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REVIEWS OF Salon 695 Formerly Contage IN Colorado

Carolyn Todd

Love my hairstylist Brittany Spears Siebold! She rocks it no matter what I ask her to do! She's the best!

Lia Reptar

Very clean salon with skilled stylists. Brittany always does my hair and every time I leave loving my new look! I recommend her to all of my friends!

Allie Q

I am thrilled with Contage! I see Lisa Hickenbottom for color after a friend who has followed Lisa for 30 years. I cannot recommend her skills highly enough. She is exceptional.

Melody Jamali

Mary Taylor is amazing! Her sound advice and skill always leaves me feeling perfectly coiffed and very happy. I LOVE each and every visit. I'll be a customer for life.

Micaela Messina

Brittany Seibold has been doing my hair for years now. I have never had any problems at Contage, I will follow Brittany to any salon she chooses. She is friendly, professional, and good at what she does, I'm lucky to have found her!

Delaney Liebbe

Isa Q cut and died my hair, and she did a fantastic job! It was my first time coloring my hair, and I couldn't have imagined it going better. My hair is very thick and was very long, and Isa has no problem with coloring it. I would definitely recommend if someone is looking for a simple haircut or a complex coloring job!!

Riley BeDan

Very professional, clean and great service. Very friendly staff, and reception desk. The cut I received was the best cut I have ever had. I look forward to coming back here. I Highly recommend!!!

Melanie Bloom

Margaret Knowlton

Lisa did a great job with a complicated pedicure..Will go back...

Hayley Marie

Verbal abuse from stylist The stylist was 15+ minutes late for my color/cut, but I told her that it was no big deal. I wasn't in a hurry at all. But when she was partially through my cut, she asked if I liked my color, and I very passively mentioned that I was a tiny bit uncomfortle with the unevenness between sides. That's when she started verbally abusing me. I immediately began crying in response to her verbal abuse and name-calling. I didn't engage. She told me that I didn't have to pay and to just leave. I said I wanted to please pay to have it fixed, but she refused, because she said that she was in a hurry to pack for New York the next morning. However, before I walked out the door, she guilt-tripped me about how expensive her New York trip was, so I asked how much money she wanted, and I paid her that amount + tip. I left still in tears. She never even finished the cut. :( It took me over a month to be able to write this review, because the whole experience was so traumatic.

Treva Ochoa

This is the worst place!!!! Inexperienced hair stylist, I received a horrible "chop job" Unprofessional staff, Over-all experience awful!!!!! Save your money and time and go to a professional salon.

Vince Bedan

T morgan fishinG

Brittany always does a spectacular job on my hair. fast and accurate in a great environment I recommend her to everyone I know:)

Denise Maes

Lisa Hickenbottom is an excellent colorist and stylist. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Diane Wozniak

Lisa is the best when it comes to color. A true artist and such a pleasure to talk with.

Susan Reisser

Lisa Levab does great nails.

Christine Fukami

I have been going to Shilo for facials for a couple of years. She provides an excellent experience every time. Her skill is superior and her prices are very reasonable. More than that, she is a really terrific person. I always enjoy my time with her.

Matt T

Brittany Seibold is the best!

Anjanette Steadman

Carol is the best! She has been doing my hair for years and she is excellent at cutting, coloring, and styling! She also does a great job with children. Everyone is extreamly friendly which makes every visit a great one. They also carry stylish products. If you have a chance you should try Contage!

Lili Weiner

Contage is my second home. I have been going there for more than 30 years. Everyone is so friendly, the atmosphere is great. I love my hair dresser Mary Taylor she is the best. She's always accommodating love talking to her. I feel like she is one of my closest friends. We have been through a lot together. Did I mention she is the best hair stylist in the world.

Pamela Lehman

Contage is the best. Everyone there is extremely helpful and nice. Brittney Seibold has worked wonders with my extremely naturally curly hair. I have found my lifelong hairdresser.

Vesper Tanaka

They have a great staff and tons of talent.

