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REVIEWS OF Hairplay Salon IN Alaska

Crystal Brown

I used to just go into the salons in the malls to get my hair cut and would always get someone different and my hair almost always never turned out the way I wanted it, then I found Cara and she’s been cutting my hair for well over 5 years now, she listens to what I want, she communicates with me during the cut to make sure it’s looking like what I want, she’s colored my hair multiple times and does an amazing job, Never have I ever been disappointed in any of the cuts or colors she’s done. I’ve always been able to ask her advice about how my hair, that’s thick might look in a certain hair style and she has never steered me wrong. She’s very professional and knowledgeable. I don’t recommend a lot of things but Cara is someone I would highly recommend to get cuts and color from. She’s absolutely amazing as so nice!

Destinie Lowry

Hannah T. IS THE BEST!!!!! I started seeing Hannah back in 2014 and she is the ONLY person that I trust with cutting my hair. She is also a wonderful colorist. Hannah is also the ONLY one that my son would let cut his hair :) I would recommend Hannah T for any hair needs.


A Callaway

I waited 15 minutes in a bib while my stylist did everytbing except care about my experience. Terrible. So I am not saying the Hair Play show is bad. Im only saying it could have been better. I cant express how I felt other than it was NOT normal. Guess you showed your True Colors. Lol.

Dawn Rumley

Phaige Meaker

Asked for a bob haircut, and I loved it when I first came out because it was “styled”. But then I took a shower and noticed from the mirror that it looked “funky”... so I decided to blowdry it and straighten it out a little... to my surprise, it looked crooked from the front to the back. My grandma asked if I chopped my own hair off since it looked uneven. The process was a bit rushed too, since I’ve been getting a bob haircut for almost 6 years. Now I have to wait a couple of months for my hair to grow and get it fixed by a real professional.

Shelby Petersen


Amy Otte

Had an amazing experience here when Hannah fixed my haircut and color that another salon completely butchered. I’ve only gone to Hairplay since then and have always had a great experience.

Jean-Claude Lemaire

Brea Osenga

I love this salon and appreciate all of the hard work Hannah does to take care of clients and ensure customer satisfaction. Born and raised from Seward, I know how difficult it can be to find not only a salon, but also a stylist that caters to my needs. They give trusted advice and are down to earth yet professional. Before I came to Hairplay I found myself struggling with how to explain what I wanted and I was almost fearful of talking about it. After years, we are talking 7 years plus, I have found that Hannah and Hairplay go above and beyond to take care of their clients. They take pride in repeat business and have gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to excel in hair care services. Kuddos to this team of fine women. For anyone to think this ladies are inconsiderate in any way is beyond my understanding. Thank you for all that you do!


Great bathroom

Rachael McPherson

Great prices on haircuts and I always leave happy!

Precious Tofaeono

Corina was amazing!!! She cut & layered my hair as well as added in highlights & I couldn't be happier. Definitely coming back!! Follow her on Instagram @ak.hairoine

Justin Davenport

Alex Stigall

They have always been able to get me in on short notice.

Bo in Alaska

Wasn't the greatest for sure. I was a walk in and they took me right away. Alicia the Stylist was very nice and super chatty. The cut was alright....unfortunately doesn't look a whole lot different then when I went in. When I asked a friend if they liked the cut, he said it didn't look different. I guess I never would have written a review except for something that really bugged me.....and still bothers me. When it came time to pay.....she didn't have change which left me with the only option of paying a 25% tip. I don't know if it was intentional but one thing I know is it was super unprofessional. I usually tip 20% even if I don't think the cut was the greatest....she tried her best but at least have change so the customer has the option of tipping what they want to tip not what you want them to tip. Left me with a ripped off feeling.

Allison Chambers

The salon is pretty and in a good location but not worth it. I was getting my hair done and my hairdresser asked the OWNER about a color in my hair and her reply was "I don't know but I do know it's almost 7." Then walked away. I was a paying customer and felt extremely devalued and unimportant because my appointment ran long(I have a lot of hair). I was incredibly impressed with Chelsey Smith. I have followed her to Yu Beauty Lounge and absolutely love it! Would recommend going to her or really anywhere else.

