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REVIEWS OF National Hair Centers IN Arizona

ChristiAnne Stephens

As I sit down and write this review of NHC I can't believe that in my ten year association with them I have neglected to publicly commend them for their outstanding customer service, their professionalism, their unequaled expertise, and their empathy towards people with hair loss concerns. Sean and De, the two people that I associate with most are a joy to work with and can always be counted on to do what is best for the customer even at their own inconvenience. I always look forward to my appointments and the pampering I get!

Ilauna Gamlieli

I have been a happy customer for 12 years. and hope to be for years and years to come. NHC is a top notch company in every sense of the word....customer service, product, staff, and owner are nothing but the best. They feel like family. My hair unit has changed my life. I look and feel younger and my confidence has soared.

Dwayne Harksell

5 Star Company with 5 Star people! Great products and services are only part of this company. Let NHC get you started on the right track for hair replacement! Its made a difference in my life! I've been a client for over 20 yrs. Review from NHC Client - Dave

Trace Mcdaniel

I have been a customer of National for about 15 years. They are awesome. Always treat me with respect and do out of their way to make sure I'm taken care of!!! I appreciate the wonderful customer service!!

Gerry Connor

I have been a hair system client at NHC since I moved to Phoenix 5 years ago. I came with over 12 years prior experience with these hair systems. My standards were very high. My experience with National Hair Centers has been better than I hoped, better than an exacting customer like me could reasonably ask for. They do all the basics right. From routine scheduling to emergencies to guidance on care and maintenance between appointments. My stylist's cut down of my 2 new systems each year has been nothing short of magical. Getting my hair style right, getting the hair to lay right, getting the systems to blend right with my own hair. Completely undetectable. Makes me feel great and confident. And then they go the extra mile beyond the basics. One year I had a new system that just wouldn't cut right. Instead of the usual A+ I wanted and had always gotten, it was about a B+. Most wouldn't notice but I did. And so did the company. Without my asking, they told me they would replace it with a new system at their cost. And did. Back to A+. There's more above and beyond, but I've made my point. This is a company I trust completely to do right by its customers.

Ms. gray


Stan Atwood

I went to several places in Phoenix to inquire about a hair implant procedure. When I visited National Hair Centers, I spoke with Gene about the procedure. His knowledge and professional far exceeded my expectations. After I left my consultation with Gene, I knew instantly I had found the perfect place. It's been six weeks since I had my procedure and I have no regrets at all. The only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner!! The whole staff has been terrific throughout the whole process. Thank you !!

Tanisha Brown

National Hair Centers has been amazing to me! Tammy, Gene and Sean are great, knowledgeable and pressure-free consultants. I feel very comfortable with the company! I wear a hair system and I love the quality and how well Kelly listened to my needs and designed a hair piece perfect for me! The hair color, density and length was just what I wanted. National Hair Centers has always made it right if somethings gone wrong. I would recommend them to anyone. If you are thinning and have hairless issues, this is the place you want to see! It is life-changing and everyone working there has a special part in that life-change!

Nikki Traub

I have had the pleasure of working for NHC for the past 7 months, and I have to say I am blown away by the professionalism here, the knowledgeable staff, and their strive for excellence. I am proud to have been a part of it and if I weren't relocating, I certainly wouldn't be leaving! As a Cosmetologist myself, I can say the stylist's work here is nothing short of amazing. I would recommend to anyone in need of hair loss treatment, transplant surgery, or non-surgical replacement options to come to National Hair Centers. Well done team!

Jake CJ

Somewhat helpful people, but idk....

Marianella Dirodis

Every one is very friendly and takes the time to listen to my needs. Very professional. My hair always looks great (now)!

Stephen Reynard

My experience at NHC with Gene at the helm has been nothing short of fantastic. From the moment I stepped into that shop I felt like family. The incentive is obviously there; nobody wants to lose their hair. This procedure is no joke. It's proven and it's very effective. It takes some dedication and a little discomfort up front, but the results are phenomenal and permanent. The procedure itself with Dr. Joe, Carina and the rest of the team was impressive. They are so dedicated and pro; made it very easy! I would highly recommend NHC!

Ione Williams

I went in for a procedure several months ago and I've gotta say, my hair looks killer! I met with Sean & Gene, trying to figure out which solution was best for me. I'm very happy with the results and would suggest anyone struggling with hair loss go see the guys at NHC!