Miranda Wooten

I LOVE this place! I’m greeted as soon as I walk in the door and the atmosphere is very welcoming, fun, and energetic. I get my hair cut by Kerry B and have been for years! She is very patient, professional, and listens to what I want and what I’m looking for in a hairstyle, even when I DON’T know what I want. I have naturally curly hair and it has been a challenge for me to find a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair, now I can fully trust my hair is in good hands! My hair always looks and feels amazing when I leave the salon. I get many compliments and am always asked ‘who cuts your hair’? I’m so grateful to have Kerry B as my hair stylist and highly recommend her as she’s AMAZING!

Brianna Supulver

TM Och

Horrible Horrible, the woman who cut my hair Had no idea what she was doing. I can say I Have never had a haircut as bad as this one . Now for the additionally awful experience, I went to the reception to check out. I stood at the counter for 5 minutes while 5 receptionists Stood around talking I was totally ignored. With so many salons in Denver , do not choose Contage, I’ll b wearing a baseball cap for awhile. Once my hair grows out I’ll go to a professional. Awful awful experience TM

Hailey Bachmann

I’ve gone numerous times and seen various stylists, each time to be somewhat disappointed with the overall quality of the blowout. Despite the quality of the blowout, the staff has always been kind and accommodating and has given me enough reason to come back and give them another try. This most recent time was the straw that broke the camels back...I made an appointment to get a haircut and balayage color treatment on Monday. I was referred to this specific stylist because she does balayage and was recommended. When I showed up on Thursday for my balayage and haircut appointment, I was informed by the stylist that she does not do balayage. She then recommended me to a stylist at a salon down the street. When I then asked about the haircut I also booked, she said she didn’t think she could do it. So I left after booking 4 days in advance with nothing accomplished. Very disappointmented and will not be returning ever again.

Samantha Adams

Brittany Seibold is more magician than hair stylist! That girl works sheer magic with color, and no matter what I bring her, or what I want, she nails it every time! She has taken me to platinum blonde and back and my hair is healthier than it's ever been too! Thank you, Brittany! If anyone is looking for a stylist, this is your gal!

Verena Caluori

18 years I had Mary do my hair. She is the best! She knows what I like and she knows how to make it happen!

Raven Belote

My client has been visiting this salon for over twenty years. She loves the work they do on her nails (mani & pedi), hair, and eyebrows. She always looks great after a session. There are many stylists and nail specialists to choose from. All do lovely, professional work, and are always friendly. Contage also sells quality handbags, jewelry, shawls & scarves, and hair & skin products. I love perusing their items while my client has her session. Contage is upscale, and has higher end prices.

Cindy Applegate

I have been getting my hair cut and colored here and love this place! The ladies at the front desk are attentive, friendly and helpful. Coffee, tea and water available for clients and there’s always some kind of sweet treat too! Professional stylists who know what they are doing and keep up on the latest trends.

Sarah E. Hall

Lisa hickenbottom is the best hair stylist

Paul Kamber

My former manager and owner of other Salon works their. Stopped by to see him and his client. Neat spot. Know a lot of people in the industry. I'll be back.

Jessica Scheibe

I absolutely love this place! Every time I go in the staff and receptionists are very friendly and helpful. I always get my hair done by Isa Quintanilla and it turns out looking exactly how I want it if not better. She works really well with color and her cuts are on point. I always look forward to seeing and catching up with her. She has really given me my dream hair and I would recommend her to anyone. Pictures attached to prove it!

Margaret Ruth McDonald

Ask for Alison

Ann Hickox

I have had a few cuts here: I’ve layered my hair and gotten framing pieces around my face, and have loved them more and more each time. Isa is amazing; she is so kind and attentive, and she puts a lot of care and precision into her work.

Isabella Quintanilla

I’ve been to the salon many times and it’s always very clean and everyone who works there is super nice. Nancy does the best job everytime she does my hair!

Karen Smith

Ladies, have you ever chased down someone whose haircut is awesome to find out who their stylist is? Fortunately, a friend was as such and shared her find. That was over 30 years ago, and I've never looked back! Now people stop me to find out who my stylist is. I'm a little reluctant sharing her name as I may have to begin booking appointments several years out! However, in sharing the JOY of the season, it's Mary Taylor. :-) In a nutshell, she exudes beauty inside and out, is filled with expertise, the latest in styles and spot on advice for each individual. I'm so thankful I'm older than Mary so hopefully I won't ever need to find someone else. I'm starting a "Never Retire" campaign for Mary ... wanna join? L❤️VE ya Mary!

