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REVIEWS OF The Salon Professional Academy Colorado Springs IN Colorado

Lucy M.

Great place! They did an amazing job on my haircut.

Michelle Yarbrough

I loved it here. The receptionist wasn't that great when it came to her attitude. So I was a little hesitant, I mean first impressions mean everything. But then Corina came to get me gave me a tour of the facility. She was great I was there for 3 hours but I knew that was going to happen. It is a school. She dyed my hair, treated it and cut it. Each process was checked by a teacher to make sure Corina was doing the right things. I loved her and can't wait to go back! The color was $26, treatment $10 and cut $11. So for everything it was $47. I couldn't be happier!!

Brenda Richardson

My student, Nicole has worked with me and my request. She is very patient. She has improved in the area for becoming faster and still gives quality to my request. Thank you for everything.

Kayla Hancock

To start, I appreciate all the hard work that my artist put in. I was in the chair for 6 hours and she was very kind and I know her heart was in her work. I am saddened that my hair turned out nothing compared to the picture that was used for reference. I have had wild colors in the past and do like how my hair turned out but it is not what I wanted, nowhere near. Teachers and students all complemented the dye, but not one admitted that it did not look like my picture. The top of my hair is very red and the bottom of my hair is very orange. I was wearing a white crocheted cardigan that during rinsing water ran down my back and red dye stained the cardigan. I cannot bleach It because the bleach will eat through the fine material.It was also a messy paint job as my ears and forehead are orange. At checkout, I asked if there could be compensation for my ruin garment. It is $15 per color and three colors were used. My compensation was half off ONE color. I'm not sure if I will return. As it is just hair and the color will fade and I can do whatever I want at a later date. There was no point for me to complain in the moment as the deed was already done and I had just wanted to go home at this point. Keep in mind these are all students and I wish no ill will. But I do want someone who's providing a service to admit fault.


The instructor told the student they couldn't do my hair because I previously used box dye on my hair and they didn't know anything about the brand I used. I was then offered a deep condition treatment as my only option...I want my color fixed, I don't want a deep condition. I was literally turned away for using box dye. I used box dye because I couldn't afford the higher prices at my usual salon and I went there as a cheaper alternative. I felt that I was being punished for using a dark box dye. Will not go back, will not take classes there. Waste of time.

Carrie N.

Stefanie Savell

Was happy so far, but yesterday my new shirt was ruined, and the Salons response was 'put hair spray on it - it SHOULD come out'!!!! I have requested multiple times a second layer coat while she put on my color (3 hours long!!!!) to make sure my clothes don't get any stains! Now I am getting accused of lying, because I never addressed any concerns to the student! Horrible customer service - you get what you pay for that is for sure! They lost not just me, but all my referrals as potential clients!

Chanel Hill

I have been going to this student salon for years, I have a complicated hair cut and bleach my hair. The students here have always done a good job, some more friendly then others, but the end result is always me leaving happy with my look. I always go to whoever they assign me, my only complaint is that sometimes they are too cautious. Not sure if they should cut more, scared to bleach etc. but i rather have someone who is careful and ask questions then someone who snips first and asks later. end result i love it here

