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3451 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

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REVIEWS OF Suki's Alaska Salon & Esthetic IN Alaska

swo memes

Great for haircuts

Abdullah Al Maruf

Zach Montoya

Great service, kind ladies, and quick. Well kept establishment, as well as getting what you pay for!

William Maddaford

Quick really good haircut and did very well with my eyebrows. Great price, great people, highly recommend!

steven medina

the people here are good with kids and they do everything, even military haircuts. out of every haircut place ive been to, this place is the best. they cut and wash your hair, and at the end they put a hot towel on your neck. to be honeat it feels good. they are friendly people.

Brady Jackson

Trevor Gaines

Victoria Avery

Orville Baalam

D Lynn Hines

They totally messed up my hair. Lost like 9 inches of hair due to this place.

Mysti Keith

Good service

Tameka York

William Johnston

Trent Rogers

Matt French

I've been through about every hair salon and barber shop in fairbanks. Suki's was recommended to me about a year and a half ago and I've been going ever since. They're friendly and professional, and since they've added the waitlist system it's become too easy to get a fresh haircut. No waiting, entirely at your discretion, and a warm towel at the end. I highly recommend Suki's to everyone.

Antonio Hinojosa

This place is great

Hanna Klamert

Thank you, Suki's! This salon is awesome! My son needed a haircut badly, and we live 2 hours away from a good barber/hair salon (he only will go to females). We decided to try out Suki's because of the awesome reviews, late hours open, and convenient location. I sure wasn't disappointed! We were in and out within 15 minutes! Usually we are kept waiting an hour at other places. She was quick and efficient. After he was done, she gave him a little surprise. What really made an impression on me was that she even gave my daughter (4) a little surprise also even though she wasn't there to get a haircut. 5 out of 5 stars for speed, efficiency, convenience, hospitality, and overall experience. We will be back!

Patrick Barton

Aaron Foster

I've been cutting my own hair for a while finally decided to get a hair cut and i chose suki's. They did a wonderful job waited for not even a minute before they got me in, soft with the clippers, got my hair washed and a hot rag. Thank you for a good experience

Dustin/Tracey Adams

Tayler-Hotstuff Humperdinkle

I have been a customer with Suki for a few years now and I have always been taken care of and you feel like you are part of the family and the product and quality of the haircuts are AWESOME..they are quick to get you in and out and amazing prices to boot socks. ... Please let Sukie or one of the other very talented stylists take care of your haircut and any other needs that you have for looking FABULOUS...

Eunsook Chi

Best place to get hair done. I will bring my friends to get service y

John Ahgook

Great place for hair cut

Jason Hartness

Sharon Yatlin

Great Cut!

Dereck O'Farrell

It's the best place I've ever gotten my haircut at! I highly recommend to everyone if they are looking to get a good high quality haircut for a good price!

cory pellegrino

isela Vejar

Brianna Shafer

Not good. The stylist that did my hair does not know how to cut layers. I also came home and had to even it up at the bottom. I have long hair, and she was going to dry cut it but I insisted on a wet cut. I have a stylist that I love in my home state, so was rather upset that Suki stylist botched my layers. The cut was also too fast, and she just didn't seem to have the expertise that I'm used to. I did leave a tip, but had no intention on going back. Also, it was winter outside, and she did not dry my hair. She partially dried it, but it was still very wet when I left. Lucky I didn't get sick. The other thing, she tried to use a brush to comb through my wet hair after washing it. You just don't do that. It was a regular brush, and I had to ask her to use a pic to comb through my long, wet hair. She probably would have ripped much of my hair out with the brush if I had allowed her to proceed with doing that. I won't be going back. Cut just was not good.

Brandon Brown

Been going for over a year now, best haircuts in town. Staff are friendly, Sunny (the stylist on the far right) always remembers me and my cut, always askes how my wife is. My wife nor I have ever been treated poorly. I strongly recommend it. I get a shampoo, hot towel with my cut. Cash and card can be used. Easy to find, right off the main road, clean / welcoming environment.

Nicholas Sanchez

Very professional place with experienced hair stylist. Definitely a recommended place to visit for hair needs.

Hanna Han

Best hair design in town.

Nikalus Fahnestock


Giovanni Barreto

Military haircuts $16 bucks with a head wash and I've been coming here since I was introduced to a guy that was already stationed here. Just come haha

Anthony Collins

Lisa is an outstandong hair stylist and has been cutting my hair for 2 years. Every time I walk in, the entire staff welcomes me and know me by name. Lisa knows exactly how to cut my hair without me having to say a word. I am very impressed on Lisa's ability to get along with all her clients including stubborn or rude ones even when work is busy and stressful. She always stays calm and gets the job done. Lisa is also very fun to chat with. I usually come out with not only a great haircut but a fun fact as well. I recommend Sukis for anyone in the Fairbanks area!

Vimoto Falasia

My family & I always come here & I always forget to post. These 3 ladies are very professional, my family & I are always very & beyond satisfied with our haircuts. Will recommend them to anyone...Thank you ladies


Christian Jacobs

Best place in Alaska to get a hair cut. They will take care of you. All three of the girls are great but my favorite is Suki.

