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REVIEWS OF International Salon and Spa Academy IN Colorado

Ronald Houghton

They always take good care of me. Owner sucks!

luisa pinales

Billy Dee

Coe the Barber did an amazing job giving me a high fade. He was very professional and highly skilled ahead of his time. He also gave me the perfect line up with a striaght razor. Check him out before he graduates next month!

Abby Fisher

Sunny Sadowski

Atticus 87

I had such a miserable experience (rude, bitter "instructors" and a poorly trained student) that I quit going to hairdressers entirely. Thanks, International, for helping me save a ton of money and learn to appreciate my natural, healthy hair with no weird styling or coloring. It's so enjoyable (and financially beneficial) not being part of the mindless, look-alike herd, haha!

Cassaundra Henderson

I love the curriculum i just dont love the dresscode requirements

Marilyn Martinez

Took really long to wait for teachers, so go when you are free for the day.

Margaret Stretcher

I went here with 7 kids for their Back to School complimentary haircuts. I was amazingly impressed with everyone! They took 6 kids back all at once and immediately set to work. They were extremely polite and interacted well with the kids. I brought kids of both genders and three different races (including African American) and they did cuts for all of them beautifully! Between the seven of them we got a buzz cut, shadow fade, long layers, straight across, short layers, and a pixie cut and all of them turned out well! Whenever a stylist had a question for an instructor, the instructors were very patient with them. At one point, one of my girls had 4 stylists and an instructor all gathered around her head so they could demonstrate a technique, but they did so without making her feel like a giant spectacle which was great.I had some time on my hands so I got my eyebrows done too and they look fabulous. I would definitely recommend this salon!

S. M.

I got highlights and lowlights on my hair. Oscar, Sage, and, Nicole worked on me, with Oscar and Sage doing the brunt of the work. Now, let’s get one thing straight: my hair turned out very well. However, the only one who treated me like a human being was Nicole. The other two complained pretty consistently about how they didn’t want to do my hair because they were barbers. One of them didn’t say a single word to me. Honestly, it really hurt my feelings. When I asked about it, I was told I was lucky to even be seen as some barbers will just walk out on you if they don’t want to do your hair. They also complained about their teachers, fellow classmates, the clients who don’t tip them, and other inappropriate personal minutiae. I generally don’t leave reviews, and I certainly never leave bad ones, but I was severely unimpressed with the customer service. And for those who think I’m being a special snowflake, consider that this is a customer service based job. You don’t have to be bubbly or over involved with your customers, but you should probably be polite and professional. TL;DR Oscar did a very good job on my hair and the price was right. However, I will not be going to this school again, and I will advise anyone who asks not to go either.

Kiah Vasquez

MaryL Romero

Jackie McAllister

Hello everyone! I would love to address a few of the 1 stars as I am a student who will be completely done with her program with in two weeks. Very first over everything, this is a school, this is where students at all levels of their program work on clients who come in to get very very cheap services ( you only pay pretty much for supplies used, and for insurance reasons you have to pay something to the school) Each student is at a different level than other students, and different programs as well. Again, Students we are all students.... students. We are building ourselves and are worth by each client who comes in and by all means yes it takes time and not negative moods of how long something takes. Hello, you came to a school it’s our education not yours. Your coming here to help support our training at such a discounted rate. What happened to everyone rating this school at 1star, this is not a nail or hair salon with people working on you with years under their belt. We are all students and we have our guidance under our teachers and believe me I give a high five to all the teachers there. Because it’s not the money that keeps them their orthe clients, its the students. It really sucks getting stuff done that didn’t turn out like the super model photo shown to us, but as something is happening please speak up do not sit through your whole service then turn your nose up because the nail place down the road would have charged you 125 for a mani and pedi. Or 225 for full head of highlights. We try our very best and many of students cry over our clients and their moods. Please be kind and we will always redo as many times needed to correct what you are unhappy with but don’t come in here expecting nails done in an hour, the pros even take an hour and a half on average. But if you give each of us a chance I bet we will work hard every time. And put our hearts into trying to make you feel more beautiful.

Racquel Burton

Went to do my eyebrows which took forever and were half home when she was done. Never again.