Boyant Nana

My experience there was TERRIBLE!! The gal who colored my hair obviously didn't know what she was doing. I was there for over 6 hrs and came out looking like a clown with bright pink/green- which should have been blue/purple. I just wanted a hint of bldeep blue/ purple streaks!

Don Tennis

Barry Kwan

Claire Kaufman


Went in with hair to my ass and left with a slick fade. Excellent work.

Monica Falconer

I went to this salon to do highlights. I wanted exactly was I was looking for so I specified I only wanted the top of my head highlighted in light brown, but it should be a color with no hue of red neither platinum blonde- just light brown. The very chatty hairdresser seemed to agree with all of the reasons I gave her not to choose to be a platinum blonde when I've always been a brunette and blablabla... 1 1/2 hours later, after leaving me with a toner on my head twice as long as needed to be able to cut a gentleman's hair, she washes my hair and I AM A PLATINUM BLONDE!!!!! I panicked and managed to keep myself cool and to tell her she had to fix it. She suggested to use a toner on a shade darker, and 40 mintues later I AM A RED HAIR FREAK!!!! I almost passed out, I wanted cry, I was shaking and all I could do was to leave the salon after refusing her to give me the so needed haircut. She still was trying to convince me to cut my hair dry. You are right!!! I would not let you touch my hair one more time. The girl who did my hair is Connie Millhouse. Please beware of this place. Years ago I had a bad experience too, but this one, was the cherry over the cake! This person should not be licensed.

Alison Tremaine

I'm so upset about the way they treated me. I wish I could give them less stars than this. I made an appointment in advance over the phone for a haircut and partial highlight. Got up at 9am on Sunday to show up so I could have my hair done for a special event. When I came in, they said they didn't have me down and said "that's weird". Are you serious? They didn't try anything to make it better, fit me in, or do anything to fix what was obviously a huge drop of the ball on their part except offer to make a new appointment (which they probably would mysteriously lose) and now it's way too late to go anywhere else. Thanks for ruining my whole week before I even sat in your chairs. Beware of this place, apparently they can't even schedule an appointment!

Holli Hodgen

Just had an appointment with Hallie and she was amazing!! Such a sweetheart and I’m in love with my hair. I recently moved here and finding a new hairdresser is always nerve racking, but Hallie was fantastic!! A blonde pro

marty inalaska

Bethany Neubarth

gillian erratt

I love Deanna! She is the best, I use to cry every time I got my hair cut but I trust her soo much and she is comforting and not pushy.

Bonnie Moeller

Hallie did my hair a few weeks ago - she did a fantastic job! Very friendly, very professional, and my hair turned out amazing. Would highly recommend her. My balayage is PERFECT.

Mariah Jackson

I was skeptical walking in at first when no one was at the front desk, and no one greeted me in any way as I sat there for a few minutes. But my hair dresser, Natalia Cole, made up for that by being friendly and professional. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a hairdresser that does my hair the way I want, and Natalia did a great job! The only reason I’ll be going back is because of her!

Bryn Hiner

Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Cara. She doesn't listen and does a total hack job. She recently cut my hair - layered on one side and not on the other. the layered side is chunked in places as short as my ear and as long as my collar bone. I'm trying to grow layers out - I didn't more added in! And forget about having her color your hair. I asked for my natural color WITH NO RED (my hair is nearly black). I'm trying to cover 2 year old highlights that are growing out. But guess what I ended up with - that's right, light brown with red. She said, and I quote, "trust me, this is your natural color and it's gonna look great". Well it looks awful. The first thing my husband said when he saw me was to ask why I colored my hair red. The next day I called, and when I told her how upset I was, she offered to recolor it and to charge me again- because "we talked about it". Yeah we talked about it all right - I said that's not dark enough and I don't want red! when it comes to Cara - JUST SAY NO! SERIOUSLY, JUST, NO.

