is fantastic and my son loves the interactive computers while.getting his hair cut.

Brian Kalwat

bad place go to great clips down the street they're better

kimberly meunier

Absolutely love it

Teresa P

My sons first hair cut and their camera wasnt working so i had to take my own pictures and was only given 3.00 off....they should of charged for a regular cut since thats all he received. Havent been back to this location. Ive been a regular with both of my kids in the Manchester location. Better attitude and customer service.

tannia torres

I love it. The lady, the cut, the place. And my 2 yrs old did too. He's first hair cut on a place like this.

Jesus M. Velez Gelabert

Chelle Phelan

Always do great with my son..pricey though! EDIT : took away a star because your hours are terrible. Why do you close at 4 on Saturdays!? A little ridiculous to have a children's place close that early on a Saturday. I understand the other days of the week but Saturday is usually the day, for most parents, to get everything done with their kids. And if you arrive at 3 or later, they turn you away because " they're closing soon and we're too busy" so really they close at 3!

heather brayton

They constantly have new staff. When I find one I like, they leave. Most of the haircuts my son has had weren't very good. I only go for the kid atmosphere but im thinking about finding more of a consistent salon.

A Rued

Krysia Tabachenko

Usually a long waiting experience but only great place for a kids hair cut within reasonable price

Sarah Rabtoy

Dimpy Malvania

Heather Charpentier

Always a great cut for my daughter, the staff is friendly and well trained to deal with kids.

Valerie Landry

Michelle Mahar

My kids love getting hait cuts now. They used to hate going.

Ettore Namias

Nice trim for young girls

Sarah Pelletier

I used to love this place. Ashley was excellent with my son who is terrified of haircuts. My experiences recently have been awful. The stylists are in a rush and they lack patience. I was there today and sad to say almost no interaction existed between my son and the stylist. The tone in her voice was that of being annoyed. My son was kicking his legs and the stylist told him to stop kicking her and then told me that it wasn’t in her job description to be kicked. My son is 3 and was terrified now of the tone and disconnect between him and the stylist. I had to address her behavior with her and then she proceeded to say she would not cut his hair and practically kicked him out of the chair. Another stylist intervened and was very helpful but his haircut was not complete. He left looking ridiculous and I am back to searching for another place to go since I won’t return after being embarrassed and laughed at by the stylist like nothing happened.

Kimberly Larson

My son is 2 and loves getting his hair cut. Everyone is so personable and each time we have got his hair cut I have loved it!

Ania S

Lisa Zurosky

Cherise Colombo

Highly recommended! My 2 year old is a huge challenge with getting his haircut. Tammy was patient and skilled with my son, making it so much more bearable. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you Tammy!!!

Erin Milbrandt

Nicole Herpst

Was a bust. Uneven haircut. Given reason that it's just baby hair. Went to canton and it was soo much better.

Jaymie Simoes

Great haircut!

Gensila Riza

Nate Shaffer

Great place to bring your little one.

Amanda Lester

My daughter liked all the colors and the prize at the end. The stylist was friendly and nice with my daughter who wasn't the most cooperative. My daughter just needed a trim straight across. When we got home, found several pieces that werent cut evenly with the rest of her hair and so had to snip those myself. I think you are paying more for the fluff like the prize and all the stuff in the studio to make it kid friendly. The haircut wasn't great quality, I don't think we will be back, I will go somewhere with less fluff and better haircuts! We went here because it was convenient and close, but I was not a fan.

Patricia O'Connor

Always a great haircut by Tammy!! We live over 20 minutes from here and there are plenty of other places we could go for a haircut, but we always come to Snipits in Southington because Tammy does a great job every time. She has been cutting my 7 years olds hair since he was a toddler and needed extra care because he hates the feeling of the buzzers and the fresh cut hair on his skin. Tammy has always treated him so kindly and still gave him a great haircut even when he was wiggling and crying.

Angel Diaz

Best barber shop for kids very friendly

Megha Thomas

Korrie S

Called to check on wait time and was told 30 min and there is no wait list. Decided time wasn't bad and drove down to be told upon arrival after only a 15 min drive it was now an hour... Person in front gets 15-20 min though as apparently there is a list for VIP members... Not sure why this wouldn't be mentioned on the front end to not waste our time. More upfront communication would be nice. Prior visits had been okay with limited waits and my kids have done well with the hairdressers. This was first mention of a VIP status though, so today was not a nice surprise.

Christopher Kelly

Always an excellent experience at Snip-its! My boys love getting their haircut by Tammy and she does such an amazing job! Highly recommend

Jonathan Torres

Jennifer Waldron

Mike Lockwood

Cooper Smith

I love it so much thanks for the color and the haircut!!

Christopher Wich

Molly Zembko

The kids love the special ribbon and glitter spray that comes with every haircut

Michelle3489 .

great staff . my son's hair always looks great . but so expensive

Erin Rosenblum

Jo M

Love this place

Stephanie Berk

My boys love getting there hair cut here

Lee M

My sons haircut was uneven took him a second time for them to fix and that was a mistake. Last time going there.

Brianna McDonald

Very nice employees

Brianne Pratt

Jarrad Valdez

The kid looks adorable with his surfer locks, as long as he looks cute I'm happy.

