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1515 E Bethany Home Rd #170, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United States Located in: Bethany East Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Uptown Barbershop IN Arizona

Artem Sanaev

I live across town, so while visiting a friend nearby- he recommended that I come to this barbershop because few of our friends are very fond of it. And I am now also a big fan myself! Shawn was the barber who cut my hair, and he most certainly did an amazing job, just what the doctor(my wife) ordered!!! Shawn is an expert at what he does, and I won't hesitate to drive extra 20 miles to get the freshest cut. I love coming here. Finally, I found the right place and the right barber.

Hailey Mae

Always enjoy it when my boyfriend Kyle gets his hair cut by Jacob. They are always offering me a beverage and making me feel comfortable. Kyle always walks out looking good!

Jonah Cooper

If your looking for a local barbershop ran by some of the greatest barbers in Arizona try out Uptown Barbershop. I have been in the hair industry since 2009 when my brother who is also a great barber and I stopped going to him for one reason and that’s my barber Russ. This man has cut my hair every week for many years now and I will never leave. I live in LA and Scottsdale and I personally fly back home for the experience that Russ and Uptown barbershop gives! Don’t even hesitate on coming in and checking this place out. I promise you for a man who could get free hair cut from my brother who cuts famous peoples hair and I choose to spend money at Uptown Barbershop. Ask for Russ he will literally make you feeling fresh the minute you leave.

Joshua Fazekas

The atmosphere and barbers are amazing. Everyone here is an expert in their craft. Cant wait for my appt. On the 1st.

Stephen Gehm

Drop your old barbershop now if you haven’t already. These guys are the best. I served in the navy so I always keep hair nice and clean. Around all the bases in cities I’ve lived in, I’ve never gotten this good of a cut. Thanks guys!

Carlos Medina

Amazing shop with an amazing staff!!.. Have gone to several barbers all over the valley and glad I came across uptown barbershop. Love the fact that you can set an appointment and be in and out with no issues! Yuri is for sure my go to guy!! He always provides great quality cuts and awesome customer service.

Michael Mohon

Great experience. Jacob was amazing. Talked me through everything he was doing. I told him I trust him to work his magic and he did just that. I would recommend Jacob to anyone. Thanks for the great look and confidence!

john buttle

Roman at the Bethany Home location was great. He gave me exactly what I wanted, was friendly, and was very efficient... base price was 20 dollars but you get the haircut, a hot towel at the end, a quick massage, and he even cleans you up with a straight blade and shaving cream... well worth the money

Michael Searle

Ok you have to try this place but only if you are looking for a great barber! All the barbers do a great job but Sarah is amazing. I used to go to any barber until I found her. Now I wont have anyone else cut my hair or beard. Try the full hot towel shave. you will not be sorry!

Dan Keiper

I have been visiting Uptown for several months now. I have ALWAYS gotten amazing service and amazing haircuts here. I am always hesitant to have a barber cut my hair that I haven’t used before but Jacob did an amazing job! Without doubt the entire crew is incredibly talented and take their craft very serious. Thanks for what you do. Dan

Dorothy Darden

Great place, outstanding service, professional and stylish haircut. I got a great haircut. I also got to enjoy the friendly staff. Keep it up guys!!

Lorenzo Mendoza

Been going for about year now and Yuri has been my barber. He is great with haircuts and can do any type of style with long hair and short hair. He knows how to make you look fresh and clean. Also the quality of work he puts into being a barber is amazing. One of my favorites out of the whole shop. He is very social and chill. His work pays off into your haircuts and it shows. I have NEVER had a error from him since I have started going to Uptown. All around suggested place to go to and for sure suggest Yuri! His wait is decent, it just matters the time of day you come and see him. He gives me the best tips for what I could or should do to prevent my hair style to look clean. One of the best fades I have gotten are from him and I have had plenty of complements from others from his work. He honestly does everything beards, fades, long hair, etc. His hard work is being showed all around the world and honestly the impact Yuri puts into his work is amazing. Check him out and you will understand. Solid 11/10. YURI is a terrific barber!

Ryan Chen

I have been coming to this barber shop for about 3 years now and I’ve never left disappointed. Usually, Russ cuts my hair and he does a phenomenal job, but today Juan P. cut my hair and he did a great job. He is definitely a skilled cosmetologist and I would refer him to others. There’s not really another place where you get this kind of service for the price ! Highly recommend.