Donnarae Garcia

I have been a client with NHC for approximately twenty-five years or plus I have had the best service with my hair replacement. I couldn't and will not go anywhere else. The staff there are professional ,courteous ,caring. Real people who care. Women who have hair loss, it is so hard to look and feel confident and feel like you have real hair they do everything possible to make that happen with quality systems and products. Of course I must mention there great customer service and the Stylists are hard to beat. The Management is phenomenal! Come in for a consultation.. Best decision you'll ever make!

Sherwin & Joanne Kaufman

I have been coming here for over 30 years and would go nowhere else.

heather bublitz

I have been going here for many years. I feel like I am part of the family at this hair center. Molly my hairstylist is such a sweetheart and does an amazing job on my hair. One of the owners always makes a point to say hello and is such a caring person. Highly recommend this place

Sherri Smith

I have been a client at NHC for about a year now. Sean and his staff have went out of their way to make me feel important as well as make sure I am satisfied with their product. I love love love my hair now. I finally have confidence. My hair looks natural and looks like it's a part of me. I am so thankful for Sean and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone.

Abby Hershorin

National Hair Centers has been great since the day I walked in the door. The hair systems I have gotten from them have been great. Nobody can tell that a system is not my own hair. I also want to give credit to the staff. They are incredible from the owners to the receptionists to Dee Stillwell who has worked on me since I started coming to National Hair Centers. I couldn't be happier with this business and look forward to working with them as long as I live in the Phoenix metro area!!!!

Sheri Swink

I've been going to National Hair Centers for about 8 months now. The staff is super friendly and makes you feel like family when you're there. Tammy is very compassionate and understanding...she deeply cares about her clients and wants the best outcome possible. This isn't always an easy situation for women and I highly recommend these folks for anyone considering doing something about their hair loss. Once you get there you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Chad and Laurie Chase

My friend and I both had the FUE hair transplant. Gene, Dr. Joe and whole staff were amazing. I had a penninsula of hair in the front that was turning into an island. It's been a year since our procedure and we both look amazing. I have a full head of my hair and you would never tell it was done. And I am very hard to please.. only wish I had done it earlier. Was nervous about flying out of state into a city I've never been to but the staff had me lined up and it went like clockwork. Everyone super friendly and they want you to have a good experience. I did my research and looked into alot of places..I could have gone local but why go somewhere that isn't as good. This place has experienced personnel, doctors, and consultants. if you are thinking about having it done.. call and see what they can do for you... prices were great..service excellent. FUE was the way to go. THANKS AGAIN GENE, DR. JOE, AND STAFF

Susan Eller

I have been a client for approximately 4 years in total and could not be happier with the service provided and the kindness of the staff. Hair loss is a highly emotional and private, gut wrenching experience. The staff entirely respect the emotional and social aspects of hair loss and replacement. They are highly talented and professional and always prompt and honest. NHC has changed my life forever!!

Matt H

Buyer beware of new ownership. I have been a long time customer of NHC since I was in my early 20's. I've invested many $$$ throughout the years on various treatments advised by NHC to keep a healthy set of hair. From Propecia to a $4,000 Laser Hat. Unfortunately, my hair keeps falling out. Therefore, I decided to invest into the FUT hair transplant and write a check to National Hair Center for $8,275 for 2500 graphs. I opted for my temples and front of my head. This was 16 months ago and the results are extremely poor. In fact the surgeon told me in a text the results were meager and he was expecting much more. The scar on the back of my head took over a year to fully heal, and the hair growth on my temples is so minimal, I have to shave it to look normal. My $8K investment has to be hidden by a razor blade. Since the operation, the surgeon now works for another company and NHC is under new ownership. When you purchase a business, you assume full responsibility of that business including all of its current and past clients. The old surgeon told me that NHC always took care of their customers and their satisfaction. In a case like this, NHC would fix the problem and offer another transplant free of charge. At least the previous owners did. The new owners told me to seek out the surgeon and have him redo the surgery. Yes, they wanted me to seek out an ex employee and demand him to redo this surgery. I paid NHC. I did not pay the doctor. NHC will not assume any responsibility nor will they help me out in any capacity. I advise anyone to remove yourself from being an NHC customer. Do not spend your time or money because they will not treat you like a valid partner.

Rob Newton

I'm not an easy customer to please, but I can't say enough good things about NHC. Gene went out of his way to get me favorable financing and a very FAIR price. The procedure went EXTREMELY WELL. Dr Marko was my surgeon. He did SCAR Reduction and Hair Transplant. The results were AMAZING. My scar is now hardly visible compared to before. Gene also is continuing to help me with refills on Propecia etc. I HIGHLY recommend NHC for procedures. Great Product and competitive prices.

