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Sarah DiPasquale

I love giving students the opportunity to work on their skills, they do a great job and the teachers are always there to guide them! I've gone there for color, cut, and styles and have never been disappointed.

Kasey McClurg

I've been going here for a few years, but as of lately it's become a disappointment. Spent 18 hours over multiple sessions to get my hair lightened and balyage, only to end up with a sad result despite continued promises it would be achieved. My final visit ended up with the student no-showing. This is the person who did all the other services, too. So someone else took over and ended up ruining all the hard work. The student that no-showed was supposed to arrive, but called her friend and decided to go shopping since someone else already started my session. I got a half-hearted apology, but nobody offered to make amends. Disappointed, I spoke with the head of education who stated she would advise the student of my complaint. She treated it like it wasn't a big deal. Only after persisting I wanted to make a formal complaint did she offer me a free hair wash treatment, which I declined. My hair was overtoned, frizzy, and looked nothing like the reference I brought in. To add more insult, all the students were gossiping about sexual affairs between students and teachers which resulted in multiple teachers being fired. I do t know what's happened to the place as of recent, but I decided to retract my previous positive review. Now I'm 18 hours and hundreds of dollars down and have to go to a professional for more time and money to get my hair fixed. Just stay away until they get their act together.

Cheryll Boutin

I have been twice, both times they have done a great job! Once for highlights and today for a perm. I was there all day, which I fully expected due to long thick Hair! They worked as a team to get it done as quickly and professionally as possible. Just remember they are students and they are still learning. A little patience goes a long way.

Joan Turner

I've gone here many times. I especially love their PM shines, makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. It does take a lot longer for their services so if your in a hurry this would not be a place for you, On the other hand if you like saving money this is the place for you. My major complaint is not with the students but with the ability (or not) to book an appointment with who I want to see this last time it took me 10 calls to get it straight

Jerome Bernard

I just had my dreads re twisted at Paul Mitchell School and they did an awesome job. We initially had a lil bump in the road but they did well handing the situation. Joann did my hair and she did a fabulous job. The customer service was excellent as well as the environment.

Chara Celeste

Well, not fond of the waiting time. OMG already waiting over forty minutes, maybe the haircut will be stupendous, but there's no good excuse for the wait. I'll follow-up on the haircut. They made her way and let other people who came in after us go first. "Their appointment before yours." Well, that's fine if they get here on time.

Charles Ruffin

If you haven't already, you definitely should experience the Tea Tree treatment. A deep wash, massage and aroma therapy that will literally last all day. So delightful.

Angela Portugal

Today was my second time coming to the salon, and it was a fantastic experience! My stylist, Kaitlin, was joyful, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and did a great job on my hair. Everyone is so professional, kind, and helpful. I recommend Paul Mitchell The School to all my friends! Thanks for a great service at a very affordable price!


I absolutely loved my experience with this amazing school and Savannah was awesome! Thank you for making my hair silky smooth and curling it to perfection.

Todd Christiansen

Myles cut my hair, it was my first time here and I will definitely return. Aside from being really inexpensive, the staff is nice and approachable. Myles said he did more women's cuts, but my hair turned out great. I'm very happy with it, it's one of the better professional haircuts I have received.

Courtney Chandler

I have had my hair cut at Paul Mitchell for years & have had terrific experiences!! My latest experience with Tiffany was the best yet. Paul Mitchell is a fun, inexpensive and exciting way to bless a student & take care of yourself!! Thank you Paul Mitchell for providing such a great experience for students & our community!

shannon mamer

I love Paul Mitchell salon school. This place is great. They take their time to get your hair right and really listen to what you want to achieve. I like my hair really rather funky and I just got one of the most fun haircuts ever. We are calling it a mutant undercut. Now we are about to make it as purple as possible and see if we can get some blue and green highlights up in this awesomeness. I recommend Mason. Until she graduates and leaves me!

Ashley Schmid

Everyone is so friendly and I loved the positivity! Rhiannon and Clo did my hair and it turned out great. Highly recommend

Lydia Carter

I love this place everyone is friendly. The important part to remember when you patronize them is that you need to have an open mind and flexible attitude. If you are willing to do a drastic change they are up for the challenge! I love thier positive attitude. Advanced honors program students and others seem to be on the same level of education. The only real difference is honors students have more floor time, thereby giving more experience. I have had everything done from hair treatments, to color, to a perm. They have even cut my adorably unruly son's hair from the time he was 2 years old. No one has ever lead me astray and they are willing to fix mistakes. Just remember not to wait too long if they do make a mistake or they can't fix it (policies and rules). I have also had great experience with buying products. I bought a product package and the bottles broke and I lost the aspirator for a pump hairspray. They replaced it all. Thank You PM for being so good to me!

andrea walton

I love this place every time I come in. Everyone is friendly and striving for perfection in all of their work!! Celia did the most amazing color and cut for me!

Candice M.

Had my hair styled here for a wedding and I absolutely loved my up-do. I showed my stylist three pictures of different up-dos and then had her throw out ideas. She did a mix of two of them and my hair definitely looked amazing. I will be going back this week for a cut too. The stylist's name is Kylie in case you're wondering :)


If you are looking for a haircut that isn’t too expensive (only “worth” it with a groupon) then it’s an alright place to go. For colour, you have to ask for a phase 2 student. At least they have been there for a year or so. But honestly, I only have gone to Paul Mitchell because it’s affordable and I always hope it will be a better experience the next time. But every single time I’m not truly happy. I have been maybe 5 times. It’s very unorganised. No one really knows what’s going on. The attitude of students is not pleasant. Not necessarily when they are working with you. But the when they aren’t working on you and when they are talking about other people you can easily pick it up. The learning leaders are unfortunately not really involved and no one is really helping these students. They might say at the end your hair looks great even though they know they messed it up. No one takes ownership for mistakes and you do have to pay for it literally. It’s a wonderful idea to have a lower cost hair place and to help the students out, however, someone needs to be paying way more attention to what’s going on. Asking questions to help the students, showing them as they work so that they can learn before someone pays the bad hair day (or bad hair months to follow because of it) for it. I just had my hair done and they messed it up. Then try to sell you something to fix it. Some poor student was talking to the student doing my hair and she was worried because she was about to do a balayage and she didn’t really know how. So that’s what you’ll deal with there. Unfortunately I don’t see the culture changing there. My hope is that someone takes the initiative and actually starts to run the place well.

Elena Blea

I love Paul Mitchell The School in Colorado Springs. The staff is always so friendly and I always get a great color and cut for an awesome price! I would recommend this salon to anyone!

Leesa Blankenship

We have two favorites here - khrystal for cut and color and Julian for the most beautiful and amazing undercuts anyone would want. Their service has been great and leaves my hair feeling healthy - even after bleaching.

marlene Hight

I love this place. It's a great learning environment for the students learning, and a great way to save money! Staff is very friendly and does a wonderful job of making sure that the customer is satisfied!

