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REVIEWS OF Adorn Denver IN Colorado

Liz Franklin

Adrienne Selk is my stylist. She actually LISTENS and does my hair the way I want it!

Megan Matsumura

Erin's my fav, see her for gel manicures all the time and she's the bestest.

Teresa Bedwell

Helen Morrison

Such a great experience! The staff was extremely friendly and precise!


Don’t waste your time! I made an appointment for a haircut at Adorn because I had a very special situation where my nanny substitute was able to work an hour later than normal and this allowed me to go after I got out of work. I received two emails and two texts confirming my appointment. Getting my hair cut is a luxury because, as a working mother of small children, I have literally no free time. For the last 6+ months I’d been cutting my own hair out of desperation, so I was super excited. I raced out of work, arrived on time for my appointment, and stood there for 10 minutes before someone acknowledged me. They told me that the person scheduled to cut my hair was not around and wouldn’t be in, and that nobody else was available. Totally bummed, I returned home to pay my nanny for the extra hour she still had to work (as her ride didn’t come until scheduled). Per the Adorn policy, if I were to miss my appointment, I’d have been charged the full cost of the service. I emailed them to explain they situation and never got a response.

Jen Anderson

I love this salon, it is clean and comfortable! I get my hair cut with Tera and she does an amazing job. She always gives me exactly what I ask for! I have always been 100% satisfied with my services at this salon. Thank you once again for making look and feel beautiful!

Sarah Pardikes

Bailey Yntema

Hope Rapp

Annette is fabulous! She listens to her customers and does an awesome job! I would highly recommend going to her.

Jocelyn Lugo

I am usually so nervous about trying out new salons but this was a lovely experience. Relaxing atmosphere and very helpful staff. I worked with Jade and I loved her expertise and style. I will definitely go back.

Eckho91 .

Michael Frost

I used to go here & thought they did excellent cuts. But the prices got ridiculous, so they lost this customer...

Christine Glennon

I have been going to Adorn for about 6 months now. The salon is clean, warm, inviting, and chic, as are the people who work there. I have been having my hair done by Tera. She does an amazing job and treats me like an old friend. She is professional and accommodating and knows what I am going for even when I can't articulate that myself. I highly recommend this salon and I especially recommend Tera!!!

Breanna Voss

Katie Domenico

I’ve been coming to Adorn for two years. Tera is absolutely amazing! Tera helped me through rebuilding my hair following a really terrible experience at another salon. Tera’s expertise got my hair back on track and looking amazing. Tera has done my hair for many many evening occasions as well and is always on point with the latest trends. I highly recommended Tera!!!! She is absolutely one of the best in Denver.

Michael Ryan

Maggie McHenry

Got my nails done by Ariel this week and she was wonderful. Delightful experience, clean space and tools, quick but high quality gel manicure. Will definitely be back!

Kristi Ware


Melanie Porter

Love Ariel one of the best nail tech there is

Sara Sullivan

Lauren is totally fabulous with curly hair.

Donelle Hurd


They do a good job and make sure that u are enjoying it.

Allison M

Austin is amazing! I let him do whatever he wants and I am always thrilled with the results.


I got my wife the all day spa package... 6 hours or so... Best gift ever... The staff were great! Beginning to end and I highly recommend this wonder place to any who want a day of pampering.

Mtn Grrl

I work with Adrienne. She is awesome and really listens. Highly recommend.

Ashel Peabody

Honestly, if you're not from Denver, make this and not the mountains your excuse for visiting. Lauren is the only person I'll go to now, and she and the other geniuses with whom she practices are ensconced in an environment that can only improve the way you see yourself. A beer while I wait for the finest style in the Four Corners? Done. I pay in advance, tip included, for the best. Adorn is definitely the word.

Victoria Fernandes

I love visiting Adorn! The staff is extremely friendly, attentive and fun. Charelle has been my beauty maven since I first stepped foot in to Adorn and she is exceptional. Her manicures have lasted longer than any I received before (even longer than some gel pedicures I have had) and her facials are incredibly relaxing and effective. Charelle is your woman if you are in need of pampering!

Jordan Albers

I love enjoying a glass of wine while I get my hair cut! It's a nice salon with down to earth people who aren't quick to judge. :) Highly recommended.