Allison Mason

I was experiencing hair loss because of illness and surgery. I met with consultant Gene who was very professional and knowledgable. He explained the options I had to help with my hair loss. I choose the low light laser therapy cap and it has done wonders. My hair is healthier and looks and feels fuller. What a difference. A big thanks to Gene G.

darkangel inthedesert

I have waiting for over a year and a half since my FUE procedure at National Hair Centers in Phoenix to write my review, so I could give a realistic, time-tested idea of the results I received. I had my procedure done on approximately May 15th of 2016, and had 991 grafts completed with the extraordinary, brilliant, personable Dr. Josephitis (who goes by Dr. Joe). I can't say enough good things about how the results look, and how great a difference my 991 grafts made for me. This was my fourth cosmetic hair procedure, the first two were FUT procedures done in Beverly Hills, and the third was a FUT procedure done in Tulsa. All three of these procedures went very well, and so did my FUE procedure with National Hair Centers. In my opinion, National Hair Centers did just as great a job as the doctors that worked on me in Beverly Hills. Moreover, National Hair Centers gave me what I found to be a very good price. Gene was the gentleman who spoke to me there, educating me on FUE (as all of my prior procedures were FUT). One other wonderful garnish was that on the day that I had my procedure done, which was a Sunday, Gene was there to say hello and shake my hand. Gene really cared about me and made me feel I had a friend guiding me through the process. Gene is a very nice, caring gentleman. Just as great, Gene returned all of my calls quickly, was very kind, and everything that he mentioned to me, I found very accurate, in my opinion. For example, I called him around 12 months post procedure to ask him questions, and he mentioned my hair should all be growing (which it was) and he also mentioned it should be thickening up in the coming several months--which it greatly did over the coming months!!! I'm wonderfully amazed at what a difference 991 grafts made for me, as the top back of my head, the middle sides of my head were very noticeably thinning, so I had 891 grafts put there, and it filled those areas in wonderfully. 100 of the 991 grafts went up at the very front center hairline area and made a very nice, noticeable difference. Now when someone looks at me straight on (is facing me) I look like I have a very nice head of hair!!!! I still need to get some work on the very back crown, and if I do a fifth procedure, I will definitely, definitely, definitely be going with National Hair Centers in Phoenix again! One aside, I have already referred a friend to National Hair Centers in Phoenix, and my sibling was so impressed with my results, he will be going there if he needs to do another procedure. On my recent Thanksgiving vacation while visiting family, all of them commented at how great my hair looks....which made me very happy. One other note, Dr. Joe also answered all of my pre-procedure and post-procedure questions, taking several calls after my procedure, one of them I when he was not in the office--he really went out of his way for me! And on the day of the procedure, Dr. Joe took the time to go over strategy, his opinions on where the grafts would best be placed, his opinions on how much of a different they should make or not make if located in certain areas, and he then let me decide what I felt was best. Based on Dr. Joe's advice, I feel it allowed me to make the right decisions--and that his advice was right on! I can't say enough great things about Dr. Joe!!! Finally, the staff at National Hair Centers were all very nice to me, very caring, and made me feel comfortable on my day of the procedure. I can't say enough good things about everyone at National Hair Centers in Phoenix, from Gene, Dr. Joe, the staff....everyone. National Hair Centers has allowed me to be able to look in the mirror and see a nice head of hair. The results of their great work makes me smile every day :)

Paul Demos

I recently purchased an offer for grafts through Groupon. As per the requirements I met with a representative (Dave) from National Hair Centers. During this meeting I was treated with disrespect in a very condescending manner. Which was surprising since Dave surely could have used the services of National Hair Centers for his "challenged hairdo". Following a time period consisting of hard sell to get me to pay for additional services at an over inflated price, I was told that unless I agreed to purchase more at a very steep price, that they would not honor my pre-purchased offering through Groupon. I refused. Upon review and in speaking with a representative of Groupon, I discovered that the practice of pressured sales, false advertising, and "bait and switch" was the norm as numerous complaints have been filed by individuals, I would have to state 'BUYER BEWARE" and to stay away very far away from National Hair Centers of Phoenix, AZ.

Santos Hernandez

The staff was amazing, super friendly place. I was helped out by gene that day, very helpful and patient guy when it comes to explaining various procedures. Zody, the young lady at the front desk was very professional and kind as well, over all it was a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Dennis Rosenburg

I have been a client at NHC for many years....I would definitely recommend won't regret taking that first step.... From Sean on down, the staff is professional and encouraging.. They are always up to date on the latest systems...and their pricing is fair.... And Jason...well he's a super stylist!