Denali Morgan

Annie at Hairplay did sooo amazing fixing the mess I walked in with! This is only the first step in my ginger journey and she took me WAY farther than I thought we'd be able to go. Thank you for going above and beyond to make me feel stunning!

Storm Herring

Love Chantelle!

Greta Stuermer

Great service, everyone's polite

Curtis Millett


D Rosso

The client experience is lacking. Every single experience I’ve had here, it’s as if the entire process needs to be rushed. I’ve had my own hair done and when it came to the styling portion, I was told on one occasion that “I can only blow dry your hair a little because I’m short on time.” Took my kiddo today and when she was asked by the stylist what she wanted done, my kiddo told her that she wanted to start the trim at an inch and go from there. Stylist then said (this isn’t an exaggeration but word for word), “well you’re going to have to decide now because we’re tight on time.” Seriously. I told the stylist the reason we do baby steps is because we asked for 2 inches last time and about 4 got cut off. I don’t care if you’re tight on time. It ain’t my problem. 3 stars for the simple fact that I was happy with my cut as was my kiddo each time. At least Hairplay has that going for them.

Yvonne K

Stylist Cara is AWESOME!!! I had never had my hair professionally colored and was really nervous. I showed her a picture of what I wanted with a few tweaks of my own. Not only did she perfectly duplicate the color in the picture I showed, she actually listened to what I wanted out of the color. I would highly recommend Cara.

cory hart

Jan Schwarzburg

Anna Stankiewicz

Stacy Gross

For a haircut only they do a good job and it's very reasonably priced. However, I decided to try getting my hair highlighted and was quoted 160 but ended up paying 200. My stylist Hannah seemed to be in a rush doing my hair and was very rough on my neck by pulling my hair too hard. She also told me I could come back in a week to apply my color again no charge since it was uneven, (I got purple over highlights), however she did charge me again.They will rip you off here, don't be afraid to speak up. I still wouldn't recommend getting color here considering mine is still uneven.

Matt Norman

Very pleased with Cara. She's amazing at what she does, very friendly and easy to talk with. Overall a very worth it experience. I highly recommend her.

Daisy Meyers

This was Hairplay's last chance and I'm done. I brought a very specific, layered with bangs cut in. The girl Hallie kept talking about how thick my hair was and how she'd do layers and texture. Guess what. She wouldn't let me face the mirror, she curled my hair, something I never do and when I looked up, no bangs. I thought I could deal with curls for a day but made her cut the bangs. She made them too wisp-y so I fixed those when I got home, which is 2.5 hours away and the next day, I woke up to flat hair, which was to be expected but there was not one single layer or sign of texture at all. So I called and was told to come in for a fix up. I can't do that, I am in Seward and I said this was the last straw, as they've messed up before. Can I speak to the owner? Yes, she'll be in tomorrow and will call you. So every other day for two weeks, I called to speak to the owner about this plain Jane cut I got and the owner dodged every phone call and guess what guys, there are salons out there that may charge more and at this point, I will spend more elsewhere not only because of my experience, but my daughter's as well, because why go somewhere that'll do you far wrong...that they don't even get close to what you're asking for and all they'll do is complain about how thick your hair is. Screw You Hallie and Hannah or whoever the owner is. And yes, I will re-write this review every place possible.

Madi T

Adam Bryant

I’ve been coming here for a few years and have never been disappointed with any of the hairstylists I’ve had.

Chris Rac

One of the best salons in town! Contemporary and modern atmosphere, great staff, great music playing and I always come out with a great wash and cut.

Ez Fern

I Love this place. Nice, kind, very friendly and very pretty staff.

Kathleen Wilson

I've been going to Hairplay for a few years now and I've never walked away unhappy. I always make a point to see Cara and she does an amazing job! I absolutely love each haircut I get from her, she listens to exactly what I want and makes suggestions when I'm not sure about whether it'll work for me or not.

Michelle Wendelschafer

I would have rated the salon much higher if it wasn't filthy, didn't have catty girls at the front desk, horrible variety and presentation of products. One thing they have is an amazing stylist named Chelsey Smith! She is fun, energetic and artistic. She really listens to her clients which is so important!!! Hopefully she can move into a cleaner more upscale salon where she belongs!!!


