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REVIEWS OF Ulta Beauty IN Colorado

james Madden

If I wore makeup I'd buy it here.

Denny Smith

Bout time!

dancingpap .

Mikki Briteside

Nice store! Well stocked.

Krista McCann

Helped me find a palet for my wife even though i know nothing about makeup. Thanks mehgan.

Diane DeVries

Stacy Perrone

Went to Ulta Old Saybrook this past Saturday. Taylor was very helpful helping me find a great foundation- she also matched my skin tone perfectly. Helped me with other products as well. Very knowledgeable and very nice. Naomi at the brow bar was also great. She did a great job and was helpful about products as well. Overall, very happy with my experience!

Ben Gaudio

Needs more people working

Nanas Chaparro

Brandi Tanner

Christine Marcheterre

The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Huge selection of cosmetics, fragrances and hair products!

Melissa .

eileen bujda

Christina Whitlock

Amazing!!!! Angela help me today. She's really nice.

J corunner

Update: MUCH better guard was there who observed but didn't act like a fool. Due to some street people coming in at times in the area, they need one. SUPER nice lady helped me throughout the store. She was super helpful and kind. Due to the new experience, they moved up to 5 stars for me. ======================================================== Awful experience. If I didn’t need this makeup, I wouldn’t have stayed. Aggressive security guard followed me to every aisle. The ladies up front were nice, but a VERY uncomfortable vibe. Makeup was not stocked. Testers not stocked. This is not the Ulta you’re looking for - at all.

Jennifer C.

Friendly helpful staff

Kristen Desaulniers

I went to the Old Saybrook location and Heidi was my stylist. She is amazing and saw the picture of what I wanted and I walked out with a big smile on my face. I trust her with my hair needs. Wonderful place!

Katie Graffum

julio crespo

Sophie Maleri

Very helpful and friendly staff, helped me find what I was looking for. Bright and organized.

Tiesha DiMaggio

It's Ulta. It's like the mother ship calling me home. Well later out store and staff is always helpful and friendly.

Allyson McClain

Clean store, great staff. I've had a facial and a hair treatment with cut, both were great, their specialists are very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable!

Jordan Beebe

Cathy Meehan

Great selection. Customer friendly.

Lisa Garceau

Love Natasha she does a fantastic job with my hair and is very personable and sweet❤

nancy wilcox

Laura Mercier

Kimberly Jung

Claire Sawyer

This location didn't carry the product I was looking for, but one of the associates, Shawn I think was his name, was wonderful. He was friendly and tried his best to recommend other products. Took off two stars because the cashier, Sarah, was very rude and treated both me and my friend as an inconvenience rather than customers. Didn't say anything to me except, "Give me your phone number" and once I declined signing up for a membership became silent and cold. Wished her a nice day to no response. Overall beautiful location.

Victoria Babich

Staff was very friendly, I feel like the staff at every ulta I've been too are very friendly and helpful, love this store for all my beauty needs

Kathleen Brown


Didn't find any bargains here...Walmart and Walgreen has many of the same items for less.

Catherine Nystrom

Tonya Brown

Charlene Maddocks

Best place to get all your hair products. I have naturally curly hair and they have a variety to choose from for any curl type. And for any hair style. Can't say enough good things about Ulta.

Domini Censner

Linda Gregg

Ulta did not honor a coupon that was not dated properly

Rafael Pacheco

My wife loves the brow bar veey good service

Madeline Loosemore

Patti Lustyik-stock

Danielle Fix

Christina Kolodziej

Great location & excellent selection!

Marty Ewing

Delaney Sailer

Pam Espinosa

Omg I always spend so much money


Sunny Kitten

They made a great first impression.... Not. I have been so excited about the opening of this location as it's close to home and I'd no longer have to drive across town for an eyeliner. I went in with my sister and our friend. We all had something we were eager to purchase. We were disappointed to find out they didn't carry certain brands that the other one does, like MAC. That part wasn't such a big deal. The worse part was the staff literally breathing down our necks as we shopped; one employee would ask if we needed help or had questions, to which we'd decline. We literally didn't even have time to fully turn around to view the product stand before ANOTHER staff member was approaching us to "check on us" all the while staring at our hands, and in several instances some of them were even trying to lean over far enough to look into our purses. They were not even being discreet. I'm not sure if they had a rough morning and caught someone stealing or if they were just paranoid beyond belief... (side note: My sister, our friend and I have no desire to steal. We had money and had every intent in paying for our items. We carry Coach and LV purses, and had just gotten paid that day. I had shoved my jacket in my purse BEFORE I entered the store, and the manager watched me put my wallet on top before I even entered the second set of doors.) At one point, I had accepted an employees offer for help and asked her to price check a lip gloss that was on sale. As soon as she walked off, one of the two managers came over and asked me, if we needed help. I told her no thank you, an employee is currently price checking an item for me and would be right back. She proceeded to very persistently try and take the second lip gloss I was holding out of my hand and argued that she'd just do it even when I said the other girl was already walking back towards me. She, then would not leave us alone for over 10m making small talk, while staring at our hands and our purses. Then she walked to the door and grabbed a shopping bag and literally shoved it into my sisters hand and said "you need to use this." At another point, all three of us were in an isle looking at a highlighter, and there were no less than 6 employees surrounding us, staring at us, two of which were managers. I understand that as a manager of a new store, especially a high demand product like brand name makeups, you have to be alert and attentive to your inventory but they were not professional about doing so. They were, instead, incredibly overbearing and unprofessional. We were made to feel so uncomfortable that we put several items back, paid for one or two items apiece, left and went to the other location. Also, I'm sure it's part of the job, to try to push the member cards or whatever but as I went to cash out my items, the girl who rang me out pushed her ear piece to her ear as if to listen, and made eye contact with the manager before asking for my personal address... You cannot run a business successfully if you're going to treat every customer that enters your building, like a criminal that needs to be watched like a hawk. My sister and I spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars at Ulta stores, to get treated like this? Almost all of our makeup is from Ulta, and we have never had issues with a store or employee before this one. I'd rather just drive to the one up north end of town or in another town.