Matthew Fey

I went in for the FUE transplant procedure January of 2018. The procedure and results were pretty much exactly as they stated. The surgery went great and around a year later the hair was in. The results were fantastic. I couldn't be happier and no one knew i had it done. I had shopped around and found their pricing to be the best. Thank you NHC!

Will Christie

I have been going to NHC since 2012 when I purchased my first hair system. I was impressed by the attempts to ensure that the hair piece totally blended (in color) with my natural hair. I was so happy that I wished I had done this 20 years ago. But I am not sure the technology existed back then (except perhaps for wealthy movie stars) for average people. I want to particularly point out Sean, customer contact, for praise. He is extremely conscientious and truly wants you to look good. You can take any concern to him and he will act upon it, researching the background and offering solutions. I have never brought an issue to Sean that hasn't resulted in a phone call and a proposed solution. The guy is amazing! NHC has a real treasure there, since how you treat people AFTER they have "signed on the dotted line" tells you how ethical the organization is. Thank you Sean for always being there.

Donald Hattery

I've been a client of National Hair Center for 30 years now. Not only have they been good enough to earn my business for 30 years, they've actually continued to improve getting even better over time. There's a clear commitment from the management to the hair professionals to provide the very best available to their clients. My review here is unsolicited by NHC, but nevertheless, well deserved! I started out with them by wearing one of their undetectable hair systems for 14 years, before transitioning to a permanent solution through their incredible hair transplant services--now I only come in every 3 to 4 weeks to get a quick haircut. I had gone almost completely bald at 23 yrs of age. The initial hair system solution served me well for as long as I wanted the having the look of a full head of hair thru NHC's amazing hair transplant services, life changing is what comes to mind first, but in truth words can't describe the impact having my hair back has had on the quality of my life. Thank You NHC, the value of what you've provided for me over the years has far exceeded what I paid for your services...your clients are blessed to have you!!

Dose Moving

If I could give 10 stars I would!!! If you are considering ANY type of hair extension, system, surgery, products or advice, the ONLY choice is the National Hair Center. The owner, Sean is the most genuine, caring and professional business owner. He has personally come and introduced himself and made me feel right at home. The customer service, from Tammy to the front desk and attention that is given to each individual cannot be matched at any other place. Don't waste your time and money going any where but the National Hair Center. They literally have options for anything you need. You won't be disappointed. And their stylists have been there for years so they really know what they are doing and have lots of suggestions to get you exactly what you are looking for. I highly recommend this place. I tried their competitor and I can tell you from experience that the ONLY place is the National Hair Center!!! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Knudtson

The staff here at NHC Phoenix were wonderful. I met a consultant, Tammy. She was so kind, empathetic, honest, thorough and it was very clear that she genuinely really cares about the clients. She's very experienced and knows a lot. I am very moved by my experience with her. I'm sure she can help to get you in the right direction.

Hans Staab

I had surgery in 2017. I wanted to just share my experience. Usually most reviews are critical, but the good ones just move on; however, I wanted to take a moment to give kudos to the people at National Hair Center. They were great and kind. Their work was fantastic. I really can't express enough as to how great I felt after the months of healing. I went back to get a check up and they again treated me so well. They really are about helping people. I was skeptical before my first visit, but they weren't selling, they just gave me the facts and the option and left the decisions to me. I'm so glad I worked with them.

Jason Valasek

I am so impressed with National Hair Centers. The owners, the doctors and the staff are incredible. My father is in the process of getting a hair transplant from National Hair Centers. Our consultant Gene Gaspar has gone above and beyond to provide my dad with all the comfort and confidence he needs to proceed with this life changing decision. My dad is super excited and that makes me happy. I would highly recommend National Hair Centers. They are incredible and they offer hair loss treatments for men and women. Call them. You'll be glad you did.

Linda Hoffman

If you have a serious hair issue (mine was thin and getting sparser), do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see Sean and Skylar at NHC. I promise you there are solutions. I did lots of research, tried all the hyped up remedies you see in mags, TV and the internet. All wasted my time and money. Then I drove to NHC in Phoenix (I live in Tucson) and found answers I'd never uncovered before. One worked for me. And one will work for you. Please try it. It WILL transform your life. It did mine.

jackie yu

I love my hair, natural and easy care

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