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REVIEWS OF Babooshka IN Colorado

ryan brown

Jessica Pennell

I ordinarily hate going to the stylist, but I adpre Babooshka! My stylist Erin was new and I would never have known if it hadn't come up in conversation. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly, they give you coffee or tea while you wait (which was not long even without an appointment, they had plenty of folks on a random Saturday evening) and while I am very queer and nervous around people (especially during haircuts, I am MtF and when my hair is back it shows) I felt completely comfortable here. The barber did a fantastic job with my layered hair and I saw a few other people walk out with wavy and bobbed hair that looked fantastic. Skilled barbers, gorgeous shop, I can not recommend this place highly enough! I am definitely coming back :)

Jakob Pivoda

gina dilorenzo

Love this salon. A really friendly and talented staff! Cool vibe inside and very hip. I like edgy styles and would definitely recommend this salon to anyone.

Chelsea Charley-Suarez

I have curly hair and came in for a layers and ended up having a great experience. The shop is cute and quirky with a super welcoming vibe. Kait was who worked with me, although looking around the shop each person there has great hair. I did learn that Kait is into colors and is pretty legit at giving tips on upkeep related to color. Totally coming back for my next cut and already recommending others to head to this shop.

Tim Hochman

Bonnie Arnold

Love, love, love this place. I've been going here for years, and I am always happy with my hair.

Tobi Rammyy

Garrett Chappell


Everyone at Babooshka is amazingly talented. Kait is a master of color, Andy does an amazing fade, and Sean is the most strikingly beautiful man I have ever seen. This salon is definitely geared towards patrons looking for something a little different, but anyone would enjoy the quality of the cut/color and the funky decor. I have never had a bad experience here. The stylists communicate with clients very well to make sure that they end up with something they love. I highly recommend Babooshka for anyone looking for a cool vibe and the possibility of tons of color or a perfect fade.

The Loft Coffeehouse

Madison Larrabee

peggy lopez

I love my hair...Andy did a fabulous job along with Coo. I went in looking for a very edgy cut, and it turned out great. The vibe and the staff are awesome. Highly recommend this place !!!

Susan Rennie

Awesome cuts and colors!!

Josh Abbott

Amazing place!! Andy is my stylist and he absolutely kills it every time. Very friendly people who make art with their clippers. And the pricing is very competitive, I recommend you checking them out for your next cut.

Aulina Rausch

Amazing staff and amazing experience. Kait was awesome and is definitely my go to person from now on.

James Schemm

Daniel Adams

Julie Merrild

I love Kait and the vibe of this salon

libby carlson

Friendly and incredibly skilled. This is coming from someone who generally loathes going to salons.

Jeremy A

Peggy Sue Schmoldt

Gregory Perry

Babooshka has the greatest staff ever. They are delightfully talented professionals. See Andy for a killer cut.

Lauren Cross

Nate is the absolute best! Everyone in the shop is kind and it’s always a great experience.

Claire Mary Gillette

Great hair cut, fair market price. Kait did a great job and I loved how the stylists help each other and really put their all into their work.

Rufus Welsh

I love Babooshka! I was concerned when I started looking for a place for a queer cut and color, I went here and got amazing hair! I've watched everyone on staff cut hair for gender non-conforming people and they leave happy with killer hair. Kait did my cut and color and took as much time as needed to make sure I knew what I was getting before doing anything. I haven't been this happy with my hair in years. Great experience, and my hair is amazing.

Victoria Meyers

Zoey Wyn Nelson

Scott Schipke

Sara Ford

Margaret gave me a stylin cut. The atmosphere was fun and everyone was friendly.

Dina Katyr

Ivy Wood

Sean Puglisi

I always get a great haircut from William. Sometimes I don't even have to give instructions, just "shorter" and it always comes out great. Babooshka is also dedicated to community engagement and assistance, which is a plus.

LaRissa Kaye

Nathaniel (@worksofnathaniel [IG]) has been making my hair journey growing out a foot long mohawk a painless, awesome adventure. When I first visited him at Babooshka, I was so excited for him to work there because the salon is eccentric and fun and the stylists are so friendly. Very accepting atmosphere, great music, everyone is fun to be around. He gave me my most recent haircut in the salon (top photos) and I am entirely in love. I'm so excited to see where his talent takes him as a stylist in such a wonderful salon! Book with him!!