Kyle Hingorani

After moving to Phoenix in 2017, I tried several barbershops but every one seemed like they were just trying to get me in and out. Finally, I visited Uptown and found the barbershop experience I was looking for. Friendly, lively atmosphere, attention to detail, and passion for their craft. Under $30 with tip is far less than I was paying in Denver, too! I've had 2 or 3 barbers cut my hair at Uptown and my satisfaction has been consistent. After getting a genuine, personalized cut from Jacob today, I figured it was time to throw these guys some love. Keep it up!

Jobie Gilchrist

I just had the best haircut of my life thanks to Sara. Great place and great prices. I will definitely return again.

Ryan Wentworth

Ive been coming to uptown barber shop for about 7 years. Ive been pretty consistent with Ronnie, who does my cuts. Ronnie is super good and very nice. Today I came in and got a haircut from jacob. Jacob was super nice and did a great job. Uptown is a great barber shop. All of the barbers here are super nice and very respectful. I fully recommended this barber shop if your looking for one.

Frida Shimono

My kids love their new look! Jacob took good care of my boys! Great haircuts and good price! Definetely coming back to Uptown BarberShop!

Matthew Lonier

After moving to North Central I tried several barbers before finding Uptown. I won't go anywhere else now. All the barbers I've had were great, but Russ is the best for me. I love that I can schedule an appointment online so I don't have to wait. If you stop in on the weekend the line is usually long, but moves along quickly.

Daniel Nunez

Very quickly became my regular barbershop. When you find a good barber you stick to them. There is talent here and staff is very friendly. This place does get busy often so I’d look into making an appointment. Shout out to Sara!

Fiona Bailey

Shawn is great! The whole experience is professional, efficient and great hair styles! Everybody is very fun, talking sports, movies etc. I've found my barber for as long as I am here.

Arsen Bababekov

Uptown more like upbeat this shop has an awesome atmosphere. the staff are professional and welcoming. My go to barber is Jacob especially when it comes to getting my 4 year old a hair cut, Jacob is great with kids and is able provide a quick and great looking hair cut.

Aaron Albert

I have to admit, after traveling across the United States and going to local barbers with less reviews, this place does NOT impress me. One would think if you have over 350+ reviews and 4.8 stars, this place should be for everyone. If you enjoy cramped seating and barbers talking on their phones in middle of hair cuts with multiple people waiting then this place may be 4.8 stars worthy. I mainly went here for the reviews and sadly, I was not impressed each time that I went to each location. The customer service is sub par for what the competitors are delivering. I had a regular adult haircut, which is suppose to be $20 according to the sign. I typically ask while I’m in the seat at every barber if they wouldn’t mind lining up my beard under my jaw. It turns out that they added on an extra $5 just to make a semi-straight line under my beard. I could do a better job myself. I do NOT recommend this barbershop chain to anyone. You can get a better cut for your money elsewhere.

Michael Yagduayev

This Is my go to shop. Great service. Yuri always does an amazing job with my hair. Definitely would recommend.

Rafael Aslanov

This place is fantastic!! Sara always takes great care of me and is an amazing barber!! I would definitely recommend you to come and check this place out and get a haircut from her!!!

Michael Pleshtiyev

Great service was provided by Yuri. He is always my go to barber. Has never disappointed. The shop has a great atmosphere and is definitely worth checking out!

Rokon Rohan

Great service, great price, no problem anytime. Always a fantastic haircut from Shawn. Will keep coming back here.

Matt Day

I have been going here for over 2 years now and highly recommend it. The whole crew are great people, with excellent barber skills. I've had almost each and everyone cut my hair and they do an amazing job, but will continue to let my brother Russ cut my hair.

Lee Goldman

Again. UPTOWN Barber takes the gold. My man Issac got sick with a Brooklyn Fade. Time. Precision. Accuracy. Nothing new to him or any of the barbers there. Truly work for YOU. You've tried the rest. Now try the best...Thanks Gentleman...Right cut right price.

Aleksandra Masturova

I only trust the best with my son's hair cuts and the best is Jacob! He always does an amazing job!!!

Kevin Kyzer

Recently moved to Phoenix and had to find a new barber shop. I have a pretty simple haircut that I've been getting for 24 years and the first few barbers I tried in the are all tried their own spin on my basic cut. This place is legit awesome, haircut is exactly what I ask for, people are friendly personable, and professional. Cannot recommend this place enough. So, friggin, good!

Steven Yansak Jr

Great barber shop. Russ really cares about what he does and takes care of his clients. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent cut. Thank you Russ for always taking care of me

Kienan Nixon

This spot has hands down some of the best barbers in Phoenix. I’ve probably had my hair cut by half the staff and always had a good experience and a good cut. Issac is my go to now. Dude’s got mad skills. Ronnie, the owner, wants you to leave happy and will go above and beyond to make that happen. All around great shop with two locations in the same area.

