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REVIEWS OF D’Ametri's Aveda IN Colorado

Jennie Kio

Love this place, friendly courteous stylists and wonderful coustomer service. They actually do an "interview" before cutting your hair to see exactly what you want and what you expect from the appointment. I have had people ask me "where do you get your hair done?" Just love it.

Calibre Boat

I have been going to this salon for about two years now and have always left happy with my cut and most often with my color. I will say that after seeing the same stylist for a lengthy time I was handed off to someone else unexpectedly. It was not that the original stylist had left because she was there and was working on someone else. I had made my appointment at my previous visit and was surprised when Tanja came up and said she would be doing my hair. Fortunately, I LOVED what Tanja did for my cut and color and will only go back to see her now. However, I must say, this salon is very lucky I did not walk out the door. People are very picky and stay with a stylist because of a relationship and a trust they have built with them. There seems to be a lot of turnover and some weird hours the stylists must keep to "make it look busy." This is an excellent salon with a cozy, modern feel.

Ellie Becker

Savannah Maynard

Amazing every single time. Great service and results.

Liz Bowes

Great costumer service! I received a follow up call after the cut!

Marsha Schalek

Loved how the staff analyzed my hairstyle and listened to my concerns to give me great color and cut!

Rose Ammons

Renee was superb! I love love love my haircut! She was very interested in what I wanted and was very fun to chat with! I would recommend her to anyone!

jane marbach

I'm in town from Los Angeles taking care of my mother who is in hospice and decided to take a break and do something to pamper myself and went to the Aveda Salon in Arvada and Carissa was my stylist and she was absolutely fantastic I highly recommend Aveda Salon they gave me the Groupon discount even though I was a walk in and my hair turned out great and I give them a five star rating a thumbs up and highly recommend thank you so much

Dottie M

I purchased a Groupon for a full highlight, haircut & treatment (valued at $256). I explained to Karissa that I wear my hair up for work. I showed Karissa a picture of how I wanted my hair to be (I had a halo of outgrowth). So, we then decided on highlights and lowlights. It wasn't until I was at the register that Karissa said that she'd only done a partial highlight & lowlight? I came home and a looked over my hair in the mirror and I wasn't happy! I then called and spoke with Liz on June 27th after SEVERAL attempts calling the salon with no answer (the receptionist) about my questions and concerns. She told me that she'd have one of the owner's call me back. I waited 3 days and called back and left a message. You guessed return phone call. So, I called again and spoke with another receptionist and she said that Liz wasn't in but she'd have her call me back. NO return phone call! I waited a couple more days and called again! I finally spoke with Liz (again) and she apologized that I "slipped through the crack." She said that she spoke with Karissa and that Karissa didn't do FULL because it would've cost more money?? I expressed my concerns about this...I don't understand if the value of the service is $256 how much more could it possibly be to get a FULL HIGHLIGHT and LOW LIGHT?? I've been getting my hair done for nearly 35 years and I've NEVER been to a salon that cost of those services are that much? I then asked Liz IF what Karissa said is true, why didn't she say anything to me and give me the choice of paying the "extra" money? Instead I left with my hair unfinished and it looks horrible when I have to put it up!! She said that Karissa would call be back that day...Yep, you guessed it...I'm still waiting for a call back from JUNE 27th!!!! This is completely unprofessional!!

Charlee Valdez

I have never been disappointed when coming might pay a bit more then other places but totally worth it. I highly recommend Brittany!

Tracy Esquibel

Kim Hughes

I wanted a great haircut and i got 1. They have their own salon products and they are wonderful!

Claudia Cocciolo - CHE Faculty

I love D-Ametri's! They did a great job on a color correction (at home job went wrong) and all the stylists are top notch. Amy can cut my curly hair perfectly every time.