amanda brooks

So sad, I was excited to have a makeup store on this side of town.

Kathy Campanaro

went for a second time for a curly perm so far not to happy !!! it looks like my hair is just wrinkled, flat on top there is no bouncy curls I went in after I had set my hair it was curly and I like the way it looks that was November 22 2015, bad perm ???? so I am going to ? deal with it for a few days well I washed my hair today 1/1/16 it's been 6 days since I got my redo ( I think it was a bad perm )I don't know if they even know what they are doing All I know Is that I have't any luck with ULTA BEAUTY

Kim Cruzen

Kim Heath

Meg Griggs

I love the people most of all! From my stylist (Sara-Raye) to the staff I always am greeted with a smile! One of my favorite things about this store is that they always remind me of coupons I may have and specials. Sean who is one of the managers is so polite and very personable. Always a good experience.

Marie Dufore

McKenzie at the salon is awesome! Very professional and an amazing stylist and colorist.

Janice Ames

They have a great selection of skin care products, hair care products and perfume, be sure to get on their email list so you'll know when amazing deals are happening and you get a free prize on your birthday?

Lucy Smith-Student

Walked in and many new eager faces wanted to help us find what we wanted. They did! They helped in many departments as the store wasn't busy yet... it had just opened so we got one on one customer service. Loved our first experience here. So glad to finally have a beauty supply store on this side of town. Will visit often!

Sophia Clark

Alison Kathan-Fisher

Sinco Steendam

Accommodates husbands with no clue

Miechele Boedefeld

I will be back wonderful service great customer service I'm blown away for the area it's in. Great place I hope it stays that way peace and love to all at ulta

Janie Cortez

Leeanne Jake

Pleasant staff. Knowledgeable. Large variety of products.

Steven Cascione

_Miss Savage_

Brittany Powley

Gloria Velez

Absolutely wonderful

Lucas Bannister

Large cosmetics store. I find it strange that it's primarily organized by brand rather than function.

Danielle C

D. DeCristoforo

Check it out

Shella Latronica

Phyllis Haut

Check our was perfect but the gal that was helping us was less than perfect. Walked away from us without saying a word. Strange!

Gi Good

This is my go-to place for all fragrance and beauty needs! The service is always top-notch. The only downfall is their lack of hair accessories for ethnic hair. If that is what you are looking for, you will need to go somewhere else. I also love that you can use an online coupon with most visits. And you can sign up for better deals as well!

Mandy Klink

Haley Dawn

THEY JUST OPENED TODAY AND MY FRIENDS AND I ARE NEVER GOING BACK!!!!! When we walked in we wernt even there for 3 minutes before 5 different workers kept asking if we need anything. I get it that's there job but every step we would take there was someone right in front of our faces. Also my sister who went with us was trying to get a price check on a lipgloss then a manager started standing over us, asking if we need anything , and we said no. So she stood there staring after a very uncomfortable minute then grabbed a bag for my 2 tiny products even tho I rejected the first time. So I just took it. My friend left cuz she was sooo uncomfortable. They seriously were following us around like we were about to steal. It made such an easy trip awful.. we left feeling so uneasy. I also want to say that they don't sell mac or bh there... like c'mon. Anyways now I have to travel 30 min to another one just to feel comfortable and welcomed. Very disappointed..

Jordan Euskolitz

Susan Brathwaite

tatjana reynolds

Lacey Chrystal

Matthew Luchuk

Helga Moon

Amanda Swan

Stephanie Martinez

Very helpful staff

De-Ann Maurice

Had my stubborn!!!hair full head highlights,plus cut$157.00! But! McKenzie really knew my hair and what I wanted!! There was no way I could have done that job at home. She ended up using all the blue toner because my brown to blonde Jennifer Ashton hair likes to turn orange first and needs tone. PLUS!! She had to use heat!! And matrix says No HeAT! But my hair doesn't fall out,it's just wants to be a redhead!