Deb in Alabama

UPDATE: EXCELLENT SERVICE ...I've been 3 times over the past 1.5 years & have been very-very satisfied. I had a "chop-job" done last summer, as I was undergoing radiation & only wanted it a bit shorter so my hair would comfortably "fit" into the face mask I had to wear during radiation. However, the place I went to did such a bad job that I literally cried. So you can imagine my hesitation going anywhere else. I took a chance & each time I've been very-very pleased, as they are still "correcting" that 1.5 years later hair is so much healthier now & is finally evening out nicely. The only downside is you get a different person, as students graduate. I always choose the ones about to graduate because of their experience. What I like is that the student has a trainer that ALWAYS checks everything out prior to, during & after. So you're basically getting 2 for 1 on price, as well as experience. Last person I had was Racheal on 10-29-15, and she was great. She's graduating so her last day is 12-22-15 (go see here before she goes, as I promise you will be pleased)! Also, Kitty who works the front desk is such a lovely Christian lady. She's been there ever since I started coming, and I really-really like her. So check them out and tell them Deb B. sent you! ;-) <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, STAFF, TECHNICIANS ...ALSO CLEAN & COMFORTABLE SALON: This is my 2nd visit within 6 months & both times I've been more than pleased. I was extremely hesitant to begin with, since they are students. Especially, after a horrible "chop-job" I had at a different salon last summer. It was the absolute worst cut in about 25-years & it was cut way too short on top of it (always had long hair). So when I came to Salon Professional Academy both the student & the instructor worked with me in helping to "correct" my horrible hair-cut. They did a fantastic job 6 months ago & last week they did it again. I even had a different student this time (KIM) & her instructor was SWAYNE. KIM (who is a senior student that's graduating in Aug) listened to her instructor & did exactly what was suggested. So I left once again with a much better hair-cut that made my hair look so much healthier Still have a little ways to go to get my hair back to "normal", but if they keep this up it will be "normal" before long! Also, KITTY at the front desk is so charming you can't help but stay & chat with her. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with going. They also recommend great products. Unfortunately, I cannot afford extras right now. However, I still keep the list with me, as they write them all down for you for reference, which I do like. So if you do like something, you can always come back later to purchase it. FYI ...don't know about later, but if you purchase product the day of haircut I believe the stylist gets a little "kick-back" on that, which I think is nice. So keep that in mind, as you're also helping them out.DON'T FORGET TO TIP ..they deserve it! Don't be shy about tipping extra, if they did an especially good job & you can afford it! HAPPY HAIRCUTS! ;-)

Sabrina Bastien

Marlene Davis

I have been a client for 2 years and am now working with my third student. Nicole Leavitt is my latest student and she has only been on the floor a couple months and did an outstanding job coloring my hair the first time. Supervision is superb and I have never been disappointed in any way. Even the receptionists are fantastic. Keep up the good work

Elizabeth Diane Martin

The Salon Pros have always done a superior job working with me over five years, flexing with my changing opinions. :) The students do very well, meeting every challenge with the guidance of the instructors. The Academy stands behind their work and everyone is trained to listen well. 5 stars!

Jey mutch

It was awesome the people were nice they do the right cut after there done it looks perfect. The waiting is ok it's not the best but it's worth it.

Tanya Nielsen

I cannot believe the reviews that I am reading here. People this is a school where students are learning. Quit being so cheap and complaining about the service if you're going to a school. This is a great place where great stylist, manicurist and estheticians come from. Many hours both on the management/ teaching side as well as the student side to learn this trade is hard work!! I just can't believe how rude and harsh people can be with their words when referring to people who are learning.. Just disgusted!

CupCakeKindergarten Vlog

Brittany Waugh

Do not ever go here to get a pedicure! I went back in March and got some type of foot infection and it is still not gone. Foot creams haven't helped at all. My foot looks disgusting, and I will never recommend or go back to here again!

Jed Davis

Absolutely nothing! Horrible place to get hair done! Went in for a highlight and walked out looking like a pumpkin with Dalmatian spots. Had to prepay for services. Sat in a chair for 5 hrs and left with unfinished wet ruined hair. When I complained was told oh well! Such a waste of money I understand these kids are here to learn that's why I asked way in advance if this was going to be to hard for him. I can't really blame the student I blame the instructor. That school just wants to fill their pockets with money with no regard as to how much their customers pay for their mess ups!

Jena Anson

I've gotten my hair cut here, simple straight across to layered. All well done. Even had my highlights done. So far a good experience, but it is a school so I'm not expecting perfection.