Betsy White

DONT GO!!!WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Daughters appt. at 5:15 ..sat there an hour while instructors AND receptionist just looked at us. NO ONE ever came over and said a word...apologized for the wait..NOTHING. The worst part is this is the 2nd time this has happened. Wasted my money on a Groupon. Will take my business to a real salon from now on. where they actually know the meaning of customer service. Wasted 30 minutes driving in rush hour traffic to get there. sat there for an hour and we finally just left. Going to report this to the main office because this is ridiculous!

Laura Thran

Went in to get an Awahpuhi Treatment. Had to reschedule due to intense snow storm (totally understandable). They rescheduled me for the soonest day they'd reopen. Arrived 5 minutes early and was checked in and seated w stylist/student within 3 minutes. Student was very pleasant, small talk took place, answered a few questions I had about the treatment...would return for same treatment with same student. Educated me about product without being pushy.

Carla Colquett

They are always amazing!!! From colors to perms! Always accommodating with all requests. The make up artists to the wash house services are fantastical!!!! Be sure to always check out great specials too!!! I come weekly for all types of services. It is a known brand that is consistent. Nice atmosphere and professional.

Lisa Balducci

Awesome work!! The girls who did my hair did an amazing job!! I'll oved the color that ultimately was used on my hair!! Great job!! Kudos!!

Howard Fincher

(Using my dad's account)...I went in last night and got an Asymmetrical bob, Ricky did an AMAZING job! My hair is incredibly thin and was almost unmanageable, but Ricky worked a miracle and now my hot rats nest looks like a beautiful bob, I'm so pleased. The staff were amazing and super sweet, I enjoyed the entire experience. I'm very picky over who cuts my hair due to it being so thin, so I can definitely say, I will b going nowhere else but here from now on. Thank you lovely ladies for all that you did, you have a new loyal customer! M.M.

Lindsay Fernandez

Had my hair cut by Jaundeanna, she was great! Very friendly, and she did a wonderful job on my hair, which hadn't been cut professionally for a few years. She was also very helpful in directing me towards some products that have worked really well with my hair.

Kristen Brobeck

Best experience ever! I first came to Paul Mitchell School 6 weeks ago and received hair color services from Hilary. The color was perfect. I am back again for color touch up and cut!! Once again amazing experience! I wont go anywhere else! Great staff and awesome environment!

Miranda Lovelace

Absolute worst experience I have ever had. The fact that I have to give this review a star is honestly frustrating to me. Do NOT let these people near your face with a makeup brush. I've been to this location for haircuts on several occasions and never had a single problem until this past Friday (5/19). I went in for a prom package(updo and makeup) for a military ball. FIRST I specifically asked for a natural amount of hairspray(not a "crunchy" look) and was rewarded with a whole can of hairspray on my head. Then another girl came over and was incredibly sassy about the style I wanted because she couldn't figure out how to do it. But that wasn't even the worst part, because makeup was next. I wish that I had taken pictures, because it was absolutely horrendous. Uneven, unsymmetrical, black eyeshadow up to my brows, crooked lashes, and bright pink blush(supposedly "natural"). I have never been so utterly disappointed with a service and am still kicking myself for not getting up to leave even after the appointment ran 30 minutes over. To be fair, I was assured that "it would blend" and "it's not finished" and my favorite, "beauty takes time". I understand that these ladies are students, I absolutely do, but the instructor who came over to help and who should have fixed the situation made everything WORSE. I thank my lucky stars that I had awesome friends and a Naked palette with me, but the amount of time that I was set behind by the late appointment, and FIXING what transpired at the appointment, left very little time for actual pictures at the event. To wrap things up, I don't write reviews often, but this experience made this necessary. I never want anyone to go through the stress, frustration, and tears that I did on a day that I had been looking forward to for months. Pay the extra money and go to a professional.

erica czygan

I love my hair cut! And the price was extremely fair. I knocked a star off because I had to walk to a near by bank because you can only tip with cash or check and there is no ATM. EDIT- After trying to make an appointment for months & never having my phone calls answered/returned I finally made an appointment 2 weeks in advance. Thirty mins before my appointment as I'm walking out the door they call and cancel on me. No apology or anything. So disappointed.

Nicole Young

Unfortunately I will not be returning to Paul Mitchell for my hair services. The students and instructors are pleasant and do a good job, however, the front desk staff is unbelievably rude. There is always attitude in their remarks and condenscending comments. I have heard many complaints about the front staff but it just seems like nothing is being done. I enjoyed the hair services, but I can no longer deal with the front staff.

Chelsea Pearson

I recently had my hair colored and cut by Natalie Spear. This girl is SO talented. The school is incredible and I recommend all of my friends and family to come here. no doubt in my mind, five stars all the way!

Melissa Hicks

Im currently a student at Paul Mitchell The School Colorado Springs and I absolutely love everything about Paul Mitchell. The experience that you get both as a student and a guest is amazing. Its always a very positive place where you can bet you'll leave with a smile on your face. We also have a great staff who are very attentive to any needs. You can almost always find awesome promotions going on.

Sondra Bello

I've been going to this location since March & I absolutely love the service & results that I've gotten both times! The staff is super knowledgable & are quick to help their students achieve the best result for each guest! This past time, I had Jenna as my stylish & she was beyond amazing! She far exceeded my expectations & I cannot wait to go back to see her for my follow up appointment six weeks from now! I one hundred percent recommend this location!!!

Erin Breen

DON’T DO IT. Please save yourself 11 hours of your life and the aggravation before you decide to go to the Paul Mitchell ”school”. The “learning leaders” have no idea how to cut hair properly, therefore are not only incapable of teaching students but also unable to fix a bad haircut. There is zero class from the first point of contact while making the appointment until 11 hours later when you have a bad haircut and you’ve wasted 11 hours of your life in a salon chair. When I asked for a manager to give me a call, the receptionist told me “don’t count on it.” Thanks again, Chloe. And don’t even get me started on the “balayage”! Dissatisfaction guaranteed once again in Colorado Springs. Keep it lame!!

Lisa Hessenbruch

Andrea was absolutely wonderful! Very personable and did a fantastic job on my hair.

Crissy Leonhardt

Everyone needs to get an Awapuhi treatment!! I just got mine today and will be going every month to have great looking hair!! Such a reasonable price and loving the results (including the smell!!) Thank you Paul Mitchell for making my hair looking and feeling great!!

Kathy Perkins

If you're interested in a competent, well organized school where you will be ready upon graduation to find a good job ........look elsewhere. They have no curriculum. the instructors are incompetent and management is clueless and truly doesn't care whether their students receive an education. It's a wonder how they keep their accreditation. My next letter will be to the Paul Mitchell headquarters and the state accreditation board. This school is a sham and they need to be exposed before they take anyone else's money.

Emily Mckinnon

They always do a great job on my hair. Would definitely reccomend

Shauna Lucero

Love the friendly smiles.. Shayla was the best....... Perfect cut and trim. Took her time and made sure it was to standards...... Can not wait til my next appointment Perfect massage as well with the wash and condition...... Highly recommend the students of Paul Mitchell.... If I could rate higher than the 5 Stars i would..... Super happy with the outcome and got many compliments on the cut...... Keep the good work up ladies and gentleman.......