Green Star

Top Salon *(Men) This place has a great atmosphere in a great location of Denver. Very conveniently located on Broadway just off of 6th avenue. As a guy it is difficult to find consistency when trying to take better care of myself. At Adorn I get a really great cut EVERY TIME and as an added benefit to their care... Adorn offers a maintenance trim between haircuts, complimentary. STAY sharp fellas! Jen, has cut my hair for five years and that is an amazing fact! All of the stylists @ Adorn will inspire you with their first impressions and you should / will feel confident going into Adorn and possibly a little over-confident when you leave. Thanks Jen!! The Mealdog

Maryann Swale

The shop is beautiful, and staff was friendly. Parking is a bit of a pain. Overall nice experience

Rennie Davis

Vanessa Constanti

Lauren is AMAZING. I saw her yesterday as a first time client. I have not had a cut this great in years. She has for sure done her "10,000+" hours. Her great eye for the golden ratio makes her a tour de force.

David Haines

Karli Heath

Amanda Vant Hul

Had another amazing experience with my stylist Tera! Over the years I have requested many different colors, cuts, even extensions and she has delivered every time. Always listening to my request, and executing them perfectly if the results were attainable and if not she has been very professional in explaining to me why it wouldnt be the best decision for me or explaining the number of visits it would realistically take to get the desired outcome. Of course we all want instant gratification but I am so thankful to have a stylist that actually cares about the integrity of my hair and refuses to do anything in a rushed manner just to try to appease me. Besides giving me the most amazing hair experience everytime I visit her, she is super friendly and goes out of her way to make me feel pampered. If you are tired of jumping around trying to find a good fit, look no more! Tera is your gal!

Hillary Schefter

Have been going to adorn for the past 4 years. They've seen me though my shaved side, crazy color phases and everything in between. I don't trust anyone else with my hair, Austin (hairdresser) is the best!

Chad Arnold

Each one of the staff members are so talented and knowledgeable. The environment is very relaxed and welcoming but at the same time very professional. I say Adorn is the BEST salon & spa in Colorado.

Sarah Arlen

Such a wonderful spa experience, especially the best facial I've ever had in my life by Charelle, who is also the co-owner. I got the 90 min Skin Specific and it was amazing. Plus, I had a pedicure and manicure, all delightful and too-notch!

Dr. Kovats

Horrifying and expensive experience. I wanted a moderate color change--from strawberry blonde to dark blonde--so I spent 5 hours researching and talking with hair colorists. Adorn instructed me to book the max time slot--full color, highlight & blowdry--which was 2 weeks out. I did, and rearranged my professional commitments for this appointment, which I was excited about. I was not notified that the hairdresser was running 30 minutes late. 15 minutes after my appointment time, she introduced herself and let me know that she was quite behind, which I would have found courteous and helpful to learn about earlier, since I could have spent the time attending to important matters at my office. When she was ready, she explained that her aunt--who was always running late--had popped in for hair color. I should have left then. I explained the color that I wanted (with pictures). Tera cited that I was scheduled for highlights (I double-checked: she was wrong)--and explained that I needed to reschedule for a 7 hour slot. Trying to smooth things over, I asked if we could make a little progress today, and promised to reschedule in 2 weeks to continue. She indicated an understanding and backed off, but continued making passive-aggressive comments about how it wasn’t going to be perfect. During application of the hair color, she worked me between two other clients, essentially expecting me to accommodate their schedules. Fast forward: a thick streak in front was punk/silvery grey, while the top part of my long hair was dark brunette, and the bottom 6” was light blonde. She explained that ‘ombre’ is the trend (I had not asked for this), and said that she didn’t want to stay until 9pm (it was then 8pm) and charged me $300, citing: 3 hours of her time, even though she’d spent 2.5 from hello to goodbye, and mostly with 2 other clients That she was charging me for “color correction” in advance, which she would do at the next visit, but then stated that she had to schedule that next visit in 2 months time I added a standard 20% tip, making the total $360 (I automatically tip at least 20% for all services, grocery delivery, etc., although this experience has me re-thinking this practice). She rushed me out the door, and I didn’t ask about the billing or why the pre-paid appointment was so far in the future. I didn’t get to voice my dissatisfaction, or ask why I paid a premium for color correction when she just dyed it two different colors. It was confusing, but now I see that she was rushing me out before I could react. I noticed that the gorgeous dress that I’d worn was ruined with large smears of hair dye, and the skin on my forehead and a wrist were stained. I washed my hair repeatedly: the grey streak is gone, but the blonde streak that remains looks like Cruella Deville, and the ombre is mullet-like. I called to see what ways the salon could to soften the look, collaborate on a re-do, or refund the $360. Tera called back, and told me that she would contort her schedule to apply an all-over brunette color, but that’s all she’d do. She alleged that I’d “ruined my hair” by washing it, and berated me for only scheduling time for highlights. Being turned off by her unwillingness to make it right--plus the fact that I’d paid for the next appointment in advance--I asked for a refund. She refused, told me not to come back in, and hung up. The disrespectful treatment has been jarring. Hairdressing is an art and sometimes things don’t go as planned, but I’m angry about the unprofessional way that Tera handled this. She could have said “I’m sorry that it’s not what you expected: I goofed, but it’s important to make this right”. I am humiliated. I work in a demanding but conservative environment with other doctorate-level professionals, and it’s difficult to take the time that’ll be required to fix this during the work week. I feel taken advantage of. $360 is a lot of money to spend on a botched hair job, and I’ll likely double that cost to fix this.