Emily Fields

Julie Aragon

Casey C

The hassle is not worth the money saved. Spend the extra dollars and go to Veda where the stylists know what they're doing. I scheduled my bridesmaids to get their hair done 3 hours before we had to leave for the church. I assumed they would have enough time to do their makeup, get dressed, and grab lunch after the hair appointment. 30 minutes before we had to leave for the church, my bridemaids come running in, scrambling to get even the slightest bit of makeup on before we have to leave. It was a disaster. There hair looked fine but it shouldn't have taken 2.5 hours to do. And they sprayed their hair with sparkles. What is this, the junior prom? My hair was much more complicated and it only took the stylist at VEDA 45 minutes to do. It was ridiculous. Spare yourself the stress and go somewhere else for important event updos.

Jessica Grossi

Tony Davis

Ive been apart of the TSPA for about 6 months and so far so good...The staff is easily approachable and willing to help with anything if you ask them...The educators are well rounded as far as knowledge and skills go, and the entire enviroment is for the most part a productive and relax one...In every institution there is always room for growth and improvement and one thing i enjoy about TSPA is even if its A STUDENT that makes a suggestion the staff here actually makes changes...However the school is not for the weak of heart when it comes to motivation and hussle...They give you clients and experience but they also give you tough love by making their students have to be more hands on with actually gaining clients and appointments for THEMSELVES because in the real world you wont be babysat...I think its a good strategy for the students benifit because it give students the choice on how much they want and how far they want to go in this industry...SO CHECK IT OUT

Joshua Garcia

Drew Barnes

Ingrid Tonneman

I come here all the time for haircuts, and I have never had a bad experience. It takes a little longer than going to a regular salon, but that is because they are students and they are making sure you get what you want and that it is done correctly. I highly recommend coming here.

Anastasia Stiles

I have been going here for years they always had good services good prices but lately they can not keep their appointments, every time I make an appointment I get a call 15 minutes before my appointment time saying they have to cancel and they can never reschedule me or have somebody else cut my hair. I have been so disappointed in the way it is being ran I would not recommend any body to here. Spend a little more money and get the service you deserve.

Margaret Swafford

Nicole Leavitt did a treatment and blow-dry on my hair it came out awesome.

nick mclatchie

Went to the salon professional academy for my first time and had Nicole Leavitt and she did a great job. will come back

Wendy Coan

I have been going to The Salon Professional Academy in Colorado Springs for many years for hair color and highlights. The students are attentive to my needs, educated in the color process, and well supervised by highly trained staff of educators. I have always been satisfied with the service provided and at a fraction of the cost at regular salons, it is well worth it.

Sheryl Cloud

I have been going here for about a year and have had my hair colored and cut by 3 different students. Because they are still students, I go in knowing it will take a little longer, but I also know that the instructors are there every step of the way, checking their work. I have never left the salon unhappy with what has been done. (I may have had to do a small trim in places at home once or twice, but, hey, nobody's perfect!) The students and instructors have all been very pleasant, personable and friendly. Each time I have been here, I also have to say that the ladies at the reception desk have been exceptional, both in attitude and customer service. And you certainly can't beat the prices!

Lori Hambrick

Carla Schuster

Got a perm here. It is only guaranteed 48 hrs. They tell you not to wash your hair for 72 hrs. Perm was gone the first time I washed my hair. There is a reason they only guarantee for 48 hrs. Other schools have guaranteed 7 days. Will not be back.

Cathy Pott

I cannot afford the cost of a professional salon in my line of work. I was led to SPA when I first moved here in 2011. I discovered that while students were cutting & styling my hair, giving pedicures (among other things) that a seasoned educator was overseeing the work from beginning to end. Today Desiree did excellent work, was professional and engaging all the while being mentored by Greg as to what makes a hair cut professional yet customized to the client's style and preferences. Besides all this, I was given a dear friend of faith, Kitty Victor, who manages the academy . And now I know why it does so well. I love hearing the students speak lovingly and respectfully of her. May you & the academy always enrich the lives of students and prosper in all you are given to do!

Ron Thweatt

Good haircut. Exactly what I wanted.