Micah McDougle

Thank you for your great reviews! We really appreciate everyone who comes in and benefits our future professionals education. They are learning and we are thrilled with the opportunity to take care of your hair needs as part of their quality education. I noticed one guest survey unsatisfied with her children not being able to come onto the clinic floor why she received a service. In response to any visitor not being allowed onto our clinic floor please review the following explanation: The reason that children or adults not receiving a service on the Clinic Floor is twofold, the first part being a safety and liability issue. All our guests who receive services on our Clinic Floor must sign a release of claims waiver before they are allowed to come out on the floor. In addition to that, the Future Professional and the Learning Leader assigned to the service ensures that all safety and sanitation procedures are followed. Since your child was not receiving a service, they did not have a Learning Leader and Future Professional assigned to them, therefore there was no one to ensure that the safety and sanitation procedure of the Clinic Floor were being followed and if an accident were to occur, we would liable. Secondly, our Clinic Floor is our biggest classroom and just like any other university classroom, the only people allowed out there are those who are directly involved in the learning experience, the guests, the Learning Leaders and the Future Professionals. There is a sign on the counter at the front desk where you signed in that clearly states that only guests who are currently receiving a service are allowed to be on our Clinic Floor. Thank you and have a great day!

Clint Harper

My son has been going to the Paul Mitchell School for his haircuts for about a year now, and I just went today. The results have always ranged from good to great. This is a school, with quality assurance processes in place. Services can take longer, but are performed well and for substantially less than you would pay in an established salon. The staff, instructors, and students are consistently friendly and professional. The newer students can, understandably, show a bit of trepidation at first. But as they get more experienced and settled into the program they are focused and settle into their new professions. Finally, the Paul Mitchell School does a number of great things in support of the community (charity fundraisers, haircuts for the homeless, etc.). This is admirable and a nice example of a good corporate citizen.


I come here for facials and haircuts and absolutely love it. The entire staff is wonderful. Chloe, at the front desk, is always professional and friendly. She's truly an asset to the school.

Casey Lynn Erway

Such a friendly environment! I always love supporting the school because they take pride in turning people into excellent stylists! They take their time and they truly strive to make every client a happy one.

Dianne Berry

At first I was hesitant to get my hair done at a school because I have had multiple horrific experiences at other schools in the past. Paul Mitchell The School does it right! The students are awesome and you can really tell that they enjoy what they do. The school has a fun and upbeat environment. I have had my hair cut and colored there quite a few times now and I have had a wonderful experience each time. Before coming here, I dreaded getting my hair done, but now I honestly look forward it. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

VeronicaRae Minor

Had my hair cut here a few months ago by a nice lady named Fetchy and she was the first person to cut my hair the way I wanted it the first time with little instruction! Very satisfied!

Sammy Susan

Amazing service and I love my hair!! The students and teachers are very friendly and professional. Don't let the fact that this is a school keep you away. They know what they're doing and the prices are incredible!

Crystal Person

Great experience with Mrs. April T.

Andy Confidential

They just want your money. I was attempting to get into Cosmetology & Barbering school. They seem extremely nice in admissions, until you hand over your money. Then you won't be able To get ahold of them. I was told I should start shopping for clothes and things to start school. Then a couple days before I start, I received an email saying I was denied acceptance. When I tried contacting anyone about why that was... nobody responded to emails. Nobody answered my phone calls. This school is petty and they don't like outsiders. Save your $ if you're trying to get into cosmetology school. Unless you're an insider at Paul Mitchell, you're just a quick $100 they act like they're interested in. Crooked. Corrupt. Petty. Absolutely pathetic and Paul Mitchell himself would be ashamed.

Sarah Branch-Boyle

I've been coming here for my hair cuts for about three years and have NEVER had a bad experience! The students as well as the instructors are kind and professional. The three checks that each hair cut has to go through makes me totally confident that I will end up with something wonderful every time. You do need to allow yourself a little extra time when you come here but it is SO worth the extra time it takes. I recommend this place to all my friends- trust me you won't be disappointed!!

Oqua Gowin

I graduated from this amazing school! It was the best experience of my life! Attending Paul Mitchell The School-Colorado Springs taught me not only to be a great cosmetologist but also taught me how to be a better person. I grew so much during school and learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be. It is unlike any other school. It is truly the Harvard of Hair. The education and the culture makes it the best choice for school. I highly recommend Paul Mitchell The School-Colorado Springs if you want to become an amazing professional in the beauty industry!

Christine Stone Monaghan

I was there yesterday. My appt was at 8:30am. The girl didn't start until 9:00am (they couldn't find her). I made the appt the week before, in person, and asked how long it would take, roughly. I was told I'd be done by 12:30pm. As she started she said I'd be there until about 2:30, maybe 3:00. That was okay. However, I was there until 5:30 and they still weren't done - I just told them to stop because I had to leave. I was there 9 hrs. I showed them pictures of a caramel color I wanted. I also told her I normally just wash, dry, and brush my hair - very simple. I came out with Cinderella Yellow and something that reminded me of a semi-bouffant look. I went back in to have it fixed realizing that hair doesn't always do what you want on the first go. The style I could fix on my own with a wash and flat iron. They redid the toner and let it sit the full time (the first time it didn't sit long enough, even the instructor stated that). While the toner was processing, the instructor came over and said, "A big change like that takes getting used to." I told her that it wasn't the degree of lightness that bothered it, it was the degree of yellow. The original student left and had someone else take over. He asked how I did my hair and I told him I normally just dry it and flat iron. He grabbed a round brush and said he preferred to round brush dry it. When he did start to flat iron it (after fighting with how to turn it on) the instructor came over and said he should round brush dry it. She didn't bother asking what I wanted done, if anything. I had been there 9 hrs and only had a small snack the entire day. He was taking forever drying my hair and finally I just told him to stop because I needed to get home. When I got home my hair was frizzy and I had to take a shower and wash my hair AGAIN to get all the product out of it that I didn't want in to begin with and then flat iron my hair myself. Upon doing just that I found more bright yellow in my hair so the toner didn't get it all. The first time they bleached my hair everyone involved was saying how great it was going to look and how it would go great with my eyebrows. Then when they had to fix it I heard the same thing. That, to me, sounds very disingenuous and like lip-service. I'd rather hear the honest truth than what they think I want to hear.

mary williams

I came in for hair services today (6-6). I had a really good experience. Robin #3025 did my hair and I was a little concerned about color but once I got out in light I absolutely love it. I want to thank her and the staff for their kindness and support. If you want a good hair dresser ask for Robin.

Bill Walter

My name is Rhonda not Bill. Our google account is under his name!!!!! I have been a customer for about 6 months and have been very happy. My color is awesome thanks to Charissa! She suggested a different product for my graying hair and it has worked out great! I would recommend Paul Mitchell to everyone. Their products are superior too.

Cen G

Matt did a great job on my hair he was knowledgeable about his craft. The environment was cool, everyone was friendly l. Definitely earned a repeat customer.