Wendy Havens

Love this place & the girls who have worked on me. They are very clean & professional. They work very hard & are very gracious & appreciative of any tip I give & service I get. I got a perm @ a regular salon it was 165.00 and they gave me the perm they wanted to give me. At this school I paid a fraction of that & got the perm I wanted. I'm very happy with this school.

Sissy M.

Loving the $5 Wednesdays for men's hair cuts

Nikki Dobson

Breeanna Arndt

Stephanie Robinson

Torre Phillips

Lisa McKown

Been there a few times. I am a licensed cosmetologist. The students are well trained and very polite and make you feel comfortable. It is nice to have someone else do your nails and hair sometimes. Very relaxing

Amber r

Seth Schure

Kelsea Pone-Wall

Blaze Charron

HORRIBLE!! Made an appointment for a prom updo two weeks ago, when we arrived they didn't have our appointment in the system. Said that they could still get us in. The stylist doing my daughters hair was completely lost and confused about what she wanted. Even with pictures. Had 3 different people try to help her. Head instructors are no better than the students!! And to the head instructor, that said "I'm a perfectionist" should seek another profession!!!! My daughters hair looks nothing like she wanted and left there in tears!!! You ruined my daughter's prom!!! We will never go back!!!

Gloria Garcia

My overall experience was was what one should expect from a Salon and Spa Academy. The young lady who washed, cut and styled my hair gave me what I had envisioned, she was nice and courteous in trying to see my vision as well. She asked the instructor several questions before starting on my cut. I went from mid back length hair to a short bob. I did give constructive feedback to the appropriate personnel on what she can improve or work on but I was overall pleased with the end result. I will return and recommend this Academy to others. The only peeve I would have is the amount of time it took, I was not expecting it to take so long, now that I know the procedure and have experienced it, I will schedule accordingly. So proud of anyone who takes these steps to have a career in Cosmotology. Keep up the good work.

K French

The receptionist Gigi has been rude to my family and I every time we come in for services. I enjoy most of the people here but this young lady needs to change her attitude.

Liz White

I've been to this place a number of times and have always been treated great. I come in for the free teacher facial and they always do a top notch job. The students are sweet and the products are nice.

Manny Castro

I just spent 5 hours they're getting facial pedicure haircut and eyebrow wax for $45 and nice customer service

Tatyana Darling

I got a facial and my hair cut and colored here. Skylar did my facial and was super nice and friendly and explained everything that she would be doing. Kimberly cut and colored my hair and was not afraid to ask for any assistance from her instructors to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Her instructor Ava was also super nice and worked side by side with her and I got the exact hair cut I was looking for. I will definitely be going back.

Reyna Cardenas

I love the Academy! The very fair pricing allows me to pamper myself more frequently then I would otherwise be able to. The students are very knowledgeable and professional. I always leave my appointments looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Melanie Salcedo

I currently attend there and must say I love it. The Nail tech teacher Mrs Candace is amazing she goes above and beyond to help you gain knowledge and practice.

Elissa Armstrong

I got shellac on my toes and they did a great job!

Audrye Shirah

I love this place, only salon i trust to do my hair.

radlittlelady .

I’ve been getting my legs waxed here for the last year (several experiences). Overall organization and scheduling is poor; I usually have to wait. Once the wait was 20 mins, but they offered me a free service which was great, much appreciated! The students and faculty are always very pleasant and courteous. The products may not be top notch, but I will continue to come here for the low prices when I’m not in a hurry. I really like their occasional specials on services.

Barbara Edwards


Amijulae Banks


Lisa L Valdez

Too much turn over. This place needs a new head of school. Some one please help this place.


I took my daughter here today to get a keratin straightening treatment. Her hair turned out absolutely gorgeous and silky smooth. My daughter's hair is extremely curly and hard to tame. I would've paid over 400 dollars at a salon, and I only paid 199 here. They also cut her hair for free. I dont understand why there are many bad reviews. They are STUDENTS! If u dont like something, speak up! An instructor will come over and make it right. They were absolutely wonderful. The front desk was awesome, as well as the students and instructors. The students who did my daughter's hair were Paige and Keandra (sp?). There was always an instructor around making sure everything was okay, and they really didn't need much help even tho this was the first time either one of them did a keratin straight.Thank you for a great experience! Definitely going back!