Michael Casey

Nancy Bennington

These guys did a corrective color on my daughters hair a few months ago that came out amazing and a few months later it still looks great! Sean did an awesome job coming up with a perfect color and was attentive and very sweet! I,m going back there today to get my hair done and I cant wait for what they will do fo me!

Michael Conkin

In the 3 years I've been in Denver I had several bad cuts at other places. When I discovered Babooshka, and specifically William, I'll never go anywhere else for a cut again. It's a super hip place but don't let that scare you off. I have taken my 3 year old daughter there for her first haircut and they were very welcoming to my whole family. I had never found a place in my whole life that game me a consistently good layered cut......until now. Also, they offer you a beer or drink during the cut.

Naomi De La Torre

Kate and Sean are amazing!!! Fantastic shop. I never leave disappointed. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Olesja Allen

Great salon. Audrey did an amazing job on giving me layers. This place is definitely unique. Love their Amika products!

Erica McMahon

Lawrence is the greatest!!!! Other than that this place is cool, usually queer friendly, although booking an appointment isn’t inclusive. You have to choose whether want a woman’s hair cut or a men’s haircut and the prices are more for women even if you are just getting a trim. I wish they would be more inclusive and respectful of non-cisgender folks. Love Lawrence though! He is a hair artíst!

Julie Price

Fabulous stylists. Great vibe. Always leave loving my hair!

Zohar Gilboa

Friendly service and professional service.

Andrew Ruether

This is the only place I’ve ever gotten a haircut I liked. Friendly as hell. I’m a really basic white dude that’s afraid of hair fashion, but I leave and my wife is very pleased that I didn’t go to sports clips and look gentlemanly.

Daniel Skubic

Great service and the only place I'll get my haircut in Denver

Aunt Nancy's Puppies and Dogs

After moving to Denver 6 years ago I have bounced around to a few salons in the area never quite getting that Wow factor...Untill I discovered Lawrence at Babouscka Salon!! Lawrence took my color from soso to Fabulous!! So nice to work with someone that is so clearly passionate about hair! The salon its self is quite welcoming with local art and a friendly staff and a owner who really seems to care about every client . I'm super grateful to have found Lawrence and the Babooshka Salon!

Kait Walker

Chip McCullough

Kait is always fantastic. Can't go wrong at Babooshka!

Zachary Csikesz

This will be my new spot for sure. It’s a nice feeling of comfort and friendship throughout the place. Although I’m sure everyone in there is an amazing stylist, I went with Kait and she by far made my day not only with her brilliant work but her personality. If you haven’t been then you’re missing out.

Lily D

Love love love. Funky interior, nicest staff- enjoyed a nice cup of coffee before getting a fantastic cut. Audrey is so attentive and talented, gave me a whole new look which was exactly what I wanted. Banging the bangs now

Sarah Staton

It was my first time here. My stylist was Nathaniel and my husband's was Andy. Everyone was friendly, and Nathaniel made sure to discuss with me in detail what I was looking for. We're both very happy with our haircuts and experience there and definitely plan on coming back.

Noah Geisel

The owner Coo is great at cutting curly hair. The staff is friendly and reliable. I've noticed over the years that Babooshka is a favorite for LGBTQ clients. For cost, I get my men's cut at a salon for barbershop pricing. I've been going for years and highly recommend it.

Jessica Hodgkiss

I have been looking for a salon since I moved to Denver years ago and have a really hard time finding a stylist who was good with short, fine hair and a pixie cut. Kait did an amazing job listening to what I wanted, giving her suggestions and asking questions as she went. I am finally happy with my style! I would highly recommend and I will be going back!

Michelle W.