Isabeau Machen

The staff was really nice. Total love my hair they did an amazing job on it. They were very caring making sure I was okay and the teachers are also every helpful

Aleasha Miller

Let first start by saying that I made a decision to come after reading the reviews and thought it was a good choice....wrong. I walked out paying $53 for a cut I hated. Two people cut my hair and the girl who started the cut didn't finish so she could flirt with some news anchor guy. They didn't listen to how I wanted my hair cut and just cut straight across. I asked for it to taper down and wanted longer in the back. I should have just put a bowl on my head and saved the 50 bucks. When I was leaving the gal that started my cut and did the color had the nerve to ask how I liked the color. Why would someone be concerned about a color when you absolutely hate your hair cut! I will never go back and the worst part is these girls where close to graduating! I guess I'm mostly upset with the first girl who cut my hair because she was the one I explained how I wanted my hair and she is the one who chopped it off to begin with.

Amy Fanning

I love the Paul Mitchell school!! Not only do you get a quality haircut for an amazing price, but the stylists actually listen to your needs & concerns (& follow through with fantastic service). I have never had a bad experience here.

Katy Snyder

Got my hair done today with Brittani. She was so great to work with and my hair turned out wonderfully! I really love that I can get such great service for such a good price. I will always come here.

Cassandra Fallon

It is a pleasure to watch these talented individuals develop their skills and hone their talents. Molly is especially fantastic, eager to learn and not afraid to ask for more knowledge. Paul Mitchell school is a great place for quality services, and the unique opportunity to learn along with the students.

Terri Wiebke

Karissa was not only very competent and interested in pleasing me, she's also super sweet!! I'll be back to see her. I wish her well on her professional journey!

Larry Davis

I started going to Paul Mitchell about a year ago. My first visit wasn't so good but the staff worked hard to get someone that could correct the too dark of color. I have had several phase 2 students since and have been pleased. I have recently had Roxanne and she has been the best. She is a natural and has really good chair side manors and knows what she is doing. She is going to be very successful in her field! Love her!!

Heather Adkins

Great services, great prices, this is my 5th visit for color and I am never disappointed, they always do as I ask and the students are great and we'll supervised :) I have been before for a cut and highly recommend! You cannot find better prices in town!

Jenny Welden

This place is the answer for a haircut at the perfect intersection of quality and price! I have long, fine, thick hair with its own issues and my stylist, Stefanie, really catered to my unique hair with all her services. I could tell I was her top priority and my satisfaction was paramount to her grade with her supervisor. She spent over an hour making sure my cut was stellar. This sort of service generally runs 50-100 dollars. The cut cost twelve! That's cheaper than great clips!! They offer many other steeply discounted services as well. I have finally found a permanent place to receive hair services. I would recommend Paul Mitchell school to anyone who wants a fantastic haircut experience at an unbeatable price.

Cynthia Mamer

I am at the Paul Mitchell School getting my cut and color with Mason. She is an awesome student and she has gone to great lenghts to give me the cut and color I want. I have been coming to The Paul Mitchell School for several years now. It's always a great experience. Friendly staff and awesome students!!! I will be back.

Susan Kelly

Halee did a redo on my hair color. The tones and colors came out amazing. Real nice Thank you!

Myrha Miranda

Spa area is super awesome, clean, soothing and relaxing! Nikki was quick with my wax!

Andrew Maslanka

Paul Mitchell the School is a very nice and clean place. It's a great place to go and get your hair cut or treated by their wonderful students and teaching staff. If you're not ready to have a student who is learning to cut, style, color, or treat then this is not for you. But I assure you their students are well taught and supervised throughout the process. Not to mention cheap!

Stacey Caster

Great experience. They were very professional and did a great job. A lot of bad reviews are about the wait time.The problem is with the scheduling. I went in for a very complicated haircut and my stylist took the time to do it right, so the client after me ended up having to wait too long and left. There should be a separate time frame option for a simple trim vs a complete hair overhaul and that would avoid a lot of problems. Alexis was my stylist. She is pretty amazing.

Amanda Castro

I have been a faithful customer for 8 years and have had both awful and amazing color experiences but recently it has been horrible service from the front staff. It’s been so awful that I cringed when I had to even give one star for a rating because I wouldn’t give any, if that were an option. I usually get color and have done root retouches lately due to the hours changing. Saturday’s are now closed, and their hours have changed from 10 to 8. I was always able to still get a 5:00 or 5:15 appointment for root retouches with a Phase 2 student. I get off at 5 usually and I’ve gotten off earliest at 430 in order to make the 15min commute to get to my appointment on time. I’ve always been out by 8, even with my color. I had tried explaining this to the front staff and since I work Monday through Friday 730-5, I am unable to get to any appointments because they will not work with my schedule, even though they have previously. I had a 515 root retouch less than a month ago and they refused to give that to me again with the explanation that their hours had changed, even though they closed at 8 when I had the 515 appointment. They were rude and stated the only time they could get me in was 415 for a root retouch because student had to be out by 8. I have never been with a student who takes more than 3 hours to do a root retouch. Most of the students I have been with are great and efficient they have trouble finding “learning leaders” on the floor, who have to consult with me for thirty minutes to put on the exact same color I had at my previous appointment. Half the time, my color isn’t even updated in the system either, I’ve always had it written down to try to make it more convenient for the student. I will no longer be a customer, it’s sad after 8 years I will be taking my business elsewhere due to how rude they are. I understand hours change but to not be able to work or care about their clients is ridiculous. It has definitely diminished in service over the years.

Jane Merten

Alexis was very nice. The supervising teachers were helpful to her and in checking to make sure I was happy. Great price with the groupon special

Nanci Fernandez

I would like to give 5 stars on the hair cut I received. However I was very disappointed with the color treatment in my hair. The color was very uneven the back had three spots lighter then the rest. I wanted the ends of my hair lightened up I understand my brown hair color is dark but the girl left it so uneven the left side is higher then the right and the color it's self turned out to like a lighter brown orange color. I do not recommend you get a balayage or Omber done to your hair here. I paid 30$ for it and found a personal salon that fixed it for 40$

Alisha Helberg

My 75 yr old mom and I went to PMS to get her white hair tips colored in pink on 4/21/17 and since it would take 3 hours; I left and later returned to get her. She was elated that Andrea did a great job on her tips and said she offered her a complimentary paraffin wax on her hands then, she remembered days later that the several rings she was wearing were removed and she left them there. I have called and spoke with Chis twice who was polite enough in explaining no one knows about her rings or where they are. How SAD that this establishment has no way of controlling this type of theft and then, it appears to me this may have been a deliberate set up knowing this elderly woman would forget her rings once they were removed. Stay on your guard to protect your possessions at this establishment. I did not even get so much as an apology or what seemed like a real concerned individual to speak with in the matter. I got the administrators email and will follow up with them.

Caroline White

Always a great experience! Jerri did an awesome job fixing my layers

Shanae Pellin

I've worked at this school for a year and I love it! The learning leaders are extremely knowledgeable and all my other team members are also enthusiastic and fun. The future professionals are very talented and I go to them religiously to get my hair done. The prices are unbeatable and you get pampered every time.