Ms Lady

The staff is completely unprofessional, I have been coming here for a little over a year. During one of my appointments the student completely messed me up, but I don't fault the student because they are there to learn, however Ms. Vicky would never guided the brand new students during any of my sessions. It was that students first time so where was her supervision. Many many many times Vicky failed to do her job and supervise her students. At the end of my session I walked up to Ms. Vicky asking her how I looked. She sent me back to the student (but Vicky still failed to supervisor the student) when I was finished I walked back up to Ms. Vicky asking how I looked. She said great, I paid and left. The problem is it wasn't great I looked a hot ass mess, and Ms. Vicky allowed me to pay and walked out like that a mess. Then when I asked for a redo the school didn't want to provide it. I had to fight to get a redo, but by that time the school was threatening to stop allowing me to return for services. From what other clients and students were telling me Ms. Vicky and one Ms. Angel were openly discussing having me banned because I asked the school to fix what I was made to pay for after consulting the instructor Ms. Vicky before leaving. Upon my next visit the new student and new instructor both saw and agreed the service I had previously received was horrible. It took 4 straight weeks to fix the problem. And Ms. Vicky and Ms. Angel both tried to make the issue seem as though I was the difficult one. PETTY AND PATHETIC are the business practices of this school.

Linda Harris

C Kells

Make sure you have plenty of time. Everyone was friendly but I wasn't paying for a friendship service. I paid to get my fingernails and toes done. My pedicure was nothing more than washing my feet. There were not the right tools for the job. No toe nail clippers for a cut down in the entire establishment. There were no cuticle clippers. The nail polish was muted tones. I wanted shallac on my fingers which was applied incorrectly and they peeled off right away. Yikes. Trainwreck. Language of students was unacceptable around clients. Do not waste your time go else where. They were friendly, tho.

Shaeneice Stuart

Donna Andersen

Brittany did a fantastic job with my hair. I love the color. It is a silvery lavender. Please make sure she knows what a good job she did. Thanks, Donna

Malinda Long

Wonderful place. I come each from from Houston, TX to have my hair done here. Great instructors, great students, and super great price. Love this place!

Elise N

My nails were done by Gracey Platt, a student cosmetologist. She gave great customer service, paid attention to detail with doing my nails and talked the entire time of the appointment. I really enjoyed the nail spa treatment. My hands were silky smooth after using the hand exfoliation. She was professional about everything-good hygiene, sanitation, disinfectant and cleanliness. I would definitely request for her to do my nails again. Also, my eye-brows were done really good by another female student. I was pleased with both services. Go Girls ! Keep Doing Your BEST !

Lady T

The girl didn’t use enough conditioner and could have flat ironed my hair smoother. I wasted my money and will not likely return.

Trinity L.

Elizabeth Blevins

Recently took my daughter for the 2nd time. Will not be going back. The instructor with the short blonde/blue pixie cut kept talking down to me regarding my daughter. Yes she is 12 years old and understand bleaching her hair is not great but it is our choice. She kept saying IF IT WERE MY KID I WOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS! Well, guess what. She is not yours. And she and I clearly understand it is damaging to her hair. But its not your place to talk down to me or anyone.

George Ashmore

Megan Heidenreich

Melo Skyster

Shawn Wyatt

The five stars go to the student skyler she did a good job on my friends hair even though she walked out with wet hair and not cut like she wanted. The teacher was barely around checking on the student or anything. When the student went to go and wash her hair the teacher came raised her voice at me all because I said the teachers need to be around the students more to help out better the the teacher went to go put toner in her hair she missed so many spots it looks horrible it is not the students fault yes she is learning but maybe the teacher needs to learn customer service and I'm talking about the one that has long red hair older lady will not go back. Oh and not to mention when one of the students tells you that they've been there since 8 a.m. and it's 5 p.m. and they have not had a lunch I think that's just a little ridiculous maybe they need to take their students and consideration but apparently they don't care about their students