Wendee Vezzetti

I had an AH-MAZE-ING experience here with a Groupon! Take the other two recent reviews with a grain of salt. I went to Renee and she was considerate, kind, listened to what I wanted, and gave me the best highlight AND cut that I've had in over THREE years. I bought the Groupon because I *was* shopping for permanent stylist. I found one at D'Amitris and don't have to shop any loner. I am definitely going back!!!

E. Templeton

I won a $150 gift certificate for services at this salon. I was told to go online, check the price list and select services based on what would fit my needs within the amount provided. On their price list there are 3 different levels of stylists and prices are reflective of that. Protege is the least expensive, graduates/masters are in the middle and PHD’s have the highest prices. I selected a haircut and ombré from a graduate/master and made my appointment. According to their price list online it should have come to $145 total. When I arrived for my appointment, after discussing what I wanted I was told by Karissa my stylist that her color for ombré STARTS at $144 and the haircut would be $44. I decided to skip the ombré since I did not plan on spending that much over and above the gift certificate. She said she could figure out something so that I got some color and I ended up with partial highlights. Not exactly what I wanted, or the look I was excited for but whatever it was something. Onto the haircut. The least pleasant part of the experience. I showed up with very long hair down my back. Easily down to my elbows. I asked for a long angled bob. Karissa assured me she would keep it longer to err on the side of caution and if I wanted it shorter we could do that. Once my hair was dry I explained that I loved the length of the front but wanted the back a little bit shorter making the angle a bit more dramatic because at that point it just looked like a mid length haircut not the angled bob I went in wanting. She agreed and began to cut and even after I fully explained I did not want the length of the front touched AT ALL, literally calling it perfect, she proceeded to pull it to the back and trim off another 2 inches!!! I thought she was just looking at all of my hair together to ensure symmetry but to my disappointment she cut off all the length and I had the same bad haircut I’ve gotten for years. I now have a short, not so angled bob. Again with partial highlights not ombré like I had envisioned. So overall, the price list is pointless and I got a mediocre haircut. The only saving grace for me is that it was a gift card so aside from the tip I gave I didn’t waste much of my own money. I’ll just have to wait for my hair to grow out to attempt the haircut and style I originally wanted. Aside from my personal experience the salon is clean, I had a very easy time setting my appointment, and everyone was very pleasant. Not the typical snotty vibe like in some other salons.

Jenn Sharp

Loved my color and cut. Didnt feel rushed at all. Explained everything. Wellworth the money. I will be going back.

Todd Poole

Stephanie Muckel

Brittany did a wonderful job on my highlights today! I had my 4 year old with me and she was kind and thoughtful towards him, and made us both feel like we had known her for years. The receptionist even offered him a cookie:) My first time at D'Ametris and my son asked if he could have Brittany cut his hair next time! We will definitely be back!

Michele Gammel

I set my daughter with appointment here for her 18th birthday present in February. Called made an appointment for hair colored and cut. Arrived early and waited almost 30 minutes. Then we were told the appointment was for haircut only and too late for color. Rescheduled but unfortunately on day I could not go with her. She come home in tears because the color job was so bad. They did not listen to what she wanted and left her with hair color I would expect from Fantastic Sams. You could see a straight line from contrast in the back. We went back to get it fixed but honestly it looks no different. My daughter now mostly wears her hair up because she hates how it looks. Worst birthday gift ever. It was a splurge for us. Now I’ll have to spend that another $275 to get it fixed before her graduation.

Shira Mailes

Jason Robinson

Its my wife's birthday she sets up a appointment for a color came home very upset. Apparently they must have overbooked the $79 dollar color touch up appointment with Dennis then left her with a student for the remainder of the appointment and did not even have the consideration to say good bye our thank you.

Nina Morton

Had a hair cut from Renee and was extremely pleased with the cut, style, service, price and atmosphere. will definitely be back and would recommend to friends.

sheila weaver

My first appointment with Ami was through an item won in an auction. I went in for a new style and experienced more than I anticipated. Ami spent time talking to me , clearly paying attention to my hair and what would look good on me. It was an exceptional experience and I love my style....every time.