Nick Seibold


Beth Neyman

I get my haircut here every six weeks. Nancy and Isa are the best. My hair is very thick and difficult to manage but both do a great job of cut, color and styling. I have recommended Nancy and Isa to numerous friends who have now made this their home salon for the long term. Excellent service, prices and I love my hair.

Jenifer Heath

Janelle is fabulous!

Richard Steadman

I've been going to Contage for years. I've never been uphappy with a haircut and Carol is the greatest! The atomosphere is great as well, everyone is friendly and courteous. I highly recommend this salon, you can't go wrong with anyone at Contage!

Soap Dish

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, who is this wrinkled old bitty? Well, I felt like that before I went to the amazing Mrs. Mary T. She transformed my hair in such a way that my wrinkles have disappeared. As Tina Turner would say "she's simply the best"

Brian Charles

Brittany has always done an excellent job with my hair! I never felt like my stylist was actually listening before i went to contage and found Brit! She takes pride in her work and I always leave happy! Brit is the best in my book!

Annitra Swan

Brittany is my stylist aka miracle worker. She always squeezes me in since I'm notorious for last minute highlights and cuts. My daughter in NC visits Brittany every time she's in CO. Just the other day she told me she wishes there was someone as good as Brittany in NC. It's reassuring to know you're taken care of by a pro who really wants you to look and feel your best. Thanks Brittany for all you do!! -Annitra Swan

roman struck

Before I met Brittany Seibold I had cut my own hair for years myself. She is very kind, courtious and professional. Always does a great job !

Laurie Leder

I love this salon and I think they give wonderful haircuts and are experts in colors.

Yenni Halim

Price is too high for the service provided. It costs $35 just for curling your hair with curling iron, it doesn't even look that good.

Melissa White

I have had my nails done. By Lisa levan for many years . Lisa takes good care of her clients, she's fun and a perfection ate. Her acrylic nails look so natural. Love her personality. Warm and kind

Scott Seibold

Brittany does a amazing job. She helps me keep a professional look. Before I used to go to Great Clips, every haircut turned out different. The straight razor neck shave with every haircut is my favorite.

Shae Redmond

Jymi Bell and I go Waaaaaaay back and I know of no other man I would trust w/ my hair. He can turrn a dishrag into a cashmere rug. I had him cut all my hair off the day before my wedding as my now ex-husband said he wouldn't marry me if I did. I called his bluff. And do you know, Jymi made me into the most beautful bride with very little hair to work with. I looked like a vintage doll....elegant, yet slightly edgy. He outdid himself. . Got rid of the husband , kept the haidresser.I have been his model in classes and in hairshows and when I got cancer Iam now in another state. BUT when it grows back, I will fly back in just to see him as I know he will make me feel beautiful again. I will follow him to the ends of the earth. <3 Everyone at Contage shines <3

Suruh Fizzled

I love this Salon. Allison always does my hair exactly how i want and like, with suggestions but isnt forceful. She also cuts my daughters hair. We dont trust anyone else with our hair but her. Many other stylists and services here as well such as hair removal. All the staff has alwags been very nice! They also send you text reminders about your appointments which for me is super helpful.

David Andrus

I have been a client of Mary Taylor's for almost 35 years (I was 22 yrs old when Mary started styling my hair). Contage is an excellent salon with nice decor and quality products and gifts available to purchase. The people throughout Contage are genuinely nice and courteous. I don't know what I would do without Mary and Contage. (Just love Mary's assistant, Vida, too! ). Thanks so much for everything always! Sherry Andrus

Amber Mehmedovic

I was in a few days ago for my first time. I work across the street, so I scheduled an updo for my holiday party. I was lucky enough to be scheduled with Lisa who totally killed it! I came in having an idea of what I wanted and she took my idea, elevated and executed it seemlessly. I got so many compliments and I was impressed on how quickly time went by (I have a LOT of hair). Book her if you can! I will be back with my bridesmaids in a few months for sure!

James H

Jessica Oeleis

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