Samantha Lopez

I highly recommend Lili at Paul Mitchell she was amazing!!!!! She dyed my hair and it came out beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Carole Digi

I got a great haircut by Staci Ross. She took the time to plan it with me and did an excellent job. The learning leader hardly had any touch-ups to do. I was so pleased I made another appointment to get my hair colored. SUPER A+

Alexandria Grimaldo

I love going to Paul Mitchell to get my hair done. Yesterday Jenna Bailey did my haircut and she was just awesome. She was personable and sweet and just amazing and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend going to get your hair done at this awesome school. Not only are the people there great but so are the prices and products!

Emily Anne Steen

I've had so many positive experiences here! The teachers help to make sure you receive exactly what you envision, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. Great pricing for exceptional styling. Also, Natalie rocks!

Amber Diamond

Great work and also great advice. Update: went back for step 2 and once again everything went great!

Bonnie Spiker

Ive lived in the springs for 7 years and I have had many graduates of this school cut my hair. I was a hair dresser in the past and I can honestly say I am not sure what they are teaching these students but I have not once had one cut my hair the way I actually ask them too. I can explain until I am blue in the face or even show pictures and i always walk out with another style I didnt ask for. They dont listen, they have egos and its a darn shame they pay 17k a year to be trained to be less than average hair cutters. God forbid you need one of them to color or correct color mistakes. What a mess...Ive tried close to a dozen who proudly boast about where they learned to screw up hair. God help them and us. Seriously, I can cut my own hair better than these graduates can and thats truly sad.

Tracy Ummel

I have been going to the Paul Mitchell school for highlights and cuts for 3 years, and I absolutely love it. It is cost effective, and I like that the students take their time, and strive for excellence. The only thing I would say is to plan lots of time there.....

Tabitha Andrews

Great service,nice customer service,love the color only issue I had here is my dye is spooty but already scheduled to get fixed, and the girl definitely cut way to much hair off ,my hair was past my butt and I wanted only 2 to 3 inches off and I had my hair cut about 8 inch if not more to where my hair goes just past my bra strap it was pretty devastating but I mean it will grow back eventually and the service was nice, and everyone was respectful . I will use again for coloring service may not use again for cut but the only downfall for not being 5 stars is not the color because they are fixing it ,but the haircut was way to much off and someone who had that long of hair I did cry bout the length and still pretty sad about how short it is, If she didnt cut to much off I would of given a 5 star, as like i said the color is pretty just it's very spotty and got some pink and red highlight but they did apologize and are bringing me back in to fix . I still would recommend this place and still can say had great service and everyone was so nice,she didnt kill my hair with bleach really enjoyed my time there minus the cut but they can't fix the cut because you cant put back on hair that has been cut off. I will review again after the dye is fixed. I would NOT reccomend getting your hair cut there if you have really long hair. In time I will get over how short it is or will have to invest in hair extensions but at the moment still pretty devastated about how short it is. This was done for my bday which makes it worse :( but the staff,instructors and student were all really nice and respectful when I called to ask about getting it fixed the front desk person was very nice about it too . The only issue like I said is my hair is way to short and have cried over it but nothing I can do and I will have to drop alot of money to get clip in extensions to make my hair long again for the next year or 2 when it grows back finally .

Abigail Weber

I scheduled a "Phase II" cut, which was scheduled as a 1 hour cut with a senior student that I selected online. Instead, I paid for the Phase II cut, which took 2 hours and the student obviously didn't know what he was doing. The instructors had varying opinions on how to do the cut, which confused the student. One instructor informed the student to start with the layers rather than the length. At one point, my hair was about a half inch shorter on one side of my face. When I let him know, he asked his instructor what he should do. She told him to never let the patron know there's something wrong because the patron would never realize!!! He had to bashfully tell her that I was the one that pointed it out. He didn't know how to work with my hair texture- that was clear. He never measured to make sure that it was symmetrical on all sides, and the end result was horrible. It's like he didn't understand how hair changes once it dries. Needless to say, it was a cheap haircut that I would never EVER return for again. I'll save my money for the experts next time.

Jerrica Mitchell

Angie was so kind and helpful the phone. Good courtesy and great customer service can rarely be taught. Thank you for the referral. We will be back!

Katey Ward

I came here with my boyfriend while he got his hair cut. They do a great job here! The environment is really great and his barber was awesome. Shout out to Damian!

Ciera Horst

Paul Mitchell has the best quality hair products as well as refined style techniques. Getting services at the school is the best value. The students listen to your needs and have guidance from learning leaders that help ensure the right cut techniques are used. It may take longer than other haircuts, but it is always worth the wait! It's a great price and unique, stylish atmosphere where the Paul Mitchell salon quality is definitely present. The future professionals provide excellent results and the price is just right. I definitely recommend Paul Mitchell the school to women and men (the Barber Shop is also excellent!). A local gem.

b10 thomason

My daughter had a perm and haircut and came out awesome. She has very long thick hair and blonde. Paul Mitchell is the only place i trust for my hair to get done and my daughters. Love this place....

PuRe Havek

Absolutely wonderful customer service. Hair cut and styling were magnificent. Highly recommend to all!!! A+

a gippe

Absolutely amazing service and so happy with the results! Tiffany and her trainer/instructor (Tina) were fantastic. Very excited with the new look! Thank you both. :)

Lisa P

I’ve been here several times, but the quality has taken a big downturn. Student and leader assigned were unprofessional and didn’t seem to know what they were doing. I had no confidence they would highlight my hair like they had in the past (they keep no records) and cancelled while in the chair. Won’t be back

Molly Morgan

What started as a not so good experience ended up being great. I had an appointment at 9 for a hair cut and since two students didn't show up I didn't start my cut until about 10:30. Lyannie ended up being my hair stylist and she did a fantastic job. They were very quick to take care of my cut due to the long wait.

Danae Lichtenberger

I went in for a consultation with Sara (student number 2250) and she made me feel so relaxed! She knew what she was doing and if she had a question she asked. She did balyage on my hair and I love it! It was a GREAT experience and I can't wait to go back!

Jay Ess

I thought $30 was a lot to pay for them to put my hair up but I ended up being very pleased with the job. The students were very friendly and spent an hour putting my hair up until I was pleased. The students helped each other out and shared ideas on how they should do my hair. The girl I had told me many times that if I didn't like it she would redo it. She stuck to her word and played with it until I was happy. I would definitely recommend them and I will be going back just because of customer service alone.

Kelli Craft

I've been going to this school for 2 years. Almost every time I go I love it. I love the way I always leave with my hair perfectly styled and I love the products they use. What I love the most is how my stylist and the learning leader try to really listen to me and always explain exactly what they are going to do. I would recommend trying this school out. You should plan longer than you would usually plan for a regular salon, and you need to be very verbal about what you want! Also, when you find a student that you really like, work hard to schedule with them every time until they graduate!

Vicky Rands

I love the service I get at Paul Mitchell the school. Prices are great & Jacqueline is fantastic. I always get a ton of complements about my hair. Can't say enough good things about Jacqueline & Paul Mitchell school.

Tamara Robitschek

I actually like getting my hair done at Paul Mitchell because they are two or three set of eyes. Talking through the hair process. Most salons is one person with one point of view.