Jǝss Henry

I have had barbers mess up my hair too many times. Ashley took the time to cut my hair precisely how I wanted and absolutely nailed it. Definitely going back!

Theresa Austin

Inuit IntheEmeraldCity

I went in for a simple trim. I was told I could schedule an appointment an hour later, which I was about to take, but as I agreed, a lady walked by and said she can take me in a few minutes. I said OK thinking it would be nice not to wait around Dimond for an hour. From hair wash to cut to blow dry, it took a whopping 10 minutes, and during this whole amazingly short ordeal, my head was scraped painfully with her acrylic nails (my scalp was sore for a day). I had to tell the lady I was tender-headed in hopes she would go easy on my head. When she was done, I asked to look at my haircut, but I couldn't tell in the lighting if it was straight, so I asked her, and she said it was straight. She seemed a little hurried to top it off. I left my usual tip and walked out. Later that night I asked my husband to look at my hair, and it was longer on my left side. We called back the next day and asked to see the manager, which she wasn't going to be in until the next day. So we settled to speak to the owner (even better, right?) who was supposed to call in 10 minutes. A whole hour passed from the time we called to the time we got to the salon, and not one attempt to call us back to resolve the situation was made by the owner. (It seemed like it was half an hour, but my husband corrected me. it was actually longer than I thought it was. I must have been so upset time seemed to stand still). Come to find out, my haircut was given BY THE OWNER. Not only did she do a bang up job, she wouldn't even take a minute to acknowledge me and my distress. She was "too busy" with clients. The receptionist was very apologetic and very nice and cared about how this whole thing made me feel. The owner passed me off to another stylist to fix the trim, otherwise I'd wait several hours before she even "had the time" to deal with the poor haircut. And that stylist who took care of me is the only saving grace to the whole experience. She even asked my husband to look at my hair when she was done! She was a God-send...I literally felt like crying happy tears. She saved my simple haircut. My only demand was a straight trim to get rid of my split ends, and that's exactly what she delivered. She was nice, apologetic and said "I'm not doing anything, I just want you to be happy and come back". As I was walking out, I saw the owner walking across the room, thanking her stylist for helping her out. The owner had the time to thank the stylist, but no time to apologize to me. A simple "I'm sorry" would have made this situation bearable. The sad thing is, I am a very forgiving person, until I'm passed off like I am not worth the time. The owner made me feel as if my time and money weren't but a penny's worth of her time and care. My last two cents: I hope the owner gave the tip to the stylist who fixed her mistake, and that I will never go back simply because of the owner's "moral compass". I'd rather pay an extra 20-30 to go to my other favorite go-to salon where I know the owner takes pride in her clientele and treats them with respect, whether they go in for a simple trim, or to get a major makeover.

Faith Lockhart

Barry Wynne

Andrew Clements

breck Rumley

Jamie S.

I've been coming here for years although I don't understand why- I get really ripped off by my stylist. I got my hair done on sat all I got was a partial highlight with just a few low lights and a trim and got charged 230.00 bucks. The stylist is the old owner and left the toner on my hair entirely too long and it turned my blonde a bluish/ purple tint and the low lights came out fire red.I know she knows better. I think maybe she was upset that I didn't leave her a 40 dollar tip which was 15% of the rediculos price she charged last time and didn't want me to come back? Anyways if u decide to come here just make sure you know up front how much they will charge you and don't be afraid to say NO if they quote you too much. There are tons of places around town that do just as well or better for half the price. Be ready to spend 250-300 here for full highlight with cut and style