Mary Aguirre

Christina Wilson

Worst haircut ever! Instructor was not available until he was done-he is training to be a barber. I wanted the dead ends trimmed and bangs. He said it would be about an inch and he would have the instructor do the bangs. Tried to get her help but she was helping someone else, then walked around checking on others but not us. When he finished and went to get her, it took a while. Meanwhile I notice the right side was at my shoulders while the left was 2-3 inches longer. She cut my bangs (they turned out great) and since my hair was so short, did some long layers around my face. Then he and the student next to me blow-dried my hair, not using a brush once and hitting my head with the hair dryer. So, I lost about 4 inches total, left with a frizzy head of hair, and was charged for the blow dry I did not ask for. Got home, the layers the instructor did were super uneven, and ended up cutting an inch of hair from several spots where it was uneven. I can't wear my hair down in public. When checking out, I told the girl how unhappy I was (and still had to pay). I had called and made an appointment with a cosmotologist but because I came in 10 minutes early, they had the barber cut my hair (and didn't tell me he was not a cosmotologist). I don't blame him, except maybe he should have said no... the web site says closely supervised. It was a Saturday with one instructor on the floor. (I saw a bunch with the instructor shirt but I guess they weren't working the floor?)

David Casiano

Great place everyone is awesome very professional

Romaine Schott

I made the appointment for a polish change. I had three nails trimmed slightly also thinking it was part of the service since filing the nails was done as part of the service. When checking out, I was charged an additional small amount for the trim. Seems unfair; however, inexpensive nevertheless. The students always make my toes look much better!

Francisco A. Ferreira Sr.

Nice place!!

Bellalife 1040 dogs

The student did a wonderful job dying my daughter's hair, very friendly

Allison Foye


Had an appointment but had to wait about an hour past

Andrew Abeyta

Carmella Vega

Not recommended - had a 545p APPOINTMENT! 603p rolls around & 3 of us - potential paying students walked out - obviously this establishment DOES NOT care for future potential students. BUT all good, going to look into Paul Mitchell

Bethany Harmon

Only Pogo

I have had both terrific and not so great experiences here. I've been going here monthly for about 3 years and only had 2-3 bad experiences with students. I did have some issues with supervisors not wanting to properly honor a gift card but when I pushed the issue, they did honor it.

nag v

Wonderful job with my hair curls by Halie,Jessica and Sydney. And perfect makeup by Jacqueline..Thank you gals for making my photoshoot successful!

Ronald Simmons

I went to get an facial and one of the students i believe her name was Janae. She was very professional and made my experience there very comfortable. I would go back for sure.

D'Nae Ferguson

Don't get me wrong, you can find people who can do your hair but there's only certain people who I trust but the way everything is ran sucks! For instance, today I had an appointment for 2, I was on my way and would show up for 1:15. I called them to confirm and that was the moment they realised that the girl scheduled to do my hair wouldn't be in? That is unacceptable and a lot of wasted gas money. They pull this crap way too much but the girls doing your hair are

Kelly Donley

My friend and I came to get our nails done. The woman doing my friends nails was pleasant and did a good job. The INSTRUCTOR Melissa however was an absolute nightmare. I wanted a product removal from an old set and she absolutely gouged into my natural nails. Melissa did one hand and the student did the other hand, but the hand Melissa did was really messed up I.e. the nail was not built correctly and dipped down in the middle, the design started coming off when I got in the car, and they hurt so bad because of the damage she had done to my natural nail. She also spoke down to us and was very disrespectful the whole 4 hrs it took to finish. Its laughable now but at the time it was excruciating. They definitely need a new nail teacher.

nancy malacara

Had the best foil highlight done here,

Allen Charles

Cody Sears

Marla Novak

Nina and Jessica were so helpful and did a fantastic job on my hair and nails!

Kelly Taylor

Students are monitored by instructors and do a good job for very low prices.