Natalie Avila

I absolutely love this place! The hair stylist I have is so understanding and she even made sure before fixing my hair, she tested the durability of my hair against lightener to make sure it would not damage my hair! I love my hair!

Alice Kane

You really can't beat the price. My husband had an appointment for a hair cut and we waited for about 15 minutes before being seen. We purchased the Groupon deal for 7 bucks and shampoo was included. Although they don't have a lot of experience just yet since they're still training, they still do a really good job and they all seem to be nice and professional.

Charissa Hunt

I am so happy I chose to attend Paul Mitchell the School-Colorado Springs to begin my career as a cosmetologist. This school has always been so professional and teaches students based on their individual needs. I have been offered so many opportunities and have had the chance to network with some of the best in the industry. Best decision I ever made!

Jessica Saenz

I had an awesome experience with my hair styles. I definitely recommend coming here for all your hair needs. Thank you Serena

Cait Marsh

Teacher/Mentor Tina really impressed me during a night class session with Wendy. These women came into a situation that was rather precarious, and turned my hair into a work of art! I am thrilled with the whole experience - every student and teacher I encountered was kind, professional, and validating.

Michelle Shea

I loved my experiences! everyone is very kind. My hair color and cuts are great. just went blonder today and hubby LOVED it. Getting my hair Blonde is not easy, I am a natural dark Brown with natural red highlights, most of the times it turns brassy. The Girls at Paul Mitchell have never let this happen. Absolutely LOVE it. Autumn and Michelle are Great at coloring my hair.


This is the only place I will get my hair cut & colored. They have many discount days and the people are very friendly. Stacey does a wonderful job with my hair.

Jesse Hoye

Great customer care. Talented barbers. Can't beat the price! Kink does a great job!

Um No Person

Great experience with Mrs. April T.

Lisa Law-Clark

My hair is Red , I asked for Brown, they sent me out without being happy. I let Cloe know up front about not being happy with color or cut. Rachel didn't ask how I wanted my hair shaped in back, and didn't even touch my bangs. My back couldn't Handel laying back in the wash bowl. So rinsing my hair standing was fine, but Rachel wanted nothing more to do with me. Saying I'll comb you out, and were done , unless you want me to blow dry, I declined the blow dry but I wanted my hair cut , too , oh that's right. My color is not brown. I would like the color I paid for 60.00 and didn't get it. I asked for someone of authority to call me and no response. Close said for the charge of color they can fix within first week. It was immediate complaint, but I shouldn't be charged.

Luisa Corthall

This place is VERY dirty (saw girls reusing brushes with new clients and teachers watching them do it, bathrooms had no paper towels or soap, stations were dusty and not cleaned between clients) and the staff is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. My daughter wanted a full head of highlights and they came out red (she wanted blonde). Angie was extremely rude about it and wouldnt fix what was done. When I asked the front to let me speak to a manager she said no one was in. I later reached out to the owner Micah and have not yet received a response nor have a received any type of contact back from them (I reached out to over 3 different people) I over heard students talking about the organization of the school and how the financial aid office is taking advantage of them as students. It’s a real shame that this place is so below standard behind doors. I will be taking my business elsewhere and I hope something gets done about the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the building.

Violet Parrish

Oops! I reviewed the wrong location before... I have very fine thin hair that is difficult to work with I am glad they paired me with Roxanne! She was amazing! My hair turned out great. I just had a cut but she knew how to cut it to get the most out of my hair. The school is modern, clean, and well laid out. The prices are Great! I have paid more and received terrible cuts. Give Paul Mitchell School a chance. The students need the practice. There are supervisors who must sign off on all services to make sure you are satisfied.

Kade Lambeth

I had an amazing experience at Paul Mitchell. I had never had my hair colored before and was very nervous. Everyone there was very encouraging and helpful. I left looking and feeling like a new person. Thank you Paul Mitchell staff and Alicia for being awesome!

Les Steubing

I've been going to Paul Mitchell the School in Colorado Springs for over 2 years & Always receive a great haircut & service. What a Deal! Great supervision & they make sure that you leave satisfied & happy.

Liv Hansen

Ginger is amazing. I was her first model and let me tell ya shes going to rock it, shes going places. Good luck

Tara Wilson

I like the salon. I have always had good services with no quality issues. My biggest problem has been being shuffled around or not being notified if my student isn't available. I have waited 15+ minutes after my appointment times on several occasions. I had to go back up to the front to ask what was going on. I was always that they were trying to put me with someone else. They should have told me that when I arrived.

The Blazing Truth

Alexis did a amazing job I went in for a Cut and color and came out feeling like a new person .!!

Jennifer Duval

I have been to the school on numerous occasions. It has always taken at least 2-3 hours for a simple haircut. Not so bad, it always looks good. However, on one occasion I had made an appointment for my daughter and myself (you cannot bring a child with you unless they are also having a service). They took her back 15 minutes before me and did a very fast job on her. I was having my hair cut and colored. After having my hair washed I was told that my daughter was done and that I would have to come back some other time since she could not be left alone while I was getting my hair done. My stylist convinced his manager to let me get my color done since he had already mixed it. She got irate with him (I felt really bad) but eventually left us. She came back every few minutes glaring and huffing about why he wasn't done yet. I was humiliated, the stylists (my own and the one watching my daughter) were really upset, too. I haven't been back for 2 years. Try the Salon Professional Academy instead. Much nicer to the stylists and the customers. They do an excellent job, as well.

Sam Lopez

Today, Monday, April 4, 2016, I had my hair cut, colored, with Daniel. I had so much hair, it was a mess. Daniel cut the hair, gave me a look I really like, matched the color perfectly with help from a teacher. He was professional, friendly. I will go back to him every single time until he graduates. Everyone was quite friendly throughout for the most part. I hope Daniel will receive this compliment as well. Thanks, Daniel. Sam

Jeannie Wright

Mr. Brett used a lot of care and understanding when listening to my sons needs. He spent so much hands on time with the barber to make sure the result was stellar. Thank you!

Amber Loeffert

Great experience and service! Would recommend for anyone to come here

Jennifer White

I was really impressed with the stylist and services here. They will make sure you leave happy and beautiful. My two kids 11 and 15 wanted new hair styles for middle and high school. I didn't get the lady's name who did my youngest daughter's cut and style but it was very nice and just what she wanted. The lady was very sweet and interested in making her happy. She didn't speak much English but she did amazing job and was very attentive. Haley and Cristina did balayage highlights for my oldest. She was very indecisive and was disappointed with not being able to go extremely blonde in one color without breaking the bank. After the girls were finished I think she forgot all about her original plans! They did such an impressive job and both make great stylist! I will definitely be back to see them. I highly recommend asking for them.

Kaitlyn Slaats

I love it here! Amazing kellie took awesome care of me! I will always come here. So affordable and these students are taught so well before hitting the floor you can trust them with your hair! 5 stars!

Sam Huntington

Darien Deloatch is a student at this school... he made my hair look the best it has in many years. I am so pleased with the prompt service and friendly staff that work at Paul Mitchell the school. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for salon services at a fraction of the price. They are very professional and polite. I most certainly will be back again in the future. Thank you very much!

