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REVIEWS OF Hair Club IN Alabama

D McFarland

Must go see Stephane down at the hair club. She will not let you down!! She will have you feeling like you just won some money. Thank you my hair club family for always having great hospitality.

Jill Shire

I love the folks at HCW! When I go in I feel like I'm visiting friends. They are friendly and clearly enjoy what they do. They are truly artists in their field and I always leave looking terrific and receiving compliments, even from strangers! They definately know their stuff and provide assistance with products, color and style. I always look forward to my appointments because we laugh a lot, have fun and they make me feel good about my appearance. I only wish HCW was closer to my home.

Robert Soleau

Always helpful and pleasant staff work me to have great experience.

Randy Moore

I have been a client for 1.5 years. My fears: being made fun of by the guys, looking like I'm wearing a rug, or it slipping off embarrassing me. First, being made fun of. I play hockey with the same guys weekly and go to the gym everyday. The club handled this by restoring gradually. NO ONE NOTICED! Only one of the guys said you look younger, what did you do? Next, looking like I'm wearing a rug. I was able to brush, style and use my head normally. Amazing feeling to suddenly have hair again. Next was slippage. It stays put, feels natural and looks great. They will tell you to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set before sweating. Not possible with my bodybuilding schedule. I get around this with home maintenance if needed. Not difficult. And if I stay out of the sauna for the day of my service I have no problems. I went wakeboarding last year and neither the wind or the lake water affected me. I also wanted a natural hairline in the front. I did not want to comb it down to hide the hairline. I can brush it back and spike it up. It looks like it is mine. No one looks at my face then up to my hairline. Freaky great. To put it in a nutshell, if you are thinking about it, check it out. Christina at the Ann Arbor club is no pressure all the way. Don't worry about being pressured or sold. It won't happen. And I have used all the stylists at the club. They ALL know their stuff. Sometimes I wish someone would notice so I could brag about the experience. Do it. Randy Moore 62 years old


Trisha is the best stylist, not just in Colorado but in the nation. Her work is amazing and has given me the confidence I have been seeking. She takes the time to do things right and listens to what you want. She is the best of the best and should be awarded and recognized for her exceptional skill! I can't thank you enough for your amazingness Trisha!!!

Tim A

By far the best center in Michigan, from management to the staff they are professional and extremely accommodating. As far as the stylists go, everyone here is top notch but Kelly M is an expert, she has figured out, found and fixed any problem I could potentially have had given my active lifestyle and made sure it wasn't an issue. I followed her out to this location and could not be happier.

Michael Serio

Can’t say enough good things about Hair Club. There staff top to bottom is first class.

Gabriel Rios

es muy bueno el servicio y la atencion q ofrecen sobre todo la señorita claudia


Since I start my hair regrow process I feel home in HAIR CLUB DENVER Claudia my stylist always do great job she is the best Thank You Claudia!

Robin M

I am a woman who has been going to Hair Club for more than ten years. When I first came in for a consultation, my hair was extremely thin on top; you could see scalp. Within six months of EXT treatment, my hair had filled back in ... and it's still going strong! I would highly recommend Hair Club to any woman who is experiencing hair loss ... I had tried everything else previously, and nothing else worked. My stylist, Shawnee, has been there for me every step of the way. She is knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, kind, and over the years has become a good friend. I drive all the way from Estes Park to Denver and back every month (about 90 miles one-way) for my treatments and it is more than 100 percent worth it. If I could give more than five stars, I would!

Ernie Chavez

I just loved the way they've treated me and the way my new hair looks.

Joyce Woodard

Great place for your hair care needs. .

Ramirito Chavez

Jessica Stewart

My daughter has trich, meaning she pulls her hair out of her head, eyebrows, and eyelashes. From the time this started, within a year, she was completely bald. Through some research, I found Hair Club of Birmingham and I am SO glad I did! Every single person we encounter here is so loving and kind towards us. They are never judgmental and always do whatever they can to make us feel cared for. In addition, they are incredible at their craft! So thankful for James, Brittany, and Keela particularly as well as the other stylists who fill in for her when we have to set up appointments quickly. I highly recommend Hair Club of Birmingham!

Evan Taschereau

Kelly has been my stylist, and she has helped me gain my confidence back. I am very grateful to her and the staff. The staff is very professional, but also makes you feel like family.

Greg Augustine

There is a difference on how they make me feel. Having my hair back makes me feel better a bought my self. The do a great job on making you feel and look your best. I have two styles I see, Lauren and Gwen. They care and style my hair the way I like it. I have had other styles there during my almost 2 and a half years and all of them have done a great job. If you are truly looking for that look that is natural you need to go to the Hair Club. I would not say this if I have not experienced this for my self.

sujith nakka

Elissa Hanneman

I have been so well taken care of here! Shawnee has been the first stylist I’ve worked with and she is simply amazing! She’s the first person clients work with as a new client and she should be! She goes above and beyond to help clients choose their best look. Recently, Claudia helped me at my last visit. She took great care in making sure my piece was super secure, even sewing in seems to make sure I wouldn’t have problems between visits. These stylist set the bar high, and provide top notch service!