Austin Mooney

Great price, great customer service, funny employees, and amazing service. They do great straight razor cuts! There isn’t another place in Alaska to get the service they provide!

Matt Heckman

Daniel Martolano

10 people ahead of me when I signed in, and only two ladies available. When you can get in right away, they do good work

Jareth Demientieff

ji hye lee

Best thing about Suki's all Staff are super friendly :) She did my haircut that I wanted to do as so stylish. I was so picky about how they trimmed but also satisfied the style she trimmed my hair. I am so satisfied and am planning to come again.

Nathan Smith

Blake Irwin

James Carroll

Best ever!

Sam Zakarian

Best haircuts in Fairbanks especially for military

Dallas Graham

Before you go anywhere else come here and get the best haircut and service I've ever had.

Christopher Cook

Jacob Ellanna

Simply was not a good haircut, especially for the price...

tom han

Alex Banuelos

I like being able to check in online and getting late in the day hair cuts

Christian Foster

This barber shop is awesome!! Get Lisa! She made my hair look better than ever!! She is also a very sweet and very talkative!

Malachi Manley

Been going here for my tenure in alaska best place in Fairbanks always give the best haircuts and a great family place.

Karyn DeHaas

Everyone is friendly and very welcoming. My daughter and I love having our hair done there.

Maria Perry

Joseph Galica

Outstanding hours and service! First week Lisa and I discussed what i wanted and she has done it every week since. They tend to be busy on the last day of the weekend so utilize their online waitlist system. I can't recommend them enough!

Michael Mascari

Hands down the best place to go in town for a military haircut, I went to multiple places and couldn't find the right place until I came across Suki's Beauty Salon! The service is phenomenal and the price is reasonable for the quality hair cut you get! If I could give this place ten stars I would Lisa is awesome she is who I go to!

William Rexford

The barber refused to use clippers. Even at request she said no. The atmosphere is uncomfortable. The place is run down. I recommend not going here.

Tayler Russell

Was in town in need of a trim. Lisa was phenomenal and will be coming back next time. Took the time to ask what I wanted and got me in and out with a perfect cut. Highly recommend her!

Gareth Beveridge

Did a great job and they washed my hair all for a good price

Al Kalig

It's too busy. Wait times are atrocious

John Finley

For the fools who still use the on-post barber shops: Suki's has amazing hair cuts, awesome and friendly barbers, the best hair cuts I have got came from this place. Using the Waiting list off of their Facebook, is awesome, you can get in line from your couch. Truly an example that other barbershops should try to emulate!

angel telfair

I'll start by saying if you have thick, curly african american hair, stay faaarrrr away from Suki's. I do understand that my hair is very hard to handle but if someone knew it wasn't something they could work with, they should turn me down. Regardless, I had some hope in this last min hair TRIM. I checked her reviews and they seemed all great. So, I walk in expecting a two inch trim. My hair was long, maybe part ways down my back. Two inches is enough to make it seem like a big hair cut but just a trim. My hair is very curly and there's a lot of it. To start off, she said "my hair was too thick" so we have to thin it out. I've never heard any hair salon say this to me. I went with it because maybe she knew what she was doing. When she couldn't part through my hair or brush it, she would take a razor and hack at my hair. I would've stopped her, but the razor had already taken so much off. She continued to just razor wherever she couldn't brush it. When she was done razoring off what she didn't like, she took scissors to it and cut the most eneven cut I could've ever imagined. So now my hair is all the way up to my ears and I can't pony tail it. It was so hard not to be upset just because she and her daughter are very nice people and she meant well. But no matter how sweet and genuine you are, it will not grow my hair or undo this boyish cut. (Don't worry, if you read this far, I went to a different salon and got it fixed right away.)

Ralf Townsley

Good place to get a haircut in Fairbanks on a Sunday afternoon ! Call first and set up a time.the barber did an excellent job on my hair. I will be back.

Rosie Reed-Falasia

My family & I have been coming here ever since we moved here 2 years ago & will still be coming here. No complaints, Love it here & highly recommend you visit them. Also highly recommend you use their online waitlist to sign in, it's helps when you don't want to wait too long.

Rachel Cote

For all the girls there, especially Lisa, you’re all wonderful! This place is incredible. I highly recommend it and they are super sweet too!!!! Ladies: They will cut or style your hair exactly how you want it and will even do a nice dry trim cut for a low price if that is all you want. They are not the type to do something to your hair without asking for permission. Guys: My husband is SUPER picky about his haircuts and has experienced terrible stylist throughout Fairbanks. He loves this place and all three ladies cut his hair well.

Isaac Lee

D Alan

My wife asked the stylist, Lisa, to color her hair in an ombré. It was my gift to her for Valentine's Day. The hair came out exactly how she wanted. My daughter and I also get our hair done at Suki's. All the ladies do a great job. I highly recommend this place. Best in Alaska!

vincent boice

Jonathan Wilson

Long wait but worth it. Friendly environment and provide a hair cut to your instruction.