Cassandra Hogg

Nightmare from beginning to end. I have gone to Paul Mitchell schools for years to get my hair done, this is by far the worst I have been to. Went in with very light blonde hair and needed my roots touched up as my natural brown color was starting to show. After talking with the student who was coloring my hair she had only been in school for ONE MONTH, and was already taking ‘balayage’ clients. She begins coloring my hair, everything seems normal. Ten it comes time to wash it out, first I sat in the shampoo bowl for nearly 20 min before she could locate her instructor to clarify which toning solution to use. Two students and two instructors came by to give their two cents on the protocol. They ALL said to use different products. There was zero continuity. Once I finally have been toned and washed out again, we go back to dry my hair. I could tell immediately something was not right. I expressed to her, ALL of my hair seems too dark, we were only supposed to be lightening my roots. She explains it’s because my hair is wet and the lighting is bad. After it’s finally dry I see the real catastrophe that had occurred. My roots were ORANGE, and the rest of my blonde hair that she ‘toned’ was now grey/purple. It was horrendous. Needles to say I scheduled a redo the next day. (My birthday, which I had an event that night). I come in and speak to an instructor about how to fix it. He says there is nothing they can do to fix it, or take me back blonde. Instead they would have to color me all over a darker brown and start over with the lightening process in a couple weeks when my hair is in a healthy condition. He offered a free conditioning treatment to help speed up the process. I reluctantly agreed because I knew I would rather have brown hair than orange/grey/purple. Two senior students started to color my hair then had to go to class. In the mean time another instructor comes over and tells me they will not be doing the conditioning treatment at all and another new student will be taking over for the remaining of the service(washing, drying). I was confused as to why one instructor told me I would be getting one thing, and the other instructor told me another. However once everything was rinsed and dried again, I was no brunette. My hair is currently a gingery, orange brown. It’s horrible. I went from a beautiful blonde color to orangey brown for my birthday. The student even made a comment “you’re friends won’t even recognize you at your birthday event tonight”. The front desk even had the audacity to try to charge me for my “new cute look” after being there two days in a row and getting nowhere near the simple results I asked for initially. I cried when my mom (hair dresser who lives out of state) saw my hair and gasped. Now after this mess I have to go to another professional salon for color correction that will cost who knows what. The instructors here need to get on the same page, and students need to be more closely watched, and not let on the floor within a month of school.

Melissa Wait

I had a terrible experience at the Denver Paul Mitchell school wrote about it so thought I would write about the always wonderful service I always get from this business. It’s amazing how two places can be so different! The atmosphere is different! Students enthusiastic instructors knowledgeable. The vibe is more of a professional artistic bent rather than I’m just here to learn how to crank hair to earn a hourly wage. I was denied a permanent in Denver. They also wanted to charge me $95 which is as much as a professional stylist. Oh and another thing no parking over two hours! Two weeks later I went to the Colorado Springs location and received a beautiful permanent for $35. I always tip the student very generously. I always get great friendly service at the Colorado Springs location. I felt the instructor at the Denver location was a bit of a con artist.

will robbins

The gentleman who cut my hair did an amazing job. They have some serious talent. I'll definitely go back.

Ashley Compton

This school is amazing! Just brought out an advanced academy member to train and certify the staff. The educators are so talented and passionate. The students are so motivated ans dedicated to their education and development and amaze me every day. Love this place!

jonhathan pastor

This is only place I come to get my haircut always great service

Betty Sjoberg

I have fine, naturally curly hair and cowlicks, and the student Heaven was so patient and thorough! What a sweetheart! Her instuctor, Q, was very knowledgeable and skilled, and took extra time to demonstrate the use of the round brush, round layering, and texturizing to ensure that I received exactly the haircut that I wanted! I highly recommend this school--never had such a great haircut!!!

Kimberly Hubbard

Jessica, Is truly Amazing on how she deals with my hair .I'm Bless to have her style my hair so Beautiful love every visit she is (HIGHLY) Recommended .P.S. She is very knowledgeable about hair means so much to me.

Donna Guthrie

I love this school. I go to Paul Mitchell weekly when I am in town. The staff and students are super friendly and I have never been disappointed with the service. If you are a senior, check out the Tuesday specials.

B Jones

I have been going to this campus for years. The Awapuhi is essential for the best hair style. I highly recommend the salon for any treatment.

Seth Noel

Oh my goodness. Violet Robinson did such a killer job with my hair!!! Thank you for such a wonderful salon experience. Let me know if anyone wants one of her VIP cards, I highly recommend her for cuts, fades, colors, washes, and I've even seen her perms and work on women's hair! She really makes you feel special and relaxed. I especially enjoyed the tea tree wash house treatment - very refreshing and relaxing.

Tatianac Decheta

I have been with Paul Mitchel School salon for almost 4 years. First thing I was looking for after moving to Colorado was this school. You have to sign a waiver before students can do anything with your hair, but truly they never messed up my hair. It does take longer for the service to be done, but they work really hard and do a great job after all Taking my mom there as soon as she comes to see me:)

Jocelyn Stoddard

I recently relocated from Upstate NY. I used to attend a school there every three weeks and was thrilled to find one here. The students are friendly and very attentive. This is my second visit and I can't wait to come back in four weeks! Thank you for quality instruction, product and most of all...PRICES!

Patricia Yates

I come in about every 8 weeks. Of course I don't have the same salon person every time but I appreciate their hard work and effort to get everything just right. They are always smiling and their attitude makes my day. I am about 95% happy with the results. That's not bad for a "school girl." I will continue to make my appointments with Paul Mitchell. Keep up the good work!

Ines Nosal

I recently got my hair cut at Paul Mitchell the School in Colorado Springs. My hair is pretty long and i got a cut with a light layer. Tonya was really nice and knew what she was doing even though she still has 6 month left to graduate. Nice atmosphere and i like that they are open till 10 pm. I will be returning for another visit soon.

Leia Foster

Today was my first visit to the Paul Mitchell School. My stylist, Alexandra, made me feel comfortable and at ease. She explained everything she was doing and involved me in each decision throughout the process of cut, color, and styling my hair. Very professional

Nicolai Hel

After going to the school for almost 5 years, I experienced one of most humiliating events I've dealt with in years...and I believe it may have been partially racially motivated. A young student, EXTREMELY uncommunicative. decided he was going to take out his frustration of having to cut my hair... on my hair. Insult to injury, the "learning leader(s)" basically stood around chatting. There was no initial consultation, no checking in during the 20 minute "cut", and the student, I realized after the fact, had made sure my chair was turned so that I couldn't see the chop job he was doing on my hair. I was explicit in my instruction of how I wanted the cut done. I couldn't understand why the student started laughing 3/4's of the way through the cut. Finally he handed me a mirror and asked me "Is that what you wanted?" He had taken a number 2 comb on his trimmer and had given me an uneven, crew cut!!!! Mr. Brett has overseen my hair being cut for years and the reason I kept coming back was because of his attention to detail and dedication to student instruction. I'm hoping that when he sees and hears the circumstance of this incident, (along with the director of the school)...and result of this "service", the student will be dismissed from the school. This was more than a bad hair cut. It was, on one hand, a complete breakdown in the process of learning leader oversight combined with a student who didn't want to cut a white guys hair. This was done maliciously. Hopefully, in the future, the admissions interview will catch students that have no business interacting with the public let alone obtaining a license to work in this industry.