Linda Miyamoto

The service I received from Tanja was exceptional. She listens to what you want and determines the best way to accomplish it. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Judy Craft

I have been going to this salon for two years and the only reason I have kept going is because of Annette. I have been a manager for the past 25 years of an office. I have to say I do not know how this place keeps any customers. You can never get someone to pick up the phone and today I tried three times to leave a vm and the vm box was full still at 11 a.m. Most of the time they cannot keep their scheduling straight and call me back because the girl has told me the wrong time or date. It is sad to me because when I first started going there they were very organized and efficient. I will no longer go to this salon. And, all summer they had the wrong recording of the wrong days open and times. I guess their business lacks a manager!

Jen S

The owner, Ame, absolutely butchered my hair. It looks like a small child cut it in my sleep. Cuts were previously decent, though inconsistent. She offered no apology, telling me she stands by her work, and said that I should see another stylist. Awful service.

john mclinden

Brittany is talanted & smart!

Nimita Weiss

I got my cut and style from Mallory, and I am incredibly happy with the results! Well priced, especially for the perks of a high-priced salon, and they aim to please.

Mia Ruybal

I went in not knowing what I wanted and came out with a total transformation. I loved it!! Thank you Ame

Margaret Wellman

I absolutely love this place! I have been coming here for about a year. Everyone is super friendly and Brittany is amazing. She makes me feel like a million bucks when I walk out. She knows exactly what I want and is super sweet. The head and neck massages are a total plus.

Alicia Roman

Sherrie Aberle

Wonderful experience always. I've been going for 3 years and they are always on time and so pleasant. Everyone is pleasant and very knowledgeable in their field.

Ann Ramirez

Erica Fode

Karissa is great she listened to what I wanted and delivered! Very happy with my hair cut.

Melissa DeJarnette

I have been an Aveda customer for than 10 years. I found D'Ametri's the second time I went looking for a Salon in Arvada. I can honestly say, this is the BEST Aveda Salon EVER! For more than two years Ame has perfected my color and hair cuts. I have never had an issue and will be a customer as long as I live in Colorado.

Rebecca P

Heather Lundy

konstantin khrestsov

Very friendly and funny. love the service and will be back for years to come.

Brandi Coulombe

I was a new customer and am left very impressed! The salon has a nice atmosphere with drinks, high end finishes and satellite radio. Shyra did an amazing job on an in depth consultation to make sure we made the best decisions on my new style based on my features and maintaining the health of my hair. She took the time to do test strips to make sure my hair would process well. Every step of the way she was caring, had a great attitude and made me feel welcome. She took her time and did an amazing job on my hair, which I really appreciate. My hair couldn't have turned out better and I am loving being back to blonde! 10/10 5 Stars! A+++

Mary Lowe

I visited the store for the first time last night to purchase some products. When I arrived (45 min before closing) the door was locked and one of the ladies was sitting at a booth hoping I'd leave. I stood at the door until she unlocked it and told her I needed to buy a couple things and asked them why would they be closed when their sign in the window clearly states they are open. She let me in to only be told by the other lady in the shop that since it was such a slow night that all their registers have been closed and so were they. I was upset when I left and heard them both laughing at me. What a dissapointment that this is the level of service I received from this place . I'm new to the area and was excited to shop here as it's in old Town and closer to my house. Such a poor example of professionalism. I WONT be back nor recommend this place. Other salons would be happy for the business.

Kat P

Great hair salon! I've been tried few others in my area and this one is the best! Renee is my favorite master, she always does a great job with my long hair. Definitely recommend D'Ametris to all my friends!

Rob and Callie difranco

GW Phillips

Melissa Castaldo

I had a great experience! I haven't had a chance to get something done to my hair for over 2 years. It was long and dull. Gabby talked me through some ideas for the coloring and we discussed the cut I wanted. I felt comfortable going into the process. Overall, everything was positive.