Adam Clasen

Uptown Barbers has been my go-to spot for almost three years, and they never disappoint. It doesn’t matter whether you do walk-ins and get a random barber or you choose who you want, every single barber always does an exceptional job. My dude Jose (at the Uptown Signature location) always gets me the freshest cuts. I won’t recommend any other space for haircuts.

Stephen Kole

Extremely impressed with my entire visit. Shawn took his time with beard trim and haircut ensuring perfection. Thank You.

Mike Perry

Had a great haircut and shave by a young man named Yuri. Nice work! The wife loves it. Will be back in 4 weeks.

Joshua Rivera

I’m a little hesitant of posting this, I don’t want to have to wait more for Russ lol! I've been coming here for a year and a half now. I cannot speak highly enough of Russ! He usually has a short wait but is WELL worth it! Has very clean fades, does GREAT with beards, takes his time and communicates with you to know exactly what you're looking for! I was at my old barber for almost 12 years before moving to Phoenix. Went through quite a number of barbers to find Russ! I cannot say enough about him. I travel the states and internationally a lot. Recently I closed a huge business deal, after we shook hands the ladies told me “you have the best looking beard we’ve ever seen. A man who has that much attention to detail on his grooming must pay great attention to his work”. So thanks to Russ for allowing me to close that deal. His precision work has impressed numerous people world wide!

Jonathan Trimm

Been coming here for 3 years and getting a haircut by Roman. Try to get him if he’s available. All the barbers are good too!

Jon Johanson

The wife said I got the best haircut she has ever seen on me.

Monty Ellis

This was my first time in and I was kind of nervous. When I walked in it seemed to be busy with 5 people waiting but the wait time was not too long. A barber by the name of Yuri approached me and asked me to sit down. I grew my hair for over a year and have not cut it at all. I showed him a few pictures of what I wanted but wasn't sure which to choose. After showing Yuri the photos he put on the cape and said "i got this". He was chopping away and frankly I was quite nervous. After about 15 minutes of work he turned me around to the mirror and I was shocked! I've never seen my hair look so good! He told me he did a 3 on the sides with textured/spike on top. It looked awesome! He also offered me a hot towel shave and I said why not? The shave was an amazing experience, real smooth and no razor burn afterwards. After the shave he suggested doing a face mask to keep the skin moisturized and clean. It felt amazing! I got the whole deal and felt like a brand new man. I've decided to make this a bi-weekly experience and schedule appointments in advance. Whole thing cost me $65 (included haircut, hot towel shave, and face mask) plus $20 tip and it was well worth it!

Michael kennedy

Been going to uptown since nearly the beginning have never had any problems always been very good with service and their barbers are all equally amazing!! The owner is a great guy and is very friendly to all of his customers! Truly recommend Tania and Jacob both do amazing fades and are great people!

Emilio Sanchez

Hello i just want to let everybody know what a wonderful babershop uptown is they are very welcoming in respectful some of the best barbers here in town. My barber is really good at what she does from fades to gentlemens hair cuts all of it. Come on by and check her out . Ask for Nadya she will take great care of you. God bless you all.

Gene Harvey

These guys do a great job and also have a senior discount.

Jose Madera

Nissim (Nick) and Yuri, two very down to earth, respectful barber's. Sometimes an instrument in retaining new customers could very well be in the interaction between your staff and customers. These two have got it down. The owner is constantly looking for ways to makes his "shops" raise the bar. Continuous developments, personable and the best haircuts/ pricing hands down! I travel 40 min 1 way just to show support to Nissim (Nick) and the crew. Can't go wrong with these guys and gal!

Jessica Nash

Great atmosphere, nice clean shop. All the barbers were welcoming and friendly for being my first time there. Walked in there looking ruff and Shawn had me walking out feeling brand new! Great fade and line up, I FOUND MY NEW BARBER!!

Mackey Maria

Very nice barbershop. Clean and very professional. Shawn is the best. I always leave out looking good!

Headbangers Beard Co.

These guys are amazing, 5 star service everytime I go in. Roman is my personal barber and his attention to detail is absolutely superb. All the barbers are extremely professional, knowledgeable and offer recommendations every time I go in. …

Rapid iPhone Repair

This is the best barber shop i have found thus far. I come here every few weeks to get trimmed and do touch-ups. If you want the best then ask for Shawn, he will hook you up big time!

Deborah Streater

I have been going to Uptown Barbershop to get my haircut for probably over 6 months now. It is always a good experience; if you plan it out correctly you can avoid a long wait and maybe only have one or two people in front of you. Despite the many haircuts the place is always clean.

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