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REVIEWS OF Salon Utopia IN Colorado

Edeltraud Fedder

Great people and fantastic stylist.

Ericka Najera

Received Horrible service from a girl named Jade. She is SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL!! So dissapointing that one person can make a Salon look so bad!

Sanela Gerovic

Awesome service and David is amazing

Ian K

Tracy Salum

Stevie is Amazing and is truly a Master at color & design!!

Hayan Buergisser

Elicha Roberts

Love Natalia!


Jessica was great!!! Super fast and efficient blow dry at such a great price!! Thanks Jessica!!

Bryce Trice

All the stylist are amazing. My favorites are James and Shannon. I've been going to Salon Utopia for 3+ years. I'm in love and will be going here for many many years to come.

Kaitlyn Mestas

Doug Schmuecker

I have been going here for decades!

Anna Serdyuk

Miriam Tesfaye

Really good service and amazing work! Thank you, Salon Utopia.

Isaiah Thomason

Went for a men's cut, pretty simple fade and trim. She took too much off but only because she kept cutting for 30-40min. It was the most I've paid for a men's cut, and one of the worst trims. Layout is awkward, and half the people are straight from Russia. Then they insisted I pay in cash like it was some back alley drug deal. Eww.

Victoria Serdyuk

susan mcintire

James gave me the worst haircut I've ever had. So bad that I have to go to the Blow Dry Lounge and have it styled professionally to have it look almost presentable. My friends, husband, and the stylists at the Blow Dry Lounge don't understand how such a poor job could have happened. I specifically said NOT to layer my hair. He layered it. It is very thick and I said I needed it thinned out a lot, and it's still very think and shorter than I told him to cut it. There are chunks of uneven areas still, and this is after I had to ask him to clean it up when he said he was finished. It looks like a bowl. There was a section about 2" longer than the rest of my hair that he totally missed! A sloppy, careless job that I have to live with for a few months.

Nichelle R Downing

Most calming focused pedicure I've ever had. Not once did I feel like just an appointment. Natella made my feet feel as though I never had a rough spot ever. Thank you so much!

mara gras

Stevie McDonald

Its simply wonderful! U feel at home!

Loretta James

Daaimah LaVigne

Shannon does the best blow outs! 100% satisfied.

Martha Mann

Annette Banes

As along time client of James Mucker I have to give a shout out to James and David and the Salon as a whole. I like to say "My stylist is SOOOO talented." Best haircuts in the world and everyone there is always friendly, professional and having fun doing what they do.

Nina Faull

I have been going to Raisa for at least 10 years. She has given me the best perms, cuts, and colors. You could pick a cut, color, or style out of a magazine and she'll recreate it! She is an amazing professional and a talent, that's for sure! I am continually complemented on my hair color, even when it's begun to fade. And for the fellas, my husband, who would once go to whatever chain salon was nearby, has made Raisa his one and only stylist. She cuts his hair perfectly every time. The salon as a whole is amazing. It is very clean and the atmosphere is energetic! Everyone that works there is fun and outgoing...and always welcoming! The location is perfect, and I rarely have any issues finding a parking spot in the designated spaces. As you can probably tell, I would highly recommend Raisa as well as Salon Utopia!

Jonny Andrew

Jim took his time and did an excellent job, highly recommend him he knows his stuff!

Gina Chase

I have procrastinated on cutting my hair for over a year (due to previous experiences and cutting too short). Even upon booking the appointment, I asked for the best stylist since I have had such horrible haircuts before . Upon arrival , I was sat in a chair and I began to explain to the hairstylist (Dave), why I was afraid (without him even asking what I wanted to do with my hair ), and how little I wanted off my hair. Dave seemed to understand, and even showed me the length he wasn’t cutting , until it was too late. What I saw on the ground was over 3 inches, he did not even blow dry my hair (had some assistant do it bc he had another client , which seems to be VERY unprofessional in the first place to over book). After my hair cut was finished and blow dryed, I realized (as I already had in mind ) was once again ,it was cut Way Short! My nightmare has been relived again ! It was my bday weekend , and all I wanted was a trim / haircut that did not jeopardize my length! Even the receptionist asked if I “decided to go shorter” seeing the length removed on the ground. Needless to say, this was the worst haircut I’ve had in years. The layers are not even , and it has made my whole hair much thinner and shorter , it looks like I have a mullet . Ugh !!!