Ok. Cut off more than I wanted

Rae Lee

I sent the following email 11 days ago after they fully charged my SO for an unnecessary cut that he was promised would be free. They never responded to the email and I am feeling very ripped off by this business now. My daughter, my SO, and myself are very unlikely to return as they seem to care more about profits than integrity and honor. "To whom it may concern, Andy offered to clean up my boyfriends recent cut (less than a week old). My boyfriend tried to say no, but was told there would be no charge. Because of that - the lack of a charge - he agreed to the trim. Thinking he wasn't being charged for the hair cut he also gave Andy a rather large tip. However, when I looked at the receipt later that day and was rather put out when I noticed not only were we charged, but we were charged full price for my boyfriends unwanted "free" trim. This really upset me and all plans to return were immediately shelved. I assume some confusion was created for the young man using the computer to ring us up. We explained that we were not to be charged for my boyfriends hair. Andy supported this to the cashier. I do not understand then how we were charged full price. Again, my boyfriend would have refused the service had he known he was going to be charged and only agreed due to it being free. Can you please explain why we were charged even though it was repeated several time that we weren't supposed to be charged?" If I had been a screaming harpy, I would understand the lack of response. But I asked a valid question that was ignored and I now assume my business is not important enough for them to care about retaining myself, my daughter, or my SO as customers. Considering there are easily 8 other salons within walking distance, I will gladly take my business elsewhere and continue to tell everyone I know that Babooshka is not a nice place, that they don't care about their customers only their profits, and that anyone going there will end up just as unhappy as I am.

Chelsea Russell

I have lived in Denver since May, 2013 and have been going to Babooshka every 3-4 months since then. William is my guy! Seriously, half the time I sit in the chair and say, "Do something cool!" I always leave looking and feeling great; not too conservative or bland, not too punky, just right. The prices are super fair and scheduling is super flexible. If you're the type who is nervous about getting your hair cut by someone new, I highly suggest Babooshka!

MaryBeth Carlson

I had to return to Babooshka for a haircut fix. The stylist had left one side longer than the other. When my stylist was late, Nick asked if he could fix it for me and I now have the best haircut I've had in many years. Go to Babooshka. Ask for Nick. Great atmosphere. Love the PBR. Nick is amazing. Such a treasure in a fun area on Colfax. Can't beat it. I'm not lying. The best haircut I've had in a very, very long time.

Jordaine Pollard

Kait the great can handle a challenge! Great atmosphere, reasonable pricing for their popping location, and talented artists.

Rachel Ralph

Just moved to Denver from the Bay Area and desperately needed a cut. Nathaniel was not only super talented (I’m so happy with how he cut my curls) but also a complete joy to spend time with. As I was finishing up, every single stylist in the shop said hi and was so welcoming. I’ve never felt so comfortable at a hair salon and I’ll definitely be back, really wonderful people here!

helen malenda

I always feel beautiful when I leave Babooshka. It’s full of a rare breed of stylists who are both exceptional at their craft AND go to great lengths and take as much time as is needed to make sure you look and feel fabulous. Kait is the best hair stylist I’ve ever had. She is wonderful about asking questions and checking in to make sure you feel comfortable with the style she is creating. She recently gave me the best hair cut ever, which wasn’t easy, because I was donating about 9” of hair. She did an amazing job getting my hair from a long style to a bob. As she textured it, she actually asked for some advice from Cue, the owner, which i thought was really constructive. Kait wanted to make sure the bob was perfect, and together they made an adorable bob that is growing out beautifully. I love getting my hair cut here!

Paulina Piekarska-Léveillée

I recently relocated from NYC to the Denver. In NYC, I had the same stylist for 4-5 week color touch ups for more than 6 years. Therefore, I was looking for a new salon to call home and my expectations were high. Babooshka did not disappoint. I was paired with Nathaniel, a wonderful stylist who really took the time to understand my needs and goals with my color and overall hair. The team really took the time and were very thorough. One thing I really appreciated was that the owner checked in often to ensure their process matched the color I already had and kept it as natural as possible. Additionally, I noticed the same type of detailed, thorough attention for any other customers who came in for a color. They really know what they're doing. I've already had two appointments and am scheduled for my third. I am really happy to call Babooshka my salon in my new home of Denver!

Sarah Scalise

Have been using this as my go-to salon for over a year. Prices are reasonable, stylists very knowledgeable! Kait is my favorite! Would recommend for any cut or color services.

Lemont Jankins

Won't go anywhere else for a men's cut. All the stylists here are amazing. ~$30 to have your ears lowered.

Val Liadon

Kristen Adame

Cue is the best!