Brittany DuMars

I just finished esthetic school here (thankfully the course is only 6 months, I could hardly handle that). First off, you will not be taught by a licensed esthetician but rather a cosmetologist. Sure they are licensed to do what we do (for the most part) but neither one have ever been an esthetician in the real world (and it shows).The instructors are all on different pages when it comes to client service procedures. One tells you this is how you (for instance) wax an ear and the other screams “NO IT’S NOT, DON’T EVER PUT WAX INSIDE SOMEONE’S EAR” (well duh, maybe make sure your co-worker should be made aware of that as well). Next, the machines we use for facials are old, which isn’t the problem, the problem is that they are unsafe. The steamers leak like crazy (right onto their electrical cord…so safe) and a few have exploded next to clients, and the 7-function machines have shocked me and many others multiple times, which is down right unsafe. The front desk staff is so rude to the students and clients alike. They called your name over the intercom with an attitude and call you 20 minutes before you lunch is up over and over until you show up (BUT if you don’t take your full hour lunch you will get yelled at by staff). They are just flat out rude and unprofessional and ALL need to be given the boot and start with fresh new faces. The women who work in the back offices will all give you a different answer if you ask them the same questions. It’s ridiculous how this school is so unprepared, unorganized, and NOT on the same page. I went to get my certificate for finishing esthetic school and SHE COULDN’T find it…EXCUSE ME? So I asked that when she did to please mail it because I didn’t want to go back up there for it and she said “uhhh I GUESS I could do that.” Well it’s not my fault you lost it. Organize your office and maybe this wouldn’t happen. Ms. Gayla, the head honcho is one of the most disrespectful women I have ever met. I understand you deal with lots of students and BS but that doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful and rude to students you’ve never even talked to before. Way to put a bad taste in their mouth (like me for example) Not just her, but this entire school treats you like a 16 year old high school student, heck even worse than that. Beauty schools attract people of all ages and backgrounds. For instance I have a 4-year degree, wasn’t feeling fulfilled and decided to become a licensed esthetician. You have lots of students who have SERVED THIS COUNTRY, yet they don’t receive an ounce of respect from anyone at this school. You can’t expect respect if you don’t give respect. Ms. Gayla also picks and chooses if she will excuse doctors notes, etc to cover any of your absent hours. I’m pretty sure you need to have constant rules and regulations for your school; you can’t pick and choose which students will follow them. Also, we are always running out of product and materials to perform services on our clients. How am I supposed to wax someone’s leg if all I have are the itty-bitty eyebrow sticks? Or if there’s only 1 pot of soft wax in the ENTIRE school and someone else is already using it? We are always running out of waxing sticks and wax. And yet they still book us for these appointments. Whoever is in charge of ordering supplies needs to be fired. How can we tint someone’s eyebrows if we don’t have the proper product to remove the tint? I know there aren’t many choices in Colorado Springs for beauty school, but if you can, avoid this school at all costs, and if you can’t….don’t say you weren’t warned.

Cyn c

I had a bayalage done and they did an excellent job! The instructors are very attentive checking in with the students. They worked with the students to get me the perfect color. This visit exceeded my expectations! The staff and students are very friendly. I would recommend bringing cash for tips. I wasn't able to add mine to my card payment so i had to run out to the bank. I will definitely go back for other services!

Elise Reiger

I love the idea of this place. I went here w a friend who is a student and she did my hair. It was a great experience . this place is clean and nice and is an overall great environment . The instructors are pretty nice too and everyone seems to know what to do

L Garcia

The wait is ridiculous and the front desk people know nothing.

Sharon Benton

Great value go there often.

Jamie Goldman

David Bivens

Not even worth the one star I had to claim to rate. Will NOT return. ZERO STARS!!

Mary Garcia

I love this place everything is convenient and cheap

Sophia Gelles

I have had great treatments here and the only reason I am giving 3 stars is because I have had awful experience with the receptionist Gigi. The last couple of times I have received treaments here I have been checked in by her and have talked to her on the phone- she rarely smiles, doesnt give eye contact, and speaks in a condescending and rude tone. All the other receptionists, teachers, and students have been lovely and have great customer service.

Enrique Sanchez

Shady practice that employs people just as shady that steal from others

Sarah Hutfilz

I am a student here. And everyone giving us low reviews has to keep in mind that we are a school. We are not professionals. If you have a big event and want things done exactly right, do not come here. Go to an actual professional salon. We do not yet have the knowledge to do things like a professional salon would.

Stacie Harris

Hae Suk does a fabulous job on black hair


Anthony Kreashko

Was taken care of well when coming in to cut ALL my hair off. Came out a brand new person.

Isabella Morgan

I was apprehensive about coming here at first but once I gave them a chance, I was not sorry. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I LOVE my hair and would definitely come back again.

Kimberly Kraus

The students always does a great job! Been going for here for years. Had a steamy wonder tonight. What a wonderful spa treatment!!! Will definitely get another one!!!

Heidi Delbridge

This is not an occurrence that happens every time but I did wait half an hour to be seen for a package deal in which only one can be completed. I have to return on a different date

Neal Green

My name is Lesa and I went for the first time today to have my hair highlighted, cut and styled. My appointment was for 10:00 with Amanda P. who did not show up and the staff, very friendly, stated she had not called in. They put me with Rachel at 10:15 and it was so meant to be!!! Rachel did an amazing job with my highlights and got me to the exact color I had been wanting. Rachel did a very nice cut and style for me. I so appreciate all that Rachel did for me. The salon was very clean and the front desk staff were all friendly. The teachers were always making sure everything was how I wanted and were also very friendly.