Francesco Spitaleri

I had an hair cut by Jim Speck. It was quite simple. Anyway, I like it a lot and I felt very comfortable.

Philip Aldridge

Martin Leece

Bummer on the Salon! My mom invited me to get my haircut with her today so we went and both scheduled at Salon Utopia with Natalyia, moms getting a color so while the color set Natalyia was going to cut mine. Well, the salon was pretty packed today and they seemed to have overbooked Natalyia so a tall fella named Stevie said he would cut my hair. We start well, whats my name, what kind of cut do I want etc... Move to the wash and Stevie's attention immediately jumps to two salon product saleswomen! Has animated conversation with them during the entire wash apologizing to me twice for his lack of attention during that process. If you are smart enough to know that something needs apologizing for then be smart enough to not do it (or at least stop!) in the first place. Now, we move back to the cut chair to the wash chair and Stevie is at it again, this time seeing another client walk in the door that he recognizes, mutters that this person is wayyy late, apologizes preemptively this time before walking away to talk to this client. Comes back one more time to touch my hair and talk about a cut that surely wasn't happening... This time when he comes back he asks me to go back and sit in the waiting area because he mixed up his schedule and needs to cut this other mans hair first. I walk back out to see my mom who still hadn't sat down for her color as they were still behind and overbooked. At this point I decided that I was going to leave so I walked up to the front desk to inform them that I was leaving. This part kills me too :( I stood up at the desk for about three minutes while 3 (I kid you not!) employees stood behind it. Not a single one would look me in the eyes and one of them had a loud conversation with someone sitting in the waiting chairs behind me. I finely just start talking at the middle lady and tell her that I am leaving; guess who hears this! Stevieeeeee who then starts calling across the salon to the front door where I am standing saying "what you don't want your hair cut?" "where are you going, pshh cant even wait for your hair cut?" I proceed to ignore, tell my mom I love her and leave :( So what is wrong with this picture? 1. Horribly unprofessional conduct from Stevie. He showed me that his other clients time was much more valuable than mine to him. Showed me that talking to sales reps was much more valuable then talking/being present with his customers. Stevie hit me with sass as a tool to try to embarrass me into waiting for him to finish his preferred customers hair. Anddddd last but not least asked my mom in the middle of her color why her son (Me) left. Why do you think Stevie? 2. Business is really trying to focus on volume. When you go to an expensive salon in Cherry Creek the LAST thing you want to feel like is that you are walking through a busy food court in Park Meadows. You want to feel like the person cutting your hair is focused on you and not on 100 other things. 3. Last, that darn front desk. You ever been at a downtown bar and just cant get the attention from any of the bartenders?? I shouldn't have to try for your attention when there are three employees standing behind the front desk and its just me standing on the other side :( DISCLAIMER: I don't look like the usual kind of person going to a Cherry Creek salon! Today I wore a white Darth Vader Tshirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket (I ride my motorcycle everywhere haha). I also have a pretty sizable scar on my face so im not what most would call pretty. I do however shower every morning and have good if not great general hygene. I think my lack of apparent and gaudy money made this entire establishment forget their manners today :( Moral of the story: More expensive things should come with GREAT customer service. If they don't consider voting with your $$ and going elsewhere. (Like me and my lovely mother)

Marisol Belmontes

Joysann Gomez

Christian Family

I brought my wife to her 930 appointment. The young lady in the front said she would go let the stylist know she's here. Came back 5 mins later and asked who were we here to see again... 25 minutes later I had my wife check to see if her stylist got the message, only to find out she wasn't here. After a couple of phone calls to the stylist, she said she was on her way. Hope I can find a new stylist to replace this one.