KT Snail Lady

Nathaniel flippin rocks!

Daisy Corso

Nathaniel Millard @worksofnathaniel is such a gem. His work, not only as a hair stylist, but as MUA, Artist, and Creator is absolutely stunning, thoughtful, and meaningful. I've been getting my hair cut by him for over a year now. I've never consistently walked out of a salon feeling so proud of a new hair cut and proud to be who I am because of it. Each time I get a haircut from him, I feel 100% seen and heard. I'm grateful to have found a stylist as amazing as he is. I couldn't recommend him more.

Derek Lilley

My boyfriend and I have been going to babooshka for almost two years and have absolutely loved this place since day one!!! I normally get my hair done by kait who is so wonderful and always does my hair just right. I have also gotten my hair done by Sean and Andy while my boyfriend has gotten his done by Coo and they are all equally amazing at what they do. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is great which makes getting my hair done all the more exciting. I highly recommend coming here I promise you won't regret it!

Amanda Edling

Great funky haircut and loved my hair dresser Kait. Got a pixie cut with shaved sides and now I'm feelin kinda cool and feisty. Will definetly go back for my next cut and maybe get some fun color in my hair.

Meaghan Haenn

Ashlee Rivers

Babooshka has a great atmosphere and energy. The staff is kind and considerate. Kait is an amazing hair stylist that really works with what you want and gives great ideas if you have no idea what to do with your hair! They're all so friendly and welcoming to everyone and every hairstyle. Definitely a place to consider when looking for a lasting bond or even just a quick cut, but make sure to book in advance they fill up fast!

Matti Cross

I woke up today assuming it would be rather emotionally draining, I’ve been sick now for a few months and has begun watching my nails get weak, my skin dry out and my hair had begun to break and fall out. My hair was falling in clumps into my lap. I knew it was time to cut off all the dead stuff and start anew. I have not had a haircut and style since I was 12. I booked an appointment and held my breath and let the anxiety slowing dissolve my resolve. When I put my hair in Nate Millard ‘s hands today it very much felt like I was giving up. Nate listened to everything, looked at all my reference photos, incorporated everything I wanted and even gave me things I did not know I wanted. He turned my day and experience around. He talked me through the cut and what he was doing before and while he was styling my hair. I did not want to cut my hair off, I truly felt I would lose part of myself with it (very vain but true). I lost nothing today and gained everything through Nate’s talent. I love my hair and I left the salon with more style and a better outlook on my battle with my health. I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me today.

Candy Cooley

bronwyn lewis

This is the only place I will let cut my hair. Perfect every time

Jojo Melara

Andy, Kait, the whole crew at babooshka are incredible. They're honest, hard working, and I've seen them stay late many times to make sure you walk out with the cut you wanted. Plus they give you a free beer when you're there to take a load off. Highly recommended, will tell all my friends about you guys, thank you!

Daniel Roller

Glenda Fahey

I just had the best hair cut in years! Kate does not just cut hair. She is truly an artist. The shop is so comfortable and welcoming and the employees really seem to love and value each other. Just a fabulous experience all the way around!

victoria Carlson

I am in love with this place. I've been going here to get my hair cut by Sean and recently had my hair dyed (red with black tips) by him and he's amazing. I won't go to anyone else now! The staff are all so talented and care about their craft. They're trendy and ontop of new styles and love to do something new and challenging. Everyone should get their hair cut from here. Seriously

London Rollins

dis dude

Kate Reynolds

The salon is so funky and fun! Everyone I encountered is full of kindness and compassion and expresses them self and such an unique way. Kait did a great job on my hair and I definitely feel confident and how I look. She nailed the shape I was looking for and did a great job fixing what I had done at a different Salon, which is probably never an easy task. She wasn't afraid to ask another stylist about a technique she wanted to use. It turned out great ! I'm so grateful to have found this salon where I feel like I can express myself fully through my hairstyle as well! Thank you.