Elijah Gyesky

Fixed my tragedy of a barracks cut and had amazing conversation... I now have a fresh clean cut

JuanWueche .

Good place, plus free massage too.... recommended.

James Bond

Today I went to get a haircut at this place because of good reviews on Google. Let me just say this " HORRIBLE HAIRCUT" I even show her the pic. You getting paid decent money to do your job so why not do it correctly. I'm very disappointed. Whatever my hair will grow back but I know now not to go there again. $25 haircut. She did put gel in my hair to hide her mistake. I feel bad to give a business bad review but my haircut was so bad I had to write one.

Jordan Couch

Sean Doman

Francisco Deleon

Scott Thompson

Colin Simonsgaard

Sukis is hands down the best salon in Fairbanks. I get my hair cut every time there. Lisa does a fantastic job.

Song Yoo

Stephen Stafford

I've been getting my hair cut at suki's for 3 years now. They have a great staff and do a great job with the haircuts. I'm really going to miss them when I leave Alaska.

Jim Simpson

Tommy Grover

Lisa gives the most cash money haircuts! 5 stars every time!

Benjamin Fix

Had to wait 2 hours for a haircut because there was only one chair open. It was a great haircut and worth the wait though. A bit pricey for my taste but a good haircut

Yana Didenko

Awesome service and friendly staff! Love when my husband gets his haircuts there!!

Manuel Becerra Escudero

Benjamine Barnhart

Always have the best service and great haircuts! Sometimes there is a really long wait. Check in on their Facebook to get an accurate wait time.

Abigail Ackley

To start I want to say that I like how my hair style turned out and the lady who did it did a great job. However it was not the style I wanted at all. I showed her a couple pictures of the style I wanted and I was under the impression that that is what she was going to be doing. I was incorrect. She cut my hair far shorter than I wanted, which is distressing, and styling this is a bit of a hassle. When she said bob I thought it was going to be like in the picture and when I realized it was not it was too late to change anything and I felt far to anxious to really correct her so part of it is my fault. Now I do recommend this place just be sure whoever is cutting your hair knows what you want and know that they are doing it as you request. They also took my name down incorrectly when I called in but that really isn't an issue just a little bit of miscommunication on both ends. I wanted to give a 3.5 but alas Google doesn't do that. I felt a 4 was too much and a 3 wasn't enough but it is what it is.

Teemo Bot

Love sukis. Great with kids too

Juan Rodriguez

Noah Kegley

Great cuts and great people. Definitely recommend.

Nancy Rios

I expected to come out with a good haircut from this place because I heard so many food things but when i got home I noticed my hair was not cut how I asked for and I had longer hairs and shorter on one side hair was blown dried and I expected her to use a brush while she did that but instead used her fingers... Very disappointed

American Samoa

Just left there, hair.cut looked.awesome but it took 2 stylist to.get the awesome haircut...Hey whatever works, thanks a million.

Candy Fortner

42 people in line on the books ahead of us. Clearly they need more military barbers in fair banks

Clayton Howe

Great customer service and excellent work!

Phillip Finney

Michael Catona

Be sure to check in in their Facebook before going in, if not you might be waiting for two hours for a hair cut. The hair cut is hit or miss depending on who you get to cut it. They can do a nice medium fade but will butcher a comb over. They don't do skin with a razor just clippers.

Casey Croucher

John W

Best haircut received in my life from Suki!!! That hot towel and wash really sealed it for me. This has to be one of Alaska's best kept secrets. Love that they support the military and police. She showed me today how to use their waitlist. Great customer service! 5 stars!

Jeff & Eliza Cink

Suki's is great! The staff is very friendly and talented. I've been going for over a year and have fun every week I'm there. I'll miss Suki, Sonny and Lisa when i need to move

Rebecca Jensen

Britian Abell

Today I received the worst haircut of my entire life, and I have had to have my head shaved. I walked in hoping for a decent medium skin fade, but Suki decided that wasn’t what I asked for. She proceeded to give me what resembles a high and tight without the tight, then trimmed the top down to an inch to try an fix the mistake she made. So if I leave anyone reading this with something it’s if you go in there hoping to get a good haircut, choose anyone but the owner.

Curtis Ivy

Only place i will get my hair cut again

Seung McElligott

Best place to get hair done ever !!! Suki knows exactly what I want, Never I will look for another hair dress.

Sharon Palacios

One of the few decent barber shops in Fairbanks. Sunny cuts my husbands and sons hair and always does a great job.

Jake Collick

Great haircuts.

Ruberly Gonzalez

Dream Suave

The employees are always friendly, talented, and communicative. I am still new to requesting a specific haircut. Slowly breaking into asking for one that'll help my barber. I saw a guy with his nice cut. I broke out&told her that I wanted his cut. My barber did a terrific job. Skin fade, ask for a skin fade. It'll look nice on you, dudes. Their music taste is good. Buy their clean cut hair gel, it's worth it. The product is called, Mitch. You're welcome :)

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