Jennifer vories

I love this place, they always do a great job with my hair. Plus the prices are great for my family's budget.

Alysia Saarela

Barbie Wischhusen

Kathy Doran

Had my hair colored on 3/21 paid extra for treatment of olaplex to help strengthen hair which they advised. DON'T be fooled!! Additional cost of 22.40 which they said I would get a 3 Oz bottle to take home the following week. AS of this date 4/7 I have NOT received the product. I will be contacting the BBC. You get what you pay for!!!

TJC3393 .

Patricia Ralston

Jill Gruetzmacher

Katie Cattani

I get that this is a school. The prices are great because of that. The students work very hard and do their best. It’s not the service I have a problem with. It’s the unsanitary conditions. Talk about lack of infection control. I went to get a pedicure and she said to pick a seat. Cheap office chairs covered in fabric, which doesn’t clean well. I start to look at the seats and there is literal filth, food, stains, hair, and blood on the seats. I find one without blood and sit down. The station next to mine must have been the sight of a small massacre. Smeared blood over the table with literal bloody fingerprints on the table and armrest of chair. You could follow the drips of blood from the table, to the chair, to the floor, leading to the sink. The problem is that this station was one being offered to me, the client. It had the bucket for your feet, a fresh towel laid out and was “ready” for the next person.

natalia dineen

Julie Turner

Amanda Macleod

Delaina Romero

Adam McDonald

Robert Swords

I love International in all the teachers that had taught me there from my hairstyling license all the way up to my barber license if you're looking at getting a haircut here you just have to understand that these are students and that they are learning they are not 110% professionals they have not done this for years and years but without a doubt with EJ Miss Penny or any other of the great teachers there they will be able to get you out with a better haircut then what Supercuts can do

Lisa Pierce

Really nice staff and students

kristen ohagin

Super prices!

Heather A.

Brittany Valentino Knezek

Great school..helping a lot of kids in and out of high school..very nice instructors!

Kimberly Sibert

If you have to wait more than a few minutes after your appointment time make sure you go to the desk and tell them you are still waiting! I got there for my appointment and my stylist was still at lunch so she didn't hear the page and the front desk never made sure she knew I was there. I finally went and found her, the services are great though.

Brittany Grandon

Her technique is amazing - firm when needed and light as a feather. I love my custom treatment and felt so pampered. I'll be back.

Terri Strayer

Jennifer Helms cut my hair today and she did a great job. Thanks, Jennifer. Thanks for the good service always!

dawn sharkey

I love when I visit International Salon and Spa Academy every time I go I get the best customer care this time I got my hair colored by Ms. Britini Williams and she did a wonderful Job with the help of her instructor. and Ms. Rose did my feet nails and they were wonderful as well. I felt like a queen when all said and done. They are the best in town.

Virginia Naranjo

Bruce is your go-to for your stylin needs. He hooked me up painlessly, and efficiently. I'd come here and suggest it again and again

Rebecca Fredell

I’ve had many services here, and most of the time things go very well. It’s a school, so sometimes there are mistakes, but they get four out of five stars for friendliness and customer service. The instructors are so willing to spend time with the students to, helping them to do it right.

erin kelly


Tanya Martinez

I was a little sceptical at first because of my biracial hair type. But these ladies were AMAZING! They dove right in with no fear. Arianna did an amazing job with my highlights. I will definatley be coming back. Thanks again girls. You made me feel beautiful again.

Christian Frausto Garcia

Kena M

This is my second year going to this school and I HIGHLY recommend it to others who are wanting to learn something new and fun! Everything is hands on and the instructors are AMAZING!!!

Zach Rosing

What a trash company... employs a teacher who scams people for money for her concert tickets, blocks you from their page when you ask about it. All around nasty. Stay FAR away.