Brianna D

I have gotten two HORRID hair cuts since moving to Denver. My sides were uneven and the layers, I cant even explain what was going on. It was terrible. so I called and got an appointment with WILLIAM. He was soooo wonderful! he sat me down and really listened to what I didn't like and what I wanted. When he started he knew how I did my hair without me even telling him. He was wonderfully professional. It is also KID FRIENDLY!! they have toys to keep little ones busy. He said he wanted to curl my hair ( I never wear it curled) so I could see something different. I LOVEEEE it. He fixed a pattern of bad hair cuts and was super nice. I WILL FOR SURE be returning to Babooshka. He was so nice, he has me as a repeat.

Colo Caption

Andy Big D McKandy is one of the best barbers I've ever had, he's always gotten my Marine Corps fade right and even better with my Beard and long hair. You can tell they care about you as soon as you walk in, very friendly to my Service Pups and Andy's open minded and intelligent conversations will have you wishing your time was not up, if you get a rinse out this mans magic hands will massage you stress away and have you feeling like a Norse god. Giys Andy and Larance or Arabia are your people

Kyle Roper

Mark Fleming

Kait is awesome and genuinely cares about you as a client! Plus her cuts are fresh. Definitely recommend Babooshka for the neighborhood, absolutely top notch service and skill.

Kara Fallon

Lovely folks, great service and cuts


Jamal Harvey

If you hate being treated like family, don't come here! I won't go anywhere else

Gabriel Holley

Love this salon. Good banter, good atmosphere, great staff. Nathan works really well with my hair goals

Cathy Chen

Everyone at this salon is super good, super fun with cuts and/or color. the vibe is easy going and fun. You can tell everyone loves the owner Cue.

Megan McLean

My son and I both get our hair done here. Kait gave me the best haircut of my life (so many compliments!) and helped me pick the best color for me. They care about their art at Babooshka and really take the time to figure out what is right for you. The ambience is fabulous and their prices are reasonable. Thank you!

Charles Leveillee

Stephanie Catala

So, to put this review in context, my hair is curly, thin and damaged. It's extremely difficult to deal with and I've had a few hairdressers be overwhelmed with it in the past. I wanted my hair dyed black, a trim and to be straightened. Lawrence did a fantastic job at everything. He managed to blow dry my hair straight even better than I do at home and the color was perfect. I have never been so satisfied with my hair after a salon visit. I would highly recommend this salon, especially for curly hair girls like me!

Tim B

Great place amazing atmosphere well done!

Chelcee Price

I think that 99% of the stylist here are very welcoming and super talented! I have only experienced Lawerence and he’s my favorite. I think this salon is queer friendly BUT not inclusive. Cue (one of the stylist) misgendered my partner and could have handled it waay better than she did. She also seems overcritical of the awesome work from the other stylists which I feel undermines their work! Other than her, I would 10/10 recommend this salon (and always Lawerence)

Annie Hale

Love this place- I have been twice, once for a dramatic cut (long hair to short) and once for a maintenance visit. Everyone is incredibly friendly, great conversation, and great hair styling (of course). Big shout out to Audrey- I love my hair and will be going back again.

Sharon Gilham

Excellent service and atmosphere.

Miranda Bard

Highly, highly recommend. A fun space, with fun, genuine people. Nathaniel worked hard to understand my experience with my hair - what I like, what I don't, and what kind of styling effort I was willing to put in. I felt comfortable giving him feedback throughout the cut, and ended up with exactly what I wanted! He gave me some tips to easily get the kind of hair I want on a daily basis, and gave me some ideas for "next step" styling.

Rachel Hutcheson

This is the greatest place. It's a community first, AND my haircut and color is perfect. Don't even bother going anywhere else.

Dubavaya Alena

I had a really great experience at Babooshka recently. The place has a fun ambiance and is unlike any other hair salon I've been to. You could spend a lot of time just looking around. My stylist Audrey did a wonderful job on my hair and bangs, was very attentive, caring, and gave me good advice on aftercare. She also did my husbands hair, which he was very happy with. Thanks for making us look presentable again! We will definitely be back.