Mary Edgerton

My daughter had her hair colored by Carrisa. She is the best with color. My daughter's hair turned out exactly the way she wanted. She will always go back to this salon.

Amy Shaw

Rosie Haggard

I love this place! staff is friendly and Dennis cut my hair the best it has been cut in a very long time! my hair is thick and difficult to cut and I told him what I wanted and I am beyond happy every single day! Thank you!

Chad Vaughan

Does anyone here know how to take a reservation? My wife was not able to get a haircut before our wedding because no one could take a simple reservation. Fast forward a month and the STILL can't take a pencil out and write down numbers and letters.... four and a half stars is a joke.

Jazmine Robertson

Little knowledge of coloring, and completely fried my hair. Upon booking the appointment, I specifically asked for a stylist very comfortable with vibrant colors on dark hair. I ended up being booked with a student, not yet fully certified with the salon. After a very extensive (45 min) consultation with my stylist as well as the salon owner, we began work on my new color- a dimensional, electric blue. They said they would be mixing in a treatment that would essentially prolong the blue color. The salon owner said I would "have to physically cut it out to get it out of my hair," which was fine as I wanted to keep the color as long as possible. They bleached my hair, dyed it, and my hair came out with huge patches of color -blonde, and dull, emerald green. She assured me they just needed to do it all over again. So a more experienced stylist stepped in to take over. She attempted to bleach my hair again, then proceeded to recolor my hair. It came out an even, dull, greyish/green, fried to a crisp. They offered to have me come back and they would try it yet again, but I was so devastated over the extreme damage to my hair, I chose not to return. With a trip to Sally's beauty salon, my husband was able to achieve my desired color at home, however because of the "prolonging treatment" they mixed in with the original color, my hair now quickly fades to a hideous, dull greyish green. My hair is burned to a crisp from all the treatment. I've never in my life written a negative online review before, but this was too terrible to keep quiet about.. Do extensive research into your stylist, their schooling and portfolio before booking a color appointment here.

David Ham

Shari Fleming

I love D'Ametri's! Ame is wonderful. She gave me the best cut I've had in many years and lots of advice for hair care best suited to my hair. She was unrushed. The entire experience was such a treat!

Glory McDaniel

Tonya Smith

Jessica rocks. She did an excellent cut and color for me. I am so very picky about my hair. I have really curly hair (that I sometimes straighten). I am rarely satisfied with the results of my hair cuts, and have spent so much time and money searching for a stylist who could cut my hair. Jessica really listened to what I wanted, confirmed my thoughts, and gave me her opinion. She cut my hair so it looks great both curly and straight. My color is a work of art. I am so relieved and thrilled I found someone to trust with my hair. No more hair drama for me! I LOVE my hair cut and color.

Tyler Griffith

Amazing experience! My hair was a mild disaster when I walked in and when I left it looked incredible. The salon is beautiful and the stylists are lovely and knowledgeable. I was even shown a new technique on how to style it into beautiful curls.

Tinisha M

I have been going here for longer than I can remember. I used to be in the Army and even when stationed in other states/counties anytime I came home I got my hair done here. No place can compare. Tayna is amazing!

Kristin Lafata

I purchased a deal through Groupon and visited D’Ametri’s for a single process color and cut. My cut and color were great, but I was weirdly charged quite a bit extra for the color, as my stylist said the groupon deal was only for very short hair and my mid-length hair would be an extra $70. I went back and reviewed the fine print on my deal and didn’t see any indication that it was for short hair or that I may be charged extra for the color. The “Actual Value” listed should have covered such a basic all over color and cut...while my hair was cute, I feel a little misled by the offer and probably won’t return.