1 Anonymous

Being a client is one thing that I am glad to have develop the courage to come into the location and get help from the expert concerning my hair loss. hair stylist (Stephanie) does a great job. each time I visit the center. James and the staff are just terrific.

Pete T

Robert and Elyce are a joy to work with. Pleasant demeanor and always helpful. The staff is very professional and attentive to the clients needs. Robert is an exceptional stylist who is also an excellent conversationalist.

David Adams

The atmosphere is very relaxing and cordial as you enter. As a member there are hot and cold refreshments as well as snacks for you and your guests while you wait for you stylist. The stylists are quite experienced, product knowledgeable and very friendly . The product/treatments have worked really well for me over these past 7 months. I have noticed a huge improvement with very minimal hair loss since starting the program. I definitely recommend joining the program if you are experiencing hair loss and are not ready for that. Thanks Hair Club in Denver!

Jill Galsterer

Kelly is the best!!!!

Al B

Been with club since early 2012. From the start the initial contact was notable for the expert advice and the utmost professionalism and courtesy that was extended. At that time we could feel the commitment by the team of service providers to be exceptionally customer service oriented. Zoom forward to Sep 2013. The current staff is the most cooperative, accommodating, patient, and welcoming that we have experienced from any commercial service provider. The service that is provided is outstanding, don't hesitate to communicate what you desire, because they will deliver. I deal with personnel and commend whomever the HR manager is for they have assembled a team that has great synergy and delivers top notch customer service.

Kassandra Menjivar

He estado. En este lugar por 2 años y he sido atendida por la senorita Laudia. Su servicio y trato es muy profesional y estoy super. Satisfecha

Tamara Coffey

I have loved being with Hair Club for several years now. Robert and staff have made me feel so comfortable with the loss of a lot of my hair. It can be a roller coaster ride of emotions when that happens. They guide and support you along the way. Don’t want to go anywhere else. They’re great! They make me look great!

Jerry Paison

Great place with great service. My stylist, Kelly M, always takes great care of my hair.

Cory Balk

The staff are extremely nice and I absolutely love going there. Shawnee, Nadya, Britana, Brittany, Gabby -- they're all great! The post-op treatment that I've received there has been great. It's really like a spa the way that they treat you. Totally recommend it.

Dave K

This is by far the best place to go for men and women.The staff is very knowledgeable on their products, and customer needs.They go above and beyond to make sure you are happy,and satisfied. I understood everything from the start of the program in in, and Wouldn't go anywhere they are very friendly, and make you feel very comfortable.

Chuck Montoya

Another word about Hair Club Denver. Shawnee rocks, she is a true artist at what she has been trained to do. Shawnee will be assuming another role at Hair Club soon, so we want to wish her the very best in her new promotion. Shawnee works very very hard to please all of her customers and I want to let her know that we just simply love her. Thanks, Your Buddie, Chuckie

Hannah J

I have been a loyal client since 2009. This is one of the only solutions that actually works for my alopecia. I would like to thank Elyce for being so helpful to my family. Also I am thankful to Kelly for all of her help both with my hair/alopecia and my life. Hannah J

Ray Thompson

I have been a client of Hair Club for 11 years due to having total hair loss from alopecia. I love my Hair Club family and don’t know what I would do without them. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating. -Courtney Thompson

Jennifer Rolf

Tammy Pratt

The best hair dresser I have ever had. Very professional & competent staff. Products really work!

Patrick McEvoy

This is Michelle Mcadams Hair Club has been a great find for me. My hair was very thin and very hard to style, after going to hair club I feel confident going places and my stylist Shawnee has done so much for my confidence. All the employees are so helpful, I highly recommend Hair Club to everyone having hair issues.

Ted Derigiotis

Randall Anderson

The staff at this location is wonderful. They always are friendly and treat you like family. Tina is the best stylist in the company. I highly recommend

xerxes mcclung

I am not an actual client of hair club, but I have met all the stylist, reps, and managers at the Hair Club Denver location, as well as a lot of their clients. I've known them all for over a year. They are all very nice, courteous, and well educated on products and services provide. Not only do they have all these qualities, all the stylist are good looking, especially that Lisa girl.

Jose Fonseca

Hi there I’ve been a customer at hair club Denver and had claudia rojas as my stylist and have to say she treated me with great respect and did a great job every time always a smile on her face!!! Answered all my concerns.