Kai Medders

I was a little worried that I would not be hip enough for Babooshka, but this is one of the most welcoming and relaxed spots in Denver. The people there are friendly, energetic, and (something I especially love in a hair guru) perfectionists. I have been stopped on my way out because someone saw a stray strand or two of hair that needed to be snipped off. When we raised my undercut higher, I believe three different stylists surrounded my head at one point to make sure that the line was EXACT. They are completely responsive to what you're going for and what you need: if all I need is for my undercut to be shaved down, that is all we do, and I never feel pushed or pressured to do more. If I wanted to go in for a four-color ombre on 2' long hair, then that is what they'll do, just as happily and carefully. Scheduling online is super quick and easy, the prices are very reasonable (especially for the high level of service and dedication you're getting) and as others have said, the vibe and the people are amazing.

Tad D

Jacob Jaminet

I have gotten the best haircuts of my life here. Ask for Andy. Great guy and great style. It's really hipster but that's how I like it.

Ali Danko

Absolutely amazing. There is true artistry in the styles that Babooshka's stylists create.

Stacey Schipper

The dynamic here is better than any other salon in Denver. The banter between stylists makes this place a really fun visit and you feel special even when you're just getting a bang trim. Kait does a killer cut and color. The wine never hurts, either!

Ben Williams

I have been going to William for several years now. He is an awesome dude and gives great haircuts. Plus, free Pabst, water, or tea.....whatever you are in the mood for. They play great tunes as well. The owner is also really nice and makes an effort to get to know her customers.

Evan Gray Mileusnic


Krystal Holtz

Jon Bailey

The atmosphere at Babooshka is hip and easy. Andy does an amazing job as a men's stylist. When I go in for a haircut, I don't have a photograph of exactly the haircut I'd like to have. I'm not about to pore through information on current men's fashion and style, If I were to flip through a book of various men's haircuts, I don't know which ones would work the best with the my facial features, and I shouldn't have to. I expect my stylist to be the expert in that subject, that's what I'm paying them. I've been to many men's hair salons and barber shops and found the stylists unhelpful, only able to say "Well, what do you want?", unable to provide input. Not Andy. He had no problem answering questions, and was immediately able to discuss what looks were current, what would work best for me, and went quickly to narrowing down specifics. I got a fantastic haircut, shave, shampoo and style, and I've had more compliments on his work than I have at any other salon. The price is great for this caliber of work. I'm glad I moved to Babooshka and moved on from the LoDo salons that were high on price and atmosphere, and lean on actual styling skill.

Mallory O

got my hair styled for a wedding and they ended up giving me bangs (?!) and cutting them short because they didn't know how to style the front. it's a year later and they still look awful. the staff was really nice a couple stars for that.

Jaimie Gua

William gave me the best haircut I've ever had. And yes, I realize the magnitude of that sentence.

CHD Agent Colorado Homes Denver

Awesome staff, great with color! Would go back for sure!

Amina Syammach

Malindi Van Stanley

Rachel Caudill

Been cutting my own hair for years but gave in finally. Went to Andy and got what is probably the best haircut I've ever had. I always used to walk out of the salon feeling pretty, but bland. Andy gave me something that is polished but with enough edge to feel personalized.

Laurel Travis

I have been going to Babooshka for a few years now, even though I only go about a twice a year (because I'm lazy). I have seen several different stylists and they have all been amazing. I have had both short hair and long hair while their client and no matter who I've seen, the cut has always been great! The atmosphere is also amazing, fun, laid- back, and no selling pressure (even though they have product as well). Overall, this is the best salon I've ever been to and I look forward to my visits back!

Mike Looney

Best place to get your hair cut in Denver. I've searched the better part of my life for a hair cut that fits my style and this is it! Cue and her staff rock, they serve beer while you wait (or get a cut), and it's totally affordable!

K Fox

Amazing staff, fun funny, talented group, Lawrence was the bomb

annie betz

I've been coming here for my hair styling for 3 years now and only grown to love it more each time! Andy and Sean have both worked their asses off to keep me a solid platinum blonde while maintaining the quality of it. Staff is amazingly welcoming and lovely, and it's not a chore to park considering it's on Colfax.

Paul Gerber

So I just turned 40. Best I can figure, that means I’ve had about 400 haircuts. Of those - Andy’s are the best. Hands down.

Hailey Mawhinney

I just fell head over heels for Babooshka today. Audrey, Kait, Nathaniel and Cue all joined forces and conquered my uncooperative hair today and gave me the cutest bob I’ve ever had in my life. MY LIFE. This place is such an awesome little community.

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