Elaine Garrity

Best make up store! All high end brands

Deb Gordon

Rachel did multi- tone coloring of my hair. She was awesome! My hair looks like it did when I was 40!!! I absolutely love it

Cameron L

Akima Sloan

Jennifer Blanchard

OBSESSED with this new location.Thank you Ulta gods for coming to the south side.

yee yee gang

Alex Lee

Erica Parise

Danielle is the best, she has a great personality, is super knowledgeable and always ready to help!

K lèë

Tori Buchanan

They have great stock but I was really hoping to get some help and there seemed to be no one working except for one girl at the register.

Angelina Rexach

Poor service. Only attentive to watch and see if someone will take something but are too lazy to offer assistance. Also are not educated in regards to the quality of the makeup or which products are best for your specific skin type. Never felt this uncomfortable at any other location. I enjoy getting my products at ulta, but will for now on only go to other location where staff is helpful, friendly and knows their stuff. Only friendly face I encountered here was the cashier at checkout.

Nicole Cook

Love this location! The store was very neat and organized. The testers were clean and stocked. The employees were extremely friendly & helpful. Would recommend this Ulta over the Powers & Briargate stores any day!

Sheri Robayo

These Ladies are great! I went to Ulta in Old Saybrook last week for a cut & color with Sarah M.. The color did not turn out the way I expected. They were able to get me in the very next day to rectify the issue. Sarah M. knew exactly what to do to get me to a color that worked well for me. Heidi was fantastic and supportive on the phone when I called in a panic and Caitlin gave a great assist! Thank you Ulta in Old Saybrook. XO

Tonya Foerch


sean knight

Alice Jain

Great service

Jesusa Robinson

Coni Pekoske

Teresa McKay

Kayla is an amazing stylist and shapes eyebrows perfectly!

Amy Amenta

Helpful staff

Eli davis

I'd recommend as a man getting my hair cut here over those new age barber places

MacKenzie Dickerson

ted m. king

andrea rosario

Wendy Oberg

I have only been in the store once so can not honestly rate it. The staff was very helpful and friendly the day I was there so will give it 4 stars for first impressions. The only other review appears to be from a stylist (?) who feels threatened by Ulta in some way. I would imagine that big chains might make it hard for small salons however, I know what it takes for a happy client to leave a stylist in a local never happens. Women will travel miles to stay with someone who knows how to give them a good cut and style. I really don't think Ulta is that big of a threat to the small salons in the area....really.

Diandra Stacy

Amada Aimeé

Lavinia Simons

Jahayra Lopez

Rohanna F

rile k

Kelley Duncan

Dora Nasution

Kalley Nelson

So helpful with tips and guidance to look like a beauty queen. You leave feeling confident

Claudine Aurello

Faith McMahon

Quinn Miller

Joanna C

The staff was not as helpful in Saybrook as they had been in other stores.

Sharice McCarter

I love everything about Ulta. They have anything and everything you might need for your hair, skin, and cosmetic ventures ❤️

Kim Blankenburg

Caitlin in Old Saybrook gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever gotten.

michele auger

Alfonso Luen Encarnacion

Sarrah Little


Raymond Nunez

Awesome place to go to for all your beauty needs. I went in to buy something that was considwred scarce in many ultas in the area. Customer service is top notch here, ulta in manchester has to learn customer service from this store.

Chance Leandri

Had good prices across the store

Gabriel Vela

Kristi L

I decided to go to Ulta after being told I would have better service and selection to choose from. Here I am walking into Ulta, feeling good, and ready to spend some money. Not one associate greeted me. Ok. Find someone to help me. Kinda felt like they would see me coming and run. Tried several times. Ok. Ill look myself. Now I have a sense Im being followed. Yeah I am. So I asked this person if they could help me. Was told to find customer service. Yep Im out. Walked passed I guess security at the door. No "Have a nice day" Nothing. Went somewhere else and had a really good experience. I will try again at this Ulta. Others have had amazing experiences here. Hoping it was just a bad day.

Ms Alicia Marie

Lisa Morris

Love this place ! Always helpful, have what I need, good sales. And who doesn't love make-up ?

Allyson Preble

czac hangartner

My wife apps to I got this place knows a wide variety from budget friendly to high end palettes accessories and tools. They almost always have a special bonus item that if you buy X amount of something you get a Bag worth quite a bit of money as a bonus!!! They also have a make up cosmetic application station.

Sheila Valene

This is the newest Ulta in Colorado Springs. It does NOT have a handicap accessible entrance, and be prepared to trip on the rugs! Staff is friendly but not particularly knowledgeable about their computer system yet (though the store is new). Store is clean, organized, brightly lit, and well stocked. Everyday prices are high but sale prices are great (follow on Facebook and get email alerts to be in the know on their deals).

Dave Vollhardt

Lisa Noyes

koffi Ford

The staff was wonderful and so helpful!!! Better than the one on Powers.

Marsha Bowman

Tabby R

sheila cambridge

The service was pleasant and everyone was polite and helpful

Mandy Fritzgarald


Nancy Tepper

Makaylah McDonald

If I could give this place 100+ stars, I would! The staff are friendly, the place is phenomenal, excellent service, and the brow bar is amazing!

Saimah Abbasi

Good place to shop for your cosmetics but

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