Hannah Hendrix

I was having a serious scalp issue. My scalp was very dry and flakey causing me to be very self conscious and uncomfortable. I have never been to a real salon before, I've only had a friend do my hair in her kitchen or great clips hair cuts. I have been doing my own color for a while as well with vibrant purple. My scalp condition was addressed with the help and expertise of the salon owner Ame very sensitively and professionally. Ame did a scalp analysis and broke down for me what is causing my dryness and buildup. I was also given a few options for products to use in the future to keep my scalp healthy. We did a scalp detox treatment followed by a relaxing scalp massage. Jami then applied color and after that she cut my hair and blow dried it out. I am blown away with my new hair. Not only has my scalp issue been completely resolved, but my hair looks gorgeous. The color is perfect and the cut is amazing! My confidence has increased a ton since my service! Thank you Jami for everything!

lucy jordan

A Google User

I've been coming to Ame for over 15 years-- she and Dennis have a first rate salon, and Ame is SO good with color ideas! She is the best! My experience is always fantastic.

Randy Scott

Alaina Dorland

Great atmosphere and people who work here. A little higher priced then others around the area, but you get what you pay for. Amazing cuts and colors!

K Scherrer

Ben Lawrence

Jessica knows my hair better than I do. She knows exactly what will look good on me and what my hair will and won't do. She makes great suggestions and really educates me on how to style my hair. Everybody is really friendly and very welcoming. Great location in the heart of Olde Town.

Natalie Legg

I've gone here several times and had a different stylist each time. First few times I was very happy with my experience but the last time I was very dissatisfied. Enough so that I'll never go back. Wanted my hair dyed brown and it ended up red. She spent the time to try and tone it down but still was too red for my taste. Also left with hair dye all over my forehead, ears and neck. Might as well have done a crappy dye job myself and save over $120.

Danielle Barton

The first time i came here i used my groupon for a basic cut. I love the head massage with wash...which is what all aveda salons do. I thought that all aveda salons also hire/create top notch master stylist. That is not the case. The 2nd time i came in i requested a balayage. My hair was destroyed and looked nothing like the picture....although the stylist said she could do it. I had to come back and sit in the chair for another 2 hours with the owner and pay an additional $150 to have it corrected. I didn't even get a good head massage. The color was better...but my time was wasted. So being afraid to find a new color stylist...i tried to set an appointment with the owner again ....i call and left a message and also did it online on their website. They did not call back. Thats poor customer service. There work is not worth what they charge either. It is a blessing in disguise that they did not follow up...because i actually found a stylist who knows what she is doing and is efficent and friendly. I would not recommend D'Ametri's for color. Its too costly (time) and you probably will not get what you want. Your hair is one of your best dont want someone else to mess it up.

Shelby Lewis

They take walk ins

Eva S

I get a great cut n color every time with Ame. I've referred 2 friends over and they are just as pleased.

April Ferguson

The owner is incredible at her job! The best at color

Over M

I went in for a trim to my medium-long hair, and after two hours of fixing, left with a chin-length much for years of growing out my hair. I’m very disappointed that I choose to try out a new salon.

Selena Klosowski

Sylvia Camacho

My appointment with Allanna went very well. She took the time to talk to me and determine what I like and examined my hair type and then proposed a style that would work with both. Already have my next appointment with her set.

Peggy Wellman

Tonja was absolutely fantastic. My hair hasn't been pretty like this in so long. I had a group on & I'm a loyal fan now. Would highly suggest that you try it. All amazing stylists.

Caitlin Sulik

Maggie was incredibly accommodating and her customer service is fantastic. Jami is a rockstar! I haven't trusted anyone with my hair in years, but she knew exactly what I needed and really knocked it out of the park. Excellent service, great vibe, and a killer cut as well. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Liz Geisleman

Wonderful People! Wonderful Place! I have been going for the past few years. I love that I can come in and Dennis knows exactly what I want. It feels like a treat every time I go.

Cassandra Snider

I was hesitant about going to a new salon but I walked out loving my color and cut!! They did a fabulous job and I didn't mind spending the extra money for what was done. Definitely will be back

Brenda Berdahl

Rene is great..

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