Suzanne Hein

Krista Kelly

Best haircut I have gotten since moving to Colorado. The stylist Sydney is amazing! Her instructor Ava was also amazing. They understood what I wanted and how to get me there. She wasnt afraid to ask Ava for help to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Absolutely will be back again!

alexis Garcia

Amy L

I always get a great haircut that is checked by the instructor..students are passionate about their learning and budding career

Vera Lopez

Got high and low lights. Ausome

Zakaryah Scruggs

Victoria Moralestaylor

What they charge I could go to someone who is out of school. $92 half head highlights

Victoria Robinson

This is the worst school ever They refuse to give your transcripts but well take your money no problem .. They are unorganized and don't help no when they need help I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone

Ben Sanders

Peter Massenburg

Malik Raye-Bengogullari

I had such amazing service I want to thank you lavar for the cut on Saturday I think that the people working here especially Jonny ray should get paid like 300 dollars a week My cut is amazing!

Michelle Magro

The front desk was rude and maybe if the teachers weren’t too busy gossiping and we’re watching over their students the clients wouldn’t end up with a butchered hair cut

Devyn Rose

I was here for 4 1/2 hours to have a family member and I get a full set acrylics. During this whole time there was not only the long time it took to do the nails, there was a lot of comments and drama between employees. In all of this ? I had to pay 20$ to spend 4 1/2 hours in a unprofessional salon school to get nails that I have to get redone.

Christin Currier

I had read the reviews before going to this salon school. I was a little apprehensive since they are students, but I was only getting a trim to get rid of the dead ends and getting my eyebrows and lip waxed. The eye brow wax looks great, but when I got home and looked under different lighting I could see there were still hairs left over on my lip. The hair there is very blonde, so it's not a big deal. The hair cut looks great! I ended up asking the girl to give me a few long layers and to shorten my bangs. The only negative thing I have to say is that for a student who is about to graduate she didn't seem very confident and had to have the instructor come over several times. The entire process took close to 2 1/2 hours. That took up a big chunk of time I wasn't expecting to waste for a trim! Everyone I met was extremely nice, however, in some intstances professionalism was lacking. Students sitting around near me were talking about how they had done jail time for dealing drugs like cocaine and meth and the students washing hair were all talking negatively about their fellow students and co-workers. In my opinion, that kind of talk is does not reflect well for a place of business. That kind of talk should be left for the break room our out of ear shot of customers. While it is a school, it's still a place of business. I would say, for a trim I might go back again. My total for the waxing and the haircut came to $18, so I can't complani too much. I don't see a point in paying $35 for a trim at a legit salon. So maybe I'll go back, who knows.

Sunflower N

I would not want to come back here. It was a mistake, for coming here to get my nails done just before my wedding... The front people are unhelpful, rude and unprofessional treating there customer bad as if the customers are getting free service especially Chantel and there always on there phone. I spent 6 hours getting my nails and toes done for them to destroy my nails and toes. The girls working there did a lot of gossiping instead of them focusing on my mini and pedicure, the person doing my nails and toes had no idea what they were doing. She was shaking the whole time painting my nails and where not even. my nails has a lot of bubbles, my gel nail color came out wrong and my nails are all uneven. I had to tell the girl doing my nail to clean it up after she cut my skin off. Additionally, the nail tech student refuse to take off old nail polish but insisted on putting the gel over it then covering it with the color, I expected an instructor to supervise but there instructors failed them. The only person that did not fail her student was Carletta the hair teacher and made sure to correct any mistakes and provide guidance to her student. Awful experience.

Penelope Vasquez

Lori Roy

Iris Rose

Logan Chandler

i love half of the staff, but the other half is constantly making me question if they’re planning on killing me or just killing them selves because they’re so fed up. clearly some of you hate your job so stop making everyone else miserable and LEAVE. the school has potential to be amazing but there are a few old white ladies who need a serious reality check. xo thx for the license

Jeff Adams

Vashon Drecketts

Next year.

Tamara Smith

Tamey Reynolds


, love this place the kids and I have been going here for years the people are amazing

Alexis NoName

Amanda Clifton

Ashley Vritis was great. She did a facial and mani for me. Feeling good

Laker All Day

*Do Not Waist Your Time/Day At This Place >It takes a day and a half for any service >TEACHERS/SUPERVISORS DO NOT SUPPORT THE STUDENTS >customer service is horrible and unprofessional >if you set an appointment it is always wrong and not kept I WILL NEVER RECOMMENDED THIS PLACE TO ANYONE

Lexi Marie

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