Elayne Glasser

Tara Stiner

Blaire Weiser

Adorn and Tera are the best! I have been seeing Tera for many years and get overly excited to go to the salon. I always leave loving my hair, and am never disappointed. She gives me the right advice to make sure I am keeping my hair healthy, even through my many ideas. The salon is great, so cute and clean. They are constantly making cute little updates and have great products. Highly recommend this salon!

Jasmine Luna

I LOVE Adorn Salon! Great location off broadway near my work and home! Awesome atmosphere, plants everywhere, great lighting and comfortable space. I swore to never go to a salon that doesn’t offer drinks again, and Adorn does, such a nice touch! The receptionist is always so friendly and kind, plus he dresses great! BUT mainly! Adrienne Stelk is the absolute best! She’s kind and welcoming and always calm and great at her job and adorable (not relevant to the review but I appreciate that about her). She’s the kind of stylist that takes Your vision and applies her knowledge to best expedite that idea. She’s never let you leave looking less than stellar! Adrienne for president! I would book her ASAP! I also appreciate that she has late appointments that work with my schedule! It took me a few tries to find Adorn and Adrienne, I’m so glad I found them it’s one classy joint!

Brooke Miller

Cindy Peña

Have been to see Jill Ann Bauer twice now, and she's amazing! My hair was a total disaster from less talented stylists at other salons, and Jill Ann transformed my hair! Absoloutely reccomend.

Victoria Jewell

I've been going to Austin for about 4 years now (but wasn't able to make it in the past year) and he's amazing!! He always fixes my hair even though I come in looking like I'm trying to create some dreads for myself. Every time he colours it it looks AMAZING and just last night I got it cut and shaped up and it's perfect as usual. Great people, great atmosphere, and definitely would recommend!!!

Jessica McAlee

I have been going to Adorn for about 3 years and just love the atmosphere. I see both Jenn and Tera for my blonde hair and I can’t say enough about how wonderful they both are. They are actually LISTEN to what I want and help me achieve it!

Suzen Klinghammer

Love it

Kelly Svanda

Wonderful people, great service, and all sorts of skill in this place... Deona and Austin are the best

Denise Rae

I absolutely love this salon! The layout, the customer service, the knowledge of the staff. Highly recommend. You get what you pay for!

Lisa Sparks

Jakeob Bame

Awesome haircut from Austin! I will definitely be back, just a great experience right from when I walked in. Thank you!

Liz K

Best shellac manicure I have ever gotten - the polish was perfectly done. The staff is insanely friendly each time I come in, and even say hi when they see me walking around the neighborhood. It's only a little more money than other nail places, and worth way more.

Rick darrough

Nick Rankin

Kamala Marshall

Pam Sexauer

Amazing is all I can say! Deona, Austin, Lauren and Lauren made my daughter’s wedding magical! They made us all look beautiful with our own ideas of both hair styles and makeup! That was not an easy task as we all were very opinionated and wanted a certain look! Deona and Lauren made the bride look beautiful and perfect for an amazing day!!! Austin and Lauren made me the nervous mother of the bride look great and feel very comfortable. All the wedding party hair styles and makeup looked perfect! Thank you all for your patience and kindness. Your talents are amazing and we will cherish the pictures of your great work for years....

Amanda Hentz

My experience with Erin (who was a true life/hair-saver) and Adorn salon exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to return.

Clare Drummond

Karl Sowa

I'm really happy with the team at Adorn. Cool space, very friendly staff, seems very well run, very fair prices - and, most importantly, they do a great job with my haircuts. I've been a client since they first opened, and can't imagine going anywhere else.

James Bedwell

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