Christine Bolton

Stevie did a beautiful job on my haircut today. The salon was inviting and rofessional. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Garcia

Jackie Hardaway

I have been going to this salon for almost 15 years. All the staff is awesome and David the owner is fantastic. I go to him for my hair wouldn't go anywhere else.

vipin amar

april pluss

I have never written a review, but saw the other postings and noticed that James has not been recognized. He is the best! I have been having my hair done (cut, color & blown-dried) for almost 30 years by him. It started with my wedding day. He has also taken care of many celebrities when they are in town. He keeps current and listens to his clients needs. He does take his time though. I highly recommend James and Salon Utopia.

Petchompoo sanpanit

Jessica is my new go to!! So glad I found her! I have a very thick and course hair AND SHE HANDLED ‘EM! My blow out is amazing. Just take a look yourself. Parking can be a challenge so plan ahead since it is cherry creek.

Tess Pence

Let me tell everyone a story .I was facing getting married , vacation & my 43 birthday when with a lil too much fireball & nerves i cut my hair off complete mistake , i woke up in the morning like errrr what in the hell girl lol, So i called 20 Salons no one could do my hair in time for my trip untill i ran across Fluffto see Ethan , was told my hair was too short and they did not have time even tough i made a 2 hour appointment heart broken , feeling ugly & defeated my husband decided to take charge and he called Utopia James rushed me in , made me feel at ease got my hair in 2 days and then installed it .He took his time to teach & educate me on putting my clip in's in lol and he is a amazing , creative , gift to the world ,who goes above & beyond anything i have ever experienced.The staff is amazing too.I left feeling like a queen & got my womanhood back :) So if beauty is your thing this is the place for you .From 1 striving , living , loving life woman to you all :)

Shameca Farris

So I came in for a last minute to for a simple blow out.. I knew calling would be risky since it was a Saturday and most salons were booked. So at an attempt at a hail Mary I called. As an African American women it's hard to find salons especially in Denver that are certified in handling hair of woman of color. So I decided to take the risk, it was only a blowout anyway... I called the receptionist Bilal was very kind, professional and most importantly understanding. He was able to squeeze me in with a gentleman named Stevie that afternoon. When I walked in the Salon was very vibrant and upbeat! Which I love. I was immediately greeted by Bilal I told him wime spoke over the phone an hour prior and he was immediately enthusiastic.. He was kind and attentive while a waited for Stevie.. When he showed me Stevies chair he greeted me so warmly. I felt like I knew he forever. I told him my reservations be he put at ease. I loved him! He is amazing! I think I found my Prince of hair after dealing with toads! Definitely will be back!

Sean Boyd

Earlier today my 33 week pregnant wife, in tow with our 14 month old son, visited a small local business near Salon Utopia in Cherry Creek for a much needed chiro appt. Entering into the small parking lot, my wife discovers that the spaces for the business she is visiting were full. Yes, she made the decision (bad one) to park in one of the available spaces provided to patrons of Salon Utopia. She parked, attended her appointment and returned to the car. In drives David Leon, the owner of Salon Utopia. David Leon pulls into the available space next to where my wife is parked, gets out of the car, takes a look at my wife's pregnant belly - apparently making a connection that she was not a customer of his salon and proceeds to confront my wife about where she parked. This is entirely reasonable. She absolutely should not have parked there. Unfortunately, this is where David Leon crosses the line. David Leon confronts my wife and then proceeds to verbally harass and physically intimidate my wife - my 33 week pregnant wife who is carrying my 14 month old son. David Leon, while confronting my wife, walks to within a few feet of her demanding to hear what she said as a response to his demand. After his third attempt, my wife responds, "you need to leave me alone or I will call the police." The harassment escalates further and with an intimidating voice demands that she follow through with calling the police. My now scared and intimidated wife repeats herself, "you need to leave me alone." Thankfully, this is where it ends. Are you kidding me, David Leon? Is this how you treat your customers and employees? Beyond confronting a bad behavior, is it at all appropriate to use your voice and physical presence to intimidate and harass someone? Not okay - at all.

Jennifer Reyes

Horrible service from a stylist named Jade super unprofessional, had me running in circles changing my appt time a couple minutes before I had to be there. Happened 5 times before she showed up. Never again!

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