Paul Rieger

Love the atmosphere. Everyone is there to learn and improve their skills or educate and share their experiences. It's friendly and clean and their hours are great and it's a great place to get a really good cut, shave, style or color.

Judy G

I had a great experience at Paul Mitchell the School. The atmosphere was fresh and friendly, and my stylist, Alexis, did a beautiful cut and style. I will definitely return to PM for my next haircut.

Amy Johnson-Smith

I've been enjoying Paul Mitchell for years and years! I've never had a negative experience here; in fact, I've loved every cut and every treatment. Wonderfully professional all the way around!

Nicole Domanico

I would give 0 stars if I could. I went here earlier this year to "treat myself" by getting my hair done for my birthday and boy was that a mistake. I wanted balayage highlights and a cut that I had examples of what I was looking for and the girl assigned to me said she was super confident in doing. Needless to say the experience was god awful. It took almost 6 hours, I was sitting at a station that had no mirror and I cant see far without my glasses so I had no clue what was going on, and the student was piling on what she said was 8 extra bowls of bleach to "really saturate my hair" which is also an additional $8 each bowl. The end result after she mixed 2 different toners on my hair to "balance out" my roots from my lengths was an orangey, disgusting, ill applied mess with my whole bed bleached at differing root lengths. NOT BALAYAGE. I ended up paying $100 dollars for something I didnt ask for and the girl had the nerve to linger around for a tip as she was eyeing my wallet! I should have rinsed and walked out after 10 minutes. This place is a mess. Students are ill-prepared, instructors are just as clueless. And oh yeah, I was chopping my hair to balance out a growing out undercut which the student made even shorter cause she kept messing that up and the instructor didnt even fix it right. My friend who is a hairstylist when I saw her MONTHS after said "who the hell cut your hair?" And fixed it for me. After the initial debacle I went in to get it fixed by another student, which they still charge you for, and the second girl was much more knowledgable and personable, which was nice and she managed to tone my hair to a decent blonde, but the shadow roots she applied for whatever reason didnt take. So I paid for that and tipped her. Then I just did my hair myself and got what I wanted and I'm done paying people to touch my hair out here. I have been to numerous cosmetology schools for hair services, both cut and color, and I have NEVER experienced such ineptitude.

Laurallee Haycock

Jacqueline has done my hair 3x now. Color, cut and always is fabulous!! Would recommend highly! She's cute too! ;)

sylvia malone

I have been coming to Paul Mitchell for several years now because the prices are unbeatable, the staff is always friendly, and they do good work, the only downside is it takes a very long time, and I would highly recommend being extremely specific about what u want because one time I asked them to trim my daughter's hair and didn't specify not to take too much and they completely hacked her hair that was my one and only time I was actually very upset and displeased with the service because they should've asked me before taking off so much. Other than that I would highly recommend, and we still come here regularly.

Felice Vigil

Chelsea did a phenomenal job on my hair. The highlights are gorgeous, and the cut is just perfect! I have been spending a ton of money at a higher end salon here in town prior to my visit at PM school. Honestly, I was a little nervous at first, but Chelsea took the time to listen to what I wanted and then colored and cut with care. I am sure no one will ever know I am not going to the high-end salon anymore. .. Yes, Chelsea is THAT good!

Callie Gilbert

Love this salon! They are so professional and the students are talented. Laura always does a wonderful job on my hair. I always leave pleased with my new look!

Andy Da Dragoon

For people that come here, you have to remember that this is a school. The time you spend here may be longer than you are use to, but what you pay for someone to practice on you, is well worth it.


I absolutely love how this place runs itself. It is professional and friendly. The students there are absolutely amazing, I can freely state whether or not I feel as if the job they did on me looks good or not. And that is very important, because if I don't like something I am less likely to come back. But I go back for every hair cut and color that I want. They also try to work with my budget when I go in to get my hair colored. That is very nice to have available to me.

Sharon Ferguson

I have been going to Paul Mitchell for almost 3 years now. I have always had a positive experience and never left unhappy. The students do a great job and always have a supervisor nearby to ask questions and check what they're doing. The supervisors always ask how everything is going and always seem to want the students to succeed. I will continue to go to Paul Mitchell for my highlights and cuts.

Debbie Jurista

Rosario did an awesome cut on my hair. I went from long hair with bangs to very short with the same bangs. I have a hair stylist I normally see but she is pricey so I took a chance and came to the Paul Mitchell school. I'm glad I took the risk because I love my new cut so much! Thank you Rosario.

Amiris Byes

Student # 2398 was FABULOUS!!! She listened to me and understood what I wanted to have done. The staff is great and the instructors are very knowledgeable and supportive of the students. I'll definitely come back!

Braelinn Allemand

This is my first time getting my hair done at a school. I had a great experience. Both the girls that did my hair were friendly. They were very gentle & I will definitely go back :)

Liz K

Today I had my hair shampooed, cut, and textured by Abby M. who was exceptional. Abby did a beautiful job cutting my hair, listened to all my hair needs – which were numerous - and delivered a lovely do. I am from out of town and when I googled Paul Mitchell Salon, Paul Mitchell - The School - came up. I have not been to a school to get my hair cut for a couple of decades but I do have confidence in Paul Mitchell stylists so I took a chance. Abby did not let me down – she is stylist with a bright future! She understands customer service, is meticulous in her work and has the capacity to really listen to her customer as well as hold an engaging conversation. She was also diligent in having her instructor check her work for the few times she needed affirmation and guidance on a technique needed for my hair – which really speaks to her desire to provide the best cut. I hope to return to Colorado City and Paul Mitchell School on future visits. Abby definitely provided confidence in the Paul Mitchell Styling School experience! Thanks Abby!

lisa price

I have gone for a cut and later a color and highlight. Katie was amazing. She took her time and was very professional They really care if you are happy with the results. Everyone was very friendly. I will definitely be back.


I've been getting facials here for about 9 months and it's wonderful. Facials can get somewhat pricey, but the cosmetology school here gives you the spa feel for a fraction of the price. With the dry climate in Colorado, the extra pampering has made a major difference. The learning leader is a true asset and I always look forward to seeing her. I hope her calm demeanor is passed on to her students!

Kyrsti Lynne

I love my new look! Kellie did an amazing job on my hair! Everything was very professional from start to finish. Can't wait to see what we try next time!

Jennica Elwell

This school is amazing! The students are the epitome of professional and always make everyone feel welcome. The education these students receive make you think that they have been doing hair for years. I will never go anywhere but Paul Mitchell!

Jaci Richardson

I've been coming here for years. I won't go anywhere else! I've had better work done here than professional salons. With only on bad experience and prompt fixing of said experience, I'd recommend this place to anyone! My mom comes from out of state to visit and gets her hair done here.


Came on for an awapuhi and it was amazing! It was so relaxing and I will definitely come back for another one! My "future professional" Jaime was amazing! I've been here for her several times and she never disappoints!!

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