I have just reached starting my fifth year at Hair Club Ann Arbor. I have a very good and trusting relationship with all of the staff, starting from the very friendly and helpful voice who answers the phone and greets you as you walk in, Elyce is professional and always manages to work out whatever issue you may have. Always striving to make things right. I was a loyal Robert Customer, it was because of him I even signed up. I will say as my Robert is trying to retire, I was nervous at first but when I was placed with Katie and she rocks! Trying new hairdo's I was probably to scared to try.... But she talked me into them and they are great, "people stopping hairdo's". Really, things like who does your hair?.... To wrap this up, there are bunch of great people there at Ann Arbor, headed up by Christina and Kelly. I look forward to my sixth anniversary with Hair Club.

Debra Clisby

I simple love the staff and stylists at the Center in Birmingham, Alabama. I am super pleased with my stylist Stephanie! She does excellent work and always greets me with a smile. She never disappoints my look. I get so many compliments about my hair. The Hair Club changed my life because for me as a female, if your hair or lack of it is a mess, it really doesn't matter about the rest. I am more confident and outgoing now and I have the Hair Club and Stephanie to thank for that.

Ken Lloyd

I have been a Hair Club client since October, 2012. From the very beginning, all of the employees that work at Hair Club have been very friendly and helpful. The customer service is great and I can assure you I have no complaints whatsoever with any of their products. I wish I had become a client sooner than I did!!!! Keep up the good work, folks!!!

Kelly Leonard

I have been a Hair Club member for 4 1/2 years now. What can I say about my club?They are the most wonderful, kind, compassionate people I know. They see you in your most vulnerable state, and make you feel comfortable. They really care. If it were not for my club and the great group of folks there I do not think I could function. for years I wore wigs, because of my male pattern baldness. I always had to check and make sure it was straight, or just get the darn thing on to go outside. In the sales industry that is hard to keep up, and not have people know you are a bald woman. The great people of my club are on my mind when I wake up and when I go to bed. They are really my saviors! I love them all. There really are no words that can explain just how they have changed my life for the better! I love you all. And thank you!


Absolutely love hair club have been a Client for almost 1 year and extremely happy with my style and all the amazing work the team has done and continue to do. I am very thankful for all the amazing work Shanee has done to my style of hair and Jenn for guiding me thru the process. I definitely recommend and really invite you in to the hair club and see for yourself how great the styles really are.

raul montes

Es una muy buena opción muy buenas personas muy atentas y profesionales especial mente jazmín y stefani

Becky Bracke

After chemo my hair came back very thin and just simply would not grow. I was miserable for years until a friend told me about Hair Club in Birmingham AL. I love this place and the people here. They've given me back my dignity!!!

Douglas Allen

I've been a HairClub member since 1990 in Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and back to Denver again. These folks here at Greenwood Village are the greatest by far. They're brilliant. A real solid crew. They are very courteous, accommodating, and professional. I've been around HairClub long enough to figure out who the best stylists are. I'm very much picky about who styles my hair. Claudia is the very best of ALL hairstylists from ANY HCM I've been to. She has a magic touch and does something to my hair that is a mystery to me! She takes her time face-framing, texturizing, and styling just the way I like it and better. She's also very sweet and engaging, and I've established a very good rapport with her. I give her and all the crew here 6 out of 5 stars. If you're coming here, you're experiencing the greatest in the country!

Sarah Albright

Lisa Tanner

We've been going to Hair Club for almost three years. My kid is a cancer survivor and had really thin hair that was only getting thinner. Hair Club saved the day. He’s started right before high school and it literally changed his life. His confidence level went through the roof! He has some special needs due to cancer treatment and really didn’t need one more thing to make him stand out. This has been a game changer. We will continue as long as he wants to! Every staff member has been great and super patient with him (and me). We are so glad we’ve had this opportunity! Hair Club for Kids got us in the door, but the staff keeps us coming back! We love HC!

Tammy Jones

Tony Swift

I have never been as happy with anything I have done, as I am with the results I have gotten from Hair Club. The staff, especially Keela, is the best. I enjoy just going in to see everybody. I cannot say enough good things about Hair Club in Birmingham.

Linda McCray

Great place to receive wonderful hair treatment and to receive excellent hair styles. My stylist, Stephanie, is the best!

Amy Jannot

Ivonne nailz Create & re-create

Definitely not worth a penny total ripoff and they don’t really care about you they just want your money, I had a very horrible experience with them they shaved my head and put on a red and blond wig on me super heavy long and with an ugly hair cut it was just so ugly I look like an old Barbie doll with messy fake hair, when I told them I didn’t like it I’ll they did was take it off and send me home crying with half of my head shave it was so depressing I went home crying and they did nothing’s at all to fix the big mistake I paid $4000 for them to send me home crying and bold I finally got my hair back after 2yrs of wearing wigs and a whole bunch of tricks to hide my bold head please don’t ever go there I’ll they want is your money they don’t even know how to do a hair cut how you expect them to care for your hair

Tracey Harper

The Ann Arbor Salon is fabulous! The staff there is very helpful, accommodating, talented and knowledgeable.

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