Jennifer Loebel

Snip-it’s is awesome! I brought my 9 month old here for his first haircut last week and Christina did an amazing job! I highly recommend her! My son was a little nervous and she was so patient with him and really made us feel comfortable. I also loved how quickly they were able to fit us in. We will definitely be going back to her again in a few months. The prize at the end of the visit is a cute touch as well :)

karen healy

Rashesh Desai

Staff is great and good service, but pricey for a kids haircut. Great for Birthday Party

april rancour

Hollie Halse

Very nice staff which is the only reason they get 2 stars. The haircuts my boys recieved would have been ok but they both have rather long hairs still all over their heads that I had to trim myself. The hair cuts were $24 each if i remember correctly. And it wasnt worth it. I'd much rather go back to the salon I'd been frequenting where the cuts were $13 and they were done correctly. Higher expense does not mean better quality.

Lorena Diaz

(Translated by Google) It is the only place where my boy cuts his hair he is a special boy and the girls are very fast doing their job. (Original) Es el único lugar dónde mi niño le cortan el cabello el es un niño especial y las chicas son muy rápidas haciendo su trabajo.

Crystal Cancel

I absolutely love Snip-its. I went in one day as a walk in to get my daughter’s hair braided (which they were able to do) and it has now turned into a weekly visit for my girls. Leah never disappoints on the different types of braids she does on their hair. Unlike with hair cuts, which do not have appointments, appointments are highly recommended with braids and up do’s because the shop gets busy and the person who you want may already be booked. I never just do a walk in (except for the first time) because Leah told me at the first visit that she tells all her customers if you want to guarantee that you will be able to get them done call first to secure your spot. Although I don’t get my girls haircut there the other employees have always been welcoming and polite. I have never had an issue there but I have seen employees have to deal with rude people and yet they still responded in a professional manner. Great job ladies. I will see you tomorrow morning.

Shayla Soto

Leslie Burby

The staff is so amazing here! They sell knot genies which we love and are always patient with my kids.

Elisabeth Maguda

This place is beyond inconsiderate! If you're looking for a place for a basic cut by someone with very limited skills then you got the right place. Otherwise, save your $20 on a barber shop that will actually do a nice cut. When they mess your kids head up pretty much every time & you go back for a fix you'll be ignored, sitting there waiting for hours! We walked out initially yet, refused to lose my money & let them get away with that!

alicia bonito

molly c

Susan Militariu

My granddaughter goes there and LOVES it. Her favorite hairdresser is Ashley and we try to only go when she is there! She's fun and does a great job. She makes my granddaughter feel so special. We can't imagine going anywhere else. It's a little pricey but, in my opinion, well worth it.

Cathy Cormier

A little pricey for kids, but soooooo kid friendly

R Lynch

amy lubin

Alexandra Prusinowski

I went today with my 2 year old son, best customer service ever! My son has a sissor phobia so I always had to trim his hair here and there when he sleeps. The angle who cut my sons hair had so much patience with him since he was screaming the whole time. She was so amazing with cutting his hair. Will be coming back ASAP when it’s time for his next trim. :D

Corissa Sainato


Danica F.

Jennifer Silvernale

Thank you so much for the great experience we will be back. Kayleigh was really good with Stephen

Shukhrat Kamalov

Great for kids.

Nora Nido

Hilda Perez

mario castañeda

Suzanne Laskevitch

Neil Patel

Suzie k

Erin Parker

Marilyn Richards

Chris Mahar

Courtnae Bentammar

Love that they are kid friendly. But haircuts for boys it a little expensive. Even for a trim.

William Vanderrest

I give them credit for cutting hair on moving children. I couldn't do it. But the haircut is always uneven. My older som can sit through a haircut now and it's still a mess.

Lovely Wife

Every nice ladies

Pradnya Kadale

We went to snip-its on Sunday afternoon and it was very busy and we had to wait for an hour but I would say it was totally worth it. My son has very thick, silky and straight hair, some hairdressers finds it difficult to work on but Tammy is a wonderful hairdresser. She did a great job and I am very happy with it. Will be definitely going back again.

Michele Livorsi

Janet Carter

Natalie Vaughan

Can not say enough nice things about snip its they are just amazing with kids and so reasonably priced. So happy we found this gem for our two girls after a not so great experience at another salon.

Tina Nolan

This is a great place to take kids! My son is autistic and has adhd and this is the only place I can take him for a haircut. The staff is great, patient, and polite. Prices are reasonable, but you will spend $20 on a children’s haircut. There are monitors in front of the barber chairs and the kids can watch a movie or play games. It’s just a perfect place for kids. I hope this place stays around for a long long time.

Vegana deganas

Perfect a little bit pricey

Junaid Chaudhary

This place may be busy but the girls in the working are real rough, ATLEAST THIS ONE HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS DOING....if I could post a photo of my kids haircut right now y'all would be disappointed like I am. Don't even know how to hold a pair of scizzors..get some real certified hair cutters instead of highschool dropouts

Jeff sarnelli

Esther Marrero

Place is very nice,. I took my grandson n Renee was the hairdresser. She was not very pleasant, my grandson has long curly hair n he was whining n she says to him that if he would let his mom comb his hair he wouldn't be whining, My grandson was also looking for sympathy, because he got hurt n she tells him that he's being dramatic since he sat on the chair. No customer service skills! I will not bring my grandson back their again. She lucky I wasn't in a bad mood like she seemed to be.

Kate Siciliano

Great place for kids haircuts - they are masters at getting my boys to sit still (enough)!

kittycst123 Derosier

Took my grandson for his first haircut - very long, thick, curly hair....was a great experience for him! He loves his hair:) worth every penny to have a professional cut with a child who cant wait to go back!

Tiffany Rodriguez

Gwen did my sons hair and she was absolutely amazing. She is patient and works fast so that the child doesnt get impatient.

Lauren Shettleworth

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