Caroline Guidry

Allison Bendis

I've had nothing but the most positive experiences with my stylist Cara; I've seen her approximately 5 times over the last year for color/cuts, and I would absolutely never switch Hairplay stylists and very highly recommend her. I was dubious about coming here due to the reviews, but I was referred to Cara by trusted friend. My first impression was not a great one - the front desk receptionist scheduled me for a consultation and I arrived to find she'd made an error and Cara wasn't even in that day - but Cara followed up with me via cell phone completely of her own accord to apologize on behalf of the reception desk and re-schedule. Everything has been great since then! Cara really listens to my thoughts and ideas, and goes over expectations with me - my end-results have always been lovely. I like to play around a bit with color, and I will give her a general idea + a few photos and then trust her to make it work for me. The salon itself is clean and bright; not the most fancy, but perfectly serviceable and kind of trendy. In my opinion my cut/color sessions (highlights and lowlights) would seem pretty pricey to most people, but I am so happy with Cara's great customer service and beautiful cut/color work that I keep coming back.

Grant Goodman

Cassandra Pickering

Corina awesome

daniel Tkachenko

Mikee Siscar

Amahok USA

Kate is awesome!

Danielle Hofmeister

Susan Cave

Cajsa Carlson

Just like someone else mentioned, I too had my appointment "not in the system". After I had booked it online weeks ahead AND called a few days ahead. The front desk person was so rude, she didn't act like she cared at all, and told me "oh she had to leave, but we put your appointment with someone else." And "we didn't see you had a specific request for her" when I did, leaving a message for the specific stylist I requested. Really disappointing, and I didn't mention the name of the stylist because I'm not sure whether she was involved in all this stupidity. I've never left a negative review before, but this horrible lack of customer service certainly warranted one.

Ben Velasquez

Great place! Great haircut friendly staff!

Ethan Aloysius


Corina did a great job. She took her time doing it right. Only recommendation would be to turn up the heat in there as I was freezing the whole time. Much colder when your hair is wet. Also, coffee was empty...maybe tea or hot coco would be a good addition?

Yesica Oliva Benitez

Rachel Proveauex

Love this place, easy to get in, professional setting, great service!

Brian Gunnells

I stopped in this place in hopes of being seen right away because I was called in unexpectedly for a job interview @ 9am. I only stopped because of the bright neon sign in the window that said "WALK INS WELCOME." I walked in the door and saw no one! As I reached the counter I heard one stylist behind a wall with a client then a girl came running from the back BAREFOOTED!! She ran up to the counter and said "I had a feeling someone was standing out here." After telling her my situation and asking if I could be seen soon she said, "No, We only have one stylist and she is doing foils on a client for the next 40 MINUTES and the next appointment I have isn't until 11am. Would you like to make that appointment?" This is my problem! Why use signage that indicates you can walk in for a service and then tell a customer to make an appointment? Completely unprofessional and after reading most of the other comments on this place I am EXTREMELY happy I walked out! (Went to Great Clips and got a great haircut and they did everything - even having two stylist working on me at once- to make sure I made it to my interview on time!)

organAK 49

Rebecca Coffin

My husband used to only go to those quick, cheap walk-in places. I dragged him here for a proper men's haircut a few years ago and he's been going there ever since! The staff are always very friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible.

S.A Stapley

Great haircut, very nice staff.

Melanie Jacobs

Pros: convenient location, big open salon space, reasonable prices, Ashley was a great stylist and listened to what I wanted. Cons: really tight parking, front desk staff could use some customer service skills; no greeting/ acknowledgment when I walked in, acted like I was bothering them when I was checking in, general disregard attitude, however they were polite over the phone when I made my appointment. Overall I would go back for my next hair appointment.

Bee Thequeen

Loved it!! Look great!

Laura H

NAUSEATING! I had my hair cut by the owner at Hairplay By Colors. She was a nice lady but it was the fastest haircut I had ever got. (RED FLAG) When I got home to look at it, it was VERY un-even and choppy. I was sick to my stomach. I went to a different stylist (at a different location) and didn’t say anything besides let her know I had a bad haircut that needs to be fixed…. I didn’t say anything else till the lady fixing it looked it over and said “Ahhh… I see! Did you try to cut your own hair or something, sweetheart?!”.

kendall kyle

Alicia is great! She cuts my sons hair also and he cries the whole time, and she still does great! (He's 2)

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