Jossie Escobar

I got my hair colored and trimmed today by a student named Sylvia. She was amazing! Her instructor Mrs. Frazier was just as energetic and amazing. She helped her and explained the whole process step by step. The atmosphere was wonderful, they played great music. I also witnessed a student clocking out for her last shift. They applauded her down a walkway of her peers and wished her well. It was really beautiful to see the support they give each other. Last but not least Kitty thank you for everything!!!! You are the best. I really appreciate you and your staff. I am very pleased with my hair.

Amanda Ketteman

This place killed my child's hair it is falling out and looks grey. I was unable to be there with her due to illness and they ruined her hair. Asked for high lights and she got grey hair painted on her gorgeous hair. She looked like a Barbie that had been drown n the toilet. Worst service ever and teacher won't call me back.

Kendra Ann

I loved attending here at this school for makeup, I am personally debating on weather or not to come back for the second corse of the mud makeup program. I called the school months later after graduating to keep in touch about when I was planning on picking up my deploma. The girl who called and the woman I spoke to on the phone were both unpleasant, the woman I spoke to on the phone interupted me as I was explaining the reason I hadn't called back yet... She sounded as if I was wasting her time. I want to come back for the schooling, but, seriously girls, stop being so bitchy and unpleasant on the phones.. You'll only attract the rude customers out there and only your careers will be missirible because of the your choices of attitudes. Be polite eventhough you may not be living the best personal life. Good comes to those who have respect and who are respectful to others. Otherwise, great classes and teachers! ♡

Teekay Eym

I had been having a string of disappointing hair cuts until I got my hair done here! I can't speak for all the students or instructors, but I wasn't disappointed.

Foam Palmer

Great service. Jamie was exceptional and I will certainly return to her for additional services (this visit was for a manicure and pedicure).

Arianna Plazas

I have been here many times. The only place I will go for my cut and color. Great atmosphere, great prices, great customer service!

Phyllis Reder

Got my hair highlighted and they did a great job on that and haircut.they really listen to you when you tell them what you want.

Deb Brown

I have been gettting my hair colored at S P A for a few years now and am very satisfied! I especially enjoy getting to know the students!

Sheila Schaffer

I had my hair cut today. I was going from long hair to short hair - a completely different look - so I figured it would make a good learning experience for someone. The student and instructor did a great job and I have absolutely no complaints with the finished product. Everyone in the salon was very nice, friendly, patient and helpful. This process does take a lot longer than a haircut/style at a regular salon, but if you have the time to spend you get a reasonably priced cut and you help someone on their way to a new career.

Linda Smit

I hated everything about this school ... There was only 1 educator that knew anything and took the time to help the student, all others were rude and talked down to me and to the students when the student had questions! I'm not sure who runs this place but I'd never set foot in there again! They need to upgrade there staff, it takes more than 1 person to teach!

Erin galloway

Great quality cuts and color for a reasonable price. Staff and students are always friendly

Robin Guthrie

I have been going to this salon for over 2 years and haven't had one bad experience! Everyone is so polite and professional! Based on the fact that this is a SCHOOL, people need to know and understand that you are paying less for your service, because they are LEARNING. Don't take your bridesmades there if you are looking for perfection, don't wear brand new clothes if you are getting something done that involves chemicals, and plan to be there longer than a regular salon. In my opinion, the customer service trumps the little hassles of going to a school vs. a professional salon. I like the idea that I am helping these students start a career, and not paying ridiculous prices that some salons pay for the same service.

Amanda R

If I could give zero stars I would. I had called to schedule an appointment to touch up the Balayage I already had, I was told over the phone that it would only cost me $40 to bring it up higher. When I got there they charged me $75 to go over the blonde I ALREADY HAD. They didn't do what I had asked so I had to return the following week to get it fixed (they charged me a $10 "redo" fee to fix THEIR mistake) At the following appointment they turned my hair gray and said they had to turn it gray to "fully tone out the warm colors in my hair" I've washed it about 6 times trying to get this gray muddy color out of my hair and now I have to go to a professional and spend an additional $60 to get it fixed.

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